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The Redemption
Book 1

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 9

"My parents will be home by 6 so that gives us the afternoon to do whatever. I could show you around or take you back to my house. I've got all kinds of video games, board games, and other stuff to do if you're not in a hurry. You could stay for dinner. My folks won't mind."

It sounded interestingly enough for me but playing around wasn't on our agenda. We needed to somehow get Millie out of jail.

I looked to Wayne. He turned and whispered in my ear, "Mom is set for arraignment tomorrow afternoon besides our best work will be tonight... we could chill out..."

As we were walking up the hill my phone rang. I pulled it out of my pocket, looked at caller ID.

"Hey Buzz. What's up oh hairy brother?" I said.

"Don't start that shit with me..."

I laughed.

"Will 12k get her out?"

I turned away from Derrick. Wayne walked around and stood in front of me with a questioning look on his face. I said quietly, "Will $12k get her out and stuff?"

He nodded. I recalled that $8k would spring her so that meant we needed another fiver for the money hungry shark lawyers.

"Yeah. Wayne said she'd be arraigned tomorrow afternoon."

"Okay, bye."


"Bye Buzz. Thank you." I thought to myself.

I said to Wayne. No booze, drugs, none of that shit we've got to be able to work tonight."

"I was just thinking the same thing. Maybe if he has some weed we could smoke that to relax."

"Sounds good."

We turned to Derrick and headed up the hill.

We entered a nice neighborhood, turned right then headed up a hill. The houses smelled like money. I pretty much knew that Buzz, Quiet Jim and Emanuel just might be interested.

Derrick asked, "Is everything okay?"

"Yeah. We're fine." Wayne replied.

I was impressed when we turned onto a sidewalk. His house was a large two story, brick fronted, warm and cozy appearing place. The lawn was neatly manicured, it was tastefully landscaped, and while cozy and stuff, it smacked of cha-ching. I again thought about calling Buzz, but that thought was interrupted, "Welcome, this is home." Derrick said accommodatingly while quickly resetting the alarm system once we entered.

I dismissed the thought, at least for the time being, "This is really nice, thanks." I said assuredly while looking around with keen interest, actually, were the truth to be told, I was casing the furnishings and other such things to see what could easily be retrieved when Wayne and I left later that day. We'd take Derrick with us… Once again my thoughts were interrupted, "Want something to drink?" Derrick asked sincerely, warmly, invitingly.

"Oh sure, Coke would be fine. Thanks." Wayne responded. I nodded.

"Coke it is then. Come on. I'll fix us some right up."

Instead of going to the kitchen as I expected he would have, he instead took us in the warmly lit, what I took to be a den and then motioned for us to sit in the overstuffed chairs he pointed to. I relaxed a bit when he reached into the apartment sized refrigerator and pulled out Cokes.

"Excuse me for a minute, I'll be right back." Derrick said.

Five minutes later he returned carrying a little brown cloth sack like thing. I immediately realized its size was that of a pint of something to add to the Coke cans.

"Rum... ya want some to beef up the Coke as little bit?"

"No but thanks. I don't drink." I lied.

Wayne snickered. I guess I gave myself away because I felt a smile breaking my face. Derrick giggled and said mischievously, "What... you don't drink before 5pm?"

"Yeah, something like that." I chuckled.

Derrick took a slug of his drink then opened the container of rum and poured some of it inside the can then took a deep pull.

He then reached into the bag and pulled out a bag of white crystalline powder, a small mirror, a razor blade, alcohol wipes, a tourniquet, and a syringe. I recalled him saying that his mother was a doctor. The guy had class. I'd never mainlined before. I looked at it hungrily. Wayne caught my attention by his gaze in my direction.

"Want some?" Derrick offered.

"Uhm, not now..." I pulled my phone out and added, "It's only 3:15." Which got us to laughing again.

"Do you mind?"

"No. Go right ahead. This is your home." Wayne answered for us.

"Okay, well you guys said Coke was just fine... so I was just offering you The Real Thing." Derrick said with his eyes dancing as he turned to his mirror. He spread some blow on it then reached into the bag and pulled out a straw and then devoured the line in two snorts.

