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The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 28

*** Dad's POV

The boys very nearly wet their pants when two of the agents took us down the Jetway and then escorted us to a waiting limo.

"Dad, what's going on, what's happening?" Jeremy asked concernedly.

Fugi had called me very early in the morning. He confirmed that all trip rearrangements had been completed, that we should head for the gate previously booked, and then go with the flow. I could see his levity within his voice. He would provide no further details, saying only that several surprises were in order, surprises that we would surely enjoy.

That said, after our baggage had been loaded, we embarked on a trip the boys, and I, would never forget.

As we rode down the tarmac, I saw, in the distance, a humongous aircraft. It looked like a commercial plane. Mentally, I wondered why it would be parked way away from the terminal but dismissed its presence, for a little while.

The boys were chattering up a storm. They were excited. Even Jeremy's concern was replaced by levity after joining in with their excitement.

As we made our way to General Aviation, as the aircraft sitting alone out on the tarmac became 'larger', meaning we were getting closer to it, the limo took a directional change and headed for it.

"Holy shit!" I thought quietly... "That's Air Force One".

Then we arrived, however instead of stopping the limo driver began making wide arcing circles. Unable to hold in my excitement, I said evenly, "Hey guys, look out the windows, have you ever seen such a thing?"

Jeremy said (said with his skepticism once again), "Dad, what's Air Force One doing here? Why are we circling it?"

Jeremy and the rest of the gang looked at me with wonder in their eyes. All were clearly expecting an answer, an answer I couldn't provide because I wasn't sure what was happening.

"I don't know." I said distantly then my sat phone rang. Caller ID indicated Fugi was calling.

Me: Fugi, what's happening? Why are we stopped at Air Force One?"

Fugi: Jim, I told you that there was a shift in plans... at your request mind you. Okay, okay, you'll be taking a little ride... and let's just say that you'll be hosted by a well known friend. Just roll with the flow, Jim.

Me: You're kidding me, right?

Fugi <laughing>: Does it look like we're kidding you? No, Jim, this is no joke. Enjoy. Do you have any other questions?

Me: Yes, many, they can wait though because several agents just arrived at our limo, sheesh.

Fugi: Enjoy your trip. Have fun. Out.

As I was stowing the sat phone away, the wide, expansive doors to the limo opened.

All the boys expectantly looked at me with questions written all across their faces. I replied, "Well, let's go. Let's not keep our host waiting?"

That said, I got out of the vehicle, shook several agents' hands while the boys were disembarking the limo. The agents made sure they shook each boy's hand but remained mum when they were hesitantly asked questions.

The aircrafts' hatch then opened. I was surprised as hell when Fugi stood in the passageway. Jeremy caught sight of him. He said, "Holy crap dad. You're kidding, right?"

"No, I'm not kidding. I'm just as surprised. Come on, let's just do it. Roll with the flow... this is going to be an interesting trip I think."

With that, the agents escorted us up the steep incline where we greeted Fugi. When the boys were escorted inside, I said to Fugi, "I don't know how you did this. Why though?"

"Your host will explain everything. Have a pleasant trip and don't worry about a thing, you're covered."

With that, Fugi descended the platform then got in the limo, and they drove away leaving me speechless.

Then it struck me why this was all happening: several people in high places had informed me that several high ranking officials felt that Peter deserved awards for his bravery and his assistance in bringing down a highly encompassing and expansive ring of idiots who were taking advantage of children in difficult situations that more or less forced them into doing things they would not ordinarily do to survive. Though briefly, my thoughts then went to dark places knowing that Peter had agreed to testify against those bad guys. Was he strong 'enough'? Was the investigation 'complete'? What kinds of retributions would he might have to face and deal with in his future? How would all of this affect his and David's relationship? How would this affect my family as a whole? Can I protect him adequately?

Many of those questions I already had answers to. Most I did not though.

An Asian gentleman approached me, "Sir, your travel arrangements have changed. You will be traveling to Washington, DC with the president of the United States for an awards ceremony this evening. Tomorrow morning you will be traveling to your final destination, Orlando, and then you'll be returning here next Saturday. If this meets with your approval then let's get this show on the road."

