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The Light

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 69

For the first time in quite some time, my heart actually soared in a way much different than what my sons would and could ever provide. I pulled Peggy into me deeply and then kissed her like lovers rather than just friends.

When we parted lips, I looked around to each of my boys to see their reactions... not that I had anything to worry about... I just wanted to see them.

David nodded vigorously then walked to us and gave Peggy a heartfelt hug then performed the same thing for me. He whispered between Peggy and me, "Mom said you were okay. While you can never take her place she told me that I should have you for my mother from here on out, if it's okay with you?"

With tears in her eyes, Peggy returned David's hug then quietly said to him only, "I'd be proud to be your mother from here on out until the sun never shines again."

They hugged firmly then David stepped aside to allow Jeremy to share his moment.

Jeremy hugged me tightly then with tears in his eyes he said to both Peggy and me, "Mom would be proud. Peggy, she would really like you. She and dad adopted me when I was very little. A guy has to be really lucky when three, well two actually, women come into their heart as you have done over the past few weeks, to be a mother. You're okay."

My oldest son then looked down at Antoine lying on the stretcher. Thoughtfully he said, "Would you mind if we shared mothers? I mean. Well you know we're going to be brothers and stuff... err, that didn't come out just right. <Jeremy nervously laughed. Peggy giggled. David rolled his eyes mischievously. Allen and Angel were nodding, seriously>."

Antoine, usually the stoic and reserved child living in our household suddenly opened his eyes up wide, looked to me then answered Jeremy's question, "I will but on one condition."

Expectantly everybody waited for him to please explain. For the first time ever I saw the gleam of an impish smile overshadow his usually serious face. He replied thoughtfully, a tear fell down his cheek, "I will share my mother with you but only if you can share your dad with me."

His words left me speechless because my heart swelled with pride; my throat once again tightened up; my chest – well, it became difficult to breathe, momentarily; automatically the words seemed to be lost, I could not think of the right ones to say because I was feeling so much right then… but then Jeremy came to the rescue, "That's a no brainer, dude."

"Hey bro." David said what that impish grin still on his face.

"Welcome to the family, bro." Angel said convincingly then gave Antoine a high five.

"Well, duh." Allen deadpanned. He was grinning ear to ear.

I looked down into Antoine's eyes. He was still waiting for MY answer. I leaned down, and into his ear I said, "I'll be proud to be your dad, child. I will be proud of you to be my son." With that said, we sealed our moment with a kiss. He winced but put his arms around my shoulders anyway. We shared more than one tear... but the tears were those caused by happiness.

Peggy joined our embrace. Before I knew it my entire family, new and old alike, were involved in a group hug with Antoine in the center lying on the stretcher.

Our moment was broken when a female voice asked, "I'm looking for Andy Jamison's family. We need authorization to treat him."

I looked up, as did everyone else. I looked to Peter and then to Matt. Blank expressions were on their faces. I replied, "We're not familiar with anyone named Andy Jamison."

"Oh okay, I thought you were family. The other adult is in extremely critical condition and is unable to speak. We need authorization to treat the boy."

Both Peter and Matt went to a stretcher holding a young boy, leaned down and looked into his face. I had anticipated that Andy would be afraid of strangers because of what he'd experienced... but it wasn't there.

Peter then Matt looked to me. Peter said to the paramedic, "Matt and my names were, Matt's still is, Jamison. We don't know of any other family, but that doesn't mean that we don't. Our birth mother was uhm... well she was less than honest and motherly."

Peggy and I took the two steps to Andy's stretcher, looked deeply into his eyes. I said, "Andy, can you tell us your mothers' name?"

Andy, clearly perplexed, asked, "Tanya. Why would you ask?"

Rapidly, faster than I ever thought possible or even imaginable, Peter then Matt looked to me... the looks on their faces were those of shock and disbelief. Peggy took my hand in hers, as I processed all the information we'd just learned.

Finally, Matt broke the silence by saying, "Andy, Jamison was out last names before dad Jim adopted us... my adoption isn't final yet but it's just a piece of paper. Our birth mother's name was also Tanya. I think we're brothers."

Peter said, "Yeah, we're brothers." Then he broke down into tears. Through gasps and chokes he managed to say, "I'm so sorry lil bro... we didn't know. But, who's that man, the guy that hurt you?"

"Oh that's actually my uncle Rex... he's mom's brother... but they made me call him 'dad'. You're really my brothers? No shit?"

Matt said, "I don't know of any Rex in the family... do you Peter?"

"I don't remember his name, Tanya only said it once and I was little... she said that she had a brother who lived in Arkansas... but that was so long ago. How old are you, Andy? When's your birthday?"

"December 15th, I'll be 14 this year... how old are you two?"

"We're 15, we're identical twins. Andy, our birth father is in prison in Nevada for capital murder... he'll never get out of there alive. Dad, mom, we can't just leave him here, I mean we can't just walk away."

