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The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 55

As soon as David and Peter left the room, seeing that Matt was very tired, I said softly to him, "I'm going to help you lay down on your side so that you can rest and so that I can properly work on your back."

Matt agreed. We soon got him lying comfortably on his left side.

After squeezing out a dollop of lotion and allowing it to warm up in my hand, I began expertly massaging his neck then down onto his shoulders then on down into the middle of his back.

When the lotion was all rubbed in, I squeezed out another dollop, allowed it to warm then went from his middle back to the lower areas but just before the top of his crack.

What Matt did next surprised me. He took the sheet that I had covered his back and male parts with, slid it to the side thus exposing his entire body. Even though he had many scars, his skin appeared soft and 'pretty'... I was mesmerized by his beauty, his openness, and lack of inhibitions. That which designates me as male quickly and completely elongated.

I was troubled. What if Peggy were to walk in, which she could do at any moment? What if any one of Matt's brothers walked in? What if I did the unthinkable - cream my dress slacks I wore on volunteer duty?

I patted his back to give myself a moment to collect my thoughts. I can't possibly gay. Yet I was totally and completely rock hard erect. My elongation was clearly evident, despite wearing tight underwear to hide its presence.

Putting my plight out of the limelight, I asked Matt, "Are you sure? Normally, it is wrong of me to touch... those areas."

Quickly, Matt replied, "Yeah, my hips are really sore. If you don't want to or can't then it's okay, I'll be okay."

"Yes, I can and I will... but only if you're comfortable. Your comfort is my responsibility which I take very seriously." I stammered.

He replied by lowering his shoulder to the bed thus exposing all to see, and to feel, and to rub...

"Okay, here it goes. This might feel a little cold." I said then squeezed a liberal amount of lotion into my hands. After allowing it to warm a bit, I began to rub his skin and with more pressure I massaged his muscles which were surely sore and stiff from disuse.

I started in the area just above his hip bones and worked my way down to his thigh. I then worked my way back up, carefully yet thoroughly passing over his thin butt cheeks with my finger accidentally trailing up through his deepest crevice.

Matt tensed slightly as I passed by his dimple. I could have sworn that it winked at the touch, but I wasn't sure. I wasn't even sure what a winking pucker looked like, much less what one felt like. And I damn sure wasn't sure of what I was doing... I'd never done that before.

Putting that, or trying to put that out of my mind I continued to his other side. Matt rolled onto his back so that I could rub his other thigh... when he did, his very erect penis was readily apparent to my eyesight. My dick twitched violently, my stomach became tight with need... and 'want'... me, want another dude's dick?

Quickly I finished, staying far away from his cock and balls. Just as quickly, I pulled the sheet up so that his wares were covered appropriately. I announced, "Okay, all done."

Matt opened his eyes, realizing he had sprouted full wood, and said, "Finally, it's awake. I mean - sorry." Matt chuckled nervously.

"What's awake?" Peter chuckled.

"My dick." Matt giggled then looked at me searching for some trace of disgust that I may have had. When he found none, he giggled again then said "Thanks. You do really awesome back rubs."

"Thanks, I guess." I replied to the compliment and then got up from his bed. At the same, David and Peter entered the room unannounced.

I quickly rearranged my junk and left their room while saying, "I'll be right back. I need to update you chart." I passed by Allen, Angel, David and Jeremy, and headed to the bathroom where I could better rearrange my stuff so that its distention wasn't so obvious. Upon entering, I locked the door, lowered my pants and underwear then decided I needed to use the can anyway, so I sat down and took care of emptying a bunch into the sewer system. After wiping appropriately, my male appendage was still no smaller than it had been. With images of Matt clearly running through my brain I quickly came to a successful completion, spraying sperms onto my chest, belly and thighs. After coming down, nervously I cleaned up and with much more ease rearranged the bits, put my pants in order, flushed and then took off back to their hospital room.

