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The Light

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 68

As I walked over to take my seat next to the podium, Mr. Samuelson stood then firmly shook my hand. Mrs. Montgomery looked very tired yet she smiled warmly, took my hands in hers then whispered, "You spoke from your heart, and did just fine."

After the applause, cheers, cat calls, whistles, and yes, a few boos ceased, Mrs. Montgomery took the podium and said sincerely, "Thank you Antoine. You are a remarkable young man. You are going to go places in your life."

<Mixed applause and boos>.

"Thank you. Thank you. Okay, our next speaker is Mr. Samuelson, the superintendent of schools for our district. Mr. Samuelson." Mrs. Montgomery added once the noise died down.

The room was quiet as Mr. Samuelson walked to the podium, took his place, adjusted the microphone, cleared his throat and began speaking.

"First of all Antoine, I apologize to you and to each and every student who has been on the recipient end of the bullying, sexual harassment, denigration, and yes, even hate crime behaviors. Rest assured the buck stops here and now."


When the room quieted down, Mr. Samuelson continued "Mrs. Montgomery and I have had many meaningful discussions over the past several days. Those talks continue. We will soon be meeting with your student council to clearly define the behaviors that must and will stop, and consequences if they continue."

"The world has too little respect for its brothers and sisters. This school and other schools in this district and the great State of Hawaii prides itself, or should pride itself with its diversity of opinion, racial lines, nationalities, excellent educational opportunities available to all who chose to utilize it. We also have our beautiful beaches that bring tourists worldwide to our islands. We have so much to be proud of. Let's not tarnish the good people that we are by allowing hateful and criminal activity within our doors, or outside of those doors."

<LOUD APPLAUSE …………………………………>

"Before I close, I want to say to you that each and every student in this school and others within our district deserve respect. I demand it. Many bullied students fear reprisals, ridicule and/or heinous forms of violence upon them for reporting the bullying activity. Treat your brother or sister student with respect, dignity and foster a place of safety for them, and for you. If you see bullying happening, report it. You just may save his or her life."

"Lastly, make a positive influence in someone's life today and every day of your lives. You have only a few short years until you are officially adults, let the change happen with you today. Thank you."

<Applause ……………………………………………..>

When the school bell rang signifying the end of the day, I went to my locker and deposited the books I had been carrying around. No homework had been assigned – yeah!

Just as I was getting ready to close my locker door, Harry walked up and gave me a warm hug and a smile. "See you tomorrow. And … thanks."

"Hey, walk with me to the bus." I said pleasingly.

"Nah, my step dad is picking me up, but thanks, see ya tomorrow." Harry said hurriedly then took off through the throng of students filling the hallways.

While heading in a different direction, several classmates gave me pats on the back, good-byes, some of the girls wanted a hug which I gave and received, some of the guys high-fived me, and still others either ignored me or gave me malevolent looks out of the corners of their eyes.

The sun felt really good as I made my way out of the school building. My bus had arrived; it was the second from the end so I made my way to it.

Before I arrived, Jim and David were walking up the sidewalk waiving frantically. I wondered why they were there since the other guys were home schooled, so they had no other reason to be at school, "What's going on?" I asked sincerely.

"The media is at your house, Antoine." Jim said.

"What? Why would they be there? Where are we going? I don't like this one bit." I replied.

"Antoine, it's pretty complicated. Basically, Peter and Matt were involved with, they were victims of abuse. Their lives were threatened. We suspect Matt's injuries were those threats made into reality. We are going to talk about all of this tonight. Trust us for a little longer, okay?" Jim said.

"Okay. That still does not explain how they got to our house." I replied inquisitively.

"Have you ever heard 'guilty by association'?"

"No, I haven't."

"Guilty by association means that because you have been around us you are associated with us. For example our limo has taken you and your mom to your home so now you are associated with us in some way – though they do not know how we are associated, we just are. Does that make sense to you?"

"They followed us?"

"Yes, I am afraid so." Jim replied evenly never once leaving my eyes.

"Okay, I understand now."

That said we got into the stretch limo and headed toward the house that Peggy and I shared. Jim explained that we would be staying with them until the media blitz was finished.

Feeling that I may have been at fault, I shared about the assembly and the tough stance administration was going to take about the issues.

After we got to my place, I picked out several pieces of clothing, arranged them neatly in a suitcase Peggy supplied then watered my plants good, arranged the lighting in a way that David had suggested.

Before we left, Peggy came into my room, drew me into a hug that I readily returned then we sat down on my bed.

"This is only going to be for a short time. Jim arranged transportation for you to and from school, and anywhere else that you need or want to go to. You'll have your own room as will I. The guys like you very much and I sense that you like them very well also. I think this is going to work out okay, just give it time, okay?

"My plants … they need to be watered at least every other day … and … okay. Peggy?"

"Mmmm hmm." Peggy said while drawing me into her bosom, rubbing my head with her free hand, and kissing me on the top of my head.

"Never mind. I was just thinking of something very selfish. Let's go."


"Yes ma'am."

"We' are going to be okay. You and I will have plenty of 'us' time. We can make it happen just as we are doing here today, right now, okay?"

We then took a few minutes to catch up on the happenings at school today, how proud she was that I stepped up then she encouraged me to be proud because of what I had to do.

Previously … From Chapter 64 "The Light" When our stories were told, when our tears were dried up, when smiles overtook and enveloped us, when peace and serenity replaced heartache and angst, when our pain and suffering were replaced with purpose – with levity, banter, joy and peace we prepared for and made homemade ice cream and ate every single drop.