"No, no we can't. Andy, do you know if you're in the CPS system?"

"You mean like welfare and stuff?"


"Yeah, I think so. Wait, who's the black guy laying on the stretcher? He saved my life..."

I stepped in and replied, "His name's Antoine. He's actually Peggy's son but she and I are going to get married so that makes him my son too."

Andy was wrapped in a sheet as his clothes had been removed for evidence purposes so I picked him up from the stretcher and took him to Antoine's. What happened next caused my throat to constrict... when we arrived at Antoine's stretcher, Andy urged me to lower him to Antoine's level. Without warning, Andy reached over and kissed Antoine on his cheeks and said, "Thanks for saving my life. I'll owe you forever. If we become brothers, will you love me?"

Tears burst from Antoine's eyes. With his voice cracking and choking he replied, "Absolutely... I'll love you anyway, whether you're my brother or not, okay?"

Their fate was sealed with a kiss. Tentative, and then seriously, but not lustily.

To the paramedic, who was standing there incredulously observing the whole scenario, I said, "Please treat him. I'll get a hold of our CPS worker and have her perform the formalities. Is he going to be okay? Is he hurt badly?"

Andy replied just as the paramedic opened her mouth to reply, "I'm okay. He's fucked me before. I'm used to it."

A white hot lightning shard of anger toward that man and sorrow for this boy gripped my heart. With pure unadulterated concern and care for this boy I said, "You'll never be hurt by him or by anyone else ever again if I have anything to say about it."


"Yeah, really. I promise."

Just then Fugi appeared from out of nowhere.

I said to Andy, "Okay, these paramedics are going to take you to the hospital. I've got some things to do but I'll catch up with you soon, okay?"

"You'd really do that for me?"

"Yup. No doubt. We all will."

Much to my surprise and before I could act, he reached into my crotch and grabbed my dick and squeezed it twice.

Quickly, I yanked his hand away from my private area and exclaimed, "You will never have to do THAT. I will not permit it. We do not share our appreciations with each by using sex, do you understand me? We don't ever, ever do anything that is wrong for another person, and we don't pay back our appreciations with sex. I'm not mad. I'm just telling about our family. Do you understand?"

Andy, somewhat shocked, nodded his understanding.

Peggy escorted Andy to the waiting ambulance. Another ambulance crew was readying Antoine for transport but before they left, I said to him, "We'll catch up with you. I love you son, this will all get straightened out, I promise. And thank you for what you did... it's all right and good. I'll be there in a little while." Antoine nodded. I then kissed his forehead and then the crew took him to a waiting ambulance to be transported, hopefully to the same hospital as Andy.

Jeremy walked to me and said, "I love you dad. You're the greatest. I'm going to take everybody to the hospital in my new truck. Thanks."

We hugged deeply then he and the boys loaded up and took off for the hospital.

Peggy walked over and listened to the conversation Fugi and I had.

Fugi said, "From the information we have, Andy is indeed Tanya's natural born child. We do not know for sure if the perp, Rex Allen Jamison is the natural father but we're working on it. Meanwhile, Jim, go take care of the kids. The asshole perp is on his way to the hospital in critical condition. Antoine seems to have fixed him right up, too bad the taxpayer is going to have to foot his bills."

"Andy thinks that Rex is his uncle. Peter said that his birth mother said she had a brother who lived in Arkansas... but he only met him once and that was years ago. Would you please carefully check all available records once again to determine if she has any other live births? I know we did this when Peter came into our family... and well the search missed Matthew, obviously. If there are other kids then we need to know about them and their whereabouts."

"Sure thing Jim. I'm all over it. Meanwhile you take care of your family... and congratulations."

I looked at Fugi surprised... but I shouldn't have. That guy usually knows things before I even know them. He grinned and said, "Word travels fast."

I chuckled...

Peggy looked at me sternly, and said, "You mean your company knew about it before I did?"

"No baby... they didn't know... they couldn't have known. I just knew it tonight. You were the first to know."

Peggy put her arm in mine and we took off for home. We needed to change out of our clothes. We also gathered a change of clothes for each of the boys, and then headed to the hospital.

After arriving at the hospital, Peggy and I were escorted to treatment rooms at the back of the ER department. Peter and David were in one room, Antoine was in another, Andy was in yet another. They were all being tended to by a flurry of ER physicians, nurses and other hospital personnel. Peggy and I first checked on Antoine. Through the throng of staff, we saw Dr. Miller examining Antoine's chest wound. Despite Antoine's mind training that minimizes pain, he was in excruciating pain as Dr. Miller gently manipulated the electrode to see how deeply it went into his breast.

"We're going to get some x-rays and a CT scan to make sure the probe did not enter inside of his chest. It is very doubtful, but we have to make sure. We can also determine the extent of muscle damage. Usually the electrodes do not go that deep however the breast, particularly the nipple, is very thin. He's going to be okay though. Due to the pain, we'll give him a short acting general anesthesia and then surgically extract the electrode."

