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The Redemption
Book 1

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 7

At 5:17am Skeeter's bouncing around, raggedy breathing, crying and tearing the covers off woke me and Emanuel from deep sleep.

Immediately, I pulled him into my arms and began running my hands up and down his back and whispering calming words into his ears while Emanuel basically said the same words over and over again.

When he woke up, he was frantic and began crying hysterically, "It's okay now Skeeter, you just had a really bad dream. We're all here so you're safe, calm down."

"He was cutting me again, Joey. He chased me, and he cut me again." Skeeter said out of breath, and then started checking his body to see if his dream had been indeed a reality. When he was satisfied his body was intact, he pulled me into his arms and held on tight as if his life depended on it. In that slice of time, I knew he was right as I had had those nightmares before myself, so I wrapped my arms around him and held on just as tight as he was holding me.

When his breathing slowed down and his shaking subsided, we let go of each other but stayed close. Emanuel asked "Are you okay now?" When Skeeter didn't immediately answer his question he reached for the lamp and turned it on.

Skeeter was wringing wet from his profuse sweating. He said, "Yeah. I'm okay now. Sorry. Let me up, gotta pee. Hey, I'm naked…"

"Yeah so are we. It is no big deal. Come on I'll go with you."

Emanuel said, "I gotta go too."

With the plan established we got Skeeter out of bed without too much difficulty for him. He limped along quite noticeably but he was a man on a mission. Arriving, Manuel stood on one side of Skeeter while I stood on the other. Together we supported his weight. Once we got that squared away three streams of pent up liquids sprayed the toilet bowl in various places causing a massive foam bath.

No sooner had the streams stopped when Skeeter began spasms meaning only one thing: he leaned over and emptied all contents from his stomach while we held him up from falling over. The booze. Definitely the booze.

Once he was finished I fetched a wash cloth to wipe away any remnants from his mouth and nose. Manuel flushed the toilet and then we made half hearted attempts at washing and drying our hands.

We then headed back to bed. After getting Skeeter all situated and settled in me and Emanuel then got in and cocooned Skeeter.

With that we fell back off to sleep for several hours.

I awoke to the sounds of Skeeter crying and his arms around my torso pulling me into him. I turned over onto my side that faced him, got him comfortable, whispered reassurances that he was safe and protected.

With said and done Skeeter was quickly asleep. I laid there quietly observing the peaceful expression on his face as he slept soundly. Somewhere along the way I relaxed enough and fell back to sleep myself.

At noon we woke up. The sun was out in full force and effect, the tendrils of light shining through the break in the curtains covering the windows. I immediately became aware that Skeeter's mouth was pressed against mine. Quickly we parted. Skeeter was very ashamed. He buried his head under the covers and attempted to move away from me but I held him still and said, "I wasn't expecting that."

Emanuel, fully awake looked at us with wonderment, not contempt. He said, "Kissing cousins eh?"

I smiled and flipped him off.

He laughed, worked his way out of bed and then with his totally hard prong leading the way headed into the bathroom then the sounds of pee hitting the bowl broke the somewhat uncomfortable silence filling Vito's spare bedroom.

"Skeeter, it's okay, I just wasn't prepared for it is all." I said then kissed his forehead. I added, "I gotta go too... how about you?"

He nodded.

We met Emanuel in the door to or from the bathroom, depending on which way you were going. He helped us get Skeeter into the bathroom where Skeeter and I let loose with our own relief maker.

We were slept out. Skeeter was restless and he looked very uncomfortable. It had been several hours since he'd had his pain medicine so I got up and headed to the kitchen but first I checked to make sure the coast was clear because I hadn't gotten dressed. I found aspirin in the cabinet over the sink, retrieved two tablets, got a glass of water and took it to Skeeter. He took them without incident, "Thanks." He said sincerely.

The house was cold... not frigid mind you but it was very chilly so I found the thermostat , cranked it up to 75 and then went back to bed and covered us up but we didn't go to sleep, instead we laid around talking about this and that until the room temperature got to a more manageable level.

Skeeter, meanwhile, wormed his way into my arms with his face in my chest and said, "I'm sorry about last night, Joey."

"You have nothing to be sorry about. You didn't cause what happened to happen." I replied hastily.

"No, that's not what I'm talking about... never mind. Just don't be mad at me, okay, please."

