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The Light

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 79

*-* Dad's POV *-*

Silently, we walked to the courtyard and sat down at a picnic bench.

Mom opened the conversation by saying, "That, that crap in the courtroom is pure bullshit."

Everybody, including myself looked at her totally shocked at her comment and choice of words. The look in her eyes told me to be a good boy and to not contradict her words.

Peter, holding back tears, said, "Yeah, it's bullshit. Dad, they can't arrest you. You didn't do anything to promote David's and my relationship... it just happened, and I'll be damned if I let them tear our family apart. Put me on the damn stand."

Matt, on his phone since before we left the courtroom said with a facial expression and tone of voice, similar to what one might expect from the winner of a multimillion dollar lottery, hung up and said smugly, "The guys, they're on their way", and then a much more reserved tone of voice added, "I couldn't talk Jeremy out of it, dad."

Rarely did Matt put on the lost puppy dog face... but it was on in full force and effect.

For a brief second I thought about saying something parentally however the looks going on between members of my family, and then each and everyone turned to me looking for some kind of argument, ready to pounce if I uttered one single word other than they wanted to hear... then I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that I'd be in the dog house, on the sofa, perhaps I would be swimming the Pacific Ocean back home, who knows, I didn't want to find out.

"Good. We need our family. Peter, Mr. Smith isn't going to put you on the stand unless it is absolutely necessary. You too Matt. We told you that the trial could get really nasty, isn't that right?"

"Are you we going to lose, dad?" David asked.

"No. WE are not going to lose anything. YOU are not going to lose anything. You and Peter are not going to lose anything. Boys, mom, Peggy, if anybody loses anything – then it will be Tanya and her perverted brother. That's it."

I'd spoken.

Just as we were leaving the courthouse Mr. Smith caught up to us.

"I'm sorry for that rodeo in there. Their tactics are very cold and totally irrelevant attempts to take the focus off of the defendants in this matter. Peter, are you willing to go on the stand to give firsthand testimony to what you actually experienced?"

"Hell yeah. She's not going to get away with it. And, Harlan, he can go to hell."

Richard walked up. "I just left the recorder's office. Mr. Sneed is indeed filing the motions... not to worry though. This court has no jurisdiction in matters that belong in family court. They'll be thrown out before they are even heard."

Mr. Smith's ears perked up. He said, "But the judge has already decided those bogus motions."

Richard replied, "Those were verbal motions. Sneed has taken the time to write them up... and they are filed with the court." Richard pulled out some papers and handed them to Mr. Smith.

"Okay, I'll review these. Meanwhile, why don't you all go now? There's nothing left to do here today. Please be here by 9:00am tomorrow. I don't know if you're staying or leaving with plans to return in the morning ... my suggestion is for you to stay and enjoy the rest of your time here."

Peggy said, "That sounds like a good idea. Besides, the rest of our family is on the way. Matt, are they coming up today or tomorrow?"

"Don't know, they didn't say." Matt replied.

Peter smiled, "They'll be here tonight."

David perked up, "You've got that right."

With that said we took off and booked rooms at The Grand. Andy went running around looking to obtain a wheelchair for me and then we set out for a Thai restaurant that Richard recommended when he found one. Richard was going to be unable to join us as he had some pressing matters that needed to be taken care of. I knew that he was on our side and would be working the midnight oil to get the trial turned around.

The boys and our attitudes changed for the better, and we did indeed enjoy our night out. The trial was not again discussed.

The rest of the gang was waiting for us in the lobby of the hotel when we returned at about 7:15pm. They, of course were hungry so we returned to the restaurant so they could eat.

Richard was just leaving the hotel when we arrived. He said, "Gang, we have some big guns coming to our rescue. Please join me in my room for a video conference. This is big. This is really big."

"Okay, we're going to our rooms to freshen up. Would 30 minutes be okay?" Then on second thought she said curtly, "This had better be good. The boys need to unwind and get settled in for the night."

Richard regarded mom for a minute before saying, "Oh this is going to be good. The boys can certainly stay in their rooms or even go to the pool while we're talking but I think it would do them well to be a part of the conversation." Richard finished, looking at Matt and Peter, specifically.

We booked rooms for Allen and Angel, Antoine and Matt, and another room for Jeremy and Andy. The boys then went their way to use the facilities and freshen up while Peggy and I went ours.

No sooner had Peggy and I arrived in our room than my secure sat phone rang. It was Juan.

We decided the call could wait for a couple of hours while we attended the conference call about matters extremely relevant to Matt, Peter and potentially Andy.

Richard had a huge suite which also had our system installed to permit simultaneous conversations with multiple people, on different continents if necessary.

When we arrived at Richard's room, Ella was already there.

Richard hooked all participants in with minimal assistance from me. He connected Judge Matheson and Officer Ramirez and then it began.

Judge Matheson spoke first "Let me just say that if you get arrested, Jim, then Ella, Officer Ramirez and I will all get arrested too. We'll not go down quietly. Basically, all that Mr. Sneed did was to possibly discredit Ella as a witness, or at least he attempted to. But, the point is that he only attempted. Ella has been in Judge Peterson's court more than once for other matters, as have all of us. As far as Mr. Sneed is concerned, he is wet behind the ears, he's groping. I can assure you that charges against his clients will not be dismissed. There remains the attempted aggravated murder charge and child endangerment on Tanya. Harlan will go down for rape and attempted aggravated murder. Both are still looking at life in prison. I want to make an offer, Jim."

I nodded.

"I officially have to recuse myself from proceedings in federal court regarding your specific case, however, I am here today and will advise you as your attorney pro se."

Officer Ramirez spoke up next and said, "As Judge Matheson has told you, I too can be arrested for knowingly aiding and abetting technically illegal behavior between your sons. Love prevails however. Nobody is being harmed or coerced between anyone that I know of. Is there anything that I do not know about?"

Each of the boys shook their heads no and replied verbally "No way!"

Officer Ramirez then looked straight at Andy, "Andy, you are the newest and youngest prospective member of this family, have you been made to perform sexual acts against your will?"

"No sir, no way, this family saved my life. Put me on that dang stand and I'll set the record straight."

Andy then went on to share his story. His story was pretty well congruent with Matt's however he never lived with Tanya except for a short time right after he was born as he had been told by his mother that he lived with his father from about 6 months of age until just recently.

When questioned about possibly being photographed in compromising and private moments, he didn't know of any times when it might have happened.

Antoine spoke up, "Officer, David, Peter and I, and dad actually witnessed Andy's dad raping him. We are all willing to testify at his fathers' trial. He'll be held accountable – one way or another."

"Yes, I have your video statements. I caution you that we must do this right and according to the book, and I must insist that you not do anything that will jeopardize the case. Son, please don't louse this up."

"I trust you to take care of my brother."

Ella said, "Antoine, your family needs you just as much as you need them. We are all putting together a case to bring the man to justice. A case needs time to properly develop. The man is in jail. He's not likely to be getting out before his trial."

Richard said to Ella, "Have you spoken with your supervisor?"

"Yes I have. He is willing to come up and testify."

"Good. CPS has a good reputation with the federal court system here."

Mr. Smith said, "I've prepared the subpoenas for Dr. Miller or Dr. Borkwin to testify. They are flying up early in the morning. For technical purposes I've also subpoenaed Dr. Choi. His partner is a non-professional so we can't use him. The courts have used Dr. Choi before. He's a recognized expert for our purposes."

A moment of silence ensued.

When nobody had anything to add, Richard said, "Okay, we'll all be back in court at 9:00am. Get some rest. Tomorrow may be a long day. Don't worry, the trial is going as we had expected. Like we've said all along, the defendants are digging very deep holes. They likely will be buried."

We took off for our rooms to unwind. Peggy and I pretty much figured that one or more of the boys would be dropping by for one thing or another. Obviously, David was elected the spokesperson so when he came knocking on our door we weren't in the least surprised.

We knew something was up. David was wearing his best puppy dog eyes like a sleeve.

I had to say but one thing, "What?"

Of course we received the innocent 'what, who me?' facial expression. Peggy said, "Don't pull that innocent little boy stuff with me… I know better."

Peggy's quick, real quick. Shock immediately crossed her face. Quickly she said, "Oh… I didn't mean it like that."

I grinned. David crossed his eyes. Peggy didn't find our expressions very funny… at all. With all the seriousness she could muster, which was quite a bit, she said "You guys are a mess." Quickly she turned around to hide a smile forming. David didn't see it… but I did. I worked very hard maintaining my composure… but apparently I succeeded.

David took another step toward me and whispered very quietly into my ear, "Can we go swimming?"

Peggy, from across the room said, "You guys didn't bring swim suits… not every hotel permits a bunch of naked Indians running around, you know."

"Please… willya check at least? We've been good today, and well, you know, uhm, we're, I mean we're all wound up and everything." David said with the puppy dog eyes ramping up another notch, or five.

"I'll call. Where are you co-conspirators congregated?" I asked half seriously, knowing they wouldn't be in any one particular room… by their selves, all alone, in a strange hotel (of course, the place gets stranger with all my boys around).

"Uhm, well, we're kinda hanging out in Allen and Angel's room. Let us know, okay dad, please? Hurry, we're stressed."

"Go… or I'll change my mind."

"Dadddddddddddd… okay, I'm gone. Hurry."


"Love you mom. Love you dad. Thanks. Okay, I'm gone." He was out the door before I could say anything else.

Peggy picked up the phone, called the front desk and asked the poor unsuspecting soul, "Hi, this is Peggy Hilyard in room 1108. Would your pool be able to accommodate 7 teenage male naturists this evening?"


"Okay, thank you very much." Peggy replied. She looked at me, crossed her eyes, and then rang Allen's room. "As long as you guys behave yourselves they don't have a problem with you guys swimming naturally… wear a towel or shorts up though because the elevators and hallways are not suitable."

"Yes, I love you too. Oh, David, hey you're good. You're just like your dad."

Peggy snickered then put the phone down in its cradle.

Innocently I said, "What?"

"Those puppy dog eyes give you away every time… your son is a spitting image."

When Peggy and I got settled in I returned Juan's phone call.

After exchanging pleasantries, he said, "I'm leaving on a flight to Cuba tomorrow morning, early. The parties of interest have been located. I've received assurances from high places in the Cuban government that I will be allowed to reenter the country. Getting back into the US might be a problem however, especially with fugitives from justice. I, too, could be arrested for aiding and abetting or obstructing."

"I'll take care of it. So talk to me..."

Very interesting. Very interesting indeed.

When 'business' was completed, I asked, "Do you need us to watch Harry or are you going to have your ex-wife look after him?" I added, "Another mouth to feed is no problem."

Juan snickered, "He can eat Jim. You'll see why I need a pay raise."

I chuckled. "Consider it done, my friend." We decided to have Harry fly up on a commuter flight early in the morning. He'd flown alone before. I assured him that Harry would be escorted from the airport provided he made sure the boy got off okay.

"Take care of business, and Juan..."


"Be careful."



Take care of yourself Juan.

My next call:

"Mr. President …"

… … …

"Consider it done." Mr. President said.

… … …

Not five minutes after hanging up the telephone with the Commander in Chief, Bill Smith called and said, "Holy fuck, Jim. It seems that we have mutual friends."

"That we do."


I normally do not talk to Peggy about business. She has grown to accept that there are certain things I cannot talk about but her eyes perked up considerably when I told her of the conversation with the President.