I nodded. It was all I could do as a wave of emotion swept through me.

I was led into the main cabin area where the boys were already seated in deep, richly, and comfortable appearing captain's chairs.

A lady entered the cabin area then said warmly, "Welcome to Air Force One gentlemen. The president will be right with you. We hope that you'll enjoy your accommodations throughout your trip."

"I'm sure we will, no doubt, thank you very much." I replied warmly then took the seat offered to me. After buckling up, I looked around at each of the boys then settled on Peter. He was looking at me wide-eyed with a small grin plastered across his face. David, likewise, had a huge grin on his face. I smiled back then we were interrupted, pleasantly so, when Mr. President walked into the room.

Immediately, I said to the boys, "Stand up boys. It's the President of the United States."

Mr. President quickly responded, "No, please remain seated. This is very informal here. Welcome. It's really good to have you as my guests. If you need anything, anything, just say the word. No request is too big or too small."

"Good morning, sir. It's our pleasure to meet your acquaintance. We had absolutely no idea ... this is a total surprise to us, a pleasant one I assure you. Thank you. Let me introduce you to my family..."

I unbuckled the seat belt then got up and stood next to Jeremy, "This is Jeremy, my oldest son."

Jeremy immediately reached for Mr. President's outstretched hand, shook it firmly then said, "It's nice to meet you sir. Wow, thank you."

"It's my pleasure." Mr. President responded warmly.

David was next, "This is David. He's my second original son."

David, likewise, reached for Mr. President's outstretched hand and shook it warmly, "Thank you sir. This is awesome. I'd have never guessed."

"Yes, I'm sure this is surprising for you. Enjoy your trip, David."

"Oh, I think I will, no doubt, thank you again sir. This is Peter. He's very nervous." David said then took hold of Peter's hand, squeezed it meaningfully.

Mr. President looked at the situation a little strangely then without hesitation held out his hand to shake hands with Peter. Peter took it, shook it then released then said meekly, "It's nice to meet you sir but why is all this happening, I don't understand?"

"Peter, I certainly understand how all this might be intimidating. I assure you that meeting you is my honor and privilege. I've heard a lot about you, and all of it has been good. Once we are airborne I'd like to talk with you in my office. Meanwhile, enjoy yourself."

After Allen and Angel's introductions were made, Mr. President said, "Mr. Blake, would you please follow me?"

When we arrived in an office in the middle of the aircraft, Mr. President gestured for me to take a seat. He said, "Mr. Blake I hope these changes to your itinerary meet with your approvals. As you were told earlier, my office was quite impressed with Peter's actions and we wish to make them known. I have no doubt that Peter's story will help another individual who may very well have the same story. The first stop, if it's okay, is the White House. You all are my special guests for dinner this evening. After that, we have an awards ceremony. Peter will be receiving the highest humanitarian award available to non-military people for his bravery and success despite insurmountable odds he's experienced in his young life."

I nodded, suddenly filled with happiness. The President continued, "Tomorrow you'll be flown, by official private jet, to Orlando where you'll get to enjoy a few days of R&R at Disneyland, Orlando. While in Orlando. Peter will get to meet some of my special friends that I have had the honor to get to know and love. I am sure Peter will approve. They're a bunch of kids who survived their tumultuous pasts, just like Peter has with your love and devotion at his side."

"Mr. President, I'm flattered. You need to know, though, that Peter's a very private person. Over the time we've known him he's coming out of his shell. I'm a little concerned that all this may very well be overwhelming to him."

"I understand. At the same time, I believe this may be very helpful to him. It might just give him purpose... outside of your family of course; let me be very clear that his message needs to be heard."

I nodded while thinking he may very well be right on all points.

He continued, "If there's anything that we can do to make your trip most enjoyable, please don't hesitate to let me or my staff know. <Grinning> By the way, our flight is approximately 8½ hours today so the boys will, without doubt, be quite hungry. We have a full sized galley that can accommodate any request, so enjoy and have a safe journey throughout your travels over the next several days."

