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The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 39

... As Brad's penis pushed up and out of his swimming suit I pushed away and ran into the house knowing all too well that my orgasm was imminent... I was crazy out of my mind.

Immediately, I ran to David lying under a sheet. Quickly, I got in behind him and yanked his underwear nearly off of his body then planted my raging hard leaking penis between his globes and pushed for all I was worth. David woke up, and still very much near asleep therefore he was fully and completely relaxed and permitted my cock to enter him nearly unabated.

First one then two then three blasts of protein invaded his sanctuary. I was caught up in the moment and couldn't stop until the heat of the moment passed. When it began passing, I yanked my penis from his vault then broke down crying realizing what I'd done to him. He'd moaned out in obvious pain, not pleasure.

My cock, still spurting, dug into the floor as David quickly, with alarm, turned over and began to get up until he realized it was me. In his fright he said, "What the hell?"

Realizing it was me who was lying beside him he lay back down, pulled me into a hug and tried to console my inconsolable state.

I kept saying over and over, and over again how sorry I was for waking him up and doing what I'd done, and asking for forgiveness.

He had no clue. He kept asking over and over what the matter was... all I could say was that I was sorry. He sat up then began passing air and other things as a result of our unplanned coupling. David then separated us, grabbed the sheet and tried to get it under him but his efforts were all to no avail. What was done was done, and was still happening.

Just as I began wrapping David in the sheet someone yelled out, "Ohhh ahhh fuck. God damn, who shit their fuckin pants, ohh gawd damn." Nearly at the same time the overhead lights illuminated the darkness with a startling jolt. Momentarily blinded by the light the sheet came loose from my hands.

The room came alive with grunts, groans, gagging sounds, and then Carl got up and came to us to see what the problem was. By then we got the sheet haphazardly around David... too little too late. He called out to nobody in particular, "Somebody get some towels, hurry up. Geezus ahhh man, get a bunch of them will ya?"

In response, Allen took off for the main linen closet.

Carl, meanwhile, was bending over and deciding what next to do. Jeremy arrived and immediately took control of the situation. He called out, "Hurry with those damn towels. Come on you guys, get up, go the bathroom. I'll take care of this." That said he helped to wrap David up and get upstairs.

Once we arrived in the bathroom David sat down and finished with business while I got into the shower, got the temperature just right, washed myself thoroughly then when David got in helped him to clean up squeaky clean.

While we were in the shower I told him what had happened with Brad and in the best way I could describe why it happened in the first place.

"I'm not mad Peter. I don't think, at least I don't feel that you cheated so don't go there thinking you that you did cheat. I'm with you... we need to find out more about this Matt person. Sit down on me babe..."

And so it went - one more trip and one more arrival to and from Nirvana. I don't know how it happens but each trip gets a little bit stronger than the last one.

With David satiated, we finished our showers then dried off and headed downstairs after retrieving and putting on pair of convention brief underwear. There we found Jeremy and Brad putting the finishing touches on the clean up while the others were getting back into their sleeping places. The moment that Brad saw us he came over and whispered "David, I am so sorry. I hope you'll forgive me but I'll understand if you don't. I don't know what came over me. I already have a boyfriend with whom I love with all of my heart."

David looked at Brad, "I know what happened. Peter told me. We talk to each other about everything."

Brad countered, "I kissed Peter, David. I started it. We were emotional and I just lost my usual reserves. I'm sorry. I'll just go home. I don't deserve to be here as your guest."

Jason interjected from his place with Angel on the floor, "Can you guys take this private. We don't need to know the details of what is happening. We love you guys, but this something you need to take care of away from the rest of us."

David nodded. Brad really didn't want to talk about it anymore but conceded when I looked to the door leading from the kitchen to the pool area.

"Sorry guys." I said to the group of guys lying in various places and in various positions on the floor."

That said David, Brad and me made our way to the pool where we sat down in the chaise lounges around the table. David asked Brad, "Did you guys have sex?"

