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The Light

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 80

*-* David's POV *-*

The judges' sentences imposed on those assholes left us sitting in our chairs unable to really say anything as the enormity sunk in.

The months of uncertainty was over.

Peter, Matt and Andy had been vindicated. Their stories were known. The court proceedings closed a chapter in their lives. And it opened a new chapter for not only them but for the rest of us individually but also for a family.

In many ways I wished the clock could have been turned back to that slice in time before the love of my life and his brothers had perpetrated on them the atrocities brought before the court, and into their lives which made them who they were today.

Those thoughts quickly vanished when I realized that had their chapters not been written – then our family would likely not be what it was then and continues to be today.

At the same time, Peter's and my hands came together as one. My ring finger felt ours, the signification of our commitment to each other in all good times and not so good times. We had and still do have something very special, and that something cannot be broken no matter what comes our way.


I turned to Peter, "I love you, babe."

Although tears were freely flowing from his eyes he was wearing a broad smile, it looked really good. His smiles melt me in half... I'm like a stick of butter succumbing to a warm and gentle heat.

Unable to stop ourselves, we leaned and kissed our lips together and just enjoyed the companionable silence enveloping between us.

Dad broke that silence, and interrupted our coupling, by saying the most wonderful words we'd heard in two days, "Let's go home."

Those magical words animated everybody into action.

Mom went to the ladies room while we went to the men's room located close by. As it were there were only 3 urinals affixed to the wall. While Andy, Peter and I stood there waiting our turn, I said to Andy, "Andy, ya gotta watch your mouth and better chose the words you use. Mom does not need to and should not ever hear the C and F word ever. She's a lady. She's nothing at all like that bitch who just got her ass nailed to the wall in that courtroom."

Dad piped up, "I was going to talk to you about the same exact thing, Andy. Those words are unacceptable. And they are not only unacceptable in the presence of a lady but they are also unacceptable in my presence, and honestly speaking they have no real place in a conversation with other guys. Now I'm not so naive to say that they are never used... I used them as a young teenager myself but someone took the time to take me aside and say that we have available a better set of words to use to tell someone exactly how we feel."

After a brief pause, dad continued, "I'm not sure what single word describes the woman we saw going crazy in there. The best I can think of to say is that she is a very misguided, angry and close minded individual. She is also a bald faced liar because most of what she said was nothing but a lie. She's also a cheater in the worst possible way. She cheated you boys out of many of your best years. She's also a thief in that she steels people's self esteem and their sense of self value to somehow make herself feel better."

"It's sick behavior. Dr. Choi said it best – she's psychotic. I'll add that she's not dealing with reality. She doesn't even know you boys so how can what she says and believes be true? She doesn't. I know you boys. I have found you boys to be the exact opposite of her definition."

Richard and Mr. Smith walked into the room just as dad turned to the urinal to pee. He motioned for Peter, Matt and Andy to come to him because he had something to say. When they were gathered together he said, "Boys, other than for a couple of outbursts, I am proud of how you conducted yourselves in the courtroom. I don't blame you for the outbursts... they were timed just right and I believe they made a huge impact on how the judge decided the case. In the future though please restrain yourselves because they could possibly sway the outcome in a negative way. I'm in absolute harmony with Judge Peterson... I hope you have happy and prosperous lives. I hope you are able to move past this experience and use it to help other people in their time of need. If there is any way I can help you succeed please let me know and I'll do anything that I can."

Mr. Smith went to a stall to pee. We washed our hands, dried them and then walked out of the restroom. Mr. Smith exited a few moments later... we didn't say anything... nothing was left to say because it had all been said.

Dr. Choi and Alexander were about to leave when the psychologist walked to dad and offered to take us all home on his chartered jet. Dad readily agreed so we took off and made it to Maui's airport in about 20 minutes, after takeoff.

We parted ways after making appointments for Peter, Matt and Andy to debrief.

Now I know this is very hard to believe... but we were too tired and emotionally drained to stop at a restaurant for the evening meal. The only thing I wanted to do was to get home and take off the damn monkey suits we'd been forced to wear two days in a row. I wasn't complaining though. We were there to support and lend emotional and moral support... so without any qualm did exactly that: support them.

On the way home Jeremy called Jason and invited him over to our house. After terminating the call Jeremy said, "Alice is coming over to make sandwiches and soup. She also said the trial and the verdict made the 6pm news which also filmed Tanya's exit from the courtroom. She added that certain expletives had been beeped out but that you could tell exactly the words their ex-mother used to describe her 'feelings'".