Peggy caught my attention. She took me into the ante-room, looked into my eyes, smiled and said, "Are you okay, do you need a break?"

I looked at my watch and after observing that 15 minutes had elapsed between when I left Matt and Peter's room and my return, I replied, "I just got back from one."

Peggy looked at me really strange. No, she wasn't angry or anything... she never gets angry... what was it? Why was she looking at me like that?

Peggy added, "Honey, you look flushed. Are you sure you're okay?"

"Oh yes, ma'am, I'm fine. I'm going to give Peter his back rub. I also need to get water and ice for room 553."

"Okay, honey. I'll see you later."

Peter's back rub went much smoother. I finished by rubbing only his hip bones and staying away from his globes.

After bidding them farewell, Peggy and I took off for home (our home) to gather clothes and other essentials for a few more days away. The security personnel carefully and completely checked our our home before we were allowed to enter. All was well. My flowers were desperate for water and attention.

While I was pruning and watering my plants, Peggy entered, walked over to check them out. They were not doing all that well because of the poor lighting, silence, and only sporadic watering and nurturing. She asked, "Honey, I want to run a couple of things past you to see what you think, do you have a moment?"

"Of course. I always have time to speak with my mom. Come, let's sit down."

She sat down on my bed, as did I. I turned to her and said, "What troubles you, my mom?"

"Oh nothing is troubling me. I just wanted to talk for a few minutes."

I nodded.

"Antoine, I want you to take some time off and away from the hospital. You're putting too many hours in for a guy your age. I've already taken you off of the schedule for the rest of this week. Let's see, today is Wednesday so that only means you'll miss 2 days ... You're scheduled to work on Monday. After that I only want you to work 3 days a week."

"Yes, ma'am. I enjoy my work, and I'm very grateful that you made it available for me, thank you."

"You're very welcome. You're good at what you do. But, you're in high pressure areas of any hospital. I just don't want you to get burned out when you have so much to offer. I see you going places, Antoine. Be a child for as long as you can. Sorry, you're not a little boy but you're a young person and need your time to play and to enjoy life. There's plenty of time for hard work later on."

The look on her face told me that she wanted to talk about something else but she held her words to herself. What she did though was pull me into her arms and held me firmly, and then she kissed my cheek and whispered, "I love you. I just don't want you to work your life away. There is so much more to life than 'work'. Give yourself some time to fall in love with someone, to make friends and to be a friend. I've seen you with Jim's boys. Honey, you have so much to offer."

A pang of guilt nearly overtook me right then and there. I pulled away, walked to my plants, picked up the watering can and tended to them.

She walked over, took the watering can from my hands and then looked at me with concern clearly etched on her face. I owed her an explanation yet I didn't know what to say so I said softly, "I'm having many thoughts of love. It is very wrong though. I'm sorry, I cannot talk to you about it."

She said, "I probably understand more than you think but I'll honor your feelings and your decision to not talk to me about it. Would you like to talk to Father Ben about it? You two are close. He will probably understand your concern better than I can. Antoine, I love you. I will always love you no matter what. Just be true to yourself, okay? Promise me."

"Okay, I will speak with Father Ben. You are right. Thank you." I said then hugged her deeply, meaningfully.

She kissed my cheek again, and I kissed hers. We then went on about our business. About an hour later, with an armload of clothes under each arm, we took off and returned to Jim's house. While we were en route, we talked and decided that I'd go see Father Ben the following day, that she'd call the school to excuse me, but that we'd have to work something out about the media and security concerns.

Finally, we decided to have a late breakfast alone the following morning at Jim's home. I'd then ride in the limo with her to work then I'd walk/run/jog to the mission, but not before visiting Matt and Peter to let them know that I'd not be there working for a few days.

*-* Thursday *-*

I awoke early, performed my morning rituals in the bathroom, went down to the pool to wait for Peggy to awaken. David, Jeremy, Allen and Angel were already there. They were swimming their laps - naked. The morning sun was full and was glistening off the water, and shining off their wet bodies. The scene was really, really kewl to watch.

