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The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 46

*-* Wednesday *-*

I awoke with the fucking alarm clock buzzing its ass off. God those things should be outlawed especially for us non-morning people. Once I became acclimated to where I was and what I was doing I realized that Peter was already up, and was sure he was outside swimming laps as he does early every morning. I laid my head back down then immediately went back to sleep until the next time the alarm clock buzzed off. I turned the damn thing off, got up with the help of my crutches then headed into the bathroom and I unloaded a healthy stream of pent up boy piss exclaiming my favorite old saying "Oh what a relief it is - PISS!"

When that need was met, I went downstairs without bothering to get dressed. Allen and Angel were sitting at the breakfast nook eating heartily. Jeremy was standing at the stove getting ready to take biscuits out of the oven for biscuits and gravy. Shit he makes good stuff too, it is to die for.

After stepping over to door leading out onto the pool deck, I looked out of the window and saw Peter swimming his laps. I was mesmerized by the sight of the water flowing over his lithe wet shiny body ...

"Earth to David. Yo bro!" Jeremy shouted from the dining room table.

"Wha ... what?" I stuttered while coming back to the present.

"Breakfast is ready. Looks like something else is ready too!" Jeremy chided. Everybody was chuckling their heads off.

"Ha haa, if ya got it then flaunt it." I giggled then opened the door and went outside. Peter was just getting out of the water. He smiled immediately at seeing me. I smiled back, feeling really warm with having Peter as my soul mate. A feeling of contentment washed over me like a waterfall.

Peter walked over and kissed me on my lips as he reached for the towel and began drying himself off. I pulled the towel out of his hands and finished drying him off, at least in the areas that I wanted to dry off. His poor little dick was shriveled from the cool water in the pool. I squeezed it a couple of times knowing that he would pudge up just enough to be counted. It did.

"Come on baby, breakfast's ready. We can have some specially ordered protein shakes <giggle> after we finish up with eating conventional food."

"I definitely like that plan, David. Let's go." Peter said then lightly kissed me on my lips. My dick pudged up as it always does when he kisses me, that time was no exception. Peter didn't linger though, so I was not in a throbbing situation.

The mood around the table was jovial and light hearted. After breakfast, Allen and Angel announced that they would have their first completion after school and invited us to watch. We readily agreed.

Once breakfast cleanup was completed, Peter and I went upstairs where we took a quick shower, dried then went off to our room. Peter closed the door. I lay down on the bed then brought my knees up to my chest hoping Peter would take the hint. He did.

When he came over to the bed, he put my legs down and put his body on top of mine. When we were laying cock to cock, nose to nose, mouth to mouth, breast bone to breast bone and tit to tit, we began kissing sweetly, not harshly, but not hardly - just right. Our kissing in this manner was the intimacy that we have come to love and enjoy, and to need often.

Initially, our cocks were not even hard instead they were just slightly pudgy however as our intimacy became more intense, as our tongues danced, so did our cocks. Peter's dick was pressing very firmly into mine, pushing and wanting, but not totally out of control. Yet.

His beautiful eyes were now fully closed. He had a frown on his face. His face was also writhed up as if it were in pain. I knew better. Peter was NOT in pain.

Neither was I in any pain as I let myself just roll with the flow. Soon we were doing the dance; soon we were well within the final dance as our maleness released their nectars taking us away into another world with the experience. Once we arrived safely back on earth from our trip to Nirvana, Peter buried his face into my neck. He was shaking. He was shaking like one does when they are attempting to stifle a cry, but do not quite make it.

I put my arms around him then squeezed him very gently into me and let him express his emotions in a safe and caring way. Soon his wave of emotion passed. After wiping his eyes on the pillowcase he kissed me gently then we whispered sweet things to each other. When our conversation ended, we just lay there quietly, and well, we were simply being all that we could be right there in that slice of time.

Just as we were about to get up to get our day started, well the day had already been started, well, whatever ... when we were just about ready to get up ... a knock on our door brought us the rest of the way to being fully and completely coherent. Without waiting for an acknowledgment, the door opened quickly and in came William.

Immediately I pulled the sheet on top of us to cover our exposed, Peter's actually, butt cheeks, and the evidence of our interlude into intimacy that had left us drenched with our love potions.

Irritated I said "William, in our home a closed door means just that: closed. People do not enter closed rooms without acknowledgments from the party or parties inside. Go ahead and leave now while Peter and I get ready to come downstairs."