Grandma spoke up, "Ah stop painting a rosy picture of that wicked witch bitch. She is what she is. And I really liked the comment about her getting a girlfriend. Hopefully she'll be taken hostage and spanked until she's black and blue."

Her words broke the remaining tension. Everybody in the vehicle broke out laughing, Andy especially.

We made it home in short order.

The first thing that happened upon arrival was that 7 dudes with varying amounts of pubic hair made their way upstairs to shed those gawd-awful clothes and get into something much more comfortable.

No more than 5 minutes later 7 hungry teenage boys wearing nothing but a t-shirt and running shorts entered the kitchen -starved-. Cold cut sandwiches and hot tomato soup were served and then we took off for the pool. Dad joined us. He said that so long as we didn't get all out of hand the pool was open for business. What little clothing left on its owner soon found its way to various spots on the deck and the owners of those clothes then made their way into the pool of relatively warm water.

Since we were not permitted to swim or goof around for an hour following a meal we just milled about and soon found ourselves huddled together with our mates, just talking quietly. At no time did the subject of the trial come up... the actual live experience was enough. Each person just had to process the happenings from within.

When the hour was up those of us who swam laps did so while the others did other things. I only swam 10 laps at which time I was done and ready to hit the bed to get a good night's sleep after, hopefully, some alone time with my hubby.

Horace and Alice took off for their home, leaving Jason and William at ours. Soon Jeremy and Jason disappeared into Jeremy's room for the night. Angel and Allen went to theirs. Antoine and Matt went to theirs, leaving Peter and I to ourselves. It was decided by Andy, Harry and William that they would share Andy's queen size bed.

The love of my life and I decided to take a shower before we turned in for the night.

In quick succession Peter then I used the facilities, brushed our teeth then got into the shower and washed from the tip of our heads to the bottoms of our feet, spending just a little more time than absolutely necessary in a couple of very important areas... to the point of 'almost but not quite'.

With that finished we made our way to the bedroom. Instead of Peter closing and locking the door, I did. Although we'd not made mad passionate full complete intercourse since that one night a week or so ago when Peter was fully willing and able... I seriously hoped that we would come together.

When Peter crawled into bed he pulled the covers up and over his fine body until they reached his armpits at which time he urged me into our boudoir. I got in and reached for the light switch and put us into darkness.

He was lying on his back and I was on my side facing him. I laid my head on his chest and just listened to his air exchange and his heart beat one by one.

I was just falling off to sleep when his fingers began playing with my hair. After a little while I said, "Peter, I need you in me, can we please make love? I know …"

Without prompting or further invitation he turned onto his side, facing me, and then began tracing my facial features, beginning with my nose.

Automatically, my hands began running up and down his back, only stopping at the top of his buttocks knowing that he'd been skittish about it being played with, I'd tried before. Each and every time I quit because I didn't want him to be disturbed or tensed up.

Peter reached down and placed my hands on his globes and then urged my finger into his deep, dark crevice that covered and protected his known love canal.

As Dr. Choi had told me... Peter was leading the way as his fears and pain passed by. He said they would eventually but that I was not to rush him along.

When I hesitated, when I stopped forward (or was it backward) progress Peter said, "I'm not a China doll …"

I took his words as an invitation so I moved my finger onward toward that rose petaled arbor of love. At nearly the same time his hand and fingers found my deep, dark crevice that covered and protected my own love canal.

Our lips came together, automatically and instinctively. The first was tentative. The second, not so tentative. The third one opened the door to more exploration. And the fourth one continued for an indeterminable period. The fifth, if there was even a fifth opened fully and completely, and we went searching for tonsilar tissues. Meanwhile, after Peter gave a serious flinch as my finger made its way into his deep, dark tunnel to the first then second then the third digit. I felt his muscles contracting and releasing relentlessly, it was almost like his tunnel was sucking me in, urging more, and when more wasn't enough – engulfment.

Peter interrupted our ministrations just long enough to reach for the body lotion.

He couldn't get enough.

And I couldn't give enough.

And then I couldn't receive enough, and he couldn't give enough.

We made love, switching positions, most of the night. In fact, the first rays of light were coming over the Pacific Ocean horizon as we fell into a messy and sweaty slumber.