Since it was getting very late we went to each of the rooms to check on the boys. We began getting very, very concerned because their rooms were empty. But then the last room, Antoine and Matt's room, was where we found all of our boys camped out on Antoine and Matt's bed, sound asleep, cocooned together – with Matt, Peter and Andy in the center.

*-* Tuesday *-*

Juan called at precisely 6:30am and said that Harry was getting ready to board, that he would be arriving at precisely 7:39am. I arranged for a limo to pick him up.

As usual, we were all glad to see Harry when he arrived at the hotel. We quickly went to the restaurant where we unleashed many hungry teenage boys and 3 adults.

Mom was in rare form in that she was actually interacting with the boys on an intimate basis, drawing them into conversation, and being a part of theirs.

The boys used the restroom while I paid the check and tipped the waiter very generously as he had quite the job of keeping plates coming and going as the mob devoured everything in sight and smell.

Harry was the first out. He walked to me, put his hand on my shoulder and leaned in for a hug. He said, "I'm afraid for you. Peter told me who the defense lawyer dude is... well, he's the same guy that got mom off of a drug charge... he's ruthless... and he won."

I hugged him tightly and reassured him that the prosecution has a better team, and that Matt and Peter were going to be okay once this was all over with.

He didn't talk about his dad, which I found somewhat odd. I knew he had to be concerned since they had just reunited and were building a good relationship since his mother was facing yet another drug charge, a charge that she would likely be unable to beat.

I kissed his cheek and assured him that his dad was the best of the best – both as a dad to him and to my company, and then added he was going to really make a serious difference to some people.

He was still afraid. I was concerned. All in all, though, he seemed better and joined the boys who had left us alone for a few minutes.

We all felt refreshed after good nights' sleep and relaxation. Andy was quite ready to tell us that the pool was not 'specifically' for naturists. He related that they'd received a number of dirty looks from fellow hotel inhabitants until the pool closed at 11pm. The staff permitted the boys an hour swim alone... I noted to tip the hotel generously when we checked out later in the day, or when I checked out the following day depending if I could get my appointment in Honolulu.

We hailed a limo to take the bunch of us to the courthouse. The mood, although there still was tension in the air, was better, more hopeful for a successful conclusion which would be a guilty verdict on all charges, or at least the more serious ones. All of them were serious. Period.

At precisely 9:00am, the bailiff said: "All rise. The honorable Judge Peterson presiding. Case # 09-7265, United States of America vs. Tanya Jamison, and case #09-7315, United States of America vs. Harlan Jamison is now in session."

The judge got himself together, reviewed some documents then without further adieu stated, "Mr. Sneed, your motion for dismissal of all charges against the defendants is summarily denied. Further, the recorder is ordered to strike all testimony regarding the brotherly relationships. The reasoning is that this has no bearing whatsoever on this particular case, and that the relationships are not a relevant matter in any court, especially this one."

Mr. Sneed: Objection, your honor."

Judge: So noted. Proceed. Mr. Blake you have already been sworn in. Please take the stand.

I got up, walked to the witness stand and got seated. Mr. Sneed walked to the stand and stood about 2 feet in front of me and before he could begin the judge said, "Mr. Sneed you may continue with your case, however, you are not permitted to pursue the line of questioning began yesterday. If you do continue with it then you will be held in contempt of court and will be subject to sanctions administered by this court. If you have relevant matters of fact to present to this court, then please do so. In other words, the fishing expedition is over, do it on your own time. Do I make myself fully understood?

"Yes, your honor. No further questions of this witness." Mr. Sneed said with clear and convincing defeat in his voice. He wore it like a too-tight pair of leotards.

Judge: You may be seated Mr. Blake. Thank you for your testimony.

Me: You're welcome sir.

(I noted that Mr. Sneed had not given the 'right to recall' phrase meaning that my testimony as done except if the prosecution wanted me back on the stand).

A victory. I walked back to the area behind the prosecution section and rejoined my family, all smiling after hearing the motions given by the defense team were summarily denied.

Mr. Smith (Prosecutor): The prosecution calls Dr. Hou Choi to the stand.

After Dr. Choi was sworn in, Bill began his inquiries.

Prosecutor: For the record, please state your name and credentials.

Dr. Choi: Hou Choi, I have a Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Hawaii and am board certified in Psychotherapy. I have been in practice for 15 years. Peter Blake is a patient of mine. He has given his consent for me to divulge certain aspects of our otherwise protected doctor-patient relationship. Let the court note that his parent, James Blake, cosigned the release of information form.

Dr. Choi handed a form to the bailiff who in turned gave it to Judge Peterson, "Thank you."

Prosecutor: Sir, how long have you known Peter Blake?

Dr. Choi: I have known him professionally for approximately 1 month. We have had 8 sessions.

Prosecutor: So, you feel that you know Peter well enough to testify as to his history?

Dr. Choi: We have had quite detailed conversations concerning his history of abuse.

Prosecutor: Are you aware of the allegations against the defendants in this matter?

Dr. Choi: I am aware of his past physical, sexual and to an extent his emotional traumas associated with and as a result of the actions perpetrated by the defendants in this matter.

Prosecutor: In your professional opinion, have you formulated a diagnosis, and if so, please explain, in lay terms, the basis for your formulation of that diagnosis.

Dr. Choi: Peter Blake suffers, to varying degrees, from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I have treated him on two occasions for panic attacks as a direct result of exposure to stressors that normally would not have had such as a severe effect in a person not subject to the level of mental and emotional trauma this young man has experienced. In addition, Peter suffers from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, also known as GAD. GAD is an anxiety disorder characterized by excessive, uncontrollable and often irrational worry about everyday things that is disproportionate to the actual source of worry. As a result, Peter has severe issues placing trust in others.

Prosecutor: You mention 'trust issues' in your testimony. It has been alleged that Peter's relationship with his boyfriend is injurious to him. In your professional opinion, has Peter, in any way, been harmed as a result thereof?

Mr. Sneed: OBJECTION YOUR HONOR . I have been admonished for this same precise line of questioning. I request the previous question by the prosecution be stricken from the record.

Judge: Mr. Sneed, you brought the issue to this court. Your questioning very well could have prejudiced this court. Your objection is overruled. The witness will answer the question. Mr. Smith, you are walking on a very dangerous plank. Keep your questioning brief; in fact, this is the only question that will be permitted in this courtroom regarding this line of questioning. Do you wish to reframe your question?

Prosecutor: No sir. This is the only question. Thank you, sir, for your latitude.

Dr. Choi: From my observations which can be supported by my clinical notes, copies of which I have here, signed and notarized as to their authenticity, the relationship between these two youths, who subsequent to forming a loving bond shared by two individuals deeply committed to one another, became brothers. It is my professional opinion that the exact opposite has transpired. No, they're not in any way being harmed, and as a matter of fact, the strength of their relationship is probably one of the key factors in Peter's exceptional progress in dealing with his diagnosed issues.

Prosecution: No further questions. Right to recall.

Judge: Mr. Sneed, cross examination.

Mr. Sneed, after rising from his chair and walking to the witness stand stood for a moment then asked the question of a lifetime, "Dr. Choi is it not true that you were arrested and charged with taking indecent liberties with a child under the age of 16?"

Prosecution: OBJECTION YOUR HONOR . The prosecution, through the FBI, has performed exhaustive background checks and validation of Dr. Choi's credentials. Said investigation, based on the facts, reveals that Dr. Choi was exonerated, and in fact he received a multimillion dollar civil judgment for defamation of both personal and professional characters. I offer the results of that investigation as Exhibit B. Your honor, defense counsel was provided this information during Discovery.

The bailiff received the paperwork from Mr. Smith who handed it to the judge who carefully reviewed it then made his ruling, "Objection sustained. Dr. Choi was, in fact, exonerated and did in fact receive full and complete vindication. Mr. Sneed, you have opened yourself up to potential civil litigation by your allegations. I suggest you do your homework; it is clear to me that you have not done so. Recorder, please leave Mr. Sneed's question, Mr. Smith's objection, and this courts' opinion in the record."

Mr. Sneed: OBJECTION YOUR HONOR , with all due respect to the court, for the record I will appeal this matter to a federal appellate court.

Judge: Go right ahead, Mr. Sneed. Do you have any further questions for Dr. Choi, who has been admitted as an expert witness?

Mr. Sneed. No Your Honor. The defense releases this witness.

Judge: Thank you for your testimony, Dr. Choi. You may be seated. Next witness Mr. Smith.

Prosecutor: Prosecution calls Mr. Samuel Bridgestone.

After Mr. Bridgestone was sworn in and gave his credentials, Bill began his questioning:

Prosecution: Thank you for being here. The facts of this case are that, number one: Ella Right has identified herself as the supervising director of Child Protective Services, hereinafter referred to as 'CPS'. Is this true?

Mr. Bridgestone: Correct.

Prosecutor: Sir, the facts of this case, facts represented under oath, are that the defense has represented that a loving relationship between two consenting boys, six months apart in age, both minors, is not only immoral but is also illegal in the state of Hawaii. Is this true?

Mr. Sneed: OBJECTION . Your honor... this line of questioning has been struck... please...

Judge: Overruled. The witness is directed to answer the question.

Mr. Bridgestone: No.

Prosecutor: The victim of the alleged crimes and a boy who later became his brother through adoption, developed a consensual intimate relationship, a relationship that included and still includes sexual relations. In your expert opinion, is this relationship subject to criminal prosecution?

Mr. Bridgestone: No.

Prosecutor: It has been alleged that the adoptive father of both boys was in fact felt to be criminally responsible for said activities between these two boys, that he was culpable and therefore subject to criminal charges. Is this true?

Mr. Sneed: Objection Your Honor. It was previously determined that Mr. Blake, the children's father is not subject to criminal prosecution by this court, and in fact, that this line of questioning is out of order and was stricken from the record. The basis for my objection is relevance.

Judge: Mr. Sneed, your objection is duly noted however it is once again overruled. You yourself attempted to discredit the CPS supervising director. What we have here is a rebuttal of your allegations. The witness will answer the question.

Mr. Bridgestone: So long as he was not actively participating in the physical aspect of their relationship, then the answer is no. I have no information that he was, in fact, involved in their relationship other than that of a parent.

Prosecutor: No further questions, Your Honor. We will not be recalling this witness. Thank you, Mr. Bridgestone.

Judge: Mr. Sneed. Cross.

Mr. Sneed: What if a relationship, other than a parental relationship existed? Would said parent be subject to criminal prosecution, or at least would his application have been denied?

Prosecutor: Objection. Speculation.

Judge: Sustained.

Mr. Sneed: No further questions, Your Honor. Defense releases the witness.

Judge: Thank you. You may step down, Mr. Bridgestone. You are excused from these proceedings.

Prosecutor: Prosecution calls Tanya Jamison.

Tanya swaggered to the witness stand, plopped her fat ass down (I'm prejudiced, what can I say?) then after identifying and being sworn in Mr. Smith began hammering away.

Prosecutor: Is it true that you subjected Peter Scott Jamison, your then son, and your continued biological son, to physical punishment to the extent of physical injury to his person, to his body?

Tanya: He was punished. As far as his 'alleged' injuries, well he sustained those on his own. He was always a strange kid.

Prosecutor: Testimony by a psychologist, Dr. Choi, recognized by the court as an expert witness, has said otherwise. So, just what do you mean when you say that Peter Jamison, now known as Peter Blake, sustained injuries 'on his own'? Do you mean that Peter intentionally, willfully and wantonly hurt himself?

Tanya: That's what I said isn't it?

