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The Redemption
Book 1

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 4

We made our way through the neighborhoods toward the brownstone we lived in as inconspicuously as possible, mostly taking the alleys, doorways, the occasional row of bushes, and whatnot. I had this seriously sense of foreboding and it was getting stronger and stronger the closer we got to home.

Even though the weather was cool I began sweating profusely. It was running down my scalp and onto my neck. My face was wet. Beads of sweat dripped down the front of my shirt. Cruisers were traveling up and down the street. They'd stop, drive for another half block then stop again. I was sure they were looking for me. Nathan hadn't done anything. He didn't need to go down with me if I went down.

I pulled him deep into an alley and we hid behind a dumpster.

Nathan had no idea what was going on... why I did that. I said, "Nathan, go home. They won't notice you. Just walk normal. Go straight home. Don't stop anywhere. Don't talk to anybody. If the cops stop you just say you're headed home."

Nathan said while taking hold of my shoulders, "Joey... mama wants you home. She needs to talk to you. You're all wet. Joey..."

"It's going to have to wait, Nathan. Now do as I said. Just go. I'll catch up to ya later."

"Call her."

"I can't."

"You always call me, Joey…"

"I can't, not now. Go."


"Nathan... just go... I'll explain later. I promise." I said with finality. I hugged my brother tight, broke our embrace then took off running as fast as I could into the shadows of the night. I didn't turn around until I arrived at the next corner... Nathan was gone from where we'd talked. I could only hope and pray that he got home safely... but if I knew my friends the way I did then I knew he'd be okay. They'd protect him with their lives if necessary. As would I for their brothers.

Rat-a-tat-tat on the old worn out door went my knuckles until it was opened by a middle aged African-American lady, her hair in a bun and wearing her Sunday best with her great big smile which is her trademark.

"Joey, it's so good to see ya child. Come in. Come in. Wayne will be glad to see you." Millie said enveloping me into a deep, deep, loving hug. Her arms felt so damn good holding me still while I gathered air back into my lungs from running so hard.

We released the hug but she kept her hand on my shoulder. From experiences past she wasn't finished talking with me yet.

"You's going to be a track star one of these days, boy. I swear you is. What you running from this time, Joey?"

"Can I hang here for a while?"

"Of course you can. You are always welcome here. How's your momma?"

"She's okay Millie. She worries too much though."

"Well, child, that's what mommas are for. If a momma didn't worry about her chile then who in the world would?" Millie said with a warm smile, her eyebrows raised up high on her forehead.

"I guess."

"You guess nutten, boy. I speak from experience." Millie laughed.

"Yeah... thanks Millie. Lordy boy, you's getting so thin. You be staying dinner you are."

I knew better than to argue with her. I'd lost each and every argument up to that time so there was no use starting it again. I said, "Okay..."

"That's good... I ain't never seen no teenage boy turn away food. Now you go wake Wayne up and get cleaned up. Lordy. Lordy. Child you bees too thin."

She does it every time: my forehead was kissed with her very large lipsticked lips, and then she swatted my butt and pointed me in the direction of Wayne's room.

I made my way through the living room and down the hall. I stopped and stood in front of Wayne's bedroom door, smiled and recalled our early days...

*** Flashback

My dad was shot like a dog in the good part of town while delivering 'goods' for a white, affluent, filthy rich, and snob ass customer two years previously. I wasn't with them that night but Jerrod, my oldest brother had been. That customer shot them both like life had no meaning.

The cops never found that asshole. Word on the street was mum. Not even our friends said anything about a possible disposition. Dad knew people in high places though they were on the south side of the law.

Wayne's family had lived next door to that customer. Actually, his momma and Wayne only lived there. She'd had another baby after Wayne was born but his dad ran off with some bimbo cunt. The baby died soon thereafter. After his dad ran off, while she got a nice settlement from where he'd legitimately held a job it soon ran out and they were forced to move to the projects.

We lived about 3 blocks from them. Momma and Millie had been friends for some time. At that time we were doing okay... living the good life on a city worker's salary, having what we needed and getting quite a few things of what we'd wanted.

After dad and Jerrod were killed I had called Wayne and told him what had happened. He arrived within 20 minutes and stayed with us for several days. I would cry and wail on him. I depended on him for everything. He was always there for me and was Millie for mom.

