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The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 36

*** Later in the day

While we were drying off, William looked deeply into my eyes, "Peter, promise me you won't lie to me again. Please? We're friends, right?"

"What about your birthdays and Christmas... do you want to know what your presents are? Sometimes things are private and personal that shouldn't be shared with people who aren't involved." I replied.

William looked at me like I was dumb ass or something but then a sadness washed over his face, and then anger.

I took his arm but he jerked away then ran into the house naked and dripping wet.

My heart sunk in my chest. My chest felt heavy. Melancholy ran through my veins. I sat down on the bench where our clothes had been tossed. My thoughts turned dark. My life started passing before my eyes... back to a period in my life when I used to lie like a rug, as the old saying goes, because lying was absolutely necessary to get what I needed, and sometimes even what I wanted or felt I deserved. Telling untruths, selling myself up big, add to that an attractive body, a nice smile and persistency worked good however even in those days twangs of guilt of doing people wrong were present. Although

My family here does not lie instead it treats me with love, honesty, respect, compassion, acceptance, even tempered discipline when I or anybody else in the family fucks up.

With those thoughts firmly planted, I finished drying off then put my skimpy swim suit on, picked up William's clothing and then headed into the house heavy hearted. Alice was seriously scolding William, "You know better than to track water through the house William Kyle Klinger therefore consider yourself grounded from the pool for two days so that you remember the house rules. And just why are you running around everywhere buck naked, boy?"

William looked at me with disdain on his face then said to his mother "Okay mom, I'm grounded and I'll get my clothes on. May I be excused, please?"

Without waiting for an answer William walked over then yanked his clothes from my hand. His face showed anger and disappointment. He didn't say a word. Although he had not yet received permission from his mother he turned on his heels then ran up the stairs still buck naked.

Alice turned and took off after him. She stopped and turned back to me when I said, "Ma'am, I'm taking responsibility... he's got a right to be upset. I'll take his punishment."

Quickly Alice responded, "No. No, you aren't responsible for him breaking the rules. He knows the rules. He broke them. There are consequences."

"Can I at least share? I mean, I lied to him... that's what hurt his feelings... and well he has a right to be angry at me. Will you at least consider it?"

Alice was regarding me... I added, "He asked me a question. I lied and told him something else when he, uhm, and well he caught me red handed so to speak. Anyway, we got that straightened out okay but then he asked me another question... and well I fudged it too."

Alice nodded her understanding then parentally said, "Two wrongs don't make a right, Peter. I'm not going to ask you to tell me the details. I do understand why he'd be upset about untruths. His dad and I are severe and quick with consequences for when our boys are dishonest. I trust that you didn't tell him the truth for very personal and private reasons, right? You seem like a good young man."

"That's right ma'am."

Alice then said, "Go get Jason and your brothers. Breakfast is just about ready. And, oh Peter, thank you."

I nodded then headed upstairs. William was sitting on the stairway. He'd seen and heard everything because he looked at me, and then he flipped me a pair of birdies with a shit eating grin on his face.

I said, "Get dressed, breakfast's ready."

I then headed to the room that David and I shared. He was just getting out of bed. With his fully extended male appendage leading the way he passed me by and headed to the bathroom. While he was taking care of morning rituals I put on a t-shirt and a pair of black running shorts then headed downstairs where Alice was just dishing up gravy for the biscuits.

Breakfast was wonderful and light hearted. At every opportunity William flew his birds in my direction... well camouflaged, of course, nobody suspected a thing.

After breakfast David and I excused ourselves, headed upstairs to take a shower.

I took a good dump then cleaned that area adequately while David adjusted the water temperature to 'just right'.

"What's up babe?" David asked while I spent an extraordinary amount of time washing his hair. He's observant... I'd pretty much not said a whole lot since the confrontation with William earlier.

"Okay. As usual I was up before you this morning. I swam laps, I don't know how many but I swam enough to hurt. So, I was resting at the deep end, and well my little man was ready for some attention so I jacked off. Ha haa, when I busted I went underwater... anyway, William observed everything. I didn't know he was watching... anyway when I came up he asked what I'd been doing. I told him I'd been goofing off..."

"You were goofing off." David said deadpan.

"Yeah, well, he asked point blank. I didn't tell him the truth. He got in trouble because he came in the house butt naked and dripping. Alice busted him. Oh yeah, I explained some stuff wasn't his business... Anyway he got in trouble; he's grounded from the pool for two days. I offered to take it but Alice wouldn't have any part of it."

