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The Redemption
Book 1

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 8

Vito let us in. After exchanging pleasantries Buzz, Emanuel and Quiet Jim took off inside ready to party.

"How's Skeeter?" Vito asked concernedly.

"He was doing okay this morning. He was sick to his stomach but it passed and he felt much better after eating. Thanks Vito."

"You're welcome." To Wayne he asked seriously, cold and calloused, "What brings you here?" Vito had done 2 years in juvenile for the same reasons Buzz and Emanuel went down – a bad drug deal that Wayne had inadvertently set into motion.

I said, "His mom got taken down yesterday. I owe him. The guys are okay."

Vito's tone took on a different, a better atmosphere, "Well, join in. There's some good shit floating around. Bronson has the best stuff. He's got a lot of it too."

With that said Vito took off being the ever gracious host he is.

Wayne took off one way while I went to find Bronson. He was in a corner in the living room balling some chick on her knees facing away. My presence caused him to momentarily 'interrupt' his coital escapades. He smiled wickedly good. He reached for his pants, pulled out a package and said, "Take what you need... it's some really wicked good shit."

Without hesitation he resumed his rocking and rolling.

Bronson was 14 years old.

He's got the looks. We'd played around but he preferred women.

With the open door policy, I sat down at the coffee table where a mirror was already in use. I waited my turn, which only took a minute or so and then I loaded up. Immediately I was fucked up, high on the world, and buzzing contentedly. Carefully, so as to not bother then because Bronson was on his way to home plate, I put the bag back in his jeans pocket then quickly made my way back to the kitchen/bar area where I poured an ice tea glass half full with Jose, splashed some mixer in it to cut the bitterness then wandered into the midst of the party. Everybody was doing their own thing. I felt alone.

Vito was nowhere to be seen. Neither was Wayne anywhere that I could see.

There were some kids in there no older than 9 or 10... Girls, boys, it didn't matter. Under the dining room table were two, maybe 11 year old boys going at it hot and heavy, fucking to their hearts content. The boy on top looked at me with hazed and dazed eyes, smiled then drove his piston home, squealing all the way through and past home plate – he probably ended up in the stands.

I took a healthy slug of Jose, moved on into the main living room. People were sitting around talking, kissing... mainly talking. I didn't know anybody so I strode on into the bathroom where I peed and washed my hands, took a huge slug from the glass then made my way outside to the patio where people were smoking good shit.

I bummed a cigarette having forgotten to buy my own. I handed him a buck and went on my way. The cool air felt good because it had been so hot inside, in many ways.

I saw Wayne walking past the sliding glass doors so I got up, entered the dining room area, found him in the throng, and handed him the rest of my drink which he slurped down with rapid gulps.

We then headed into the bar area, refilled to the top, and then fixed us a plate of finger foods and chips. Two people were just getting up from their seats at the bar itself. They assured us that we could move in and take their chairs as they were headed outside.

The food was gone in short order. Wayne whispered in my ear, "Vito's waiting for us upstairs in his room. He wanted to talk to us in private."

That irritated me a bit because we'd made Vito wait but I didn't say anything that indicated my irritation.

Wayne's actually a 'lightweight' when it comes to booze. That day was no exception. I tipped the glass up and then downed the last half of our drink in one effort. I knew I'd reached my limit yet I was ready for something more. Drugs is a different story for him however... he can do more shit than I can drink. He still maintains, mostly.

We made our way through the crowd and headed upstairs. Vito was just coming out of the bathroom. He said, "I've got some good shit that I have been saving back."

"What it is?" I said deliberately, slurring the 3 words to almost unintelligent levels. I'd guessed, correctly so, that I was more drunk than I'd originally thought. The Jose had done its job. I was definitely mellowed out.

"It's high class stuff, Joey. I wouldn't offer it if I hadn't tested it myself. It is some awesome shit. Party time?"

Wayne looked at me; I looked at him; I shrugged my shoulders leaving the decision to him. As I said previously, he is a lightweight when it comes to hard liquor – he was feeling no pain. Feeling no pain, he nodded and then grabbed Vito in a quick hug. He then came to me and quietly whispered in my ear, "It's up to you Joey, I'm game if you are."

Five minutes later, we were giggling, dancing on top of the world, laughing, stepping on each others' toes, tripping, falling, getting back up just to do it all again. Vito just looked through his bugged out eyes at us like we were some kind of crazy or something. After the initial rush passed, he put the shit in a safe, excused himself saying he needed to tend to his guests and then left us there alone, just Wayne and I.

