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The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 54

As soon as David went upstairs to bed, I took off for my office to make the phone call to Fugi letting him know I would need a flight to Oakland tomorrow afternoon to attend the funeral of my father later on in the week. We also made arrangements for David and Jeremy to fly out on Friday after school.

"Jim, I'll make the arrangements and give you a confirmation call. Give me an hour. What do you think about security, should it follow you?"

"I've thought about it too. Let's do level 5 for my travel to Oakland. We'll do level 7 when the boys are with me. Maintain level 8 at home. Thanks, Fugi."

While we were talking, he gave me new and additional information into Peter's past. With a vengeance I made an absolute and total commitment to myself, and Peter absentia, that I would get those motherfuckers who had caused and who were causing him and Matt grief, if it was the last thing I ever did in this and the next lifetime.

I sent a confirmation email to Fugi, and information enough to handle other business while I was away.

Once those items were finished, I went to the bar area, fixed Peggy and myself a mile drink then made my way into the TV room. I had had heard the comedy channel, Peggy's laughter and George Carlin's voice. I chuckled to myself. He's one of my favorite all-time comedians. I relaxed and prepared myself for some fun and laughter - just what the doctor ordered.

Peggy took her drink then made room for me on the couch to sit with her. We were soon cuddled in together happily watching another episode. The show was hilarious. We were both laughing so hard that our stomachs hurt.

"I'm really tired. I suppose we should go to bed. Jim, I'm so sorry about your dad's passing today. If it would help you out, I'll call in and take time off so I can be here. I've been working some hella hours so getting the time off will be no problem."

"Your lives have already been turned upside down. I don't want to impose..." I said while looking into her crystal clear captivating blue eyes.

"Actually, Jim, the diversion has been beneficial for both me and Antoine. For Antoine, he is making friends with your sons, me too. We're already welcomed in as if we were a part of your family. Jim, you have a happy home here. Happy homes are nice to see every once in a while <giggles>. You've done really well with your kids, they are nice, pleasant, well behaved, respectful ... gosh, TV is usually so wrong when it paints people the way that they want viewers to see them. Then again, I have seen some kids who have nothing, have no home, have nobody to love them, and they have nobody to love - not in the way it really counts that is."

"Mmm hmm."

"Hopefully, we're making a difference. Oh Jim, I love Antoine so much. He's got so many hurts deep downside of him. I'm trying to bring him out. I keep trying..."

"Peggy, may I suggest something?"

Peggy nodded inquiringly.

"Let him come to you. I've found that this works best with my boys. I rarely have to pry anything out of them. Sometimes they need guidance and support without even getting into the issue... if that makes any sense. He's a good kid. He'll come around with love and support... from what I've gathered just being around him I think he's sorely missed out on it."

"I suppose I've been a big of a nag." Then Peggy chuckled slightly. With an impish grin she said, "Have you noticed how your son and my son look at each other... when they're together, sheesh, the temperature in the room goes up about 500 degrees"

I chuckled. "Welcome to our family."

We both laughed heartily.

Just then Antoine peeped his head through the doorway. He was smiling. Then when he saw that we saw him, he ducked away. Peggy said, "Antoine, honey, come on in, let's see you smile again."

"I don't want to interrupt anything." Antoine said apologetically.

"You aren't interrupting anything. Come on in and set down with us." Peggy said gesturing her hand in welcoming.

He sat down next to Peggy, put his arm around her shoulders, whispered something in her ear.

Peggy turned toward him, whispered in his ear then turned to me and said, "Jim, will you excuse us for a little while. My son needs to talk to me." She was smiling.

Antoine piped up, "I'm sorry for interrupting you, sir."

"It's perfectly okay, Antoine. Were you able to research your paper using the internet?"

"Oh yes sir. Thank you for giving me access."

"You're welcome. Okay, I'm going to go check on my sons before I turn in. Good night you two." I said then pecked Peggy on her cheek. She returned the kiss, sustaining it for a few seconds. When our eyes met... I got lost in them.

I headed upstairs, slightly light-headed from the adrenalin pumping, to check on the boys. Allen and Angel were sound asleep, as was Jeremy. As I crept into David's room he said sleepily "Good night dad. I love you. What time are you leaving?"

"My flight is at 1 o'clock. You and Jeremy will be leaving on Friday at 5:30pm."

David took my hand in his and urged for me to sit next to him. When I sat he wrapped his arms around me and squeezed tightly. He tensed up when I put my arms around his waist and shoulders. He just needed his dads strength, as it were. I asked, "Are you okay?" He shook his head no. So I sat while he expressed his emotions. I had no doubt that he was missing Peter and was experiencing grief over losing his granpda, my father. I found myself getting caught up in the moment realizing that I had been pushing down my sorrow and grief.

