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The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 29

Peter's POV (Continued)

Since David was on his crutches, I quickly unfolded a towel then wrapped and secured it around his mid-section then did mine while Allen, Angel and Jeremy did theirs.

It was all good in theory however David's towel kept coming loose since he was unable to hold it then when I'd rearrange his mine would fall off. After the third attempt we said fuck it and made our way down the hallway to the pool area as fast as we dared - the pavement was wet in places. What do you do? Save your ass or save your pride? Ass won out hands down!

There were many people in the pool area, including quite a few kids our age and younger. Some had swimsuits on, some didn't. It was about fifty fifty if you were paying any attention. Ha haa, I was paying attention. There were quite a few good looking guys - a couple had on string bikinis; a couple had Speedos; a couple had briefs, most had boardies.

David tipped my elbow to get my attention. When I looked at him he was smiling then with his eyes he took my attentions to my towel. It was somewhat tented out... hmmm. I giggled... David's towel was a bit tented out as well.

With those observations, I grabbed his towel then tossed it to the side then disrobed my own towel. We made short order of getting in the water. I still don't know what it is... but when you've already got sort of a bone going on... it gets larger once the open air caresses it.

Disregarding our boners, we took off and swam the length of the pool twice. The pool was Olympic sized so twice was more than enough.

I'm actually impressed with David's agility in the water. He was usually swimming a couple of body lengths ahead of me. That's one of the things I love about him: he overcomes his difficulties and disability with amazing determination and effort, and success.

As we were idly chatting about nothing in particular, a young boy came splashing toward us. After arriving, he leaned up against the pools' edge then said decisively, "You're naked. That's nasty."

David replied, "Says who?"

Before the kid could reply, I said, "Yeah, who says?"

"I do. It's sinful. God's gonna get ya." The kid factually replied.

Giggling, David, clearly amused, said, "Whatever is your name oh wise one?"

"Derrick. What's yours?"

"I'm David."

"I'm Peter."

"Kewl, biblical names." Derrick replied knowingly.

"Okay, whatever. You still haven't answered my question about why naked is bad..." I said.

"Because. You might get a boner - yuck, that's nasty! And besides, well being naked and having a boner is just wrong." Derrick said indignantly.

"Oh, so God made two mistakes then? Being naked. Having a boner. Then there's a third sin: being naked and having a boner." David said.

Derrick's head was swiveling back and forth between me and David. I was having fun with the dialogue. David, clearly, was amused.

Having some heart, I said to Derrick, "Dude, it's perfectly normal to be naked where it's permitted - it's okay to be naked in the water. And for the second point, boys and men getting erections is just as normal as breathing. It happens. Ya can't really do anything about it, can ya?"

Derrick, clearly losing ground, said, "But everybody else has a swimming suit on. You should too."

"Derrick, we've got to go. It was nice talking to ya."

Derrick dismissed us then turned around, failed to see a woman walk up to his back side, and ran into her.

"Watch out buster; you're cruising in altitude... oh wait, hi Peter. Wait Derrick."

"But mom, those guys are naked. That's sinful."

"Excuse me for a moment, Derrick..." The woman said then turned around facing away from us. She had Derrick's chin in her hand then he turned away and went to play with some other kids close by.

"I'm sorry for his rudeness. There's no excuse for it. Anyway, it's nice to see you having some fun, Peter. I was deeply touched by your appearance on TV tonight."

"Thank you, ma'am. David, are you ready?"

David replied, "Yep, dad's supposed to be coming down."

I looked around for dad and didn't see him. I couldn't be rude and just walk away... it just didn't seem right so I turned to face the lady. She continued, "You were ballsy, Peter. I like that in a person. I like your honesty and forthrightness. You have courage. I admire that in a young person."

I shrugged my shoulders. My discomfort level was rising... I just wanted to get out of there. Replying, "Thank you, ma'am, but we've gotta go."

David took my hand for support. I took one step forward with David leaning against me then Rhonda added, "Peter, wait, please. Would you be willing to tell your story to America and to the rest of the world?"

"Oh. No ma'am but thank you for asking. I'm not ready to do anything like that yet. Our lawyers are probably going to have a cow because of what I did say... anyway, thanks for your time."

David nudged me in the lower part of my back just above my butt-crease then looked toward the doorway.

Dad had just entered. Both David and I raised our hands high up in the air to get his attention. He was looking around. When he spotted us waiving our hands he waived back then dropped his towel on the floor, dove in, swam up to us and gave us sideways hugs.