When the rest of the family was heading to bed I pulled Jim aside then said solemnly and determinedly "Jim, I'll help you in any way that I can to bring those idiots to justice for what they did to Matt and Peter. Because of my work, I have met many people both good and bad. Where did those criminals, where did those cock roaches run away to?"

"They went to Cuba. I want you to stay out of this. You have other people that love you to consider."

"Jim, during my training I was also taught about covert activities …"




"I have a contact …"

"No. Your safety and ours is most important. Your getting involved in that situation is not going to keep you safe, Antoine."

"Jim … if you could do or at least try to do something and didn't …"

Jim was not angry with me, not in any sense of the word although he was getting quite irritated with my insistence. I guess I was going out on a limb to even think of my contact back in Cuba. He might be dead, in jail … or may have moved away.

"I don't even know if my contact would or could help but it's worth a shot. He was good to me."

"I want his name and where he is located." Jim said decisively. When he realized that I was only trying to help, and when I realized that he was only trying to protect his family … Jim spoke much more softly and added, "Antoine …"

"Yes sir."

"I need his name."

"Sir, I don't know if he can help, or if he will. I'm not going to out …"

Just then Matt came walking into the TV room. He came to me then rested his hand on the waistband of my shorts after rubbing my back lightly with his fingernails. Absentmindedly on his part, very noticeable on my part, his hand then trailed down inside of my underwear where he was lightly caressing that crevice between my cheeks. I tried to stay focused on the conversation that Jim and I was having, however, Matt's touches were electrifying.

Jim regarded me carefully then said, "We'll talk about this later when we get some time, okay?" Did I note the hint of a smile on his face?

I nodded my understanding. At that, he walked into the kitchen where he and Peggy embraced warmly and kissed meaningfully.

"Whatcha talking to Jim about?" Matt said very sleepily. Then quickly, very quickly he pulled his hand out of my shorts after realizing where it had been. "Oops, sorry ..." he added apologetically.

I started to say that it was okay for him to be there but then I looked into his eyes and saw shame clearly written on his face. He looked down to the floor and found an imaginary spot on the carpet and stared at it. Not caring who was watching or listening, I raised his face to mine then planted a warm and gentle kiss on his lips.

Just as I told Matt "I love you …" David, Peter, Allen and Angel entered the room. They took one look at us then David said "Come on guys, let's go. Let's give them some space."

"Come on in guys. We were just spending a moment of alone time together, weren't we?" Matt said innocently.

"Yup." I replied smiling.

"Okay, we were headed to bed. Good night. Love you bro. Love you bro." Peter said grinning.

We group hugged warmly then everybody headed out leaving us once again alone.

"Did you say that you loved me? Did I hear that right? If so, say it again." Matt asked incredulously.

"Yes, yes, and yes I love you." I replied truthfully then our lips came together as one automatically and instinctively.

"Do you want to watch TV or something?" Matt asked half-heartedly all the while looking deeply into my eyes while I looked deeply into his eyes.

Matt then pulled away slightly after we came together and experienced the sensations of being together maleness to maleness. He got this look of smirk on his face then he reached down to his front section and scratched his left groin with elaboration, making sure that I saw what he was 'really' scratching. His penis was clearly outlined within the soft silky fabric of his loose fitting shorts. My cock still had not really calmed down since he had put his hand down the back of my own shorts so I, too, reached down to my groin and scratched likewise just as he had done. His eyes got great big like saucers.

Without saying one single word, we joined hands and headed upstairs. Despite his mild protests, I carried him from the landing to the bathroom then closed the door behind us. He headed to the toilet then with great difficulty and grimacing and straining made his contribution for the day. When he was finished, I took his place while he got into the shower and got it to a pleasant temperature.

Taking the initiative for the very first time as a wave of warm emotions came upon me; I pulled him into my arms and against my throbbing member then kissed him passionately until he whimpered, until he violently left trails of his essence in my pubes patch. Simultaneously, the second he shot his hot and soapy essence against my manhood my own essence spewed and joined his.

Still … we had not said one word to one another yet we said volumes through our hearts, lips, tongues and male organs. As we returned to conscious state, I began washing his lithe body with all of the love and caring that I could come up with. I swear that he was purring like a kitten being petted.

Saving his butt for last, I looked at him questioningly. His answer was to simply pull himself into me cock to cock, look me in the eyes then nod affirmatively.

I retrieved an ample supply of body wash liquid in my hand then commenced to wash his back for him gently. Feeling confident, my hands lowered down until I was cupping his cheeks. After washing them gently and completely, Matt pulled himself into me even more then pouted his butt cheeks out as if he were inviting me there – he was. Encouraged, I rubbed soap suds in and around his anal dimple. He took a very deep breath when I lingered at the opening of his anal canal then he took an even deeper one and let out a little squeal of pleasure when my first digit invaded that which I had previously thought of as being only a place where one eliminates nasty wastes from. With his squeals of delight, the relaxation of his butt muscles and his hard penis poking me in my groin I began making the transition from my old ways thinking to my new ways of thinking in that I would do whatever was necessary to please the person I loved with all of my heart.