He put the shit back in the bag, sat it on his lap then put his head back to experience the rush.

That made me hungry. I came close to giving in. But I sat back and enjoyed the comfortable chair.

"That's better. What do you guys want to do?" He said smiling broadly.

Instead of doing anything, we just sat around and shot the shit for a couple hours at which time he left the room with his Coke bag and returned a few minutes later with a full baggie and papers.

I looked to Wayne. He saw the baggie. His eyes went' hungry'. He looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders then settled the issue with a nod.

"We gotta take this outside. We've got a Jacuzzi. I like to smoke and chill out in the water... wanna join me?"

I looked to Wayne. Wayne said, "Uhm, we don't have … you know … swimming suits."

Derrick quickly replied, "Don't need 'em besides the material would fuck up the filters. I go all natural all the time. It's no big deal." With a deep shuddering breath Derrick continued, "It would be a good way for us to get to know one another."

I thought for a moment … I wanted to see some, a lot more of him. Wayne smiled and got up. Needing no further invitation or encouragement I too got up. Derrick led us through a spacious, well decorated (oh, lots of fucking money decorated) kitchen and onto the deck. He turned on the Jacuzzi then turned back to us and said, "We've gotta take showers before getting in... I gotta clean those fucking filters and they're a bitch."

I knew nothing about Jacuzzis. They are way above our standard of living... I could just see it … a fuckin Jacuzzi in the ghetto.

Derrick added, "It'll take about 30 minutes to warm up. That'll give us plenty of time to go pee or whatever, shower, and anything else we need to do."

My dick twitched at the thought of seeing this guy, Derrick, in his birthday best.

With that said we headed inside to their master bath. It looked like a fucking suite or some shit. It was huge, brightly decorated, and it smelled 'nice clean' not like our musty bathroom at home.

Without so much as a wink Derrick removed his shirt and tossed it to the floor. His chest was well defined but not muscle bound. He had two quarter sized nipples, one on each side of course, and no hair to mar the beauty of his skin. His pants and underwear quickly followed and then the dress down ended with him pulling his socks off.

His cock was probably 4 inches soft but I'm positive it was at least 6.5 inches long at its fullest... which was on display. My cock twitched. Wayne stood mesmerized by what stood in front of him. Wayne looked at me. Simultaneously, within 1 minute we were just as naked and hard as our host.

Derrick then reached into the shower, turned on the water and adjusted the knobs so the temperature would get just right. He then got in and invited us to follow his lead.

I went first. It was a 2 headed shower... I'd never seen one of those before but had heard about them from Emanuel. Emanuel had serviced many wealthy 'clients' in his travels.

Wayne then I wetted down under the second head while Derrick did the same under the first. I reached for the shampoo, squeezed a dollop into Wayne's hand then one into my hand. Since I usually used shampoo to wash my entire body I did so and then squeezed another dollop to wash my hair.

Somewhere in the drone of water, Derrick said "That's actually body soap but it works great for hair too."

Finished, Derrick added, "I'll wash your backs if you'd like for me to." Without waiting for an answer, he squeezed out some body soap, positioned himself and waited expectantly for me or Wayne to turn around and face away. I turned away first.

Without hesitation he deep massaged my neck, back, hips and then my butt cheeks. He then ran his fingers up and down my crack, spending an inordinate amount of time at my hole. Although he didn't go inside he did linger and massage that little orifice.

"Okay, all done." Derrick said. I got under the nozzle and began rinsing off the soap while Derrick squeezed more body soap into his hand.

Wayne turned to face me and then Derrick went to work. When he arrived south of the border Wayne's eyes told me that he was being treated pleasantly then they opened wide, his face took on an angry hue and he said, "NOT THERE." He then turned around to face Derrick and said, "Not there, dude. Sorry but that is a place for exiting rather than entering."

I maintained but I don't know how. Wayne had found his hole to be a source of pleasure. At the same time I felt privileged to bring that pleasure to him.