Prosecutor: You did. So, as his mother at the time, what do you believe to be a good excuse for him harming himself?

Tanya: He's an admitted fucking faggot. Any boy would hate himself for that! Even that perverted 'father' of his admitted a sexual relationship between him and that faggot he calls a boyfriend, or is it a brother fucking expedition. (Tanya laughed uncontrollably).

(Mr. Sneed sat back in his chair and began lightly tapping his pencil on the table. I'm sure he was waiting for an admonishment from the judge, but didn't get it).

Prosecutor: According to Dr. Choi's testimony, Peter did, in fact, hate himself. He also answered the question 'why he would hate himself?' He hated himself because, as any child wants to do, he could not please you, his mother. He, in fact, felt useless and unworthy of your love. The fact of the matter, Miss Jamison, is that Peter did not harm himself as medical testimony will prove. Many of the injuries, he would have been incapable of projecting onto himself. Is your son double-jointed?

Tanya: No, although he has a disjointed mouth when it comes to telling the truth. He doesn't even know what the truth is!

Prosecutor: Is it true that Peter lived in your home under deplorable living conditions?

Tanya: He was a slob. He took no pride in himself … which is understandable because he is a despicable human being. He's a fucking faggot. How can any boy have any self respect with that label hanging over his head? I can't believe I produced 'that'.

Mr. Sneed: Your Honor, the defense requests a one hour recess to speak with its client.

Judge: Granted. Court will resume after lunch at 1:00pm. Counselor, I suggest you counsel this witness. She is digging herself into a chasm.

The judge banged his gavel giving Tanya a look that nobody ever wants to receive from a federal judge.

Bailiff: All rise.

The judge left the bench and exited toward his chambers.

"I told you dad." Peter said, tears streaming out of his eyes and rolling down his face.

I pulled Peter into a deep, deep hug. The boys surrounded him then I took him aside and said, "Peter, what your mother is saying is at least partially wrong – she is right only where she said you hated yourself. The rest of her testimony is, technically, perjury because what she says about you is not true – but she believes that what she is saying is true, so in her own mind what she says, under oath, is true ... but she is lying. Do you understand what I am saying?"

"Yeah, I think so. She believes what she is saying even though it is not true, right?"

"Exactly. Peter, Tanya, up on the stand under oath has dug herself into a hole. I have no doubt that if she is found guilty of the charges then the Hate Crime statutes will come into effect for sentencing."

Just as we were getting ready to join Peggy and the rest of the gang for lunch, Dr. Choi walked to us, shook hands and said, "Peter, your mother is exhibiting psychotic behavior. She is very angry inside of herself, and well, it is coming out in the words she is saying to you and to the court. You have no reason to believe you or any of your family is in any way responsible for her words and actions."

With that said Peter visibly relaxed, nodded then we all took off for an excellent Italian restaurant close by where we chowed down until we were stuffed. Even Peter and David ate voraciously. By the time we were finished with lunch the boys were much lighter in their shoes even though they surely ate 25 pounds a piece of the fine cuisine... okay well maybe, perhaps a bit exaggerated... but still...

Bailiff: All rise. The honorable Judge Peterson presiding. Case # 09-7265, United States of America vs. Tanya Jamison, and case # 09-7315, The United States of America vs. Harlan Jamison.

Judge Peterson took his seat at the bench then said, "Please be seated. Mr. Sneed have you counseled your client as to proper courtroom decorum?"

Mr. Sneed: I have Your Honor. Due to irreconcilable differences and unconscionable acts by the witness, I respectfully submit a motion to be withdrawn as defense counsel as our client-attorney relationship has been and is irreparably shattered.

Judge: What is the foundation for your motion, Mr. Sneed? From the behavior of said defendant that I have seen in the courtroom this morning, I am leaning in the direction of granting your request. Mr. Smith, do you have any objections?

Prosecutor: Yes, I do, Your Honor. The behavior exhibited by the defendant this morning clearly and convincingly sets forth solid bedrock foundation for this case. Defense counsel has yet to dispute the defendants' testimony in this proceeding. Further, it is the opinion of the prosecutor's office that any additional delay with adjudicating the defendants will further prejudice the matters before the court today.

Judge: (after considering, for a moment, what had just been said in open court) Mr. Sneed, your motion is denied without prejudice. Miss Jamison, your honesty and forthrightness is to be commended, please take the witness stand. Would the court reporter please recall the last question submitted, before recess, by the prosecution, and the defendant's reply thereto?

Court Reporter: Prosecution: Is it true that Peter lived in your home under deplorable living conditions?

Tanya: He was a slob. He took no pride in himself … which is understandable because he is a despicable human being. He's a fucking faggot. How can any boy have any self respect with that label hanging over his head? I can't believe I produced 'that'.

Peter unconsciously shivered then put his hand in mine. I lightly squeezed then looked at him and said, "I love you, Peter. Remember what we talked about at lunch... she's lying even though she is telling her own truth in her own words. There is nothing we can do about it so let's just ride it out for a little while longer, okay?"

Peter squeezed my hand and nodded.

Judge: Miss Jamison, you've been sworn to tell the truth and nothing but the truth so help you God... is your answer true and correct?

Tanya: It is all true.

Judge: Very well. The record will state the answer provided by Miss Jamison was and is true and correct and reaffirmed, so says she.

Prosecutor: So … it is true that Peter lived in deplorable conditions?

Tanya: It's true. The question's answer is actually you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make them drink. I did everything, and I mean everything to give him a good home. He's the one who threw it all away by running off with that faggot half-legged cripple.

(David looked at me. The boy had a smile on his face. Peter had closed his eyes but David got his attention... the truth of the matter, as I would later learn, was that Peter was seriously trying to maintain his composure by not puking while he laughed at the absurdity of the whole proceeding).

Prosecutor: My question was and still is, and the answer only requires a Yes or No, did he in fact live under deplorable living conditions.

Tanya: He lived in his own mess. I'm not a fucking maid, and I damn sure am not HIS maid!

Judge: Answer the question yes or no.

Tanya: Yes.

Prosecutor: Let the record show that it is alleged that Peter slept on a broken down bed, that he had no clean clothes, that he was not even permitted to have a door to his room, that his closet doors were broken down, that he was not permitted to cook for himself despite his mothers' purported 'long hours' at her place of employment. These allegations will be confirmed in later testimony by a witness for the prosecution.

(I looked at David. He nodded. I relaxed. The trial was going better than I could have ever imagined).

Miss Jamison, is it not true that your son was hired as a model when he was very young and that as a condition of said employment he was required to perform sex acts to and for the exclusivity of his clients?


Mr. Prosecutor: Your Honor, my questions are most relevant in that sufficient cause has been clearly shown and alleged in counts four through nine of this proceeding.

Judge: Overruled. Please proceed.

Mr. Sneed: If it pleases the court, please let the record show objections made by the Defense.

Judge: So noted. Proceed. Miss Jamison, answer the question.

Tanya: He's a faggot. Faggots engage in those acts. It is simply a part of his nature.

Prosecution: So your answer to the question is 'yes'?

Tanya: He was hired as a model, yes.

Prosecutor: So, it is also true that because of that employer-employee relationship Peter was required to perform sex acts on his 'clients' for recompense?

(Tanya got 'the stupid' look on her face. She squirmed in her chair. She also popped a huge bubble from some bubble gum.)

Mr. Smith: Do you not understand my question?

Tanya simmered a step hotter. Mr. Smith restated the question anyway, "Matt was a model for a now defunct modeling agency... (pause for effect) ... and as a part of that employee-employer 'contract', which you signed because he had not yet met the age of majority or the age of 18 years old as required in the State of Hawaii, he was required to perform acts of cunnilingus, fellatio, and did in fact submit to having anal intercourse performed on his person, a child under the age of 18. Is this true?"

Tanya: He's a faggot so what do you expect?

Mr. Smith: My question only requires a Yes or No answer. Please, truthfully answer my question.

Tanya: I was unaware of those activities. Peter never said anything about it. I have no doubt however that had he did those disgusting against nature things, as you say he did, he would have enjoyed it.

Mr. Smith: Your honor, please direct the defendant to answer my question.

Judge: Answer the question, Ms. Jamison. This question is vital and your answer may very well be make it or break it for you. Do you understand?

Tanya: Fine. Yes.

Mr. Smith: Thank you for answering my question. Now... let's move on shall we?

Without giving her time to answer his rhetorical question he continued, "What did you do with the money HE earned?"

Tanya: It was used for his upkeep, you know a house, food, clothes.... the normal shit of raising a wayward kid.

Prosecutor: Miss Jamison, in your previous testimony you stated that Peter lived under deplorable conditions such as having a broken bed, no clean clothes, etc. Just what upkeep do you mean? Is it not true that, in fact, those monies were used to support your lavish lifestyle when in fact Peter was living on the streets as a beggar that required him to beg, borrow, steal and engage in sexual favors for hire for his survival?

Tanya: That is a fucking lie. He ran away from home frequently.

Prosecutor: I see. Correct me if I am wrong … isn't it reasonable to assume that a boy, not being properly fed, clothed and educated would revert to any means necessary to survive since our one tried and true basic instinct of life is to survive?

Mr. Sneed: Objection. Leading the witness.

Judge: Overruled. Answer the question, Miss Jamison.

Tanya: That's not true. He had everything he needed. He's the one who ran away. He had a good life.

Prosecutor: Very well. Later testimony from the victim himself will prove your allegations to be false...

Tanya: He's a fuckin kid. It is my word against his.

Prosecutor: Oh but we have a witness to collaborate his word against yours.

Tanya: Probably. Faggots tend to stick together.

Mr. Smith: Let's move on, shall we?

Again he didn't wait for an answer, "Ms. Jamison, how much money did your son earn during his time as a model? Just give a good estimate."

Tanya: The model agency said that Peter is a good looking boy, and I agree that he is <she licked her lips> , and would bring top dollar to a great many clients. The bastards did a 1099 form on his earnings... they reported $1,700.00 but I know for a fact that he made a lot more than that.

Mr. Smith: Oh, the agency paid Peter a sun of $1,700.00 for his modeling... what do you estimate that he actually earned?

Mr. Sneed: OBJECTION! Leading the witness.

Judge: Overruled. Ms, Jamison, a top end amount is sufficient.

Tanya: $250,000.00 or so. I said he's good and good looking. He's a natural. He's a pretty boy.

Peter stood up and was just getting ready to shout but Antoine quickly responded by physically sitting him back down in his seat.

Before anybody could do or say anything Matt arose to his feet and shouted, " You fucking bitch... you know we made you more money than that. While I was in that fucking basement... "

Judge: ORDER IN THE COURT. ORDER IN THE COURT . Sit down young man before I have you removed from this courtroom. You will have a chance to speak during these proceedings.

Matt, not knowing when to quit screamed, " Your honor I know she made more than a million dollars off us... she freaking said so! "

Tanya quickly rose to her feet with rage emanating from every pore on her body... but a matron quickly stepped to the witness stand... Tanya sat back down... but she had a smirk on her face, from ear to ear.

Judge: This court is in recess for 15 minutes. Young man, I command you to restrain yourself. If you do not restrain yourself then I will put you into juvenile detention to calm down.

That did it... Peter stood and in a cold calculated voice said, " Your honor, I will never forgive you if you do that. If you put him in then you will have hell to pay, I promise you. "

Judge: Are you threatening me, young man? Bailiff, remove this young man from this courtroom.