I don't know how long we sat together but it seemed to be long enough because when we separated we talked about how we knew Peter would have loved grandpa just as we did. We shared a couple of anecdotal stories about each and by the time we were really into it we were laughing and giggling. It's funny how that works.

David snorted then said, "Dad, Matt and Antoine have it bad, bad, bad! You should have seen them!"

"Oh yeah, right. Son, Antoine has been taking care of Matt in the hospital for quite a while now..."

"Oh no, dad, you don't understand... when I say bad, I mean BAD."

"Oh no." I snickered and added, "David The Matchmaker."

That earned me a play slap upside the head, that earned me a statement that good me aside for a moment. He said, "You and Peggy got it bad too!"

That earned him a noogie. I reached my fingers toward his sides but he batted me away with shrieks of "NO, DON'T DAD, I GOTTA PEE!"

Rather than get into his case, I handed him his crutches. Immediately, he got up and hobbled into the bathroom and then let loose with a stream to be proud of, no doubt.

I knew he would eventually have to return so I laid low, in waiting. Sure enough he returned but not before looking around the corner to see if I was ready to pounce him - he knows me well. But alas, I wasn't waiting for him by the door... I was waiting for him in his own bed.

He knows me well too. As he entered his room he said, "Don't dad, behave. Promise."

Instead of pouncing him I hugged and kissed him good night.

I went back downstairs to find Peggy and Antoine. They were sitting by the pool. Peggy was facing away from me. Antoine was facing toward me. He vigorously waived for me to join them. I did.

He ran into the kitchen to fetch Cokes for all. When he returned he said, "I'm sorry for being a baby. I was selfish."

I said, "Your apology's accepted. I'm sorry that yours and your mothers' lives got upset like it has. I feel that everything is going to turn out just fine."

Just then Allen came running through the door from the kitchen to the pool area, clearly upset he announced urgently, "Dad, Angel's sick!!"

Antoine, Peggy and I got up from where we were sitting, raced in the house and up the stairs to their room. Angel, hanging his head over the toilet violently retching, was pale, chilled and his skin was clammy. Immediately, I told Peggy that Angel was diabetic and he appeared to be having a reaction, and that he had an insulin pump.

We both noticed that his monitor was detached. I told Allen to retrieve the manual glucometer. He soon returned. Peggy took a sample... his blood sugar was 690. I went to the refrigerator downstairs, fetched a bottle of insulin and syringes then returned upstairs. Peggy administered a whopping dose of the medicine, then 10 minutes later repeated the test. His blood sugar had dropped to 350, still abnormal, so she administered yet another dose. 15 minutes later she repeated the test. His sugar level was 150, and while still high it was much, much better, and his acute symptoms passed.

Allen and Antoine got Angel into the shower while Peggy and I made their bed with clean sheets and pillow cases. Peggy efficiently repaired the insulin pump. When the boys had completed their ministrations and he came back to bed, Peggy reinserted the needle, attached it properly, then performed both manual and automated sugar testing. His blood sugar read 135 on the pump and 137 using the test strips, acceptable.


Allen and I got Angel into the shower and washed Angel's body clean despite the boy telling us that he was fine and could do it himself. With a bit of 'coaxing' from Allen the boy complied and allowed us to perform that which we offered.

While Allen was performing his bathing ministrations to his boyfriend, I took my shower while he was being soaped down. My cock, which had previously been 'under control' began elongating of its own accord. Immediately I became embarrassed though they had not really seen my meat since I was facing the shower wall and they were largely pointed toward the door and the shower spray source.

All was forgotten though when Angel's legs began buckling and once again he became pale. With ease, I held him up while Allen rinsed him thoroughly. Not even thinking of my state we carried him into the bedroom where mom, Jim, Jeremy and David were waiting for us.

When we got Angel settled in I realized I was naked and headed to my bedroom but not before Jim chuckled and said, "Welcome to our home. We're clothing optional around here."

Entering my room, I closed the door, got into bed and very, very soon brought myself to a climactic conclusion sending shards of ecstasy throughout my body. After wiping up in the bathroom I got dressed in a pair of tight underwear and running shorts then took off to Angel's room. He and Allen were just going to bed so I gave them a quick good night and went back to my room and quickly fell asleep.

*-* Tuesday *-*

When the alarm clock went off at 6:30am, I awoke to find a visitor in my bed with his legs sprawled over mine. David was sitting up and looking at me with an ornery look on his face in addition to having a wicked looking smile.