Derrick said, "Sorry... anyway, you're done, I'll get out and go check the water temperature."

With that said he did get out. We saw him drying through the clear glass door and then he took off after laying the towel on the sink.

Wayne and I came together, kissed deeply and vigorously looking for tonsilar tissues. At the same time our hands were busy.

Ten minutes later we were at the Jacuzzi.

The water was hot but not overly so. Derrick lit the doobie and passed it around.

We stayed in the water for 30 minutes or so then got out, freezing our dicks off in the cool crisp air, and then scurried inside where we gathered towels Derrick had sat on the formal dining room table and dried off.

Naked but reasonably dry Derrick led us into the den again with reassurances that we could get in again if that was what we wanted to do. Whatever was fine with me. Wayne looked relaxed and ready for just about anything.

Derrick went to the cabinet, pulled out a bottle of peppermint schnapps, filled 3 large 5 shot jiggers of the pleasant smelling liquid. I took one, Wayne took another and Derrick held his up high. "One. Two. Three. Chug."

We slammed them down but declined Derrick's offer for more.

Wayne droned about being fucked up. I was feeling no pain.

While sitting quietly savoring the buzz Derrick from out of the blue asked, "So how long have you guys been together?"

I looked at Wayne for his reaction. He was calm. I read nothing much from his facial expressions and body language. I felt safe there with them and replied, "About a year, maybe a little longer."

"Eighteen months to be exact." Wayne added seriously then reached over and kissed me deeply and then turned to Derrick, "Are you gay?"

"Not exclusively. I've got a girlfriend. Her name's Sherry. We'll probably get married after graduating from high school. She's already had two miscarriages so we started using rubbers to keep from having that happen to us again."

"I'm sorry." I said caringly when I saw teardrops form in Derrick's eyes.

"Yeah, sorry man, that's gotta be hard to take. Can't she take the pill?" Wayne said seriously.

"Yeah, she's getting started on it but it takes a month or so until it works." Derrick replied knowingly.

I put my arm around Derrick's shoulders while Wayne put his around them too. When I saw him begin to cry softly, I turned, faced him and then pulled him into a frontal hug while Wayne scooted his bar stool over and wrapped Derrick in his strong arms. We sat there for a while and just allowed him to feel out his emotions. I kissed Derrick on his neck and then reached for and found Wayne's lips. I looked at him, he looked at me, we both nodded.

"Derrick… <softly>… what do you mean by 'Not exclusively'?"

When he looked into my eyes questioningly, I added "I had asked you if you were gay?"

"Oh, that, I've never done it with a guy… I mean, well…"

"Oh okay, Wayne and I have fucked chicks too. They don't do anything for us like what we feel for each other. Uhm, well, if you would like to see what guy-guy sex is all about, we can show you, if you want to… What would you like to do? I'm sure we could accommodate just about any fantasy you may have. While you are thinking, Wayne and I are going to go talk for a minute, we'll be right back." I said, Wayne was smiling and nodding affirmatively.

Derrick reached his hand to touch my face. Softly, lovingly he ran his fingers over my chin, lips, upper lip, my nose, and then followed my cheek bone at its top end just below my eyes. Then he surprised me… very carefully, all the while looking for any trace of disgust on my face, and then, finding none, he carefully put his lips against mine, pressed in, and then found my lower lip which he sucked lightly. Just as fast as it started, it ended and left me wanting more.

He then turned around on the bar stool and faced Wayne where he did the same thing and then when he released Wayne said, "I just wanted to see what it's like to kiss another guy, I hope you didn't mind."

After reassuring him adequately, Wayne and I walked out to the area where the Jacuzzi was where we embraced, kissed warmly, and then he said, "What do ya think? I mean he's hot, but you're hotter, the hottest ever."

"I'm okay with anything that happens… and I mean I'm okay with fucking or being fucked by him, or anything else except pain and shit, you know." I said softly.

"Yeah me too, let's let him lead us, we'll just go along with whatever it is that he wants to do. You okay with that?"


