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The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 30

*** Sunday

Dad awoke us at 7:15am saying that we needed to get a move on it so that we could have breakfast prior to our flight leaving from DC at 9:30 for Orlando.

Since we were excited to go to Orlando and Disneyland, the shower was soon filled with five hungry, and anxious teenage boys with quite a bit of noticeable wood hanging around so we circle jerked then washed up good, dried off, did our hair then got dressed and ready to go.

David and I decided to wear matching full length black pants and polo shirts. Since mine were pretty snug, I decided to put on a pair of David's conventional briefs because my g-string was not enough protection from the tight pants.

We had a wonderful breakfast. Stuffed to the gills, we waddled out to the hotel driveway then embarked to the airport in the limo. When we arrived at the general aviation area, we noted the security detail was extremely thick, however they were very courteous, professional and friendly.

Our flight to Orlando took off on schedule and before very long we were at cruising altitude. When the pilot turned off the fasten seatbelts sign we were free to move about the aircraft at our leisure, though it was recommended that we stay seated and buckled in. While we initially experienced quite a bit of turbulence, it soon smoothed out as the pilot changed to a different altitude.

"I need to use the can. Be right back." David whispered into my ear then pecked me on the cheek with his lips. Feeling a similar urge, I nodded then we made our way back to the bathroom. After closing and locking the door David sat down on the crapper and urgently provided deposits to the in-air sewer system (I sure hope nobody was below on the ground at that point in time).

With his deposits made, I sat down and made my own while he washed his hands then he said mischievously and with a wry smile on his face "I've never done it on an airplane."

"You are such a horndog. Hmm, that sounds like a whole bunch of fun." I said while leaving my jeans hanging around my ankles and heading over to the sink to wash my hands.

Fished with that chore, our lips quickly found each others' but quit when I found his jeans on my naked dick quite uncomfortable so David took his own jeans down and hung them around his ankles making things much better and appealing to my cock.

After getting into a major tongue wrestle, David clamped his hand around my dick and squeezed firmly but I pulled away just before my release became imminent. Not wanting to splooge David's underwear, I sat down on the closed toilet lid. David quickly followed and placed his expertly trained mouth on my hot raging love stick causing me to blow my load very, very quickly.

When I recovered, we changed places then very quickly and expertly and lovingly I took his tool into my

waiting and wanting oral orifice and sucked firmly and rapidly which soon caused him to unload a massive load of hot molten love juices from his testicles, and other love glands that provide substance to ejaculation.

Satiated, at least for the moment and under the current circumstances, we returned to the main cabin once we made sure that we were presentable.

Allen and Angel looked at us inquisitively then smiled when I raised my eyebrow and pointed to the bathroom with my thumb.

About 20 or so minutes later, they returned to their seats with little smiles on their faces then David said with a knowing smirk on his face "Everything come out okay?" Allen shrugged then his face turned red - which gave us all of the answers we needed. Angel meanwhile nodded vigorously and smiled ear to ear.

Jeremy just sat in his chair and shook his head with an incredulous look on his face then he too got up and was gone for about 15 minutes, or so then returned with a wry smile on his face.

The plane made a textbook landing.

Once we taxied to the general aviation gate, we were escorted to our hotel then checked in and got settled. It was about noon time and we were all hungry so we went down to the restaurant where we had a relaxing and leisurely lunch consisting of freshly made cold cuts, fresh fruit, a crisp green salad, a pudding desert and drinks to order.

Finding that it was really too late for a day at Disneyland or the Epcot Center, we decided to go to the gulf side beach for wave jumping and other such aquatic activities. We returned to the room just long enough to change into swimming attire then rode the limo to the beach. As planned we had a blast despite many people looking, or more correctly gawking, at us with recognition.

While we were at the concession stand, a portly lady with a very friendly face and in full uniform came over and asked to speak with me privately for a moment, if I could spare the time. I recognized her as one of the security detail assigned to us so we walked to a shady area under a tree. I replied, looking at her intently, "What's up Sandy?"