"I'm overwhelmed, Mr. President. Peter though, is quite nervous and is easily upset. While he's came a long way however we had a very negative experience last night that set him back quite a bit."

The president then turned serious then said knowingly, "I'm very aware of that issue. Trust me; it's being handled as we speak. Let me assure you that our Nation's security force is doing everything they can do, and that we shall, no doubt, prevail."

"Thank you, sir. As you know, my company is worldwide. We're on top of the situation. We'll collaborate with DoHS, but please allow us to lead the investigation."

The President regarded me carefully then his face softened, he said, "Very well then but my offer remains."

I nodded meaningfully.

"The next order of business <the pres smiled> is that I'd like to privately meet with Peter here in my office behind closed doors. I'd like to brief him in and help him to become comfortable with what will be happening today, and tonight. This is contingent on your approvals, however."

"I think that'll be fine, sir. Thank you again but I'd like to add that Allen and Angel have also had their lives turned upside down. Allen's parents had an integral role within the 'ring' of miscreants. Angel's parents disowned him because of his sexual orientation. I heard his smut with my own ears. It's really sad. I'd be remiss if I were to dismiss their love and acceptance of each other. Each boy has rallied around. They've probably done more good than I could have ever thought about doing. There's a magic between them... call it love; call it brotherhood, and yes call it as it is... David and Peter, Allen and Angel - they are lovers in loving, committed relationships with each other. While I would not have 'permitted' such a relationship between natural born brothers... their love and relationship grew and cemented before they became brothers. I just had to say this. If this poses any kind of a problem for events that happen today, then perhaps we should do something different."

"No, I don't see it as an issue although I would suggest we keep the true nature of their relationships to brothers... the press can be quite brutal and unforgiving."

"I agree. I'll talk to my boys."

The pilot then announced final checkpoints were made for departure. I then went back in the cabin to be with my sons as we soon made our way to new adventures.

Within scant minutes following our parting, the huge plane was soon on its way to ... Washington, D.C.

One by one, the President personally invited each of the boys back to the "Oval Office (on wheels)" for conferences, leaving Peter for last.


*** Back to the story (Peter's POV)

As Allen retook his seat from his visit with the president, Mr. President touched my shoulder then said casually, "Are you ready, Peter?"

"Yes sir. Can David come with me? He's my life partner. We share everything - good or bad."

"Of course, whenever you're ready."

"Are you ready?" I asked David, looking at his soul through his eyes.

"Yep, let's do it.

After getting up we followed the President to a huge office located in the middle of the plane. The president sat in the middle chair then we sat one on either side of him. Once we were seated the president asked "I'm sorry, would you young men like to sit together?"

I looked at David. He had a question on his face, one that was telling me the decision was solely mine.

"This is fine sir but thank you very much." I replied.

"Okay. Good."

"Peter, David, tonight is an awards ceremony at the Whitehouse. It is designed for those who have been and are brave despite huge overwhelming adversities in their lives. It's a time that touches me very deeply as both a person and as the President of our great country."

"But, I really didn't do anything, sir. Besides, where were you and everybody else when I really needed help?" I spat, an anger that I hadn't really been aware of. I added, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it the way it came out."

"There's no need for an apology, Peter. I can't even imagine the ordeals you've been through. The important thing is that you did survive and you've gone on to recover."

I nodded then Mr. President continued, "I'm sorry we weren't there, Peter, truly I am. Let me assure you that everything that can be done will be done to prevent such things from happening again. I think every man, woman and child deserves to hear that you've made it. Maybe, just maybe your story will help another boy or girl ... if only one's been helped then it's all worth it. They'll listen to you much more closely than they would if an adult was saying the very same thing."

David gave me a very warm hug. We kissed briefly then turned my attention back to Mr. President. I said, "Okay, I'll do it. We can always pull the tape back, right? I mean if I change my mind or something..."

The President grinned, "It's not that simple. The awards ceremony will be broadcast live. Don't worry, I get stage fright too."