David already knew my answer. Brad said, "No. Well, I jacked off after Peter went in the house. I was thinking of Matt as I did it. Peter just reminds me so much of Matt, my boyfriend. He looks like him. He smells like him. His mannerisms ... I went out of control... I miss him so much."

"I guess I'm just wondering why you didn't come get me. I might have been able to help. I'm not coming down you... I'm just wondering." David said softly.

I thought about it for a minute then said to Brad, "David needs to know about Matt."

(David's interjection: At that Brad point looked away then aimed his gaze back to me. Did I see a look of cold stone through his eyes? I got a little uneasy but then dismissed that little nagging concern. I nodded to Peter then looked at Brad then back to Peter.)

I said, "David, Matt's Brad's boyfriend. The short version is that Brad knows the same people from my past... you know... the modeling stuff, and the sex stuff. Matt knew them too... actually he knew them better than I did."

(David's interjection: Brad once again looked at me. I'm not sure why he did.)

Brad added, "Everything about Peter reminds me of Matt. Uhm..."

I continued, "Brad, I still don't understand why you're forbidden to see him... I mean you said that your dad controls you but I don't see why you don't go to the hospital and see him anyway... I mean your dad isn't on your case 24/7/365 is he?"

Brad looked away, stole a minute to gather his thoughts then emphatically said, "He's got snoops. He knows lots of people. It would get back to him... I know it would. You guys have to keep this to yourselves. Don't tell anybody."

David said, "What happened to Matt? He's in the hospital but why?"

I looked to Brad. The question that David posed to Brad was a good one. It was a question I hadn't thought of. I looked back to David... he was looking straight at Brad waiting for an answer. I turned my attention back to Brad.

"They found him down in the pit at the point. He and I used to go there to get away from the mess... that's all I know. Anyway, so beachgoers found him early in the morning. He was taken to the hospital from there."

David said, "That's got to be hard on you." Then he pointedly said looking directly at Brad, "I'd be with Peter at whatever cost."

With that, David stripped of his shorts and underwear then dove headfirst into the water. He didn't come up for air until he reached the far side of the pool then he stood on the ledge looking away from us.

"Brad, send a picture of Matt to my phone so I can show David later on. He's upset now. I'll show it to him later." I said then gave Brad my phone number. Likewise I got up from the chair, stripped down naked then met up with David though I couldn't hold my breath as long as he had.

(David's interjection: Peter's the love of my life... he's more than 'just' a boyfriend. I'd give my life for him. He'd do the same thing for me. We hadn't even talked about it before... we didn't have to. We just knew it.

Brad's reaction wasn't something I'd expected... and well it pissed me off.

Although my lungs were burning for air like hell, I couldn't and wouldn't stop until I got to the other side of the pool, away from Brad.)

On my final leg I swam deep under the water then came up David's front side. I kissed his penis, his belly button and then his lips tenderly. He put his arms around my shoulders, kissed me sweetly on my lips, and then brought our bodies together. The only thing David said is: "That's weird."

We spent a few minutes simply relishing our quiet solitude. I looked over my shoulder and saw that Brad had left the pool area. I said to David, "He's gone."

"I know. I saw him take off into the house. Are you ready to go bed?"

"Yeah, I'm ready to go to sleep. Don't you think we should sleep with the guys? After all they're our guests and everything."

"That's what I meant. Yeah. Are you ready?"

I nodded, quickly kissed my babe, pushed back off the pool wall then swam to the ladder and got out. I reached out a hand to David after getting his crutches then we went into the house, drank a glass of water then wandered into the family room where everybody was sleeping. We nestled in beside Jason and Jeremy then quickly fell asleep.


Tuesday, September 10th

*** During the night sometime

Mom: "No you cannot leave the house. You have chores to be done. Laundry, all of it, and folded and put away. The kitchen is to be cleaned up spotlessly. Clean up the fucking mess that your uncle left in the living room. He's a fuckin slob but hey he makes good money, so what the fuck, we have to live with it - just do it.

Me: But why do I have to clean up after that fuckin pig? What did I do?