Within an hour of falling off to sleep, we awoke needing to use the restroom in the worst possible way. After applying our shirts to our still open orifices we made our way to the bathroom, deposited sperms from our mates and other substances. A shower was definitely in order.

Just as we were drying off we heard loud voices coming from down the hall so we took off to see what was happening because those voices sounded angry.

The voices were coming from Andy's room. Quickly we made our way in and turned on the overhead light. Andy was standing at the side of his bed getting ready to pounce on … who? Harry!

"Andy, stop! Don't do it!" I said seriously.

"He was trying to stick his dick up my ass. I told ya, Harry, I am not a queer and don't do those things!" Andy said angrily.

"Hey, hey, hey, what's up you guys, Harry?" Peter said.

"He was trying to fuck me, that's what's up. I told him I'm not a fuckin queer..."

Andy's face fell to the floor, seriously and completely ashamed at his choice of words. Tears sprang from his eyes and fell down his cheeks. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean those words..."

"I know. Don't worry about it. Harry, can I talk to you alone, privately?" I said softly.

Harry got up and out of bed. He was wearing underwear that was tented out fully and completely... I estimated his size to be about four and a half inches, maybe five.

Andy, too, was wearing underwear. His, too, was tented, and pointing straight up.

To Andy Harry said, "I'm sorry... I know you aren't like me... anyway, I'm going downstairs and sleep on the sofa."

With that said Harry walked past Peter and I and headed down the hall toward the stairs.

I walked to Andy and said, "Andy, was Harry forcing himself on you because if he was then I'll tell dad."

"I don't know. I was asleep." Andy replied then turned and headed into the bathroom. Soon the sound of a boy peeing in the toilet was heard.

I said to Peter, "I'm going downstairs to get Harry's side."

We kissed tenderly and then parted ways.

The house was quiet and dark. Knowing our home that way I did I headed downstairs, to the TV room. No lights were on but I heard a child crying softly, sniffling every now and again, and a broken voice saying what a worthless fuck he was, that he'd fucked up again.

"Harry, is that you?" I asked into the darkness.

"Yeah, it's me. I'm going to sleep down here tonight. I'll call mom in the morning to come get me, if it's okay."

"Where are you? I can't see anything."

"The big sofa."

I made my way inside and felt my way to the big sofa. Our legs touched when I got close, he was sitting down with his feet out.

I sat down. Our thighs touched. He moved away.

I said, "Watch your eyes. I'm going to turn on the light. Are you ready?"

"Yeah, okay."

I reached for the lamp, found the switch and turned it. The light nearly blinded me but I soon acclimated.

I reached for his face, connected and pulled it in such as way so that we could look at each other.

Tear streaks were below his still watering eyes. I asked, "What happened up there?"

I don't know... I was asleep and then woke up... Andy was slapping the shit out of me. I wasn't doing anything... I promise."

"You were probably having a wet dream. It happens. There's really nothing we can do to stop them... well there is but... tell me, do you jack off sometimes?"

Harry looked at me like I was invading his private sanctum, like I was going somewhere he didn't really want to talk about. But then his demeanor changed. He answered, "Sometimes."

"Okay, me too. Did you do it last night...? I mean have you done it recently... sometimes it stops us from having wet dreams."

Harry shook his head no then said, "I don't feel comfortable doing it here."

"Okay, I can understand how you feel. There's nothing wrong with jacking off. We do it. It is just a fact of life. Anyway, if you want to then go into the bathroom at night and just do it privately with the door shut, and locked if you want to. We have a closed door policy – if a door is closed then it is off limits unless you knock and receive an okay to enter. It works for us."

Harry nodded his understanding.

"Tell ya what... I'm going to leave. I'll shut the door on my way out. That way you'll have privacy... and just do what you think is right. Nobody will bother you."

"Are you sure it's okay? I mean. Well ya know this isn't even my home … and well..."

"Yeah, it's fine. Enjoy yourself. When you get finished, come on up, you can sleep with Peter and I."

"But what happens if …"

"Huh? I don't understand."

"What happens if I can't shoot … sometimes I can't, especially when I'm nervous, like right now. I mean … well, you know …"

I got up, went and closed the door then sat down next to Harry and pulled him sideways into me and said, "Go ahead then. I won't watch … well, maybe I will <snickering>."

Five minutes later, a very messy 13 year old got up and gathered up several Kleenex from the box sitting on the coffee table and cleaned up.

