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The Redemption, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 4

We signed off IM.

I checked email. Two of the messages were spam and the last remaining one was from Roland that said two new "The Unit" chapters had been posted.

First though I wanted to send Skeeter an email letting him know what had happened to Nathan and I since we'd last talked several weeks previously. I intentionally left specific details out of the message simply because I didn't think they were necessary to put into writing although I would, in the future, be willing to answer his questions but only if he asked.

I did tell him about getting clean and sober because it was the main thing that got me where I was that day. I didn't think he'd had a problem with it himself but I felt he should know in case I went off the deep end again even though I didn't think that was going to happen anytime soon.

I couldn't believe that I had written over 5,000 words, 5,443 to be exact, to get us caught up. I promised myself that I'd ask for an ergonomic keyboard for a birthday or Christmas when the time was right, or if the time became right.

Right after I hit the SEND key Nathan sent me a text message that said he was staying at Donnie's house that night. I'd not met his new friend which is something I would have demanded back when we lived in the hood because you trusted nobody there until they had proved that they were okay. Hopefully Nathan would feel comfortable enough to bring him home one day soon. But that was up to him. He was developing a good head on his shoulders which had taken him to making some good decisions.

As I was shutting down the computer because it was very late, a long time after bedtime at 10:00 mom entered after quietly knocking. In her hands was a box. She sat them on my bed and motioned for me to sit by her, which I did.

We hugged then I picked up the box and examined it. The label said, "Sheath catheters", made by Bard-Parker. I'd heard of them but not seen one.

Mom said, "I'd like for you try these out to see how they work for you. I'm afraid that your bladder might never get trained if you don't empty it the way it was designed to be relieved."

"Yeah, I've heard of them. I'm getting feelings back down south. The catheters that I've been using are starting to sting pretty badly." I said then opened the box to retrieve one. I looked it over. The size was medium... which meant nothing to me because I'd never sized my dick in that way.

Those sheath catheters did not require a tube up my dick; instead they fit snugly like a condom.

Mom said professionally, "These catheters, if you keep your penis clean, are much less susceptible to you getting a urinary tract infection than the indwelling catheters. They will also help to train your bladder to release only on demand. Eventually you should be off of them for good but you don't want to rush things. I'm assuming, of course, that sensations are returning to your penis and bottom."

"Yup... they're a still little numb but nothing like they were." I replied happily.

"I just need to ask... are you experiencing erections?"

"Oh yeah. Uhm... things are working down there just fine. Sometimes it doesn't work but it works most of the time."

"Good. Like I said these work just like a condom only they are built in such a way so the man doesn't have to be erect to put them on. I'm not going to show you how to put them on. I figure you can figure that out on your own. If they aren't the right size then we'll do something different, okay?"

"Sounds good."

"Sleep tight sweetie. I'm off work tomorrow. I'd planned on us going to the mall to what you don't have. We'll get you some more jeans, shirts and shorts. Spring's about here."

"Yup. Is Nathan going? He needs clothes too." I said readily.

"I'm going to take him this coming weekend. Anyway, tomorrow is a 'you and me' day. I want you to get some good sleep tonight. I don't want to totally wear you out."

"Huh, that's not likely to happen." I snickered.

"Good night there young man and sleep tight.

I heard their bedroom door shut.

I stripped to my underwear briefs, retrieved a clean pair from the dresser then headed to the bathroom where I removed them and tossed them into the dirty clothes hamper. I sat down on the toilet, relieved the backside then took out the catheter after making sure my bladder was empty. I was about half-hard. I jacked it a couple of times. While the sensations felt normal I decided to wait until getting into bed before taking it the distance.

So much for that thought. Derrick joined me in the shower.

The following morning found me awake just before 7am. I heard Nathan's voice in the hallway. I jumped up and out of bed, tossed on a pair of loose baggy Nike shorts, walked out of my room and directly into Nathan who was running my way, but we didn't see each other until it was too late. Both of us landed on our asses laughing them off. Of course that created a 'little' scene in that we engaged in a full-out wrestling match.

No winner was declared. Mom broke it up saying there would be no fighting in the house. Assurances that we were not 'fighting' did little to convince her of our fully justified and rationalized positions. We took off for our rooms to get ready for the day but before Nathan was out of sight, and unbeknownst to him, I flicked his ear with full intentions of 'getting even' because he'd had me down on the floor tickling my non-ticklish ribs without mercy.

After breakfast, I hurriedly did my hair because mom was ready to attack the mall early before the regular shoppers arrived. On our way mom dropped Nathan off at school because he had a dentist's appointment for that afternoon, right after lunch.

I hate dentists! Did I tell you that?