"Nationwide?" I asked seriously. A knot was forming in the back of my throat.

Mr. President replied, "The broadcast will be transmitted to all news feeds. It will also preempt regular programming because I have some other things to say to the American people."

David said, "Like what?"

"That's a good question, David. As you may or may not be aware of, the State of Hawaii has been wrestling with the Domestic Partnership legislation. They are close to a compromise. Passage of the bill will be a major boost to our home states' equal treatment of our gay, lesbian, transgender, transsexual friends and families. This is the land of the free. There should be no distinction made based on who people love... we should be free to love whomever we want to... with clear distinctions made for age differences."

"That's really good, sir. My dad says the only difference between gays and straights is who we have sex with. We have the same, exactly the same emotions, basics needs to give and receive love ... everything is exactly the same." David said.

I nodded because what David said is precisely how I feel.

(Author's note: Since this story was originally written, legislation permitting legal and binding civil unions in Hawaii has passed and has been signed into law. YEAH!! Okay, I've tried to keep this whole story entirely apolitical so please excuse my brief break of my own rules!)

"Sir, can I ask a question? It's for someone else though?"

"You can ask any question at anytime."

"Sir, Angel is a diabetic. He needs to eat often so his blood sugar doesn't whack out. Can you feed him, please?"

"That's not a problem. We have a fully stocked galley. Anything he wants to eat is his. Shall we go and make sure that it is done properly?"

David and I simultaneously nodded our agreements. With that said we all got up and left the President's office.

After placing our orders for and consuming a mid-morning snack the presidents' staff took us on a tour of the aircraft showing us such things as a game room, galley, 'Situation Room', press room and last but not least video of real-time cockpit activity since nobody is allowed in there for obvious security reasons. All in all, the tour was very informative.

We settled into the game room until lunch was served. Pizza was the overwhelming request. I ordered anchovies since nobody else likes them nor is it even permitted in our home. David even threatened to install a butt plug and refuse certain kinds of sexual activities, which we love, for a couple of days until the threat of gas bombs passed. The first threat was okay, it sounded kinky but the final threat caused me great concern.

A few hours later the pilot announced the beginning of our initial descent into the DC area. Out of the windows it was noted that no less than six air force fighter interceptors escorted us to our final destination breaking away only a few short seconds before touch down at an Air Force base close to the Whitehouse.

Shortly after landing the motorcade traveled directly to the Whitehouse where we were greeted by its staff and then taken to the dignitary suites where we were fitted for dress appropriate for official functions since we had no attire appropriate for this unplanned stop. Jeremy and I had only worn one tie in our entire lives, and that was for mom's funeral soo the tie this time was a real bummer.

Our next activity was meeting the First lady and the Presidents' and her daughters. They were delightful and welcoming. Although we had no one-on-one time with them it was clear that the oldest daughter had eyes for Angel. Once our visit with them was completed, Jeremy spoke up, "Geez Angel, did you see that girl having the trots for you ... I'm sure that her panties are still wet from the excitement." This caused all of us, except for Angel, to roar with laughter and to give him quite a bit of shit, all in fun of course, which is the way he took it. Even Allen got in on it so the experience was totally hilarious.

A few minutes later, we were briefed by the press secretary. He advised us that while the media would be present we wouldn't have to provide a statement nor answer any questions. I had not thought of that, but it definitely put my mind at ease.

We were then escorted into the ballroom where the dinner and presentation would be held.

Once we and everybody else attending were seated, dinner was served. The chicken Tetrazzini was absolutely wonderful as were the steamed vegetables, a fruit salad and apple pie for desert. Angel was able to eat the same things and was advised that the apple pie for him was prepared with sugar substitutes.

All through the meal, people were scurrying here and there and everywhere... most of the people were media, getting things all sat up in advance for the live 'show' for lack of a better word.

After eating, we were permitted a bathroom break. My tummy had been rumbling, somewhat, since Mr. President had told David and I that the presentation would be live. With that and having eaten a huge meal, I was more than ready to sit for a while.