"Dad, this lady's name is Rhonda. We met her through her son Derrick. She wants me to tell my story to the world. Not yet, dad. Richard doesn't want me talking too much. He's gonna kill me for saying what I did say tonight. Sorry Rhonda. Dad, may we be excused?"

Reluctantly, dad nodded, but before David and I could leave, Rhonda said to dad, "My name's Rhonda. I completely understand Peter's reluctance, however between your legal staff and ours I'm sure Peter's story could be told. I'm absolutely positive that if Peter were to share his story he would directly and indirectly help many young people by giving them hope for the future. Would you at least think about it?"

"Dad, I said no. May we be excused?"

Dad nodded affirmatively so we took off for the side of the pool then worked our way down to where Allen, Angel and Jeremy were playing a water game of Frisbee with some other guys.

David asked as we hung on the side of the pool, "You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I really am. I just don't want to do that, not now. I love you." I replied.

David then dipped underwater smiling. That was our cue.

The water, while not strongly chlorinated, was crystal clear. David was waiting for me. We embraced then kissed tenderly, and continued kissing until we had to go up for air. Of course, that brought up a small problem... actually not so small after all... David's maleness is just perfect. I was tempted to take hold of that which makes him male but somehow refrained and settled on standing next to him touching arms in a non-descript way.

*** Dad's POV

"I don't think we've been formally introduced... my name's James Blake. I'm David and Peter's father. Uhm, I'm afraid that whether or not Peter shares his story, and to whom he does share it with is totally up to him. I hope you understand. He's a very private person. Getting him to talk to us took some time, love and patience."

"Mr. Blake, I saw a huge transformation occur in Peter tonight. When he first walked on stage he was timid, frightened and reserved. When he walked off he was self assured, confident, determined, and emotional. I really think his story would help someone else..."

"You're right on both counts. The point is that the decision is solely Peter's. He respectfully decline. I'll honor his decision without question. Now, if you'll excuse me." I said then made a motion to leave but Rhonda stopped me.

"Just one more thing please?"

By now, I was getting quite irritated with her insistence but I calmed down then allowed her to continue, if only just a little bit more before I became rude and walked away to join my family.

"Shoot. But this will be the last question. I hope, no I insist that you allow us our privacy regarding this matter."

"Okay. Understood. Then let me word this very carefully. Perhaps Peter would be willing or be able to be interviewed when the legal challenges are overcome. Perhaps he would be interested in writing a book."

"Rhonda, thank you for your kind concerns. My only concerns, right now, are for my sons to have fun. They deserve it. Now if you'll excuse me."

Just as I turned away to leave, a kid, a boy of maybe 10 or 11 years old bumped into me then walked around me to his mother. He said, "Sir, your sons David and Peter were hugging and kissing underwater. I saw them. They're going to hell, aren't they mom? The Bible says so.

I started to say something but turned and walked away. As I was leaving, Rhonda said to the kid, "You're incredibly rude, young man. Swim time is up; get out of the water, dry off, and wait for me."

"But mom..."

"No 'but mom' me. Go. Do as you're told. Now."

'GOD... I CAN'T HAVE ANY FUN." Derrick screamed then he began splashing anyone and everything in his path... including me.

I turned back around toward him and his mother. I said heatedly, "Derrick, can you read that sign? <Pointing to the sign reading "Clothing Optional">?"

"Yes sir. It says 'clothing optional'."

"Good. What words do you not understand?" I replied.

Rhonda spoke up, "Uhm, Derrick, what am I on you about all the time at home?"

Derrick looked at her like she was nuts... then realizing what Rhonda's question meant, he replied, but mom, they're in public. It's sin. They're wrong. And GOD they were kissing... I saw them! Their wieners were hard too... YUCK!"

Clearly annoyed, Rhonda said, "The next time you run around the house savagely naked, I'm going to say something, and you'll be sent to your room to get dressed in a suit and tie, do you understand me, young man? You're going to be punished for your rudeness, now get out of the water before I have to tell you one more time!"

He raised his hand up. I took it like he was going to strike her. Immediately, I reached for him and held his hand up and away.

Rhonda looked at me angrily. I let go of his hand then took a step backward thinking I'd crossed the invisible line but she quickly set my mind at ease by saying, "He wasn't going to hit me. I can understand how you think he might have thought about it. Derrick?"

"Apologize right now. You're being an ass. Do you even know what 'clothing optional' means?"

Derrick didn't answer but he was much more subdued. Finally after a moment or two of silence, Rhonda said, "I didn't think so..."