"I'm not mad at you for any reason so just push those thoughts out of your mind." I said assuredly. I wondered then if he was talking about us kissing... or something.

I began rubbing his back in little circles, moving up and down from his neck to the end of his spine. It was when I reached the bottom when I remembered that he had had a sore butt. Slowly, carefully I worked my finger down and felt around his anal orifice. It was very swollen. He winced I moved my hand away and patted his back tenderly.

"I've gotta get out of bed guys. I have things to do today if you don't need me. I can stay, don't get me wrong.

With that said and with our reassurances that he could go if need be he got out of bed and put on his underwear and left the room with his fully extended penis leading the way.

My own cock was straining against the covers making them tent out in an obvious way. Skeeter wasn't any better. He started giggling and pointed toward the tents in the covers. I giggled too, mainly because he was giggling. He then lifted the covers to see what I 'had' even though he'd seen it before and we'd even jacked off together, individually.

He said, "That's huge. Where did you get that from?"

I belly laughed. The best medicine for that moment was our laughter... mainly because I looked down at his respectable pole of pleasure.

"Don't tell okay Joey?"

"Tell what?"

"You know..." He lifted from my chest and checked the door and then said, "That we kissed and stuff."

"Don't worry so much. Okay, mum's the word. I don't share secrets, you know that."

"Okay... I got to use the bathroom again... come with me?" Skeeter asked softly.

"Yeah, I'll help you get in there. I want to put some medicine in you by the way."

With that decided I helped him out of bed and we headed to the restroom where he promptly sat down and then with great discomfort let loose with profuse diarrhea, the cramps causing him to double over in pain. But it quickly passed, and soon he was cleaning up, flushed and joined me at the sink where we brushed our teeth.

I applied an applicator filled with the medicine cream, cleaned the excess away and then we headed back to the bedroom.

"Dude, we got to find you something to wear. Your pants aren't even a remote possibility. I'll go find something for you to put on. It's cold outside and besides that I don't think people will appreciate us walking around naked and hard." But first let's change those bandages... ya gotta keep 'em dry so that the cut doesn't get infected. In face a shower would probably do you good. That way the soap and water would wash away any bad germs."

We padded back the bathroom, shut the door. I felt my own immediate need so I sat on the open toilet and took care of business while Skeeter looked on.

Finished with that task I got into the shower, turned on the water, got it to temperature then helped Skeeter over the tub edge. I washed his back and he washed mine. When he washed his south of the border area I took the wash cloth, soaped it up good and then squeezed the soapy water just right so that his cut was thoroughly cleansed. He didn't much like it but knew it had to be done.

Without a concern in the world Skeeter than sat on the edge and began paying special attention to his still hard and erect penis. "Well, aren't you going to do yours?"

I sat down. Soon, with our needs met, we got out and dried off, and then headed into the kitchen where the bandages were located.

Emanuel was fixing 3 bowls of Raisin Bran, cutting up bananas into the cereal, and then got the milk out and began pouring.

We ate heartily. Skeeter's color was returning and he looked like he felt a lot better. I was hungrier than I thoughts so I had a second bowl.

A note had been lying on the table all the while. I picked it up and read it out loud. Vito said for us to help ourselves to breakfast, that the refrigerator was full, and that he had laid out sweats for Skeeter on his bed, and finally that Skeeter's jeans had been put in the trash because they were useless with all the blood and stuff caked into them.

Emanuel put himself in charge of performing cleanup while we went and got dressed.

At 2:00pm sharp, after making sure the house was picked up and spotless we took off for the house Skeeter was staying in. He did okay walking all the way there despite everything. It wasn't his family's home... it had been lost to foreclosure, and his mother had been receiving care for her drug addictions. I'd met the foster parents a couple of times and while I didn't like them, I didn't trust them... Skeeter did so he was doing the best he could do under the circumstances.

I put the bandages on a shelf in his room. He assured me that he'd take care of himself because he'd watched me.

Just before I readied myself to leave he pulled me into a hug and held on tightly.

He then did it again... he kissed my lips and held on. The funny thing was that I made no move to end our embrace. After a couple of minutes of companionable silence we just naturally parted.

We got him settled into bed.

"I'll let myself out. You might want to get up, move around and stuff so you don't stiffen up. He giggled. After a brief pregnant pause because I didn't understand what he was giggling about I realized the purpose and cause. He laughed all that much harder at seeing my delayed understanding.