"Is that all?" David then giggled, "My hair's cleaner than ever..."

I giggled ... he was right... I'd been washing and washing and washing...

"Yeah right, rinse."

When he finished rinsing, I washed the rest of his luscious body paying some extra attention to that which makes him male, and oh yeah, his nether regions of course.

"I think we should join William whether or not his mom agrees. I'm sure the rest will agree. All for one and one for all is our motto around here."

"Thanks babe. That's a big reason why I love you so much."

David giggled, "My cock's super clean too."

David then turned the tables after rinsing his fine body and washed me lovingly and caringly. He's good, probably better than I do for him but he doesn't complain. God, I love him so much.

Without even really thinking about it we began jacking each other in earnest... that is until I saw a figure come into the bathroom... the shower doors are clear glass so whoever that was could see anything going on in the shower. I recognized him as William. I pulled David's hand off of my prong, "William's here babe."

Although we made no effort to hide our bodies we did stop our manual ministrations. I turned the shower head so that it wasn't spraying the door then said over the water noise, "Hey William, what up?"

He turned to leave before going he said, "Sorry to have bothered you. See ya later."

David said to William, "Have you had your shower yet?"

He shook his head no.

I looked at David. He was smiling, "Wanna shower with us? You can if you want to, right Peter?"

"Yeah, come on. We need to talk."

"What's there to talk about?" William asked tentatively.

"About what happened this morning: Peter wants to make things right."

William looked at me incredulously, "You do?"

I replied, "Yep, I was wrong. I'm sorry."

"Oh... uhm, nobody's ever apologized to me before. It feels good. Thanks. Thanks a lot." William said with a warm genuine smile. He looked in my eyes - they were bright and shining and sparkling.

Without any hesitation or sign of embarrassment, William shucked off his underwear then stood at the door to the shower waiting permission to enter. David sat down on the shower seat, I stepped aside and William entered.

William allowed David to wash his hair while I soaped up his neck, chest, belly, back, and legs but I left his butt and privates to him. William then rinsed off. I handed him a soapy washcloth. He finished his private areas while David and I got out and dried off. When William exited the shower both David and I blotted the water from his body. William was reveling with all the attention being paid to him.

David said to William, "Come on to our room. We have something else to talk about, nothing bad."

"Okay, kewl, are you sure?"

"Yep. Sure." I replied.

I opened the door while David gathered our clothes up in a ball. William exclaimed, "I can't go running around the house THIS <pointing to his dick standing straight out> way."

"Oh sure you can, we'll make it quick." David said assuredly.

With that, we made a mad dash to our room. William couldn't wait to shut the door. I barely got in the room before he half-slammed it closed. David sat his crutches against the wall then sat down on the bed. I grabbed us all a pair of underwear. We all giggled wildly at how big they fit on William... so big in fact that his penis jutted out the sides of them. Anyway, the mood was lighthearted.

When we were all comfortable on the bed I said, "William, we're going to join in with your punishment <David nodded>. It's the only right thing to do. I hope that'll help us to get back on the right track."

Tears immediately sprang from William's eyes. Without warning he grabbed me into a deep, deep hug, and then he gave the same treatment to David. His eyes were beaming with pride and joy. He was one very happy camper.

When his exuberance waned to a comfortable silence, I said to David, "David, there's one thing I didn't tell you. Since William was with me then it's only right that he hear what I need to say." David looked at me warmly then nodded. William had question marks running all across his face, he had no clue.

"After our swim this morning, William went into the Jacuzzi, soaked for a little while then we jacked off. I was so proud of William because he can shoot almost as good as you <looking at David, grinning>. Anyway, we're keeping everything on the up and up. William needed to hear it from me... that way he knows we're being open."

David looked nonplussed. The news didn't faze him one bit. I knew it wouldn't affect him in any way.

"Thanks for telling me. I'm okay. Are you okay, William?" David asked warmly.

"Wow, you'd tell him you had sex with someone else?" William asked wide eyed.

"Yep. The thing is that Peter and I do not have sex with anybody else. We did it once. We're not sure that we'll do it again. It was fun and nobody got hurt ...but... Peter and I are committed to each other forever."

"Yeah, you guys love each other - anybody, even I can tell. Do you think Jason loves Jeremy?" William asked innocently.

I took in a deep breath. David looked like he was going to bowl over. William giggled then said, "Haa ha haa haa... gotcha! So... does he?"

I recovered quickly, "That's none of our business. And it is none of your business. And... Jason will say something when he knows. And... Jeremy will say something when he knows. And... it's none of our business. Leave them alone."

