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The Redemption
Book 1

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 2

Dinner was great. Ma made up some wonderful pulled pork, mashed potatoes, green beans and then she served my favorite desert of butterscotch pie with a homemade meringue topping. Man oh man, was dinner ever good.

Unsolicited, I gave her a great big hug, "Ma, you're the greatest. I love you. Thanks."

Getting up from the table, Skeeter let out a barn ripping belch that would make a German proud of the meal that he had just partook of.

"Scuse me, ma'am, I mean Momma Clare."

"Glad you enjoyed it, Skeeter. You are welcome here any time."

Skeeter volunteered to help Ma clean up the kitchen after such a wonderful meal but she shooed him away and told him to have us watch TV for the evening and then turn into bed early.

Knowing that Ma would have said that, I headed on into the living room, turned the tube on and started channel surfing looking for something decent on it to watch. While flipping channels, Skeeter came and stood in front of me with a look on his face that I had never seen before, he was frightened it seemed to me, the look of fright was clearly written on his face.

Concerned, "What's up, bud?"

Skeeter looked down to the floor, hesitated, "Nutten really." With his eyes narrowed into slits, he continued, "Can I sit by you?"

I immediately pushed some school books off the divan and motioned for him to sit next to me. His demeanor was concerning me. He sat down right next to me. Our shoulders and our hips were touching and he sat back and turned into me holding me tightly, burying his face into my chest. Soon, he was sound asleep. I sat back against the upright support of the divan, pulling him onto my lap, holding him protectively. I leaned my head back and was just about to fall asleep myself, "Ah, ain't that just fuckin cute. A couple of fuckin queers. I didn't know you swung that way, Joey."

Immediately, my eyes popped open recognizing my brother Christopher's angry voice.

Immediately, anger overtook my body, sitting me bolt upright, "Shut your fuckin mouth." I then pushed Skeeter behind me. He woke up, "Stay there, don't move, Skeeter."

"That's just sick."

"Hey Ma, did you know you had a fuckin queer for a son?"

Somewhat holding my temper in check, Skeeter quickly climbed behind me completely, wrapping his arms and legs around my midsection, shaking with fright.

I pulled his arms and legs away, stood up, urged Skeeter toward the stairs, "Go upstairs. Don't come down. Lock you and Nathan in his room. I'll be upstairs in a minute."

He took off, running up the stairs as fast as his legs would carry him. He looked back at me, fear running across his entire body. Nathan stood at the top of the stairs, having heard me they went into Nathan's room, closed and locked the door.

Ma came out of the kitchen, surveyed the situation and then said "Christopher, you just mind your own business. There are no homosexuals in our house."

"You should have seen them, Ma. They were holding each other like lovers. They also took a naked shower together, you should have seen them. The sight was sickening."

Facing off to David, I said "You don't know what you are seeing, Christopher. You don't have the slightest clue. Why don't you just go and hang out somewhere else and get out of my face before I have to hurt you. No, I won't hurt you, I don't hurt stupid fuckers, nor do I hurt family or blood."

"Oh, I know what I saw. Don't tell me I did not see you guys washing your dicks, all soaped up and shit."

"You did not see shit, Christopher. Now, go on and get out of my face before I hurt you."

"There won't be any of that, boys. Christopher, go up to your room. Joey, you and Skeeter go to your room, I won't have this in my house." Ma said authoritatively.

"They are locked in Nathan's room, Ma. Come on Christopher, let's go for a walk and cool this off. I will explain everything to you."

"Ma, tell them what the Bible says about men being with men in 'that' way. It is sinful, depraved and surely they will rot in hell for all of eternity. Tell 'em, Ma."

"Oh, boy, you don't know what you are talking about. God loves his kids. Go on to your room. I don't know what has gotten into you since you been going to that one new church in this town. Now, go on. Don't sass me."

"I think I better go home." I heard Skeeter say from the top of the stairway. I looked up and saw he and Nathan standing there, shaking, with their eyes as wide as saucers.

"Yeah, go home you little fairy faggot. Don't want you corrupting my bro none – probably is that you are corrupting him." Christopher snarled angrily.

When he began walking toward the stairway, instinctively, without even thinking twice about it, I slammed my full body weight into Christopher sending him sprawling onto the floor face first. With my elbow firmly locked into the back of his neck, "Ma told you to go to bed. Can't you hear? Now GO!"