"HEY DERRICK, LET'S HIT THE JACUZZI. WE NEED TO TALK TO YOU!" I said loudly, loud enough for him to hear me.

30 seconds later, the Jacuzzi had three naked guys in it relaxing, getting to know one another better, setting the limits Wayne and I had talked about and feeling him out as to what his adventures into the realm of gay sex might be for him… when he was reluctant to really say what was on his mind, I said, "Shall we just go to your room and let things go from there? Before we get to your room, we need to stop by the bathroom because there are some preparations that need to be made. We'll show you how and then you can practice on us."

Derrick had no such thing as a douche bag to prepare with so he poured a tiny bit of body shampoo into another jar and then we showed him the rituals of making ones' self presentable to their partner, or partners in that case. That process seriously advanced his horny levels to near epic proportions, as if he were not already massively horny from our fiddling, fumbling and farting around while giving each other improvised douches. By the time we were ready, he was in a serious need frenzy so I reached down, jacked him 4 times while Wayne touched Derrick's back door with his own pole of passion … and he then jettisoned a massive load out onto the granite bathroom floor. He remained hard as a steel pole but he said he was then more or less in control of his needs, at least for that moment.

While we were readying him for the very first invasion of his inner sanctum with a penis or two, we found that he seriously liked his anus diddled with, both dry and wet. He purred much like a cat on a hot tin roof does, and he would push his back door wide open to allow any number of fingers to enter. I thought about fisting him, as one of my customers liked for me to do to him, but decided against it thinking it would probably be too much too soon. Likewise, he too enjoyed, very much so, diddling with our back doors, especially Wayne's … I related because I liked diddling with Wayne's back door too.

After taking another shower and drying off, he led us into his bedroom which was spacious, adorned with all sorts of different plants and flowers, dressed out in baby blue pastels, black throw rugs and a black bedspread, and bright yellow sheets with dark-blue edgings. It was also spectacularly clean in every way that showed his pride and joy of his digs. Impressive.

For the next two hours, we taught him everything we knew about gay sex, bar none. During our last coupling, we had a definite three way what with my prong deeply imbedded into my Wayne, Derrick deeply imbedded into mine, and then me massaging Wayne's manhood. Every few minutes, we would change off and go at it some more, but not enough to drain our prostates… that is until I was firmly and deeply pounding my main man while Derrick plowed my ready and willing tunnel. At the end, my splooge was inside of Wayne, Derricks was inside of me, and then we changed places – Wayne's protein was deeply injected into my protein reservoir while my second rocket to outer space sent his jizz deep inside of Derrick.

Satiated, we fell asleep in a tangled mess of arms, legs, bodies, and were gooey with plenty of lubricating juices and other such things.

When we awoke, it was pitch dark in Derrick's room. Immediately, I turned to the clock and found it was 9:30pm… we had slept for almost 5 hours, I guessed we needed it. And then it happened.

The overhead light shattered the darkness, and then we heard a sharp intake of breath, a small squeal, and then a scream that shattered the quiet interrupted only by the sounds of heartbeats racing, breathing that seemed to be relentless – naked and fully erect with his prong pushing at my back door, Derrick leaped from his bed and ran to the person standing there. She was a young girl, maybe 15 years old. Her whole world appeared to have been shattered by the sight of Wayne and I getting up, with our cocks jutting completely out into the cool air, wearing nothing but tensed lips and hands trying to, though not successfully in any real sense of the word, cover our massively erect and sticky and stinky appendages.

"Sherry, I'm sorry. You weren't… I mean… shit… I'm sorry baby."

Goo, sticky and all, Wayne and I quickly jumped into our clothes, fumbling, tripping and dripping wet shit out of our receptacles all over our clothes. Thankfully, none of the stinky stuff exited.

Just as we were passing them, trying to get out of the room, she reared her fist back as far as she could and then made contact with Derrick's jaw. Upon contact, two sounds were prevalent: first, the smack of fist to skin contact, and secondly, the sickening sound of bones crunching.