Mom: You were born. That's what. Just shut the fuck up and do what you are told. No visitors. Do I make myself clear?

Me: Yeah, I wish I'd never been born. At least that way I would not have been dragged around like a damn bag of trash and you wouldn't have me as a liability.

Mom: You are absolutely right. Go up to your room right now. I will be there in just a minute. One of these days you will learn to respect me. Right now get the fuck out of my sight you ungrateful cocksucker.

The sting of her hand across my face was fierce though she'd hit me before much, much harder.

Me: My pleasure!!!! Gaaaawddddd ... this place is like a fucking prison slave shop. I did better than this shit when I was on the streets. I took care of myself out there, MOM.

Mom: And you are wanted by the police too, you little fuck. Go ahead; get the fuck out of here. Go. Don't call me when you get picked up. I don't exist. I will be dead to you.

Me: What the hell! That motherfucker Bo, The Boss Man, that fuckhead raped me. I hope the motherfucker is dead. Is he?

Mom: He's in jail because of you. You never had it so good. He treated you like a son. He gave you everything. And look what you gave him. Look what you gave me!!!!!!! <She again slapped me hard on my face to emphasize her point. I fell to the floor then quickly got up when she retracted her foot - I knew what that meant.>.

Me: I hope I gave him the fucking clap. If I failed to give it to him then his 'friends' in jail will; ya know how fondly perverts are treated in jails <giggles>. <She slapped me again very hard>.

Mom: Go to your fucking room. Get out of my face.

Me: Why? So you just can beat me again then lock me away until the bruises heal so you don't get caught? Fine then, I'll be waiting for you mommy dearest. You just might get a surprise.

As I turned around to leave this endless and repetitive argument so that we could have another one at some undetermined time and place in the future, my face fully hit the floor hard. The next one landed in the middle of my back between the shoulder blades. It took my breath away completely. I heard the bones in my spine crunch much like a chiropractic adjustment does.

I knew better than to stay where I was because I was so totally vulnerable to her rage so I quickly turned over onto my back and began getting up to run to my room to get away from her. Her face was all snarled up much like a big cat does when they are ready to strike their prey. Her eyes were bugging out. There is no mercy when she gets like that. The pain in my back was incredible. It slowed me down. It slowed me so far down that I could not move away from the next blow that hit me right in the belly just above my belly button knocking the wind out of me once again. Then a blow to my shoulder sent me on my face into the refrigerator.

I was beat down. That last one took all fight out of me utterly and completely. I turned over onto my right side and hoped for the end.

I saw then felt, all in slow motion, what was to be her last blow. Her foot, clad in hard tennis shoes kicked me in my back side and landed right between my ass cheeks, the point of her toes struck me right in that space between my sphincter and my balls causing me to lose control of my last reserves to not pee my pants.

Mom: Go on. Get out of here. I'm going to work. The chores are to be done before I get home.

Although I was reeling in total and complete pain, I had long ago learned to not let her see me cry. But this time was different. When my chest tightened up in preparation to let the first sob roll out of my beaten and battered chest, I seized the moment and forced it to stop. It would just hurt too much to allow myself to feel my pain.

She did leave. She walked right over me. Her heel caught the end of my hair. I thought my head was going to pop off when I instinctively snapped my head away but it would not move.

When the door slammed shut, I just laid there. In that moment I was hoping and praying that a God would take me away from this world. Surely the next world would be better but I could only hope because surely a God would not allow this to happen, yet it did. "FUCK YOU TO MOTHERFUCKING GOD DAMN MOTHERFUCKING HELL YOU FUCKING COCKSUCKING CUNT!" I screamed so loud. They sent me into total and complete spasms.

How I don't know but I did make it up the stairs to my bedroom then collapsed onto my bed. The tears never did come instead they silently melted into and became a part of the many that had been built up deep within myself.

I do not know how much time passed before I came too but the bright fuckin sunlight was shining on my face causing my eyes to hurt like they had never hurt before.

As I laid there my mind went into inventory mode:

Face: right side fucked up. My jaw hurt. Teeth all present and accounted for, no blood taste. I knew the taste so well from previous arguments. None loose. I opened my eyes again then moved them back and forth - okay.

