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The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 38

Monday, September 7th (Continued - Peter's writing)

The party resumed with enthusiasm. The stereo was cranked up. The guys all jumped in the water and began dancing to the music - it was a hoot to watch. Just as I was about to head in the house, Alice brought the creamy mixture for me to put into the ice cream freezer. William was with her. She nodded to William. I smiled. He did a running cannon ball into the pool. I started the machine, made sure it was filled with ice and salt then took off and performed my own cannon ball. It was effective.

I found David. We talked for a few minutes. David dunked me. I dunked him. We were having a good time. Brad had joined in with the other guys. He appeared to be having a good time, as were the others.

David then dunked m again. He joined me and then he grabbed my 'stuff' then swam under me and came up and tongued my dick effectively causing me to bone up. When he surfaced he looked at me seductively. I said, "Prick tease!" David nodded happily.

"I'll get you later, just you wait and see oh ornery person who I love very much." I said then got out of the pool to check on the ice cream. It was doing just fine, firming up similar to how my cock was pooching out the front of my Speedo. I sat down and let Little Peter calm down assuring him that he'd get playtime later on. That seemed to satisfy him.

Allen came to me a few minutes later and asked if I needed any help. I replied "The hard work is being done by the electric freezer. The main deal is just watching it to make sure that the ice and salt are replenished. It is about done though."

While we were waiting, I reluctantly asked "Who's Brad? I mean he looks vaguely familiar. I've seen him somewhere but the 'where' eludes me. What do you know about him?"

"He's a tough competitor and is used to getting his own way. He's kind of a snot ass but overall he's a regular guy. He probably gets that from his folks. His dad is a high fluting defense lawyer and his mom is a ditsy Barbie blond chick who shows her age but tries not to. I'd say he's okay though. He's got a tough exterior but is a softy inside when he lets it out. And he is definitely one fucking hot looking dude." Allen said quietly then giggled.

Attractive is a good word for Brad. He's probably my height, maybe ten pounds heavier of pure muscle. His abs are defined, his shoulders are broad and defined for a guy our age. Nice bubble butt if I may say so myself. His legs are strong and his feet wide. And he looks mighty fine packed into a Speedo.

Oops, I reached over for a t-shirt to put on. My little man had definitely responded to Brad's appraisal and stood up to be counted. Allen just snickered. A lot of help he is. I snickered back after noticing that Allen, too, had a little big problem. I just looked at him then rolled my eyes. We laughed about our foraging into forbidden territory, but hey it is okay to look just no touchie.

As we were winding down our snickers, the freezer stopped on its own. I took the finished product into the house then on downstairs to the lower level where I put it in the large chest freezer until it was needed later after dinner.

On the way back up, I stopped in the laundry room and put on a pair of clean running shorts over a pair of g-string underwear then took off my shirt and went to the door only to find David playing heartily in some game they had contrived up so I took off upstairs to pee and to possibly take care of a remaining problem with an unruly cock, says mine.

I headed upstairs then went into the bathroom and took a pee which let out a stream to be proud of, and relief but it did nothing for my one eyed appendage that was standing up and being counted proudly. Without a second thought, knowing David was tied up so speak I sat down on the open toilet lid and went to work on my cock solo style. The moment of truth did not take very long. When its clutches took hold of my body, I moaned and splurged a huge load of splooge onto my legs and lower belly.

Finished and somewhat satiated for the time being, I opened my eyes after hearing a noise that sounded like an intake of breath then looked over to the origin o the noise and saw Brad standing there. "Brad! What hell man. What are you doing? I mean. Maaaaaaan. Shit. I guess I didn't close the door. But what were you standing there for?"

"Sorry, Peter. I couldn't move. I'll forget it. Don't worry, I won't say anything." Brad said meekly and apologetically then turned to leave but not before I saw the tell tale signs of a huge cock that boy was wearing on his lower pubes and inside of his Speedos.

"Nah, it's my fault. I should have closed the door. But anyway, we are guys and its okay really." I said getting up from the toilet after wiping up the evidence of self ministrations then flushed and went to the sink and washed my hands.

