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The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 37

(Peter writing)

Arriving home, Dad shared the invitation for dinner at the Klinger home with the rest of the gang. What followed next was nothing less than a stampede. Don't even bother to put obstacles, however big or small as they may be, between a hungry teenage boy and food because surely a disaster will occur and the fallout would be catastrophic. Even David was running in his own cute way. :) I just love watching his running shorts clad ass bouncing its little bounce as he walks along. :)

Once the hungry stampede invaded Alice' kitchen and stole, seemingly without notice, several finger fulls of potato salad, under the guise of 'taste testing', she shooed us out with the suggestion that we go swimming in the pool. After several protests were voiced concerning the lack of swimming apparel, she closed the blinds inside of the house so that whatever went on outside stayed outside. Taking her hints, very loud hints no less, we went outside, shut the door, stripped naked as they day we were born then jumped in.

The water was majorly fucking cold since it had not had time to warm up, and caused more than one set of balls to be worn around the back of the neck. In an effort to warm up from the frigid waters, we began playing a game of water tag, which while it somewhat helped to warm us up did nothing for the icy cold water and soon, very soon we escaped its clutches by lying out on the pool deck to try to dry off and warm up as soon as possible.

Soon tired of just not doing anything Angel made the suggestion that we play soccer out in the grass. Well that soon turned into a major case of grab ass but we were all having loads of fun enjoying one another's company and companionship.

With all of the romping around and good vibrations my dick noticeably grew. Not quite hard, but certainly not soft. A quick look around revealed that I was not the only one with a certain little problem. David definitely had bone growing below his pubes as did William. Jason was at full staff as was Jeremy. Seeing their state of awareness brought me to full staff as well. Allen and Angel were of no help whatsoever.

I recalled those days in gym class where one or two bones were okay and were largely ignored ... but ... get quite few hard dicks waiving in the air then most of the time there were flocks of erections. No, nobody had the balls to do anything about it... I digress.

William spoke up, "Let's do a circle jerk."

Jason replied to his brother, "Nah, we're outside dipshit. You know better than that."

"Yeah, well our dicks don't seem to mind nor do they 'know better'." William countered smugly while pointing to Jason's very erect flag pole.

Changing heart at William's pronouncement and after a quick look-around, Allen relented then said "Five minutes tops. The 'rents, at least our dads are okay with our sexual activities in fact he has said that jerking off is normal and necessary for the teenage male body but I'm just not too sure about what he would say about us doing it outside."

"It wouldn't be like we were out showing our hard dicks off to anybody. Nobody can see anything from here." Angel said which did not help Jason's plight out any. I giggled but didn't mean to.

Jason looked at me with that "You're not helping any" expression on his face.

"<Giggling> Oh yes you can." David said emphatically.

Everybody looked at David expectantly for explanation. The only thing we could see was the top of our house and a window in a dormer like thing. Then it dawned on me.

"<Giggles> Just exactly what do you mean, David?" I asked smiling at him knowingly.

"You see that window up there?" David asked pointing to the top of our house.

"Yeah." Allen said.

"That's how I first 'met' Peter. I used to watch him doing his chores. Even in those baggy jeans and 'too-big' t-shirt he looked mighty fine. Sometimes he'd lift his shirt up to dry the sweat from his face and neck... uhm uhm uhm - FINE!" David said emphatically.

Allen, giggling, chimed in, "And I bet we can guess how you spent your voyeur time..."

David giggled and nodded vigorously. I was amused. "You did, really?"

"Yep, uhm hmmm, dad even gave me a pair of binoculars." David was beside himself giggling... as were we all. He went down and I jumped on him and began kissing him playfully.

Soon Allen and Angel, Jason and Jeremy, me and David, and William soon piled up together with our backs to the door then did a quick jerk off. While we tried to jizz in the grass the effort was largely futile - ever try to aim your dick in a narrow triangle as produced by your legs - well let me tell you it doesn't or didn't work very well.

All my hard work had paid off after all. The grass was luscious, soft and green - much like a carpet. We lay out on our tummies for a while. The warm sun felt really good on my skin.

Horace yelled out the door that dinner was ready and that we should go in and get cleaned up. Clothes were haphazardly put on then a massive swarm of teenage boys invaded the dining room where the food had been set out and we ate like there was no tomorrow leaving only a few tiny crumbs not even worth mentioning.

The rest of the evening, until it was time to go home, was spent playing foosball, table tennis and various electronic games in the house.