One small problem is that Christopher outweighs me by about 40 pounds even though he is a year younger than I. While I am wiry and fast, he has bulk and knows how to use it, so soon the tables were reversed and I was pinned down on the floor on my back. But he made a fatal mistake by pulling his six inch switchblade from his front pocket, sprung it open and then put it to my face in an instant.

One small problem for Christopher is that during our scuffle, my piece fell out of my pocket and lied right by my hand, which I picked up and put into his ribs then clicked the hammer back into a cocked position. He is petrified of guns. He became petrified of them when Dad and our brother were killed in that drug deal gone bad wrong, dead wrong.

Christopher got up off of me and then put his knife back into his pocket, "this ain't over, Joey. You are a dead man for doing that to me. You just wait and see." Then he left the house despite Ma's protests and orders to stay here, to not go out and do whatever.

"You stay here, Skeeter. Don't go anywhere. Not until I come back for you. In fact, you guys go back up to Nathan's room and lock the door. I need to straighten out some things. Go on guys. Do what I tell you."

Nathan asked curiously, "What's going on?"

"I don't know what the matter with him is, but don't you worry about it. I'll straighten him out. You guys stick together, and go into your room, and lock the door. Do it now."

When they complied, I turned to Ma, walked over, hugged her briefly and then headed to the front door… she took hold of my forearm, "You stay here, Joey. He ain't right."

"I gotta go, Ma. He's a loose cannon. He's going to end up hurting someone if I don't stop him."

"I wish your daddy was here. He'd handle this between you boys."

"He's not though. The drugs were more important to him, Ma. That counselor quack said so."

As soon as the words jumped off the sword, called my tongue, I regretted them. Ma let go of me. Tears sprang from her eyes. She took off for her room, shut the door and locked it.

"I'm sorry, Ma. I've just gotta go." I whispered to myself in the empty living room.

The first thing I did after leaving the house was to pull my shirt out of my pants, loosen my belt, drop my jeans down my ass half-way and shake my shoulder blade hair from underneath the rubber band that kept it in place when Ma is around.

After securing my piece in the waistband of a new pair of underwear I had put on after Skeeter and I showered, I reached down into the flower pot, retrieved my pack of Marlboro cigarettes, took one out, lit it and then stuffed the pack down into my left front pocket.

I decided to head down to the park, taking the streets.

As I walked along, I thought 'Ma doesn't approve of what I do to put money on the table, keep the rent paid, food in the oven, and the lights on. She really would not approve if she knew the half of it.'

The streets are my playground. Climbing up window sills and going through them are my jungle gyms of life. Rifling through other peoples' shit, taking what they probably don't use anyway is my paycheck. Fuckers won't hire a thirteen year old except for night jobs that do not provide tax sheltered annuities, IRA accounts, or even a 1099. These jobs keep it real simple. Ya just gotta do what ya gotta do. The playground is a very unforgiving place, though with the right friends it is survivable. What doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger. What makes ya stronger sometimes kills ya.

When a night brings no appreciable value from the various fences who purchase my wares, I turn to tried and true methods of bringing in the necessary cash to live on and to support my family, yes, even Christopher.

Christopher is a junkie through and through. He sells and deals but uses up his 'profits' to feed his own habit. That night, Christopher was hurting in that he was 'drug sick' and desperate for a temporary reprieve from his bottled up emotions, and pain.

"Hey Joey, wait up man." A voice, I recognized as David, said running up the sidewalk.

After a brief bumping of knuckles and a touch of our shoulders, "Christopher is looking for ya, Joey. He doesn't look too great."

"We rumbled back at the crib. He's hurting, you know."

"He was okay when I saw him a few minutes ago. Watch your back. He's looking for you."

"He knows where I am, and he knows what the next discussion will be should he do again what he did earlier."

"Where's Skeeter?"

"He's laying low at my crib. He's safe."

"You got some shit?"

"No. Not yet. Meet me at the place at the stroke of 12."

"That's cool. See you then." David said and then took off into the darkness of the alleyway.

David is a homie. He's been there for me since I was a little shit. He was there when my dad and brother got nailed. He also taught me 'tools of the trade', and how to use them to get what I need.

God did the rest. Gave me good looks, a nice sized appendage and a tight ass - enough to earn a good salary for the little bit I normally have to do.

He's quiet, soft spoken, good looking for a guy, a good teacher, says few words but the words he does use are short and to the point, and to be believed beyond any shadow of a doubt.