"Okay, thanks doctor." Peggy said then took my hand in hers and squeezed firmly.

"Antoine, we're going to go check on Peter and Andy. We'll be back in a few minutes."

"Okay. I'm okay. You guys take care of them first."

That said, a nurse came over to Antoine with a syringe of medicine then said "I'm going to give you a little bit of pain medicine then you're off to x-ray."

Antoine looked at Peggy beseechingly, she nodded then Antoine nodded to the nurse who injected the medicine in the IV. At first he was wide awake but then the lines of pain that had traversed his face disappeared quickly, and he faded out.

After Peggy kissed Antoine on his cheek, we took off for Andy's room. He was lying on his stomach. The chief pediatric resident was just finishing up with his examination and taking samples from his rectum. He said "Andy's going to be okay. He has some very painful trauma to his anus and lower rectal walls however he's not going to require surgery. He'll heal up quickly. Do you have any questions for me?"

"No, thank you."

"May I speak to you privately for a moment?" Dr. Chetworth asked softly.

"We'll be back in a few." I said to Andy. He nodded.

After arriving in the hallway, with Dr. Chetworth leading the way, led us into a conference room. He closed the door then said "Andy has definitely been raped brutally. He has been raped more than once. Aside from the acute injuries he is being treated for now, he has quite a bit of scar tissue in his lower rectum which his troubling to me. He needs to see a surgeon who might need to take care of the resulting strictures, or narrowing. I'm sure he has some discomfort with his bowel movements. As part of any rape, boys or girls, we performed a rape kit procedure. He had fresh semen in there. Accordingly, we obtained DNA samples but not before taking pictures of his injuries. We will be releasing the results and pictures to the police and his CPS caseworker. I strongly recommend counseling for him. Typically, kids have terrible nightmares, deportment issues and problems with authority figures since the perpetrator is an adult … kids lose their sense of being."

"Okay thanks. We believe the perpetrator, the child's attacker is in police custody, or will be. He was injured very badly." I said casually … however, my words were not congruent with what I was feeling inside.

"Do you have any further questions for me?" Dr. Chetworth said professionally.

"No, I don't believe so. Peggy?" I asked.

"No, thank you for taking care of him; we appreciate your candor." Peggy replied.

Peter was getting dressed just as we walked into his treatment room. After giving and receiving hugs, Dr. Borkwin walked in then said professionally after appropriate greetings "Peter, your incision is just fine. I did not find any hernia or anything else bad with your tummy."

Dr. Borkwin then turned very serious and said, "I do want you to come into the office and receive a full workup. It is time to evaluate why your blood sugar is consistently high here in the hospital. Today your free blood sugar was 160. Your HBA1C, is a elevated for a boy of your age. Meanwhile, I am going to prescribe a glucose monitor. I want you to check your blood sugar four times on a daily basis. The dietitian will give you instructions about how to use it, when and she or he will give you a diabetic diet to follow. Peter, if you promise to follow directions, I will release you to go home tonight, otherwise, I will admit you so that we can."

"Okay. I'll do what you want me to do. I don't want to stay."

"I'll make sure he complies." Peggy said with a smirk on her face. I giggled, knowing that she would indeed.

With that said, Peter was released to our care. He joined the boys out in the waiting room after being told that Antoine was ready to have the procedure done that would remove the tazer electrode from his chest.

Matt wanted to go in but we refused to let him be there during a surgical procedure, and Peggy explained why.

Peggy and I entered Antoine's treatment bay just as the anesthesiologist began telling him (and us) what was to be expected: they would give him some medicine that would put him to sleep for about 30 minutes while Dr. Miller removed the electrode and surgically scrubbed the wound with special soaps so that it would not get infected.

Peggy stood on one side and I stood on the other while the anesthesiologist administered the drug. Quickly, Antoine's eyes closed and began a deep sleep rhythm. Dr. Miller tested his pain reflex. He was satisfied so he removed the electrode quickly then explained that he would put in no sutures to close the wound, and why.

Once he had a bandage put on his chest, we waited for him to wake up.

The tazer electrode had been deeply imbedded into his adolescent breast bud tissue. A few minutes later he began waking up and within 30 minutes was able to leave in a wheel chair although he was quite groggy. Peggy went to the pharmacy and had Antoine's prescriptions for antibiotics and pain medicine filled.

When we arrived in the waiting room, Dr. Miller was just getting up from looking at David's stump. He smiled and said that the ulcer was healing up very well. He then recommended that we get David in to see the prosthetist for a refit or replacement, as indicated, soon so that David could once again be up and around on his own power.

Just as we were getting ready to leave the hospital, Ella from CPS and Officer Ramirez from the HPD Sex Crimes division and Fugi, our chief of security, arrived.

While Ella went back into the treatment area to speak with Andy, Officer Ramirez and Fugi took all of us into separate conference rooms to obtain statements for their investigations.