Monday, September 7th


Allen and Angel had returned to competitive surfing practices in preparation for fall tryouts. Their inclusion on the teams was pretty much guaranteed because they are seasoned surfers and had competed before so they know the rules and what was expected of them. They had a tremendous amount of fun, and it filled in a number of hours during the daytime for them. They are athletically quite a pair and will surely provide positive influences for and to their team. That and they really looked really, really good in their snug Speedo briefs, as did all the rest of their team! Sorry, I have an inclination toward Speedos! Never mind, I'm not sorry in the least. A dude in a well fitting Speedo... anyway, okay, on with the story!

Allen's parents continued to be dickweed so dad enlisted help from GAAY. Chad was instrumental in getting things moving along.

Speaking of Chad, he was doing very well and was very happy doing what he was doing for that organization. His friendships continued to blossom. His health dramatically improved with appropriate and even advanced healthcare not generally available to the general population. We were so happy for him. We were hoping that he and his boyfriend can come us visit during the Thanksgiving holidays.

The 'rents announced the weekend before last that we'd be home schooled since the school system on the island was less than ideal. They had a program where we'd be included in extracurricular affairs and sports if we wanted to participate. Alice, since she was a school teacher back where they lived, made all the contacts, plans and coordinated efforts to get it set up and rolling.

The case against my ex-mother and others was remanded to the Federal courts because of the extensive distribution throughout the states and internationally. The appointments with Richard, my attorney, and the prosecutors' offices continued in an effort to build me up and be ready for the onslaught of defense attorney efforts to discredit me as a witness. Too bad for the defense because many other children and young teenagers came forward and were ready to testify for the prosecution.

I also began therapy sessions with Dr. McGregor a criminal psychologist. Richard had referred me to Dr. McGregor but dad paid for the sessions because we didn't want the courts swayed by his 'expert testimony'. I didn't really like him. He tried to tear me apart with 'what if' situations and circumstances. Nevertheless, I went, and despite my actual dislike for him I learned a lot about how to 'play'. Yeah, actually that's what he said about my experiences (case)... he said it would be like a table tennis game. When he said that I basically told him to fuck off and that I wasn't returning.

Richard said that was precisely the response they wanted from me. He said it was the sign that signified I was ready.

I thought it was fucked up. Dad explained the whole thing so that I understood they felt I was ready for trial. He also reminded me that it was not me who was on trial but the defense would try to make it seem that way. I asked dad for one more appointment because I needed to apologize to Dr. McGregor because of my attitude and my fuck off and die closure of our previous visit.

Dad made the appointment then ran errands while Dr. McGregor and I talked for 2 hours. We had an amicable discussion. We talked about me and David's relationship - I was mainly concerned that it would come up in trial. He wasn't concerned since we'd been in a loving, committed relationship prior to the adoption. It would most likely be brought up however he made a note to talk to the prosecutor. He was sure the prosecutor could object to the line of questioning and get it stopped early on. If it didn't work out then I was to just be honest. I told him I had no problem with being honest.

We then talked more deeply about me and David's relationship. One of the things that had been concerning me was that David had been taking the lead in our physical experiences, and although there was nothing bad about I was just concerned because I wasn't taking the lead. Dr. McGregor thoughtfully said that relationships could be like that without problems. He also said I was probably pretty stressed out about a lot of things that had happened, and things that I was projecting to happen. Although we talked at great length it all boiled down to David and me talking and working it out.

We also spoke about Nicole and the arrangements made between my family and Nicole's. I shed many happy tears and broke down entirely when I related the story of meeting her adoptive parents and the wishes that they had regarding my involvement with her. I showed him pictures of Nicole and talked about her a lot.

A few days later, Ann and Ron sent me a picture of Nicole lying in their backyard on a blanket while being 'protected by' and cuddled by their Sharpei dog. Oh. My. God. She's such a doll. They wanted me to come visit them over Christmas. They also invited David and said he was as much a part of Nicole's life as I was - because he was my mate.


Our plans for that Labor Day was to have a huge bar-b-q for our friends and family.

Dad was up early to begin smoking briskets, hams, pork ribs, bar-b-q beans and hot polish sausages. Alice was going to make her world-famous, or so we acclaimed it to be, potato salad. Ella was going to bring desert. Richard and his wife were invited as were Bill Smith and his wife ... I don't know what they were supposed to bring. Several of Allen and Angel's team members were also invited. All in all, about 50 people were invited to the party.