"Thank you for talking to me. We're supposed to keep people away from you and your family however this boy came up to me a few minutes ago and asked if he could speak with you. We ran him through the system, he cleared. He's not a gawker and has no criminal record. He's a homeless kid known on the beaches and he's not a taker. If you would approve to meet with him for a few moments we can keep the crowds away if you guys would like to talk over there at the picnic tables by the sand dunes. If not then we will just send him on his way. I recommend that you talk with him - but my recommendation is, of course, off of the record. They would probably be kicking my butt if they knew I was bothering you with this. His name is Chad Wilkinson." Sandy said softly as she pointed to a guy our age, maybe a little bit older standing with another security guard outside of the gated area where the concession stand is located.

"Sure. Can I bring David along with us?"

"That's no problem." She said then added "We'll meet you by the dunes in just a few minutes." She said professionally.

"Ma'am, if he's hungry or thirsty then please have him join us so we can feed him."

"I'm afraid that would take some time to do, Peter. We'd have to evacuate and secure this whole entire area. Tell you what ... why don't you go ahead and order then have one of your brothers take it to you instead, would that work?"


When Sandy left, David walked to me on his crutches. We quickly kissed then, while looking in each others' eyes he asked, "What's up babe?"

"Sandy just told me that guy standing over there... the blond headed guy... wants to talk to me privately. I want you with me. Will ya?" I asked knowing the answer already.

"No prob. Let me just tell dad and the guys that we're going to be gone."

"Okay, I'll go with ya then will you order some pizza and drinks. Sandy says the guy is hungry so we'll get to eat and talk."

"Will do."

We walked over to dad and our brothers, told them the game plan, that we'd be secure, and that we'd be back soon.

All were agreeable. Dad walked with David and I to the concession stand, ordered the food and drinks then David and I were escorted by Sandy to the picnic table designated for our meeting with the guy.

He was probably a year or two older than us, was about 5' 7" tall, very thin and frail looking but his eyes sparkled against the sun as a backdrop. He reached out his hand, both David and I shook it warmly then invited him to sit with us as Sandy took off and stood maybe 50 feet or so away.

Chad said, "Thanks. I saw you on TV last night and well I just knew I had to talk to you. I hope its okay; I'm sorry to take you away from your family..."

"It's kewl. My dad's ordered pizza and drinks. It should be ready soon. What do you want to talk about?"

Chad evaded my question. Instead we talked about trivial stuff for a little while until our pizza and Cokes arrived, delivered by a hunky guy of about 16 or so. Two agents were escorting him so we didn't get to spend any real time thoroughly checking him out. He was checking us out too... call it gaydar, or something.

After they left, David said casually, "These are actually packaged up tires that nobody else wants. And these glasses... well they're used motor oil."

Chad smiled. After opening the box, a delicious triple sausage, double cheese and thin crust pizza awaited devouring. When Chad did not reach in the box to get his piece I handed him mine then got another. David offered Chad a drink of his choice.

After taking a couple of bites, David said, "What's up Chad? Feel free to talk about whatever's on your mind, we'll listen."

When Chad didn't respond, David asked me, "How did you get Chad past the gorillas?"

"I just sweet talked them." I giggled through a bite of food then took a gulp of my Coke and swallowed it.

Chad giggled then, feeling that the tension was broken I asked hoping to strike up a conversation so that he'd share what he wanted to talk to me about, "Do you live around here?"

"I live mainly on the beaches. It's okay, I like living here, lots of ocean, and besides the temperature is warm all year long, well mostly, sometimes it gets cold in the winter time."

"Yeah, you're tan is rich. You wear it well."

Chad looked at me a little strangle-like then replied, "Your tans are rich too. Do you get to the beach often?"

David responded light heartedly, "Oh yeah, we live in Hawaii. Like you, we're essentially water rats."

Somehow I thought Chad was leaving a lot out so I thought I'd break the water, so to speak, "You said you mainly live on the beaches... I've been there done that. Are you homeless?"

Chad slowly nodded affirmatively then looked down deep into the sand. I got up, put my hand on his shoulder and held it there for a while. Eventually, he looked up then shrugged his shoulders in resignation.

"I was on the streets for a year or so, maybe longer. I did whatever I needed to do to get food and in out of the rain, so to speak. It was okay actually... it was better than being at the house where my mom lived sometimes."

David asked, "How long have you been here?"

Chad replied, "I've been here about two and a half years. I'm 17 now."