The bailiff quickly walked toward our area but Judge Matheson stood up, "Please excuse my interruption, your honor. My name is Matheson. I am a family court officer in Maui. Initially this matter was brought before my court however fellow members of the bench and I concluded that federal court is where this case belongs. You have graciously agreed to hear this case... the family, the State of Hawaii, and I are honored that you did. Your honor, these children have been through hell in their young lives. Master Peter is concerned for his brother's safety. Through a matter not relevant to his court hearing, young Peter was incarcerated for a short time. While in the custody of the juvenile system he was and continues to be traumatized by certain actions performed on his person by fellow inmates and custodians charged with his safety. Although he has acted against court decorum I implore your latitude. These boys have been through so much. Thank you for your consideration."

Judge speaking to Peter who was still standing: Young man, your outbursts will not be tolerated. I have you and your brother Matthew named as key witnesses in this matter. Truly, not hearing your testimony would be a travesty of justice.

To the recorder Judge Peterson said after considering for a moment, "I must ask you to strike young Peter's outburst from the record. Please, also strike rebuttal witnesses and our dear friend of the court's opinion. In fact, please strike everything forward from when I first called for a recess.

Mr. Sneed: Objection, your honor. I ask you to retain all conversations since the moment you ordered a recess. Should my clients not receive a favorable verdict, I am prepared to take this matter to the Federal Appellate Court for judicial review. It is the opinion of defense counsel that striking the communication from the record would severely prejudice my clients' rights to receive a fair trial.

Judge: I am not worried about appeal. We are taking care of this trial as it goes. Fine. The court reverses its order to the recorder to strike. Please incorporate said conversations as a part of this matter. That's all. Recess. Please return in 15 minutes.

(The judge banged the gavel exceptionally HARD! Then he disappeared into chambers.)

Mr. Smith went to talk to Mr. Sneed... I took the opportunity to get us out of that courtroom as fast as I could possibly go.

To say that both Matt and Peter were hot would be the understatement of the century. They had every reason to be -but- there is court decorum.

I gathered everyone around my wheelchair and said, "Okay, here's the way it is: we have to maintain our cool. The way it is going... Tanya has dug herself into a hole that she cannot possibly get out of. Peter, Matt, she has testified that she received money for what you two boys were subjected to while 'working' for the quote model agency unquote. Peter, Matt, my company has estimated that Matt's account is right on the T correct. Her figure did not however include the money made from internet sales. Peter, you know that some of those sites were premium sites with large membership 'fees'. But this is not the point. The point is that your ex-mother has already hung herself. So keep your cool. I know you're upset. God, boys, if this is so hard for me to see and hear then I understand your hurt and being upset... but please... let's not make this any harder than it needs to be."

Mom spoke up, "Peter you beat me to it. What would they do? ... Would they actually put an old lady like me in the pokey with the likes of that tramp?" She then leaned between Matt and Peter, pulled them close in and then whispered something that the rest of us could not here.

The boys burst out with a belly laugh second to none. She quipped, "It's true." That cracked them up, sending tidal waves of laughter through our sons. Even Antoine had a wry grin on his face.

I said, "What did you just tell them, mom?"

"Oh never mind. Don't listen to him, you guys. Listen to me." Mom had this evil grin on her face. Oh shit.

Dr. Choi walked over to us, smiled and then said, "Peter, Matt, your mother is so screwed. Do accept my apology for being less than professional. She is exhibiting classic textbook symptoms and signs of severe psychosis. Peter, Matt, once this trial is over or anytime before, if you need it, we will go into an emergency session to debrief your feelings, which are valid and just. Please, remain the cool, calm and collected individuals I have known you to be. The prosecution has not dismissed me as a witness yet. I am prepared to give additional testimony, if necessary."

Mom's smile grew even more evil. She said, "I don't know about all that psychosis stuff... but I can tell you that she is batshit crazy. That's final."

Dr. Choi chuckled though he tried desperately not to. After gaining a modicum of composure, though still smiling he said, "You are absolutely correct, ma'am."

I couldn't help it... I broke out laughing... Peggy had been smiling since mom said what she said... and then she too broke down, completely.

Even Mr. Smith rolled his eyes up into his head. He quickly disappeared into the crowd. I saw his face though... he was about ready to bust a seam over keeping his laughter inside.

Richard walked to our group. The look on his face was wonderment at what was going on but when he saw our demeanor... he too rolled his eyes and headed for the exit... surely to have a smoke.

The boys took off for the restroom.

Peggy leaned down and kissed my lips, which I quickly returned in kind.

Mom leaned down and whispered in my ear, "They won't jail an old lady will they?"

I smiled and replied, "They'll let you out within 2 minutes."

She flicked my ear. But she also kissed my cheek and headed to the lady's room after saying, "Don't let them start without me."

Court was resumed... two minutes late. They were waiting for mom.

They put Tanya back on the stand.

Prosecutor: Very well. Is it not true that you did in fact live with a boyfriend and a father figure to Peter for some time? To refresh your memory, his name, aka known as The Boss or Bo … were you aware that he was sexually exploiting Peter for his own pleasures and recompense despite Peters' objections to same.

Tanya: Bo was a good man to Peter. Peter loved him. Bo loved Peter. Bo was a good man to me.

Prosecutor: That's true. Peter did love Bo. Is it not true that Bo did, in fact, love Peter so much that he acquired and then sold pictures, videos and other electronic means of conveyance of him for his own and your personal gains -and- that your former son was in fact a sexual object?

Tanya: I fucking already told you that I was unaware of those activities.

Prosecutor: So … while you may not have known about those activities, as you call it, you also cannot deny it … is this correct?

Tanya did not answer the question. The judge did not force her to answer.

Prosecutor: Okay, fair enough. Let's bring this more recent then shall we? Is it not true that in approximately November of 2008, because of a breakup between you and Bo, you moved in with your brother Harlan Jules Jamison, a co-defendant to this proceeding?

Tanya: That's true, sometime around there, give or take a few weeks.

Prosecutor: On February 17th, it is alleged that Harlan Jules Jamison did in fact assault YOUR son. Were you aware of that assault?

Tanya: I was aware however I only became aware when the cops came to our home later on in the day and apprised me that the boy had been beaten, and that I was being arrested.

Prosecutor: Is it not true that you were, in fact, at home on the day he was assaulted and that you did nothing to stop said assault?

Tanya: That's not true. I was at work. If you will look at your fuckin paperwork, you will see that this is true.

Prosecutor: Actually, Miss Jamison, your employment records indicate you were off that day? If you were not home then where were you?

Tanya: That's none of your fucking business.

Prosecutor: Oh but it is this court's business. So where were you?

Tanya: I don't remember.

Prosecutor: Your financial records do not reflect any transactions that would or could provide albeit for your whereabouts on February 17th. According to investigator reports, you could not or would not provide any witness accounts putting you anywhere other than at home.

Tanya: I was not home.

Prosecutor: Very well. Did you know that Harlan Jules Jamison is a registered sex offender?

Tanya: Yes, I was aware.

Prosecutor: You are aware then that he forcibly raped a boy just 12 years of age... in fact the crime was committed on the day of his 12th birthday and Mr. Jamison then spent 7 years incarcerated for that crime?

Tanya: Yes.

Prosecutor: You are aware that he was paroled approximately 3 months prior to moving your son and yourself to live with him; that he was not to be around children under the age of 17, is that correct?

Tanya: Yes.

Prosecutor: So you knowingly and willfully moved in with him, knowing that by doing so, he would be violating his parole, and that your son would possibly be in danger, is this correct?

Tanya: I did not put two and two together. My brother maintained his innocence throughout. I believe that he was unjustly accused and punished for that which he did not do. My brother and I have always been close.

Prosecutor: Always?

Tanya: Always.

Prosecutor: Let me then show you then the copy of a sworn under oath statement that you made against your brother one year prior to his incarceration for his sex charge. Would you please read to the court the nature of that complaint?

Tanya: Assault with a deadly weapon.

Prosecutor: Would you please read to the court the complainant's name?

Tanya: My brother was all doped up and drunk.

Prosecutor: Answer the question.

Tanya: Shit. It was me.

Prosecutor: So it is true that your brother assaulted you with a deadly weapon?

Tanya: I did not file charges. He is my brother after all for Christ sakes.

Prosecutor: Whether or not you filed charges is irrelevant. Let the record show that Harlan Jules Jamison did in fact assault the defendant in this case. I submit this police report to the court for inclusion.

Judge: So noted.

Prosecutor: On February 17th, the victim sustained serious injuries to his body. The victim vehemently argued his injuries were sustained after falling up and down stairs on his own volition in his own home. Miss Jamison, were you aware of those injuries sustained by your son?

Tanya: Of course I wasn't. Had I known then I would have sought medical care for him. I was, after all, responsible for his care.

Prosecutor: Is that right? Do tell the court how you cared for, nurtured, encouraged, taught in a meaningful way, and supported your son.

Tanya: I was his fucking mother. He always had enough.

Prosecutor: Just answer the question. Assuming you were his mother is NOT enough to convince me that you did in fact provide all that is expected to raise a child.

Mr. Sneed: (weakly stated) Objection, Your Honor. Relevance.

Judge: Overruled. The defendant will answer the question.

Tanya: He was an independent shit. Despite my best attempts of caring for, nurturing, and whatever else you said, he rebelled and refused. What in the hell was I supposed to do?

Prosecutor: Using your terminology, Miss Jamison, what in the hell did you do for him as far as caring, nurturing, encouraging and teaching him how to grow into a responsible adult?

Mr. Sneed: Objection. Badgering the witness.

Judge: Overruled. The witness is instructed to answer the question.

Tanya: He always had a place to live, adequate clothing, food to eat, those kinds of things. He went to school.

Prosecutor: So what forms of punishment did you use when he disobeyed or disregarded your admonishments?

Tanya: He was grounded to his room and was made to do chores.

Prosecutor: Okay, I see. I do the same thing for my children. Let me ask you a question, all the question requires is an answer of Yes or No. Did you ever strike your child in anger?

Tanya: Hell yes. He would not respond in any other way.

Prosecutor: No further questions, Your Honor. Right to recall.

Judge: So noted. Mr. Sneed. Rebuttal.

Mr. Sneed: (Looking green around his gills) So, Miss Jamison, you always provided your son with a place to call home and encouragement, is that correct?

Tanya: I did.

Mr. Sneed: Did you afford him opportunities to succeed?

Tanya: I did, repeatedly.

((Peter whispered in my ear "She's a, sorry dad, fucking liar.") (I replied "I know son. She's digging herself deeper.") Peter nodded. David took Peter's hand in his and squeezed firmly. Antoine was paying rapt attention. He was sitting on the edge of his seat.))

Mr. Sneed: How so?

Tanya: He always attended the nicest schools.

Mr. Sneed: (with a loud sigh) No further questions, Your Honor.

The judge looked at Mr. Sneed incredulously.

Prosecutor: Right to recall Your Honor.

Judge: Granted.

Prosecutor: It is true that you sent your former child, Peter Scott Jamison, to an exclusive private school.

Tanya: Damn straight I did. He was a smart kid. Too smart for his own good however, he was.

Prosecutor: Please state your occupation.

Tanya: (Visibly shaken) I was an executive customer relations coordinator.

Prosecutor: Your Honor, I have Miss Jamison's work history record showing rates of pay, jobs held, and breaks in work history received from the Department of Revenue, State of Hawaii, as well as tax returns received from the Federal Government, IRS division. I also have unemployment records and sworn affidavits from prior employers. Let the record show that Tanya Jamison was, in fact, a waitress in various bars on the islands. In light of these facts, the prosecution requests an additional charge of perjury to be entered into the record.