Giggling, I said "Dude, you have some wicked problem there. I'll close the door on my way out. Have fun.

Brad's blush was of the brilliant bright red variety. I giggled then closed the door and went back downstairs.

David was sitting on a bar stool. His face brightened considerably when our eyes met. After I sat down, seeing that the coast was clear, we did a quick tongue wrestle savoring the others' flavors. Seeing that David had the same problem I'd had, I said, "Come on. Let's go take care of your little big guy."

"Why aren't you hard baby?" David whispered back softly.

"You were busy outside, I had to pee, and well, I took matters into my own hands." I chuckled.

"You really are impossible you know. Okay, come on." David said breathily then got up from the seat and headed into the bathroom next to the TV room. I followed like a little spoiled puppy dog, and after we arrived, I closed and locked the bathroom door then went to work on David's flag pole as he sat down on the toilet seat.

Soon, very soon, David provided me with a massive essence offering. His high-protein drink was delightful and tasty too and I felt an immediate surge of energy <giggles>. When he recovered I said "That ought to take care of you for a while. I'd like to do more tonight. I've got an itch deep inside of me that only you can scratch with your love tool."

"Your wish is my command. Consider it a date." David said then we kissed passionately looking forward to what might bring to us later.

"Oh yeah, before we go, when I went upstairs to pee and well to take care of the little problem I had, Brad was standing in the doorway when I opened my eyes. I think he saw everything, I mean when I came. When I left after washing my hands well I would not be too surprised if he did not unload or is not currently unloading his own seeds because his monster was tenting out his Speedos like crazy." I said knowing that David would not be pissed or anything.

"Yeah, I've figured that he's got a monster in there. I've just kind of wondered why he has been wearing a swimsuit, but then again our home is clothing optional. Another guy was wearing his. I'm just saying that I'm curious is all."

"Yeah me too, I've been checking out the things that our guests are packing too. As long as we look but do no touchie then I don't see anything wrong with checking out the commodities.

We decided to end our quickie rendezvous before our absence was noted so after washing our hands and one last grope we left and went our own separate ways to mingle with the crowd.

When I went outside, the guys were all sitting in chairs or on the deck talking about this, that and anything else that came to mind. I sat down on the deck and joined in. The conversation then shifted to the sleepover planned for that night since everyone, except for me, David and Jeremy, would be going to school starting on Thursday.

Brad looked uncomfortable. David whispered in my ear, "We forgot to ask Brad... I'm okay with inviting him.

I looked up, caught Brad's attention, "Hey Brad, we are having a sleepover, can you stay?"

"Oh. I didn't know about a sleepover. I'll call home. I'd like to if that's okay?"

I handed him my cell phone that was sitting on the canopy table.


After dinner, a couple of the guys, I didn't know their names, left for home after saying they had other commitments. The ones that stayed... we made a nest in the living room. After watching some TV we headed to the nest after using the restroom. Meanwhile, David and I headed to our room where we enjoyed a wonderful 69. When we returned the guys were playing cards. They were just finishing the last game. A guy named Eric won. Another guy, his name was Aaron, was the loser. He got up then with another guy they headed into the bathroom then when the one guy came out another went in... and so on and so forth.

A tall lanky nerd appearing guy said that the loser was required to, uhm, suck off each of their dicks. I found that amusing but didn't say anything. I looked at David... he had a smirky grin on his face. I smiled knowingly.

I needed to dump a load so I headed upstairs to the master bath and did so. When I arrived back downstairs, the guys were all getting ready to hit the hay. I found David and Brad talking in the kitchen. When I entered, David said, "Brad's ready to talk to you. I'm going to bed. Come get me if you need to."

David then passed by and made a point of bumping my shoulder. That's our hug and kiss when we're in mixed company or when we're out in public.

After getting Cokes and glasses of ice for ourselves, we went out to the pool then sat down on the chaise lounges, poured the Cokes into our glasses then talked about nothing in particular until Brad said, "I want to apologize for snooping. The bathrooms down here were being used so I went upstairs to pee then saw you there ... and well ..."

"That's okay but really I should have closed the door. I'm cool."

"Thanks. Okay."

