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The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 45

After closing the door, I sat on the overstuffed sofa in dad's office.

Before we really got started on what I was sure to be a severe punishment I said, "I'm sorry dad. There isn't any good excuse for disrespecting you. I was wrong."

Dad looked at me seriously. He was deep in thought. Finally, after what seemed to be forever he said, "Peter, if you had said what you said to an employer... you'd more than likely have been fired on the spot. Discussing something is much, much different than talking AT someone with disrespect. But I'm not your employer. I'm able to see through your emotions. You've been disappointed a lot in your life and you've had to stand up for yourself to survive. This can be a learning experience so that when a 'next' time comes up, and there will be a 'next' time I can assure you, you won't make the same mistake. As far as your apology goes: I accept it. As far as your taking responsibility for your actions: it shows me that you're growing up into an honorable young man. But there is a problem... and that problem is that the behavior cannot go unpunished..."

My stomach had been churning and churning, then despite having had taken a huge dump I once again felt that all familiar feeling in the pits of my stomach. I said to dad while getting up, "I've gotta use the bathroom."

That said I took off for the bathroom next to dad's office. I got into the bathroom just as the first rush hit me and made its exit. I didn't stop half running... I got my pants down just as the first major explosion hit.

As soon as the cramp passed, I kicked off my shorts, and then another cramp furiously released.

Dad entered the doorway to the bathroom. He asked, "Are you okay?"

"No sir, not really but I'll be okay. Just give me a few minutes."

"Take your time." He said then saw my shorts lying on the floor. He added, "Clean yourself up - take a shower before you leave the bathroom."

With that he closed the door.

All of a sudden I felt very alone and afraid. Not that I expected him to clean me up ... not necessary ... not wanted, however once again the old pangs of feeling like a worthless fuck came raining down upon me, totally engulfing me very nearly into its entirety. Then it came to me what I had saw in dad's eyes - disappointment. In my old days, all I had seen was rage.

A knock on the door interrupted my melancholy followed by David sticking his head in the door. Our eyes met then the next thing I heard was dad saying "David, leave Peter alone. He has a chore to take care of then he and I will continue our discussion. Come on out and close the door behind you."

"But dad ..."

"No David. Peter knows exactly what he has to do. Leave him to do it. He got himself into a mess now he has to take responsibility for it. He has to make it right for himself. He is a member of this family as are you, Jeremy, Allen and Angel. Speaking of which, we will have a family meeting as soon as Peter gets finished with his chores. Go ahead and tell the others, please. Hurry up Peter, we don't have all night and tomorrow is a school day so get a move on it. And get dressed. Tell everybody to get at least a pair of shorts, underwear are okay, and a shirt on." Dad said factually.

After one last bout with the stomach cramps requiring another sit down, I cleaned myself up the best I could with the towel dad had given me then got into the shower and cleaned up thoroughly. I then tackled the bathroom cleaning it up spotlessly.

As I was cleaning up the bathroom I was thinking. Everything came to a screeching stop when I realized that it was me who started this whole mess in the first place - I disrespected dad. His words came back to haunt me, one of the first things he told me when I joined the family - "respect is earned."

He loves me else he would have beaten me to a bloody pulp - he didn't. He loves me else he would have disrespected me - he didn't. He loves me else he would have embarrassed the hell out of me - he didn't.

I beat him to a pulp with my words. I disrespected him with my words. I embarrassed the hell out of him in front of David and Dr. Rasmussen with my words.

Fuck. There were no more towels in the linen closet. I wrapped the wet bath towel around me, tied it up the best I could do then picked up the dirty laundry. I realized I had no more hands because the towel around me kept slipping and sliding off. Finally, after several attempts I got things arranged then made it to the laundry room unscathed. I tossed all the dirty clothes into the washing machine, put in a normal amount of soap. Dad said to get something on so I found a pair of running shorts and a pair of underwear. I put them on. The running shorts were way too big. There wasn't anything to clasp them up so I discarded them and put on a long t-shirt, surely Jeremy's.

David came walking into the laundry room. He gathered me into a hug and said, "It's all going to work out. Don't worry about it. We all fuck up. Dad's not pissed off or anything."

That said we walked into the TV room where everyone was gathered.

"Boys, young men, we had an incident involving me, David and Peter at the transplant surgeons' office today, and it is something we all need to talk about then come to a resolution with sooner rather than later. This meeting needs to be quick because you all have school tomorrow, a commitment that you will not miss nor be late for."

When everybody provided their acknowledgment dad continued by saying "As you know, Peter had an appointment with the transplant surgeon today regarding his suitability of being a kidney donor for Matt. Dr. Rasmussen is a difficult man to reach an understanding with..."

"No, he really isn't dad. Once ..." I started to say then dad interrupted me.

"Peter, I am not finished. Please let me continue uninterrupted."