As Officer Ramirez was finishing up with mine, a knock on the door interrupted our small talk. I got up to answer it then was met by an older gentleman of maybe 60 years old, about 5' 11" tall and he had to have weighed in the neighborhood of 280 pounds. His badge read 'Hildebrand'.

Quickly, he introduced himself as Chief Thomas Hildebrand from the Internal Affairs Division of HPD.

After we took our seats, Mr. Hildebrand said "Good evening, Mr. Blake. My name is Tom Hildebrand. I am the chief investigator from HPD's Internal Affairs Division. I investigate police matters. I understand that you and your family had difficulties with our police department tonight. I am here to get to the bottom of those difficulties. I need for you to provide a statement as part of the investigation of the 6 officers with whom you had the confrontation. Can you do that right now?"

"Yes, sure I can, and am very willing. You see, your officers scared the holy shit out of me and my family despite my being very vocal about why we were there. My sons also were harmed …"

We then went on and talked about what had happened for about an hour.

When we were finished up, Mr. Hildebrand assured me that serious consequences would be administered should the investigation reveal that those officers did, indeed, 'fuck up' as he called it.

When Mr. Hildebrand left, Officer Ramirez pulled me back into the conference room then laid some facts out about Rex Jamison.

He had two priors for indecent liberties with a child, one of those children being Andy. Prior to that, however, he spent some serious hard time in prison for non-consensual sexual intercourse with a 12 year old boy then before that he then did time for the rape of a 13 year old girl when he was 16.

We both thought out loud and realized that this time, if convicted, then it would be his 3rd offense. He would probably never again see daylight since we have a three strikes and you're out provision available to the sentencing judge. Officer Ramirez assured me that should the perp survive his injuries then he would make sure the idiot was put into GP.

After he and I exchanged some other pleasantries, he left and I went out to check on everybody who had congregated into another conference room close by. Ella had arrived; they were all involved in small talk which ceased immediately once I entered the room.

With full lighting, I got my first really good look at Andy. His facial features were strikingly similar to Matt and Peters'. His complexion however was different in that it was lighter, his hair was a different color and he was much thinner. No, he did not appear emaciated, not at all. His eyes were sad though … that was probably his most dominate feature. He even looked frightened when I went ahead and entered the room and sat down across from him. Understandable, certainly.

In any event, Ella updated us on Andy's status. He was 12 years old with a birth date of December 15, 1996, had been on CPS's radar screen since 2003, he's had several instances of truancy, vagrancy, shoplifting …

I was hot. Heatedly, I asked "Then why did we not know about him, Ella? After all we have been through … after all these boys have been through. How many other children are known to exist?"

"None that we are aware of …"

"Fine. I am going to have our investigators do DNA testing across the board, nationwide then. I'm also going to have a name search completed. Sign on the dotted line so that we can go home and take Andy with us."

"Jim, the papers are already signed, sealed and dated. We'll have a court hearing within a week."

"Come on guys, let's get home. Ella, I'm disappointed."

"Me too. I'm sorry this one slid under the …" Ella said.

"His name is Andy. Had we known about him then this would … never mind."

Just as we were getting ready to leave, Fugi walked to me and whispered in my ear, "The perp just died."

I wanted to fucking dance.

We stopped by a cantina on the way home, ordered a mess of tacos to feed everyone, including Andy who'd been released into our care and custody.

The boys showed Andy around and picked out a bedroom for him to sleep in... There were no free bedrooms; Antoine had decided that he would sleep with him and Matt.

After eating, the boys went outside to the pool, undressed and waited the hour before they could go swimming, however Antoine and Andy would not be able to get in the pool, for reasons obvious to everyone.

Once they were situated, Peggy and I went to the TV room and turned on the comedy channel. George Carlin was the hosted comedian... before too long we were laughing so hard that it hurt.

The boys came in around midnight and went off to their rooms after exchanging hugs and kisses with us.

As soon as they were gone I shared with Peggy the fact that Andy's did not survive his injuries. We thought not telling Antoine was the most prudent thing we could do at that time.

*-* Sunday *-*

Peter and I were awoken by squeals of laughter right outside the open door to our bedroom. The voice was unmistakable – Andy's. He loved one or more of the bro's, generally but not always Antoine, lifting him from bed and tickling him unmercifully... it was more or less the initiation we'd given him the first morning he was at our home... and well, it just carried over into tomorrow.

I rolled out of bed first, with Peter on my heels (figuratively speaking!), and scooted my way to the hallway and joined into the fray. It continued until Andy began spurting a yellow fountain all over his stomach, and whomever else might just happen to be in the way. That morning it was Antoine.

As usual, Matt and Antoine carried him into the bathroom where they took care of business and showered.

My heart did leaps of joy at seeing Peter, Matt and Andy acting like and being brothers after so many years of being apart, of not knowing the others existed. Deep, deep down inside I hated their mother for doing that to them, but then I'd see them interact with Peggy and knew that she was trying to make up for lost time in their lives. They lived for it, they thrived, and they wanted more and more and more. Peggy, of course, was right there for them. She always had time for all of us... in our own ways.