As if he were reading my mind, perhaps he was, his hand found my globes then he began massaging them in a way that I found extremely pleasurable. I tensed, however, when his finger ran over that place that I had previously found disgusting. I wondered why he reacted differently than I was reacting. Sensing my confusion, he took his finger directly out of my crack then rubbed my cheeks some more – but came back to me and I permitted him to gently massage that place that I might have begun to think of as more than just a …

While I was sortakinda making the transition into pleasurable feelings, I realized then that my finger was fully enraptured into his most sensitive cavern. Matt continued to moan and sigh and tense up then loosen as I gently but definitely finger fucked him.

Matt's body began shaking slightly. His grasp loosened and he quit teasing my taint area. "I'm really getting tired, come on let's finish up then go to bed, okay?"

He gasped audibly when I removed my digits from his behind. I looked carefully at my finger and when I saw that it was clean I smelled it. It only smelled like soap suds and only slightly musky but not unpleasant at all. Hmmm.

After drying off, Matt without a care in the world grabbed my hand and together we walked stark raving naked from the bathroom to our room with our very erect penises leading the way. I tried to gather up my schlong into my hands but Matt would have no part of it as he would grab my hand and put it on his smooth butt and grin like a Cheshire cat. Lucky for us, err rather lucky for me the coast was clear and we did not meet anyone going to our room.

After arriving, Matt closed the door, locked it then said very softly in a way that I had never before heard him talk, "I have a feeling that great things are going to get wild in here tonight." He took hold of my penis, squeezed it several times then leaned down and kissed it warmly.

Together, we joined in a hot passionate kiss. I was feeling feelings that I had never before felt – but – I loved those feelings that Matt was providing to me, and by the sounds of his muffled whimpering he too was feeling a-okay about what we were doing.

When I felt my ardor rising exponentially, I gently separated us, smiled like I had never before smiled then took his hands in mine. Matt, however, had other plans and once again he grasped my dong then very softly he said absolutely earnestly, "Antoine, I want you inside of me. I've just got to feel every bit of you. Let's not hold back this time. You will not hurt me so don't worry, okay? And you will be fine. We can and will make love so just don't hold back."

Tears began leaking furiously from my eyes after thinking that someone would want my monster inside of them. And that person was Matt, and only Matt. Overcome with my emotions, Matt took me into his arms and just let me cry and cry and cry until I could cry no more. When the last of my tears fell, my fears fell away too. "Matt, before we become one there is something I have to tell you. I love you Matt. I never thought I would ever love another guy because I was told and taught that that kind of love was wrong and that I would go to hell for all of eternity, and then some, for even thinking of doing such a thing. They told me that my penis was a curse and that nobody would ever want it inside of them. My father said that it would never fit into a woman. He said that a woman would run away from it totally terrorized and horrified."

"Well, I don't know if this <he took hold of my dick then squeezed it firmly> will fit into a woman or not. I'm not a woman <Matt giggled wildly, and his giggles are infectious> but I know that with some patience your little big man there will fit inside of me just fine."

Without further adieu, Matt took one of the condoms out of its wrapper then lubed up the last 5 or 6 inches of my fully elongated cock-meat. He played around with putting the condom on however, giggling wildly, determined that it would only pop off inside of his canal if I were to have worn it so we discarded it in the trash can.

We laid down on the bed face to face then did some very serious tongue lashing, searching for, wanting, needing something way down deep inside of our throats. Although we did not find what we were looking for, we sure had fun trying.

Despite our earlier release, the heads of our dicks were leaking copious amounts of a thin, slightly oily substance. Curiously, I moved down and licked the substance from his fully erect and needy penis. The taste was similar to the taste of his jizz but not quite. Matt explained the fluid is natural lubrication but that it would not be enough for us.

We then arranged the pillows on the bed so that he could like down on them because it would allow me to maximally penetrate his love offering. Next, I copiously lubricated my fingers and the entirety of my cock with the tube of lube liquid until he was once again gaping wide open and I was harder than I had ever been up to that point in time.

When Matt could no longer stand my finger ministrations, he guided my fully erect dick to the opening of his love canal then pushed back letting me know that it was time for me to enter and do what comes naturally.

Matt winced slightly as my head made its entrance but assured me that he was fine and for me to keep going until he said to stop. He never said to stop. Slowly, I allowed my body to just take over however when my peak rapidly approached, I stopped while fully and completely impaling the person I loved and held it for a few minutes until the feeling passed.

Matt, meanwhile was whimpering and begging for more and more of my dick, grunting and groaning, pushing his rectum in an upstroke as I down stroked.

Needing no further encouragements my body took over completely though my disciplines slowed my pace down enough so that we could savor each and every moment and to control that which my body was, at times, barely controlling. When the unspoken screams became so loud, I would either slow down considerably or stop any motion altogether to prolong our exquisite lovemaking and physical bonding moments.

As time went along, I became convinced that Matt would definitely have to feel this for himself. I resolved with all certainty that I would give to him my virginal ass utterly and completely just as he had done with me right then and there. Gone were the fears that I had experienced about anyone having me in that way. It was then that I fully realized that any trace of my previously ill advised disgusting thoughts had left me entirely. They were to never return. It was then, at that moment, that I fully and truly realized that my ass would be a source of pleasure that I would not deny Matt.

Tears once again formed in my eyes then made a little trail down his back.

"What's wrong babe? Why are you crying?"

"Nothing is wrong. I just feel so connected with you … I've never felt this way before. Matt?"

"Uhm hmmm."

"I want you to do this to me, please."

"Okay." Matt said with a slight hesitance in his sweet young voice.