"You're something else." I said, ruffled his hair tenderly, and then leaned down and kissed his forehead.

His next question floored me... I wasn't prepared for it.

"How long have you known, Joey?"

"Known what little man?"

"That you're like me."

"I've liked you since you were born, Skeeter." I giggled. When he didn't move, when he didn't smile, I looked intently into his eyes. He rephrased his question through his eyes, I didn't say a word.

I turned away, walked to the door, opened it and took a step outside of his room and then turned around to face him.

I'd never really thought about his question before. My answer was unsettling to say the least. It was one that whenever it came up I quickly pushed it aside.

I took two steps on out into the hallway, then thought differently. I stuck my head in the door and said one word, the only word relevant to the situation. After figuring I did not need to hide from Skeeter, I uttered that one word that would forever change our lives... "Forever." I then quickly left their house and headed to the gathering place where surely my friends would be. Somehow, someway, I walked a little bit lighter and with my head just a little higher than normal.

The first stop was hitting up an addict 'friend' for some blow. I had work to do because we needed the money to finish paying the rent and to fill the refrigerator. Besides I didn't really want to go home.

I left his house early after getting myself in a position to work hard (pun intended). My first 6 stops netted about $550.00 and some change.

The 7th stop was problematic in that the guy wanted more than he was willing to pay. He roughed me up some but I played rougher by getting him into a position of asking me to 'stop'. I did stop then kyped all that he had in his wallet – about $300.00. When he started screaming and bitching about calling the cops because I was taking what wasn't mind he shut up when I countered by telling him they wouldn't think much about his taking my ass, a 13 year old boy.

My last stop was Mrs. Mildred, an older lady that lived on the southwest part of the south side.

She loved to hug me and I loved her hugs. She didn't want me to do anything 'to' her. She was always satisfied with sucking me off though we'd learned long ago that she needed to remove her false teeth, for obvious reasons. She'd lick and slurp each and every offering I gave her.

To finish the day off, after eating usually and walking around her house naked as the day I'd been born, she'd get me into her bathtub and give me a bath, which was to die for. Nobody had given me a bath forever, or at least I hadn't remembered when I was a baby, obviously. The cream of each experience we shared was when I laid back and jacked myself to another successful and pleasant conclusion.

She paid $250.00 for about 3 hours 'work'.

And oh yeah, she had some really good blow... we'd get high, we'd eat cookies and milk, and then I'd leave.

I had a total of $800.00 in my pocket right next to The Reinforcer.

On the way out of the Burroughs I stopped in at Vincent's place for a friendly visit.

He had the best shit in town. We'd get seriously fucked up and then go tricking chicks. He wasn't into guys... he was more selective. He did like to fuck the bitches, and well I liked fucking him. Keeping in time with his frenzied attack on pussy kept me young, filled with vitality, and very resourceful. He'd usually cum before I did. He didn't want me leaving my deposits in his bank but sometimes I couldn't stop... he never got mad instead he'd just say we'd work on it again next time.

Since I was so fucked up on the good shit I lost all control and we said we'd work on it against next time.

Our only real rule was he'd fuck and I wouldn't. A lesser rule, that we enforced, was that the chicks had to pay double duty.

We parted and I headed in the direction of home however my first stop was one of those pay by the minute cell phone distributors. I paid for the phone and 2,000 minutes in cash.

I then headed to the park where I figured the guys would be. They were there. It was dark. Some street lights were burned out so I walked right by the side of the unmarked cruisers and headed to the manhole, performed the appropriate number and intensity of knocks.

Buzz handed me my old cell phone

I asked him how the fuck he got it. He said to not ask questions... so I didn't. A ceremony, of sorts, was accomplished by going up the ladder, walking to the lake and tossing it out into the water as far as I could throw.

I headed toward home at about 1:30am but not before Buzz asked, "Do you want me to go with you... in case something..."

"Nah, that's okay, but thanks. I owe ya man."

"Ya, you do." Buzz laughed out loud and then he was out of sight.

Arriving home I sat on the steps and smoked a cigarette. Damn, I hadn't thought to get more at the convenience store just down the street. I had 3 left which would get me through morning because my plans included going to bed soon.