They invited me in however my dick was being unruly. Although they'd seen me and mine I still didn't feel comfortable with swimming in the naked state so I sat down in a lounge chair and watched them until they were finished. Without any concerns they got out of the water, gave me high-fives, bumped knuckles and the American way and then headed into the house. David hung behind and asked me if everything was okay because I seemed preoccupied. When I said I was okay we hugged lightly then he too went into the house.

A few minutes later a fully clothed Jeremy exited the house, walked over and invited me in for breakfast. I readily accepted his invitation. They were chowing down on the breakfast mom had made for them. David really thought something was wrong when she and I didn't partake but mom assured them we were fine, that we were going to have a late breakfast, and that we had other plans for the morning.


After the guys left for school, I urged mom to sit at the bar while I fixed us a healthy breakfast consisting of poached eggs, whole grain cereal, plenty of fruit and a glass of low-fat milk.

We then got dressed for the day. I decided to wear my jeans, a pull-over white shirt, and packed a bag of running shorts and a jock strap... I assured her that I'd change in the limo but wanted to look nice for the visit with Peter and Matt.

The limo dropped us off at the loading dock after they warned them we were on our way so that the area would be secure. I wasn't worried about myself as much as I was concerned for mom's safety and security.

Mom stopped in at Human Resources to file the paperwork to get a few days off from work. I was glad she was doing that because she'd looked so tired over the past several days.

Meanwhile, I went on upstairs to The Suite.


I awoke early. Peter was still sound asleep. I took off for the bathroom, drained my bladder, washed my hands and then went into the TV room after checking on Peter. He was still sound asleep. A few minutes later, a nurse arrived and gave me some medicine in the IV tubing. She then went to do the same for Peter.

She left and shortly thereafter Peter poked his head through the door to the TV room and motioned for me to follow him. When we got back in the room, he sat down on my bed next to me. He said, "We actually get some breakfast this morning. I can't wait. I'm so ready.

"Yeah, me too, definitely. My tummy's been grumbling something crazy."

Sure enough, a few minutes later, the nurse arrived carrying two trays of food. She said our meals had been specially prepared in that we were on a high protein diet to bolster our strength and to promote healing.

The breakfast steaks, oatmeal with raisins, fresh fruit and orange juice was heavenly, and we ate each and every morsel of the delectable offerings.

While we were eating, Peter said casually, "Antoine, he's a really neat guy. I see that you two are really becoming good friends. I'm really happy for you."

"Yup. He's cool. And he gives killer back rubs, that's for sure. He hit all my sore spots. I felt a hundred percent better by the time he finished. Did you know he even rubbed my ass good... gawd I thought I was going to... uhm, you know... anyway, it felt so damn good... and for the first time in months my dick even got hard... oops."

"So, what's the deal with you guys? Is he gay?"

"Well, most normal <chuckles> guys don't kiss other normal guys."

"You didn't!"

"We did. You and David can't have all the fun after all."

Peter giggled but his face turned noticeably red, and he fanned his gown in a gesture of cooling off.

"Well, I hope you guys are happy."

"Oh, Antoine has quite a few hangups about anything other than straight... yet he sure didn't mind kissing me... and he sure accepted my kiss. Did you see the bulge in his britches... gads, I about creamed my gown by just touching his body, and no we didn't feel each other out other than to hug. How about you, has your dick awoken yet?"

"A little bit. I woke up with a pretty good erection this morning but it wasn't interested in going any further." Peter said then looked down into the gown lying gently across his lap. It was tented out pretty darned good if I say so myself. Peter grinned. I too was hard as rock.

I gave Peter and ornery look, reached under my gown, grasped my cock, squeezed it tentatively and found the sensations to be quite pleasant. I said, "God, I'm hard again. Would you mind if I ..."

"Knock yourself out bro. Maybe if I hear you grunting and groaning over there then mine will wake up too." Peter giggled. I noticed that his hand went under his gown.