Start. Stop. Fast. Slow. Just right. That is how we made love. I looked at the clock – I couldn't believe we had been making love for nearly an hour; we were still going but the stops and slowdowns were becoming much more frequent and urgent. Matt was lying underneath me. He was doing his part by pushing up against my down strokes. Every once in a while he would clamp his sphincter down tight around my slowly stroking flesh spear. Those were the times that I usually had to stop mid-stroke to keep from going over the edge into the chasm of oblivion.

Then it happened. I was stroking rather vigorously, and found that I could no longer stop or even slow down. At the same time, Matt bore down on his bowels then clamped his rectal muscles tightly with everything he had and could give around my rigidity. I couldn't take it anymore. That orgasm was different, much different in that I had ever had before experienced a slow and thunderous and long lasting trip to Nirvana. The orgasm was not at all sharp and quick to end as most of my jacking off sessions had been. Together, we rode it out until we could no longer ride it out because my pony went soft and dismounted.

During my recovery time, Matt kept saying over and over and over and over again how much he loved me, how much he entirely felt connected to us and that that time was just the beginning of a long and fulfilling intimate relationship that included sex as a part of it.

When I rolled off of my lover, my confidante, my friend and soul mate, I felt complete, something I had never ever felt before.

I pulled him into my arms, held him firmly then we kissed passionately like there was no tomorrow … Matt was kissing me differently however. He was tense and getting tenser. I suddenly realized that he had not yet made his own orgasmic journey to Nirvana.

We both thought that I would have trouble with being pegged in that I'd never had anyone's meat in my locker, and had been so skittish about even him touching me there in such a way. Matt was very patient with me in that he took hand lotion and massaged me from the top of my neck down to my toes, leaving any contact with my cheeks and pucker out of the equation … until … he was going up my legs at which time he slowly passed over my buns trailing his thumb through my natural partition. While I involuntarily clamped my cheeks together, I found that it, at the same time, felt good, exquisitely good. He continued on up my back then came back down again after squeezing another large dollop of lotion into the palm of both of his hands. Instead of just glossing over my buns, he lingered and waited and waited for me to loosen up. But it was not to be.

"I have a plan babe. I think you will like it but if you don't then we'll go to plan C."

"What's plan C?" I asked anxiously.

"I don't know yet, but I'll be thinking." Matt said chuckling. As I have always said, Matt's giggles, chuckling and laughing is contagious.

Matt and I rearranged ourselves so that it was my butt sticking up in the air this time – after we spent some time sucking face, dashing tongues against the others' tongue. When we parted our lips Matt said, "Okay, here's Plan B. Don't get grossed out. I really want to make you feel pleasure where you haven't yet learned to feel pleasure."

After I was lying face down on the bed with my ass higher than my head, Matt got on top of me. He too was face down. I felt his very hard dick trailing against the back of my legs. It was a very pleasant feeling. He continued to descend down my back until he was feather kissing my globes from the outside toward the inside of my cleft however he did not dive in until I began feeling pleasure from his ministrations. He later said that I was involuntarily parting my cheeks by up stroking against his touches whereas had I been repulsed I would have pushed into the bed instead of toward him.

He then took his hands and firmly grasped the front of my hips and then dove face first into 'that' place. And dive he did. His tongue was lashing laboriously against my back door – and I fucking loved it. Immediately I began pushing hard into his face. Then it happened, with his tongue he entered the outer recesses of my anal canal – and he kept going and going and going. By this time, I was enraptured totally and completely. My prong too grew to the size of beanstalk proportions.

At some point in time, Matt squeezed lotion onto his fingers then he lifted his tongue out of my hole and began using his fingers to invade my sanctum until three of them were fully enmeshed into those muscular petals. No more was I thinking of what came out of there, instead I was thinking of what I wanted inside … then my body demanded more. I actually wanted more of him in there until I could no longer stand it. "Spear me, and spear me now. I need to feel all of your everything deep inside of me. You need to scratch that itch that no finger can reach. Matt, make love to me. Do it now!"

"Wait a minute while I …"

Thirty seconds later I felt his steel rod up against my back door which was still opened to epic levels. Gently he flexed his hips so that his dick was hard against my pucker. I felt his little head gaining entry, slowly, millimeter by millimeter by millimeter by millimeter. My butthole was, despite it feeling relaxed, giving spasms of protest against any further intrusion. Matt, sensing my reservations, pulled away from my hole then said, "Grunt down just like when you take a big shit. That will relax you the last tiny bit …"

Matt, once again, bless his soul, used his fingers to vigorously finger fuck my hole. He's smooth because when I bore down, it was not his fingers that were entering my tunnel because soon I felt his scraggly pubes on my soft butt cheeks. Then his footing, so to speak, slipped. He finished the passage into my inner sanctum. I was speared. And I loved every last feeling that I was feeling.

Alarmed, Matt began pulling out of me and said, "Sorry about that I'll pull out until you get used to my being there."

"No. No, don't leave, not yet. You feel fine inside of me. I am totally relaxed there, and oh, Matt, I am so completely 'with' you. God, I love you so much. Spill your seed into me so that I can carry you wherever I go."

That said Matt began rocking in my hole, sending me to places where I had never before been to, where I never even imagined going to. Unlike when my pole was in his hot steaming canal, his thrusts became urgent, jerk like and passionate. He was pounding my cheeks with his pubic area.

Then he too went over the edge. I was pounding upward while he was pounding downward. Somewhere during our love making and his imminent orgasm he had reached down and grabbed a firm hold on my cock then put it between my belly and the pillows. He was squeezing it rhythmically.