I noticed that Ma's car was not parked in her customary place. I found that to be very odd since she was mostly home save for trips to the grocery store, a doctor's visit, or a trip to one of her friends' house – the latter was rare, and she was always home, and in bed at that time of night.

I finished the smoke, flicked the butt into the street then turned toward the brownstone and headed up the stairs. The door was unlocked – another rarity... especially since we lived in the hood with all sorts of characters walking the streets.

Sensing danger... I slowly and quietly entered the foyer into the kitchen. I pulled out The Reinforcer, undid the safety, cocked it open then quietly checked the rooms looking for Ma and Nathan. They were not found. I wondered what the fuck.

I needed to take a shit but bad. Time was of the essence.

A light was on down the hall, surely coming from Christopher's room.

With purpose I headed up the stairs as quietly as possible so as to not disturb the equilibrium of quiet. At the top of the stairs I didn't even bother going to Christopher's room figuring he was still out of commission for the visit the previous night.

I headed into the bathroom and took care of business with the piece nestled in my lap, ready for anything should the need have arisen.

After cleaning up I headed out. Nathan was not in his room. I thought, "What the fuck's going on here?"

I checked the room where a bed was usually filled with junk and whatever Ma didn't want in the main living areas. It was also a place where I could stash shit in case I couldn't get rid of it before arriving home. I had nothing so there was no reason to enter.

I slowly crept down the hall and entered Christopher's room to see him lying on his bed dressed only in some threadbare and tattered underpants. He was wide awake then suddenly turned his head toward me. He started to get up but then collapsed back on his bed, cussing and swearing, promising retribution to the point where he began wheezing and coughing. He had had asthma when he was little but it was something he had grown out of, or at least that was the thought.

I headed to his dresser to get his inhaler. He said, "Get the fuck out of here you fuckin queer boy. God's gonna git ya, ya know."

"Shut the fuck up, Christopher, you don't know what you're talking about. I ain't no fuckin sissy faggot so you just need to get over your damn self. Where is my brother, the guy I loved and, at one time, looked up to? Where is he?"

"What do you care?"

"I care a lot, but you cannot go around hurting someone who you have no beef with. You're my bro. We share blood and you know it. It is as simple as that. What happened, Christopher? What changed you?"

"I've got purpose now, Joey."

"What the fuck is that, pray tell?"

"Never you mind. The Lord will take care of that which I cannot. Actually, this down time is giving me pause of thought, Joey."

"What's that, Christopher?"

"Are you gay, yes or no?"

"It doesn't make any difference to me, Christopher. I'm out selling my body while you sit on your fat fuckin ass, and get high all the damn time, and do nothing to earn your keep."

"I know what you are doing." Christopher said pointing out the window with his thumb that which caused him a great deal of pain to do.

"And you are contributing, how?" I asked quietly. I reached into my underwear and pulled my reinforcements out because the waistband did not hold up, as I suspected it might not do. The cold hard steel of the barrel caused me to shiver. Nevertheless, I sat it down on the floor between my legs and then sat down on his bed causing it to shift and jiggle enough to where he wheezed out a breath of pain from his lungs.

Remembering what I was going to do, I got back up, went over to the dresser then retrieved the inhaler, tossed it to him and then sat back down and watched him take two, then three puffs from it.

For a brief second, I saw my brother shine through those beaten and battered eyes, then it was gone, just like that, "You're a taker, Christopher. You want everything to go your way, yet you are not contributing anything of your own, what's with that?" I added.

"Mark my words, Joey, you will pay the price. God will git you, I swear it. And if he doesn't then I or mine will... it's as simple as that."

"And your life was spared for a reason." I said getting up, knowing this conversation was going nowhere in a hurry. I reached down and retrieved my piece. He saw it. He then saw me put it into my sagging jeans pocket in front.

His eyes got big as saucers, even though they were shining through little slits, and then a questioning look came over his face, as if he had no clue, so I said "You're family, dude. You are blood. You are my bro. It is as simple as that. If you weren't then you would have had a bullet through your brain last night after doing what you did to Skeeter. Fucking and raping little boys deserves a bullet through the brain because it is the only way to stop that shit, BROTHER."

He was squirming in obvious agony as those words settled into his mind, knowing what I had in my pocket, and knowing my stance on what he had done, something he did not deny doing.

"Don't do me any favors. I won't have a faggot for a brother. And I won't have him associating with faggots either. The Lord My God the Shepherd sayeth."