When he says my bro is looking for me … then my bro is looking for me. My bro never looks for me.

Am I afraid of Bro Christopher? Damn straight I am. He's not all here on this planet. Never was. Ma says he's gifted. I just say, to myself and my friends, that he's just fucking nuts.

As I said earlier, he is about 2.5 inches taller than my 5' 2" frame and outweighs me by 40 pounds over my 102, and is stronger than a fucking ox.

Not even Ma can control him. My older brother Jerrod could, and did.

One time Bro Christopher pinned Ma up against the refrigerator, Jerrod had a cow and bodily manhandled Christopher through the kitchen window where he landed on the bushes below.

In my favor, I have speed on him. I have A-1 agility over him, too. And I'm wiry. And I have a 'don't piss me off' attitude that pays off well when need be.

"Hey, kid. Are you working?" A voice walking up the sidewalk towards me asked.

"Maybe, what's it to ya?" I asked recognizing him as Lou, a once-a-week tweaker trick.

"A C note for what ya haven't given me."

"What the fuck. It seems like we've had this same conversation before." I giggled.

Lou is okay. Harmless as a fly. He's clean too. I don't mind taking him to the moon and back. He does a pretty darned good job taking me to Jupiter then brings me down slowly. For a 23 year old, he is a good guy. And he has some killer weed.

"Yeah. Yeah, I know. Can't blame a guy for trying." Lou laughed.

"Nah. I don't blame ya none. What will it be today?"

"The usual."

Snickering, "When are you going to change up some, Lou?"

"As soon as you take that C note. You clean?"

"Squeaky. As usual."

"As usual. Come on."

As I said, Lou is cool. We walked up the stairs to the building right next to us, as usual, and went into the first apartment on the left.

"Twenty with clothes; twenty five without; fifty if I do you; forty if you do me. And a C note where you do me or I do you all the way."

"Damn, Joey."

"Inflation sucks."

"I love it when you talk dirty to me, Joey."

After peeling off a sixty fiver from his wad of green, I put it into the front pocket of my jeans and we got down into some serious playtime, I mean business.

After undressing me completely, he very gently laid me down face up on the bed and began kissing my feet, which tickled tremendously which I stopped him from doing.

"You are getting some cute little hairs on your lower legs, Joey." Lou said as he alternated between kissing and rubbing them with his finger tips.

Moving on up my thighs and into my few pubes he changed tactics and got between my legs where he began lapping my testicles, first one and then the other. As his tongue licked up onto my 5 inch cut cock, he turned tactics again by lifting my legs so that my feet rested flat on the bed. He then dove into that area between my balls and nether region. I was getting into this and started rhythmically thrusting my hips, meeting his down thrusts with my up thrusts and his up thrusts with my down thrusts.

Encouraged, Lou then raised my legs and rested them on his shoulders. What happened next sent me into spasms of joy. Something nobody has ever done to or for me before – he lapped at my taint area and then dove into my boy ass with gusto. The tongue lashing of my anal portal progressed to the point where I felt his tongue invade my space.

Startled by the invasion, I jumped and brought my legs together in front of him, then said "That's a C note, Lou. Stay out of there. That is not a freebie."

Bringing his body up onto mine, he grasped my shoulders and brought them towards him where he looked deeply into my eyes and said "I'm not going to take you, Joey. No way. Not now. Maybe never. I'm just giving you something that apparently you have never had before. Let me do it. If you want to anyway, I'm not forcing you to do anything you don't want to do."

"I don't know, Lou. That is pretty personal down there." I said, but my body betrayed the fear that I was feeling as it started pushing into Lou's undercarriage. "Go ahead, I guess. If you want to."

"Nah, Joey. I'm not going to do something you don't like."

"It feels okay. I just don't want your dick in me. We did not agree on 'that'."

Without another word, Lou pulled my face and lips to his and then he kissed me sweetly. I looked into his eyes deeply, and found he was genuine, that he really wanted to kiss me, so I let him, and very soon got into it myself because I wanted to kiss him too. I closed my eyes and simply allowed my mind and body to wander to pleasurable places.