David and I took off with Allen and Angel following behind. Out of the woodwork, three security agents quickly arrived then escorted us to the restroom while they explained that we weren't permitted to wander about the Whitehouse on our own. They were nice about it. We didn't get scolded or anything.

Before we were permitted in the restroom, two of the agents went ahead of us... I was wondering who in the hell would have gotten through the tight security AT the Whitehouse. I was glad they quickly returned and gave the all clear. I took off for the nearest toilet and blasted a load that, between the five of us surely filled the Potomac River, and caused the EPA to get involved as a pressing 'situation'.

After mingling about as the stage was being cleared away and cleaned up, we were ushered to our seats at a large conference room like table. The President sat closest to the podium. I was next to him. David was next to me. Some other people, who I did not recognize, were sitting in the three seats left on our side. Dad was front row as were Jeremy, Allen and Angel.

Angel was making stupid faces. I couldn't help but chuckle. David was making faces back to him - that is until the makeup people came and smeared our faces with anti-shiny 'stuff'. More people came and retied our ties, adjusted our jackets, combed our hair and sprayed it with a lacquer type shit. Another man and woman arrived. They sat glasses of water down on the table.

Once the entire hubbub was finished, the room went silent. Two men standing at the edge of stage then began counting their fingers from five until there were none left standing. An important person on the other side of the President went to the podium, introduced himself, said a bunch of nothing and then he introduced the President.

The President talked for 15 to 20 minutes about a lot of things... things such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Europe, gas prices, the stock market, and then he turned the conversation with the American people... "Ladies and Gentlemen, today we have a very special guest of honor. His name's Peter. He's a boy from my home state. The Whitehouse recently learned of his situation through investigations of reprehensible acts being perpetrated on our young people here in our great country. I had the distinct honor and privilege of spending quite some time with him today. He's truly a remarkable young man. I was especially humbled when his main concerns were those related to his brothers' needs."

After receiving a round of applause the President continued, "Peter, would you please join me?"

Dad was smiling as were Jeremy, Allen and Angel. David squeezed my hand then whispered in my ear, "I love you. Go get 'em."

I then joined Mr. President. Somebody from his other side handed him something then he turned to me, "Peter, on behalf of our great country, it's a great honor and privilege to present to you this humanitarian award." He then handed me a beautiful golden angel handheld statue. It was about 6 inches high and had a wingspan of probably 8 inches, or so. It was beautiful.

I probably went against all protocol and etiquette... I sat the angel on the podium then hugged him and whispered in his ear, "Thank you." I then released our hug. The crowd went bonkers. I had tears flowing freely down my made up cheeks. One tear landed on my jacket sleeve - talk about pollution! An aide arrived... she blotted my eyes first then blotted my cheeks.

After the applause died out, Mr. President turned to me and said, "It's your turn now. Speak from your heart. You'll be just fine."

With that said, he sat down. The floor was mine. The world was waiting. I was waiting. I tried to speak twice but nothing came out.

Amidst the lights and people, I saw dad. He was pointing to his chest exactly where his huge heart was beating. I looked left, David sat there patiently smiling, speaking 'it's okay' with his eyes.

Allen and Angel gave me two thumbs' up gesture. Jeremy, every the comedian, lowered his hands so that they were not readily visible - he flipped me off... I giggled.

The President looked at me with quiet concern on his face. I leaned down and whispered, "Can my family join me up here?"

"Sure." Mr. President said then scooted his chair around to give everyone a place to stand.

I said into the microphone, "Dad, David, Jeremy, Angel, Allen... would you please join me? Ladies and gentlemen, the award I received tonight actually belongs to my family. You see, without them I'm nothing. They brought me back to life."

The room got really quiet as Dad stood behind me, David next to me on one side, Jeremy on the other side then Allen and Angel each flanked us all. All of my family was touching me in one way or another. David even rested his hand on my butt cheek - not seductively mind you, yet I was so sensitive at that moment ... you guessed it... I popped wood. I thought to myself "Later David!"