With that said and done we took off for my bedroom, spooned into Peter then promptly and restfully slipped off into slumber land.

*-* Meanwhile in Andy's room, Andy's POV *-*

Peter walked over and sat down on the bed, pulled me into him where we hugged, and then he moved away and asked, "What happened?"

"I was asleep and woke up. He was poking my butt with his dick. I'm not like that... he was trying to fuck me."

"Okay, that's a problem. You didn't give him permission, right?"

"Hell no. No way. Peter, I'm sorry... I didn't mean to say that... shit..."

"No harm. Do you remember what dad said about our choices of the words we sometimes use?"

"Yeah... well I did it again."

"Not too worry. Tell me, do you think maybe Harry was asleep?"

"He didn't answer me when I told him to fucking stop..."

"Maybe he was asleep then? You know... sometimes we have dreams..."

"Yeah, he might have..."

"Has he done anything to you before, you know things that you don't approve of?"

"Well no."

"Andy, okay then, I don't think he was doing anything against your will... he doesn't strike me as the kind of person who would intentionally hurt anybody or do anything against their will. I think he understands that no means no."

"Yeah... Peter... I get scared sometimes..."

"I used to be scared that somebody was going to do something too... and well, I'm starting over again. I learned to trust people here... I have to relearn even though I know I'm safe, you know... here."

"I understand Peter... I've been there done that... in jail that is. In a way I liked it... but I hated it at the same time."

"Well, I didn't like what they did... like you, I HATED it. The good news is that David and I are okay now."

I suddenly remembered hearing them getting 'okay' and how it kept me and Harry from going to sleep. I snickered, "So heard... the walls are thin you know."

Peter snickered then pulled me into a hug. I felt safe with him. It was like he understood and didn't get all pissed off and shit. But I was still unsettled. I asked, "Uhm, Peter, will you sleep with me tonight... I'm kinda nervous and everything..."

"Sure. Hop in. I'm gonna go pee. I'll be right back."

*-* Wednesday morning, Peter's POV *-*

I awoke to a pair of arms around my midsection … and a very hard dick resting against my pucker moving back and forth, in and out. When I opened my eyes, I turned my head around and saw that Andy was humping my butt. Quickly, I rolled onto my back which woke him up with a startle just as he sprayed a load of his youthful life giving spunk. When he realized what he was doing, he covered up the best he could with what he had to cover up with – his hands. Quickly, he climbed over me then ran into the bathroom where he slammed the door shut. Soon the shower water was heard.

I got up and walked into Allen and Angel's room where I went into their bathroom and peed. When I exited I saw them intertwined together, sleeping soundly. They looked so damned cute together. That was one of those Kodak moments that would remain in my mind and not forgotten.

I peeked into Andy's room. He wasn't there so I headed to the room David and I shared. Just as I was ready to enter so I could go back to sleep Andy exited the bathroom sans clothing, his dick hanging low at rest and his scrotum pulled up tight. He said sheepishly, "I'm sorry for... uhm... you know..."

I looked into his eyes... he was sorry... I said, "I think you owe Harry an apology for reacting like you did."

"Yeah... no shit. I'll be right back."

"I'm going down too, wait up. Uhm, why don't you go get something on... I'm not sure who might be downstairs, okay?"

Andy took off for his room and I went to check on David. Our bed was empty and he wasn't in the walk-in closet so I returned to the hallway and waited for Andy.

He soon returned wearing a pair of baby blue underwear briefs. We headed downstairs.

David was just coming in from the pool. He was dripping wet but quickly drying off with a large green beach towel.

We kissed tenderly then he headed upstairs.

Andy went into the TV room but quickly reappeared then went to the doors leading to the pool. I looked too. Harry was sitting on a lounge chair by himself. Andy looked at me intently. I nodded then he headed outside. He grabbed Harry's hand and together they headed into the pool room, disappearing from sight. I smiled.

"Morning, mom." I said happily.

"I'm sure it's morning somewhere, young man. Have you looked at the clock recently? Obviously not, huh?" She giggled.

I looked at the clock hanging over the bar; it read 1:45 in the afternoon.

"Go get your dad up, okay?" Mom snickered then playfully swatted me on the ass to get me going.

Dad was sitting on the side of the bed looking expectantly at the cast on his leg. I think he was hoping the hunk of plaster would just disappear leaving a healthy, good leg to walk on freely.