Judge: (after reviewing the records) Miss Jamison, you have in fact perjured yourself. This court assesses you one count of Felony Perjury.

Prosecutor: So how did you afford to send your child to an exclusive private school?

Tanya: I had boyfriends who provided the funds and who paid the schools directly.

Prosecutor: Your Honor, here are canceled checks and records of charges and receipts by the private school purportedly charged to and paid for by the alleged 'boyfriends'. Let the record show that these canceled checks were signed exclusively and solely by the defendant. The prosecution requests one additional charge of perjury to be entered into the record.

Judge: (after reviewing additional information provided by the prosecution) Miss Jamison, you have once again perjured yourself. This court assesses you one count of Felony Perjury.

Prosecutor: So, Miss Jamison, isn't it true that it was, in fact, Peter himself who made the money necessary for his care and the ability to attend an exclusive private academy school? Isn't it true that Peter was required to perform as an 'actor', as a modeling child where he was required to perform sex acts for hire?

Tanya: That is pure bullshit. I would never, ever put my child in such a situation.

Prosecutor: Oh but Ms. Jamison, you have already sworn under oath that you did and still do know exactly what Peter was hired for... and you have admitted, also under sworn testimony, that Peter brought in, as a result of his quote employment unquote, a rough total of a quarter million dollars.

Mr. Sneed <weakly> : Objection. Relevance.

Judge <clearly annoyed> : Mr. Sneed, the prosecution has simply summarized already sworn under oath testimony from your client. What exactly is irrelevant?

Mr. Sneed: Objection withdrawn. Motion to withdraw from this case.

Judge: Denied. Proceed Mr. Smith.

Prosecutor: Is it not true that Peter was photographed and videotaped through electronic media in varying states of dress and undress, and that Matthew Jamison was indeed photographed and videotaped through electronic media naked, in the company of men, for hire? Was it not true that both boys were indeed forced to perform sexual acts for recompense?

Tanya: That is pure bullshit. Come on, Sneed, where are your fucking objections? I'm being crucified up here.

Mr. Sneed: (weakly and meekly) Objection Your Honor. Hearsay.

Prosecutor: Sir, if I may indulge the courts' leniency I am about to present physical evidence, and first hand testimony from the victims.

Judge: Hurry it up Mr. Smith. Objection overruled, at least for now.

Prosecutor: Your Honor, the Federal Government of the United States of America has amassed in excess of 10,000 pictures, video tapes, and other electronic means of producing child pornography as a result of our investigations, the results all disclosed to the defense counsel during the discovery phase of this trial. I will call an internet security expert to authenticate a number of their sources, all which domicile, or did at one time domicile in the United States of America. Your Honor, I request that all minor children, including the victims, be removed from the courtroom to prevent embarrassment and visions of child pornography, and in their own best interests. I also request that the victims be barred from the courtroom until they are called to The Stand to testify.

Mr. Sneed: Objection. The accused has the right to face their accusers and to witness first hand the evidence they have submitted or have purported to have submitted against the defendants.

Judge: Would the guardians' ad litem, Richard Wright and George Matheson, and the prosecutor and defense attorney please approach the bench.

For about 15 minutes, they stood at the bench discussing Bill Smith's request. When they parted and returned to their positions in the courtroom, the judge said "The Rules of Evidence do not require the accused to sit and be subjected to such evidence in the matters of child pornography, or purported acts of child pornography, or matters of abuse to children, or purported acts of violence to children, so therefore the prosecutors' request for all children under the age of majority to vacate the courtroom is granted. Would all children under the age of 18 years old on this date please leave the courtroom now? Mr. Sneed, your objection is overruled."

When I got up to allow the boys to leave, per the judges' orders, I deeply hugged each child, told them I loved them unconditionally and would see them soon. The officers of the court then escorted them out of the courtroom. When the judge was satisfied that all persons under the age of majority had been removed he said "Proceed."

Judge Matheson said, "Your Honor, as a Friend of the Court, we request that Fugimoto Hashimoto, Director of Security for Blake Enterprises, Inc., a worldwide company, domiciled in the state of Hawaii be allowed to authenticate and source document the pictures, videotapes and other electronic means of purported child pornography productions."

Judge: Request is granted. Mr. Hashimoto, please approach, state your full name and credentials.

He did.

Judge: Bailiff, please darken the courtroom.

One by one, 80 slides were shown, and 3 video productions were played to the courtroom. Fugi eloquently authenticated and source documented each and every media piece. The final video was of Peter in Bo's office on his final day there.

Judge: I've seen enough. Let the record show that I have certified Fugimoto Hashimoto an expert witness in this and all subsequent actions from this point forward in any federal court in the United States of America. I have had the opportunity to and therefore do identify the victims in this particular proceeding as that of Peter Scott Blake (formerly known as Peter Scott Jamison), and Matthew Scott Jamison, both minors in any jurisdiction within the United States of America. Mr. Smith, collaborate the evidentiary relationship, particularly the relationship of money exchanging between the defendants' and the producers, and those charged with taking fees for the services on the internet.

Prosecutor: Yes Your Honor. Exhibits C thru L are bank records from repeating charges charged by the host site and the top 10 'customers' who paid for those subscriptions. The top 10 customers are identified as those entities having had the longest period of uninterrupted paid subscriptions. Fugimoto, through his investigations have determined 217 subscriptions were bought and paid for by various subscribers. These are in addition to the top 10 customers. They have identified approximately 51,753 downloads onto subscribers' electronic media. By reference, the actual child trafficking and pornography distribution charges are filed under another case number with the Federal Government, Your Honor. The primary subjects of that investigation have fled the country.

Exhibits L thru ZZ are bank records of both defendants showing electronic payments deposited directly into the accounts owned and used exclusively by the defendants in this proceeding.

Your Honor, other cases are pending before the Federal Court system in the matter of production and distribution of said child pornography. The defendants in those actions have been charged with Unlawful Flight to avoid Prosecution, among other charges and those cases have been filed under applicable Rico Statute provisions. With your permission, we request that this case, the one we are here for today, be included in that Rico Statute case although we would like to make disposition for this matter, if at all possible. The victims in this case need closure. They should not have to be involved in the litigation until they are old men. They are young. They are vibrant. They have their whole lives ahead of them if we just give them the opportunity.

Judge: Mr. Sneed, do you have any objections because if you don't and if you have no further questions for the defendant then we will get those kids in here and let them have their say in court. I will warn you right now: if you so much as touch a hair on their little heads, I will hold you in contempt and I will have your license to practice law revoked, do you understand me?

Before we go there however, let's hear from the co-defendant. Mr. Smith, put Mr. Jamison on the stand. The allegations before him seem to paint a picture of a man who likes to beat on little kids then use them for his sexual pleasures.

Prosecutor: Your Honor, the prosecution has no physical evidence to tie Mr. Jamison into the purported, alleged crimes. We will require victim testimony. The child is willing, and has been willing to tell you, the court his story for some time now. I will be gentle with him. I ask you, Mr. Sneed, to be gentle with him also. If not, then he is prepared to be just as ruthless as you may ever attempt to be.

Mr. Sneed: Objection Your Honor. Since when does the prosecutors' office tell defense counsel how to handle a case? Your honor, defense is provided the opportunity to rebut as it sees fit, as it pertains to this case.

Judge: Mr. Sneed, has your client entertained a change of plea or a willingness to accept a plea agreement – has the client even been broached with this option?

Mr. Sneed: My clients are not willing to plea out. They maintain their innocence.

Judge: Very well. Mr. Smith, do you have further evidence to submit to the court that would potentially or really be injurious to the minor victims?

Prosecutor: No sir.

Judge: Mr. Sneed?

Mr. Sneed: Sir, we have no sensational graphics to show to those in this courtroom. Once we bring our star witness to the stand, our plans are to rest.

Judge: Mr. Smith, are you aware of any witnesses not yet called?

Prosecutor: Yes sir. We have yet to question Dr. Miller who is the victims' surgeon. Dr. Miller, Peter Scott Blake, and Matthew Blake's testimony are our remaining witnesses. We are also prepared to bring Andrew Jamison to the stand, if necessary. We were unaware of any additional witnesses for the defense.

Judge: Mr. Sneed?

Mr. Sneed: Yes sir. We will be calling Dr. Wendell Talbot MD, a renowned and respected child psychiatrist. He agreed to testify on short notice, in fact we only received word this morning that he would be able to testify.

Judge: So, is it true that prosecution was unaware of this witness as required by Federal Evidentiary Rules?

Mr. Sneed: We ask the courts' leniency, sir.

Judge: Mr. Smith?

Prosecutor: I know of a Dr. Talbot. The prosecution reserves the right to recall Dr. Choi as our expert witness. I have one question, Mr. Sneed, and that is: has Dr. Talbot had the opportunity to examine Peter Scott Blake?

Mr. Sneed: No he has not. Examination is not required.

Judge: So, Mr. Sneed, your star witness, a physician who is purportedly renowned and respected has never examined the victim, is that what you are saying?

Mr. Sneed: (backpedaling.) That is correct Your Honor. Dr. Talbot will be providing expert opinions on principle. Dr. Talbot is a Medical Doctor not a psychologist.

Dr. Choi leaned forward in his seat behind me "Jim, if he is permitted to testify, I will chew him up and spit him into the fires of hell. I will get the last word."

"Dr. Choi, no you will not get the last word (I chuckled) … Peter will get the last word, trust me."

Dr. Choi chuckled and said "You have a point. Well spoken!"

We both giggled.

Mr. Sneed: Your Honor, we wish to call Dr. Talbot after Peter testifies.

Judge: Your wish is denied. You will not subject Peter to an extensive psychiatric examination while he is sitting on the stand. If you felt that Peter would be lying then you should have hired a behaviorist to testify as to the victims' authenticity and truthfulness.

Mr. Sneed: Very well. We will then utilize Dr. Talbot as a behaviorist expert.

Judge: Very well. Mr. Smith?

Prosecutor: That's fine. However the stipulation of Dr. Choi testifying after your star witness remains.

Judge: Stipulation sustained. Very well. Remember what I told the both of you: do not orchestrate any theatrics with the victim on the stand.

Prosecutor: Yes, agreed, Your Honor.

Mr. Sneed: The defense agrees to those terms, Your Honor.

Judge: Very well. This court is in recess for 30 minutes.

<Bang of the gavel>.

The boys were circling, touching and hugging Peter, Matt and Andy; encouraging them as only they could. Harry, who had been quiet up that point, got out of his seat, went over to the group of boys offering his support and love to the ones they loved, and joined into the group hug. "I'm sorry you have to be going through this. Any friend of Antoine's is a friend of mine."

"Thanks bro. Your love and friendship means a lot to us." Peter said just as Antoine and he walked away.

I closely observed them. Antoine put his hands on Peters' face. Peter closed his eyes. Antoine's lips were moving however I was not close enough to hear his words. Peters' tears dried up. A smile replaced the worry lines on his face. After a few moments of silence between them, they broke apart but not before hugging tightly.

David, who had also been very quiet for most of the trips back and forth, and the trial, joined hands with Peter. They embraced then just before parting, they kissed deeply and meaningfully.