In any event, I reached for the glass of water, took a sip then began, "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I'm not going to say a whole lot about what happened other than to say I was abused in many ways. Some people took my choices away. Some people thought I shouldn't have a childhood. Some people had it in their minds that a boy is their plaything, their punching bag, and someone to take their anger and frustration out on."

"If you are being abused then fight back. Escape. Pray. Don't give up. Don't quit. Keep going, don't stop. Good things will happen."

"Good things did happen in my life. This is my new family. They love me. They protect me. They have no 'payback' that I owe to them. Something we hear about and see all too often is that bystanders will turn away, look away, walk away, run away, don't know anything ... when they see a kid in trouble - they don't want to get involved. My family here could have turned their backs on me when I showed up at their doorstop all beaten and bloody that one day... but they didn't. They gave a ... uhm, sorry... they cared."

"As I already said, I'm not going to tell you all the specific types of abuse that had happened to me. I will just tell you that those idiots treated me like a play thing and a punching bag. So did my mom. My mom! Mom, I hope you're watching tonight. I really hate what you did to me. If you read my letter then you know what and how I feel. Just know that my new family loves me. They have taken care of me when you didn't. They have no expectations in return for their love and support."

"I want to thank Ella. She knows who she is. I sincerely hope you are watching this Ella. Thank you so much." I said with tears streaming down my face and onto my cheek. David provided me with a kerchief which I used to blot my eyes dry.

Under control, with resolve, and strengthened, "If you're a kid like I am and you're being abused then say something, do something, ask for help from your teachers, parents, or non-abusers. I assure you that you don't to do it alone, you do not need to sleep on the streets, you do not have to sell your body, you do not have to do drugs, and you do not have to be tossed around like a rag doll just to have a place to stay, to have food in your stomach, to receive your education, and to live reasonably happy."

"While I wish my life was different back then, the cold hard facts are that it was what it was. I can't change what happened then but I can do something about today."

The room erupted in applause. People stood up from their chairs. They were clapping. My family was hugging me. They loved me. They were supporting me.

The time keeper dude caught my attention, he held out 6 fingers. Dad whispered in my ear, "You have six minutes left. I'm so proud of you but you've got to wrap it up. Speak from your heart."

When the room once again fell silent, I returned to the podium. I felt an assurance, a strength course through my veins, "Thank you, dad, for caring and loving me in the ways that a real dad should. Thank you, David for being with me all of the way, I love you so very, very much. Jeremy, thank you so much for being my big brother. You've supported me in ways that nobody else could. Allen, Angel, we started off rough, really rough but once we got to know each other a love blossomed. Thank you guys for being here with and form me. Thank you for being my family. Okay, I have one last thing to say then I'll shut up <giggled>."

I took a quick sip of water, sat the glass down then said, "To close this up, I just want to say to a man named Don, I won't use his last name because the law hasn't caught up with him YET, that your days are numbered before you're arrested and put in prison for a very long time for what you did to me and to others. We will find you and destroy you. I am pissed that you put my family in harms' way last night. You don't know who you're dealing with. Watch your back every second of every day and night. Don't go to sleep. You'll never know when the cops are going to bust your doors down to take you into custody. You're a coward."

"Thank you."

The room roared with applause. My secret was out. My chest hurt though. There were massive lumps in my throat threatening to choke me to death. I couldn't say anything more... which is a good thing because the time keeper ran his hand across his neck indicating time was up.

The President shook my hand firmly, genuinely. He was smiling. He then nodded and stood at the podium waiting for the applause to stop... but the applause continued.

I went to my seat and sat down. I held my own until the camera lights went off and the President was escorted from the platform. I then broke down, quietly sobbed for all the kids out there who were being abused then at dad's insistence, we were escorted to a closed conference room where we could all be alone in our thoughts.

Suddenly, a rage took me over. It was there that I finally felt safe to just let it all go. And I did let it all go. I screamed and vilely cussed out all of those son of a bitch motherfuckers who had physically hurt me, who had taken my childhood away... I screamed at my mother the loudest. Every last ounce of my pent up hatred came out and finally it saw the light of day. I screamed at Don for beating me into submission louder and stronger than I can ever remember screaming before.