In the aftermath, his mother came to our house frequently to help out and to give Ma a shoulder to cry on, to share her frustrations, and mostly she gave Ma support and encouragement to keep on keeping on. Millie became a second mother to me. I don't know why, but we bonded immediately.

Christopher, of all us brothers, went off the deep end. He became sullen and angry. He isolated and then he got involved in the drug trade heavily and dangerously. Moreover, his drug use escalated, and he became a guy who I was afraid of, not knowing what he would do next.

Seth, my next older brother, left home and disappeared from planet earth, or so it seemed. He's not been heard from since. Ma said he found a church who took him in as one of their own. She's not heard from him either. She thinks he was moved off to Utah somewhere to get away from the big city, but she wasn't certain.

As fate would have it, Ma had settled into being a full-time Ma and domestic engineer after us kids were born, and therefore lost her abilities to work and make a living. We went into the system, became welfare recipients, food stamp users, public healthcare patients, and had to move away into the projects on the south side of Chicago.

The neighborhood we moved into was tough, and you had to get and be tough if you were to survive.

The welfare checks weren't enough to make it on, even with the meager means Ma adopted. We were consistently short on money to make rent payments each and every month. Christopher, for the most part, kept to his self, sullen, angry, and determined to do for himself, fuck the rest of us. And he contributed nothing but shit.

We fought a lot. Even though Christopher was a year younger he was bigger and heavier than me. Sometimes he'd wait until I was in bed and sleep and then pummel the living shit out of me while I slept. I started sleeping in my clothes hoping they would offer some protection... and I started sleeping real lightly, often times awake until I heard his door close in the wee hours of the morning.

Ma put a lock on my door one time. He just busted it off. He beat me to within an inch of my life that night. I started stealing mom's big butcher knife and hiding it under my pillow. That was not a good idea as I found out one night: Christoper didn't beat me that night but he terrorized me by holding the knife at my throat. Another night I was sound asleep because he was gone and I was exhausted tired but he arrived home, unbeknownst to me at the time, and then woke me up with the knife resting against that space between your upper thigh and testicle. He dry shaved off the few wisps of pubic hair I had at the time. I could only look on helplessly because if I would move then he'd slide the knife to about midway up my penis shaft and lightly press into the delicate skin. He didn't cut me but I felt the sting.

In any event, during the time after dad's death Wayne's heart pushed into mine. We became close, very close. I stayed at his house most of the time, at least at night. I would often wake up terrorized. Wayne would calm me down by holding me in his arms and not let go. He'd rub my back until I fell asleep.

No, we didn't do sex stuff. Like I said before I slept in my clothes with my shoes on, ready to run if the need arose. I'd take care of those needs when I showered under the warm water in the bathroom at their house, with the door locked. The experiences were quick. While the momentary feeling was great I was afraid which dampened my natural responses.

Most nights, when I would awaken in the middle of the night from yet another bad dream I'd find us intertwined together. He'd usually sleep on his left side and I usually slept on my right side. Anyway, our lips were no more than 2 inches from one another. Sometimes he'd wrapped my arms around his torso. Sometimes I awoke with mine around him. I'd usually turn over but sometimes he turned over.

One night, however, we both awoke at the same time. Our lips were pressed together. My leg was draped over his hips and we were touching 'there' too. Both our dicks were hard and pressing together through my jeans.

I quickly got up and headed for the bathroom but just as I turned the doorknob Wayne said, "Don't go, Joey. Don't be afraid. I don't feel afraid, I feel right when you're lying next to me. I don't understand it, but I've come to think it's okay."

"I don't know Wayne. I'm not into the gay scene."

I opened the door and headed out but Wayne stopped me by saying, "I don't think I am either. Joey, I don't know what's happening to me... but I like you. I don't think what we're doing in our sleep is wrong... I mean how do we know what we're doing? The answer is: we don't. Joey, please don't be pissed at me. Please don't do that."

Without answering him I headed into the bathroom, closed and locked the door, pushed down my pants only far enough so that I could crap without causing damage. I always had to work hard to make things happen and that night was no exception. Finally success was accomplished.

I undressed and took a hot shower all the while thoroughly soaping thoroughly that which designates me male and bringing myself to a pleasant conclusion. I didn't wash my hair for fear of an ear infection which would put me into a doctors office which we couldn't afford. After rinsing off I dried and got dressed but left my shoes in a corner out of the way.