A twang of shame took me over but he looked up and requested my presence beside him. I sat down and put my arm around his shoulders. He said, "Morning young man. And how are you this morning?"

"I'm pretty darned good."

"I guess we slept in last night, huh?"

"Yeah, no kidding. I don't think I've slept this late ever... at least since my surgery. Are you ready to get up, I'll help."

Dad replied, "Just hand me the crutches... I'm getting around pretty good now. Thanks."

After I got dad up, I went into the kitchen where mom was fixing sandwiches. I got one, a glass of milk and an apple. I ate them quickly because I was hungry.

Jeremy and Jason entered the room. They were fully dressed and announced that they were going down to the mission, and asked if I wanted to go with them.

Peter entered. He didn't want to go with us but he did want to go to the beach and take a walk by himself, which was fine with me. I understood without question.

*-* Andy's POV *-*

From the doorway to the pool I saw Harry sitting in a lounge chair with his head hanging down halfway to his lap. He was looking straight ahead, deep in thought.

I took a deep breath, closed the distance between us and said upon arriving, "Hey."

Briefly he looked up but then quickly resumed the stare toward the deck.

"Harry, everybody's watching to see what happens. Can we go into the pool room so we can talk for a minute, if you want to?" I said, extending my hand out toward him.

"Thanks... I'm sorry, Andy."

"Yeah, me too, come on." I said then led us into the pool room and closed the door.

Harry said, "I'm..."

"Harry... I'm not mad at you. I, uhm, well Peter and I slept together the rest of the night. He woke me up because I was humping him... I was having a wet dream. So I can't be mad. I did it myself. You were asleep, right?"

Harry smiled, "Yeah, I was. You're sure you aren't mad at me?"

"Absolutely, I am not mad at you. Are you mad at me for getting mad at you?" I asked smiling already knowing the answer to the question.Harry giggled, smiled and let the question go unanswered. No answer was needed.

Without provocation or invitation we closed the distance and hugged deeply. Neither of us wanted the hug to end... I sensed it... so we held onto it. After a brief but powerful squeeze we released then took two steps back and just looked into the other guy's eyes.

Harry said with a questioning smile, "My dad says jacking off is normal and that it usually keeps us guys from having those dreams... I know you're not gay and I am but maybe we could jack off together before going to sleep... I mean, well I could go into the bathroom and..."

"That's cool. I mean... well, I have a big bed and everything, you know."

We bumped knuckles then headed to the water in the pool that was calling loudly.

*-* David's POV *-*

After eating a bologna sandwich with Dijon mustard, pickles, a dash of miracle whip, and an apple and a grapefruit, I took off down to the beach to mess around.

The beach was exceptionally crowded for a weekday then I remembered it was the anniversary of D-day … oh well I just mingled into the crowd. I received quite a few stares while walking along the sandy shore being careful to stay out of the deep loose sand a few feet away. I still had not mastered the art of walking on deep, loose sand with my Leg. Alex said I may never get used to it, unless I just wanted to fall a lot. We had both laughed about it after he shared he had not been able to negotiate it either, and he had had his prosthetic for about 18 years or so.

After walking down shore for probably a mile or so, the crowds thinned out considerably. Way, way off in the distance, I saw a figure, maybe two. I couldn't tell if they were going or coming so I ambled on down in that direction. A group of guys were playing volleyball.

As I was walking along, their ball came rolling toward me. I reached down, picked it up then sorta served it back to a guy about my age that was running to fetch it up.

"Hey thanks man. Ya wanna join us?" He said pleasantly with a big, genuine smile. The thing I most noticed first was that his smile was not faked, not put on, and was not forced. You know how people can be at times … just smiling for the show.

"No problem. Nah, I can't join ya, sorry, but thanks anyway."

He turned away and headed up to his group of friends. They were all wearing Speedo's, and looked mighty fine in them if I may say so myself.

I took off and ambled down the beach toward those two figures that appeared to be coming closer. Immediately, I recognized the bright pink shorts that one of them was wearing. My heart sped up figuring that it was Antoine and Matt. Surely, Peter would be with him, I hoped.

As I got closer I recognized the bright pink boardies that could only belong to Antoine. Immediately I recognized Matt wearing his white Speedo. I giggled and pointed at the very well defined shadow behind the fabric that belonged to his dick.