We hit one of the high-end clothing stores. She told me that I could have any one article or pair of clothing that I wanted. I was lost in there. I mean, give me a fucking break, who the hell would every pay $38.00 for two pair of bikini underwear, or $165.00 for a pair of jeans that weren't even dressy, or $251.99 for a freaking dress shirt that wasn't all that fancy and shit.

Nope, wasn't gonna happen. When she insisted, I told her to take me to the local Cheaper-Mart where I'd buy 20 shirts and donate them to a local homeless kids clothing charity. She thought that was great of me but I just said that the homeless kids 'needed' them. I swore mom to secrecy, that she wasn't to tell anybody about it – and here I am writing about it. Sheesh. (If you were so inclined – then maybe you might do the same thing? Hint. Hint.)

All in all we ended up with 4 more pair of jeans, 5 decent and in-style shirts, socks, and then we headed upstairs to an underwear store where I picked out two packages of colored-soft-knit bikini-briefs to wear under everything.

We were walking by the food court on the way to the rear doors of the mall when mom turned into one of the fast food places. We placed our orders for iced-tea and then found a place out of the way after we received them.

Mom had a serious look on her face. It wasn't angry or even annoyed. I would learn that that 'look' meant she had something very serious to discuss, nevertheless, it made me nervous, and for a few minutes I felt my legs quivering and my vision closing in, narrow, focused, unaware of that which surrounded us. Mom said, "Are you okay?"

"Uhm, not really. What's the matter? Something's wrong..." I said then became aware that my stomach was growling. The feeling wasn't like in 'bad'... it was just rumbling. I pulled my cell phone out, switched it on and noticed it was 11:45, about an hour from my 'normal' time to use the can.

I sat back in the seat because a warm numb feeling was settling over my thighs and extending down into the calves. My right foot was tingling. My left foot was 'absent'.

Mom, concerned, asked softly, "Do you need a wheelchair? This isn't bad, Joey. We need to talk about something but there's nothing to worry about."

"Uhm, yeah on the wheelchair. It's getting close to my time... can we just go home, please?"

"Okay, yes we can talk at home. Let me find a wheelchair. I'll be right back." Mom said concernedly.

About 15 minutes later she returned with a wheelchair. By that time however my stomach was definitely telling me that the time had arrived. "I gotta go. I can't wait. Sorry mom."

The bathrooms were on the lowest floor and to the back of the place so we took off. I was seriously wondering if we would make it in time but we did … with no time to spare. Thankfully the wheelchair accessible stall was available.

While I was sitting taking care of business sensation in my legs returned to nearly normal.

The sinks were not wheelchair accessible so I stood and used the framework for support. My legs were weak but at least they weren't numb any longer. I debated on walking out of the restroom and on down to the car but decided against it, thinking and knowing that I probably wouldn't make it all the way. Mom was waiting outside the door to the men's room. I nodded to her inquiring eyes.

After leaving the mall we headed to the school where I would be attending with Nathan. I couldn't think of anybody who had escaped the inner city so I would know nobody. Mom said I'd be fine because I was 'personable' and 'outgoing' and all that good stuff, even though I didn't particularly see myself that way. The school was about 4 blocks from home which would be an easy walk, or bike ride as mom suggested. She said I could earn the bike by performing chores such as preparing and weeding the flower beds in preparation for spring.

My legs were okay. We slowly walked into the building and found the office on the right side just after entering the place. I sat down while mom announced we were there for enrollment. She brought the paperwork to a little table and began filling them out, asking me loads of questions... many of the answers I didn't have or didn't know. She said the office could obtain my records from the previous school that I attended only on a 'sporadic' basis. If the truth was known, and it would be known shortly, I would have received an A++++ on Skip-ology since I worked so hard on the subject.

Nathan walked into the office and was surprised to see us. Happily he sat down and we got caught up on the activities of the morning. He then informed me that I had a dentist appointment too. Mom gave him a patented 'you could have gone all morning without saying that' look knowing that I hated dentists. The only dentists we had been to were those that work at the university because we couldn't afford private practice dentistry. Mom, bless her, tried to allay my fears by saying the dentist specialized in pediatric and adolescent dentistry, that he or she would be geared toward people of our ages' fears and concerns.

Little good did that knowledge provide. Nathan was fine – the shithead <grin>.

In any event we arrived after being assured by the school office that the other required information would be obtained through faxing back and forth. I had to sign the release. Mom countersigned it. Under her signature she wrote "Foster Parent, Adoption Pending". Butterflies flitted through my stomach.

I would start school the following Monday. Mom requested that I be released from changing out but they wouldn't permit it, that all gym participants are required to take showers following PE class. I figured that so long as I peed before the shower I wouldn't have to wear the catheter, or I could just pee in the shower which didn't seem right. Oh well, it would work out okay.

The dentist's waiting room was pretty kewl. There were lots of posters of young singing sensations, tables and chairs – it looked more like a living room than a waiting room for the teeth pullers.