When I entered Wayne's room he had the light on and was reading from a book. He looked up when I entered and closed the door.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm okay." I said hastily.

"Joey, why do you wear clothes to bed? Where's your shoes?" Wayne said then giggled at seeing my bare feet.

I replied, "They're in the bathroom. I put them out of the way."

"Okay. Wayne, I don't trust Christopher. He's woken me too many times, I guess."

"You're safe here, Joey. Nobody's going to hurt you. You ready to back to sleep? I'll rub your back for you."

I nodded and got into bed. I rolled over onto my stomach looking at Wayne as he kneaded knots from my muscles. He stopped at my belt line and made no attempt to go south but he did deep massage the outside of my hips and my legs. At some point, I think it was when he started rubbing my ankles, I did fall asleep, a deep, deep, deep sleep where no monsters were getting me.

I remember the dream starting. I was hiding in the bushes next to our house. A car load of people drove up to the sidewalk in front of our house and stopped. Several big guys got out of the vehicle, knocked on our door, and when dad opened the door they opened up with submachine gun fire. Someone had trailed back around our house then they grabbed me......

My screams woke me up. Arms were holding me down in the bed. My face was in the pillow... I was totally terrorized. I tried to fight back but those arms would not let me go.

I gave in ready for Christopher to kill me. I was waiting for the knife to...But there was no Christopher. And there was no knife. Instead, Wayne had his hands gently draping my cheeks. He was looking directly into my eyes. He had tears in his. He also had his leg around me, holding me still.

I heard Ma's voice, "Honey, wake up. You're okay baby. It's just a bad dream but it's all over now."

While I was afraid to open my eyes, I finally did. I looked all around as Wayne slowly released his hold on me. Millie leaned down and took me into her arms and whispered that everything was okay, that I was safe, and that I was loved.

I was soaked to the bone with sweat. A chill went up and down my spine. Goosebumps covered my arms. Wayne got up, left for a moment then returned with a towel that he used to dry my face and neck.

They urged me into the kitchen where mom and Millie made me some warm milk to drink hoping that it would settle my nerves. Wayne urged me to sit on his lap which is something I would not normally do, not for any reason, yet his invitation was comforting so I did. He wrapped his arms around me and held on firmly.

When Ma sat down she looking into my eyes and said, "I'm going to get you some help, Joey. I won't have my boy living like he's terrorized all the time. I'm sorry that I haven't been here for you like a mother should be."

"No Ma, I'm not going to any head bangers. I'll work it out. Just give me some time."

The look in Ma's eyes said for me to not argue with her. Ma could be your best friend -or- she could be your worst enemy.

Millie said, "Boys, go take a hot shower. Relax. Go back to bed. We'll talk about this later, okay?"

Eagerly, I got up and off of Wayne's lap. I hugged Ma... she looked like she needed one... and well, I guess I needed one from her too. She whispered, "I know you're hurting baby. We're all sleeping with our doors locked. I'll get a good sturdy lock for your door. I'll have a professional install it so it can't be busted in, okay baby?"

"Ma, our house is turning into a prison." I said, suddenly exhausted tired from the adrenalin letdown.

I hugged Ma then turned to Wayne, looked into his eyes... he read my mind... he got up, put his arm around my shoulders and we headed to the bathroom where he closed and locked the door.

Without hesitation he removed his shirt then his shoes and socks then his pants and then in one fluid motion dropped to the floor his underwear which he kicked aside.

The look in his eyes was intense. His development was much more advanced than mine. He had a full bush of pubes, low hangers in the testicle department, a much longer penis 'at rest' than I was long. His legs, full and muscular also had smatterings of hair on the insides of his thighs.

I was completely 'turned on' as the saying goes. My own penis strained against the fabric of my underwear and jeans. My pulse and respiration rates increased exponentially. I turned my face slightly to the left trying to convince myself that I was not interested in guys.

In response he reached into the cabinet, retrieved two fluffy brown bath towels, and then reached into the shower, turned the water on and got it to temperature, then got in and closed the shower curtain.

He began softly singing a Whitney Houston song using a strong voice. He took the high notes just perfectly and hit the low notes with care and expertise.

I stood in place just listening. His voice was both soothing and calming. With that... I removed my socks and shoes, shirt and jeans but left on my underwear which were tented out speculatively.

He stuck his head out, smiled and said, "Take your underwear off, they'll just get all wet, dufus." He then went back to his shower and then started the Michael Jackson song "Thriller".