Peter and I were still quite sticky from our late night forage into intimacy having spent maybe two or three hours getting to that 30 second slice of time that culminates a physical lovemaking session, experience. We joined Allen and Angel for some soap time, played around a bit and ended up doing a solo jack off to completion.

After drying off we went to our room and put on pairs of running shorts and long t-shirts then headed downstairs to breakfast.

Peter's such a character... he reached into the fruit basket, retrieved a banana and then after peeling it moved it in and out of his mouth like it was me he was pleasuring. Peggy turned around and caught him doing it. She didn't get mad or anything, she just said that there was a time and place for everything... point made. I giggled at seeing Peter's dark skin turn even darker. I felt his forehead... it had surely arisen at least 10 degrees.

Peggy said, looking in my direction, "That goes for you too, young man."

"What? Who me?"

"Yes, you too. Don't act all innocent on me." Quickly she turned back to the stove with a smirk on her face. I knew she was turning around so that we wouldn't see her smile, and perhaps give a giggle or two.

After breakfast, Peggy left the room because the rule was that she'd cook and we'd clean up afterwards.

Peter kept brushing against me as we rinsed and loaded up the dishwasher... I knew what he was up to even though he never really directly pressed into my manhood, okay, well I've got a pretty good smattering of pubes growing above my growing cock... and it was growing, definitely, I was glad of our long t-shirts. He was definitely getting me interested in spending some alone time with him... despite of and because we'd spent several hours just the previous night 'getting laid' (his term, not mine, but hey, whatever!)

But... getting laid again was not in the immediate picture as all the bro's and boyfriends and lovers decided on going to the pool for some fun.

Without a care in the world, Peter and I stripped down. Peter went ahead and got in. Andy wanted to ask me a question so I held back with Antoine.

Andy asked curiously, "What happened to your leg?"

"I had cancer in my bone. The doctors had to remove my leg to get it all."

"Do you have to use crutches all the time?"

"Nope. I've got prosthesis in my room but can't use it until this sore is all healed up <I pointed to the sore on my stump). I'll show it to you later, okay?"

"Okay." He said happily then added, "Can I go swimming now?"

"No, little man." Antoine said protectively, "You aren't healed up back there yet. Give it a few more days."

I hugged Andy then made my way into the pool where the other guys were contemplating what we'd play. We decided on a game of water tag. Our version of water tag was where you had to touch a cock to make another person 'it'.

Matt soon got out of the water to be with his mate for life. Antoine looked like he was in some hella pain so Matt went into the house and came out a couple of minutes later with some pills in his hand and a glass of water in the other. Not too long after that they took off for their room because the pain pills make Antoine very, very sleepy, much to his chagrin.

What happened next surprised us all... to our cores. Dad, then Peggy completely undressed and dove into the water and began attacking us with tickles. Dad then started tossing us up in the air, one by one, until he could do no more.

When we came up for air, so to speak, all of us were staring at their nudity. Peggy was quick to point out that if we thought it was okay for us to run around stark naked then we should get used to the fact that they will too!

No problem.

Later, after having spent most of the morning and early afternoon we took off looking for a room that Andy could call his own. Matt and Antoine disclosed that they'd been sleeping together every night... so it was decided, with Peggy and dad's approval that we'd fix Antoine's guest room into a room for Andy.

It didn't take very long to get him settled in since he didn't have anything to call his own.

Not only did Antoine move in with Matt but Peggy officially and formally moved into dad's bedroom.

We all pitched something of our own into making his room a part of our family. I gave him my surfboard since the likelihood of me ever using it again was nil to none, and besides I just gave it to him because I wanted to for no particular reason other than just for him.

Jeremy gave him the surfboard he'd used when he was Andy's age along with a promise he'd take Andy and teach him how it's done.

Allen gave Andy his old teddy bear from his childhood, which Andy really, really liked and cuddled up to. Angel gave him an afghan that his grandmother made for him when he was a real little kid. But then Angel did something very special since we rarely need something so warm in the climate we live in: he hung it up on the wall as kind of a tapestry. It looked really kewl, and Andy was very pleased.

Mom and dad entered the room, gave praise for the tokens of brotherhood and announced to Andy that they were taking him into town to get his own clothes to wear and other things he both needed and wanted.

No sooner had they left the house than Jason and William arrived. After sharing greetings, Peter and I took off for our room. I peed and Peter did both, washed up good then headed for some alone time.

Since nudity was an 'in' thing in our home, evidenced by Peggy's entry, we had nothing to take off. After I closed and locked the door to our room, we met in the middle and started the search for tonsilar tissues. Poor Peter was in a bad way and before we could stop he blew his sperms onto my belly and into my pubes, sending trails of the white stuff down my thighs.

But he wasn't finished – yet.