Nathan went first. Of course I kidded with him that he'd come out with false teeth and an absent tongue which meant he couldn't talk intelligently. Mom heard our exchange. She just rolled her eyes as if she couldn't believe we'd act like that. When Nathan was gone I told her, "Mom, we really didn't have time to play and stuff. I mean we kidded around and stuff but we didn't really – if that makes any sense."

"So long as you guys aren't fighting in the house, we'll deal with the verbal ABUSE." She laughed.

Instead of paper work to fill out they gave me a PDA to enter my vital information. That was pretty easy. They asked very personal questions too – like have you used or did you currently use drugs and alcohol – yes. Like are you sexually active – yes. Like are you gay – yes. Are you or could you be pregnant – No. Like are you HIV positive – No. Like are you a hepatitis carrier – yes. Like are you allergic to any medications or anesthetics – Yes, No, Unknown – No. Blah blah blah.

Forty five minutes or so later Nathan returned to the waiting room. He said that Dr. Ayers wanted to talk because he needed braces and some cavities filled. Nathan grabbed my arm and yanked me to follow him and mom. I wasn't all that crazy about going back there any earlier than I had to – but since Nathan was yanking, and to keep from 'fighting, I 'gave in' to his demands. I vowed revenge.

As it were Nathan had 9 cavities and was going to require extensive orthodontic work to align his jaws so that he didn't 'overbite' – which earned him a vampire joke from his big brother. The dentist and mom failed to see the humor.

It was then my turn. Nathan offered to stay and 'hold my hand'... which earned him another vampire reference which he took in stride.

As it were I had 5 cavities. I was borderline needing braces but they would reevaluate me in 6 months. Nathan, thankfully, had no ready retort to my clean orthodontic report.

Thankfully, Dr. Ayers was gentle and patient. She offered me nitrous oxide but I declined it after she assured me that there would be no pain with examination and cleaning. She also asked me if my decision was at least partly based on my drug and alcohol history. She said it would mess me up for a while but that it was non-narcotic. I didn't want to take the chance.

Nathan spent a couple of hours with the orthodontic technician. They took impressions, measured his jaws … everything designed to provide a custom fit and treatment plan. He would return the following day for placement.

Neither Nathan nor I had a good 'lay of the land' for the north shore of Chicago so I was very surprised at seeing a homeless shelter in a fairly affluent area, and I was even more surprised when she actually drove into the parking lot.

"Mom, why are we here?" Nathan asked concernedly.

I leaned forward from the back seat wondering the same thing.

Mom reached into her purse, retrieved an envelope and then turned to us, "Boys, there is $1,800.00 in this envelope. Joey, if you remember right this came from your pants pocket..."

"Yes... uhm..." I stammered.

She continued, "We pulled into this homeless shelter because we're going to help serve dinner to homeless people. The money, well the best thing to do with it is to..."

Nathan piped up finishing mom's statement, "Can we give it to them... What do you think, Joey?"

They looked at me. Readily I answered, "That's a good idea. Is it okay mom? Is that what you had in mind?"

"We're unanimous then."

With that said we got out and walked to the office. My legs, while they were still pretty shaky, worked okay. Mom handed me the envelope and told us to tell them how the money came about, that she would be waiting outside the office. She handed me the envelope.

Nathan and I looked at each other, swallowed hard then made our way into the office.

The receptionist looked up from her desk, smiled and said, "How can I help you young men this afternoon? We've got plenty of beds today..."

"Oh ma'am, we're not here to stay. Uhm, we're here to make a donation."

"A donation?" She asked curiously.

Nathan said, "Yes ma'am. It's for eighteen hundred dollars."

She smiled; her eyes grew big like saucers. I thought they were going to bug out... not in a bad way. "Just a minute fellers. Sit down. I'll get Mr. Salvo. He's the big wig around here."

With that said she went into an office off an alcove. We remained standing.

A very large rotund man walked with the receptionist to the front counter where we were standing. He said, "Good afternoon boys. My name's Mr. Salvo. Carrie tells me that you have a large donation."

"Yes sir." I replied.

"Will you boys follow me back to my office? There's some paperwork that needs to be filled out. The bureaucrats force us to do these things with large donations."

"Sir, can our mom come with us... she's standing out in the main area."

"Sure, that's fine. This place is safe... but yeah, please have her come in. This donation will earn you a commendation."

"Oh no sir. We can't be commended for how we got the money."

With an intense look on his face he stared me down for a moment. Finally he said, "Yes, okay, I understand. Carrie would you please show her in?"

We followed Mr. Salvo into his meager office. There were two chairs in addition to his. Nathan pointed to a chair for me to sit in. He stood next to me. Mom entered a couple of minutes later. She looked just as surprised as I felt about the whole thing, the whole turn of events.

"Mrs. Walker..."