"What the fuck..." I thought and then dropped my underwear on top of the pile of clothes.

He popped his head out of the shower curtain again. He wiggled his eyebrows and held the shower curtain open in invitation to join him.

Wayne soaped up a wash cloth handed it me saying, "Wash my back please."

I took the wash cloth, thought for a brief moment wondering if I should do it... would I be considered gay for touching a naked dude? And what about my dick that was pulsating with each and every heartbeat – gay?

"Fuck it." I thought. I started at his neck, worked my way down his shoulders and mid-back and then finished at the very top of his dark ebony globes. Talk about bubble butts. And his cleft... the place where God splits ya in half – it was deep and dark. I found myself leaning over to see just how deep it was... at the apex below I saw his low hangers dangling and dancing as he went to rinse off... but I delayed his total rinse off just a little while as I ran the wash cloth down into that deep dark crevice and then back up again. He didn't say anything and didn't stop his performance.

"All done."

"Thanks dude." He said then turned around facing me. I couldn't help it – I looked down and saw his penis at full staff. I looked up... he wiggled his eyebrows again and then moved aside so I could get under the water and get wet.

Patiently, he waited for me to wash everything in sight. I was still boned up considerably yet I didn't feel all that self conscious anymore, not really. I then soaped up the wash cloth and handed it to him. Unlike me he didn't hesitate to wash my back from top to bottom, including my own cleft where God had split me in half. He didn't linger in any one place but then again he didn't rush to get the job done in 5 seconds or less.

He then got out while I rinsed. I turned off the knobs, turned around to face the shower curtain. He stuck his head in and handed me a towel to dry off with.

He finished before me then without so much as a care in the word he opened the door and headed into the hallway sans any clothing whatsoever. The joker didn't even bother closing the bathroom door. What did he think I was? A streaker? Did he not think he was putting me on display since the bathroom door itself faced the living room and kitchen.

Whatever. Although I wasn't ready to go streaking to his room in full view of anyone and everyone I did wrap the towel around my midsection and then casually walked into his room and closed the door.

"I've got some clothes that I can't wear because they're too small."

He rummaged thru the drawers and tossed me underwear, socks and a pair of jeans. He then went to to the closet and retrieved a shirt.

What the hell anyway... I dropped the towel to the floor leaving me exposed to his viewing eyes, quickly pulled on the black pair of soft cotton briefs. They were a bit big but they fit okay, even with my strained and tented 4.5 inch steel rod.

We then got dressed, sat on the bed and put our shoes and socks on and then took off for the kitchen where Ma and Millie were preparing breakfast.

After eating Ma took off to catch the CTA to do grocery shopping.

We didn't do anything that day other than to watch movies, smoke some hooch drink a little bit of "Medicine".

I must have fell asleep or passed out, couldn't tell you which one happened first because I woke up with my head in Wayne's lap, with my face facing directly into his crotch and my nose rubbing against the zipper on his pants. He was hard like nobody's business. For that matter I too was hard but I needed to pee like a race horse. I wasn't appalled at being so close to that which designated him as male.

I got up and headed into the bathroom where I peed. Wayne came sauntering in half dazed, half asleep. Without a qualm he let his little man out and joined my stream causing a huge foam bath in the bowl. I finished first and then washed my hands.

I went on into his room with the sole intention of going directly to sleep. He sauntered in, dropped his clothes except his underwear that were still obscenely tented out, got into bed then held the covers high so that I could do the same.

I decided that I didn't really have anything to hide so I stripped off my clothing down to my underwear... actually they were his but who was keeping track anyway? I wasn't. I got into bed and quickly fell asleep (or passed out, who cared?)

Sometime later I awoke, needed to pee again so I did. When I returned Wayne lay sprawled across the bed so I wormed my way in and then fell off to sleep again.

I later awoke with a startle because I'd felt my lips touched. His lips had touched mine and mine had touched him in the dead of sleep.

I jerked my head back and laid it back on the pillow.

He awoke startled with a look of "what happened" running across his forehead like a neon sign you see in a bar, or on a billboard along a highway, or on a busy street. Even though it was dark save for a trail of light coming in through his window, his eyes bore holes into mine. Hard as I tried, I could not stop him from looking into my soul. I found myself looking into his.

