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The Redemption
Book 1

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 3

After parting ways with my friends, I took off on the CTA public transportation system and headed toward midtown for one last stop of the evening, to get away from the streets of the south side of Chicago.

Once the tram stopped at the station nearest my destination I walked down the dark streets of the lower to middle class suburban 'sprawl', as it's called, heading for a really, really good friend's house.

When I arrived, the lights were all off, of course it was 2:30 in the morning. Seeing that no neighbor's lights were on, I pulled out a key from inside of my shoe, inserted it into the lock, turned it so that the door sprang open with a little coaxing. I stopped in my tracks after closing and relocking the door. Not a peep was heard, except for my breathing that had quickened considerably knowing what was about to happen in just a few short moments.

I stopped in the kitchen, turned on the light over the stove, grabbed some cookies and two glasses of milk then headed to the back of the house. I sat the plate of cookies and the glasses of milk down on the floor next to the door and then turned the door handle. It opened without any fanfare, creaks, groans or squeaks.

By this time, my breathing was ragged, my pulse rate must have been 500, my jeans were straining hard against the zipper keeping things in check and out of view from the world.

After sitting the plate and glasses on a dresser, I stealthily went into the bathroom across the hall from the bedroom doorway, entered and then closed the door quietly. I grabbed a toothbrush from its holder hanging on the wall next to the mirror and then brushed my teeth good with a peppermint flavored toothpaste.

Satisfied my oral cavern was sparkling clean and with fresh breath, I took my clothes off completely, and then got into the shower where I washed up good, avoiding my dick until my hair was filled with suds at which time I simply dribbled some of the white sweet smelling foamy liquid across that which was standing at attention. I knew, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that had I touched it, things would have happened prematurely.

After rinsing off and drying my body, again avoiding my appendage, I stole across the hall completely devoid of clothing and entered the bedroom and closed the door quietly but did not lock it. There was no need to lock that door.

Knowing that I would be insatiable that night, I went to the bed stand, grabbed two Kleenex and then brought them to that which demanded relief, touched it and as I had predicted and knew would happen, it happened. But I was not satiated, not in the least, and although the Kleenex was full, I knew there was more from where that came from.

As soon as I tossed the used Kleenex in the trash can, I heard a faint snicker coming from the direction I would soon be going to. Another snicker. I allowed a snicker of my own. I headed in that direction, and was met with resistance as my thighs touched the softness of what I knew to be my best friend and confidants' bed. The covers were already parted and were awaiting my arrival. As soon as my thigh touched it, a hand reached out and gently took my very hard offering in it and squeezed. Snicker.

While holding me firmly, never letting go, I felt this magnificent piece of human flesh arise from the bed, grab my posterior cheeks and cup them and those hands, those strong hands brought me closer and then a moist breath took me totally by surprise as it began kissing my lower belly, nuzzling its nose into my decently adorned patch indicating my human male body going through the change of life, the change from boy to manhood.

Soon, if not before, those fingers trailed down into that area where God split me in half, probing, reaching for, needling, needing, searching, and then finding. I shuddered violently, goose bumps took over the short hairs on my forearms, and I experienced a slight tremor and tingling in my hands and feet.

Wordlessly, those same fingers urged entrance to that canal that I called mine, and His, the place worth a C note if I were to allow it to happen while I was working – which I hadn't, and wouldn't, at any cost.

Immediately, I noticed two sets of breathing going faster and faster, deeper and deeper, more meaningfully, until I thought I'd pass out from the air exchange. Seemingly noticing my state of being, those hands gently urged me to lie on the soft nest, at which time this human being placed itself lengthwise over mine, grinding an obviously needy member into mine. I collapsed as I once again exploded in a shower of sparks, and spermies, and oblivion as the trip to Nirvana was complete. At the same time, I felt and experienced and noticed that my tummy was being bathed in a hot molten liquid being exuded from the body of that lying completely on me, urging me into 'it'.

Breathless and spent from our exertions, this male body lied down, resting gently. It put its arms around me, I put my arms around it, and together, we sank into each others' essence, kissing deeply, tongue wrestling, searching for and finding tonsilar tissues to twiddle and tweak.

Being in the middle of adolescence, and randy as hell, our appendages were still taut with desire and need, yet we were relaxed at the same time. Weird. But enjoyable. Pulsing with desire, yet resting.

After a few minutes of nuzzling chins, lips, noses and our beginnings of Adam's Apples, we rested. No words were said. None were needed. None could be thought of, not in that particular time and place. Satiated yet not at all satiated. I doubted that we would ever reach that moment of total, complete and utter satiation – but it was sure fun trying to get there.