Nathan spoke up, "Mom's name is Dr. Mauer... sorry."

"Excuse me... Dr. Mauer, your sons have told me that they have an eighteen hundred dollar donation. Our policy dictates that anything over $1,000.00 requires a parents' authorization when it comes to underage children donating. I trust that you are aware of the amount."

"Yes, I am. I wasn't familiar with the donation limit but I'll be happy to authorize the donation."

Mr. Salvo said, "Carrie would you please prepare an authorization form and a release. Dr. Mauer, we also provide a letter of commendation for our larger benefactors but your son has an issue with that."

"Yes sir. Joey, perhaps you could better explain..."

"Yes ma'am. Uhm, sir... well, we uhm … we made the money... <I looked to mom. She nodded.> We made it by having pictures taken of us... uhm, well, we kinda sorta weren't dressed if you know what I mean."

"You are kidding me, right?" Mr. Salvo demanded.

Mom said emphatically, "No sir. This is as serious as a heart attack. My boys are here to right a wrong. There's a little bit of bad in the best of us. My boys are the best and they made a very serious mistake. Thankfully they were not harmed."

"Yes, I can see that. Dr. Mauer, it is against our policy to knowingly accept money from a benefactor that was obtained illegally. Boys, this is very serious. I agree with your mother... you made a very serious mistake. You could have been seriously hurt and harmed, maybe worse. Those producers are very potentially dangerous people."

"Yes sir." I said seriously.

Nathan took the envelope from my hand, opened it and then reached in, counted 6 one hundred dollar bills out and handed them to Mr. Salvo. He then counted another 6 one hundred dollar bills and did the same with the last of the money. He said, "We've learned our lesson. It looks to me like you have 3 $600.00 donations. Although we did wrong we're trying to fix what we can."

Mr. Salvo smiled ruefully, "You're going to be one heck of a business man, son. Dr. Mauer, we can push this donation, or rather 'these' donations in. You know, and I have to tell you, and you too boys, this is the 4th separate donation we've received like this just this week. Hmm... I've turned 3 of them away. I'm going to accept these 'three' donations because you boys have manned up to your mistake. The other ones came here because their parents made them do it. I am going to deposit this money into our general operating fund. Understand one thing: this is a one shot deal. Don't ever let me see you in here again. Do I make myself perfectly understood?"

"Yes sir. Perfectly." I replied.

"Yes sir." Nathan said sincerely.

Silently we walked out of the building. I drew mom into a deep, deep hug and said, "I don't say this enough to people who I love and care about… so I just want you to know that I love you. I'll try to say it more often, okay?"

"That's not a problem… <chuckling> … I could hear it a million times a day. I won't get tired of hearing my family say those words. Oh, by the way, your dad talked to me about you and Nathan needing money to spend… he has a project he'll talk to you about later… it's a really good idea too. We've been thinking about it for a couple of years actually."

"What's that?" I mused while we got into the car.

"That's something you guys will have to talk about later." Mom said then we were on our way home.

Nathan asked somberly, "Mom, do I have to earn the braces? I mean I can..."

"Nathan, Joey, you boys will not be expected to earn your healthcare. That is your dad's and my responsibility. Nathan, I'm taking you shopping on Saturday to finish out your clothing, just like I did for Joey today. I took Derrick a couple of weeks ago. If you want anything over and above that then you need to earn money through extra chores. I'm sure we could work out something about mowing the neighbors' yards or something during the summer time. Our responsibilities are to feed, clothe, shelter you, provide medical and dental care, and provide opportunities for education. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

"Yeah. Uhm, thanks..." I replied readily.

Nathan said, "Joey, you were right. On top of everything... they love us. It's all good."

*-* Two days later *-*

I awoke at 8:37 despite having set the alarm for 6:30. I had wanted to have breakfast with the family and to break the routine of willy nilly sleeping in late. Probably the only reason I woke up at that time was because I needed to pee like a race horse and was lying on my fully extended designator of maleness – but was grateful to have full sensations available that morning! I was also grateful that I'd held onto the fluids.

Without waiting another second I quickly padded into the bathroom – relief! Immediate relief!

Nathan's door was closed. I wondered why he was home so I knocked. There was no answer so I went on in. He wasn't home. His book bag wasn't on his desk and the bed was made up all neat and tidy. Nobody else was home which meant that I had the house to myself – a rarity.

I took off to take my shower, took it and decided to not put on clothes... I didn't need to. After taking a nice long hot leisurely shower I headed to the kitchen and fixed myself a bowl of Cocoa Puffs, toast with homemade apple butter and a glass of orange juice... yummy!