He grinned mischievously then without a single solitary word grabbed the bottle of body lotion and pointed to his back door. My cock was already hard but it stepped up a notch, especially when he began slathering my dick with that substance. Luckily, nah, not luck at all, Peter knew, all too well, what my usual moments just prior to release were and are... so he stopped and urged me onto our bed. Efficiently, he lubed up his butthole using all three fingers and then tossed his legs up in the air... I needed no further invitation or encouragement.

Within seconds, remembering I'd not pegged my Peter since the night before his surgery, I pounced, and in one fell swoop had my member fully engulfed in his hot, tight, and squishy love cavern.

I went very slow at first because he was wincing, obviously in discomfort – but – when I stopped and began pulling out because I didn't want to hurt him, he grabbed my hips and slammed my pubes up against his naked globes and urged me to continue. No problem. I needed no further instructions.

Soon, very soon, all the while gently rocking in and out of his slender love hole, I reached the point of no return at which time I unloaded my prostrate filled nectar deep within his being.

I recovered quickly, much, much quicker than normal, mainly because my main squeeze jumped out of bed, urged me to sit, and then my gullet was filled with his raging hard spear of pleasure.

The exertions were too much for his weakened state so he lay down on the bed and I resumed well practiced oral ministrations on his tool, which quickly took him over the edge into the la la land of orgasmic bliss.

We quickly fell off into a dozed silence. Peter gently awoke me and announced that he needed to use the bathroom. I rearranged myself so that he could crawl over.

Almost immediately, and not waiting for Peter, must against my desire, I fell back into a restful sleep.

He returned some time later and I felt him crawling back to his side of the bed. He kissed my nipple then laid his hand on my chest and fell asleep.

I fell asleep into a restful slumber. I only barely remember Peter getting up.

I had to pee and empty my love cavern of David's fluids, and needed to do it ASAP. David barely woke up as I crawled over his fine young body. His t-shirt was the closest rag available so I quickly grabbed it and pushed into my butt crack to keep fluids and other things from spilling onto the gold flecked carpeted floor. I made my way into the bathroom where I sat and expelled his fluids, my solids, and a pocket full of methane gas into the sewer system.

Finished with that I jumped into the shower, cleaned up with hot soapy water, dried off then went looking for the other guys after checking on David and finding him sound asleep.

I went to check on Antoine and Matt. They were lying side by side and sleeping soundly. Their room definitely had the boy sex aroma about it. I wondered how in the heck Matt took Antoine's love handle... that was an interesting thought – curiosity actually.

Jeremy's door was closed as was Allen and Angel's.

I decided to head downstairs, grab a glass of orange juice and sit next to the pool alone for awhile.

The water was super inviting so I took a slug of juice and then worked my way into the pool, swam underwater a couple of laps then sat on the steps leading into and out of the pool and just rested, enjoying the quiet time, alone.

I love my David with all of my heart and soul, and my brothers with all of my soul but I enjoyed quiet time once in a while. There was nothing to do, and nothing needed to be done. For the next hour and a half I'd get in the water, get out, get a sip of juice, and do it over and over again... just being incredibly lazy. I wasn't bored, and at the same time felt no need to do anything to occupy my time.

Fully rested and refreshed I started playing around underwater. I developed a game … I'd slink to the bottom of the pool and stay there just as long as I could before the need for air overtook all else.

On the third occasion, while sitting on the bottom of the pool, I felt, experienced and heard three ka-booms hit the water. Not two seconds later three pairs of arms were lifting me from the pool onto the side. The interlopers were mom, dad and Jeremy. They were dripping wet wearing their street clothes. Andy quickly wrapped his arms around me... he was absolutely and totally terrified, shrieking his emotions into my ears.

"What are you doing??? I was just fine!" I said loudly, afraid myself... I mean why would they do that... then I thought of what they thought when they saw me sitting on the bottom of the pool.

Peggy sternly said, "What would you do if you saw someone sitting on the bottom of the pool, and the water was totally still? What would you do?"

Jeremy was shaking with worry. Andy's shrieking in my ear was getting to me... I turned around and brought him into my arms and pushed him into my wet chest to get him to stop shrieking. I kissed him all the while assuring him that I was just fine. It was then I realized just how much he loved me and how much he needed me and just how important our relationship was to him.

Peggy and dad were giving me the third degree about scaring them to pieces, and while they were talking and chiding, Andy threw his arms around my waist and rested his elbow in my pubes... I let him stay there... he was feeling solace and comfort from the position so who was I to deny him.

Mom, dad and Jeremy announced they were going to get changed but Andy held on tight. We stayed that way for 15 to 20 minutes, until he relaxed. His worried and scared expressions worried me all that much more... so I just held on and rocked him gently in my arms until he stopped shaking.

"That scared me, Peter. Don't ever do that again, okay, please?"

I explained to him that I was okay with the water, and assured him I'd not put myself in danger because I loved and needed him too, just as much as he loved and needed me. He relaxed and settled in and rested comfortably.