"Yes sir. Sorry sir."

"As I was saying <emphasis placed on 'was'> Dr. Rasmussen is a difficult man to reach an understanding with though I'm not sure what happened between when David and I left the room, and when we were summoned to return. Perhaps Peter will have some insight into that when it is his turn to speak ... <dad looked at me for acknowledgment>.

"Yes sir, when you are finished."

"What bothers me the most is how you reacted to his difficult personality <dad was looking at me>. Life has many difficult people in it - we meet them fairly often. Peter handled the situation today very wrong. I will share that I was wrong also in a way. Soo ... with that in mind, I went wrong with my threat or promise, however you wish to take it. I said that I would spank you should the situation ever repeat itself. As I said before, I'll never strike you in anger. It was and is and will be my promise to you. Count on it. Before I turn this over to David I'm going to say that I do not think keeping you out of the water is appropriate. It's important for you to swim your laps, and to have enjoyment with your brothers in play time, and to get your exercise. Life is not a veil of tears nor will I withhold interactions with your brothers or me. I don't know what punishment will be decided. I am leaving the what, and for how long up to you and your brothers. I, of course, as your dad, will have the final say so however this turns out and with whatever you decide to be appropriate. Fair enough?"

After everybody agreed to the terms dad sat out he said "David, would you begin and share your perceptions of what happened today?"

"Uhm dad, this is difficult. Peter is the love of my life ... and well ..." David said reluctantly then stopped.

"Go ahead David. You two are going to have difficulties and disagreements as you grow up, and become grown adults dealing with life as you go. It's important for you to be perfectly honest with each other, respectfully, when you differ on things. I think Peter needs to hear what you have to say, so please go ahead. Permission to speak freely is given."

I nodded. David had much reluctance written in his facial expression and in his body language. I said, "Dad's right. I want to hear what you have to say, I want to hear your perspective."

David looked deeply into my eyes searching for something that would prevent him from saying what needed to be said. I nodded, patted his hand then returned my hand to my lap, and waited for him to speak.

David said, after clearing his throat and looking at dad, "Baby, you fucked up today. That doctor was definitely a prick but you had no right to disrespect dad - or him. Dad, you told us that we are open to disagree and to mean what we say but we don't have the right to be mean."

Dad nodded. David continued, "And dad made you a promise. He promised to never hit you, period. He's not going to start now. Dad?"

Looking to David, dad said, "You're right. Go ahead."

"Dad, Peter was sick tonight... why didn't you let me help him out?"

"Peter wasn't really sick <I nodded>. It was a situation that he needed to take care of. We know that we have sensitive stomachs. I'm going to leave it at that."

Jeremy looked puzzled. Allen's brain was spinning round and round like he didn't understand what was going on. Angel nodded...

I said, "Basically, Doctor Rasmussen was a jerk today. Aside from his attitude, he told me that there were a whole bunch of conditions put on me for giving Matt my kidney. Such as if I'd ever had gay sex, if I did drugs, if I drank booze... he didn't really believe Matt's and my blood heritage saying we'd have to obtain genotypes again. I dropped the f-bomb on his saying that he was fucking with my family - he was, no doubt. But... dad I need to tell you what he and I talked about when you left the room, okay?"

Dad answered, "Only if what you two talked about isn't privileged... meaning if what you tell us you agreed to keep in confidence."

"No, he didn't say to keep it secret..."

"We don't share confidences unless someone has been or is about to be hurt and or harmed. Go ahead."

"Uhm, don't take what I say as trying to get out of something because I'm not... Dr. Rasmussen's had some difficult things happen in his which made him angry, and somewhat of an asshole." I went on to tell them about how he'd hit his son in anger, how his son died of a drug overdose, the grief he was still feeling, and the guilt he must be feeling thinking that he could have done something for his son... before he died.

A light came on in my head and after a moment of silence I added ... "I just thought of something. Dr. Rasmussen had every right to ask the questions he asked. What if I did have HIV/AIDS? What if I did have hepatitis? What if I had some other infection? I would have passed them on to Matt. Is that fair? No. Dad, guys, Dr. Rasmussen is testing me for these things. He is testing me for everything."

Dad said, "Son, all of your tests for STD's have come back negative or normal. It's been a few weeks since you were tested... so being retested isn't really a bad thing. I've recently received word that your ex-uncle Harley tested negative for STD's."

"Thanks dad. Kewl, I'd been kind of wondering."

"Okay. Does anybody else have anything they want to say? We are going to figure out a punishment because these kinds of mistaken actions have consequences. Like I told Peter earlier today, had he said these things to an employer, then he would more than likely have been terminated, or if he would have said these things to a teacher or principal at school then he would have more than likely been suspended. Do you have a suggestion, Peter?"