Knowing what that generally has meant in the past, I prepared myself for an attack. Sure enough, he pounced then began tickling my ribs without mercy. Enough of that I thought. I quickly turned the tables so that it was he who was being held down and tickled mercilessly ... that is until he squirted onto himself. He laughed all the way to the bathroom. I did too ... no harm, no foul.

When the shower water turned on I went into the bathroom to pee and begin my day then quickly backed out when I saw David's hands in motion facing away from me through the clear glass door. To divert my attentions I got busy packing a bag for my trip. When he finished up and left my room I paid attention to my own needs, showered, got dressed then went downstairs. Peggy had fixed up a feast for breakfast.

Everybody enjoyed her preparations tremendously, our conversations were light and lively, smiles were being worn galore, and well, we were just having a really great time.

But the time came for Antoine to leave so that he could be transported across town to his school by our limo service and escorted by a security detail that I had had added for him and Peggy.

Once the boys were off to school, I went over to Peggy, drew her into me then kissed her lightly on the lips.

When we withdrew she said "Jim, I have called into work. I'll be taking this week off to be here with the boys. With the crazy long hours I have been working, the Director of Nursing had no problem with granting my leave request ... she had not previously known about my long hours. During the day, when the boys are in school, I would like to spend some time with Peter and Matt. In fact, I am going to hitch a ride with you to the hospital this morning."

"Sounds good, are you about ready to go?"

"Are you ready to go?"

"It depends ..."


After taking another shower, we got dressed then headed off to the hospital in the limo. Traffic was heavy but the driver did well in maneuvering through it.

We arrived at the loading dock then were ushered upstairs to Matt's room first but were told, much to our pleasant surprise, that he had been transferred to The Suite just a few minutes prior to our arrival.

Since the PSICU is on the same floor as the Transplant Unit we took off to go see Peter. When we arrived, Dr. Miller was in the process of removing the breathing tube that had been forcing air into and extracting air from his lungs. We were told that Peter had not, in any way, depended on the machine to assist him for over 12 hours, and because of that the tube could be safely removed.

Quickly, I went to him then took his hand and held it in mine while squeezing firmly as the tube came out. He groaned and gagged a little bit. After coughing and expectorating two very large goobers he smiled for the first time in days. God, it was so good to see him smile again. I reached down then kissed him on his forehead. "Hey buddy. It is good to see you looking human again <chuckle>."

He tried to speak but the only thing that came out of his mouth was a croak. Dr. Miller spoke up saying "Peter, give your vocal cords time to recover from being stretched out for four days. Don't try too hard to speak out loud. Your voice will return in a few hours."

Peter nodded, took a hold of my neck then whispered into my ear "I love you, dad. How's Matt? How's David? I miss them so much."

"Trust me Peter, he misses you too. A lot. He'll be up to see you this evening. Matt - well, we were told he was transferred to The Suite a while ago. That means he's doing great. We'll be going to see him in a little while."

Dr. Miller then spoke up and said "Peter, would you like to get that tube out of your bladder?"

"YES!" Peter half whispered and half croaked!

That said Peter quickly pushed his gown up onto his chest exposing his everything to anyone walking by. Peggy shut the door to his cube then said "Exhibitionist" while chuckling.

He was a trooper during the procedure. I'm not sure I would have been that composed myself - doubtful, very doubtful.

"Peter your incision looks just fine. Your belly is rumbling. Your chest is clear. Your blood work looks fine this morning. How would you like to go be with your brother in The Suite this afternoon?"

Peter replied by vigorously nodding his appreciations and approvals.

"Okay, I'm going to write orders allowing you to eat gradually more food as you tolerate it. The lab will continue to draw blood from you on a daily basis. Other than that, I'm going to keep you in the hospital until you gain back your strength enough to carry on at home with only a few restrictions." Dr. Miller said professionally.

Just then Dr. Rasmussen walked into the room then smiled at us all and said to Peter "You look so much better this morning. Considering what you have been through, I am quite pleasantly surprised with your progress."

Peter looked at me searchingly then to Dr. Rasmussen then to Dr. Miller then back to Dr. Rasmussen then back to me. Seeing Peter's confusion Dr. Miller said "We had not told him of his complications. Now is a good time to do so."

For the next 30 minutes or so, Dr. Miller and Dr. Rasmussen explained the complications including his brush with death while on the operating table.

"I really died in surgery? More than once?"

"Yes you did. We fought to bring you back. The truth is, Peter, had you not been in surgery with your belly open then you surely would have died, and nobody could have brought you back because there would not have been time to do so."

"Wow. Okay." Peter said deeply in concentration.