Matt looked down, flashed his smile and then playfully asked, "Want some?"

I laughed knowing that he was joking around.

Concern once again took hold. I asked the both of them, "Hey guys … have you seen Peter? Where's Jeremy and Jason?"

"Peter went walking too. He was going the other way, I think. Jeremy and Jason picked up Allen and Angel and then they were going back home, or somewhere, they couldn't decide what they were going to do."

"Well, we probably passed on the beach or something. So where are you guys headed?"

Antoine looked at Matt... "We didn't really have any plans... we could just mess around."

We ended up just sitting in the water for a while. The temperature was perfect... not too cold... not too warm... but we didn't go swimming or anything because it was so crowded and everything.

After an hour or so we took off for home, taking our time, enjoying people watching. On the way we stopped and got a snow cone, hung around for a while with nowhere to go in a hurry though I had some concerns for Peter. He was fine when we parted, relaxed and everything... so I wasn't particularly worried.

As we made our way to the path that would lead us to home we passed those dudes in Speedos, the same ones who had been playing volleyball. I waived and they returned the gesture. They were very pale in comparison to our deep tans, and naturally dark skin.

We headed home. Mom was sitting at the bar. Concern was on her face when we entered the kitchen. She said, "Where's Peter? Didn't you guys run into him?"

Antoine offered, "He was going to walk around the beach by himself... Matt and I left him at the Mission. Jeremy, Allen, Angel and Jason took off and are goofing around somewhere."

"Was he really okay when you all went your own ways?" Although I knew the question was dumb since, like I said, he had been okay earlier.

"Yeah, he was fine. He said he wanted some alone time … hmm …" Antoine said trailing off, thinking hard … "yeah, he was fine and happier than I've seen him for quite some time … I wonder … I'll be back later …"

"Not so fast, young man. What's on your mind?"

"I was just thinking that maybe he stopped down at the rocks … uhm … those rocks are pretty wicked for a novice hiker." Antoine said looking mysteriously at Matt.

"No shit … I mean ... sorry mom it just slipped out …" Matt replied seriously.

Dad entered the kitchen then seeing our concern asked, "What's up?"

"Peter's not home from the beach yet. We were just talking about what to do … I'm thinking we probably ought to head down that way to see if we can spot him." Mom said.

"How long has he been gone?" Dad asked concernedly.

"Probably about 3 hours." Antoine replied.

"Honey, I'll get dressed. Why don't you grab the keys... let's head down that way. He's probably okay but he might be tired."

My phone rang. Caller ID showed the call was coming from Peter.

"Hey babe, where are you?" I asked quickly, concern flowing through my veins.

"Uhm, I kinda got myself into a little jam. I'm stuck in some rocks and can't climb up or down... I'm really tired. Can you guys come pick me up? Sorry..."

"Where are you? Are you alone?"

"Hah, yeah, well I'm not too far from The Mission. I decided to goof off on the rocks... and well I got up here but can't get down... my legs are just too tired. And yes, I'm alone but not really... you're on the phone."

"Heh, heh, heh. He's stuck in some rocks." I said playfully to lighten the mood of concern.

Antoine got a very concerned look on his face then said, "He went the wrong way. The rocks are about a mile from the mission – the other way."

"Hey dufus, you went the wrong way to get back home."

"Very funny, oh wise one. This is pretty cozy where I'm at, maybe you would like to join me here sometime?"

"With all of the comedians out of work … heh, heh, heh. Okay, Antoine is chomping at the bit."

"Ask if he is on the upper ledge or the lower part." Antoine said seriously.

"Hey dufus, are you high or low?"

"I'm in some sort of cave like thing … seriously I can't get out of here. It's straight down into the water."

"He's in a cave like thing." I said then Antoine grabbed the phone, put it on speaker and said to Peter, "Don't move from there, Peter, we'll be down right away. Just don't move from where you are. Stay back from the opening, you can get confused with the water rushing up and hitting the rocks."

"Yeah, I've found that out. Anyway, I'll stay right here because there's no phone reception if I'm inside... I've tried."

"You stay right there. I know exactly where you're at."

"Okay, bro. Love you. Talk to you later."

"See ya in a little while. Do as I told you to do. Let's stay on the line till we get there."

"Mom, he's in the cave" Antoine said worriedly.