Tanya noticed their embrace and displays of affection then screamed " SEE … THEY ARE FUCKING FAGGOTS!!!! GET THAT FUCKING JUDGE IN HERE TO SEE THIS SHIT! Quick, somebody take a fucking picture! "

Before I or anyone else could say or do anything, Andy took off for the bench area then screamed, " You fuckin bitch cunt, shut the fuck up. I hope you get the electric chair. And I hope I get to pull the damn switch. Fuck you. "

A court officer approached Andy then pushed him to the floor when the boy raised his arm up to strike Tanya. Peter and Matt took off for the bench area where they subdued one pissed off Andy. The officer drew his handcuffs but before he could detain Andy, Peter and Matt began talking to him, words I could not hear. Peter pointed up to me … I got up, so did Peggy. Quickly, we made our way down. The officer said, "This boy is out of order. I'm going to give him one more chance. You need to restrain his outbursts."

Just then, Tanya, observing the goings on, jumped up from her chair and then came over and slapped Peter with all of her strength knocking him to the floor. With another assault tactic, before the officer could react fast enough she slapped Matt with all of her strength yelling, and screaming obscenities. He went down too, hard.

Mr. Sneed rose out of his chair and forcibly restrained his client as a swarm of court officers descended to subdue her. Two matrons cuffed and shackled her while she continued to scream, rant and shout obscenities.

While they were subduing her, Peggy and I checked on Peter, Matt and Andy. They were okay though they had bright red splotches on their cheeks from where she had hit them.

Out of the corner of my eye, I suddenly observed Judge Peterson come out of his chambers to, it appeared, see what was happening. When he saw that I saw him, he went back into chambers and closed the door.

I found that very, very odd.

The court officers, once they had Tanya subdued and detained, approached me and said, "Sir, we observed what happened and are…"

Bill said, "I am writing up three new and additional charges of felony intimidation of federal witnesses with injuries."

"We're not hurt, sir." Peter said apologetically.

Smiling, Bill said, "You have red marks on your faces from being slapped very hard. The court photographer is on his way. Boys…" he took them away from the defense table, closer to me and Peggy and said "she has not a prayer of getting anything reduced. I was going to recommend a psychiatric examination but I'm not going to do that now. Trust me boys."

All three nodded simultaneously. Bill looked at me and Peggy. We nodded our approvals.

Shortly thereafter, the photographer came and took several pictures of each boys face, hooked the camera up to the computer then uploaded them for all to see when the time was right.

When I turned around to go, I ran into Antoine. He had tears running down his face, he was sobbing; he was in severe pain. He cried "I tried to…" then dissolved into my chest.

Allen and Angel and Jeremy approached us. They took Antoine into their arms then helped him back to his seat in the spectators section. There, they consoled and comforted him while the boys, Peggy and I returned to our seats.

Just as we arrived and had sat down the bailiff announced the judge would be a few minutes tardy for resuming court.

Peter quickly excused himself and headed (ran) to the restroom. Jeremy followed him then the rest of the boys followed him. A few minutes later, they returned. Peter looked pale, like he'd been sick. That pissed me off. Not at Peter but rather that fucking bitch … that sick fucking bitch.

Bailiff: "All rise. The honorable Judge Peterson is presiding. Case # 09-7265, United States of America vs. Tanya Jamison, and case #09-7315, United States of America vs. Harlan Jamison is now in session."

Judge: Please be seated. Before we resume these cases, the prosecutor, as a result of fully witnessed and taped assaults on our youthful witnesses in this courtroom during recess, has filed 3 additional counts of felonious assault, and 3 federal felony charges of intimidating a witness. Mr. Sneed, will you be contending the allegations against your client?

Mr. Sneed (truly I was beginning to feel sorry for what he was up against, but not much, not enough to say anything) : No, Your Honor. Your Honor, once again, I wish to withdraw from this case.

Judge: Your request has been taken under advisement however for the time being the court is denying your motion to withdraw. I believe we are now ready for the next witness. Miss Jamison your case is finished. I have sufficient information to make an informed decision as to your guilt in this case. We will now move on to Harlan Jules Jamison. Next witness, please, Mr. Prosecutor.

Prosecutor: The prosecution calls Harlan Jules Jamison.

(Harlan, visibly shaken, gets up, walks over to the witness stand, is sworn in then takes his seat looking not all too good. Perfect).

Prosecutor: Mr. Jamison, previous testimony reveals you are a convicted sex offender and that you are to stay away from children under the age of 17, is that correct?

Harlan: Yes.

Prosecutor: Previous testimony also reveals that you did in fact violate the terms and conditions of your parole, evidenced by living with your sister Tanya and her son Peter, a child under the age of 17 years old. Is this true?

Harlan: Yes. My parole has been violated.

Prosecutor: Is it true that on February 17, you did in fact physically assault Peter Scott Jamison with the intents and purposes of sexually assaulting him?

Harlan: I did not physically assault him, and I did not have sexual relations with him although he did come on to me. I rebuffed his advances. He was quite insistent however.

Prosecutor: How so? Do please tell the court how Peter came on to you and how he advanced on you.

Harlan: Uhm, well, he lowered his pants and underwear to the floor then turned around facing me … and well, he, uhm, stroked his penis to the extent that he was highly aroused, you know … well.

The bastard shifted around in his seat obviously rearranging his body parts. Give me 5 minutes with him and we'll just see how much his body parts get arranged …

Prosecutor: I see. And you did what?

Harlan: I told you I resisted his advances.

Prosecutor: How so? How did you resist his advances?

Harlan: I told him to get properly dressed.

Prosecutor: Did you leave the room?

Harlan: No. I wanted to make sure he complied with my demands.

Prosecutor: Demands?

Harlan <clearly nervous> : I demanded that he get dressed appropriately.

Prosecutor: Did he?

Harlan: No. He came over to me then grabbed my …

Prosecutor: Grabbed your what, Mr. Jamison?"

Harlan: My manhood.

Prosecutor: I see. And you did what?

Harlan: I pushed him away.

Prosecutor: You pushed him away … just exactly how hard did you push him away?

Harlan: He may have tripped … remember he had his pants down around his ankles...

Prosecutor: Did you have your hands on his person when he tripped, Mr. Jamison?

Harlan: I told you I was pushing him away. He had a hold of my cock mind you.

Prosecutor: What happened after he fell?

Harlan: I guess I fell on him … it all happened so fast.

Prosecutor: Actually what happened, Mr. Jamison is that you did indeed 'fall' on Peter Scott Blake, then known as Peter Scott Jamison, and that you did, in fact, sexually rape him with your penis through unlawful anal intercourse. Didn't you?

Mr. Sneed: Objection. Leading the witness.

Judge: Overruled. Answer the question, Mr. Jamison.

Prosecutor: Just answer the question yes or no.

Harlan: The little slut wanted me, no, he was begging me to pork him.

Prosecutor: No further questions, Your Honor.

Judge: Rebuttal, Mr. Sneed.

Mr. Sneed: Did you strike the alleged victim?

Harlan: Maybe…

At that point, Mr. Sneed looked at the judge "Your Honor…"

Judge: Proceed Mr. Sneed.

Mr. Sneed: No further questions.

Judge: Mr. Prosecutor, please call your next witness.

Prosecutor: The prosecution calls Doctor William Miller.

(Harlan looked at Peter with the most vile and venomous look on someone's face that I had ever seen before. Peter instinctively sat back fully upright in his chair. I started to get up, was about halfway when Peggy took hold of my elbow. Her touch stopped me from doing something that I would have regretted for the rest of my life).

Once Dr. Miller had been seated and was sworn in, Mr. Smith said "Dr. Miller, you were Peter's attending physician from the time he was admitted to University Hospital on February 17th until the time he was discharged, is that correct?

Dr. Miller: That is correct. I am still his physician.

Prosecutor: Would you please describe Peter Scott Blake's, also then known as Peter Scott Jamison, injuries for the court.

Dr. Miller: Peter was seen in the Emergency Room on the day of admission. Upon admission, my examination revealed Peter had bruises of varying severity to about 80% of his body. At the time of his initial assessment, external photographs were taken. At this time, I wish to give a slide presentation. It will show the extent of his injuries. I will also show detailed internal injuries found during emergency surgery to stave his blood loss.

Dr. Miller quickly went through the slides, pausing on the more seriously injured areas, including Peter's right testicle. Next, he showed intraoperative photographs of the internal damage to his testicle, various pictures of Peter's intra-abdominal organs and tissues then finished up with the pictures of his partially lacerated spleen.

Prosecutor: Thank you doctor. Can you tell us how those injuries would have occurred?

Dr. Miller: The bruises about his body, externally and internally, are consistent with blunt force trauma, although a few of the deeper bruises are from sharp force trauma, consistent with a belt buckle. Here are blown up photographs that show clear indentations consistent with direct sharp trauma to the area from a wide-rectangular belt buckle head.

Dr. Miller showed several slides with close-up views of injuries to Peters' lower extremities, buttocks and the front sides of his hips.

Dr. Miller: The internal injury to his spleen was more than likely caused by a very hard direct blow to his abdomen. That external trauma would have caused a blow-out injury to his spleen, and that is precisely what we saw during surgery.

Prosecutor: In your medical opinion, was Peter raped?

Dr. Miller: His anus was bruised. We took pictures of the external surface of his anus (he clicked for advancement of a slide). I also did a digital rectal examination however no blood was found when I retracted my finger. A rape kit was performed. The rape kit came back negative for sperm although there were crusty white fluid exudates, both internally and dried on the external skin surrounding his anal orifice.

In conclusion, while the laboratory cannot conclusively confirm rape, as evidenced by the presence of spermatozoa within the anal cavity, physical examination is consistent with forced entry of a blunt object consistent with the male adult penis. Additionally, I have two slides that were taken during an endoscopic examination of the lower 10 inches of his colon (Dr. Miller showed the slides). Magnification was set to 10 times that of what is commonly seen by the naked eye. As you can see, several small tears of the mucosa are clearly evident.

Prosecutor: Dr. Miller did you or did your laboratory at University Hospital conduct DNA tissue matching?

Dr. Miller: Yes we did. The results were turned over to local law enforcement. Typically the DNA is passed into the NICS computer system of known criminals. I do not have records from local law enforcement indicating a match or no-match.

Prosecutor: Did Peter give you a history of rape, Dr. Miller?

Dr. Miller: Not at the time of my initial examination. He was in severe pain from his other injuries, and he was being prepped for emergent surgery to repair or remove his spleen and testicle. As I said before, crusty white exudates were taken from his buttocks and anal orifice. The laboratory results did show that the exudates were consistent with seminal fluids.

Prosecutor: Did the victim, Peter Scott Blake, also then known as Peter Scott Jamison, suffer from long-term physical disability?

Dr. Miller: His right testicle required permanent removal. His testicle was later, during an outpatient procedure, replaced with a prosthesis. To answer your question, he suffered no debilitating long-term physical disability though the psychological effects will remain for an unknown period of time.

Prosecutor: No further questions from the prosecution.

Judge: Cross.

Mr. Sneed: Dr. Miller, does any physical evidence exist that would place the defendant at the crime scene? In other words, is there any physical evidence that would link any particular individual to the crime?

Dr. Miller: As I previously stated, no laboratory evidence exists that I know of, not from my physical examination of the patient. I will defer this question to law enforcement.

Mr. Sneed: Dr. Miller, the co-defendant, Harlan Jules Jamison, has been charged with sexually assaulting the alleged victim in the form of rape. In your expert medical opinion, is there any evidence whatsoever that pinpoints my client to the alleged assault?

Dr. Miller: My patients' word, Mr. Sneed.

"He's a fuckin liar." Tanya squealed.