I paused for a few seconds thinking about what his last statement to me meant deep inside of my guts. I concluded that our brotherhood meant very little to nil to him, "Fair enough, brother. Only you can sever our bond which you have done just now successfully. Listen to my words as they will only be said once, okay, do I have your ears?"

Christopher nodded affirmatively.

"Don't fuck with my family." I said quietly but intently, all the while desperately looking into his eyes earnestly trying to find some, any glimmer of our bond which had once been very, very strong. Finding none, I purposely got up from his bed and then walked out of his room with great sadness in my heart.

I went to my room, stripped naked and tossed the clothes into the dirty clothes pile at the end of the hall.

I put my piece on the headboard of my bed and then deliberately walked back into Christopher's room. Without hesitation, knowing he was pretty much out of commission, I got on his bed, straddled his belly and began masturbating in a frenzy.

When my moment arrived I aimed my dick toward his face and shot thin white contrails of rich and creamy nectar onto his nose and mouth. I then scooped some of it with my fingers than touched his lips. He made no effort to stop me. The only sound I'd made during the entire spectacle was a deep shuddering intake of air when my moment had arrived.

Just as I'd entered his room I left it... not saying one single solitary word the entire time.

I went into the bathroom, showered, put on a pair of underwear then returned to his room where I went to his bed, observed that any and all evidence of my ejaculation was gone. I smiled and said, "Now... who's the faggot oh spawn of Satan?"

He made no motion... in fact his face registered no response, none whatsoever. I then went to bed and slept like a baby the entire night without waking up once.

I was awoken by Nathan jumping on my bed which knocked The Reinforcer to the floor behind the headboard with a loud clank but thankfully with no boom.

Even though he was fully dressed I invited him under the covers and we talked for an hour or so until the phone rang. I had no home phone in my room.

A few moments later Ma came bounding up the stairs, entered my room and said, "Joey, Wayne's on the phone. He's upset... something isn't right. You need to talk to him."

Okay, so I had gotten up during the night. I was naked, wearing only a smile and a massive morning erection.

"Ma, I'm not dressed."

She left. I got up and out of bed but Nathan stopped me from putting on a pair of underwear from my dresser. He handed me a package of brightly colored underwear. I tore it open and found them to be skimpy brief bikinis. I handed it back him then reached into my drawer for a pair of my regulars.

He looked mortified. Softly he said, "I bought those with my own money." He grabbed them and headed out of my room.

I said, "Wait."

He stopped in his tracks. I quickly put on a pair of that which he offered. He turned around and gave a reserved smile and then headed to his room and shut the door.

At least I was covered.

I headed downstairs since I didn't want to use the phone in Christopher's room.

"Hey." I said.

"Can you come over?" Wayne asked, his usual exuberance was not present, and its absence was definitely noticed.

"In a flash, just say the word."


"What's wrong?"

"Momma was arrested for possession."

"Holy shit. When?"

"Yesterday, right after you left. They popped us within 15 minutes."

"Okay, meet me at the usual place. We'll work something out."

"No Joey, I promised mom I wouldn't do that shit anymore."

"And your alternative is what exactly?"

"I don't know."

"Okay, there's a manhole cover the edge of the tree line. Wait for me there... I'm on my way." I said, knowing that he lived closer to the park that me.



I went upstairs, got dressed without even taking a shower. As I was heading toward the stairs Christopher exclaimed, "Revenge is mine sayeth the Lord."

I went to Christopher's room, with icy steel venom in my voice, "You'd better hope not."

I told Ma that I was going to Wayne's house, and that his mother had been busted for possession... I don't know why I told her that but something had happened the night before when I buried my face into her bosom and cried like a baby... a fucking baby.

She told me to stay home, to not get involved, but her words were just saying what she had to say... she didn't mean them, I knew it and she knew that I knew.

Just as I was heading out the door I remembered my piece so I raced to go get it. It was way under the bed next to the wall.

Cops were every fucking everywhere.

Sometimes the obvious is the correct answer. I lit a cigarette, took two deep drags and then took off down the sidewalk in full view. I didn't waste any time but I wasn't running either... running would have been a dead giveaway. They didn't say anything and I sure as hell didn't offer anything.