"My mom and uncle liked to beat on me. Before that, mom made a shit load of money putting me in modeling magazines and websites. Not many of the 'photo shoots' were of innocent little kids, if you know what I mean. Anyway, the last beating was the last one... it just about killed me. So I left for good."

David asked, "Are you safe here?"

"Pretty much, meaning that I tend to stay to myself. I've learned a lot about surviving the streets though, if you know what I mean." Chad replied warily.

"You mean that you keep to yourself when you don't need something ..." I said carefully.

Chad nodded his full understanding then continued, "Yeah, I stopped most of the big stuff a few months ago. I don't want to hurt anybody."

I looked at Chad perplexed.

He then said, "I've got AIDS. The health clinic doctors said I probably got it from at least one 'on the job' experience, probably from more than one experience actually."

"Other than when I was doing the pictures thing I really didn't do a lot of sex stuff. I wouldn't let them have my ass, though a couple of times it was forced on me; I had no choice." I said.

"I had choices. I'd turn up my ass because the money was/is pretty good. It gets me by." Chad explained.

David asked, "Do you do drugs and stuff?"

"I used to. Mainly weed and booze but I've tried meth a few times. Sometimes a trick would give me cocaine... I really liked it but couldn't afford it so I didn't do it too much."

I looked at David then to Chad, "I've smoked a little weed but I didn't like it. Cocaine was a different story though. I don't do that stuff anymore, I don't need it because I'm not too afraid anymore, and I'm not running. Dad and my brothers took me in and gave me a home and lots of love. So I got off the streets and don't have to deal with my mom and uncle anymore. We've got some other problems resulting from when I was on the street... that's why security is around us skin tight."

Fairly frequently, Chad would look at David's stump below his Speedo clad leg, but he'd quickly look away.

I sat back down when it appeared Chad had it together. David scooted over close to me. I put my arm on David's shoulders. I whispered in his ear, "Aren't you going to tell him about you?"

"Chad, I've had bone cancer in my leg. That's why most of it is gone, they had to amputate it. I also had chemotherapy and radiation. They got it all but I have to go in and get tests done every so often to make sure it hasn't returned."

"I wish they could amputate something to make me well, but they can't." Chad said sadly.

David caught my attention then nodded to Chad who was once again boring holes into the sand with his eyes looking down. He looked lost.

We got up, went over and sat down next to Chad, David on one side and me on the other. We put our arms on his shoulders. Feeling safe 'enough', he broke down.

Immediately, he let the damn of pent up pain and tough-guy appearing emotions break through.

Both David and I were telling to let it all out, to not hold anything back, told him that he was safe, that he needed to release because it would bring him freedom, that in the longer term that it would make him feel better about things.

All the while he was crying, I kept thinking how I'd wished someone had been around when I lived on the streets to do this for me but there weren't so I accepted it and kept on trucking doing what I had to do in order to survive. Of course some of those men said they cared for and loved me but after they received what they paid for, the love they said they had said they had for me was gone in a flash. Ahhh well it was what it was. Now is now. So it is time to live life to its fullest. I keep thinking that my life is but a dream yet I keep having the same one over and over again with the same people. This is my reality as I have learned, and well, it is a-okay so I keep the dream alive because it is good, and I am extremely grateful.

When Chad recovered, he smiled and said, "Thanks. I never let myself cry but I feel safe with you guys. I don't know where they came from... sorry I was such a wimp."

David said assuringly, "I cry. So does Peter. My brothers cry. But we laugh a lot too. We laugh more than we cry, don't we Peter?"

"Yup, absolutely." I replied knowingly.

David asked Chad, "Are you being treated?"

"Sometimes but I have to go to the free health clinic to get the medicines. They've been good to me. I just can't get there very often. They can't give me the meds because I have nowhere to keep them, and besides they have me labeled as a drug addict even though I'm not. Those are just the rules. I'm okay with them the way they are." Chad replied determinedly.

"What about social services, can't they help you?" I asked.

"No. I went to one of their foster homes. The man insisted I put out if I expected to stay there. I left. I told the system to fuck off. I'm here. I'm okay. I don't take handouts either." Chad replied defensively.

"Yeah, I was the same way. I had a really big problem when David and his dad took me shopping for clothes the first time, didn't I David?"