David asked, "What makes you think that?"

William replied, "I saw you guys! I'm not some dumb fuckin kid. Shit, you guys were making all kinds of noise. That's how!"

"You did?"

"Yeah... uhm, let's see, Jason sure did relax didn't he?"

I looked at David then back to William. "You keep secrets don't you? Jason will tell your mom and dad when or if he does ready... don't break his confidence... that could cause you and Jason problems forever. Do you understand? If you say something ... it could be a deal breaker for you and your brother."

David added, "It could be just a one-time thing, William. Guys experiment with other guys when we're our ages. It's just normal and natural, and nothing to be ashamed about."

William's wheels were spinning in his head... finally he said, "So... can we jack each other off?"

"What, now?" I asked.

William didn't answer but the look on his face indicated that right then was okay with him.

"No, we can't have sex with each other... as we said before - Peter and I are together." David said softly to William then he looked to me.

I nodded then added to what David said, "We could jack off. That would be okay, but only if we do it solo."

"What's that mean... solo?" William inquired.

"That means you jack yourself off, I jack myself off, and David..."

"... jacks himself off. That's okay." William finished.

"That's kewl. If you guys want to do each other... well... that's fine... it might even be hot watching you... oh never mind."

"Do you remember me talking to you about private things sometimes need to remain private?"

"Oh okay. That's kewl." William said then without another word took his underwear off then kicked them aside. He added, "Well come on, let's do it."

With that said, after David looked at me and smiled, we joined William jacking our meat. Just as he had done that morning William went through all the phases then exploded sending thin and white fluid streams up and out his dick landing on his belly.

David was next to go. Unable to stop ourselves, when I popped we embraced, hugged deeply and kissed passionately. While coming down, we realized we had an audience.

William said reverently, "You really do love each other... wow, it is so kewl to see your love. I hope I find someone someday soon." Without warning William scooted down between David and me and then he looked up into my eyes... he then gently pulled my face down and kissed me on my lips. He did the same to David.

"Okay, we've got things to do, people to see and places to go." I said getting up from our nest. I grabbed a towel from the dresser drawer, wiped up then handed it to David. David wiped up William's pride and joy fluids and then his own.

William asked, "Can we do it again sometime?"

"No, sorry, it's a once in a lifetime thing. If you'd like to then we'll ask the other guys... sometimes we all like to circle jerk... maybe they'll let you join in.

"Really, you'd do that for me? Thanks!"

Both David and I nodded affirmatively.


Later in the morning dad, Alice and Horace came home. They were excited but would not tell us what they were excited about, instead dad said, "Get dressed, boys, we're going for a walk. Jeans and t-shirts are just fine. David put your Leg on, cinch it up good. You'll see why when we get there."

Alice and Horace barked out similar 'orders' to William, and they asked where Jason was. William looked to me for an answer when they asked where Jason was. Dad had a similar look on his face. I told them, "We'll tell them the plan, don't worry."

On our way upstairs, we ran into Jason and Jeremy. They were smiling, happy, contented ... and gads - glowing. Yeah, I'm definitely gay cuz it's not every day when you describe two 'guys' as glowing... but they were so I'm telling the truth! Anyway, the message was relayed so they turned around to get in something other than thin nylon running shorts.


We had no idea where we were going to, why we were going, or what was in store. The parents were talking between themselves while William chattered non-stop about this, that and everything as we walked along the road leading down the hill. I was glad his anger had dissipated. He was really a likeable kid (don't tell him I called him a 'kid'), full of life and energy.

David was negotiating the terrain like a pro. I'd noticed that each and every day he was improving his agility, stamina, gait, and confidence. Other than a very slight limp, unless he was tired, he walked very much like anyone else. On our way down the street David and I came together. We put our arms around each others' waists and watched William happily chattering to Jason and Jeremy. When they'd stop paying 'as much' attention as he thought they should he dropped back and talked incessantly about things 'back home', and what he'd do when he returned.

At the bottom of the hill is a fork in the road... one goes left and the other, of course, goes right. I figured we'd be going right since that was the way in and out of the cul-de-sac. When the parents turned left my heart skipped a beat, my muscles tensed up a little bit, and my breathing came faster.

Dad, Horace and Alice headed down the left road. When we arrived I noticed several construction vehicles parked in front of the place. I wondered what they fuck, why are we going there. "That house" is the only one located on that short segment of road.