Video games was something I'd not ever learned how to do, at least in my old life, so when Derrick and Nathan got into some wicked games I quickly picked them up. Although I wasn't as good as they were I could generally hold my own – for a relatively short period of time. I didn't like the shoot 'em up kill 'em games too well. I didn't like the violent shit games. It just brought back too many memories of that fateful night. Mom suggested that I had PTSD, that I'd not likely be 'cured' of it but would learn that it could be managed.

With that said I did get into Mario, Packman and Miss Packman and did quite well :-) I finished up with a couple of games of solitaire. I know boring, boring and more boring... but whatever.

After turning off the system I walked to the sliding glass doors that lead out to the patio. The thermometer had 74 degrees on it. The sunshine was out in full force and effect. The breeze appeared to be light... all of that beckoned me to go outside and enjoy.

The deck was essentially closed in with 10 foot wooden privacy fence. The only break in the cocoon was the stairway leading down to the yard. I went to my room and debated on wearing at least some shorts but decided against it. I got the laptop off my desk and took it outside, put the cushions on a deck chair, booted up the computer, sat down and checked email. A really long email from Skeeter greeted my eyes. He also sent along some picture attachments. I couldn't get out how he'd filled out, in every way, and how now he appeared healthy and happy from the inside out. Don't get any bad ideas ha haa, he was fully dressed in tight blue jeans, an athletic shirt and his hair had been cut short.

I'd never really ever thought of Skeeter as lover material but then I'd never really ventured in that direction with him. To say he looked hot would be an understatement. Before I even read his email I took matters into my own hands. Within mere minutes I was a very happy camper. I settled in and paid close attention to his story. The foster family he'd been staying with on the south had had a baby and they no longer wanted a teenaged, or near teenage boy around their baby girl so they essentially tossed him onto the street – but his story was his story to be told later on. He'd been living on the farm with many brothers and a sister for about 5 months. I hadn't even paid attention to the fact that I hadn't really saw him very much after the cut on his leg that I had fixed for him.

I did love him... but I hadn't really thought about because I'd just seen him as a little brother who I wanted to protect and keep out of the 'trade'.

In any event 'my time' was quickly arriving so I went into the house and took care of 'that' item of business. When that was completed and in the past I headed into the kitchen, filled the watering can with water and gave it an appropriate dose of Mucho Grow and then watered the plants in my room, dining room, and mom and dad's room.

When those tasks were completed, I sat down and began writing on this story until no more words would come out of my fingers and brain.

My mind then wandered into the relationship that Derrick and I had had. We'd gotten together and physically fucked to our hearts' content on many occasions, yet I had always walked away feeling lonely and somewhat cheapened after we played. All we received were physical releases from our male adolescent sexual tensions and urges. I knew it was selfish and that I would feel the way I felt afterward… but we just decided that it was okay for us once in a while… I mean there's nothing wrong with sex as long as we were both consenting, and had the capacity to consent, which we had given.

Bored out of my tree I filled another glass of orange juice and sauntered back to my room. On the way I stopped in mom and dad's room where I peed up a storm and then looked into the full length mirror hanging on the back of their bathroom door.

The first thing that struck my senses was that I found two or three pit hairs that had not been there before. Curiously, I also noticed some pectoral definition, and that my tummy was also getting defined, and then looking further south I was pleased with the few new downy hairs that puberty was giving to me and the gland that was sticking straight out proud and tall. I rummaged around in a drawer of the vanity and found a tape measure and quickly measured finding I'd grown a little bit to 5.25 inches. Satisfied with the front parts, I turned around and looked at my back and backside where God had split me down the middle. I was just beginning to get a nice sized bubble butt with each globe clearly delineated. I bent over and looked up between my legs, looking for butt hairs, and found none. But that butthole was gleefully winking on command, and when I pushed my index finger against it, it tried to clamp down a tight rein, and very nearly succeeded to engulf my finger. Jolts of pleasure seriously emanated through my taint to the back of my balls then it traveled straight through my dick making it tense and needy and wanting.

Promising myself that I would be back to tweaking my wrinkled indentation, I then looked at my legs carefully and found that they too were beginning to get nice muscle definitions, and then noticed that below my knees were the beginnings of darker hairs but found none other than a few soft peach fuzz on my thighs.

After peeing once again, I went and got into their bed on top of the covers then ran my hands down my torso until they landed in the patch of pubes and then they traveled onto my cock which was excitedly positioned just below my navel, and began stroking it continuously until, very quickly, it erupted like a volcano coating my belly and chest with thin contrails of white sticky male essence.

Satiated, and after making sure no splooge had spilled over onto their bed, I wandered throughout the house, enjoying and relishing just being free and naked. I sat down, turned on the big satellite TV and watched a rerun of The Bugs Bunny Show. Somehow, something I don't normally do, I found myself cackling wildly at the antics being shown on the screen.

Just then, Derrick walked into the house surprising the shit out of me. Quickly, I jumped up and started to head for my room to get dressed however he said my running around naked was not a problem. "I gotta pee but I'll be right back. Don't worry, mom and dad won't be home for hours. Okay, I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere."