Derrick interrupted, "It means different types of swim suits. It don't mean naked. It's stupid."

I couldn't help it. I started laughing hysterically despite my best attempts to not do so. Rhonda laughed too.

When we recovered a semblance of control, Rhonda said, "Derrick, clothing optional means that people have a choice to swim with clothes, or not. It's perfectly legal. Since when is being without clothes wrong and sinful?"

"Dad said so. He says being naked in public is sin. He says it gives people bad thoughts. Sir, are your sons faggots or something... they were kissing each other."

My amusement left immediately. I turned to him and said, "Derrick, if you were my son, and I'm glad you're not, I would be swinging a belt on your backside. You've got no right to talk about anybody like that. You should be ashamed of yourself."

"Young man, you're dad isn't always right. He's sorely mistaken on this issue. As long as you are living under my roof you'll not talk like that ever again. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, ma'am. I'm sorry sir. My dad learns it in church. He makes me go to it. I don't believe it very often. But, mom, I have to go. He's my dad."

"Ahhh Derrick, you and me, we'll talk later okay. Go sit on your towel for 30 minutes. I'll be out in a few minutes."

Derrick transformed immediately. He said to me, "I'm sorry sir."

"I accept your apology, Derrick. Son, you need to know the meaning of stuff you say so that you don't hurt people, okay?"

He looked at me then climbed out of the pool and dutifully sat on a towel.

Just then Allen, Angel and Jeremy came up from behind and dunked me but good. I was irritated at being interrupted but before all was said and done, each of them took their own turn at being dunked. The old man can still handle them.

By the time our don-dad 'moment' passed Rhonda was sitting next to Derrick talking to him.

Meanwhile, I walked up to where the boys were playing then did a huge cannonball effectively splashing them more than they could have ever thought about. Oh, they tried, but the old man prevailed, as usual, all in fun, of course.

*** Back to the story (Peter's POV)

After leaving dad talking with Rhonda and Derrick, David and I headed in the direction of our brothers and some other kids playing and slashing and having a good time. Every once in a while we'd look back just to make sure all was well with them.

Finally, hunger won out so we were headed to the other end of the pool where our towels were located when Derrick jumped in and began splashing us with vigor. Of course, not holding any grudges, we obliged and splashed him back. When we'd had enough splashing and he continued, I went up behind him, lifted him up then tossed him a couple of feet then began laughing as his bare ass went airborne. David joined me. Allen, Angel and Jeremy were looking at us like we were crazy or something - tossing a kid nobody else knew up in the air then laughing at his antics.

When Derrick came up for air, he said, "I'm in. Sorry."

"No, Derrick, you're OUT." I laughed.

Derrick replied sheepishly, "Yeah. It's normal, right?"


When we got to the shallow end, I raised my legs up on the pool side to get out of the water. Derrick was curiously staring at my crotch. My dick was about half hard so I slipped back in the water. I said, "Uhm, Derrick, staring someone down is not the right thing to do... I've gotta go now."

Undeterred, Derrick asked seriously, "Wait. Can I ask a question?"

"Sure, shoot."

"Uhm, what happened to your uhm, well, I mean, you know, your nut? Where did it go?"

"That's pretty personal... if you have to know... the doctors had to remove it because it got hurt really bad."

"But what happened?"

"That's none of your business, sorry. Okay, I've got to go now. I might see you around - it just depends on when we leave tomorrow."

That said, once again I got out of the water; once again Derrick had his eyes glued on my private areas then he reached out but I pushed his hand away.

He looked at me curiously; he was trying to figure things out. I sat down on the ledge, spread my legs open wide and griped my three quarters hard dick and covered it up with my hand, "See the little scar?"

"Yeah, okay, but I still don't understand why they took it out. I got racked on my bike... and they didn't have to do surgery..."

"Okay Derrick, but you have to promise to not tell anybody... I got kicked really hard in my groin. It hurt my testicle really, really bad. The doctors had to take it out because it couldn't be fixed. On Monday when we get home our doctor is going to implant a fake one so that I look normal down there."

"Wow, okay. Can I feel it?"

"I guess so. But just for a minute."

At the same time, David arrived. Before allowing Derrick to touch my private area I said to David, "Hey, you ready to get out?"

"Yeah, I'm tired." David responded then added, "Whatcha doing?"

"Derrick's curious about my junk. I was going to let him touch it... he's just curious is all."

David nodded.

"Okay, but just for a minute."