Neck: Okay.

Chest: Hurts to breathe. Feels heavy, my upper back is on fire.

Belly: My t-shirt is wet and sticky down below my belly button. I bring my hand up to my face and find that the stickiness is not red, it is colorless. Smells like pee. Oh yeah, I peed my pants. Oh my God, the feeling of queasiness followed by a tremendous urge to toss my guts became nearly overpowering. Yet I somehow did make it to the bathroom where I spent a few minutes hanging over the porcelain throne. Feeling finished, at least for the time being, I slowly, carefully, with agony removed my clothes then sat down in the bathtub after running some mainly hot water into it. I slid down into the bathwater up to my neck and just laid there and rested until the water became room temperature.

Continuing my inventory now that my arms would move in a direction that I willed them to, I reached down into my crotch and found it mainly numb, but not quite. My dick was as small as would expect a ten year old to be. I squeezed my dick hoping to find some pleasure in all of this but found none. Yes it did feel when I squeezed it firmly but it seemed that it would be in permanent state of no feeling, of not wanting to feel because of fear that it would too hurt.

Feeling somewhat more limber now, I got up then stepped out of the bathwater. Just as I was reaching for a towel the fucking door bell rang which caused me to tighten up in fear. Then it occurred to me that if it were mom then she would not have rang the doorbell instead she would have just came in. I shuddered at the thought. Was she tricking me by ringing the doorbell? ... I don't think so. She does not do that ... she comes out screaming with fists at the ready... we'd been through that too many times in the past.

Quickly, I attempted to swipe the towel over my hair but my arms would not reach that far so I tossed on mom's housecoat, closed it up but could not tie the drawstrings so I just held it shut as best as I could and went downstairs.

After peeping through the peep hole, I found that indeed it was not mom, instead it was David. Oh God, he shouldn't see me this way but I had no alternative because the bell rang once again. With reservations in my head running rampantly, I went ahead and opened the door after putting on my best 'happy face' on then said "Come on in, David. It's good to see you. I just got out of the shower and just put on the first thing I saw."

David obviously sized me up. He looked pleased. I knew the look from those people of my past who wanted, demanded and got their way with me. But David is different, I just know he is. His face was initially happy but then it changed to dismay. "It's good to see you too Peter but what are those marks on your face though? They look sore."

"Ah well, I'm a klutz. Did I tell you that?" I said after quickly going into damage control mode then I stepped back to allow him entry into this hell hole, cunt licking palace.

Regarding me carefully he looked at me very closely. Feeling nervous I said "Oh hey man, I am just a klutz you know that and well. I fell down the stairs while going up the stairway - I'm weird like that you know. Most people fall down stairs. Well, I tend to do exactly the opposite. Do you want something to drink? We have Coke, tea, orange juice and water."

"A Coke is fine, thanks." David said.

"No problem."

I retrieved two cans of Coke from the carton sitting on the floor then handed one to David and kept one for myself. When David opened his can, the warm Coke sprayed its contents all over the kitchen floor and table next to him.

"Shit, shit, shit, I'm sorry. Do you have some paper towels so I can wipe up the mess?" David said apologetically and with determination clearly in his voice.

"Here you go." I said after retrieving the roll of paper towels from the kitchen counter then on second thought I said "Here, let me get that for you, it will take just a minute, besides I need to mop the floor so it isn't sticky."

After cleaning up the floor and the kitchen table, which was totally agonizing yet clean enough to tie me over until I could thoroughly wash things down I said "Okay, let me go up and throw some clothes on."

"Want some company?" David said neutrally.

Stunned I said "It's all good. I'll be just a second or two but yeah, come on up if you want to."

I stood at the foot of the stairway looking up. David went ahead of me, and other than the pleasant sight of his buns swing to and fro, I tried to figure out how I'd follow his footsteps.