"Like I'm planning on leaving the house like this <stretching my arms out> NOT!" He smiled and then went into the bathroom.

A few minutes later, he walked into the living room wearing nothing but a smile. Derrick has a nice smile, and he has a killer body. I found myself wanting, and my dick showed it.

"Hey man, that's impressive; have you been able to have orgasms again yet?"

"Oh yeah, not a problem. Wanna see?"

Derrick shrugged his shoulders as he walked over to me then stretched his arms out which I took as an invitation… it was. Without a second thought, our lips found each other's and then they began the dance… wildly and excitedly darting and flirting and pushing and shoving, raging hard dicks squeezing together, belly to belly, thighs to thighs, even our toes were dancing…

"Come on." I panted and led us to my room where Derrick closed the door while I got in the drawer and quickly located the personal lube used to aid in getting up close and personal.

"So you want to see if this guy can have an orgasm, eh? Well, turn around so I can make you ready to receive it, and then I'll pound you until I fill you with jettisoning jizz…

Quickly, Derrick assumed the face down on the bed position.

Needless to say we had some serious fun.

While in the shower after our interlude dad suddenly announced that he and Nathan were home. My thoughts immediately turned toward the mess we had left in my room. I finished first, dried off, wrapped a towel around my midsection and headed to the bedroom I called home. I then quickly dressed in jeans, a t-shirt, socks and even shoes. I then stripped my bed and took the sheets to the laundry room and got the washing machine started.

Nathan entered just as I was leaving. We embraced warmly then he punched me in the gut. The fight for supremacy was on but dad quickly put a stop to our rough housing around, "Take it outside, you guys. No roughhousing in the house!"

"Let's go shoot some hoops." Derrick said after seeing and feeling the 'slight' tension in the air. Actually there was no tension in the air because I would indeed take him outside and pound him good.

I did indeed out-shoot him by 3 to 1, plus we goofed off... so much so that Derrick went into the house leaving me and Nathan alone. Dad pretty much put a damper on our playing around when he approached me and said that I'd left my laptop out on the deck table. Quickly the game ended, we headed inside and I retrieved the laptop and put it on the desk in my room.

Dad then enlisted my assistance in getting the grill started in preparation for the evening meal which was going to consist of hamburgers and hot dogs. Derrick was touted as being the best potato salad king of all time so he made up a big batch to go along with dinner.

Nathan got busy making patties and getting condiments all in order while dad was busy peeling potatoes for Derrick.

Tom called at 5:30 and told me that he was going to pick up at 6:30 for a meeting. Mom arrived home at 5:45 which meant that I'd have to eat quickly so that I could get a shower, do my hair and get dressed in clean clothes. She was kewl with the whole idea and said that she'd be going to her 8:00 woman's meeting. Dinner was lighthearted and we got caught up with everybody's happenings for the day. I excused myself at 6:15, raced in and took my shower and simply combed my hair since time was quickly running out. I then put on a gold pair of brief bikini briefs, a pair of blue jeans, a gold hoodie over a dark blue t-shirt, white socks and black shoes. I was done at 6:29.

Tom was busy talking to mom when I arrived. We didn't leave the house until 6:40. We had stop to get Charles who lived in a halfway house, and then Tom exceeded the speed limit to get us to the place right at 7pm.

The mood was light. Everybody was really glad to see me, and I was glad to see them too. The experience was great… I was starting to feel really warm and fuzzy <yeah, what a set of words to escape from my being!> with them all around.

After the meeting, Tom took Charles home because he had a curfew at the house. Tom started talking, telling me his whole story, and how the certain guides to living a sober and clean life made him feel contented and useful.

I then shared with him the stuff I had sworn, using solemn oaths to myself, to secrecy. I cried so hard at losing my Ma but then cried so much, much harder when I told him that I'd killed my brother Christopher. He said very calmly that drugs and alcohol make us do so many things we'd ordinarily not do, and then, tearfully, shared about giving his little sister drugs and how she had died of an overdose.

I then told him about how I had put Nathan in danger by putting my own selfish needs for money in front of his safety. Once again, Tom told me that we are known to put in danger the ones we love the most.

I shared with him about the conversations my mom and dad and Nathan had had that we were going to proceed with the adoption so they could be our real bona fide parents. We both laughed and cried while he told of his attempts to be adopted, and their failures because the drugs had been more important to him and how his 'rents would not stand for it. He shared how he was working hard to regain his 3rd set of parents' trust, and was hopeful that it was working because they would invite him to dinner, and to spend the night with them on occasion.

He brought me home at about 11:00pm that night. I felt freedom. I had no more desire to get fucked up. A while after he left, I called and thanked him for taking the time to listen, and then closed the call by saying, "Thank you. I love you, Tom."