After an indeterminable period of time, "I've missed you, Joey."

Instead of replying, I reached over onto my shoulder and caught his pair of lips, nibbling and then planting a deep, deep kiss, sucking for all I was worth. Finally, his tongue reached out, and once again, we began the battle of who would swallow that organ of taste and food sensation into Someone's belly.

More giggles as we were soon being depleted of life sustaining air. Finally, desperate for air and a rest of the tongue, we broke away at the very same time, sat up, gulped that life sustaining force deep inside of our lungs, "I've missed you too."

"I would have never guessed <snicker>."

The next thing I felt was Him leaning over across me, and what happened next blinded me beyond ever seeing again – he flipped the light switch on the lap sitting next to the bed on his night stand.

On his way back to resting in the nest, he pulled me into his arms and lied me on top of him where, once again, we tongue battled – and after we both realized there would be no winner, we sat back up, our prongs jetting into the quietness of his room. He got up, and I watched his golden ebony globes stride across the room, stop at the dresser, retrieve the goodies and then he returned, handed me two and a glass of milk, then sat down next to me where for the next several minutes, we devoured the flavorful morsels of delight.

After talking for a while, "I've got to get home. Things on the home front aren't going very well."



"Are you okay? I ask because you have scratches on your back."

"I'll be okay. Christopher and I need to reach an understanding … but man he is getting hold of really shitty stuff; it's making him mean."

"Anything I can do?" Wayne asked as he began softly running his hand up and down my back then resting it lazily on my right butt cheek. He just rested it there, needing nothing and giving nothing except for his divine presence.

We talked a little bit longer then, just as I had entered their home, I left.

Quietly, I stealthily went inside, thoroughly checked the house to make sure everything was okay and then stopped in at Christopher's room only to find his bed empty, like it had not been slept in all night long.

Next, I checked Ma's room. I heard rhythmical 'noise', not really breathing. It's weird, kind of like a snore/breath/snore/snore/breath serenade. I closed the door softly and then treaded down to Nathan's room where I knocked on the door once, twice, three and then louder on the fourth attempt. One sleepy Nathan answered the door. He leaped into my outstretched arms and hugged me tightly, a hug I eagerly returned.

"Where's Skeeter?"

"He's asleep. We just lied down, what time is it? He's scared. So am I." Nathan rapidly fired in quick succession.

"5:30, has Christopher been home yet?"

"No. We've been watching, Joey, where did you go to?"

"I went up to the neighborhood…"

Nathan nodded innocently. One day I will tell him why I go up there, "Go crawl in my bed, I'll bring Skeeter."

Both boys were fully dressed. They were nervous and scared and alone even though they had each other. I picked Skeeter up and carried him into the bathroom. Nathan whipped his out and peed while I got Skeeter undressed down to his underwear and then when Nathan finished, I stood Skeeter in front of the stool, flipped his possession out and he promptly began peeing, seemingly still asleep – must be automatic pilot, or something. When he was finished, I shook him off twice and sat him down on the bathtub. After I finished draining the can, I picked him up and together, we went into my bedroom, finished undressing and laid both of them down, one on each side of me. As a second thought, I reached into my jeans pocket and fished out that which kept me safe and shoved it under my pillow and then fell into a deep, deep sleep.

An indeterminate amount of time later, I awoke to find two hard dicks poking into my sides, and another one projecting from my own pair of underwear. A hand was lying across my belly with a hand grasping my tool.

Quickly, I reached down and removed the hand grasping me with a vice lock grip on it. I traced the little hand to Skeeter, "Hey, wake up and get your hand off of me, dude."

Nothing, his breathing did not change.

"Whatever." I giggled quietly and then grasped his hand firmly, shook it out and away from my dick, and placed it on my hip since he was lying so close to me.

Nathan rearranged himself to where he was half lying on me and half lying on the bed, on his side, with his very hard dick resting comfortably on my hip. I felt it pulsating with his heartbeat. Just as I was falling back to sleep, he began undulating his hips and rubbing his meat firmly across my lower belly.

Knowing what he was about to do, "Nathan, wake up. Turn over on your other side away from me. You are about to blow."

He grumbled sleepily and then turned onto his other side. Soon he was back to sleep and his undulating resumed once again. I found it all amusing. He was fully into a rhythm. I was curious so I put my arm around him after turning onto my side facing his back. I pulled him softly into me. His rhythms continued unabated. Curiously, I put my hand down his tummy and found his cock at the very edge of the waistband of his underwear. By now, he was really getting into it. I was expecting him to tense up and spasm, as I do while awake, however he didn't, instead through his unchanging rhythm, I felt a sticky wetness exude out through the waistband from his cock, coating my fingers with his 'stuff'. The only acknowledgment he gave indicating anything had happened was he twice sighed deeply.