I did not see anything in there to be afraid of. Quite the opposite happened actually. Instead of being frightened, I let out a deep breath and let him pull me into his arms again and hold me tightly against him. I felt safe.

I rolled onto my left side as did he. His arm went around my arms, his hand rested on my chest, and soon I heard his deep and rhythmical breathing – which put me to sleep in a heartbeat.

A few minutes or hours later, I didn't keep track because I was sleeping so soundly, I awoke by motion in his bed. In his sleep he was humping my back with his strong hips. His dick – I felt it trying to gain access down south through the underwear... I too was undulating my hips back and forth, in time with his thrusts and releases.

I felt my dick leaking and then it happened. Without even touching my maleness I was jolted into full orgasmic mode. And Wayne was doing the same thing... wetting both his and my underwear with his seed. I found it all, but not unpleasant so, 'different' because I'd not ever experienced a wet dream having learned all about masturbation very early on in my life.

I sat up on the edge of the bed. The warm moist sensations carried on down my shaft, over my balls and then made its way into my 'between' area just below my balls and just above that which provided relief from my stomach.

Quickly, so as to not wet the bed, I shucked off the underwear, wiped up the excess, walked to the dresser and retrieved another pair of dry shorts and put them on.

I looked over to Wayne and from the sound of his breathing knew he was still very much asleep. Unable to stop myself, I turned over onto my side and faced his back. After closing the gap between us, I put my arm around his torso. No response from him. Unable to stop myself, my hand trailed down until it landed between his maleness and the bed. Immediately, I noted his underwear and the sheets were saturated with his own offering. And then what happened next totally freaked me out yet at the same time I could not stop: I brought my fingers to my nose, smelled them, and after finding nothing negative from the aroma, tentatively I snaked my tongue out and licked that wetness from one finger, then another, then another until I got to my pinkie and found it to be dry already.

I fell back to sleep while reveling in those thoughts. The next thing I knew was someone sitting on the bed and brushing me. Quickly, I turned my head and saw that it was Nathan who was sitting on our, I mean Wayne's, bed. He was smiling like a Cheshire cat. He laid down behind me and then put his arm over my belly and pulled me in close to him.

I smiled knowing my little brother was with me, safe and sound. I lifted the covers in invitation. He quickly stripped to his briefs, crawled in and got comfortable.

Through the jostling of the bed and covers as Nathan got in and Wayne woke up. Immediately his hand went down south. He exclaimed, "Whoops, did it again."

Nathan asked, "What did you do again?"

"I peed my sperms." Wayne giggled. He got out of bed, stripped off his underwear, sopped up the 'evidence', grabbed a clean pair, put them on and then sat on the edge of the bed, turned to Nathan and added, "It happens. I bet you do it too?" Without hesitation, Wayne pulled down the front of Nathan's thin underpants and exclaimed, "I see you're growing up."

"Yeah. I'm growing some stuff down there."

I said, "Those are pubes."

"Pubes, right." Nathan said casually then released Wayne's hand permitting the waistband to pop his stomach as they returned to their normal position.

Nathan was satisfied. He then got out of bed, got dressed and waited expectantly for us to get dressed too.

I walked into the bathroom, peed again ("The Medicine"makes me pee a lot). Nathan walked in, pushed me aside then dropped his jeans and shorts and the proceeded to sit on the toilet where he let loose with that which needed let loose. I made exaggerated noises to mimic his own natural sounds, held my nose then turned to leave him to his business. I got flipped off.

A few days later, Wayne was staying at my place. Our comfort level with each other, at night in particular, was growing leaps and bounds, to the point where we were comfortable taking showers together, naked, and sleeping together in only underwear.

On that particular morning, I awoke before he did. He was lying on his back with an angelic smile on his face even though his breathing rhythm indicated he was clearly asleep.

After peeing in the bathroom, I came back, shucked off my underwear in preparation to take my shower when he woke up. He looked at me with an appreciating look of approval and then got up out of bed and came to me, all the while looking me deeply into my eyes.

Without permission, my dick quickly made its way up fully. It was pulsing with a tremendous need for release. Wayne reached for the doorknob and then looked at me with questions written all over his face.

I shrugged my shoulders instinctively and without any forethought, I met his hand resting on the doorknob and together we closed it and then locked the lock.

Our relationship changed dramatically that morning... for the better.