"Four days since my last one, this one ought to be a killer." I chuckled.

I rearranged myself so that I was lying comfortably in my bed. Peter laid down too.

I took a few tentative strokes just to see if my prong would fully arise to the occasion. It did. I looked to Peter. He grinned as he lifted his gown to his neck thus exposing his very erect dick. I settled down and began slowly stroking it with a specific purpose in mind.

After a couple of minutes paying sole attention to my prong, I looked over and saw that Peter was deliberately stroking his totally erect prong. His face was scrunching up. His legs were spread apart. His head was lying back on the pillow.

I looked down at my dick and saw a glistening about its head, and I hadn't even thought about using lube - not that I had any anyway. I squeezed my hand down and around my cock and began the pre-orgasm ritual... I was just about there... but not quite... I stroked harder and firmer. Then I felt my body tense up on the maximum. Just as I thought I was going to pass out from the pain, my dick produced a fountain of delight and shot into the air and landed on my chest and belly. Pulse after pule ejected.

At the same time I heard multiple exclamations of pain from the other side of our room, though it was muffled with deep sighs, grunts and groans. I came up from my orgasm just enough to see Peter eject his first volley of white hot molten lava onto his chest.

Meanwhile, my cock and my senses were going into overload yet again... actually, it was a continuation as yet another wave of orgasmic bliss overtook my body.

At the same time the doors opened into our room. It was two security guards. They looked concerned, but when they saw what was happening one of them said, "We're sorry for interrupting you. We thought you were in trouble or something."

With that the door closed. Peter began laughing and moaning and groaning because it hurt so much to laugh... yet I was laughing too.

We were both writhering in pain and muscle spasms when a male nurse walked in just as we were wiping up the evidences of our carnal desires and actions.

The nurse took pity. He left but returned quickly with two hypodermics of pain medicine, one for me and one for Peter.

Good night world.


My cell phone ringing woke me early, too early for my blood; I'm not a morning person as you may have gathered from reading my story to date. Peter's the early riser. I have no clue as to how he does it!

In any event when I pushed the Answer button all I heard was heavy breathing and someone giggling in the background. With every exhalation of breath came a grunt or groan. Peter. I knew his amorous grunts and groans like the back of my hand - I'd heard 'em all at one time or another... all times when we were in the throes of expressing our delights while physically engaged.

My already hard cock (I needed to pee in a addition to hearing Peter's seductive breathing) pulsed at the horny thoughts running through my mind.

He giggled and said, "Good morning David, my love. How did you like my wake up call?"

I giggled and said assuredly, "Babe, if you were here my junk would be all over you in a heartbeat. By the way, your lungs sound perfectly clear. I trust the giggling in the background is Matt..."

Peter laughed then immediately groaned from the discomfort caused by stretching and straining his incision.

"You okay, babe?"

A very ragged reply from he who I love with all my heart, "Y-e-a-h, I'm o-k-a-y. Uhm, wow, okay, there, better."

"So I guess phone sex is out of the question?" I giggled, idly playing with my fully erect member, wishing my Peter was there to 'play' with.

Peter giggled, "You horndog. Yeah." Then he went into the same renditions he had used while waking me up. I rolled onto my back, spread my legs, reached under the covers and took hole of my member but then he said, "Gotta go, love. Dr. Rasmussen's here."

"Damn. Just so you know, my hand is wrapped around my cock, I'm playing with it, it wants you."

"Ooof... so play with it. I love you. Talk to ya later." Click.

With that, I let go of my dong because a morning piss was of paramount importance, a first priority. I got up and headed into the bathroom where I took a much needed piss and let out a preserved fart that would make a trombone player proud of his or her accomplishment (and accompaniment).

With relief, I entered the shower, got the water to temperature and soaped up, paying particular attention to that which designates me as male located between my legs causing it to erupt like a volcano, feeling as if an earthquake struck in full force and effect though nothing was destroyed other than perhaps my vocal cords.