Just then, Skeeter turned over on his side and spooned into me, and then his hand, once again, found my pole and squeezed down on it with his fingers. The rhythm from his breathing did not change. I was quickly arriving at that point where I was either going to stop him or I was going to explode onto Nathan's back. Just as I was readying myself to turn over onto my back, it happened. I exploded into my underwear. Skeeter's breathing never once changed. I rode it out for as long as it lasted because I was weak and helpless.

When my spasms passed, he scooted into me deeply and then rested his young face into my neck. He kissed me on my neck and then his sleeping rhythm took over completely.

The next thing I knew, Skeeter was getting up and out of bed. As he was doing so, my piece fell to the floor behind the headboard.

"What was that?" Skeeter said clearly panicked.

Wide awake, I said "What are you doing? Where are you going?"

Skeeter pointed to the front of his underwear which was obscenely tented out. He then grabbed himself, "Can I go to the bathroom? Come with me, okay?"

By then, Nathan was awake. He was checking out the wetness in his underwear, looking confused. Sheepishly he looked at me, "I'm sorry, Joey. I haven't wet the bed for a long time…"

"Does it feel pee wet?" I asked dumbly, wanting him to figure this one out on his own.

"No. It's sticky."

"Then you probably had a wet dream. They happen when we're asleep sometimes. No big deal. All you have to do is put on another pair of dry undies."

That said, Skeeter urged, "Come on Joey, I'm gonna pee more than the bed. Come with me. You too Nathan."

We took off for the bathroom where three streams of pent up yellow liquid went into the toilet bowl without a word said until we were finished, "I thought we were going to flood the place." Nathan giggled.

We all got a good laugh out of that. They took off after I said I needed to take a shit which I did. I don't know why but my cock sprang to life once the turds fell, and it got into a needy position, and so after wiping I stroked my tool to a climactic end.

Finished with that deed, I jumped into the shower, washed up quickly then strode down the hall to my room wearing nothing but a smile on my face. My cock was still wildly hard. I then realized its tumultuous state was surely the result of the blow I smoked the night before; it leaves me nearly insatiable.

Ma walked out of her bedroom just as I was about 5 feet from my bedroom door, "Good Lord, boy" and then whistled another wolf call and broke out in giggles.

Nathan came in while I was dressing, "Skeeter took off for his house; said his mom would be expecting him for breakfast, so he left for home."

At about 11:30 in the morning, Christopher came striding in and plopped down at the kitchen table opposite me, "Where were you at, Joey? I was looking all night for you."

"What did you want? I'd heard you were looking for me. Guess you didn't find me, could ya?"

Quickly standing up, he said loudly, loud enough for the entire house to have heard, "Hey, fuck you."

I stood up too. I'd never before seen the hate in Christopher's eyes as I saw right then and there. My body involuntarily shivered.

"What's up with you, bro?" I asked softly right as I remembered my piece lying underneath the headboard in my room…

"Ain't nothing wrong with me. I am worried about your faggot 'tendencies' though. You are going down the wrong path, Joey. You ought to be ashamed. God's gonna get ya. Just ask Lou." Christopher hissed with a sneer on his face.

"Who's Lou?" I asked concernedly.

"Ah, Joey, you know Lou. Don't give me that jive shit."

"I don't know what you are talking about. You're crazy man." I said then walked into the living room, sat down on the divan next to Ma and watched some TV until he went upstairs to bed.

"Gotta go, Ma. Be back in a while."

"Oh, Joey, why don't you stay home for once? Your little brother needs you around here."

"Sorry Ma. Gotta go out for a while, I'll be back soon."

I went back to my bedroom, changed into a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers without shoe strings, and then grabbed my piece, stowed it and headed up the street.

I froze as I rounded the corner after seeing a whole caravan of police cars, ambulances and TV crews. Being that I don't particularly like cops and that the feelings are mutual, I strode into a dark alley way to come up behind the building. I quickly ducked though because there were cop cars and police at the back door as well.

"Hey kid!" A police officer hollered and then he took off after me on a dead run.

Panicked, I took off and ran and ran toward the park several blocks away, ducking trash cans, little old ladies, red lights at busy intersections, knocking over an old homeless guy in the way, and upon arriving at the park, I took off and went west towards the projects, and got lost in the burrows of alley ways.

Finding the coast clear, I reached for my phone only to find it gone out of my pocket.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" I swore quietly under my breath.