*** End of flashback

Walking to Wayne's closed bedroom door, I put my ear up to it listening for any signs that he was awake. All was quiet so I pushed the door open maybe two inches, peered in to find him lying on his side facing away. Further observation showed his breathing to be rhythmical, even and deep.

He didn't stir even though I closed the door, walked to his side of the bed, knelt down and kissed his upturned ebony cheek, lightly, almost feathery.

Seeing that he was sound asleep I stripped to my skin, walked around the bed and got in, wrapped my arm around his upper torso which earned me a "Hi."

"Hey. Sorry I woke you."

Wayne quickly rolled over, pulled me into him and then sucked in my tongue for some serious tongue dueling and tonsilar tissue searching. When we came up for air he said, " I'm so glad to see you, but …"

"I just needed to see your bright eyes and feel your arms around me."

"My eyes aren't bright, Joey, you just woke me up <giggle>, and besides that I have dark chocolate eyes." Wayne giggled.

"Very funny." His hand trailed down my back and came to rest cupping his hand on my bare butt cheek. "Oh... my... this is fun... I must see this up close and personal."

Before I could protest he scooted down the bed and noisily kissed my left butt cheek and then returned to my lips and had his way with me. Not that I was complaining mind you... he was exactly what I needed after the ordeal earlier.

When we came up for air again he announced decisively, "Gotta pee. Be right back."

With that he turned on the light, was up and out of bed and streaking down the hall in his birthday suit with his plump and fully extended dude-gland leading the way.

I smiled, rolled onto my back and idly tweaked that which designates me male, enjoying the sensations but not necessarily having sex on the brain. Now I know that sounds a bit weird but what I went to Wayne's house for was exactly what we'd already done before he went to the john, though I wanted more.

I got up out of bed knowing that Wayne likely was awake for the duration. I was standing in my birthday suit, scratching the few pubes I had, just musing and minding my own business when Millie walked by. She immediately smiled, clucked her tongue and said, "It's nice to see you standing up straight for a change." And then she walked on out in the living room, turned the boob tube on, and then headed into the kitchen to get breakfast started for two starving teenage boys.

Meanwhile I was blushing fiercely. My face felt like it was going to spontaneously combust and well it started traveling down my neck and onto my chest.

Wayne entered his bedroom, flicked my dick as he walked by, grabbed his black silk boxers and a t-shirt, put them on and then expectantly waited for me to do the same which I did in short order. We then headed into the kitchen where Millie was getting eggs, bacon and hash browns out of the refrigerator and freezer, respectively.

"Where you been boy?" She said interrupting her routine to kiss my cheek.

"Oh I've been around doing this and that. You know..."

Yes, Millie knows what I 'do' for a 'living', to help ends meet back at home. She doesn't approve, and in fact she yanked Wayne off the streets a few weeks previously after we nearly got busted for buying. Millie understands because she'd been there done that so she was never condescending, although she worried a lot about me. Ma didn't know 'for sure' what I was doing during the late night and early morning hours... I thought anyway. Maybe she did. Maybe she didn't. She probably did. Perhaps I wasn't listening... probably.

We sat around, shot the shit, and stole bacon slices. Of course she'd make a big deal by saying there wouldn't be any left by the time we actually sat down to eat... maybe that's why she fixed two packages of bacon... ya think?

She ran us out of the kitchen as soon as the last crumb had been snatched up by our greedy fingers. Nah, not greedy... our hungry fingers... that sounds better.

Side by side, touching our shoulders, hips and legs we sat around and watched TV for a while. Millie joined us but she flipped it to some stupid game show which was okay because there wasn't anything worth while watching.

I laid down across Wayne's lap. The high from the previous night was definitely wearing off. I got so sleepy and could hardly keep my eyes open. Wayne began playing with my hair as if he were braiding it. Then he started picking at some strands. He asked, "What the fuck... oh shit... come on Joey we gotta get you washed up."

Millie, concerned about Wayne was talking about got up, walked over, took a hold of some hair and said, "Jesus Christ boy, whatyou been up to? Oh my. Wayne you take him there and get rid of that... good God child, Lardy, Lardy."

I knew what it was. I thought I'd got it all out.

Wayne took my hand and led us into the bathroom, got the shower going and then pushed me in where he used his strong fingers and ample quantities of shampoo meticulously washed and scrubbed my hair. Bits and pieces of that fucking asshole's remains dropped to the floor and went down the drain.