One day Jeremy brought a girl home. She worked where he worked. They'd developed a friendship with fringe benefits. Jason was there when they walked in. Poor Jason was absolutely and totally crushed.

David and I took him outside and read him the riot act telling him how much he'd crushed Jason, and that we were on Jason's side because we'd told him not to fuck with Jason's feelings.

Jeremy hadn't realized Jason was interested in him. We let Jeremy know that Jason had come out to us and how he had wished to be best friends with Jeremy.

Jeremy thought very long and hard about the situation. Finally, he admitted that he was probably bisexual because, while he liked pussy he also liked seeing naked guys around, and even thought about sometime satisfying his curiosity toward guys. He said he'd talk to Jason and apologize for hurting even though he didn't intend to hurt him.

Jason came out to his family. Horace had some difficulty accepting it totally but Jason's happiness and being okay with the world took precedence over any biases he made have had, or ideas he'd preconceived.

Anyway, I woke up early on the day of the party, like at around 6am then after peeing went downstairs and poured a glass of orange juice which I slammed down then poured another one which I took outside.

Dad was outside tending to the meat smoker. Oh my gawd, it smelled so good and got my taste buds woken up. After giving him a good morning hug, I dove in the pool then swam my laps to the point where my muscles were aching. When the laps were completed, I got out of the water then slowly drank down the orange juice while talking with dad about a variety of things. It was 'our time' which we capitalized on to its fullest.

Because I am pretty good around the kitchen, dad showed me some of the hidden secrets to smoking and cooking various kinds of meat together.

After cleaning up the pool and the deck areas, my dick was waking up and I was feeling some tightness in my lower belly and upper legs which are sure signs that 'anxiety' release is necessary. Ha haa, who am I kidding, I needed to cum, to put it totally honestly and bluntly.

After the outdoor chores were completed, I put on a towel to hide (ha haa) the obvious then walked up to dad and said "I'm going to go wake up David ... but dad, it might take a little while. You know how he is such a sound sleeper ..."

"Yeah, I bet you will ..." Dad chuckled.

"Okay dad, whatever, I'll see you after while." Then ducked away and took off upstairs as I felt a deep crimson and hot flush travel through my body.

After I peed again, I walked into the bedroom that David and I shared then very quietly shut and locked our door and dropped my towel on the floor and got into bed with David.

David stirred a little bit in his sound sleep then reached for me and opened his eyes. He was quite surprised when I crawled up on top of him and started nibbling his lips which caused him to automatically open his mouth just wide enough for me to jump in with my tongue. With my hips, I pushed his legs apart so that our now raging cocks could definitely feel each others. Soon we were grinding in anticipation, in need, in wanton desire for release.

Our moment was close at hand. To interrupt things as I did not yet want to blast away, nor did I want David to release, I reached up on the bedside table and retrieved the bottle of body lotion and then squeezed out an ample supply which I put on my dick. Taking the cue, David raised his legs up in anticipation of a spectacular home invasion, of sorts, then squealed loudly when my finger found its mark and I began finger fucking him in order to loosen his love petals up, which occurred quite rapidly by the way.

Once David was thoroughly ready, I slathered my tube of joy with more lotion then aimed it for its target and pushed when David nodded that he was 'available', as we call it.

Once my throbber was driven to the hilt, I made sure that my belly was against his spear of love which worked out very well and very quickly because we found our cadence and soon reached the pinnacle of success. Spasm after spasm, jolt and after jolt, stream of jizz after stream of jizz fully and completely splattered anything in its path. When David popped his nut it caused his anal muscles to squeeze down and around my raging and pilfering cock until it was spent, or nearly spent anyway.

Once we began the recovery phase of our love making, it was readily apparent to both him and I that my cock was still quite firm though not a raging rod of steel, but yet ...

We kissed lightly but not urgently yet the touches of our lips together were passionate and in the middle somewhere David said with happy tears leaking from his eyes "I love you Peter, I really do. What a way to wake up in the morning. God, I love you so much. You are so good to me ..."

My feelings were totally in tune with his. When I pulled him in very tightly to me for a deep hug, my spear became steel hard again, and it entered his love tunnel fully and I felt a jolt of energy, much like the way that lightening lights up the sky on a dark night.