Wayne was totally messed up. He hopped, skipped but did not jump over to me and then he began, I did not object, my mind was not in the right place, not at all... and I joined in feeling each other up and kissing passionately, searching for tonsils that had been removed much earlier in our childhoods – but that did not stop us from trying. During our rendezvous, we began pawing and clawing and unbuttoning, unzipping that which covered our bodies until we were totally naked with insatiable erections that definitely needed attention, "Fuck me, Wayne" I slurred while grabbing his cock and jerking it once or twice.

He needed no further encouragement or invitation. He went into the bathroom. I joined him where I peed while he looked for whatever in the medicine cabinet. He reached up and fumbled around for something he'd found. Giggling, I went over to see what he was trying to grasp, "Sheesh let me get that." I said grabbing the bottle of personal lubricant from the shelf.

After Wayne peed, I had to hold it for him as he was in no condition to hold his own dick steady enough to aim it correctly. When he was finished, I shook it a few times too many. My naked butt-cheeks totally twitched with anticipation of having his staff firmly implanted in that home of mine where he fits so well.

To say I was not fucked up out of my gourd would be a definite lie, so I won't lie and say I was not. All caution was thrown to the wind blowing outside the windows on a cold Chicago night.

We stumbled, fumbled and felt our way to the bed where I landed on the floor with my knees planted firmly and my torso and head pushed over the edge of the bed. At that moment, Wayne planted himself up behind me and tried spearing my waiting cavern with his mighty sword of love, but he could not aim it to save his life so I reached up under my own junk and guided him to my hole.

We broke out in uncontrollable giggles after realizing we hadn't yet lubed up. Hilariously, he kept poking my hole as if he were dry humping me with nowhere else to go and nothing else to do. Giggling wildly, I let go of his prong just long enough to reach for the bottle and squeeze some of the gooey shit on my hands. Quickly, I amply and expertly, despite being totally fucked up, lubed Wayne's throbbing maleness and then slathered my bung hole.

Satisfied that I was properly lubed up and relaxed, I assumed the correct anatomical position for receiving a good pistoning from my main man. Blindly, he took hold of my hips, pulled them toward his spear and then in one mighty shove impaled it to the hilt in my orifice. To say that it didn't hurt would be a lie however I was so needy for his seed implanted in my tomb that I did not care, and instead began bucking out-strokes against his in-strokes.

While I was begging for him to pound me without mercy, he was asking for mercy from a God above to give him release from his horniness. I was wild with lust. It seemed the harder he pounded me the harder I wanted him to pound me… I was locked in MORE mode… I could not get enough MORE!!! I was screaming at the top of my lungs MORE, MORE, MORE, MORE… and MORE he gave me … he wouldn't stop, I couldn't stop, he did not want to stop, neither did I, he could not stop, neither could I… I wanted MORE!

All of a sudden he stopped, "Oh shit <uncontrollable giggles>. Joey, we <giggles> have a <giggles> slight problem, hey Buzz, I can't cum, push me harder."

"I would never ever have guessed..." Buzz said dejectedly.

As soon as I heard Buzz' voice, I jumped off Wayne's pony and then stood up <giggling> and tried saying, but not very well, "It's not what it looks like Buzz. Seriously <giggles>, dude, I'm fucked up. Wayne's fucked up. Seriously man."

And then it hit me, reality snuck in for a moment, "Buzz…" I looked at Wayne, he had this shell shocked look on his face… he was not laughing anymore. I looked toward the door. I could not believe it. Quiet Jim was standing there quietly watching us; Emanuel had this shocked look on his face, like he could not believe what he was seeing, what he had seen … for God only knows how long.

At that juncture, my mind was clean and sober, but my body was not. Just then, Vito came striding into his guest boudoir. Seeing us standing there, naked and highly erect, and panting from exertion, and observing Buzz, Quiet Jim and Emanuel observing us...he stopped dead in his tracks, silently, though his mouth was open as if he were about to say something profound but it wouldn't come out.

And then there was silence, dead silence. We were waiting for someone to say something, anybody. The silence was deafening. The silence was raging, if only in my own head.

"It's the drugs." Quiet Jim said barely above a whisper nevertheless breaking that death defying silence.

"Would you guys leave for a little while? I'll talk to them. They need to talk." Vito said softly.

"They need to get their damned asses dressed. That's what they need to do." Buzz said coldly and then turned away and walked out the open door pushing his way through several unnamed people standing in the doorway watching the interaction.