With that William turned away and started out of the door but stopped half way through it and said "Sorry guys. I'll see you downstairs. Hurry up though. You're running late. You know how mom is about late."

As soon as William was out of sight, we kissed deeply, got up and took another quick shower to wash the evidence of our lovemaking down the drain.

We met William downstairs. He was sitting on a bar stool nursing a glass of orange juice that dad had sat down for him. Dad was also sitting there. When William looked up at me, he had tears in his eyes that were rolling down his cheeks and landing onto his lap.

Dad handed William a Kleenex so that he could wipe his eyes and cheeks dry which he did then blew his nose. After laying the used tissue on the counter, he went to Peter then pulled the love of my life into a deep, deep hug. Peter put his arms around William hugging him back then said "What's wrong William? You didn't do anything wrong upstairs, not really, we just have our privacy rules, so to speak, in our home so that we can have our alone time. You already know what alone time generally means."

"That is not what William is upset by. He and I have talked some about his concerns. William do you want to tell them what is on your mind, or would you prefer that I did?"

"You. Please." William replied sheepishly while finding a spot on the floor then staring intently at it.

"Peter, William is worried about your impending operation. He's very afraid. I was explaining to him that this operation is something that you absolutely have to do for your brother. That any one of us would do the same thing if a life or lives were at stake, and we could do something about." Dad said softly and he held William tightly and securely.

"Jason says you might die. Is it true Peter?" William asked with a fresh trail of tears running out of his eyes and onto his cheeks.

"Sure, I suppose that might be true. I might die. The chances are small though. Dad's right William. I have to take the chance if it will save my, I mean our brother, right dad?" Peter said questioningly.

"That's right, Peter. If you didn't then you would always wonder and beat yourself up with regrets if something happened to Matt that you could have contributed a solution to, but didn't. It would be really tough on you." Dad said softly to both William and Peter.

"William, you would give anything you could to help your brother if he were in a life and death situation, right?" I asked.

"Yeah, I would. I love him. And I love you guys. I'm really sorry I interrupted you. I hope I REALLY did not interrupt anything, if you know what I mean." William said forlornly.

"No William, you did not interrupt anything, seriously. We were just about ready to get up anyways. Don't think anything more about it. Just remember the closed door rules, okay?" William nodded.

"William, I'm going to be fine. Matt's going to be fine too. Just wait until you get to meet him. I think you and he will get along great. I thought we were about ready to be late? You hoodlum. It's only 8:15."

William took off after seeing the fake glare in Peter's eyes. Peter followed right behind him, and although Peter could have surpassed him easily, he let William get away on purpose. Dad and I were cracking up as Peter returned to us and winked with a knowing smile.

School was great. Alice really keeps things going in a positive direction. Very little to no boredom exists in her 'classroom' for any of us even though we are working at different grade levels.

Peter and I decided to go to Allen and Angel's surf competition. After receiving permission, we loaded up in the limo then took off down the mountain and arrived at the location in about 20 minutes.

While our team did well, it was not quite enough and it lost by only a couple of points.

The limo driver took a different way than we were used to. When we inquired as to where we were going, the limo driver chuckled and said that dad was going to meet us at the local pizza place so that we could all just have fun and not have to muss and fuss in the kitchen that night.

Alice, Horace, Jason and William joined us in the festivities. Before we knew it, the time was nearly 9:00pm and time to go home as the restaurant was about to close.

Arriving home about a half hour later, we asked for and received permission to go swimming in the pool whiles the 'rents enjoyed themselves in the TV room doing whatever it was that they were doing.

We played water tag, some water soccer then just lazed around for a while doing nothing in particular.

At about 10:30, Alice, Horace and William left after giving Jason permission to spend the night with the rest of us. William wasn't too happy about being left behind however he had been nodding off nearly asleep so he went with them without much fanfare. We too were ready to get out and head for bed, and said so to William. We promised him he would be able to come and spend the night with us soon.

After saying good night to dad, we all headed up the stairs. Peter and I dragged behind. I still don't have my Leg entirely 'trained' to walk up stairs. As we were going up, Peter caught my attention then nodded and pointed in front of us.

What I saw sort of shocked me. I looked at Peter then an automatic smile enveloped my face as it all registered. Jeremy and Jason were holding hands. Whoa. Kewl. They were talking between themselves quietly.