Our lovemaking this time was not urgent but it was intense. Our cocks, still being sensitive, danced as if there was no tomorrow yet were doing only a slow waltz or something like it since I am not a dancing expert. Suffice it to say, without speaking, we were totally as one in the same. There was no separation, not any, none, zero.

When urgency became readily apparent, when orgasm seemed imminent, when the exchange of fluids was upon us, I pushed my stomach down into David's belly then very slowly rocked us back and forth, running my dick fully into his body as far as I could reach, then I pulled back out, then sent it back in, over and over again until it happened.

Our orgasm that time was like a rolling thunder running through our bodies. While the orgasm was intense, it was not like the loud claps of thunder, instead it was totally encompassing. It nearly sucked the entire life out of us, but it didn't, instead we were totally one.

When David lowered his legs, my cock had totally wilted and easily plopped out. David's was limp also. We looked down between our bodies and then giggled because our cocks looked to be about the size of 6 year olds, and they were hiding thinking that they would surely fall off if any other activities were done to them. We giggled and laughed and cooed and nuzzled and kissed and kissed some more.

After taking our shower we dressed casually then went downstairs and began helping with dinner preparations that were in full swing but not before Dad gave me a wink and a knowing look. I blushed profusely. He giggled even harder. David said, "What?"

By early afternoon, everybody had had plenty to eat and yes, there were quite a few leftovers to put away. When everything was cleaned up, the 'rents went over to Horace and Alice's house for drinks and an 'adult' party which left us guys to fend for ourselves.

Nobody had a real problem with naturism although there were a couple of guys who had brought their swim suits and felt more comfortable wearing them. Whatever, it was no problem. The mood was light hearted and carefree.

Pretty much bored with just sitting around after dips in the pool we decided to play a game of water soccer. We had an even number of people to play so sides were chosen up, team captains were elected, the other team picked its goalie, and David was assumed to be ours since he could play that position well because he had had a lot of practice. He also could not play any other position, obviously.

Brad Sandstone, a member of Allen and Angel's team was none too happy with David's assumed position and let his attitude be known to one and all.

Angel had told him to shut his attitude down a couple of times then put him in a forward position in an attempt to placate his childish behavior.

It worked for a while however after playing for a time Brad became very aggressive towards David when we were on defense.

Brad's aggression progressed. The last straw was when Brad twice unnecessarily and unfairly checked David causing David to go underwater. Although David is a really good swimmer and came up quickly that didn't stop us from gathering around Brad the second time.

David said after wiping water out of his hair and eyes, "Hey dude, you need to chill out. I'm sorry if you don't like me playing this position. I would play something else but this little thing <pointing to his stub> kind of keeps me away from the open water for very long. Let's just have fun. Besides we don't even know each other. If you continue to act like an ass then you need to leave."

Allen moved between David and Brad. He said, "Brad, back off and stop being a dick. There's plenty of room for everybody. Stop acting like a fucking baby. Grow the fuck up."

Brad replied, "Who the fuck do you think you are? You ain't shit."

I stepped up saying to Brad angrily, "If you so much as touch David again you'll regret it, I promise. Now get the hell out of here. William, go get dad. Tell him to call security."

William swam to the steps leading out of the pool then ran to the door leading into the kitchen and entered.

Brad said less aggressively yet backing away and into position, he still had an 'attitude', "Yeah whatever. Let's play."

"Nah, I'm done. Come on David let's go make the homemade ice cream." I replied then headed for David who was hanging on the side of the pool and getting ready to life himself out of the water.

Brad snarled angrily, "Come on pussies. You make rules so let's play."

Angel, previously an observer walked to Brad then started to say aggressively, "Brad, knock it off..." then Jeremy, being the largest person and the oldest walked over to Brad.

Jeremy said with me, Carl and Allen backing him up, "Go home. This is a party. You are a guest. I'm glad you were here but it's time for you to leave. I'll escort you. We don't want any trouble."

Brad said calmer yet he pushed the envelope to its breaking point as far as I was concerned, "Let's just play. The cripple can be goalie but he'd better be good cuz I'll be right beside him."

Jeremy stopped me otherwise Brad, even though he was much larger than me, would have had me to answer to.

Jeremy then got into Brads face. He said, "No. It's time to go. You have a choice - get out, get your shit together, leave -or- I'll 'escort' you off our property s you are. It's your choice."

Carl calmly said to Brad, "Don't be stupid. I'll go with you. I've been having a good time but I'll go with you. Come on let's not cause any more trouble."