All of a sudden, Vito bent down to the floor, picked up a trash can and put it down in front of me. I found that odd. I could not figure why he would do that… until I looked down… I was peeing in the trash can. As hard as I tried, I could not stop that yellow liquid from escaping my pulsing hard cock. Wayne broke out in giggles, almost laughing but not quite, and then stumbled over, pointed his raging hard cock down and began draining his own can. I started giggling too then looked up just in time to see the guys, except for Vito, slowly turn around and head for the door where they, too, pushed people aside so that they could leave.

Vito went the door, pushed some people back then closed the door. By then Wayne and I were finished. Vito looked at me, as if he were asking for permission first, and then took the trash can and sat it in the corner. Quietly, as if nothing were happening, he walked to the bed, drew down its covers then walked over to us and gently guided our way into the bathroom, for what I could not tell for sure at that moment. He then reached into the shower and turned it on … he took hold of my hand… pointed to the shower and when we did not respond, he led us in. I looked at Wayne; he was just as lost as I was. I started giggling… of course Wayne began cracking up but nevertheless entered the shower and then took my hand when I could not control myself enough to do the same. When we were in the shower, Vito took hold of the door and said "I'll be downstairs. You guys go to bed when you get finished taking your shower, meanwhile I'll do as much damage control as I can. See you in the morning." With that, he closed the door and left the room.

I looked at Wayne, searchingly. He had stopped cracking up; he stood there looking me in the eyes, "They'll never get over this Joey."

That said, he pulled me into a hug, face to face, lips to lips, pecs to pecs, belly to belly, hard cock to hard cock, thighs to thighs, and toes to toes.

"The guys are important to you, Joey. I'll just disappear, just as I did before."

With that, he began rapidly washing his private areas and upper thighs. He then rinsed off and started to reach for the door but I stopped him, looked in the eyes, "Wayne, don't. Look. I'm sorry. Our first priority is to get your momma out of jail. I caused her to be there in the first place. I'll go out working to have enough money to get her bailed out. How much do we need?"

"Is that all it is Joey? Is that all you ever think about? That's it; just go sell your fuckin ass to any dick so you can get your money? For what – play time? Is sex all you think about?"

Before I even knew what happened next, I slapped him hard on his face with my left hand and then rearing back with my right one slapped him on his face as hard as I could.

He looked down to the floor, touching his left cheek with the tips of his fingers then slowly looked up only to see me slam my fist into the hard granite tile opposite his head.

I looked down at my hand. I saw nothing and I felt nothing… nothing at all. No pain. No relief. No sense of accomplishment. Just nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Wayne took hold of my hand, inspected it carefully and then dropped it to my side after assuring himself that I was okay. Why would he do that? Why on earth would he do that after what I had just done to him? When he looked into my eyes all I saw was tremendous pain, not physical pain, rather it was emotional, penetrating and shattering his heart, his very essence, and his soul.

How do you fix something like that?

I reached for his still very hard and pulsing organ…

He slapped my hand away. Then, with the saddest eyes I'd ever seen another human being have, he handed me the washcloth, turned away, opened the shower door and then stepped out closing it behind him.

Quickly, I turned off the water and stepped out onto the towel he was standing on as he dried off. I grabbed a towel from the little closet under the sink and began drying myself, "Wayne, you're right. I'm going to work until we have enough money to free your mom. She's in jail because I lied and she covered for my untruth…"

"Be quiet Joey. You just don't get it."

That said, he hung the towel over the shower door to dry and then left the bathroom.

After doing a couple quick swipes with the towel, I got out and walked into the guest room where he was pulling on his underwear over his fine globes that which followed him, and his appendage that led the way for him.

Then it dawned on me.

"Wayne, you quit the business. I never even thought you'd join me. I didn't… I just didn't…" I said and then took hold of his hands and attempted to pull him into a hug, but he pushed my hands away, angrily he said, "She's my momma. Did you really think I'd just sit back…?"

He then reached down and fumbled around for the rest of his clothes. Not finding them he went to the other side of the bed, found what he was looking for and then put them on. While putting on his shirt, "Hey guys, what's up?" Skeeter said happily from the doorway.

"Getting dressed, what the hell does it look like?" Wayne snarled not missing a beat while putting on his shirt. Once finished with his shirt he sat down on the bed and began putting on his socks and shoes.