When we all arrived at and passed the final step into the hallway, Jason and Jeremy stopped then looked at Peter and me intently. Jeremy said, "Guys, we have something to say."

Silently, Jason turned to Jeremy. They pulled each other into a tight embrace. They kissed passionately. Readily apparent was their well honed usage of tongues. Finally Jason pulled back breathlessly then they both looked at us, looking for an answer, looking for approvals maybe?

"You guys are okay with us being a couple?" Jason asked sheepishly.

"Yeah, bro, we're fine. We are both happy that you are happy. You have a pretty neat boyfriend actually. We're pretty damned proud of him - but don't tell him that. We don't want

His head to get any bigger than it already is." I howled with laughter as the implication of what I had just said hit my funny bone. Peter cracked up once he got 'it'. Both Jason and Jeremy were about to experience spontaneous combustion with embarrassment.

Angel quipped, "Welcome to the family Jason! You're now officially a member whether you like it or not!"

They went on to Jeremy's bedroom. The door shut then the lock clicked. Jeremy never locks his door ... ha haa .... Good on them.

Allen looked at Angel longingly then looked at me. I smiled. Allen smiled. I then looked at Peter longingly. He smiled and nodded. Peter looked at Angel. He too was smiling. He too nodded.

"A great big king sized bed awaits our arrival, if anyone is interested that is. We could camp out." Angel said softly.

"Camp out. Right." Peter said nonchalantly. He came over then pecked me on the lips while pulling me into his arms. I am a sucker when he does that. I kissed him back but it was no quick peck, instead, I went directly for his tonsils. Someday we'll figure out that our tonsils had been removed as young children however that day was not the day to resolve the question.

Angel and Allen were having their own tongue lashing contest. Soon we were all in a tongue sharing situation. Too much too soon, I thought as I backed away. Not what you think ... I was not ready to jizz quite yet.

Somehow, we gravitated to their room where we too closed and locked the door. As a foursome, we headed into the bathroom. Angel started up the shower then got the water to temperature while Peter then I dumped a load of torpedoes into the sewer system followed by Allen doing the same thing.

Angel picked me to wash. Allen and Peter had to help hold me up since there is no shower seat to sit on. It worked out well. When I was finished being washed, Peter got out and helped me to dry off. He then led me into the bedroom where I laid on the king sized bed. Peter then took off. He joined the other guys. As he told me later, Allen washed him well. One thing led to another. Soon Angel was pushing into Peter's ass but Peter stopped the endeavors of plowing his ass just as Angel's head popped across the outer ring.

While they were in there I heard Peter say "Nah. Sorry Angel. You can't have that. That is David's, and David's alone. When we get out of here and get back to David, we need to come up with some ground rules."

Allen and Angel changed places. Allen poked Angel's butt-hole with his fully extended cock then slid deep inside of him. Angel stopped their action when Allen said "Let's get showered then we'll go have our talk with David."

That said, they quickly finished up then came into the bedroom where I was lazily playing with my cock. I had found that tweaking my cock felt pleasant enough. It also kept it hard and at the ready.

Allen walked over to turn the light off. While he was going to it, I looked longingly at his fine ass cheeks, and for a second wished I could plow deeply into its crevice however quickly brought myself back to the present when Peter laid down on top of me, just like before when we were cock to cock, nose to nose, breasts to breasts, stomach to stomach while kissing fervently.

"Hey guys. Let's talk now." Allen said softly. It was loud enough to draw Peter and me back into the present but not before our raging and twitching cocks experienced need in the worst possible way. Somehow we thwarted orgasms, but just barely.

Breathlessly Peter said quietly "No fucking anyone other than their mate for life. Anything else goes. Is that agreeable?"

"I guess so." Angel said with mock indignation then added "Since last night, Peter, I've wanted to do it to you in the worst possible way."

Allen agreed then looked at me "Same with you David. Your butt is cute when it wiggles when you walk. I've got an idea. Can we, can Angel and I ready you guys for you to fuck together? That would be hot."

Peter looked at me then smiled his approval and said "That sounds good to me. How about you David? Is that okay?"

"Sounds good to me. How about you Angel?"

"That sounds kewl. You guys will do us, right?" Angel said.

When everyone agreed that we would not fuck but we would get each other ready for making love with our partners, I began by reaching for their bottle of lube. Angel automatically turned over on his stomach in front of me.