Understandably so Derrick went to the floor screaming his pain which had to be horrendous. Sherry meanwhile before I could react kicked Derrick in the gut with her entire body weight.

That knocked the wind out of Derrick... he stopped screaming and collapsed to the floor.

Wayne jumped on the bitch and wrestled her to the floor. He easily pinned her down in a full Nelson.

With her neutralized I turned my attentions to Derrick. His breath was returning. The only sounds that came from him were groans and moans and gurgles. But he was with us.

The bitch was screaming her bloody head off so I reached for a pair of Derrick's dirty underwear and smashed them into her mouth to shut her the fuck off. That seemed to work.

I saw feet. Four feet. They were standing in the doorway. I looked up to see a middle aged woman with platinum blond hair bending down to check on Derrick while the man with lightly graying temples entered and reached for a house phone sitting on Derrick's desk. He called 911 when the woman told him to. She'd said that Derrick's jaw was busted (we already knew that) in at least one place, possibly two, and that she was concerned for his airway.

The man said to me then to Wayne. Don't go anywhere."

It was then that I realized Wayne, Derrick and I were naked as the day we'd been born. With all the excitement and terror... at least we weren't hard... yeah, all sorts of strange shit goes through your head when you're sitting on the floor buck naked in front of total strangers.

"Don't go anywhere, boys. We need to sort this all out."

Derrick reached for a pad of paper, retrieved a pen and began furiously writing. He handed it to his dad.

I looked to the man and asked, "Can I get our pants? They're in the bathroom."

"Yes, please do."

Meanwhile Sherry's screaming and shit started up again. She said, "How could you do this to me, Derrick? I thought you loved me. I didn't know you were a fucking faggot, you fucking shit head!"

I walked into the bathroom where I grabbed Wayne's then my jeans. I was just bending back up when Wayne screamed "KNIFE!"

I dropped our pants, reached into my pocket, and in one fell swoop had it out, cocked and ready. I ran to the bedroom. Sherry had a pair of scissors in her hand and was getting ready to swing it toward Wayne's chest. In the speed of lightening, no more, I threw myself between the knife and Wayne... at the same time I poised the gun at the bridge of her nose and said, "You do that and you're dead as dead can get. Now put the knife down before I blow off your fuckin chicken pecker head."

She saw my point but didn't react.

Wayne by that time was getting fed up with her shit. He said, "Hoe, put the knife down or he WILL blow your fucking head right off its hinges. Do it now!"

She did.

I picked it up. The man took it from my hand and put it over on Derrick's dresser then returned. Sherry meanwhile went limp and began crying softly bewailing the likes of Derrick, his manhood, his self-worth, and his faggot loving boyfriends.

Sensing no imminent danger, I pointed the weapon toward the back of Derrick's bedroom, carefully uncocked the gun, put the safety on and then sat it on Derrick's desk.

Derrick, meanwhile was writing out another note... he gave it to his mother.

Stupid thought: I wondered where Derricks baggie and bottle bag were located...

Wayne relaxed his grip but he didn't let go. I knew him well... he was an accomplished wrestler. He would have her subdued in a second

She did put it down and then Wayne kicked it to where it landed under Derrick's desk, out of harms' way.

The sirens were then heard... they were rapidly approaching. I looked at Wayne. The look of fear was prevalent. Let there be no misunderstanding... my nuts were crawling up my chest, my pucker was tightening up to catastrophic levels... I stood up. Wayne seeing all that had happened, also stood up. We faced the two adults. I said, "We've got to go. We don't get along with cops so well. It's a long story sir, ma'am."

Derrick quickly wrote out another note and handed it to his mother. She looked at him very carefully and then said to the man, "Dave, take these boys and lock them in my office... boys, you aren't locked IN, other people are simply locked out. Be quiet. Don't make a sound."

To Sherry she said, "I am surprised with you. We're pressing charges. Don't you dare move. You <looking at me> go get all of your clothes... Dave will take you to my office... you can get dressed there."

I gathered up our clothes... Dave was walking with one naked Wayne down the hallway. He then urged me to come with them... I had no qualms about doing what he said to do.