"GET OUT OF HERE!" A lady up on the fifth floor shouted at me then said "I'm calling the cops" then hung her hand out holding her telephone which she put up to her ear.

"Fuck. Double fuck!" I swore then took off running down the alley way out into a busy traffic intersection and got grazed on the hip by a speeding idiot racing down the street on his way to only who knows where.

Getting up off of the pavement, I took off running in the other direction just to get out of there. I ran for probably two miles into the center of the city then ducked into a hole-in-the-wall joint on the south side of the street.

"What ya having, kid?" A rough looking, ruddy faced, pock marked bartender looking guy asked me.

"A Coke. That's all."

"Pay first, kid. You'd be surprised how many punk kids come in here and then run out without paying."

"How much?"

"Two dollars."

I reached into my pocket, pulled out two fifty then handed the money to the waiter or whatever he was.

He retrieved a can of Coke from the built-in cooler, sat it in front of me and then turned away and walked over to another customer in another booth.

Letting the heat die down, I must have sat there for probably 3 hours drinking a number of Cokes just chilling. Finally, I had to pee so bad that I had to go looking for a men's room, one that I found in short order.

After unzipping, I leaned into the stall and began splashing the cubby hole with pent up Coke product remnants and was just thinking oh what a relief it was when somebody came into the bathroom and slammed my head into the wall and my body into the stall so hard that my dick got caught between the bottom of the porcelain apparatus and my leg causing an extremely deep pain response.

"Shut up you fuck." This voice, which sounded vaguely familiar, groaned into the side of my head as once again my head was slammed into the wall sending painful sparks and stars racing helter-skelter through my eyes.

"What do you want?" I managed to get out before getting slammed into the wall once again.

"Don't you fucking move or next time you move I will snap your neck like a twig. It will be the last fucking time you ever move."

Surveying the situation, I found that moving my hand into my pocket to retrieve reinforcements was impossible, that my face was smashed against the wall, that I tasted blood in my mouth, that my dick was still being smashed against the porcelain gawd and that my legs were about to snap from the pressure being applied to them from behind.

Not a good situation. Not good at all.

"Do you have any money on you?"

I couldn't nod, so I said "Yeah. Right front pants pocket."

"First thing is first though. You feel pretty good here youngin." The voice said as it humped into my back side.

"Holy shit. This fucker is crazy. He'll die first before he gets any of that." I thought to myself as I felt him push hard into my ass.

The next thing I knew was that I was being slammed into a stall while my pants and underwear were being ripped down to just below my ass cheeks then my head was slammed into the wall causing me to fall over the shitter and into the water where it was held against my will.

Just as I thought my lungs were going to burst, he let my face up but at the same time his dick was slamming against my back door and it was pushing against my pucker hard, and it hurt like burning fire.

"Push down you little fucker." The Voice hissed into my ear.

Still dazed as all hell, my only thought was to get to my reinforcements which I could not reach.

Then I felt myself give in to the invasion because I was so tired and it hurt so bad, he was splitting me in half as I felt his cock totally penetrate my 13 year old ass. He was pounding for all he was worth, and then he busted his nut, and when he busted his nut, I was able to reach into my left front jeans pocket and grab hold of my piece.

A split second later, the Voice backed up an inch, just enough to allow me to swivel myself around which broke the hold he had on me. Turning around, I leveled my reinforcements at his face and gave those reinforcements a nudge of assurance which split the air with all sorts of nasty and ugly things. The idiot fell to the floor not knowing what had happened, though I wish he had known.

Stepping over the now quiet form of what used to be a human, I moved back away to survey the situation and found that my jeans and t-shirt had been hopelessly torn and shredded and spattered with the remnants of a once human form, a human form that had got me.

Quickly, I pulled the guys jeans off and then put them. Other than being very large, they fit okay with his belt.

After picking up the spent shell, I put the piece back in its riding place … then a very weird thought passed through my head: nobody had come into the bathroom to investigate the sounds that surely had traveled throughout the bar, so I went to the door, checked the coast and found it to be clear – not another human was in sight. Not even the bartender was to be seen.

Curious, I walked around the bar and found the bartender lying in a pool of his own blood, "HOLY FUCK!"

Quickly, I left the area and took off down the street, slowly and stealthily making my way back to the park where I ran into Emanuel who was playing Frisbee with his little brother Renaldo.

Once they saw me, they came running over and then immediately knew something was bad wrong after looking me in the eyes. He did a sign of the cross, kissed his hand, "Joey, we gotta get you out of here. You look like shit, man."

"Yeah, well I feel like shit too. Come on. Let's go up to the meeting place. Hopefully our homies are around. This is serious shit man."