At the moment of his impact he squeezed me for all he was worth … and as his dick splattered the insides of my guts while I sprayed a massive quantity of my own jizz into the fabric of our pillows. Spasm after spasm overtook our screaming bodies … we were screaming for more and more and more and more … until we could no longer scream, until we could no longer splash our seed because no seed was left to give.

Totally spent, Matt collapsed flat down on my back and laid there silently save for his deep breaths entering and leaving his lungs.

Matt then began sniffling loudly. His chest was heaving against my back. By then, his dick was soft and had plopped out of my newly found love tool. By the time we rearranged ourselves so that he was lying on top of my chest and belly where he wept and wept. I simply held him firmly letting him know that I was there for him.

When he regained a modicum of composure, we kissed very gently. I stayed quiet so that he would feel safe to share with me what he had become emotional about. After a few minutes, he raised his head then looking directly into my eyes said "I love you so much. I have to tell you this <sniffle> … nobody had ever let me make love to them as you just did. I'd never been inside of anybody ever before … and I am glad they did not allow it because if they would have then I would not have had this experience, my first experience with you."

We continued to lie there for a while. We were just reveling and resting and finding absolute certainty with each other in our post orgasmic relaxed state.

"I've got to pee and we need to take a shower." Matt said softly.

That said, he reached up and turned the bedside table light on that shattered the darkness our eyes had been accustomed to.

I began laughing uncontrollably when we lifted him off of me. What struck me absolutely funnily was that his dick was a bright purple. It was one of the condoms that had been chosen for us to wear by Peggy. I could not believe it but there it was in Technicolor.

He slid the very used condom off of his now very-wilted prong of pleasure. A gush of his cum exuded from its reservoir. After he discarded it into the trash can, we got up then went to the bathroom where we took a quick shower, dried off then went back to our room where we fell fast asleep in each others' arms peacefully and contentedly.

*-* Several days later, Saturday *-*

The day started out beautifully in that I awoke with my friend, lover and confidante, all in one great package, lying by my side with his head nestled into my neck, breathing softly, his arm draped across my chest … and a very wet and sticky tummy. Knowing what 'that' was, I scooped up his essence then licked it clean while thoroughly savoring each and every morsel. I can never get enough of his fine protein desert. The flavor was definitely David's. Mine has a different taste and texture – not unpleasant, just different.

With my other hand I began lazily jacking my own prong that had arisen to the occasion however before I got very far, David turned around then while smiling he lowered his head down and began sucking my pleasure fountain in earnest. Since I was already very hot and ready, my moment arrived very quickly. He readily welcomed and accommodated my offering.

After taking a quick shower, we headed downstairs for breakfast and togetherness. Matt and Antoine, Allen and Angel, even dad and Peggy all had smiles and hearty good mornings … hmmm … I liked.

October 31st is Jeremy's birthday so we had planned a surprise big birthday bash though we acted like we had forgotten him. The finale would be to eat at a Thai restaurant for dinner later that evening.

Once breakfast was consumed, cleanup commenced then when those tasks were accomplished, we took off and did what needed to be done: Antoine took off for his morning run while David, Jeremy, Allen, Angel and I went to the pool, swam our laps then goofed off for a while.

When Antoine returned home he caught my attention wanting me to go into the garage with him. After we arrived, he had an inquisitive look on his face then he pulled out a little box from inside of his underwear, opened it. He had purchased a very beautiful mothers' ring. He asked solemnly "Do you think Peggy will like it?"

"No doubt that is awesomely beautiful. Oh, she will love it, I guarantee it. If I were a mother then … well, never mind … you know … okay, anyway that won't ever happen … I'd love it!" I giggled. Antoine giggled wildly too. He really has a very beautiful smile.

Later, despite Matt's protests that it was not his day, we took off for the mall to get him dressed out in his own clothes. He had been begging, borrowing and, well no, he was not stealing … but, whatever, we decided he needed something to call his own.

He picked out his own clothes … you should have seen him. He looked like a little kid in a candy store, trying on this or that, asking how he looked, assessing himself in the mirrors, etc. A real fashion queen he was acting like. In any event, we were hooting and hollering at his antics. His last selection was a pair of shorts and a shirt and demanded that I get a pair just like he had so that we would definitely be known as or seen as the 'typical' identical twins.

After finishing him off with a pair of expensive tennis shoes and paying for everything, we rode the escalator up to the third level with plans to hit the underwear shop. The only rule was that Antoine would get to pick out what HE would like Matt to wear. It was a hoot, he was so embarrassed but we, ha haa, forced him to do it. His protests were all in fun, of course.

What was even funnier than him picking out Matt's underwear was that we had Matt grab several pair in Antoine's size. Antoine knew something was up but did not know until we got to the register when Matt pulled his selections out to pay for. After his initial embarrassment passed he joined us giggling. The clerk was not sure what we were all laughing about and gave us the 'look' of realizing we just might be crazy; we were crazy but that is beside the point.

The next stop was the hair salon where we all got haircuts. Matt's hair had grown out, in tufts of varying lengths, and well, it needed styling. His choice was high and tight. I liked it so well that I too made the same selection. David did too. So did Allen while Angel chose a longer length.

We went down to the arcade while Jeremy, Dad and Peggy made their choices. When they were done, they came and got us then we hit to food court to eat something very light to tide us over until dinner time.

On the way out of the mall, we stopped by the cell phone store where Matt looked over several varieties but dad stopped the purchase process because he wanted to issue Matt one of the special cell phones from his company so that he would be on the same page as us.