Knocks on the door interrupted our brief interaction. Dave quickly pointed to the bathroom in the bedroom made into an office. He whispered, "Get dressed in there. Close the door. Be very quiet. I don't know what's going on here... but we're going to find out."

With that said he took off, closed the door after locking the inside door knob.

I went into the bathroom... I had to... there was no putting it off...

Wayne grabbed my hand as I reached for the flusher handle. "Fuck!" I whispered.

Hurriedly he urged me up and then sat down to do his deal.

A few minutes later we were sweating bullets as the cops and then the ambulance personnel came and performed their jobs. We heard Dave arguing with the cops against allowing them into the office where we were holed up … and then he succeeded after telling them his wife was a doctor and that she kept controlled substances in her office, that nobody could get in there, or out of there – that's why it was locked, and why it would remain locked.

They bought his explanation. As soon as their investigations were completed and they had left some two hours later, Dave came to the door, knocked twice, and then entered, closed the door behind him and then sat down at his wife's desk and looked at me then to Wayne then to me expectantly. "I don't know who you are, or what you are doing, or why you are here – well, not exactly, but I want to thank you for saving my sons' life. Several weeks ago, my son and I had a 'father-son' talk where he voiced his reservations about his girlfriend, I mean now ex-girlfriend and their relationship, stormy as it has been. He disclosed some things about his personal life, things that I will not disclose to you because it was between only him and I; not even his mother knows what we talked about. Trust me, though, when I say thank you, and I truly mean it from the bottom of my heart and soul. Derrick's a good kid, we are so proud of him, and will do everything to support him. Since you and he are friends, consider yourself friends of our family."

"Thanks. How's Derrick?" Wayne asked.

"He obviously has a broken jaw. He's being taken to the hospital. Sherry was arrested for aggravated assault. The charge went aggravated because of the knife."

I nodded my understanding, "I hope he's okay. I seriously do. Is there anything we can do for him?"

"Level with me. Don't hold anything back."

I looked at Wayne. He looked at Dave, and then looked back to me. He nodded casually.

For the next two hours, we talked. He was easy to talk to, I trusted him, and I do not trust many adults. He promised to have Millie's drug charges reduced to misdemeanor possession, and perjury to a misunderstanding. He got on the telephone, called the precinct supervisor and then ordered Millie's immediate release from custody. Tears flowed freely from Wayne's eyes and then he openly wept his appreciations and gratitude, unable to hold them in.

Dave gave us our privacy. I went to Wayne and then we sat down on the leather couch where I held him so he could release all that he was feeling, without reservations.

When Dave returned an hour, or so, later, he insisted that we sleep in Derrick's room for the night saying we had no business out on the streets at that hour. With reluctance, we settled into Derrick's room after taking a hot, cleansing and relaxing shower together. That refreshed us, and after a few moments' hesitation because the thoughts of making love without Derrick in his bedroom, not to mention his bed, seemed a bit weird, however we soon put those concerns aside and made gentle motions with our bodies culminating in a rolling thunderous climactic end.

When Dr. Mauer, Derrick's mother who preferred for us to use her first name June, returned to their home the next morning we were already up and at 'em, ready to leave for our part of town, however, she pulled some homemade cinnamon rolls out of the freezer, nuked them and then sat them down in front of us while she gave us an update on her sons' medical condition. He had sustained a fracture to his jaw, on both sides, that which required emergency surgery to stabilize, and then they had to literally wire his jaw shut.

Dave joined us and said that Sherry had been officially charged with aggravated assault and battery, and because of priors, which Dave and June knew nothing about, she was denied bail despite arguments from her overpriced counsel.

"So, when does he get out of the hospital?" I asked solemnly.

"His surgeon said that if everything goes as planned, he will get out of there tomorrow. I'm headed back to the hospital in a few minutes. I've got a surgery case scheduled for 11:00am… I'd be glad to take you to see him if you want to go."

June dropped us off at the front entrance while she went and parked in the doctors' lot. She gave us the room number and some very general directions with instructions to ask someone if we got lost.