Mom met me at the bathroom door after I came out of it after taking a hella dump. We hugged deeply and then she pecked my forehead and said, "I love you, Joey. Don't get tired of hearing it because I'll never get tired of saying it."

I pulled her into a deep, deep hug and briefly told her that Tom and I had talked about everything, and that I finally felt free. Spontaneously, just as I was reaching to kiss her cheek, she did the same thing… our lips touched briefly… just a little bit.

I halfheartedly attempted to pull away but instead of letting go, we hugged again. She pulled my face into her bosom and wrapped her arms around me. I wasn't afraid, and the tension I had felt with going too far evaporated.

"Come on let's go get a bowl of ice cream. I want to talk to you about something. It's all good. I think you'll be happy." Mom said happily.

After dishing up, we sat down at the table, poured chocolate sauce over the mound of vanilla ice cream. We then sat down and talked about many things, none of which are important to write down here.

The conversation then turned to my physical well being, specifically the bladder training thing. I figured things were moving along since I hadn't had any serious accidents and was largely able to 'hold it', though not always. Once again I shared my concerns about dressing out in gym class. My main concern centered around all the physical activity if I weren't wearing the catheter – and yet another concern was if I had to wear it then what would I do for shower time.

Mom said, "Don't be a slave to your temporary disability. You're aware of its presence. Work something out."

I decided that I could just go into one of the stalls and remove the catheter before getting into the shower, and since I was the last class of the day I could just go without until I got home.

I didn't talk about my concern about showering with other guys, the propensity of getting an erection at the sight of some of the hunky hunks who would no doubt be present. As if she were reading my mind she said, "Just remember that you are just as normal as anyone else. Sure you likely have a different past but the present will be just the same, and I'm positive that your fellow school mates have the same concerns. Just remember that you are at and in a prime of life when you peak out with sexuality. So just don't worry about it."

"Yeah, I guess. I'm not going to be 'out' at school. I don't see what purpose it would serve and I dang sure don't to bring pressure on Nathan because of my preferences."

"So don't be out at school if that's what you want to do. I think Nathan would be okay but why don't you talk to him. See what his thoughts and feelings are. Joey, I sense that something is eating at you. Why don't you just tell me what's on your mind. Nobody's going to get into trouble here for sharing their thoughts and feelings. Sometimes we have to work things out by sharing those concerns with someone else... you're learning that. You talked to Tom about many things that you've had happen in your life, and what you've done to other people. I think it's time for you to open up so that you can be the best possible person, someone you can walk with inside your own skin."

"Okay I guess. I'm afraid. I don't want to hurt anybody. You guys have been good to me… I keep thinking 'I don't deserve this, Nathan does, but I don't.' When will it leave?"

In my head I battled the need to be in control and to not give into that which seemed to come out from nowhere, and the feelings my mind and body were openly and readily displaying. She said, seemingly sensing what was going on, "It already has, Joey. I don't think that you're a crybaby… you simply have had so much hurt in your young life, and you've had to do certain things you are not proud of in order to survive, and now you don't have to simply survive life's ups and downs. Although I do not agree with what you had to do, I do commend your spirit. You're going to be a good man, Joey, don't let anybody tell you otherwise, and if they do then don't believe them because it won't be true. I knew that underneath that lonely, angry and sullen young man was a very sensitive, caring and giving boy. I wasn't wrong. Believe me when I say that a real man is not afraid to share them appropriately with another person. By appropriate, I mean being 'real, and not stuffing them inside until they explode with need for release."

After I regained my composure, I sat back down on the chair. Once again she took my hand in hers after I hesitated saying anything more… I was scared because I decided that if they would have me, and they had given me no reason to doubt their love and commitment, then I'd go along with the adoption, if only for Nathan's sake … but I kind of wanted things to be permanent for me too. I was starting to have dreams about what I wanted to do, or thought I wanted to do in life… helping people in some way, like we were helped, kinda.

"Uhm, mom, sometimes I give up on myself… like I've been thinking that I really don't deserve this. Tom and I were talking, and well, he kind of feels the same way. He disrupted two adoptions because he would get clean for a little while and then he'd go back out and do the drug scene all over again. He said that this time was different. He said that he and his 3rd adopted family were working on rebuilding trust… he's being invited for dinner, and they are even letting him stay overnight every now and again. What would happen if I slipped up?"

Quickly, mom said, "That hasn't happened today son. Remember, our sober and clean time is one day at a time."

"But what if, what would happen if I did, mom?"

She sat straight up in her chair, lifted my chin so that we could look deeply into each others' eyes, and said, "But what if, what would happen if I did, son? It's a possibility, so we have to vigilant as to where our heads are… if we let go of those powers that heal us then we're surely screwed, right? Honey, I've noticed that you do not have too many people calling you… you're not helping another person in the same way that you are being helped by those around you, by Tom for instance, are you?"