"So, what's up?" I asked softly while genuinely wondering what was on his mind.

I still didn't know Brad so my plan was to be somewhat evasive if any intimate questions that I felt uncomfortable answering was asked. Not everybody understands relationships between brothers then even more so when the relationships are between brothers. Anyway I just decided to let the conversation go wherever it was going to go and let things happen as they happened since we now felt comfortable with each other since I did not even know what his questions were!

"Just tell me to butt out if my questions are too personal and private, okay?" Brad said with genuine concern in his voice.

"Okay, fair enough. That's what I was just thinking but then I don't even know what your questions are." I chuckled heartily.

Brad giggled then relaxed and said "Peter, I noticed that you and David hang together a lot. You guys look so in tune with each other... are you guys... you know?"

His question caught me off guard. I didn't expect it. I looked at Brad. He wasn't being mean or anything... he appeared to just be curious. I replied, "We're soul mates if that's what you mean. I love him."

Brad, looking at me intently, said, "Uhm, I saw you guys kissing..."

I answered, "Brad, my family is demonstrative of its love for each other to each other. We kiss. We hug a lot. And yes, we're naturists too. I wasn't used running around naked in the house. The hugs and kissing and stuff were ... well it took some getting used to. In my old home with my mother... well we didn't demonstrate our love to each other at all... uhm... because there was no real love if you know what I mean. I'm cool with it. I even initiate affections which is something I wouldn't have ever done before. It's kewl. At least I know I'm loved."

"Isn't that kind of gay though?"

"It might seem that way to an outsider. Gay is not necessarily just two guys getting it on sexually. Gay also means happy, high spirited, merry and or brilliant. So I guess that using this definition - in many, many ways I am actually very, very gay, ha haa."

Pretty good diversion if I may say so myself. But it's true. I was proud of myself for saying what I really felt then Brad put a bit of squeeze on my thinking by saying with a smile "You know what I mean."

"In the overall scheme of things, Brad, who we have sex with really does not or should not mean anything, really, to the outside world. Some of us, I mean, some homosexuals do make big deal out of it."

"I knew it. I just KNEW IT!" Brad said gleefully.

"You're pretty smart you know. Yeah, you got me. So ...? Are you? I mean that I am already taken, if you know what I mean."

"Definitely for sure. Yeah. I have a boyfriend, or did have. Matt got hurt and is lying in a hospital bed hooked to God only knows what machines keeping him alive. I haven't seen him for several weeks." Brad replied with a sad catch in his voice.

"What happened?"

"They say he fell off of some rocks down the coast a ways, just down from the nudist beach. But, we know or knew the terrain like the back of our hands because we spent a lot time down there. I would see him every second of every day if I could because we love each other so very much. You see my dad forbids me to go see him. He says that I need to move on and get a life away from Matt."

"WHY would he keep you apart? I mean - shit."

"He's controlling me, Peter. When he couldn't control me any other way, he hit me right where it counts - Matt." Brad said angrily then quickly added "Peter, I'm not angry at you. You and Matt... I had to take a double take when I first saw you. Your mannerisms, mainly your eyes and noses and body build..."

"Whoa, really? Maybe he's a cousin or something, I don't know, the bitch never said anything about family or nutten."

Brad nodded slowly.

"Is your dad not okay with you being gay?" I asked.

"Yeah, he's okay with it so long as I use it to his advantage."

"What? How can somebody control ... what do you mean?"

After regarding me for a few moments, Brad put his head in his hands then softly said "The problem is that I've refused to be his meal ticket anymore. Basically, I, uhm, well ... Peter, I was a porn star. I've been a porno star since I was a little shit. When I came of age, when I hit puberty they had me doing other things with guys my own age. They used me well. I am a commodity to dad's business, until I met Matt, that is. Matt was special. I knew it right from the very first time we met. He knew it too. We'd do our gig in front of the cameras then go off on our own during off times ... and well, we grew to love one another, very deeply, very completely."

That said, Brad's eyes filled with unshed tears, at least for a few seconds, then he let loose with racking sobs of pain, of loss, of heart break, of longing for the one he so obviously loved with all of his heart.