"FINE! FUCK YOU THEN." Brad yelled clearly red faced with anger at having been embarrassed by his team mate on the swim team.

William, who'd came back outside, said loudly from behind me, "He just didn't get his way. He's just a fuckin baby."

Jason, clearly pissed off said to William, "Shut the fuck up. Get out of here, go on. Git!"

I said to Brad, "I'm sorry, Brad. Seriously, he had no call for saying that."

The situation was getting volatile. I turned around. William was behind me standing on deck. Clearly, he had a look of 'big shit' on his face. I told David, "Get out of the water now!"

David did heave ho out of the water. Normally he exits using the graduated steps at the other end of the pool. He grabbed William's arm, lifted himself up. Then one of the other guys on the swim team brought David his crutches.

Turning around, Jeremy had Brad by the back of his Speedos. Jeremy then was able to wrap his arm around Brad's neck which stopped him from getting out of the pool.

Just then dad appeared. Seeing the situation, he yelled, "BOYS. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? STOP IT NOW!"

Dad then jumped in the pool and quickly made his way to us who were circling Brad. Jeremy still had his arm around Brad's neck but Brad was no longer fighting to get loose. Brad was staring down dad though. Oh, what a mistake that was. Jeremy tightened his grip.

"I asked what's going on here!" Dad said clearly annoyed.

Carl spoke up, "Sir, Brad's is being a dick. I have no idea what his problem is."

Jeremy replied, "I told him it's time to leave. He's aggressive and demanded that he be allowed to play David's position."

David said to dad, "I don't understand why. The score is three even. He got all pissed because I missed a block which tied us up."

"Brad, explain your side." Dad said after seeing Brad back off from his aggressive stance. Although Jeremy still had Brad's neck in his arm he too relaxed somewhat.

Brad softly said to dad, "I'm okay now. I'll leave. I've worn out my welcome. Sorry guys."

Carl added, "Brad, you've been an ass. What's with you?"

Brad shrugged much, much more calmly. He was clearly embarrassed. Jeremy released his hold on Brad. Brad said, "Never mind. I'll just leave."

Seeing that the situation was under control, and that everybody was backing away after seeing Brad's contrition, I said, "You can stay. Nobody's gotten hurt or anything. We can talk, if you want to. Okay guys?"

Dad turned to me. He wasn't convinced everything was okay. He looked at Brad, "Young man, if there's anything more out of you then I'll call your parents and have them come get you. Do you understand me?"

"Yes sir, I understand. I'm really sorry you guys."

Carl added looking at Brad, "You're not like that... what the hell's gotten into you?"

"Never mind, I'll just leave." Brad said then looked at Jeremy. Jeremy nodded then Brad headed to the side of the pool and then quickly and practiced lifted himself out of the water. He headed toward the towels, picked one up and began drying off.

I walked around Dad, headed to the side of the pool, climbed up and out, walked over to Brad then extended my harm offering a handshake. He stood there looking at me sheepishly. I saw something in the back of his mind come forth. He responded, took my hand and shook it firmly. David walked over and extended his hand. Brad let go of mine then shook David's. Brad said contritely, "I'm sorry. I had no right to..."

David said in a voice that only we three could hear, "Stop being a dick. You can stay if you want to."

Dad walked up to us. He looked between me, David and Brad and then said, "Is everything under control now?"

I nodded. David did too. Brad looked at dad, "Yes sir. I'm sorry."

I nodded. David shrugged his shoulders then said, "Look Brad, I've had cancer. That's why my leg is gone. I've been called all sorts of names because of it. It's no big deal. Peter, I'm going to get the cream started."

With that David headed for the house.

William came walking toward us with his dad next to him. Horace didn't look happy... but it wasn't about what I thought he would be. He said to William, "Do it."

William looked at me then David then Brad. He said, "Sorry about what I said. I was a dickhead."

Horace swatted William on his still wet butt. He said, "I've had enough of your language. Go on in the house. I'll be in in a minute."

William turned around then headed for the kitchen door.

Brad said, "I'm sorry too. I had it coming." He then walked to William, extended his hand. William looked back at me. I nodded. They then shook hands and William then took off for the house and entered.

Dad said to Horace, "Things got out of control. I think everything's okay now. You're boy did the right thing. Thanks."

Horace nodded then headed into the house.

Dad repeated, "Is everything okay now?"

"Yeah, we're cool. Brad?"

"Yeah, we're cool. Thanks."

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