I'd never before been given the opportunity to name my punishment. The thought of having a say so ... overloaded my senses. My stupefied silence, the single tear that fell from my eye pushed David into action. He took my hand in his and said, "Whatever Peter's punishment, I'll share in it -or- if you'll <looking at dad then back to me> I can then I'll take it on myself."

Jeremy then Allen then Allen stepped up and put their hands on my shoulders. Jeremy said, "One for all and all for one."

Angel then softly said, "Dad, Peter's been punished enough. This has been very hard on him. I think he learned his lesson, and anything else would be overkill. My parents over-killed a lot and I grew resentful of them, seriously, and I acted out even more. They were not the only bad guys in that relationship - I've thought about it a lot but never told anybody because I wanted them to look like the bad guys all of the time because of what they said in the end. Don't break Peter, please."

"Dad, Jason and I've been seriously messing around... and I mean seriously. I love him, and I am not sure it, I don't believe, no it isn't, is just brotherly love. Last night we gave each other to each other. I mean we had full sex together. I'm bi because I've had sex with two girls. So has Jason. We've decided we love each other more than we could love a girl or woman, and well, we committed to each other. David and Peter both told me not to hurt him. Peter especially told me not to hurt him. I wish Jason were here but he's not. Please don't say anything to his parents. They don't know anything other than we're close and spend a lot of time together." Jeremy said.

"Dad you know how I was feeling sorry for myself and all ... Do you remember how angry I was at you when we went to the prosthetic shop, and how mouthy I was? You didn't punish me other than make me go in there and get fitted - which turned out to be the best thing that could have ever happened."

Dad nodded.

Remembering what Dr. Rasmussen had said about his wife being a counselor at the high school I said, "Dad, Dr. Rasmussen's wife is a counselor at the high school. He asked me to consider speaking at the school, possibly at an assembly - to talk about what had happened to me, what I did - the drugs and stuff for example, and what life is like now. Maybe we could turn this around and my punishment, if it is called that, could be trying to help somebody else in a similar situation. What do you think?"

"I'm not sure that would work out just right boys. There is the legal issue of you and David being brothers and lovers. But you have a very good idea, I like it. I like it a lot. I seriously think it would be a good situation to make right a wrong. I want you to wait though. I want you to wait until after your surgery and the trial before you do it or agree to do it, maybe after the first of the year would be a good time."

"I could agree to tell them yes sooner but on your terms as to when I actually speak. Is this okay? They'll probably want to schedule it for a certain date, maybe." I asked solemnly.

"That's a good point. Okay. Peter, this is the way you talk to people to get your point across, to challenge someone with your ideas. Nobody got pissed. Nobody went stomping over another person. And nobody got hurt. You worked though your issues with Dr. Rasmussen successfully. That's the way to do things. Peter, boys, this is a life lesson for everybody ... sometimes I need a reminder as you will too in your lives."

With a smile, dad said, "I see no particular punishment. Let's just be aware and have all of the facts before we run our mouths. Okay, boys, let's go for a quick swim. The last one in has to go get a swimming suit on ha haa."

All of a sudden clothes, legs and bodies were scattering all over the place in a mad rush to be first, or second, but not fifth. David just smiled knowing it was all a joke, until he got outside that is. Dad said "Go get a swimming suit on David. You need to hide THAT thing that is leading the way for you!!!"

I do believe I saw a birdie fly close to the water line, but cannot swear to it as its flight was subtle. Dad just cracked up and said "I saw that." All in play, of course, four distinct birdies were flying in the air with no clear direction in sight.

After playing around for a while, Dad and Jeremy got out, dried off then went inside leaving Aaron, Angel, David and I alone. We got real quiet then partnered up with our mates and did some serious tonsil searching. After coming up for air we decided to play. The rules were (1) to get our partner off without intercourse, and (2) to not ripple the water. The penalty would be to suck to completion the other pair's dicks. We had never done each other, nor had any desire to, so what we were about to do was a challenge to be carefully and completely met.

Once we paired up, Angel said "Ready. Set. Go."

David was in back of me. He nestled his raging hard hot cock between my butt cheeks up against my pucker which alarmed me. "We can't do that. Hey guys, no anal fucking in the pool."

"No shit." Allen said. We all cracked up. There were ripples everywhere so we restarted it all over again.

This time, David repositioned his exceptionally hard tool between my cheeks then touched my pucker with his prong. He began the age old ritual of fucking me but not penetrating me. At the same time, his hand found my pulsing prong and squeezed it purposefully and continuously.

David's prong rubbing against my pucker hole, and with him jacking me off all at the same time, surprisingly, I blew a load of cum out into the water first. Jet after jet of hot steaming nectar shot out into the water in front of me. I looked down as the first squirt squirted and saw its trail then I lost all track of everything around me as I blasted - yet somehow was careful to not stir the water for fear of loss.