On the way home, we stopped in at dad's work where he got Matt outfitted with his own phone. While we were there, Peggy selected a new phone for her and Antoine – we were all on the same page for communications.

When we got home, Matt and I laid down for a power nap, tired from the mall exertions.

After arriving at the Thai restaurant just after 6pm, everybody placed their drink and food orders. The mood was very lighthearted, very warm, very receiving, very giving – and we, especially our brothers and teen aged friends were very hungry.

Dad had somehow announced to the waiter that our celebration was for Jeremy, much to his surprise.

When we took a break between courses dad handed Jeremy the keys to a brand new fully fitted out Ford F150 pickup truck that had been delivered to the restaurant parking lot right after we had arrived. He, Allen, Angel, Jason and William took off excitedly to see it while David, Antoine, Peggy, dad and I ordered deserts.

After the desert order was placed, I got up needing to use the restroom. We all needed to use the can, except for Peggy who was going to hold our table.

Upon arriving, I noticed that one of the two stalls were in use. Everybody else lined up at urinals, whipped their things out and went to draining their cans. I went into the empty stall, closed the door then got my pants down just as the first turd was dropping. Immediately, I noticed that two people were in the other stall … while it looked weird I kept busy at the task at hand until a little boy screamed in excruciating agony. Quickly, I lowered my head down then I screamed "Dad, Antoine – RAPE!!!! HELP HIM!" I then hurried squeezed out the last turd along, made a quick swipe then opened the stall door just as Antoine gave the next stall a powerful kick sending it flying off of its hinges.

The rest happened in slow motion. In a whirlwind, the bad guy was lying out cold on the floor cold with blood all about his face and running out of his nose and mouth.

The second that dad saw the little boy lying across the toilet he pushed the red button twice on his special phone. Once was a direct call to the city police and security operatives at his company. The second was to EMS.

In the seconds that followed, Antoine came out of the stall carrying one very frightened boy of about 12 years old, or so. The boy had blood and other such things flowing out of his back end. Dad told David to go get Peggy now!

He returned quickly then came to my side as we gently talked to the boy in an attempt to get him calmed down while Antoine held him firmly to assure him that he was now safe. When the boy was settling down Antoine said, "There, there little man. He won't hurt you ever again. You're safe now. Don't you worry, child. If anybody ever hurts you again … well never mind, I love you. What's your name?"

"Andy. What's yours?" Andy said sniffling profusely while looking into Antoine's eyes, as if Antoine were an angel.

"My name's Antoine. These here are David, Peter, and the man there is Jim … we are here to help you."

"Police and the emergency medical team are on their way, Andy." Jim said seriously. Dad kept his distance from Andy because he did want to frighten him anymore than he already was.

"What happened little man?"

"He hurt me. My dad hurt me."

"Okay, let me wipe you. I'll be real gentle."

"I can wipe myself."

"No don't." Dad said then added after a pause, "The police need to do that. They will want to take evidence."

"He'll never pleasure himself again." Antoine said totally serious pointing to the man lying motionless, but breathing, on the floor next to him.

Dad began checking out the idiot who did what he did to Andy then after being assured that the guy was still breathing Antoine said casually, "He's alive, at least for now he is."

Just then Peggy came tearing into the bathroom, surveyed the scene quickly then walked over to Antoine who was holding Andy in his arms.

"Andy was raped, Peggy, we caught him in the act." Antoine said sadly as tears ran out of his eyes and down his face.

After suddenly realizing that my pants and underwear were still around my ankles, I quickly took care of that little issue just as several city police officers stormed into the bathroom with guns out and at the ready and pointed toward us. They were screaming, "FREEZE. ON THE FLOOR. NOW!!!! GET ON THE FLOOR NOW!!!"

Matt quickly got down on the floor then spread eagled with great difficulty and pain. Dad got on his knees holding Peggy protectively. David did a controlled fall, landing on his face with his crutches each going one way away from him. I started to get pissed off but held myself in check. Matt took my hand in his and held it firmly then I too got down.

Just then Jeremy, Allen and Angel entered the bathroom which scared the hell out of one of the officers. Quickly, he pointed his gun at them which scared the hell out of them. They complied with his demands to lie face down on the floor and to not move.

Just then dad said "I'm James Blake. We walked in on this child being raped. That is his father – he is the one who raped him. We are here to help him not hurt him. Please, my two sons lying on the floor have recently had major surgery. My other son, he is an amputee. We are all complying but my boys are in tremendous pain in their current positions."

Antoine meanwhile was totally defiant to the officer's demands to put Andy down and assume the same position on the floor. "Don't worry little man, they are here to protect you and well, if they won't I will."

Dad got pissed off. He got up from his kneeling position then placed himself directly between the cops and Antoine and Andy and Peggy who were huddled together in a cocoon. Meanwhile, Peggy had continued to minister to Andy whispering softly and reassuringly that all would be okay.

Antoine then handed Andy off to dad who took him in his arms, held him firmly then he made a move to stand between dad and the cops who still had their guns out. Now that Andy and dad were out of a clear shot, the officers pointed their weapons directly at Antoine's head all the while screaming for him to hit the deck and assume the position.

Instead of complying, Antoine assumed the fighter's stance. The look in his eyes was intense. His eyes never wavered and only blinked occasionally.

"Antoine chill it man! You're going to get hurt." I said seriously. He never even moved. Matt tried the same thing. I figured that if his love could not get to Antoine, then things were really screwed up and my stomach began doing flip flops but I maintained.