While Dr. Miller was typing in various pieces of information into Peter's patient care computer database a nurse brought in the pans of water in preparation for bathing.

Dr. Miller left right after Dr. Rasmussen did which left Peggy, the nurse and I with Peter. I spoke up and said "If it is okay, I'd like to give Peter his bath. We have something to talk about before I go. Peggy would you please stay?"

The nurse got the message. She smiled then said "Okay, if you need anything just say so. I'll come running." That said she left while closing the door behind her.

As I was giving Peter his bath, Peggy sat down on the other side of Peter then took his hand in hers. I began speaking "Peter, I've got to leave for a few days. My father passed away in California. I need to be with my mother. I'll be leaving this afternoon and probably won't be back until next Monday."

Peter whispered "I'm sorry dad. I wish I would have gotten to meet and know him."

"He was a good man." I replied sadly.

"Are David and Jeremy going with you?" Peter asked unconcerned for himself in every way.

"Yes, they'll be flying out on Friday afternoon and then will return with me. Peggy will be staying with the rest of the gang at our home until we get back."

"Why is she staying at home, Dad? Why are you, Peggy? No, wait, I do not mean it in a bad way ..."

"The media, son. They found Peggy's house. They were dogging both her and Antoine. And well ..."

"I'm sorry Peggy. This is my fault that you have to change your lives. I didn't mean to bring you into this." Peter said with a trace of tears beginning to well up in his eyes.

"Honey, I only know a little bit about what is going on with you. Maybe you and I can sit down and have a pow wow about it - I'd like to hear your side of your story from you. You lived it. I've only heard a little bit." Peggy said then leaned over and kissed Peter on the top of his head which surprised him.

When I finished his bath, I soaped up the washrag then handed it to him. Peggy and I turned our backs away so that Peter could wash his private areas in a quasi private manner. "Okay, I'm done. I just need to rinse."

When he was finished with his bath, Peggy and I sat down on the bed beside him then told him that Peggy and I were very happy with each other in our lives.

Peter's only response was a smile and a shrug. He said nothing more. He didn't need to.

As we were getting ready to leave, his nurse returned then said "Dr. Miller wants you walking around young man. How about I help you to walk your folks out of the unit?"

"Can I have a gown or something ... I'm kind of naked ... and well, the hospital isn't ready for a naked guy running around." Peter croaked. His voice was coming back albeit slowly.

"He's right you know." I said with a tone of levity in my voice.

Peter did very well but was very tired when we reached the ICU doors so the nurse put him into a wheelchair. After kissing me warmly, after we shared a few tears, Peggy and I took off for The Suite.

We found Matt playing an X-Box hand held in the game room. As soon as we walked in he broke out in a huge smile, slowly got up on his own power, walked over and gave me a nice hug and then repeated the gesture to Peggy.

Unabashedly, he raised his gown up to show me his incision. Just as Peter's was it was very long but it looked healthy though a little red. He was quick to say that he had been to the bathroom on his own to pee. He was so proud. <Chuckle>

When I broke the news to him, he was sad. He reacted in much the same manner as did Peter.

We talked about a variety of things but Matt always brought the conversation back to Peter and our family. Peggy walked me to the loading dock where we hugged deeply and ended with a meaningful kiss.

The flight to California was uneventful. We arrived about 30 minutes earlier than planned.


I watched Dad and Peggy walk down the hall toward the elevators that would take them up to Matt's room in The Suite. Dad was walking proudly, happily, with a purpose in his steps. I was smiling to myself and just before they stepped on the elevator he looked back at me. He said something to Peggy then quickly walked back to me. He drew me into a light but heartfelt hug. I returned the hug as much as I could, it hurt to raise my arms up that high and squeeze ... but I pulled it off enough, hopefully, to let him know I appreciated his coming back to me. I kissed dad on his lips quickly then sat down in the wheelchair because I was so tired.

On the way back to my cubicle, I stopped by the bathroom with an urge to pee and did so even though the head of my penis stung like crazy. Connie said that would pass soon but if it didn't then to let them know because it could indicate an infection.

Even though I was tired, when I arrived back in the cubicle, I chose to sit in the chair. Connie hooked me back up to the various monitors used to keep track of my vital functions then she took my blood pressure, pulse, respirations, oxygen saturations, and then stuck my finger with a sharp needle like object to check my blood sugars. My blood sugar was 145 which, although not diabetic, is high especially for someone my age she explained carefully.

At about 12:45, Sam, staff from The Suite arrived to take me there for the rest of my recovery time in the hospital.

When I arrived, I looked around for Matt but he was not to be seen until we went into our hospital room. There he was sound asleep, curled up in a ball and snoring loudly.