Judge: You Miss Jamison, be quiet unless you are spoken to. One more outburst and I will have you removed from the courtroom. Do you understand me?

Tanya nodded.

Mr. Sneed: Thank you. The defense has no additional questions.

Judge: Thank you Dr. Miller for testifying. You may leave.

Prosecutor: The prosecution calls Officer David Ramirez, HPD Sex Crimes Unit.

After Officer Ramirez (hereinafter referred to as 'OR') was sworn in and seated.

Mr. Smith: Officer Ramirez, you were the responding officer to a domestic abuse case. Do you see the victim in this courtroom?

OR pointed directly to Peter. He said "Yes I do. His name is Peter Scott Blake, previously known, at the time of my report, as Peter Scott Jamison.

Prosecutor: Was your initial report filed with this court?

OR: It was. The initial report had an addendum attached. The report was amended as a result of victim recall.

As a result of that recall, I urged our prosecutor to change venues to the Federal Courts. Peter's constitutional rights were violated in that, as previous testimony during this trial has so amply revealed, he has been consistently and constantly referred to as 'faggot' which is a filthy, vile, disparaging and violating term applied by prejudiced persons against gay males.

Prosecution: Correct. The charges were amended to attempted aggravated first degree murder and forcible rape.

OR: That's correct. Sir, I would like to clear up one issue. That issue is I am hearing testimony that Peter and his life mate had unlawful anal sexual intercourse prior to the assault on his person prior to his assault on February 17. The true facts are that David Blake and Peter Scott Blake, then known as Peter Scott Jamison, were friends but had not escalated the relationship into a loving sexual relationship until sometime after Peter's medical care and recuperation period, and before his adoption into the Blake household.

At no time was Mr. Blake or his son, David Blake EVER suspects. For completeness sakes, this investigator, in conjunction with CPS, did in fact, inquire and investigate the possibility. Our independent and collaborative investigations were parallel in concluding that no wrongdoing was found. Also, had Mr. Blake or Peter's life partner had sexual relations with the victim prior to or during an assaultthen the laboratory examinations would have had very different results.

Prosecutor: Did you, in any way, see, in their home, where Peter's protected class of sexual orientation and individuality was violated?

OR: No sir, not at all.

Prosecutor: Thank you. I have no further questions.

Judge: Cross.

Mr. Sneed: Officer Ramirez, didn't you find it odd that a 14 year old boy cried rape when in fact no physical evidence ties the defendant, Harlan Jamison, to the time or place of the purported crime?

Prosecutor: Objection. Speculation.

Judge: Overruled. Please answer the question Officer.

OR: Your information is incorrect, Mr. Sneed. Your Honor, I apologize for the tardiness of this report however we just received it. I made a special trip into the Crimes Lab to pick it up just this morning on my way to the airport to come here to testify. I now submit it as evidence. As you will see, it is from the FBI Crime Lab in Quantico, Virginia.

The bailiff took the report from Officer Ramirez then handed it to Judge Peterson. Judge Peterson's eyes widened considerably then returned to their previous state. He then said, "Counsel, please approach the bench."

They did approach the bench. They passed the paper back and forth twice. Mr. Sneed, when he turned around to return to his seat looked ashen. He adjusted his tie twice then stood and said, "Defense requests a one hour recess so that I may speak with my clients."

Judge: Granted. Court will resume in two hours.

The defendants were quickly ushered into a side door of the courtroom. The prosecutor quickly took off and got out of sight before Richard and Judge Matheson could intercept him.

I took Peggy and the boys down to the canteen where we all got drinks and a snack to eat.

"What was that all about?" Peter asked curiously.

"I don't know son. Anything I would say is purely speculation. From what I gathered, the report was significant." I said.

Everybody turned to Peggy and expectantly looked in her eyes waiting for any answer she could come up with.

"I don't know boys. I think speculating is dangerous. I agree with your dad."

"It's going to be okay, Peter. No matter how this turns out, I, we love you and nothing will ever change that." David said as a matter of fact.

"I feel like I'm on trial, David. I'm glad Officer Ramirez said what he said though. I don't know why but I was nervous … I don't know …"

When nobody else said anything, I said, "Let's all go for a walk. We can think on our feet." I said with some levity in my voice coupled with several swats on my butt to drive my point across. I received several "Sheesh, dad, what a dork" looks from everybody … but it served its purpose: the mood was lightened.

Everybody was agreeable so we went walking around the courthouse aimlessly though the mood was light. Even Peter seemed more relaxed.

A few minutes later while ambling down the sidewalk toward the pond, Antoine and Peter broke away from their brothers, walked over to Peggy and me. Antoine said, "We are going to talk alone for a few minutes, if it is okay?"

I hugged Peter after nodding. When I finished, Peggy pulled Peter into her arms, hugged him tightly then whispered something very quietly in his ear that only she and he could hear. He smiled his appreciations then he and Antoine took off. We watched them walk across the courtyard to a park bench on the other side, away from people. I observed them, once again, holding each others' faces in their hands. Ten minutes later they opened their eyes, looked at each other carefully and deeply, and then kissed quickly and returned to us. Peter was smiling, as was Antoine.

Peter gave and received hugs all around, all the while assuring each member of his family that he was okay, and would be okay. I believed him. We all did.

Lightheartedly, we then made our way up the stairs leading back up and into the courthouse and headed toward the courtroom. On our way, Dr. Choi was standing outside of the courtroom doors, with Alexander next to him.

Alexander asked "Peter, are you holding up okay? I know you bro, and I know that Harlan and that bimbo bitch are lying their fucking asses off. Stay strong dude. Remember, you are not on trial here."

"Peter, I'd rather you not testify. It can be done via closed video where you do not need to testify in person." Dr. Choi said.

"I'm okay now. I just want to get this over with. We're so close to having it finished. Please."

"Peter, the defense team will be ruthless. They will pull out all stops."

"Seriously doctor, I'm okay. I just want this to be over with. I can't stand it any longer. We're so close. Please. I need to do this."

"Dr. Choi, I have taught Peter a relaxation technique today. It is a Tai Chi exercise to bring one into one's self, to relax and to concentrate. I am not a doctor; I will acquiesce to your request to cease. It has helped Peter to relax and center himself. He's twice performed it on his own. I will sit in front of him. Peter when you start to get tight in your body, look over to me. I will remind you of our technique to center you back. Is that okay, doctor?" Antoine implored beseechingly.

"I will reluctantly agree with you, on one condition." Dr. Choi said emphatically but appealingly.

Antoine and Peter both nodded as did I.

"Peter, do you know when you are about to fade out?"


"Here is my condition. If you feel yourself beginning to fade then raise your right hand. I will come to you. We will then leave the courthouse. You will not argue at that point. Is this understood? Mr. Blake is this agreeable to you?"

Peter nodded. I said "Okay, fair enough."

David pulled me aside when Antoine and Peter began walking away with Dr. Choi and Alexander. The other boys had joined them, Peggy trailing slightly behind and beside.

"What's up my son?" I said holding David close to me but not so close that we could not see each others' eyes.

"Dad, I don't know what I can do to help. I know this is selfish of me but I feel so alone right now."

"I know. Me too. Son, this is something Peter needs to work out in his own head and in his own way and in his own time. Just stay with him in spirit, and however else you two communicate. He needs you more than he ever has before. He needs us all. Yet, at the same time, he is a very strong young man as we have been seeing recently. He's going to be okay."

"I know dad. He's not pushed me away or anything bad. I just want to do something to help him."

"Just keep doing what you are doing, David. Just be yourself because you are the one he fell in love with. He loves you so very much. That will pull him through anything, and you have us to support you both. Don't try to do it all alone, my son."

With that said we embraced warmly and then, smiling, David kissed my cheek and took off at gallop speed, met up with Peter then took Peter's hand in his. They took off for the restroom. The rest of the gang waited for me to return to them then we took off and reclaimed our seats in the courtroom.

Peter and David returned shortly thereafter. David looked at me a bit nervously then bit his lip with an impish smile on his face then turned away rapidly after I smiled warmly.

45 minutes later we heard the bailiff say: "All rise. The honorable Judge Peterson is presiding. Case # 09-7265, United States of America vs. Tanya Jamison, and case #09-7315, United States of America vs. Harlan Jamison is now in session."

Judge: During the recess, I reviewed this matter. Defense counsel, at the last moment, notified me their star witness, Dr. Talbot, was unable to make it to court today. Defense counsel has waived their right to hear testimony from the alleged victim. Prosecution has waived their right to hear testimony from the alleged victim. Mr. Prosecutor?

Prosecutor: Yes, Your Honor, we have waived our rights to hear testimony from Peter Scott Blake, previously known as Peter Scott Jamison at the time of his assault. The Federal Government rests its case.

Judge: Very well. Mr. Sneed?

Mr. Sneed: Yes, Your Honor, the defense rests its case at this time notwithstanding the right to appeal at a later date and time.

Judge: Very well. In light of all testimony received by this court in the matter of The United States of America vs. Tanya Jane Jamison, the court has reached its verdict. Miss Jamison, please stand to receive those verdicts.

Tanya: I'm already screwed so I'll sit it out. May I say something to that bastard son?

Judge: Very well, sit. You will remain quiet. You will have your chance to make a statement after the verdicts are read. Therefore, the charges against you and their verdicts are:

Counts one, two and three – Felony Child Endangerment … GUILTY AS CHARGED on ALL COUNTS.

Counts four, five and six - Felony conspiracy to commit lewd and lascivious acts on a child less than age 15 … GUILTY AS CHARGED on ALL COUNTS.

Counts seven, eight and nine - Felony solicitation of a child for lewd or lascivious behavior on a child less than age 15 years old … GUILTY AS CHARGED on ALL COUNTS.

Count ten - Felony Accessory to Attempted Aggravated First Degree Murder on a child less than age 15 years old – GUILTY as CHARGED.

Count eleven - Felony Accessory to Attempted Aggravated First Degree Murder on a child less than age 15 years old – GUILTY as CHARGED.

Counts twelve and thirteen - Felony aggravated assault on a minor child under the age of 15 years old – GUILTY AS CHARGED on ALL COUNTS.

Sentencing will be handed down at the conclusion of this case.

In addition you are eligible to be included in The United States of America vs. Sandstone, et al, Rico statutes corruption affair. Sentencing will be adjusted as appropriate. In no event will those sentences be less than what will be set forth today in this trial, and they will be imposed to run consecutive to the sentences handed down today.

Tanya: What the fuck does that mean?

Judge: Your defense team will explain that all to you. Miss Jamison, in light of your continued outbursts and disparaging remarks to the defendant and his family, I am denying your privilege to provide a statement.

Judge: Harlan Jules Jamison, please stand.

Harlan: Yes, Your Honor, Sir.

Judge: The charges against you and their verdicts are:

Count one - Felony rape of a child under the age of 15 years old.

Mr. Jamison, your DNA was exact matched with tissue fluids lawfully extracted from Peter Scott Blake then known as Peter Scott Jamison at the time of his assault. Prosecution and your defense counsel certified the results just this morning received from the Federal Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab in Quantico Virginia.


Count Two - Attempted felony aggravated first degree murder – GUILTY as CHARGED.

Count three - Felony aggravated assault on a minor child under the age of 15 years old – GUILTY as CHARGED.

In addition you are eligible to be included in The United States of America vs. Sandstone, et al, Rico statutes corruption affair. Sentencing will be adjusted as appropriate. In no event will those sentences be less than what will be set forth today in this trial, and they will be imposed to run consecutive to the sentences handed down today.