"Don't Antoine. Just comply with their request. Don't make this any harder than it already is. Think of Andy." Dad said softly.

"Get the guns away from my brothers. Then and only then will I comply with your stupid demands. If you hurt anyone in here then you will wish that you had never been born." Despite their screaming and dad's admonishments, Antoine maintained his position.

"Antoine, don't do it. They have to make sure that none of us did anything to hurt this boy. Think very carefully about what you are about ready to do. Stop. Look. Listen." Peggy said beseechingly.

Meanwhile, I felt myself quickly on the brink of losing control of my stomach contents. I became absolutely and totally overwhelmed with fright at seeing my brothers and friends under siege then, suddenly, I began puking then darkness settled in …

Peter's getting sick pissed me off... not at him but the whole fucking situation (sorry boys, I curse on occasion), and the fear that the boys were experiencing, with cause.

With all the steel I could muster into my voice, I said to the cop standing over Antoine, "Stand down you fucking bozos. Do it now."

With a much softer tone, yet it was more of an order than a pleading, I added, "Antoine, lay the hell down. Comply so that we can get these guys the medical help they need."

Antoine intently looked into my face, clearly surprised at my choice of words and inflection. Nevertheless, he complied knowing that I meant business.

What the cop did next just pissed the hell out of me: He put his knee in Antoine's back and leaned his full weight into it causing Antoine to scream out in pain. The boy went ballistic in that he quickly worked his way out of the hold on him and sent the officer to the ground. Another cop quickly yanked his tazer from its holster then without warning shot Antoine in the chest, nearly point blank.

That sent Antoine into convulsions and caused him to projectile vomit.

Not giving one fuck what they did to me, I quickly rolled over and pulled Peggy under me and then grabbed Andy by his shirt and joined him with Peggy. The boy was shaking uncontrollably.

I looked up just in time to see them detain David, Peter and Matt while they were lying on the floor. The last straw was when they pushed Jeremy forcibly to the floor, twisting his head unnaturally so that it was positioned between the adjoining walls. They then cuffed him... I'd never seen Jeremy that mad... he was so mad that he began crying – not for him but because of what one of the officers was doing to David, they were arresting him for resisting.

Pure, uncontrollable bedlam was unfolding right in front of my eyes, and there was not one good goddamned thing I could do about it because I was being cuffed, all the while being screamed at to comply.

When we were all cuffed, one of the officers yanked Andy from his safe place and stood up. Unable to stop himself he vomited then lost control of his bowels which sent a torrent of brown stinky stuff – all over the officers' shoes. I smiled despite the predicament we were all in.

My grin was soon replaced with shards of pain as I was yanked up and slammed into the wall. Peggy was then cuffed, her face only inches from Andy's bodily fluids and solids.

Angrily I said, "We've complied with your stupid demands, get those paramedics in here right now. You bozos are so screwed; I promise you... you'll be lucky to be selling hot dogs on a street corner."

As the last words left my mouth – the posse, my security crew, arrived and quickly took control of the situation. EMS arrived and began their ministrations on Peter and Angel, both who were lying on the floor, appearing unconscious. Peter quickly regained consciousness when one of the paramedics gave him a dose of smelling salts.

At the same time, I advised the paramedics that Angel was diabetic so they attended to him next, almost simultaneously. His blood sugar tanked at +40. They quickly gave him a bolus of glucose.

They then attended to Antoine who was just returning to us. The paramedic started an IV... Antoine did not flinch, his eyes were still glassy. His shirt was oozing blood, seemingly, apparently from the electrodes that had been shot into his muscles.

Not thinking one thing about herself, Peggy knelt down and took Antoine's vomit splattered face and head into her arms.

I walked to David and helped him to a sitting position. He was rubbing his leg which was behind him in a most unnatural position. I straightened it out then felt along his thigh bone expecting it to be fractured... but fortunately his pain lessened and his face went from registering terror to a more pleasant stance until he saw Peter being attended to by EMS.

By that time, Angel was coming around. Allen was protectively hovering over him, getting in the way of the paramedics but I didn't have the heart to order him to cease his care and concern for his boyfriend, his mate for life.

Everything seemed to be under control, somewhat. Andy was cowered in a corner as Stu, our Watch Commander attempted to gently coax him away so that he could be attended to.

Andy looked at me with total terror in his eyes, and within his spirit. I knelt down on the floor in front of him, reached out my arms, and continuously said that the ordeal was just about over, and if nothing else then he was safe, nobody would ever hurt him again. I don't know what prompted me to tell him that only that the words did come out simply because my heart was saying them.

He seemed to understand, and to believe me. Shaking and trembling, he jumped into my arms and squeezed like his life depended on our contact, I had no doubt that our contact did indeed give him life.

With him firmly attached, I stood up.

Our forensics team then arrived. Quickly, efficiently, professionally and caringly they took samples from Andy's bottom, the toilet where we'd found him, and from the sorry fucking excuse who was his sperm donor.

The sperm donor, by the way, was the last to be evaluated and carted out on a stretcher. He was barely breathing, the sounds of air exchanging in his lungs were gurgling. I'd heard that sound before... a sound heard when someone was dying... commonly referred to as the "Death Rattle".

Arm in arm, Peggy and I walked outside to the triage area, which had been set up in one of the banquet rooms of the restaurant. Antoine, by now was wrestling somewhat dazedly with the paramedic who was once again taking his vital signs.