I joined him, snuggled up and almost instantly fell asleep.

A couple of hours or so later we were awoken by Peggy putting medicine in the IV tubing, straightening our pillows and covering us up with a sheet and blanket. When I asked her the time and when she replied it was close to 4:30, with her help we got out of bed so that I could call my main man David.

She told us that she was staying at the house while dad was gone to California but would be back later with at least David, possibly Jeremy, Allen and Angel if she could get them into the hospital unnoticed though it was against the rules.

She also asked us if we would mind breaking the rules by giving and receiving hugs. The rule against staff hugging patients was broken, more than once. She then took off for home. We walked about halfway down the hall with her before she left us off at the elevators. We just arrived back to our room when the phone began ringing. Matt smiled, answered it and handed the receiver to me.

Me: Hey babe.

David: PETER!!! Oh my God, it's so good to hear your voice. Where are you? What are you doing? How did you know I was thinking of you? Guys, it's Peter on the phone. Here let me put you on the speaker.

Me: I love you too.

Then the phone about deafened my ear when the gang began hooting and hollering, having a good old time sending Matt and I greetings, kudos, well wishes, love and over-the-phone hugs.

When the gaiety died down, David came back online and said, "Peggy's getting stir fry together so we can bring it up and have dinner with you and Matt. Antoine says it's the greatest thing ever."

"Kewl. Do you think maybe we could have some alone time? I miss ya babe."

"Ya think?"

I giggled. We talked for a few minutes longer before hanging up.

Matt and I sat around talking about this and that but nothing really important. Antoine brought our dinner trays but quickly handed them off to the security guards after we told him that his mom was bringing stir fry. Happily, he said, "She makes the best ever!"

He retrieved enough chairs so that everyone would have somewhere to sit then he and Matt took off down the hall. I chose not to go so that they could spend some time together. I smiled at seeing them walking down the hall... of course Matt had his arm in Antoine's to steady himself. Yeah, right, I chuckled. They looked together. I hoped that Matt finally found a boyfriend who would take him at face value and treat him with respect, dignity, and fill him with love.

About an hour later, David, Jeremy, Allen and Angel, led by Peggy, arrived. God, her stir fry was wonderful. I ate to capacity as did everyone else.

David helped Peggy put the leftovers into the refrigerator while Antoine cleaned the tables and put the extra chairs back to their original location.

When all was said and done, David and I took off for my hospital room to spend some quality alone time. After closing the door we sat on my bed where we just held each other. As I knew would happen, as I truly wanted, as I had no doubt that David would like too, we kissed seriously, searching for tonsilar structures deep within our throats. Accidentally (okay, who am I trying to kid around with), my hand brushed across the fabric of his black jeans. Though he was wearing tight underwear the bulge beneath them was obvious. I squeezed his rod a few times but soon David pulled my hand away, saying he was close to spraying his shorts.

I told David to stand and face me. When he did I unzipped his fly and worked the snap open. His cock poked up and out of his jeans. I coaxed them down then in one fell swoop engulfed his raging hard cock with my hot steaming oral cavern. I love swooping my tongue around his uncut cocks' ridge. He likes it too. Soon he was face fucking my mouth with vigor.

Soon, very soon, his seed planter was spraying its contents against the back of my throat. He was loudly whining, moaning and groaning as the experience took control of his reserves. Too soon, his ardor deflated and his cock got very sensitive... though I could definitely gone for more, he slipped his dick out, got himself back together and sat down. When he sat down, he reached for my junk and began playing around with it, hoping against all hope that he could return the favor. While my cock twitched a couple of times it would not get hard... but I enjoyed the sensations nevertheless.

Just then a knock on the door interrupted our last ministrations before we were going to get up and rejoin the family. David got up and answered the door. Antoine announced, with a very tired appearing Matt next to his side, "I'm sorry to interrupt you but Matt needs to lie down."

Matt, despite his attempts to stop, began giggling then with a finger reached to David's pants and wiped a small smear of 'stuff' from his black jeans. David and I both turned 40 shades of red and our faced heated to levels surely capable of creating spontaneous combustion.

I looked into Antoine's face. He was definitely amused. He then sad to Matt, "Would you like me to give you a back rub?"

Matt looked deeply into Antoine's eyes and then nodded. David got my attention by taking my hand in his and then lifted me to a standing position.

On our way out of the room, I said, "Enjoy."

Matt snickered. Before we left though Antoine dropped Matt's gown into his lap and began rubbing Matt's shoulders with some cream like stuff.

I looked to David. He smiled as we left the room and closed the door.

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