It was then that I broke down into racking sobs which overtook my mind, body and soul. When this happened, dad pulled me onto his lap; all of my brothers surround me and in their own ways and with their own words told me to, gave me permission to let it all out, to hold back nothing because if I did let it all go, I'd find freedom from the deep dark demons.

In the midst of purging my soul of its pain and strangleholds, a voice said inside my head, yet not in my head at all, [Go get them. Bring us justice. Be free. They cannot chain us down ever again. I'm with you every step of the way. I love you. I cannot wait to hold you in my arms. I cannot wait for you to hold me in your arms. But we will hold each other, just you wait and see. Peace out. I love you.]

My mind said to that voice [I love you too. I don't you but I feel you. You feel like a warm blanket wrapped around me on a cold night. Yes, someday we'll meet either in this world or the next, or the next, or the next. Hold on. Don't give up. Daddy and I prayed to the God I never knew. I feel we're going to be okay, just you wait and see. I love you too. Peace out with you too, just hang onto life whatever you do, later alligator.]

"Peter, are you okay?" David cried.

"Yes, baby, I'm fine now. I'm better than fine. I'm finally free."

[Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me.]

Aware, yet unaware, I softly sang, "Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me."

I then sat in the chair totally spent, exhausted, wet with sweat, salty, my hair was down in my eyes... even the tips of my hair was wet.

David stood by the side of me. He was rubbing my neck and shoulders, saying over and over again how much he loved me, and would be by my side each and every day of my life.

Jeremy, Allen and Angel were huddled together close by, not more than a foot away.

David said warmly, "I didn't know you could sing. You're voice is perfect, why didn't you tell me?"

"I don't have that good of a voice. I used to get told to shut it up... so I did. Anyway all that's in the past now. Let's move forward, okay?"

Everybody agreed. Dad took me to the bathroom in the conference room. After I peed, he took me in his arms, whispered how much he loved me and how he'd always be there whenever I needed him, at least in this lifetime. It was another bonding moment.

David then entered. After he peed, dad held him in his arms and told him the very same thing. Meanwhile, I took that damned tie, suit jacket, and dress shirt off. I then started cooling off noticeably.

David did the same thing. Dad took his tie off but left his suit jacket on.

We then exited the bathroom. The guys were waiting anxiously. As soon as they saw us, they too took their suit jackets and ties off.

A few minutes later, an aide knocked on the door to the conference room. When dad answered it we were advised that our ride had arrived to take us to our yet unnamed hotel at an undisclosed location.

The hotel was only a short drive from the Whitehouse. Dad doesn't want me to disclose its name since so many domestic and foreign dignitaries stay there.

The place was like Fort Fuckin Knox. Security was extremely tight. Sheesh, I had to have an official hotel escort and a federal agent just to go to the bathroom and pee. I went into a stall, closed the door and took a good piss without them watching me.

After dad checked us all in we were escorted to our room on the 37thfloor. I was impressed as it had six huge bedrooms sharing a common dressing room and walk in closet, a huge common-living area, a spacious kitchen, a huge bathroom with six shower heads, plush wall to wall carpeting, a very large glass enclosed balcony with a view overseeing the city, a fully stocked wet bar, a menu for room service that included just about everything imaginable on it. Out of curiosity dad called down to the reservations desk to see just want they wanted for those digs per night. They would offer him no price information because we were already there, and the bill had already been arranged. When he called using an outside line, another representative advised dad that the room was already booked but that it could be reserved for the following week for $11,500.00 a night, all inclusive.

We about stroked out hearing that price information, sheesh.

After deciding we would hit the pool which had been hailed as 'Clothing Optional" we hit our rooms, got completely out of those silly assed clothes, grabbed a towel then headed down to the pool sans clothing. On the way down we met some people along the way who provided us stares but we largely ignored them until we got down to the hotel lobby.

A man who wore equally silly assed clothes, who we assumed to be a 'bell boy' (of about 65 years old) intercepted us and said smiling, "Boys, the only naturist area is down the hall inside the enclosed pool room."

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