Before I began lubing him up, I moved over on the bed then straddled his lower legs. Once I was in position over his fine ass, I leaned down then stuck my nose in it. Its aroma was different than Peter's but no less appealing. Without hesitation, I stuck my nose down in his crack and began licking his nether regions with vigor. Angel readily meowed his approvals. I continued until my tongue got tired then took the bottle of lube and squeezed some out in my hand.

While I was readying my finger for its travels into Angel's deepest places, I felt a tongue on my asshole. Taking a quick look back, I saw that Allen was nestled in my crack while Peter was in his.

We were all moaning our delights and approvals.

Finally, I could take it no more. I rolled over onto my back then brought my legs up and said to Peter, "Peter, get in there now if not before!"

We got out of our sixty nine positions then partnered up with our soul mates. Peter squeezed some of the lube gel onto the head of his cock and positioned his cock at my back door as he handed the lube to Allen who did the same thing with Angel. Waiting no longer, Peter pushed up against my back door. Due to the expert tongue lashing Angel had given me, Peter quickly slid inside up to the hilt then began the age old art of making love to me in the most intimate of ways.

Allen and Angel laid perpendicular to us. Soon, Angel's hand was making its way to my cock. Reaching it he clamped down then squeezed firmly. He began jacking me softly as Peter pummeled my ass. At the same time, Allen was pummeling Angel's upturned ass.

Seeing what was happening, I reached over and grasped Angel's cock, and in the same fashion and manner I began stroking his massively hard cock.

The next in thrust brought Peter to his moment. At the same time, Angel squeezed hard on my cock which immediately took me to my moment as well because I was more than ready to blow my load.

Both Peter and I began moaning loudly as our unloading cocks sprayed massive spurts of our essence into or onto its closest receptacle. At the same time, Allen screamed notice of his fast paced trip to Nirvana. Somehow I squeezed hard on Angel's cock sending him over the edge and into orgasmland.

For a few seconds, we were lost as to time and place as the bus to Nirvana became overcrowded, but we didn't mind and continued onward anyway, despite its tightness.

Peter came down first as he had been the first to go. I was next in line then pulled Angel's hand off of my prong as it was way too sensitive.

Allen collapsed on top of Angel but not before Angel flipped over on his back. They kissed. Peter, not wasting any time did the same thing so that we could also kiss deeply and passionately.

Changing places with our non-mate, we took the new pair of lips and devoured them completely.

Soon, our ardor was under control and with our satisfaction complete, the non-partners got off of their non-partner partner. That is how we fell asleep. We fell asleep in a mass of joined arms, legs and torsos.

*-* Thursday *-*

At some point during the night I awoke with a very, very pleasant moist warmth encompassing my massively hard dick. All I knew at the time was that the warmth was being supplied by Peter. Peter has his way at sucking my cock. While pleasant, the mouth was ACTUALLY not Peter's. The mouth was different, yet the same. What's up with this?

Looking, feeling around, I found a cock next to my face. Not really caring who it belonged to, I took it into my mouth. Before it had been firm, but grew exceptionally hard.

I reached my conclusion first, then at the same time I felt the body of the person next to me spasm a massive jolt as the cock to which it belonged to sprayed my throat with a massive load of nectar.

The next thing I knew was the person on my cock being pushed aside. I then felt my butt-hole being opened expertly by a pair of hands that I did not recognize. Lost in my post orgasmic state, I then felt a cock easily make its entrance into my deepest of deepest of places on my body. As it slid into the hilt, I recognized the cock as surely belonging to Peter. I know that cock anywhere, and at any time. God, it felt good being in there. Soon he began pummeling my ass for all it was worth. Soon enough, perhaps too soon because it felt so good, Peter began slamming into my hole as he unloaded his essence into me.

The bed was also wiggling as another pair was spring boarding and pistoning like two mad non-satiated guys. Before long a pair of whines escaped from deep within their throats. I could have sworn that one of those moans came from Peter. No surely not. It couldn't be. It could never be.

Alarmed, I immediately pulled my ass off of the prong I was impaled upon. Quickly, I said "Peter?"

"Yeah, it's me down there." That said Peter crawled up and next to me after shoving the two other heaving bodies away from us just enough for him to get next to me.

"Whew. I was worried there for a minute. I thought someone else was down there, although it felt like you. Come here you. Let me give you some sugar." I said then pulled Peter into me. We kissed gently for a little while until we slowed down then stopped as sleep overtook us rapidly.

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