I tugged on David's shirt. He was smiling, agreeing with William when the boy would say something... that was a definite hero worship situation, and was one that I would not worry about for one second.

David looked at me. He asked, "Are you okay? What's wrong?"

"Where are we going? That's my old house... you know... I mean, why are we going there?"

"I don't know. HEY DAD!" David said loud enough to the adults' attention. Dad turned around then motioned with his hand for us to cross the street so we could talk like civilized adults (dad laughed, I frowned).

When my legs would not walk in his direction he crossed the street, walked up to us and said jovially, "What's the hold up? Are you tired David?"

David shook his head no then looked at me. Dad looked at me too. Recognition took hold, he said parentally, "Peter, your mother lives in a six foot by twelve foot jail cell... she's not here. You're here now, and you aren't alone." Softening his tone, relaxing his eyes, he added, "Don't tell the other guys yet, please. You need to know that Alice and Horace are moving here to Hawaii. They've chosen this house to purchase. The rest of the details are silent at this time. You cannot dog wrestle for the information, so just forget it." Dad was smiling with twinkles in his eyes. You cannot force dad, no matter what you try, it was a closed subject.

William ran across the street, grabbed our hands then half dragged us across the street to the driveway of the house. That wasn't too bad. We had to walk through the weeds and grass to get to the back side of the house since the front was being re-landscaped, repaved, and regenerated. For being the house of horror the workmen and women were, admittedly, making it look 'different'. Yeah, that's the word I had been looking for ... 'different'.

When we arrived at the back of the house old familiar feelings were beginning to take hold of my serenity. The backyard, the area where I'd spent so much time working on was all overgrown again. The pool was half-full of a putrid smelling and appearing green slimy shit. My mind went back to when we had first moved in that house. Mom had made sure that my place, my duties would be to get the backyard cleaned up, the pool emptied and painted, the yard mowed and trimmed and manicured, that dirt needed to be dug and moved to different places where she wanted it, and then moved again when she didn't like where I'd moved it to...

I looked at David then quickly retreated to the front where I stood on the curb waiting for 'something'. The 'something' wasn't arriving. Was it peace with the past, or what? I didn't know. Then I saw David fall in the weeds. He looked in my direction then smiled when he saw me. With William's help (not that help was needed, but William needed to be needed) David was soon back on his feet. He motioned for me to return. When I didn't jump... William came running toward me. When he arrived he proudly and excitedly exclaimed, "This is our house. We're moving here. Come on Peter! Get the lead out of your ass."

Because of William's exuberance I had failed to notice dad walking up the sidewalk toward us until he arrived. Dad told William, "Your dad is looking for you."

William tore out for the backyard. David was headed this way, albeit slowly and carefully. I should have been there helping to maintain his balance... Dad interrupted my thoughts, "Son, this house will be occupied by loving and caring people - people make a house a home. A house is simply a series of boards, nails, caulking, trim, concrete, bricks, and mortar. A home is where a family lives and grows. A family will be living here soon."

"Dad, I freaked out. There are so many memories..." I said but couldn't finish the sentence. When I regained my composure with dad's arm around my shoulders, I added, "Do we have to go inside?"

"No Peter, you don't have to go inside. When Horace found out that this was your old house he became very concerned. He would like to talk to you and show you the plans they have made for this place. I think it'll do you good to listen and to watch him show you. I'm not going to force you to do anything against your will. If you want, go back to the house, the code number is _____."

Dad turned away to walk back to the house, I said, "Wait, I'm coming with you. Daddy, I feel like a damn baby."

"No son, you're not a baby. You simply have some old memories to replace with good ones."

I then realized that my past truly was my past. I decided to not let my past ruin my present, at least I'd try to keep that thought in mind when challenges or whatever came along.

David tripped again. He landed face first into dirt and sand... his saving grace was that he extended his arms... although his white t-shirt and baby blue shorts were a mess his face was just fine. I quickly ran to him because he was having some trouble getting back up because of the sand. He was giggling his fool head off... between dad and me we got David back on his feet and then helped navigate him to the patio area. I had put my thumbs in his belt loops to give him some extra balance and direction... during the process I'd, of course, run my fingers down into his pants. Dad, following behind us, chortled, "You guys are bad, bad, bad."

Dad went on ahead of us and into the house. David pulled me into his arms, hugged firmly, released his hold and said looking me directly in my eyes, "I'm with ya babe. I've loved you since I first saw you working on this patio... I watched you from my window <David pointed to the house, our house, up on the hill). I wanted to meet you, to get to know you, and yes to touch you. Look at us now..." David had to stop because he was choking up. I wasn't doing much better.