Peter too was wrestling in a verbal argument with the paramedic taking care of him then David, seeing the situation unfolding, quickly reached Peter then calmed him down by kissing him in no uncertain terms. I smiled knowing that David knew exactly what to do to get Peter calmed down – he always did.

Meanwhile, while David had Peter subdued, I went around on the other side of the stretcher then raised Peter's shirt up. His incision looked okay, just fine. Peggy joined me. She too looked at it very carefully then she put her hands on his tummy and began feeling around here and there. She nodded affirmatively, reassuringly.

Once we were certain that Peter was okay, Peggy jiggled my arm to get my attention. I looked at her then followed her gaze. We both chuckled loudly after seeing each of the first set of officers being led out of the restaurant in what appeared to be their own handcuffs.

Antoine meanwhile had gotten very verbal and somewhat abusive … that is until Matt subdued him in much the same manner as David had with Peter. We smiled and giggled.

We went over to the stretcher where Antoine was then lying passively. The paramedic attending to his needs had just cut his shirt off. Peggy and I were both appalled at seeing the wounds that the tazer had caused to his chest. One of the tazer electrodes was firmly embedded into his nipple.

When the paramedics and Peggy went over to once again check on Peter, Antoine got my attention then motioned me to lean down because he had something to say.

Before allowing him to speak I said, "Antoine, I am very proud of you for maintaining in there. It could have ended up so much worse."

The tears from Antoine's eyes began rolling out of his eyes and onto his cheeks then landed on the stretcher in a little puddle.

At that moment, I saw a very vulnerable and loving child, not that I had not seen him as loving all along, I just saw him as being very vulnerable, and very hurt emotionally.

"I'm sorry I failed. I should have protected you but I didn't."

"You failed only because you did not get shot. Nobody got shot. You succeeded Antoine. We all walked out alive. Nobody got hurt seriously. You did just fine. I'm so very proud of you."

His tears were still flowing then he looked deeply into my eyes, took a deep breath and said haltingly, "Thank you." That said he choked back a deep guttural sob then continued once he had gained a little bit of control back. I knew he was having a hard time getting out what he wanted to say so I stayed quiet until he regained his composure, somewhat. "Sir, no man has ever told me that they were proud of me."

"It's true Antoine. I do not lie. I am so very proud of you. Has any man ever told you that they love you just because you are who you are and with no strings attached?"

His chest puffed up, his neck veins were sticking out of his skin, and he clenched his teeth, not because he was hurting, although he could very well have been hurting because those wounds looked very painful.

Barely perceptibly, you would have missed it had you not been looking for it, he shook his head no.

My own throat felt like it was clutching at the air around me for sustenance, my chest too got tight; my breathing became shallow for a moment then without any further hesitation I said, "I love you, Antoine. You're going to be okay. I'll make sure that you are … and … one more thing … Antoine, you're safe with us."

With that, he broke down entirely. He pulled me to him, squeezed me hard, but not hard enough to break me, he was just pulling hard on me as any boy would do in such a situation. He sobbed his gratitude into my chest.

Just then I noticed that Matt was standing close by. He too had tears freely flowing from his eyes. I nodded affirmatively. He launched his feet as fast as they could possibly go. He took Antoine's head into his chest then kissed Antoine purposefully which left me with no doubt as to the strength of their bond. Antoine released me then he and Matt hugged deeply.

Peggy came up from behind then put her arms around me and said warmly, "What's this? Are you guys having that, what do they call it? … A male bonding moment?"

"That is a very profound and accurate appraisal." I said warmly then took her into my arms, held her firmly then kissed her sweetly. It lingered a moment then I heard a voice call out … it was David and Peter, speaking together as one, they said "GO GET A ROOM WILLYA?"

"Why? Peter, what are you doing here?" I muttered.

"I don't think that he needs to go to the hospital Jim. He's just not healed yet. The pain was too much for him. The best medicine will be for him to go home, cuddle up with David and then get some SLEEP." Peggy said snickering.

The rest of the gang, Jeremy, Allen, Angel, Jason and William, Horace and Alice came up to us all standing there. I looked at Peggy, she nodded.

"Well, our plans have obviously changed. The important thing is that we are all safe now for today, which is very okay. Everybody, we are safe now."

Peggy then added "Antoine is going to the hospital. He will probably be kept overnight. He is going to probably need a small operation to remove one of the tazer electrodes then he will need to be observed."

Antoine nodded affirmatively with a peaceful resignation on his face.

Matt perked up and said hungrily, "I'll take care of you Antoine, don't you worry none."

Peggy looked deeply into my eyes then nodded affirmatively. The sun was behind and slightly to the side of her. At that moment, I knew my next question was the absolutely correct one. I felt it in my heart and soul. I heard a very soft and gentle voice, Helen's soft and gentle voice in my head say, ["Do it, Jim. I'll always be with the boys. It is time for you to fly away, you are a good man. I will love you forever and ever. Take care of her until time ends. Good bye."]

I came back to the present after smelling Helen's perfume. Quickly, I looked around … David and Jeremy were both looking at me knowingly. Both smiled. Both nodded affirmatively. Then Peggy nudged me a good one, smacked me a good one on the butt then looked at me expectantly.

"Okay, okay. I get it." I giggled but nobody else was giggling.

Somewhat nervously, I turned Peggy toward me, looked deeply into her eyes then said, "Peggy will you marry me? I mean, oh shit, I mean oh … yeah, marry me please." I stuttered the last part then did my manly duties and got down on my knees and waited for her answer expectantly.


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