"Jim, that's a treacherous area. Antoine, there's no way you can get in and out … not with your ribs…"

"Mom, I have to go. I'm much better. I feel no pain today." Antoine said decisively, sincerely.

Mom regarded Antoine for a long moment. They communicated between each other with no words spoken.

"Oh there you are; I've been looking for you." Harry said to Antoine as he walked into the kitchen from the laundry room carrying a load of sheets.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked with concern etched on his face and in his voice.

"Peter's stuck in a very dangerous place … we were just heading out to get him. Come with us."

"Okay, no prob. So what are we waiting on?"

That said, we all climbed into the Escalade, took the beach road and arrived about 20 minutes later. Antoine jumped out of the vehicle with the rest of us on his heels. We'd fetched and took along dad's ropes and a harness that were previously off limits.

Efficiently, Antoine tied them safely to an outcropping of rock high above the ocean floor. Dad ended up sitting on a rock on the beach level because there was no way he could negotiate up those steep rocks. Neither could I.

Antoine told Peter that we'd arrived and that he would soon be there, to not move, and that he was going to hang up while he negotiated the terrain.

*-* Antoine's POV *-*

We had a bit of a problem. After tying the ropes to my belt loops, I tossed the free end down but the hand holds were out in front of the mouth of the cave, too far out for Peter to safely reach them.

That left but one alternative.

I had a bit of a problem though. My ribs was sore. I could feel the edges slightly rubbing against each other.

What I did was to tie the ropes to a rock above, the rope through my belt loops in a circular fashion so that if I fell going down then the at least I'd have something to catch me. The next thought was hoping the belt loops would hole, that they would not tear away... but because I snaked the rope through all of them then no one belt loop would carry all the burden.

The roar from the ocean prevented any kind of communication with those below. Matt looked pretty worried. Dad did too. Mom's deathly afraid of heights.

Jeremy came clambering up. I told him my plan, he thought it would probably work.

Then he said something that hit me in the gut: he told me to depend on him for lowering the ropes. He didn't have the balls to go down but he would support me.

I began the trek very slowly, very meticulously, very carefully. I didn't slip or slide, thankfully due to Jeremy's guidance and brute strength.

The last little bit consisted of having to drop down because there were no foot holds to depend on. Sometimes the little outcroppings were slick from the spray, sometimes they weren't. Sometimes they appeared to be dry but weren't. Sometimes they appeared wet but were dry... what was it going to be? That was the question.

I decided to not take a chance. I meditated for a moment, ready for the do or die maneuver. I was ready. I took the leap of faith and landed on my feet though I had a significant muscle spasm at the same time.

Peter wasn't in the mouth but I saw him in the shadows. His back was turned to me, his hands down at an angle that told me he was peeing. He looked over his shoulder, briefly smiled then finished up what he was doing.

By the time he was finished I was recovered from the spasm but I still sat down to get back my strength and concentration. I called Matt and told him that I'd made it in without a hitch so they wouldn't worry.

I removed the belt and affixed it to Peter in such a way as to create a harness like thing. He was lowered to the safety of the path without having to climb down. Knowing the way I made it down on my own.

By the time we got home, I had stiffened up to the point where all I wanted to do was take a bath in hot water, meditate and relax for the rest of the day with the resolution that I would once again begin my workouts the following day.

There was no need to ask for approval to soak in the Jacuzzi however I asked anyway, and received the nod to go ahead.

Matt, since his surgery, had been unable to tolerate the hot water for any considerable period of time so I got in first, relaxed, meditated, and allowed the water to swirl around my sore and tired muscles, tendons and ligaments.

When I decided another 5 to 7 minutes would suffice I called Matt and he joined me. He deep massaged my muscles, all of them leaving none untouched.

I was in serious need of physical release however David, Peter and Harry were just getting in.

Harry curiously observed my male organ. It was at its full length and thickness, and was definitely ready for tender, loving and complete care from my soul mate, confidant, and partner. Matt and I got out and they got in.

I quickly covered up with a towel and then we made our way into the house, went to our room where Matt closed and locked the door while I went to the bathroom to relive an urgent need. He got into the shower, got the water to temperature and I joined him after completing my task.

Matt then led us to bed where we spent special and specific time just to ourselves.

I felt much, much better before, during and after my Matt deeply injected a bolus of special protein serum into my specially designed reception chamber.

Much to his delight I injected my own sweet and plentiful nectar into his waiting and wanting reception chamber, much, much deeper though.

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