When he got to the top, he turned around. I then lowered my head and then trudged on up the stairs like nothing was wrong. When I arrived, we faced off. I couldn't stand the wonder in his eyes so I took a deep breath, which hurt, then went on into my bedroom where I retrieved a pair of clean Fruit of the Looms, jeans and a long button up shirt.

"Make yourself at home, I'll be right back." I said then headed into the bathroom, closed the door, shed mom's robe then looked myself in the medicine cabinet mirror. I was absolutely horrified at what was looking back from the mirror. I swabbed some of mom's makeup on my cheekbone and the side of my head and forehead after gently washing dirt and grime from my nose and chin.

I leaned over the toilet and dry wretched. Nothing came up but the feeling of a turd making its way out of my hole took over so I sat down just as it fell. Even my butt hole hurt but the mission was accomplished after that initial jolt of pain. After wiping appropriately, I reached for my jeans then with great difficulty got them on. My fingers would not work to snap them but with concerted effort I did get them zipped up. Mom had left an oversized t-shirt lying on the floor. I looked between it and the button up shirt and decided to wear her shirt... at least I could just kinda sorta wiggle into it. Socks were out of the question.

After flushing the toilet, and after a muscle spasm subsided, I once again put on my 'happy face', opened the door then went across the hall to my room where David was sitting on my long ago broken down bed.

He jumped up from where he was sitting and walked to me where he stood there checking out my face and neck. I looked down and saw that mom's shirt hung low on my chest. Panic welled in my heart, soul and body causing a muscle spasm. When I caught my breath back and raised my head up, David was looking at me with tears beginning to form in the corner of his eyes. Quickly he wiped them away with his bare wrist and fingers. I knew I needed to say something but the words eluded my brain.

I pushed down the panic saying "Let's go get something to eat... I hope you're hungry."

David would have no part of my turning away from him. He stepped up between me and the door. With gravel in his voice he said, "Peter, what the fuck man, those bruises do not come from falling up stairs, or down for that matter. They look like slap marks. What's wrong, dude?"

"There're probably carpet rash... come on let's go downstairs."

Just as we were getting ready to leave my room, my cell phone rang. The caller ID showed Private so I answered it and said "Hello, Jamison residence, this is Peter."

Mom: Are you working on your chores?

My body immediately tensed up causing a spasm in my chest to nearly take me by force at hearing her icy voice. David was looking at me intently. He reached his hand then softly laid it on my shoulder.

Me: Yes, ma'am.

Mom <hissing like a fucking Cobra snake>: You're a lying fuck. Who's there? You have someone there with you, don't you?

Me: No ma'am. I'm working. I did take a quick bath, I mean a shower, sorry.

Mom: Get the fucking kitchen cleaned up now. I may be home for lunch.

Me: Yes ma'am. I'll do that next.

Mom: The phone clicked when she hung up. Knowing now was the time for additional damage control because David was looking intently at me, I said into a silent phone "Okay mom. Good bye, I will see you in a while. Love you."

David appeared to have bought my lie so I added truthfully "Sorry, David that was my mom. She wanted to know what I was doing, and if my chores were done, and what my next chores were going to be."

David replied "Do I need to leave?"

Knowing what she said about having no visitors and that she might be home for lunch I said very quickly "Uhm yeah. She'll be home pretty soon but I don't know exactly when."

David said "Okay man, I catch the hint. Take good care of yourself and call me when you can, okay?"

I replied, feeling a tear begin to form in my eyes but I was still trying to hold them in. What is this I thought ... he seems to really give a shit so I said "I'm sorry, David."

Undeterred David said as he walked up to me "It's okay. Don't worry about it. I'm just glad to see you again. Don't be a stranger, okay? Can I hug you? A guy hug, I don't mean anything weird."

Yes, yes I would love to feel his arms around me however the thought alarmed me because of the pain I was feeling. Despite my resolve I was tensing up again yet I wanted him to hug me. I would try to hug him back, really I would.

I replied "Yeah, I'd like that. Please. Keep it light though, please. I am really sore from that fall. Boy was it a doozey."