We got lost. We ended up on the maternity floor. Come to find out, we were in the wrong tower. After getting our directions straightened out, we soon arrived to find him sitting up in bed – he looked miserable. His eyes were all puffy, black and blue… I cringed knowing he had to be in some serious pain. Nevertheless, when we walked into the room, he gave a two thumbs' up and then grabbed his pad and paper and began writing quickly.

He then handed the pad to Wayne, "Hey guys, good to see ya. Thanks for coming. Whatcha been up to?"

"Just hanging around. We stayed at your house last night, your dad insisted then your mom brought us up. She'll be up later in the afternoon after surgery. Hey man, I'm sorry about all this crap you had to go through." Wayne said sincerely. I nodded warmly.

I said, "I hope we can be friends."

Chuckling, Wayne said, "You're okay, for a guy."

He shivered and tried so hard not to giggle, but the giggle happened anyway causing him to wince in pain but then he recovered quickly and wrote, "I had hella fun yesterday, mostly, at least until the end. I had no idea she had that much anger and rage inside of her. Dad said she was charged with aggravated battery and assault and that she had had prior troubles with the law because of it. Just when you think you know someone… never mind."

"Are you going to be okay? I mean really okay, Derrick."

"I'll be fine. The arch bars will have to stay on for 6 to 8 weeks. Ha, I looked in the mirror this morning and did not recognize that guy looking back at me. Talk about a makeover." He wrote and shivered while writing the note on the pad. He winced again.

I couldn't help giggling at the last part and then handed the note to Wayne, he smiled and nodded.

For the better part of the afternoon, we sat around and shot the shit, talking about everything but then not really talking about anything. The afternoon passed by quickly.

At some point, he needed to go to the bathroom and pee so Wayne helped him in while I sat there channel flipping trying to find a movie or something to watch. After they had not returned after several minutes, I got up, walked to the bathroom door, knocked on it and after receiving no reply, I opened it up a crack. I giggled wildly at the sight in front of my eyes: Derrick was sitting on the toilet with that skimpy hospital gown up and around his neck; Wayne was sitting on the floor leaning over and holding onto Derrick's hips while giving him a master blow job. He interrupted himself just long enough to wave me in and shut the damn door. Wayne scooted aside so I could sit down on the floor with him, which I did. After we kissed passionately, he offered Derrick's pole to me. Greedily, I went down on Derrick and then Wayne joined me. I'd never tandem sucked a guy before, but Wayne and I really got into it, slipping and sliding our mouths all around Derrick's ready and willing prong, and then kissing each other passionately. From somewhere, Wayne handed me a tube of KY jelly. He grinned widely and then he kissed me again, and then whispered in my ear, "He likes to be diddled oh diddle expert."

I kissed him back then squeezed some of the KY onto my fingers and then reached under Derrick's high hanging balls, slicked him up and then ran my fingers toward his back door where, after lubing him up good. I inserted first one then two and then three fingers deep into his cavern. It was too much for him to take. Alarmed, I looked up into his eyes and saw him writhering in agony as he was nearing completion with Wayne lapping quickly with his expert tongue and lips. Wayne then looked up and saw the very same thing. Quickly, we got off of Derrick's sex organs, but he was driven beyond stopping so he grabbed his prong and jacked it several times and then sent a volley of his hot molten protein offering into the air only to land on his thighs, his dick and into his pubes. All the while he was moaning and making little screeching sounds – obviously in excruciating pain, but then he was in ecstasy all at the same time. When he came down, tears were streaming down his cheeks and falling off and mixing his love offerings.

When he settled down, he reached for the toilet paper. Taking my cue, I quickly lapped the protein hungrily, and when finished, I said, "I haven't had my protein fix for today, let me accommodate you."

After I lapped him dry, Wayne took the toilet paper from him and cleaned the area where my fingers had been until he was dry and clean there too.

After helping him to bed, his nurse came in, saw he was in pain, and then gave him a pain med push in his IV that sent him to sleep. She said he would be asleep for a couple hours, at least.

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