Lou slowly broke away from our kiss and began nibbling down my chin, neck, pectorals (he leaves my tits alone because I am not into that), tummy, and anticipated he was ready to and would assault my penis, so I spread my legs apart so that he could lick in between them. Kissing my dick sweetly and causing me to jump from the sensations he was placing on me, he then started licking my balls again going lower and lower until he once again had his tongue in my anus giving me a good ream job, a ream-job like never, ever before.

As my hips began frantically thrusting up against his forearms which were laid across my stomach, he came up and started working on my cock feverously causing it to spasm in delight sending my fountain of youth into his hot steamy waiting mouth. Jet after jet of boy-hot jism coated his tonsils and throat, and he did not miss a drop.

As soon as I came down off of my high, I felt him jacking his meat and soon, no longer than 3 seconds later, he splashed his offerings across my tummy, my lower regions and thighs as he was lost in his own orgasmic cataclysmic spasms.

Once recovered, Lou came back up and we gently kissed on the lips and held each other tightly.

"Whow! That was fucking awesome, Lou. Damn."

"I'm glad you like. I liked it too. A lot."

Pulling me into him tightly, we just held each other for a while until my cell phone rang in such a way as to indicate an incoming text message.

As I turned over on my stomach to retrieve the cell phone from my pocket, Lou began kissing that V area between my globes and soon his tongue was between my cheeks licking away, causing my dick to get hard once again.

"Park. 15 minutes." Was the text message from Buzz.

"K" I replied.

"I gotta go, Lou." I said turning onto my back and started to get up, but Lou gently held me down by putting his mouth over my still hard throbber and began attacking it with a vengeance. Soon, my fountain of youth juices once again filled his throat and mouth.

"I gotta go, Lou. Thanks. You are the best." I said lightly kissing him lightly on the lips then got up and went into the bathroom where I grabbed a washcloth from the rack, wiped up his jizz, sat down and took a good shit, and after wiping up, quickly got dressed and headed for the door.

"See ya soon?"

"I'm around, Lou. You know that I am. Anytime? Okay?" I replied.

"Be sure and grab a brownie or two, Joey. My mother made them, and they are excellent."

After taking three brownies, I crammed one of them into my mouth, "God, Lou, these are fucking awesome. Tell your mom hi for me." I giggled knowing he wouldn't. I'm sure she would not approve of Lou's forages into forbidden love.

"Yeah, right. Take care kid. See you soon. And thanks."

I nodded and headed out of his apartment to face the world sans a load, but adding three brownies.

Knowing I was done tricking for a while, maybe the entire evening after that wonderfully ball busting experience, I quickly headed to the park a few blocks away then met up with Buzz, David, Quiet Jim, Emanual and Elijah.

Elijah is David's brother. He's 13 like I am. The only problem is that Elijah is blond headed whereas his brother, David, is dishwater blond and has a whole different body structure. We kid him all the time about how he must have had different parents … they both have said they do not know who their real parents really are. Their aunt has more or less raised them on her own. She had no kids of her own, and no husband all those years.

Elijah and I go way back ever since we moved to the hood four years ago. Ha, he's 13 years old and has two kids from as many 'girlfriends' … and the kids are the same age. Although he will not talk about where he learned, he and I have seriously taught each other everything there is to know about blow jobs through practical experience… he has since moved on and dips his wick in the female variety.

"What's going down at home?" Buzz asked.

"Nothing that I know of. It's handled. Why?"

"Your brother Christopher is looking for you."

"Yeah, I know that."

"Come on, man. Don't fuck with me. What's going down?"

"He pulled a blade, called me and Skeeter faggots, and said some other shit. I shut him down by …" I reached down into the waistband of my underwear, raised my piece up enough for him to tell what I was doing, and then returned it to where it had come from.

"Shit, man. What kind of jive shit is that?"

"I don't know, Buzz. Skeeter needed me tonight, he was afraid, so I was holding him. He fell asleep in my arms and then Christopher started his faggot bullshit."

"Stick with us, Joey."

I nodded.

Then off into the night we went, doing a couple of places where they had "forgotten" to lock their doors. One of the places was still occupied, they did not even know we were there. Unloaded a stereo system, some kitchen items, and of course a wad of cash from their refrigerator. Just as we were leaving the area, the lights came on and a man began screaming from the broken window. We stopped at a supplier, unloaded the shit for a decent return, and then got a bag of weed and some blow from some people we know and went to an unlit area of the park where we sat around chilling out, shooting the shit, got high and mellowed out. All in all it was a good night, returning home with a little over $600.00 in my pockets.

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