David then reached out his arms. I kinda sorta melted into him, and was okay until he tightened his hug around my arms and chest. He sensed my extreme discomfort. He lowered his arms down and put them around my lower back just above my globes. That felt pleasant, like maybe I was okay, or something.

I put my hands and arms over his and then just let them rest there. Somehow it all felt right. Even though everything hurt I felt somewhat a peace. It was like we were the pieces of a puzzle or something.

I looked up into David's face. Our eyes locked.

Seemingly of its own volition my body melted into his. Automatically, instinctually perhaps, doesn't really matter, does it? ... Our lips touched inadvertently. I didn't even think about pulling away even though I probably should have thought just that... instead our lips began running side to side, looking for what?

That question was quickly answered when our tongues entered into the picture. At first, we licked our lips, then, again, seemingly to have come from sheer volition, I entered David's mouth searching for his tongue... he was looking for mine also... and then they found each other... and then they danced... and I began responding to the expansion of his running shorts against the front my jeans. My penis became totally elongated and was pushing against the fabric that covered my upper leg.

Then reality set in. Quickly, I pulled away, slowly wiped my chin dry with my arm then said, "Go home David. I'm not supposed to have company. My mom doesn't know you're here, and she's probably on her way."

Then he came in. We kissed again... we kissed with much more passion behind it our efforts. Despite the ache in my groin our bodies once again came together then at the very last moment, I stepped back and repeated once again, "David, you have to go, please. She'll be home any minute."

Yet our bodies said differently... once again we joined our lips, and then seriously went looking for tonsil tissues, and then because I hadn't unloaded my nads for several days previously, the raggedy and torn underwear were filled with liquid emanating from my penis.

I also seized up with a spasm during the climactic end of something that I'd never even figured to become reality, although I'd always thought of doing so with a boy, not a girl.

David, meanwhile, tensed up. His eyes were closed. His face was pointed toward the dirty, filthy ceiling; he almost looked like he was in pain but I knew he was experiencing his moment. During his 'situation' he'd lifted my shirt up and around my shoulders, with his hands finally resting just inside the waistband of my underwear and jeans.

When his moment passed, his face was resting on my shoulder, the one that hadn't been bashed. He must have opened his eyes because the next thing, other than our search for air to feed our lungs, was to cry out, "Oh Peter. Oh dear Peter. My God what happened to you? Turn around, let me see you."

"David, please go. I'm okay. I'll call you soon. Just give me a couple of days. I'll be off grounding by then, hopefully."

"Peter, you've been hurt. I can't just go home and do nothing!"

"David, you have to go. You have to."

"Peter, my dad knows a person at CPS. She'll help, I promise. If ... Peter, if all else fails then we'll have to call in the police. There's something very, very wrong."

"NO. Don't call the cops. They'll kill me. I didn't say that. You don't understand. Go. Go now."

I then took David's hand in mine then led us to the front door where I opened it and half pushed David out but not before our lips met one time. With tears in my eyes, I closed the door as soon as he walked through it. He looked so cute on those crutches, his full butt cheeks swaying back and forth as he made his way down the sidewalk...

With pure adrenalin rush passing through my veins, I made it up the stairs without too much difficulty, headed for my room where I shed the jeans and underwear that had received my offerings. Still taut with desire, with much discomfort I grasped my cock then allowed yet one more fluid ejection into my already wet underwear. Quickly, I tossed them to the floor then reached in my broken down dresser and retrieved a pair of totally worn out, holey, and faded black brief underwear. While they didn't cover much they served their purpose, I guess. With difficulty I pulled on a pair of dirty jeans and just got them zipped up when I heard a car door slam shut.

Every bone and muscle hurt. I just hoped that mom had gotten all her evil out of her system. I then realized that that would never happen.

Going down the stairs was much, much easier than ascending them, as I found out. Quickly, I made my way to the kitchen and began running water in the bucket so that I could mop the floor... shit, shit, shit I hadn't mopped it yet... frantic, I splashed water on the floor from the sink and then started swabbing it when the front door opened.