Emanuel's brother is 9, a cute kid actually. Nice. Emanuel is very protective of him and keeps him out of our business, at all costs.

We walked up the hill to a tree overlooking the small lake, actually a pond, but they call it a lake. I was shaky as hell, and my bell was still ringing from being smashed up against that wall, and my ass was pounding with pain.

Emanuel pulled out a fiver and handed it to Reynaldo and then told him to go get us some Cokes. The Coke stand would give us a couple of minutes to talk alone.

"What the fuck dude? What happened?"

"Too much shit man. Some fuck a few blocks over took my ass. I popped him."

"Ah shit man." He said as we heard sirens going around the park and up and into the area where that bar was located.

"Man, it is bad around here too, Joey. Some dude got capped over close to where you live during the night some time. I've got to get Reynaldo out of here, Joey. I don't want him to get caught up in it."

"I understand. I've got Nathan and Skeeter to watch out for."


"Do you have your cell phone with you?"

"Si. Here."

Quickly, I found Buzz' number and punched in the speed dial. After two rings, Buzz answered it and said "Emanuel!! What's up vasso?"

"It's me. Joey."

"Where's Emanuel? Is he okay?"

"Yeah. He's fine. Hey Buzz, I'm in deep shit."

"What?" Buzz said all serious now.

"Some guy raped me. I popped him. Michigan Avenue, in town, dude."

"Serves him right. And your problem is what exactly?"

"Fuck you." I said grinning, but trying to sound all serious.

"Where are you?"

I told him.

"Hang loose. We'll be right down. Don't move."

"Go home Emanuel. Take Reynaldo with you." I said handing him his phone back.

"We're gone." Emanuel said as he quickly brushed my shoulder with his – it is our hug fashion – then went and got Reynaldo. Soon they were out of sight, I was glad.

"Holy shit, Joey. Dude, you can't be walking around like that!" Buzz exclaimed.

"Like what?"

"Never mind. Come here."

Buzz reached into my pocket, took my piece and put it in his waistband, grabbed my arm, led me down to the lake and then pushed me in, "Wash. Wash your hair and face dude, your neck too!"

Not satisfied with my speed, he sat the pieced down, got in, dunked me several times, held me under one time scrubbing my hair with the ball of his palm until I thought my lungs were going to explode from oxygen deprivation. Just at the very last possible second he jerked me up and while I was coughing, sputtering, cussing and swearing he carried me to shore where he sat me down on the bank, "You had brain shit all over your head and face."

I began shivering uncontrollably then puked my guts out in front of me. Thankfully the projectile missiles missed anything of vital importance, including my clothes, and Buzz.

He took off his jacket and handed it to me, which I quickly put on, but I was still shivering uncontrollably.

"You're going to be okay, Joey. You will be okay. Just ride it out."

Without any warning whatsoever, my shivers turned into sobs. I turned over and dug my face into the sweet cold grass and let it fly. I could not stop it.

Buzz put his hand on my shoulder and said "Let it out, don't hold it back. I had to do the same thing, and well…"

After letting the emotions come out, foreign objects to me, I soon got myself back together, looked Buzz in the eyes and nodded with unspoken appreciation. I hope he took it as appreciation as that is precisely what I intended.

"So what happened back there?"

"The idiot got me. I thought I was a goner. I couldn't stop him, he was a fuckin gorilla, a mad man. He will never do it again though. His fuckin head exploded off his body."

"What the fuck were you doing over there anyway?"

"I was walking out of our crib, saw a bunch of heat and shit a couple of buildings over. The heat saw me, called me and then took off after me. I booked. And well …"

"Yeah, some idiot got popped last night or this morning sometime over by your place."

"TV crews and everything were there on the scene. Wonder who it was."

"I don't know. I haven't heard yet."

Just then I saw Nathan at the far edge of the park coming towards us, but not recognizing us, but he was looking for something or someone.

"What's Nathan doing here?" Buzz asked.

"I don't know. Come on. Oh yeah, I dropped my cell phone somewhere during my races this morning."

"Shit man. Ya gotta be more careful."

"I know. I didn't really have time to…"

I stood up and waived towards Nathan, he saw me then started sprinting towards us. He wasn't smiling.

"Nathan, what are you doing here?" I said as Nathan jumped into my arms and pulled me tight into him.

"What's wrong?"

"The cops are all over the place by our house. Mama told me to come get you. Something bad is happening, Joey."

"Call me." Buzz said then strode away casually while pulling his cell phone out and punching in some numbers.

"Come on, Nathan." I said hugging him tightly. He was scared.

So was I. Not for the same reasons though.

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