After getting dressed for school, I went downstairs and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast prepared by Jeremy, Angel and Allen. The conversation was lighthearted, jovial, friendly and loose.

We then headed to Alice' house for another day of learning and yearning. I liked school, and she was a damn good teacher, keeping us interested and permitting us to work at our pace, basically.


I went into the Human Resources department, received an immediate appointment with the director of nursing where I explained the situation with my son and my friends, and the need to take some time off and away from the hospital.

Gerta was empathetic as she and her husband had adopted 3 children during their earlier years. She gushed with pride and fondness that she had 6 grandchildren, and how they were the light of her life since her husband passed away a couple of years ago.

She signed the paperwork and put an additional 250 hours of PTO (paid time off) into my time bank. Loosely, I figured I had a total of about 600 hours of paid time off so that would carry us through several weeks without having to work, starting immediately. I had planned to continue working two or three shifts a week because I liked my work but was wore out because of the 10 hour days, overtime and being called in on my days off. I just decided there were more important things to life instead of working myself to death. Silently, I thanked Antoine for coming into my life to make this change in my life.

I also found myself liking, more and more, Jim and his family, day by day. I had no clue where our relationship was going, but I liked where the travels was headed.

With that accomplished, I headed to the The Suite where the boys were.

When I arrived on the unit, Antoine, being ever the caretaker was getting Matt and Peter situated to take their showers.

After greeting me, Antoine turned to the business at hand and went into the bathroom with Matt and closed the door. Peter looked at me oddly then grinned and shrugged his shoulders. A chill went up and down my spine, not because I was shocked and appalled but rather I hoped he was finding a friend to share his life with, or certain parts of it, or something, I wasn't sure where I was going with those thoughts.

While they were in the shower, I checked both Peter and Matt's charts, made a few notes of my own observations. They were progressing rapidly, and Drs. Rasmussen, Miller, Borkwin and Waite were pleased with their post operative course. I was amazed at Peter's progress having come from deaths' doorstep to being well on the road to recovery.

About 20 minutes later Matt and Antoine emerged from the restroom. Matt was covered only by a towel around his midsection while Antoine was fully dressed however his hair was wet and dripping on his shirt. Both had impish looks on their faces, and Matt with his lighter skin was definitely flushed.

When Antoine saw me, his facial expressions changed from impish to concerned. He quickly escorted Peter into the bathroom and returned alone a couple of minutes later while giving Peter instructions to call him so he could wash his back.

I said to Antoine, "Okay young man, I'll take care of Peter. You run on and take care of what you need to do. I'll be leaving before too long and will be at home by noon time."

He knew I wasn't kidding around about his off-time away from the hospital and his duties. He walked to Matt and much to my surprise engaged Matt into a hug then he walked to me, kissed my cheek and strode out of the room.

Matt said, "Ma'am, you son's kewl. I hope that our friendship grows... you know."

I replied, "He's a remarkable young man. He's got some things to work through, in fact he's on his way to talk to a friend about those issues..."

Just then Peter called from the shower saying he was ready for his back to be washed so I took off and did just that. I then helped him out of the shower and dried those areas he could not reach and wrapped a towel around his midsection to afford him his privacy though he didn't seem too concerned about it because when we got into his room, he dropped the towel to the floor and waited for me to help him into a hospital gown.

After making sure they were well situated I announced that I was taking some time off from my duties as a nurse but assured them I'd come up and bring Antoine at frequent intervals.


Security escorted me to the limo waiting at the hospital's loading doc. I instructed the driver to drop me off at the pier and to please close the window separating the front from the back.

Once we were on our way, I stripped naked then with Matt at the forefront in my mind jacked myself into depravity and then wiped the evidence of my sin onto the shirt I'd been wearing. I then put on my jock strap followed by the bright orange running shorts followed by a loose black pullover muscle shirt.

When we arrived at the pier I thanked the driver and took off down the beach.

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