I looked up. My blood froze solid. That life saving fluid became my enemy. I wished I were already dead and buried, and long ago forgotten. I prayed that somehow that thing that hung around in the sky, taking care of 'other' kids would snatch me up so that I could just disappear into thin air. Gone. Poof. Never again seen or heard, and hopefully just a bad memory.

It didn't happen.

I was right there in the middle of the kitchen.

Harlan passed by bumping my bad shoulder on the way to the refrigerator. I slumped over from the pain yet I kept on mopping, hopefully to erase the evidence...

He reached into the refrigerator, removed two cans of beer, his nearly full quart of Jack Daniels, and a package of moldy bologna. He looked at the bologna and seeing its imperfection tossed it to me and told me to eat it that he didn't want it.

Lunch time.

He sat his beverages on the counter top then kicked the refrigerator door shut with his massive foot. He then reached for one can, opened it up with the audible 'whoosh' of air escaping then slammed it down in one breath then reached for the other and slammed it down in the same fashion. He then opened the bottle of JD, lifted it to his lips... then he stopped then he put the neck to his lips and then tipped the bottle up and slugged down several gulps before sitting the bottle back on the counter.

"What the fuck are you looking at, faggot?" Harlan said slurring his words. He was already drunk... meaning that he'd already stopped at his watering hole and tossed back many.

"I'm doing my chores, sir." I responded evenly. I didn't want him to know that I was disgusted by his presence.

"You look so cute with that mop in your hand. You remind me of a woman. They stand like you are standing, and they have that goofy, sexy look on their faces just like you. Are you a woman, faggot?"

"No sir. I'm not a woman." I replied with a smile on my face. Happy face time!

"Are you shaving yet - that's the sign of a real man! Yeah, of course. I shaved early you little fairy. Come here, let me see."

With that, he came walking toward me. I tensed up and experienced a huge spasm as my chest tightened up in fear.

When he arrived, he roughly grabbed my chin, turned it toward the light from the windows, and then looked at my lip very carefully. I gagged. The stench of the stale booze coming from his mouth was overpowering. I could nether stop my reaction even though I wished I have done just that.

"Yep, fairy material. How old are you now?"

"I'm 13 sir." I said as Harlan let go of my chin.

He then groped me with his big gnarly hand. He'd done that before, no biggie.

"I'm growing pubes. I can squirt." I said hoping to satisfy his insane urge to monitor my pubertal progress. I could never figure out why he'd keep a so careful on my progression because after all he was a man of all men, big and strong. I had thought, all along, that he was interested because he cared. At one time he did care. But that was long ago, maybe back when I was 4 or 5 when we'd visit him on occasion. He had kinda sorta taken me under his wing did some 'dad' things since my own had long ago been locked up in prison.

When he let go of my equipment, I did what I've done before. Sitting the mop aside, I undid the zipper then lowered the front of my jeans and underwear to let him see for himself that I wasn't lying, that I indeed did have pubes. I didn't have many but from what I'd seen at school I was well on my way.

I looked down then a cold chill ran all through my body. In my haste I'd forgotten to wipe the jizz from my genitals... there it was white on black hairs and flesh colored skin.

"Boy you're wasting away a good thing there. You should be shagging some fuckin girl. Have you been shagging?"

"Uhm, no sir. I've not met anybody I'd like to make love to sir."

"Who the fuck said you should love them. With that splooge you should be fucking to your hearts' content. That's what real men do."

I'd heard his spiel before many, many times. That was usually as far as his interrogation went so I reached for my zipper to close myself off from his evil eyes but he batted my hand away then he reached for my shirt and picked something off of it.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?"

As if he were examining something under a microscope he raised his hand up and showed me... a strand of wavy, long, dark brown hair - one single strand - one single strand that would change my life forever.

"Did she give you head? You fuck... you lied to me AGAIN!"

"No sir. I jerked off, that's all, really." I begged.

"Then where the fuck did this hair come from, outer space?"

I then remembered that David and I were very, very close... the strand of hair that Harlan was holding before my eyes was David's. It had the same wavy consistency, the same color, and even the same length from the top of his head.