Angel blasted away next. Although he didn't ripple the water he screamed his orgasmic bliss. At the very same moment Allen spewed his cream stuff between Angel's legs. He lost all control. He created quite a ripple. By this time I was the only one not in the throes of orgasmic spasm. David blasted his load against my pucker. I felt the searing hot heat the second he popped. He too caused a ripple when he slammed up against me while out of control.

When everybody came down from their orgasmic highs, Angel said "You went first Peter, you didn't ripple the water very much if at all, neither did I ... but David and Allen sure did. I'd call it a tie wouldn't you?"

"Yeah. It was definitely a tie." I barely got out of my mouth when David turned me around to face him. He pulled my lips into his. We kissed passionately trying to find each others' tonsilar tissues. In any event, our ardor returned. Cock to cock, grinding and grinding them together until we both blew another load at the very same time.

When we recovered, we saw Angel and Allen doing the mating dance in their own way then they too lost their loads utterly and completely.

I'm not exactly sure what happened next or who caused what ... but ... however ... we all began kissing one another, mate or not. I'm not even sure who started what when however passion soon took over. Lost in my desires I grabbed a cock with my hand, not even knowing who it was because my lips were locked with yet another person, and not David. When I looked up, it was Angel and I who were in a lip lock and searching out each others' innards.

Angel pulled his lips away from mine then disappeared underwater. All of a sudden I felt a mouth on my cock and it was sucking me like crazy until he came up for air. My cock was then squeezed like crazy and pushed into a crack which I assumed to be Allen's. Despite the cool water, I felt heat emanating from his pucker folds. With absolutely no reserve available, I pushed hard against them and blew my load between his hot luscious ass cheeks. Next I clearly heard David howl as he too lost his cookies. Fully in a full blown frenzy Angel nestled deeply between my ass cheeks then pushed hard, very hard. He broke through my outer ring and was clearly making its journey deep into my inner sanctum. A second before he blew his load, I turned slightly away from him denying access. His shots of jizz deflected close to my hole but not inside of it.

After we recovered I cried "Dudes. That was wickedly bad! What happened? What got into us?"

"I don't know. I'm sorry guys." Angel lamented then pulled away from David. I pulled away from Allen at the same time.

David, with a crooked sly grin on his face said "I don't know what happened either. But it wasn't so bad, not really. Let's not get all worked up over this. And let's not let this get between us ... I mean, well you know what I mean."

"I don't know David. You are all mine. You are my soul mate. I really do not want to share you with anyone else. Not even with our brothers. But god damned that was hot!!" I said solemnly then switched gears to excitement, almost in the same breath.

"Yeah. Roger that NASA." Allen exclaimed.

"We need to talk about this a whole lot more sometime. I'm okay with this right now but we need to talk more." Allen said.

"Yeah, I'm good. Are you guys good? I don't know about fucking though. Angel, you just about got into me ... in fact you were in me part way for a second until I got you out. But you felt good. I'm confused. David?"

"I don't know either, Peter. Allen's cock made its way into me, all the way, but I jerked it out just as he started cumming." David said, still with the grin on his face. It was infectious.

Angel said "We could try it. But we'd have to make a solemn oath for us to all be together at the same time. No matching separate partners when the others aren't here, promise?"

"I promise. David, are you okay with this once in a while. My answer is your answer. We have to be together with this decision."

"I promise you, Peter. And we do not do it on any kind of a regular basis. Agreed guys?"

"I promise solemnly." Allen said.

"I promise. I absolutely promise because you're my man. You're my only man." Angel said.


"One for all and all for one." The familiar chant rang out representing total solidarity. Once that was said, we kissed our mates then we kissed both of our brothers' mates, though with less enthusiasm than we did with our very own partners.

"Let's promise not to let this get between us as brothers. We can stop at any time. And we can switch to our mates at any time during our times together. Agreed?" Allen said.

"Absolutely and positively and unequivocally without a doubt." David said.

"Agreed." I said.

"Absolutely." Angel said emphatically.

Allen of course agreed because he came up with the plan.

Angel started giggling then said "Allen and I have the king-sized bed in our room ... soo ... you guys are invited whenever we all agree we'd like to share our brotherly love and fluids."

"What about Jeremy and Jason you guys? They're our brothers. Well Jeremy is, and well Jason might as well be... a brother in law... that's it." I giggled yet not knowing how Jeremy and Jason's relationship would turn out, or if it would turn out.

"I'm open but our rules will apply to them too. No exceptions.

"Okay, guys, it's time for you all to get out of the pool now. Tomorrow is a school day. Did I interrupt anything?" Dad said looking at us curiously.

"No dad. We were just talking. Everything's cool." David said sincerely. It was true. He was not lying - not in the least. But I was concerned about dad finding us all sleeping in the same bed.

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