My 4.5 to 5.0 inch steel prong was ready and waiting. When he was finished with my hair he washed my entire body though he didn't linger south of the border for 'too long'.

I then washed each and every crease, crevice and flat area of his soft by very muscled body. Playfully, he batted my hand away from his gland and placed my arms around his midsection. Without further adieu he washed his twin globes and then spent a little extra time with his hand between them.

By then though I was in desperate need of release. As if we were a well oiled machine, he soaped up his back side to the point where it was all sudsy, slippery, and a great contrast to his soft dark ebony skin.

He turned around, pouted his butt out proudly which was my cue.

One thing about our escapes worth mentioning was that fact that Wayne always gave his most cherished regions to me but I'd never let him have me. That morning was different though. I'd been hurt really, really bad, and although that guy in the bar had been hurt to the point where he'd never hurt again I needed Wayne to need me that way, in fact I wanted him to need me. Instead of grasping his tool in the customary fashion I took the bar of soap took it to my nether regions and worked up a lather to be proud of.

Wayne said, "Joey I'll hurt you. I can't hurt you. I couldn't bear to hurt you. Let's just do the regular deal." He then placed my hand and squeezed my fingers on his prong and made gentle jacking motions.

I pulled away, turned around and said, "Just do it Wayne, please. I need you in me. Only you can make things right. Don't ask me why, not now, I'll tell you later."

"Are you sure? I'll rip you in half."

I took the lead, stuck my fingers in my hole to make sure it was adequately lubed. While it hurt quite a bit I also lit the itch that somehow, instinctively maybe, lit the fire of desire deep within me. I then turned around with my back facing him and demanded, "Fuck me, Wayne. Just do it. Please."

Wayne exhaled a deep breath, pointed to and entered my cheeks end began the age old methods to loosen me up so that his prong would glide in and out of my waiting cavern. But the only problem was that I could not adequately relax and he could not push on through the resistance.

"Be right back." Wayne said huskily. He got out of the shower and very quickly reentered carrying a bottle of Vaseline which he used to attempt to slick me up right. He quit very quickly though. "Joey, uhm... you need to... don't be embarrassed, okay..."

I got out, sat down on the toilet, delivered the goods but didn't wipe because I was still soapy from my previous ministrations but I did wash good after getting back into the shower.

What that all said and done I scooped a big dollop of Vaseline onto my fingers and then easily worked and wormed them deep inside, meeting no resistance.

Wayne then slicked his penis and fingers with the Vaseline and then he gently probed south of the border, going in deep and sure with his fingers. I felt myself relax because he kept slowly going in and out of my hole. The itch deep within became incessant. I said, "Wayne I need you in there, please. You give all the time but you have to experienced what I've experienced all this time."

He instigated a kiss second to none and then said, "Tell me if it hurts too bad. I'll stop. I promise I will. If I feel that I'm hurting you too much then I'll stop on my own. It's a beautiful feeling to have you inside me but it also hurts sometimes..."

"Okay, I'll tell you if it hurts too bad. I know you don't want to hurt me. When that guy... never mind."

"What do you mean 'that guy'?"

"Nothing, I mean nothing…" I said quickly. I had not told Wayne what had happened, and had no intention of doing so. My sole purpose, at that time, was to pleasure my man, disregarding my own discomfort.

With that said I turned back around facing the wall then jutted my butt out in his direction, hopefully begging him to spear me and leave his proteins inside of me.

Once again, he lubed and relaxed me up really good with his fingers and then dipped his tool in the container of slick stuff. From the look of pleasure passing across his face, I could easily tell he just about creamed right then and there, but thankfully he didn't.

After making sure I was still loosened up, he posed his rod up against my back door and pushed gently but at the same time decisively.

I pushed down as he pushed in passing through both doors, one external and one internal, until his bristly pubes were scratching my cheeks, and his spear was completely imbedded into my socket.

"Are you okay baby?"

"Oh hell ya, your being inside of me is almost better than when I am in you. It's really hard to tell <giggle>."

Reassured, he began rhythmically, slowly at first and then when I completely relaxed began the age old ritual of sexual intercourse.

"Is that all you have, boy?" I squeaked in between giggles.

"Boy my ass. Let me show what it is all about. Are you ready?"

"Go. I'm all good. Fuck me crazy."

And fuck me crazy he did, until all of a sudden he tensed up and then slammed it home into my hot and waiting boy hole. Jet after jet of molten hot boy-lava spewed into the deepest parts of my inner sanctum, and on into my soul. That itch disappeared.