Skeeter walked over to me, took my towel then started drying what I had missed. When he got to my stalk, he handed me the towel. I took it and dried down there while he retrieved my underwear, handed them to me and then stood there for a minute before saying, "The guys want to talk to you. I don't think they're pissed about anything. They're more surprised than anything. Vito's fixing breakfast. He said to come down so we could all talk together, or something. What's it all about, I don't understand."

Wayne looked to me, then to Skeeter. He was formulating something to say but then leaned down to tie his shoe and remained silent.

"We'll be down in a minute…" I said taking the clothes he offered for me to put on.

"I'm ready. Let's go." Wayne said to Skeeter as he walked past me. After putting his arm around Skeeter, they began heading out of the bedroom, "Wait." I said then walked over to them, adding "Wayne, if you want to we could go to the base or go over to Waukegan… they pay well and don't give no shit… its quick money… we could…"

"Go on downstairs, little man, we'll be right there." Wayne said looking at me incredulously.

I nodded toward Skeeter. He left. I closed the door. Wayne stayed, turned to face me and then waited anxiously… when I didn't say anything he said "No fucking, just like before. No dope. No drinking. No being stupid. No doing stupid shit. We do everything together, do you hear me?"

I started to say something… I have always led us, stayed in control, and gave the orders. Putting that out of my mind I said, "Okay. I'll take my piece though."

He reluctantly nodded his approval then opened his mouth say something but words eluded him, I said "I'm sorry Wayne. I don't know what the matter with me is, I had no right…"

"Joey, save it. It happened. There's no turning back the clock. We'll deal with it later."

"Wayne, don't be mad at me, please, okay?"

Shrugging his shoulders, not committing himself to anything, he said "I'm not pissed. Well, yeah, I'm pissed. I'm also worried about the guys and what they'll say or do…"

I nodded, "Buzz'll be okay. His brother … well, he loved him a lot, he was there for him no matter what. It killed him when his bro got sick and then died. They were really close."

Wayne nodded his agreement and then turned toward the door, and was just about to exit when I said, "Are we together? I have to know."

"I don't know… are we? I mean we're together right now, I don't know nothing about anything when we're finished, I mean when we get enough money to get momma… things will have to change…"

I nodded.

Tentatively, I reached for his shoulders to pull him into a hug. He hesitated and began to push my hand away and then thinking differently, we hugged kind of awkwardly… he had every right to be hurt … I put my hand up to his cheek, it was hot to the touch. He pulled away wincing. He didn't move though so I kissed his cheek tenderly and whispered, "I'm sorry…"

Without acknowledging anything one way or another, who would or could blame him, he said solemnly, "You ready?"

I reached over and kissed his lips quickly yet meaningfully, "Let's go." He shrugged his shoulders and then strode from the room. I stood there for a second before my legs obeyed concerted orders for them to move. Finally they did obey… slowly I made my way downstairs, looked around for Wayne and found him looking through the food Vito still had out on the serving counter. I walked to him. He handed me an empty plate and then started picking this and that to put on his. He walked away and blended into the crowd.

I wasn't very hungry so I put the plate back on the stack of clean ones and went to find him. He was talking to some black chick that had her hand down the front of his jeans, rubbing that which belonged to him and only him…

My anger once again flared like an inferno but dissipated quickly when Wayne sat his plate down and roughly yanked her hand out of his pants, shoved the bitch away and turned toward me, but he didn't know I was standing there watching. After seeing me, he came over and said "Fuckin ho" then began giggling. He put his arm around my head and pulled me in and kissed my forehead. I raised my head up and we briefly kissed on the lips.

"Well, if it ain't the little fairies." Buzz said from the entryway to the kitchen. He was looking at me with totally pissed and disgusted looks passing across his face, and dripping from his mouth. I let it pass, not knowing what else to say or do.

Vito looked up from his plate then his gaze shifted to me then to Wayne. After swallowing a mouth full of food, "I'd have never guessed Joey, Wayne, but … well, I mean who you do is okay with me."

"Joey, why the fuck didn't you just tell us? Geezus man, finding my homey … is no way to be told…" Buzz said angrily.

Skeeter walked to a point between Buzz and I. Wayne put his arm around Skeeter's shoulder and headed to the food bar but Skeeter released himself from his grasp, walked over to Buzz and said "Tell you what? Tell me."

Buzz walked over and said to me, "Tell him. I saw what I saw. Don't say I was seeing things, because I WAS seeing things, things that I had no clue you would be doing." The crescendo of his voice rose dramatically … shouting, "No shit. You guys were sure together. It was disgusting… I never thought in a million years, Joey…" and then slammed his knife and fork down on the plate he was holding so hard that I was surprised it didn't shatter into a million pieces.