I got up then walked over to him and put my hands on his shoulders and rubbed them softly and caringly and hopefully comfortingly. He regained his composure after a few minutes of feeling his feelings then looked up at me and said "Thanks. I cry myself to sleep every night but nobody is there to comfort me like you just did, so thank you."

After thinking about my history, after hearing Brad's pain, after hearing his need to relate to someone I said "Brad, I know your dad. I too was one of his toys. I would not let him 'do' me though so he turned me over to another guy. The other guys' name was Bo, but he was commonly called ..."

Brad interrupted, "The Boss."

"Yeah. So you know him too. Yeah you do, never mind... I wouldn't put out for him, I mean not exactly. Yeah, I did the modeling and naturist bit, and I sucked a bunch of cock but I wouldn't let them fuck me." I said factually yet I knew I wasn't telling the whole complete truth.

"Yeah, I know him. He took the naturist and sex sides of the ... well nevermind. He recruited kids, usually homeless kids. He taught me then I taught them. Well, uhm, I'm pretty surprised that you and I didn't meet up ... I mean, well you know what I mean."

"Yeah, I understand now. Uhm Brad, Bo... well he, I guess he raped me in a way but I stopped him before he shot in me. I about killed him. I hoped I'd killed him... anyway I kicked him in the nuts real hard then ran. The prosecutor and my lawyer said that technically and legally speaking he did rape me because he got some of that fuckin fat and ugly dick in my ass but I refused him any further entry then I, well I assaulted him and left him for dead."

Brad shrugged his shoulders then looked up with an amusing look on his face but didn't say anything. I added seeing that he wasn't comfortable, "You want to hear something funny?"

"Yeah, make me laugh will ya?" Brad said seriously.

"The dumb fuck called the cops to have me picked up for assaulting him. I guess when I smashed his head against the shower wall it must have knocked him senseless, I mean worse than he already was anyway."

Brad started laughing hysterically. So did I then said "He is really a dumb fuck when I look at it differently. He belongs on TV."

"Yeah, what is that show 'America's Dumbest Criminals' or something?" Brad said gleefully. He really did have a beautiful smile and an infectious laugh. His boyfriend was very lucky to have him I thought warmly.

"At any rate, they busted him as he had put everything on tape. You know - he was a pervert. Anyway, I ran away to the streets looking for mom, and when I found her she too beat me ... anyway, I did whatever I needed to do to survive.

"So what happened to you on the streets?"

"I did what I had to do in order to survive. Mom was a whore and a drug addict. I never knew if or when she would 'show up' until we moved next door with my uncle Harlan. Now there is a piece of shit if there ever was one. He did rape me but I fought back. I got a couple good kicks into his nuts and stomach... anyway that about killed me. I was in the hospital for a couple of weeks or so after that. I had injuries to my spleen, liver, and my right nut was busted to all hell. My nut had to be removed."

Brad squirmed in his seat.

"Anyway, I came up here ... long story short... David and I fell in love... and I mean we're in love, he's my soul mate, I'm his, and yeah we're together in every way. Dad then adopted me... I guess in a way its complicated... that is it's complicated for those who don't know us. That's what I mean."

"Brad, please don't say anything about this to anybody. We're going to court in November... I'm going to testify ... and well, I have told you much more information that I really should have told you. I hope you understand ..."

"You have my word, Peter. Trust me. But, please tell me if you have family, I mean blood family, here on the islands. I just have to know because you and Matt look so much alike. Like I said your eyes, your nose, your mouth, and oh my God your smile ... maybe a cousin ..." Brad said as his eyes filled up again with tears as he recalled his boyfriend, his boyfriend that looks like me?

"Brad, they say that each of us humans have someone who looks just like us. Other than she who calls me 'son of a bitch', I have no known family here. My biological father I do not know because he knocked my mom up then went to prison for the rest of his life for murdering someone. That's all I know. What's Matt's last name? Maybe that will jog some distant memory, perhaps not."

Brad sat up in his chair then looked at me intently. He hesitated then said, "His name's Matt Jamison."