"I ASKED YOU ONE SIMPLE MOTHERFUCKING QUESTION... WHO'S HAIR THE FUCK IS THIS?" He screamed into my face spraying spittle into my eyes, and onto my lips and chin.

I'd never seen Harlan so totally out of control as he was right then and there. With no warning he slammed his fist into my gut sending me across the room slamming into the refrigerator. I crumpled, all air knocked out of my lungs... yet again.

While I was trying to breathe again, he was taking his belt off.

The rest of what happened became a blur in time as his fists, his feet, his belt all became a weapon of mass destruction.

Lying on that cold and hard, vomit, urine and feces smeared floor, while my mother's brother, my own uncle and former confidante and mentor slammed his swarthy, stinking, and sweaty ... his... his... his... his...

As I faded out into darkness, I remembered as if it were happening right then and there - David and I were sharing our first kiss.

*** End of Flashback ***

My eyes flashed open. I was totally paralyzed. Nothing would move, even my breathing was labored, almost distant, yes it was distant. Slight wheezes emanated from my lungs - that's all.

I heard a door open. Then I heard laughing in the background. Then I heard water splashing. Then I heard a man whistling as though he was genuinely happy.

I tried to speak but nothing would come out of my voice box. I was still paralyzed, and too afraid to move, and too afraid to call out, and too afraid to say something, and too afraid to not say something, and then I heard footsteps... they were coming closer and closer and closer... I closed my eyes. If I didn't see what was going to happen then it wouldn't hurt so badly, would it?

"Oh Christ almighty." The voice said softly.

Footsteps, closer and closer and closer. Then I was touched, and then I heard the words, "Peter, Peter wake up... I'll be right back... DAVID, JEREMY GET IN HERE RIGHT THIS SECOND!"

Footsteps, lots of footsteps... and then hushed silence.

"Peter, its okay now son. Whatever is going on is just fine now, it's all gone, you're safe, you're loved, you're with us, you never have to leave where you're safe, I love you, David loves you, Jeremy loves you, Allen loves you, Angel loves you... we all love you."

"I love you." David said then kissed my lips as only he can. He knows exactly how to touch me, and where, and when, and I know why... he does love me for all the right reasons - all of the time.

Slowly, I opened my eyes. As if a clear crystal ball were sat in front of my face were all my brothers, with David fully front and center, and dad looking over David. I ventured to look around. Jeremy, Allen and Angel were all looking on me... they too loved me... I felt it... I experienced it.

I became alive again. Feeling returned, slowly but surely my breathing returned to a semblance of normalcy...

Dad said, "Are you with us, son?"

"Yeah, I'm here dad. David, would you kiss me one more time?"

David, with tears freely rolling down his cheeks, leaned down and touched his beautiful, cheery and succulent lips on mine... and despite everybody we danced.

As if in slow motion, I was stood up though quite wobbly in my legs then taken upstairs to our bathroom in dad's strong arms.

While my underwear were massively wet and weighted down in the back nobody said a word. Instead, they worked as a team, with minimal help from me because I felt so safe, protected, and loved, to wash my body completely from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.

Dad said, after the numbness departed my body and I was able to fully stand on my own, "David would you get Peter a pair of underwear and bring them here? Boys, would you please leave me and Peter alone for a little while? He and I need to talk."

"Just a minute dad, I need to take care of something first." I said then went to the trash receptacle, tied the tie closed tightly then took the bag to the garage trash bin, dumped it in and then took off for the bathroom. David was waiting in the bathroom with dad. Jeremy enveloped me into a hug as did Allen and Angel. Dad and David joined in which made our family hug complete.

Soon, that ended. Jeremy, Allen and Angel, and yes David too, left the room though reluctantly.

David returned with a pair of conventional baby blue brief underwear which I put on then sat down on the closed toilet seat and dad began drying my still dripping hair with a towel. After dad nodded to David he kissed me then exited the bathroom and closed the door.

Dad said, "You had a really bad nightmare. Are you ready to talk about it?"

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