Jason exited the house and said when he walked to us, "Come on guys. I want to show you around our new crib. It's freaking awesome."

I used the tail of my t-shirt to wipe David's eyes and cheeks dry, and then he did the same for mine. We entered the kitchen area. The dreary drab broken down kitchen had been transformed completely. New appliances were being hooked up over a brand new off white colored linoleum floor. Three walls were a light lavender color that surprisingly reflected the sunshine perfectly making it a very light and inviting room. The fourth wall was painted a bright white that set a beautiful contrast to the room. To say that I was impressed would be an understatement.

A large and very old kitchen table, surely an antique, sat in the middle of the dining room. Jason walked up to me then hugged me tightly and said "Peter, that table is at least three, possibly four generations old. I'm so excited that it made it here. It is where we talk about family stuff. We eat off of it. It is the center of our home."

"Kewl. I'm really impressed with what they've done to this place. So far it doesn't seem like..."

Jason said warmly, "Don't go there Peter. Come on let's keep going forward."

I nodded. With David by my side and Jason leading the way we headed into the living room. Much to my surprise they were in the process of taking out the wall separating the living room and the family room. I envisioned that the room would be one huge place for their family to gather and also entertain.

To one side of the room was a doorway. It led into a new room that the old house didn't have. Jason said the new room was what's called a "Great Room".

On the large flat wall to the side when you walk in was a huge mural. The picture showed a huge old country house with barns on either side of it, dogs and cats in the front yard and cattle and other various animals in the background. The level of detail was astounding.

Jason said fondly, "That's our old house. That was a really kewl old house, Peter. God, I love that picture. It is so beautiful." I carefully looked at him only to find unshed tears in his eyes. I then realized how attached Jason was to his old life and that surely his transition to here would be difficult for him. Yet, now he was also happy since some of the comforting memories were resurrected.

Horace came over then pulled Jason into his arms which allowed him to express his deepest true feelings through both sad and happy tears.

The next order of business was to check out the five bedrooms. David saw my reluctance to go any further into the house then said "Peter, there's love in this house now, not hate, not anger and no sick shit either. We are all right with you. Just go slow and it'll be okay, I promise."

David took my hand in his but let me lead the way a step ahead of him. As I saw the transformations that had taken place, I no longer felt that this house was full of evil and, instead just as David had said it was, it was a house of love. Jason and William picked out their very own rooms, and I was surprised beyond belief when Jason picked out my old room not knowing that it had been my old room. David squeezed my hand firmly and smiled when I looked over at him.

Jason's parents walked into Jason's room then Horace said "Peter, I hope this house has changed enough to not cause you a bad case of the eebie jeebies because you and your brothers are welcome here at any time. Please consider it to be your second home as of this very second."

"Oh no sir, I mean at first it did, but you're right, there is really nothing like it was before, this is way, way kewl. It's okay now. I mean that it's really okay. And I am glad you guys are living so close to us. Jason?"

"Mmm hmm."

"This is my old room. I truly hope that you're happy."

"Thank you Peter." Jason said taking me into his arms and hugging me tightly then kissed my cheek.

"Just like old times." David said smiling warmly then added, "Jason's family and ours were neighbors back in Missouri, only we were not this close because of the fields separating us then, so this is hella good."


Monday, August 12th


David and I slept in until 10:30 am after spending the weekend helping to get Jason and his family settled into their new crib. Their furniture arrived Saturday afternoon so we spent a lot of time helping to get it arranged to their tastes. We were extremely sore and kinked up from all of the exertions so our swim times since then have been entirely devoted to getting limbered back up. The pool helped tremendously however the trick occurred while using the sauna a number of times. And, of course, private massages certainly helped tremendously. 

Dad came home for lunch. When we finished eating, dad handed me an envelope. It had a return address from my ex-mom who was incarcerated at the jail. With quite a bit of anxiety and dread, I opened it up and read out loud:



Your forgiveness is not needed nor is it wanted. It never will, so save your energies.

I did a lot of crap to keep you fed and clothed. Your moving on to a new family is just what they needed, NOT. Do they know you are taker and not a giver? Do they know you are as selfish brat? Do they know that you are an ingrate? Do they know you are a fucking faggot? DO THEY?

I always knew you were a faggot. Mothers know stuff about their kids. God will get ya. Just you wait and see. Go to church boy and get your life right with Him. Apparently, obviously Bo and Don did not straighten you as I had hoped they would. I tried but obviously it didn't work out.