"Oh yeah, of course Peter having only a pair of hospital scrubs pretty much convinced him that he needed something more than just those so he wasn't all that much of hard sell." David chuckled.

Chad asked, "How old are you guys?"

"We're 14. Peter is soon to be 15. Isn't it August the 7th?"

I nodded then said to Chad "David will be 15 in January."

Chad looked at us intently then carefully said "You guys are only 5 months apart?"

"Yeah, mom baked me really quickly ..." David deadpanned which caused me to chuckle heartily.

Chad didn't see the humor in the situation so I said "I'm adopted by David's dad and family. Sorry Chad, I didn't mean to be so glib about it."

After quickly thinking about the uncomfortable situation we were in right at this moment, I looked at David and raised my eyebrows in question then as if he were reading my mind he said to Chad "We're really together as in we're a couple. Peter and I are boyfriends in addition to being brothers. We were boyfriends before Peter decided to join our family. Seriously, we're not trying to bullshit you or make light of your situation. Look, Peter has been through a lot of fucking bullshit in his life so if we laugh about things, it's because its came hard for him, okay?"

Chad looked at us warily and unbelievingly until I said "Chad, these guys picked me off of the streets when I had nowhere else to go. The last dude nearly beat me to death ... he was my fuckin uncle who demanded no he forced me to have sex with him. He was living with my now ex-mom, and well they just about killed me for not voluntarily putting out. They hurt me so bad that I had to have surgery because of internal bleeding. They broke my nut so bad that it had to be taken out."

I stood up, turned toward Chad and away from the 'eyes' watching our every move then lowered my swimming suit just enough for him to see that my nut was gone. He looked at it then into my eyes. I released my hold and sat back down.

"I've been raped too. I've gone home with guys who said they'd pay and didn't. I've also been with guys who paid but then beat the shit out of me and took the money back. I guess you guys might as well know I was kicked out of my home for being gay. I'm not a bookworm like my older brother so they saw me as useless. Like I said, I'm okay now, and am much happier on my own, despite everything."

I looked at David. He nodded. We're like that - we communicate, sometimes without ever saying a single solitary word. Our eyes talk to and through us, frequently.

I said to Chad, "We'll help you Chad but only if you want us to. I don't know how but our dad will. At least give it a shot, no pressure."

"You guys don't even know me. Not really. I've ripped people off, sometimes just for the hell of it."

"You did that to survive, right?" David asked sincerely.

Chad thought for a moment or two before replying, "Yeah. Are you sure you guys want me around? I don't take handouts so we'd have to work out some way to repay you."

"Paying us back is not what it's all about, Chad. When you get back on your feet then you could pay it forward to someone else..."

"Your dad, he's okay with gay people?"

"The best; he's okay with me and David, and Allen and Angel. Angel and Allen are in the process of being adopted by dad. Angel's dad sounds a lot like your parents. Allen's parents are perverts in the worst possible way. They took intimate pictures of their private lives..."

We heard footsteps walking toward us in the sand. Since we were facing away from the concession stand I turned around. Dad was walking toward us. When he arrived, he surveyed the empty pizza box, three teenage boys sitting around talking, and the smart ass comment I made to him (all in play, of course), "Speaking of the OLD MAN ... hey dad, whatcha up to?" I said giggling.

"Old man huh? Just you wait." Dad chortled back.

Dad then looked at Chad, "I'm James Blake. I'm these two yahoo's dad."

"It's nice to meet you sir. I'm Chad Wilkinson. I was just leaving." Chad replied. He stood up, shook dad's hand then turned to leave.

I said, "Dad, Chad needs our help. We told him we'd try but that you'd know better how to than us... Chad sit down, we're not going to hurt you."

"I don't know how to help you, Chad, but let's hear your story then we'll go from there, okay? Is that fair?"

Dad asked quite a few questions, answered a few, then when Chad finished his story, dad said, "I'll help you Chad. I understand your reluctance with receiving handouts so let's not go there. Any help we're able to provide... well you just pay it forward at some other time in your life. You don't owe us anything."


"Good. Okay, we'll stop and get your belongings then head for our hotel." Dad said assuringly, patting Chad on his bronze skinned shoulders.

Chad flinched at dad's touch but then when dad helped him to stand up man to man, Chad accepted dad's hug and hung on tight. When they broke their embrace, Chad said, "I don't have anything. I travel light, sir."