At that moment, my life stopped as I knew it. My mind spun in circles trying to figure out a cousin that I may have forgotten, an aunt, an uncle, anything to make sense of this and when I found none I said with tears in my eyes "Jamison's my last name, or was prior to my adoption, excuse me. I'm trying to figure out some family but I can't think of anything or anyone. Do you have a picture of him?"

"Dad made me delete everything. I have two SIM cards for my phone. He knows of one of them and confiscated it but he doesn't know about the one I carry in my wallet. Let me go get it. I'll be right back as soon as I pee."

While Brad was gone, I went in then refilled our drinks and hit the bathroom next to the TV room where I also peed. After washing my hands I went back outside and sat Brad's drink on the table then sat down while he was waiting for the pictures to come up on his phone. With much anxiety, why I still do not know, I went over and sat next to him on the chaise lounge and peered at the many pictures he had of Matt, some even contained the both of them. Many of them were X-rated which I tried not to stare at but I couldn't help it and did look at them with interest.

"Okay, here are two that show his beauty and why I physically fell in love with them, and while they do not show his eyes directly facing the camera they capture a glimpse of his inner beauty. The other one is him playing out in the surf au naturale. The rocks you see in the first one there is where he was supposedly found by passerby.

"So how old is he? Do you know his birthday?"

"I only know that it is in August sometime. He would have turned 15 this year."

"Would have? I thought you said he was still in the hospital still alive, injured, but alive."

"Yes, that's right. I should have said that he turned 15 this year. Sorry."

"My birthday is August 7th, 1994. I just turned 15." I thought out loud reeling from the discovery that Brad had given me.

"Cool. That's so cool. All in all that's why I was all mad and shit and acting like a fucking jerk... you just remind me so much of him, and it hurts, and it hurts me to the core of my being. I miss him so much."

After regaining his composure, he added, "Peter, I have to tell you one more thing but it's not about Matt instead it's about Bo."

Without waiting for an acknowledgement Brad continued by saying "He's out of jail on bond. He was gone for a while then reappeared a few weeks ago. He said something about the plea deal was called off by the Federal prosecutor because the case had changed venues, and well the judge let him bond out. He's pissed and vowed revenge. He's a dumb fuck but smart in other ways. When he gets determined... Matt knew a lot. We both did. So now you see why dad is controlling me. I just figured it out myself. Peter, I'm so fucked if any of this gets out yet I know that telling you is and has been the right thing to do."

Without even thinking about anything really, we both stood then held each other tightly as we cried at our realizations, and yes, terrors too. Somehow, our embrace seemed to lessen the pain then I thought that while we didn't actually know one another we did.

"We've got to figure out how to help Matt. I, we need to get my dad involved. We need to talk to him." I said reassuringly and firmly between hiccups as I came down from the depths of my emotional rollercoaster.

After thinking about it because I saw the wheels in his eyes spinning ninety to nothing he turned to me and said "Yeah. I can't go the rest of my life knowing that I could have done something but didn't. I'm so fucked though. I don't know what dad will do next when he finds out that ... Okay I'm not even going to think about it right now. Matt is so alone in that hospital by himself. I love him Peter, and I'll do whatever I can do. If I fail then I'll know that at least I tried."

Once we wiped our eyes and blew our noses, we just sort of fell into, sort of melted into each others' arms and held one another tightly in solidarity and familiarity and determination. I felt safe. Brad was reaching for safety. At least for the moment, we found it and held on to it.

Until Brad moved slightly, I hadn't even noticed I'd grown full wood. I don't know that he knew either. There was something drawing us together. I still don't know what that something was, even after this amount of time. We were looking deep into our eyes. While I didn't see his soul I did see the depth of his concern for 'what' I didn't know.

At the same time, our faces only millimeters apart seemed to ... what? His breath was touching my chin and nose. I was getting very uncomfortable in my tight swimming suit, the knob of my maleness stretching the material up and out. Then our bodies touched hungrily.

Without a second thought, without any warning whatsoever, without any hesitations whatsoever, our lips touched very lightly then we hungrily and greedily and wantonly and passionately searched for our tonsils which were surely deep down inside of our throats somewhere ... then with the very last ounce of strength and stamina ...

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