After an indeterminate period of silence I asked very, very gently, "Little bro, how's your butt? Is it still sore?"

"Yeah, but it's a lot better. I'm not leaking anymore. But I can't hold it in very good, if you know what I mean."

"Yeah, I understand. Been there, done that, more than once."

"Peter, why did they do that to us?" Andy asked sadly.

"They were sick, bubba... sick, sick, sick. Don't you worry none, they'll never hurt us again, okay, trust me? If anybody even tries to hurt you then they have me and all our brothers to answer to, trust me."

"Antoine saved my life, you know. Dad was going to kill me, he said so." Andy said haltingly.

"Andy, he wasn't our dad. Our biological dad is in prison for the rest of his life. He killed somebody in cold blood. He'll never get out. That man, as far as I can tell, is probably an uncle I didn't know... mom, Tanya had said something about an uncle that lived in Arkansas... that whole family is fucked up, Andy. Uncle Harlan, well, he fucked me so I know what you're going through. I know what you're feeling. And I know what happened to your butt... so you aren't alone. Life gets better, bro, I promise."

"You and David are boyfriends, right?"

"Yep. We're more than boyfriends though. We're soul mates. I love him with all of my heart and soul. He loves me the same way. I'm not really afraid anymore, Andy. Nobody here is going to hurt me and they will not hurt you either, promise."

"Peter, I love you."

"Andy, I love you. I always have felt like somebody was missing in my life. When Matt and I found each other... I thought he and I completed the circle, yet I still felt like something or someone was missing."

"Yeah, me too. I couldn't figure it out though. Anyway, I don't feel that feeling anymore, do you?"

"No... I don't feel like I'm missing anybody anymore. We were supposed to be together, Andy, and now we are."

"Yeah." Andy whispered while exhaling a breath of air from his lungs.

Without warning, Andy stood and urged me to go with him. He took me into the bathroom off the TV room and lowered his pants and deposited a load into the sewer system then wiped up carefully. He showed me the paper... there was no blood on it. He then turned around and handed me the tube of his medicine. It was an applicator thing so I inserted it into his butthole and squeezed until he said to quit because he felt the cool fluid on his irritated tissues. I wiped the excess and helped him to pull his pants up and snap them. I flushed the toilet and then we washed our hands and then he took off for upstairs.

I saw Peggy and dad sitting at the pool side so I went out to be with them. I understood how they could have been, and were and why they were scared out of their wits.

We talked about various things, nothing all that important, yet what we said to each other was vitally important for our continued bonding processes.

After a while, Peggy said she was going to check on the others and get dinner started, and left me and dad alone.

Seemingly out of nowhere, I asked pensively "Doesn't the trial begin tomorrow?"

"Actually, it is supposed to start on Tuesday. Richard is going to motion for a continuance. You and Matt are still recuperating and the bad guys are nowhere to be found." Dad said then he pulled me into a sideways hug.

I put my arm around him and said, "I want to get this over with. It drives me crazy sometimes. Hey dad?"

"Uhm hmmm."

"The doctor in the emergency room said I had a bad panic attack. I don't know dad, I felt just like I did when I was … well, you know, when he, I mean … what happened when HE …" I got out of my mouth but could not continue. I did not cry but my chest felt tight, and I began shaking. The memories came flooding back … I got up, stripped my underwear off then jumped into the pool despite dad saying "No!"

Just as I hit the water, a terrible spasm gripped my stomach and it threatened to spill my guts. I was scared shitless. Two seconds later dad was by my side holding me up while I coughed and sputtered water out of my mouth and throat.

"I'm scared dad. It won't go away."

"Is it okay for me to tell Peggy that you are afraid so that she can get you a doctor who specializes in fears because of what happened in your life?"

"Yeah... I'm ready. I need to get this out of me dad. Andy, he's scared too."

*-* Tuesday *-*

Dad, Matt and I arrived in Honolulu at 7:15am, after a very early morning interisland flight from Maui, we met with Richard, our attorney, and Bill Smith, the federal prosecutor handling our 'case', at the local pancake house for breakfast.

The adults began talking about the case as soon as we had sat down and ordered drinks and stuff to eat. I wasn't hungry, not one bit. Matt and I looked at each other more than once not understanding what the hell they were talking about … the more they talked the more nervous I became. I did hear that they were arguing about asking for a continuance or going ahead with trial without the defendants present in the court room. The prosecutor wanted to go forward while dad and Richard wanted the continuance.

After receiving our food orders, I picked and moved my food around but when all was said and done, I had only consumed half of a grapefruit and a glass of milk. Matt ate every last morsel on his plate then I offered him the rest of mine so that the food did not go to waste. He declined but did take the rest of my grapefruit and ate it.