"Nothing?" Dad asked warmly.

Chad replied, "No sir, nothing, I have nothing to get."

Dad said, "Okay, let's go meet the rest of the family. Peter, pack up the trash and put it where it belongs."

I did so then we headed to the concession stands were everybody was waiting for us. When we arrived, dad said, "Chad, meet Angel and Allen. They're boyfriends, and soon to be my sons. This lug here is my oldest son Jeremy, he's your age. Boys, Chad's coming with us while we figure everything out. The first stop is the mall."

"Dad, I'll be right back. I need to say something to Sandy." I said. David nodded then I took off to find her.

She was at the concession stand drinking a cup of coffee while observing us. I said, "We're taking Chad. Thanks. I hope we can help him."

"You're a good person Peter. Thanks. Are you guys ready to go?"

"Yeah, we're stopping at the mall to pick some stuff up though. All Chad has is his raggedy, holy jean shorts. He doesn't have anything, nothing from his life."

"The mall it is then." Sandy said smiling.

While the rest of us got into the limo, dad, Sandy and Chad talked for a few minutes then joined us and we headed to the mall. We decided to leave our swimsuits on but did put on shirts, and from somewhere an additional shirt was found so that Chad could wear one.

During the trip, dad explained a little about why all the security was present which seemed to satisfy Chad's curiosity.

After arriving at the mall, security escorted us to a clothing store where dad purchased for Chad several pairs of shorts, underwear, socks, shirts, and shoes. Chad protested but gave in when dad reminded him that he could pay it all forward at some point in the future.

On the way out of the mall, we stopped in at a men's hair salon. Chad looked mighty fine with his new hair style though it was kind of funny, he laughed too when he saw himself in the mirror, with his rag a tag clothing and expertly styled haircut.

Okay, one last stop. We went into a swimming attire place where dad purchased for Chad a new pair of bright yellow boardies.

Security was mighty glad when we finished and were ready to leave. We took those guys and gals all over the mall to various shops and clothing stores.

When we arrived at the hotel, Jeremy, Allen, Angel, me and David quickly shed our swimming suits leaving us stark naked. Chad looked at us, and very carefully at dad to see his reaction. When dad sat down in a chair and picked up a newspaper, Allen said he and Angel were going to take a shower, and would anybody like to join them.

When Chad continued to hesitate, Angel said smiling, "Dude, we're all guys. We're naturists but nobody's forcing you to, okay?"

Chad nodded then when we arrived in the shower room having 6 heads, Chad asked nobody in particular, "Do you guys have sex together, or what?"

"Na uhh. All of us except for Jeremy, and he's on his own <giggles>, are committed to each other as couples. We circle jerk, that's about as far as it goes." I said.

Jeremy flipped me off then unabashedly walked into the shower room and got his water running.

I replied, "In your dreams, bro." Which cracked us all up, even Chad chuckled. I turned back to Chad.

"Uhm, okay, but to be perfectly honest you guys are hot as hell so I'm not sure that my dick will behave itself if I joined your naturism, but I can try. First though, I want to take a shower to get the grunge off. I suppose you all take group showers too?"

"The shower has 6 heads, Chad, if that tells you anything." David giggled.

"Your dad doesn't mind?"

At the same time, dad walked into the spacious bathroom, sans clothing, went around the wall separating the main section and toilet area, and began peeing. Finished, he walked back out of the restroom and said, "Good night boys. Sleep tight. Don't stay up too late. We've got a busy day ahead of us tomorrow." After giving everyone, including Chad, hugs, dad went into his bedroom and shut the door.

"Nope, that answers my question, never mind then." Chad said then shucked off his worn, faded, ragged, and holy jean shorts. He tossed them in the trash receptacle then we all headed into the shower room. Jeremy smiled then continued washing his body, including his rock hard cock jutting out in front of him.

Allen and Angel began getting wet. Angel began Allen's shower by pouring out a dollop of shampoo in his hands then lovingly and expertly washed Allen's hair for him.

Likewise, David walked into the shower with his crutches then waited for me to join him under the spray while he leaned up against me for support while I washed his luscious body, including his personables and ass crack.

By then, everybody had major wood, including Chad. Probably from the eye candy... yeah, eye candy ha haa.