Harlan: I'm fucked.

If looks could kill, Harlan Jamison would be deader than dead. The look the judge gave Harlan would freeze over hell.

Judge: It is now time for the victim statement stage of this trial. Peter Scott Blake, previously known as Peter Scott Jamison, would you like to make a statement? You are not required to be sworn in.

"Yes sir." Peter said assuredly, confidently.

Both Peter and David got up then walked to the gateway. When they arrived, they turned toward each other, hugged deeply and kissed very quickly. Peter then looked at Antoine, then to me, then to Peggy, then to each of his brothers one by one.

"Your Honor, can David join me, please?" Peter asked firmly.

Judge: That will be just fine, Peter. Boys, young men, this proceeding is being electronically recorded. You are not under oath.

Peter looked deeply into my eyes. I looked deeply into his hoping against all hope that my love freely passed directly into his heart. It did but I did not feel it was sufficiently conveyed.

I got up from my seat, grabbed my crutches. All of my sons and Peggy were looking at me, questioning me.

"Come on. Peter needs us."

That said we all got up, en masse, walked down to the gate separating us from the bench area. A court officer had been standing in front of the gate to keep anyone not directly involved in the case, away.

Peter: Your Honor, my family will not leave me alone in any bad situation. I really cannot stop them from coming up here. I doubt you can stop them. That's just the way we are, sir. We stick with each other.

Tanya: Oh ain't that just fucking sweet.

Judge: Order in the court. Mr. Court Officer, please allow the victim's family to enter and stand by Peter's side as he makes his statement.

Once we were all gathered together behind, beside, with Andy in front of Peter, Peter put his arms around his little brother then began saying:

Meet my family. My family loves me. They treat me with respect. I love them beyond words. I respect them emphatically. Without them I am nothing.

For most of my life I was without them. I was nothing more to you than a rag doll that you could beat on or have your boyfriends do whatever they wanted to do to me.

But that has all changed now. I am somebody who is loveable, who is deserving of respect. The best of all however is that they have taught me how to love, to cherish another human being, and how to respect each other as human beings, my brothers.

What I have not yet figured out, and I am not looking to you for an answer ... but how did Matt and I live apart, yet so close together? How did you do it? The bigger question would be, if I were to ask it, and I'm not asking it – is why?

I know that you had Matt hidden away in the basement at Bo's house while I lived there. I heard his screams at all times during the days and nights. I could not get to him. Bo would not let me go down there. Several times I did try to go downstairs to see who was there, who was screaming. He beat me. But his beating was nothing compared to what my twin brother was subjected to. Shame on you. I pray for you each and every night so that you might feel peace in your heart. I will continue to do so but not because I love you … I do not love you … I never have although I tried so hard to make you at least like me.

Let me tell you what … Peggy, mom would you please come here?

Peggy moved around then stood beside Peter as Andy moved over in front of Peter.

Peter continued: Tanya, here is my mom. We've only known each other for a relatively short period of time. She's the best. She loves me no matter what. She supports me, encourages me, gets on my case appropriately but only when necessary. She has never struck me or made me feel like a piece of sh … I mean crap, sorry mom.

Tanya, for what it is worth ... I forgive you. I'll just leave it at that. I have nothing more to say.

Andy turned around then looked up at me. I shrugged my shoulders then looked at the judge.

Judge: Andy, do you want to say something to your mother?

Andy: Yeah. I mean yes, sir. Uhm, one little problem I have is that she ain't my mother. She is just a woman. She planted an egg then the sperm donor screwed her. Out I popped. Peggy is my mommy. She's gonna adopt me, right?

Peggy: Yes I will, Andy. Make no mistake.

Andy: Good. That man that you called a boyfriend. Well, he fucked me in my butt. Wow, what a piece of work you are. Antoine, he saved my life though. So yeah, I have a decent family. I'm not there with forgiving you yet. Maybe I never will be. Have a good life, and if you are lucky you just might get a really good girlfriend, iffin you know what I mean.

Matt spoke up and said:

I'm not sure I will ever get there with forgiving you. Maybe Peter can teach me and Andy how to do it.

Why did you keep Peter and me apart? I want a fucking answer, bitch!

Tanya: Fuck you, you little piece of shit. I should have had an abortion on each of you little cocksuckers. You little fucks ruined my life! LOOK AT ME!!!!!

Judge: Miss Jamison, you will remain quiet.

Tanya: Fuck you and your cowboy rodeo. This is my fucking time with these spawns of Satan. Tell me Andy, are you a fucking faggot too?

Andy: I sure would be if I had to be around something like you for very long.

Tanya: Why you little piece of shit.

Andy (turning around to face the judge) : Can I get a divorce from her … can you divorce a boy from its egg donor?

Judge <mortally serious... he was carefully watching Tanya> … yes, the action is called adoption.

Judge: "Okay boys, please be seated … and take the parents who love you dearly with you. Thank you for sharing. The best part of this trial is about to happen. Pay close attention, okay?

Everybody nodded as we made our way back to our seats and sat down. Richard had a smile on his face as did Judge Matheson.

Judge: Tanya Jane Jamison, stand up. That is an order.

Slowly she stood up then slouched against the defense table.

Judge: You have been found guilty of all counts against you. Your sentences are as follows:

Counts one, two and three – Felony Child Endangerment …

You are hereby sentenced to 15 years for each charge, the maximum allowable under federal law. These sentences shall run consecutively.

Counts four, five and six - Felony conspiracy to commit lewd and lascivious acts on a child less than age 15 years of age …

You are hereby sentenced to 12 years for each charge, the maximum allowable under federal law. These sentences shall run consecutively, and shall follow in succession of counts one thru three.

Counts seven, eight and nine - Felony solicitation of a child for lewd or lascivious behavior on a child less than age 15 years of age …

You are hereby sentenced to 5 years for each charge. These sentences shall run consecutively, and shall follow in succession of the sentences for counts one thru six.

Count ten - Felony Accessory to Attempted Aggravated First Degree Murder on a child less age 15 years old …

You are sentenced to 30 years. This sentence shall follow in succession to the sentences for counts one thru nine.

Count eleven - Felony Accessory to Attempted Aggravated First Degree Murder on a child less age 15 years old …

You are hereby sentenced to 30. This sentence shall follow in succession to the sentences for counts one thru ten.

Counts twelve and thirteen - Felony aggravated assault on a minor child under the age of 15 years of age …

You are hereby sentenced to 18 years on each charge. These sentences shall run consecutively, and shall follow in succession of the sentences for counts one thru eleven.

In addition, you have been charged with two counts of Felony Perjury …

You are found guilty on each of these two charges. You are hereby sentenced to two years on each count. These sentences will be permitted to run concurrently to the aforementioned guilty verdicts and their sentences. By reference, these charges are counts fourteen and fifteen.

In addition, you have been charged with felony assault on two federal witnesses …

You are found guilty as charged. Your sentence is 10 years for each charge. These sentences shall run consecutively, and shall follow in succession of the sentences for counts one thru fifteen.

The sentences you have received take into account certain sentencing guidance under the Federal Hate Crime Statutes. In light of those judicial latitudes provided by statute, you shall serve 95% of your sentences before becoming eligible for parole.

In the matter of The United States of America vs. Sandstone, et al, affair under the Rico Statutes, you are eligible to be and are summarily included within this action.

Miss Jamison, it is the opinion of this court that you are one despicable human being. I have been on this bench for 29 years and have never met anyone quite as disgusting as you are. If you did not want your children, then you should have given them to someone who would love and cherish them as a parent should do. They are very lucky now, you know.

You are hereby remanded to the Federal Department of Corrections. Get her the hell out of my courtroom.

Tanya was led out of the courtroom, cuffed and shackled, tripping over herself. She didn't even look back, not once.

Judge: Harlan Jules Jamison, please stand for your sentencing.

Harlan: Yes sir. I'm sorry, sir. Peter, I'm sorry, I don't know what got into me.

Peter: Your Honor, may I say something, please?

Judge: Peter, this is highly unusual but under the circumstances, please come forward and state your piece before the court.

Peter leaned down and whispered something into Peggy's ear. She smiled, giggled then nodded her head approvingly. He looked at me, winked then made his way to where the court officer pointed for him to stand.

Peter: Your Honor, uhm, I need to address this to Harlan, okay, please?

Judge: Okay. Go ahead, Peter.


Peter then returned to his seat where he received several 'high-fives' and a good long kiss from David. Peter was smiling, he was relaxed … the worry lines were gone from his face, totally.

Judge: I tend to agree with you Peter. However, to maintain decorum, I must remind you that you are in federal court … okay, well enough for that <snicker> .

The judge cleared his throat, signed some papers then said "Harlan Jules Jamison, you have been found guilty of the following, and are being sentenced as follows:

Count One: Felony forcible rape of a male child under the age of 15 years old …

You are hereby sentenced to the statutory limit of 45 years within the Federal Department of Corrections.

Count Two: Attempted felony aggravated first degree murder …

You are hereby sentenced to life in the Federal Department of Corrections no possibility of parole. This sentence will run consecutively, and shall follow in succession of the sentence for count one.

Count three: Felony aggravated assault on a minor child under the age of 15 years old …

You are hereby sentenced to life in the Federal Department of Corrections no possibility of parole. This sentence will run consecutively, and shall follow in succession of the sentences for counts one and two.

Last but certainly not least you are guilty by association of aiding and abetting the perpetration of Hate Crimes under the United States of America Federal Statutes concerning same, therefore, any possibility of parole is revoked. You will, of course, be required to complete your federal sentence however if you live long enough, which you will not, then the state sentence will follow.

Additionally, you are hereby certified eligible for sentencing guidelines under the RICO statutes as applicable under the United States of America vs. Sandstone, et al captioned matter.

I would like to just make one comment to you Mr. Jamison: You too are a despicable human being. Bailiff get this man the hell out of my courtroom.

<The scumbag was led from the courtroom. He did turn around prior to being led into the bowels of the courthouse, hopefully to rot in hell for all of eternity for his atrocious crimes. With his hands cuffed in front of him he grabbed hold of the front of the jumpsuit and made sexual gestures so that all could see.

Now I don't know what happened when he left the courtroom -but- an audible thud was heard that sure sounded like a human skull being pounded against a solid wall structure.

The judge shook his head. At the same time, he had a wry grin on his face.

But then he turned serious. While he spoke, he was looking at each of the boys, one by one and together>.

Peter, Matt, Andy, Mr. Blake, Ms. Hilyard, Mrs. Blake, ladies and gentlemen, counsel, prosecution, and everybody else in this courtroom.

These cases are never easy.What is worse, and I feel for you boys, is what has been done to your earlier lives.

Boys, the judiciary makes every attempt to make right those wrongs done to you. Unfortunately, the system isn't designed to prevent such atrocities, instead it is designed to kick in after the event or events have already happened. Unfortunately, this is the norm for most all civilized societies.

Boys, young men, I personally apologize for what happened to you.

Usually, there are times when crimes cannot be proven beyond any shadow of a doubt, instead they are adjudicated on reasonable doubt . The happenings in this courtroom over the past two days have proved those defendants guilt beyond any shadow of a doubt.

I have seen both love and hate in this courtroom over the past 2 days. And you know what? Love has prevailed .

Go now. Hold together those bonds of love that keep us together, not apart. Do your best in school. Work hard. Utilize the dedication of your health care professionals to heal, to go forward. Use your experience to help someone else. The dividends have no limits.Be well. Maybe the spirit of us all live forever.

Court is dismissed.


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