While he was patting his tummy indicating he was stuffed full, I could no longer take anymore of the adults droning on about some of the details that would be brought out at trial. I told dad "I'm going outside to get some air, I don't feel very good" then got up and did just that despite dad's insistence that I stay. Matt was noncommittal so I got up, stopped by the restroom to pee on the way out of the restaurant, then sat on a park bench next to the building where I thought about all that was about to happen when we got to court.

A few minutes later, Matt came out, sat down next to me "They have decided we're going to trial. They said we have a better chance of getting a conviction with them and their defense team not in the room."

"That's fuckin chicken shit, Matt." I spat out angrily then added "We were fuckin there, Matt. What do they mean 'we have a better chance of getting a conviction' … we lived that shit. We were both about fuckin killed … fuck this shit!" I screamed then got up, went inside, then, while standing on my feet told them "I'm not okay with what you guys want to do … I lived that fuckin shit and survived it. The only thing those dipshits will get is a free trip to jail IF, and only IF, they return to the US, right? I thought so. Well, count me out. They are guilty. I'm not going to play these games, and that is that!" I screamed the last part then turned away and began walking out of the busy restaurant with dad hot on my heels.

After arriving outside, I took off, at a fast pace, toward the ocean where I could put all of that shit aside and out of my head but dad quickly caught up to me then grabbed my upper arm in a vice grip hold then spun me around so that I faced him.

"Peter Scott Blake, you are in deep trouble when we get home. You go back there … we are going to take what we can get. Both Richard and Bill say the guilty verdict is a sure shoe in."

"Dad let go of my arm, you are hurting me. I'm done with this. I've gotta move on because this shit is killing me." When dad would not release my arm I jerked my body away then took off across the street against the crosswalk nearly being hit by a car speeding down the street.

That car missed me by only a fraction of an inch. I froze up and could not move. I vaguely remember standing there as some cars whizzed seemingly right next to me, other cars slammed their brakes on squealing tires then heard crunches of steel as they ran into each other.

Somewhere in the distance I heard a phone ringing however I paid no attention to it as I took off once the cars stopped and let me through.

Dad made it across shortly after I did then caught up with me, jerked my arm nearly out of my socket and said "You are in a world of crap, young man. How dare you speak to me like that, what is with you anyway?"

"I'm out of it. Matt can do it. You guys will get your damn conviction that way. Do you hear me? I'm fucking out of it! Now, let go of me before I start screaming 'rape'."

Then …

Then … he raised his hand up and back over his shoulder …

Then … in a slow motion arc …

Then … I covered my face

Then … I fell onto the grass

Then … I hugged my face into my lap as far as it would go … the stretch into that contorted position hurt my stomach severely

Then … I froze … waiting … waiting … waiting … oh so scared

Then … I heard screaming, mine, as a pair of cold, hard as steel hands gripped my shoulders and began turning me over. All I saw and felt at that moment was stark raving terror as I waited for inevitable rein of feet and arms kicking and beating the holy shit out of me … again and again and again …

Then … I got pissed, began flailing my arms and legs in an effort to kick my way out of those strong and steely arms that were enveloping me, holding me still, until I began to feel connections with my balled up fists

Then … those arms left me lying there with my face firmly planted in the ground

Then … I heard Matt screaming in the background

Then … I felt my hands forced into an unnatural position

Then … I felt cold hard steel digging sharply into my wrists

Then … I screamed over and over and over again "No, don't, please don't" as I opened my eyes, if only briefly, seeing a pair of very large feet, black shoes, black pants that were right in front of my eyes

Then … with no fight left in me, lying there limply in total and utter exhaustion I heard a voice say "Subject in custody …" What I heard after that made no sense, the only sounds were garbled voices and the garbled sounds of a voice ringing out "10-4, subject in custody. EMS is in route to the Ala Moana marina park."

Then … A voice was saying "get him up, let's take him in for processing."

Then … A voice, Matt's screaming, saying "NO!"

Then … another voice, dad's voice, saying "I'm not pressing charges, please let him up. We'll deal with this."

Then … another voice saying "I'm sorry sir; I witnessed the whole event take place. This is a matter out of your hands."

Then … sirens; lots of them; getting closer …

Then … I smelled Matt's fragrance …

Then … I opened my eyes to see Matt getting down on the ground right in front of me

Then … I saw Matt reach to me. He rubbed my face tenderly. He had tears in his eyes, a look of terror on his face … as I came back to the here and now and to the present …

Then … I heard the sound of a ringing phone close by

Then … Matt reached into my shirt pocket, retrieved my phone, opened it up, and began speaking

Then … I heard the sound of David's muffled voice

Then … I totally lost it when Matt put the phone to my ear despite a voice telling him not to. I began crying and sobbing hysterically after hearing the words "Peter, what's the matter, tell me!"

Then … I heard the voice of an unfamiliar male voice saying "Cross your legs, sit up."

Then … David's voice said the sweetest words I had ever heard before "I love you."

Then I felt hands, lots of hands; those hands were roughly touching me everywhere … no, no, please no … not there...

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