With fierce determination and curiosity, Derrick reached for my ball sack, rolled the left one around in his fingers then felt the right side. Because the water was cool, my sack had drawn up close to my body so he squeezed me rather firmly down there. I said, "Okay, that's enough Derrick."

Before I could say or do anything else, Derrick reached in through my fingers and grabbed my then fully rod.

David and I both reached down then pushed Derrick's hand away. He said, "Okay, that's enough Derrick. We're done now."

Derrick said, "You're hard."

I replied, "No shit. Go find your friends to play with. See ya."

Derrick took off, his curiosity was satisfied, and I was left with a bit of a problem. I'm okay with naked but I'm not all that kewl with walking around with a raging hardon.

David said mischievously, "Got a little problem there does ya?"

I chuckled, "Yeah, definitely, ya want some of it?"

"Always. Bathroom."

With that, I got out of the pool then went over and grabbed David's crutches, tossed them to him, and then made a beeline to the restroom while holding my dick between my legs with my hand.

Thankfully, the bathroom was empty. I walked over to the urinal hanging on the wall, appropriately pointed my penis to its wall then waited for something to happen thinking a good pee would bring things under control.

David arrived in the doorway. I guess I hadn't covered up very well. He said, "Go ahead, jack it, I'll keep watch."

"Nah, I wanna save it for you." I said knowing all too well that my dick was beyond deflating on its own.

"That's just it. Go ahead. It only takes you about 15 minutes to recharge. I'll keep watch."

I nodded then turned just so, so that my dick was no longer visible from the door then began jacking. Since it was already close to its boiling point, two or three minutes later the storm arrived and I thoroughly whitewashed the back of the urinal with at least 5 shots of male cream. I then wiped the end of my dick off with my fingers and licked them. I still wasn't flaccid but then again I wasn't nearly as hard as I had been.

Steadily, my erection did dissipate and I was able to pee.

David then entered, took a stall next to me then smiled and began jacking his own very hard cock. Sooner than I had, David splattered his urinal with his own volley of David-cream while I stood behind him blocking the doorway with my body.

Satiated, at least for that moment, we headed out to the pool where we found the gang then headed up to our room with towels firmly secured around our midsections.

While the guys ordered pizza, I took off to the bathroom and took a good healthy release into their sewer system. Once that was finished I checked out the shower more closely. There were 6 shower heads in the huge tiled room.

After eating, we were ready to call it a day. Everybody, including dad, got into the shower, cleaned up, dried off and went to bed.

David snuggled in while I reached in my bag to fetch the body of body lotion. I had plans for David and they did not include going to sleep "immediately".

"Whatcha doing?" David asked curiously.

I giggled.

Dead giveaway.

I heard the covers rustling around. I found the bottle deep in my carry-on bag then turned around. The sight was mesmerizing: David had his legs high up in the air. He was licking his luscious succulent lips and wearing nothing but a smile. My cock twitched. It arose with anticipation. David was slowly jacking his dick. That picture remains indelibly etched in my mind.

With an invitation like that, who can refuse, who would refuse? Not I.

I got on the bed. I put David's legs down, laid down on him comfortably and began kissing both with and without tongue, sharing oral fluids, feeling up each other. Our dicks were dueling and getting slick with that fluid that exudes from a cock just before it blows its stack.

David quickly urged me off his body. He was reading me better than I was reading myself ... I hadn't realized my body had began the dance in preparation for its rocket to Nirvana.

Unable to stop myself, not wanting to stop myself, I found his balls in the dark then began licking them. Not yet satisfied he was being pleased properly, I moved down his perineum into his anal area and gave it a thorough tongue lapping. When he was sufficiently relaxed I then squeezed a dollop of the body lotion onto my fingers then easily inserted one, then two, then three and began finger fucking his rectal walls.

Now David can't take that for very long before he starts bucking and moaning that he wants the 'real thing'. That night was no different.

After thoroughly slicking my wand I got into position then easily, with no resistance entered his love canal and began slowly long dicking his not so virgin receptacle, slowly, over time, building up force and speed until I could take it no longer at which time I filled him to capacity with my nectar. Just as the spasms overtook my body, David had taken hold of his spear and began jacking in earnest then, soon, very soon, began his own trip to and from Nirvana.

When our delight passed by I got up and went into the bathroom where I was going to get David some towels to leak on. When I arrived, both Allen and Angel were in the shower. When I peeked my head in they looked at me with surprise but both smiled knowingly when I held the towels up for them to see. Just then Jeremy entered. The splashes of his own nectar fluids were clearly apparent.

Needless to say, we all slept very well that night.

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