Skeeter jumped back away from Buzz. He looked at me and then to Wayne looking for answers… a light of awareness then spread across his face, he smiled widely, and then turned to Quiet Jim. Quiet Jim said, "Joey, we shagged those whores together. I saw you. I saw what they did to you, you know... You seemed to be enjoying yourself immensely, no?"

"I was turning a trick. For your information, don't you remember that you always finished them off while I sat back and beat my meat, and how I usually didn't shoot? It disgusted me. It still does." Silence took over the room. Skeeter walked to me then scratched my back lightly then squeezed me tightly with his arm and then released. He walked over to Buzz, whispered into his ear. With his eyes wide open, Buzz looked intently into his and walked away.

I headed into the kitchen … I was going to get something to eat but then changed my mind as a mild wave of nausea reminded me that I really wasn't hungry after all so I took for the entryway to the living room.

Unbeknownst to me, Skeeter had followed. He lightly tapped my shoulder and said softly, meaningfully, "Forever?"

Wayne was standing in the doorway looking at us expectantly. I turned to Skeeter and replied easily into his ear, "Forever." When I looked up, Wayne was looking at me intently, searching for truth.

With Skeeter and I close together, touching lightly, and with me still looking at Wayne, Emanuel stood next to Wayne, then regarding us carefully said "The guys, we want to talk to you Joey, you too Wayne." Then he motioned me into the kitchen.

Wayne shrugged his shoulders. He, Skeeter and I went and sat down at the table, and waited expectantly… "You're a regular dude, Joey. We're in this together. I thought some bad shit, well you know…" Buzz said and he then walked to me and offered his knuckles. Readily, I bumped him. He then turned to Wayne, "Don't ever fuck us over again. Don't fuck Joey over otherwise there will be hell for you to pay. Do we understand each other?" Wayne nodded then they too bumped knuckles.

"Don't you let anybody fuck you over..." Buzz said to Skeeter with authority and then he looked at me but didn't say anything more.

Quiet Jim walked in from the kitchen and said "We've talked about it… what's it going to take to get your momma out of jail?"

Chuckling, Wayne said "Don't get caught."

That said, everybody cracked up.

When a modicum of recovery set in over us, Buzz said, looking at Wayne and then to me, "What's in your plans?"

"We're headed to the North Shore. We'll be working."

"How much do you need?" Buzz asked Wayne.

Wayne sadly replied, "Ahhh, 5 for bond and 12 for the lawyer to spring her."

"Geezus kahrist." Buzz wheezed, clearly shocked. He recovered quickly though, "Okay, we've got a lot of work to do. Skeeter head on home, the cops ain't after you but stay low, we'll see you tonight. Joey, you and Wayne stay safe."

"I don't have anywhere to go…" Skeeter said looking to the floor.

"You'll stay here with me then." Vito said from the hallway between the kitchen and the laundry room.

With that Wayne and I decided to stay and head out the next morning so we walked upstairs, closed the door and undressed.

It did not take us too long to finish what we had started earlier that evening, twice, no three times; oh hell I lost count... our coupling was not warm, it was hot, and it was only hot because of the drugs and shit we had done earlier… we both knew it. Things had changed.

The following morning, after catching some z's, we headed to the North Shore via the CTA and arrived shortly after breakfast and then caught another train to the station across from the base.

After hanging out there and giving a couple of blow jobs for some serious cash, we took off for Waukegan where we rented a sleazy joint for the day, laid down on the broken down, sagging in the middle, bed, and enjoyed an hours' serious making out and feeling each other up. We decided to not have sex thinking we would want to store our jizz for later adventures with willing and paying customers after promising ourselves we would meet our own needs later that day after our work was finished. After getting dressed again, we went into town and shopped around for a couple of hours. When lunchtime came, we found a kewl place to shoot the shit while eating hot dogs, kraut and then ice cream for dessert.

Just as we were getting ready to get up and leave, a guy maybe 16 years old came over and began bussing our table.

He was medium built, had over-the-eyes bright blond hair, a few freckles, and a body to die for. I caught Wayne staring, and well, he caught me staring too, and adjusting my jeans by squirming in my chair a few times. I was definitely hot and bothered, and well, the guy knew it. He lingered in doing his job, obviously enjoying his time playing with us. Finally, when nothing else could be bussed save for our drinks which we were still drinking, he said "Are you guys from around here?"

"Nuh uhh. We're just up here today checking out the sights." Wayne offered. I nodded my agreements.