It didn't hurt too bad although there were a couple of times when I just about said "give" but I pushed down with everything I had which caused me to loosen up enough to where it didn't hurt anymore.

His maleness descended and then plopped out leaving my hole wide open to the elements. Very gently, very tenderly, and very meticulously he washed me down there south of the border until I closed at which time we turned together and kissed tenderly though not necessarily wantonly.

"Joey, I love you so much." He said then pulled me into his arms and began sniffling which set my reserves aside, something I hardly ever did. I didn't even cry when my father and brother were buried.

I nodded my agreement into his chest. Slowly, I regained my composure, blew my nose into the drain and rinsed away whatever may have remained.

The water was getting cold, ice cold in fact. Quickly we washed, rinsed and got the hell out of there, dried off and wrapped towels around us to quell the chattering teeth and send away the goosebumps which had sprang up all over our bodies.

We headed into his bedroom, stripped off the towels and quickly got dressed.

When we walked into the living room, Millie looked up from her crocheting and smiled a toothy and knowing grin, "You boys could be a little quieter, you know. Lardy. Lardy. My goodness, I haven't heard squealing like that in God only knows how long."

Talk about embarrassing. Wayne's eyes went big, like saucers. Me? Well I felt like I was going to burn at the stake.

Wayne said to his mother, Millie, "Maybe so... mom, I love Joey in every way. I guess that makes me gay... it don't much matter really... it is what it is.

I nodded but didn't say anything despite the words lying restlessly on my tongue but too afraid to say what Wayne had said to his mother about his feelings toward me.

Millie looked at her son then to me then back to Wayne, "It don't much matter to me but Lardy, Lardy could you two keep it down just a little bit?"

I said, "We'll try." And then I broke out with comfort at knowing Millie didn't think what Wayne and I had done was wrong.

Millie got her hooch out and was rolling a big fat doobie when the door about came off its hinges:




"Fuck... what the fuck you's doing to my god damned door!" Millie cursed angrily, pushing the 'stuff' down between the cushions of her broken down 'comfortable' chair.

I got up, walked to the window, slightly opened the shade and exclaimed, "Cops. They're all over the fuckin place. Son of a bitch."

"What the fuck are they here for? The Pohhlece... what the fuck? What you been into Joseph Lee Walker?"

"I don't have time to explain." I said, reached for the hooch and headed into Wayne's closet, stashed the goods under piles of dirty clothes and then I joined them, all with Wayne's help, of course.

He then leaned down, pushed away a pair of pants covering my face and kissed me deeply and then closed the door quietly.

Distantly, I heard a deep booming voice say, "We are looking for Joseph Lee Walker. He was seen in this neighborhood. Do you know him? Have you seen him?"

"Yes, we know him. He's not 'here'." Millie responded.

"May we look around for him, ma'am?"

"With a search warrant you may, honey. I'm telling you he's not 'here'." Millie said sweetly as molasses.

"Ma'am, he has been seen in the neighborhood. All we want to do is to talk to him. We know that your son and he hang out, often times here in your home. All I have to do is make a phone call to get a search warrant, or if I feel anything funny is going on here then I will pull rank and search the public areas of your home."

"Officer, I have told you repeatedly the boy is not here with me right now."

"Ma'am, please step aside. It's not that I don't believe you, rather we observed him earlier in this area. He's wanted."

I didn't hear what Millie said next only that booming male voice said, "Thank you ma'am."

I was sweating bullets so I hunkered down and hopefully made myself as invisible as I could possibly get.

I heard Millie and the officer speaking in tones that I could not understand but when they reached the hallway, Millie said "If you go any further then I insist you get a warrant. I told you he is not here with me."

After that, it got quiet. A few minutes later, the front door closed with a thud.

Wayne opened the door, after telling me it was him, and then helped me up and out. Millie was standing in his room and when I exited the closet, she had this concerned, and yes, angry look on her face. I thought I was going to shit myself right there on the spot, but thankfully didn't.

With a swallow of bile fully filling my throat, "Are they here to get me?"

"Wayne, go make us some green tea, please. Make it strong."

Millie took my face into her warm hands, turned me to face her. She was angry; her hands were shaking and then with a cold even tone in her voice, said "Child, I just lied to the pohhhlice…"

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