Oh yeah, do they know you are a tramp and a whore? Have you told them everything about you? Be sure to get an HIV test.

I'll never forgive you for fucking up my life. Expect blood and guts at the trial. You will wish you were never born. You will wish that you would never have brought this to the legal system.

Oh by the way, happy, happy, happy birthday.



"That bitch. She hasn't seen shit yet. She's in for one rude awakening. She'll be sorry she told you that shit." Jeremy said angrily. He then grabbed me into a bear hug then squeezed tighter making me wince with pain in my chest and back.

"Jeremy, let go. That hurts." I whispered in his ear. David put his hands on Jeremy then pulled his arms back.

Dad said sternly, "Jeremy, you let go of him. Deal with your anger."

Jeremy, with tears in his eyes looked at dad then turned to me, "Peter, I'm sorry you had to read that trash. You know you're loved here, right? Do you have any doubt whatsoever?"

"No. None." I replied knowingly from my heart. I added, "Jeremy, I'm not angry at her anymore. I've got rocks of strength all around me. You guys... you guys saved my life. I owe you."

Dad said softly as he pulled me into his arms, "Peter, you owe us nothing. No price tag can be put on love. You're a part of my family. You're my son. I consider you my son just as if you'd been born to me. My wife would love you to pieces... I know she would."

"Jeremy, love is stronger than hate. I don't hate her. I don't love her either. Thank you for your support. It means the world to me. Get rid of the hate dude." I said to Jeremy.

"Yeah, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. Dad, David I'm sorry I cursed." Jeremy said contritely.

Dad replied, "Let's move forward shall we? Let's put this behind us. Peter, you're mom's angry. I believe she's angry at other things in her life and you are simply an easy target. Maybe someday she'll find peace in her heart. We can only hope."

"Yeah, I'm starting to see it. Thanks for telling me again though because I needed to hear it. Dad?"

"Uhm hmm."

"Dad, when I was living in Bo's house, there were times when I heard somebody screaming in the basement. I wasn't ever permitted down there. The doors were padlocked so I couldn't check it out for myself. I don't know what that means or if it means anything. I just hope that whoever that was is safe. Maybe I was imagining the whole thing."

"You weren't imagining anything, Peter. The forensics team ran the house through the wringer. They couldn't make any concrete identification that would withstand evidentiary scrutiny. I think you should tell Richard. Our team is tearing the information apart hoping to find something that's been missed. Meanwhile, you have a deposition at 3:00 today. I'll not permitted to be with you, but Richard will be there representing your interests. You're not on trial. Just be entirely truthful to all their questions."

"I'm not confused dad. I've got nothing to hide."

"The defense attorneys will try to confuse you. They want to get their client off the hook, and they'll do whatever they need to do in order to succeed."

"Dad have you seen the tabloids? They've picked this stuff up and are running with it. Most of their crap is lies. They don't know the truth. And dad, they're getting very close to us. They haven't said Peter's name, and they do not know exactly where we live, but they're getting close." David said worriedly.

"Boys, more often than not, the media does not disclose children's names or their precise locations when sexual or other forms of abuse are alleged. Not always though. They aren't 'required' to suppress them. It's just an ethical thing that most of them try to live and work by, but not always. I'll talk to Richard and the prosecutor to see if gag orders and media suppression motions and hearings can be held. Okay?"

"Yeah, thanks Dad. I'm just afraid for you guys. Those men said they would kill me if the shit ever got out, sorry dad, but I don't know what else to call it."

"It's okay. Sometimes shit is shit no matter how much mayonnaise and mustard is spread on it." Dad said hugging me tightly.


After the deposition, I told Richard about the screaming that I'd heard in Bo's house, and that Dad was going to be reviewing the footage taken at the house to see if there was anything that they had not previously discovered. He said he would review them too since a lot of the videos are admissible in court.

The deposition itself was not bad. I truthfully and completely answered the few questions that they asked. A couple of times, Richard touched my knee with his which was our agreed upon queue to wind it down, whatever it was that I was saying. During trial, Richard said he would scratch his head when it was time for me to stop. He said it was similar to baseball when the catcher sends messages to the pitcher.

The defense team indicated that they would be ready for a November 2nd trial date, and had cleared it with the prosecutor. We all hoped it would be all said and done with by Thanksgiving.

On the way home, Dad received a phone call from Horace inviting us over for left over bar-b-q which he readily accepted.

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