About 30 minutes later I was across the street from the park entrance. There was only 1 cruiser sitting in the parking lot. Since openness had worked all along I crossed the street, dodging vehicles, and headed to the designated spot. Wayne startled me when he exited the tree line. We bumped knuckles. He lamented, "There's 6 fucking manhole covers. Fuckin heat is everywhere."

"Yeah, I noticed. Come on."

I did the appropriate code thing. Nobody answered so I gained us access and we descended into the dark dungeon.

At the bottom I lit a cigarette, offered my last one to Wayne which he declined.

I was just getting ready to say something but instead we heard:




"That's Emanuel." I said knowingly.

I ascended the ladder and let him in. As soon as he got to the bottom he said to Wayne angrily, "What the fuck are you doing here?"

"Good to see you too, bro." Wayne said quietly.

"If it weren't for Joey, here, I woulda popped ya in a heartbeat. I did 7 months for that shit you pulled. It wasn't fun."

"Sorry, man, seriously. Buzz said he'd be here shortly. He took a detour due to interferences, but, he's on his way as we speak."

Wayne winced.

"Where are we supposed to meet?" I asked Emanuel.

"Right here."

Two minutes later the manhole cover opened without warning. I grabbed The Reinforcer and took aim. As soon as I saw the size 50 shoes head down the stairs I put my piece back in my pocket after locking the safety device in place.

Angrily he said to Wayne, "What the fuck dude? And why in the fuck are you here anyway? You do know that we did some serious shit down at the Palace."

"Sorry man. I really am." Wayne said sincerely.

"Buzz, he's okay. He saved my ass…"

"I didn't know what else to do Buzz. I promised momma I wouldn't run with you guys. I'm sort of desperate right now." Wayne replied humbly.

"What's so fucking desperate? What makes you think we'll help? I should bust your ass you know." Buzz said, still angry. He approached Wayne.

I knew better than to physically stop Buzz so I said, "Buzz, Millie saved my bacon. She lied to the cops … she told them I wasn't there when I was there."

"They busted my house. Momma got arrested and taken away in handcuffs." Wayne said meekly.

I said to Buzz in Wayne's defense, going out on a limb, "Wayne's my friend. We all partied our asses off yesterday... and you know why."

Buzz looked at me... the tension was somewhat broken but I still had concerns... he asked, "So what did Wayne do to vilify himself?"

As serious as a heart attack or a drug deal gone bad I said, "Cookies. He brought cookies... lots of 'em."

Everybody cracked up, including Buzz. Wayne was back in.

We got serious again after Buzz asked, "How's Skeeter?"

"Sore. It looks clean though."

Wayne said, "What?"

Emanuel told Wayne the story of what happened to Skeeter and ended, "He didn't fuck his momma."

Wayne said, "Son of a bitch. Who the fuck did that?"

I spoke up, "Christopher."

"Christopher? You're shitting me, right?"

"Christopher, I shit you not."

"Vito told me that you and he gave Christopher a reminder call. Personally I woulda just popped the motherfucker but he ain't my blood." Buzz said seriously.

"His last words to me were 'Revenge is mine sayeth the Lord'. I don't know what they fuck has gotten into him. Wayne, guys, Wayne he was listening in on our conversation this morning..."

Wayne hung his head low. He didn't say anything.

Buzz and Emanuel looked at Wayne then me with curiosity.

Emanuel saved the day, or at least that moment by saying, "Sounds like he got caught up with that Preacher Friendly fuck. He's a fruit loop."

"Is he that fuck who is trying to save us young people from the clutches of hellfire and brimstone?" Wayne asked.

"None other." Buzz said.

"He hates fags. He says the USA is all fucked up. They picket guys' funerals – service men and women who got taken out over there." Quiet Jim added.

"I don't do faggots. But I don't hate them either. My bro was one, I mean he was gay, there's a difference." Buzz said which brought back memories, bad memories of when his brother Mike died of AIDS three years ago.

"We're all good. We need to split up now." I said to everybody.

Without another word, Wayne and I were the only ones left.

"You want to get fucked up, Wayne?"

"Nah, I don't want to. I need to though."

I made a call to Vito then said to Wayne "Let's go. He's wasted. It's Party Time."

Making our way out of the park and over to Vito's was challenging. The cruiser was on the opposite side of the park, just sitting there. There was no way out other than to just go for it. We walked right by that fucker's cruiser then after taking several twists and turns to lose anyone following us we arrived at Vito's.

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