"I didn't think I saw you around here before. I generally know everybody in town. My dad is the mayor and my mom's a doctor."

I nodded thinking this guy was nothing more than some spoiled rich brat kid, but then thought "Why the fuck is he bussing tables?"

As if he were reading my mind, he said smiling, "I work the breakfast and lunch crowd, and get off at 2. If you guys would like a tour guide, I can show you around."

"Uhm, well, we came up here looking for work actually. We may be interviewing…" Wayne said and then chuckled at the absurdity of what he had just said. I rolled my eyes up into my head then snickered at the look of lost dignity on Wayne's face yet his eyes were gleaming brightly. Unable to stop himself, he snickered too.

"If we don't get any good interviews, we'll come back at 2." I offered readily.

"Okay. Well, if you don't have any luck then I can talk to my dad. He might be able to get you on somewhere … uhm, what are your names, and how old are you, and how do I contact you?"

"Uhm, I'm Joey and my friend's name is Wayne. We're both <thinking quickly, I lied) 16. What's your name?"

"Derrick. Derrick Mauer. I hope to see ya later, gotta go, the boss is looking this way."

That said, he took off for the kitchen. We looked at each other and snickered, "You are a pathological liar, is there any hope?" Wayne said snickering.

I giggled and then we got up, paid, and then left a $20.00 tip for an $8.00 meal between the two of us.

We took off for the base and hung out at the adult toy shop and turned 3 tricks, including the skuzzy old fat fuck that ran the place. We made $400.00 in a little over 3 hours and arrived at Derrick's place of employment a few minutes after 2pm. We saw him walking down the sidewalk, apparently looking for someone, or so it seemed. It was true because when we caught up with him he smiled broadly.

We milled around about town for an hour or two when Derrick announced, "Those are the highlights of this gawd forsaken town, what do ya wanna do now?"

Our initial concerns that he was just a spoiled brat rich kid were soon dashed. He was accommodating, friendly, and well, he was a pretty kewl guy, humble and serving.

"I don't know. The jobs we are looking for are usually found at night. We do odd jobs." I offered casually.

"Oh, okay, what kind of work are you looking for?" Derrick asked sincerely.

Thinking quickly, Wayne replied "Customer Service Representatives."

I had to turn around to look away because I could not hold myself in check. I thought I was going to crack up but was somehow able to subdue myself and held my reaction to a simple snicker. When I regained my composure, I made myself sneeze and then looked through my pockets looking for a Kleenex. Instead of finding something to wipe my mouth and nose on, I found the cold hard steel barrel of my piece aimed right toward my family jewels.

"I need to use the restroom, I'll be right back." I said as we strolled past restrooms in their city park.

Quickly, I ducked in, went to the stall, unzipped my zipper, whipped it out, peed and then went into a toilet stall where I put the piece in the back of my underwear waistband and then cinched my belt up tight so that the weapon would not slide down between my cheeks or fall to the floor.

Satisfied with its position, I went to the wash basin and washed my hands. Derrick came in through the door, smiled, went to a urinal and drained his can. I was surprised because when I turned around, he had his pants and underwear down around his ankles like a little kid often does, and was met by the sight of his completely well-tanned butt cheeks and legs. They were full and muscular though not muscle bound, just nicely proportioned, and showed off those twin dimples just above his globes and to the side of his spine. My dick immediately sprang to a fully upright position and severely strained the fabric of my underwear and jeans.

When he finished peeing, he quickly turned around and saw me looking at him with appreciation. Quickly, I diverted my eyes away from his half-hard pole of steel jutting out uncovered … but not fast enough.

He came to the washbasin next to where I was standing and then pulled his pants up, zipped and snapped them closed, washed his hands and dried them while idly chatting about nothing in particular. When our eyes would meet… well, his smile was infectious.

Wayne then came in, went to a toilet stall where I heard him unzip his jeans and then the unmistakable sounds of him emptying remnants of lunch followed. Meanwhile, Derrick walked out of the bathroom and sat down at a picnic table in the bright afternoon sunshine. Even though it was chilly, I felt warm and cozy. The only indication my body was giving of its reaction to the cool crisp air was those little hairs on the back of my arms and hands were standing up to be counted, otherwise, those few pubic hairs surrounding my steel hard dick were standing up for totally different reasons...

When Wayne joined us, he sat down right next to me, brushing my arm and leg with his. I looked at him, smiled, wiggled my eyebrows up and down, and then turned to Derrick, "What should we do now?"

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