After rinsing off we stood there spellbound at the sight of seeing Chad wash his hair. His bones were very, very noticeable, his belly exceptionally sunken, his back and ribs showing their bony underlings, and his skinny, skinny ass. His legs and arms were frail, and his hair was coming out in strands. His cock was disproportionately HUGE in comparison, but even it was skinny and long and thin... and at full mast.

David looked at me; we communicated again, and then motioned for Allen, Angel and Jeremy to join us as we walked to Chad. I said to him, "Would you like for us to wash your back for you?"

He nodded his reply then turned around facing the wall. We each took care to wash his back very, very carefully because he had sun and sand burns on his shoulder blades. I could have sworn he was purring like a kitten as we performed our ministrations.

After rinsing off, Jeremy carefully reached down and gripped his cock in his hand, "Is everyone okay with a circle tonight?"

Everybody looked around at each other and nodded though Chad stood there with the deer in the headlight look written all over his face.

David said, "We do it from time to time but not all the time. We're only okay if you're okay with it and will participate. We just jerk off. Anything else we leave for the privacy of our bedrooms."

Chad shrugged his shoulders then grinned then grabbed his long, skinny, and rock hard cock and started jacking slowly prompting the rest of us to join in. David leaned against me on one said while he jerked his cock with his other hand. Allen and Angel were together, and Chad walked over and stood beside us.

Pretty soon, there was some pretty heavy breathing in that shower room as 6 dudes were busily whacking away. David and I stood together, Allen and Angel stood together, but we didn't touch (too much other than our shoulders and hips now and again).

Allen then groaned, his face scrunched up, and he jutted his hips out in front of him when he blew his load near the drain.

Jeremy popped his cork next sending volley after spasming volley of teen cream down on the floor very nearly where Allen's was washing down the drain.

I unloaded next. David tensed up then lost his offering of nectar.

Angel then splattered the floor with his teen whitewash.

Finally, Chad's eyes got big as saucers, pulled his head back, jutted his hips out, bent his knees then shot his spermies high in the air and forward while grunting and groaning his very pleasurable release.

When we were recovered, we used our feet to squeegee the contrails of splooge into the drain.

After drying off with the huge, downy soft, white bath towels, Chad asked, "Are you sure it's okay to run around naked? I'm not used to it."

All of us smiled at Chad then together we strode on out into the suite where we went to the kitchen, got a bag of chips, made drinks then sat down in the living area, and got involved in a game of Scrabble Live.

At about 11:30, we decided to clean up our mess and go to bed.

Allen and Angel went into their room and shut the door after bidding all a good night.

Jeremy headed to his but didn't shut the door.

Chad, David and I then gathered up Chad's new clothing, went to his room and got all him settled in and his stuff put away.

On our way out the door, Chad spoke up, "Thanks for everything. I really appreciate it."

"No problem, bro." I replied sincerely.

David said, "Everything's going to work out just fine, bro. Sleep tight. Good night."

David and I then hit the restroom. While I brushed my teeth David unloaded into the sewer system then flushed. I was finished with my teeth then went into the cubbyhole where the toilet was located then paid my own sewer system dividends. When I was finished, David had already left so with a plan in mind I washed my buns with a soapy washcloth then rinsed sufficiently and dried off.

When I arrived in our room, David was looking deep down into his carryon bag for something. I hoped he had the same ideas that I had had.

He did.

He held up the bottle for me to readily see. He was beautiful. He was wearing only a smile. His cock was jutting out from his trim belly and smattering of pubes which appeared to be getting bushier as time went on. The picture in my mind was indelibly etched, never to be forgotten.

I closed and locked the door then checked the dressers for towels or extra sheets. There were none, but there was an endless supply in the bathroom so I opened the door and walked out into the common room without turning on the light. As I entered the bathroom, I heard very loud pleasant filled grunts and groans escape into the otherwise silent airspace. I smiled to myself knowing that Chad was going to be okay. I gathered up the towels then returned to David and my room, shut the door then beat David into bed. I laid down on my chest and belly after putting both pillows under me so that he would get the message.

As I've said all along, David's pretty smart, ya know. He then lay down and began his ministrations to loosen and open me up to maximum capacity.

After a lengthy sharing and loving session, sleep overtook us almost immediately.

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