"No, but I don't have anything… I don't, I can't say anything… err, I don't know what I'm trying to say if that makes any sense?"

"I felt the same way. I still do feel that way sometimes… Joey, we each have our stories… we can only hope that someday, somehow somebody will 'hear' our story and relate in the same way we have related our stories to what someone else has said that got our attention… does that make sense to you?"

"But I still screw up…"

"We have our guidelines to living, Joey. You know right from wrong, thank God, and I see you trying each and every day. Let me see your hands, palms up."

I lifted my hands as instructed. She smiled then said, "Good, no scars. I'd seriously hate to see you perfect in every way. Here are mine for you to carefully examine."

While her hands were strong, they were petite and delicate, I replied "Nope, no scars in yours either, way kewl."

Releasing my chin, she said emphatically, "Good. I looked this morning and didn't see any, but you never know when our minds tell us they might be there. Time for bed baby boy."

"Oh stop that, don't say that, I ain't no baby." I groused mildly (smiling at the silliness).

"You're my baby boy in this family. So is your brother. Come on, I'll tuck you in all cozy and safe from the world, and I'll run the bedbugs off to the hitherto. RAID!"

(Do you remember the RAID insect spray commercials and how the narrator SCREAMED the word Raid? LOL)

I couldn't help but to laugh hysterically. Not only was she talking funny, she reached over and began tickling my ribcage, unmercifully. Damn it, I started peeing all over myself.

"Okay, okay, I'm peeing… tuck me in … but STOP tickling me! Haa ha haa ha haa ha haa haa! Stop it PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

I broke away from her hug and ran to the bathroom where I finished peeing. I stripped off naked, got in the shower, washed up good with hot soap and water then got out and dried off. I wrapped a dry towel around my middle parts then went to my room where she was waiting patiently.

"Oops, be right back." I said quickly. I grabbed a pair of brief underwear from the dresser drawer and headed back into the bathroom where I put them on then picked up my dirty underwear and the wet towel and put them into the clothes hamper. I also grabbed a condom catheter before returning to my room because when I had 'one' accident it was usually followed by a few more before my bladder retrained itself.

I tossed the catheter on the headboard then got into bed but before I could cover up, mom took the covers and covered me with them and she did indeed tuck them between the mattress and the box springs. I would later undo them because I hate my feet being tied to the bed … my kind of sleeping usually involved the covers being tossed here and there and everywhere… Nathan usually freezes his ass off when he sleeps with me because I do that. But he doesn't complain… well he does complain a little bit and usually he'll elbow me wherever he can assault my body. But that's beside the point.

Mom sat down then leaned over and kissed my cheek. She looked deeply into my eyes lovingly… I'd never seen those eyes, or any eyes for that matter, look at me so intensely… I saw nothing but pure love emanating from them. Without provocation, without invitation, without hesitation I kissed her lips, and said, "Thanks. Nobody's ever tucked me in before you did right now. I hope you tuck Nathan in… he'd like it."

Very softly she replied, "I did and do, every night. Thank you for allowing me to tuck you in tonight… it really did my heart good."

"Okay, I liked it too. Good night. I love you. See you in the morning."

"Good. Joey, can I ask you a very personal question? You don't have to answer it because I'm not officially your doctor…"

"Well, you're my mom, or soon will be … when's it going to happen? I mean the legal stuff?"

"Our attorney is waiting for the call. The paper work is done… all we need to do is get a court date… and CPS has signed their authorizations."

"Oh okay kewl. So what is your question mommy dearest?" I said playfully with a tad bit of sarcasm thrown in for good mix. She playfully reached for my ribs but didn't connect because I pushed her hands away, also playfully.

"I checked your catheter supply today and found that you've not been using very many… is everything working down there okay?"

"Yip. About the only time I wear them is when we are going places, or I get really nervous… and well I should have worn one tonight, and would have had I known that you were going to tickle me to death… oh wait, let me up, I got to go clean the chair and the floor…"

"It's already done. You really needed to laugh, baby boy."

"Oh, quit that… I'm not exactly a 'baby' anymore!" I said mocking indignation. It felt weird being called a baby boy, but she seemed to like it so I let it go, and kind of even reveled in hearing her words… She reached for my ribs again… however I was able to fend off the 'attack'.

She reached down and kissed my forehead then sat up and asked, using her best doctors' demeanor, "Joey, I need to ask because I only want the best for you… is your plumbing system entirely working again… what I mean is: are your sexual powers back to working as you want them to?"

"Uhm, yeah, no problem there doing that… I'm okay." I replied knowing her concern was solely for my well being.

"Good, no more interrogations… at least for tonight!" She said giggling.

"Good night mom; and thanks… Thanks for caring. Thanks for giving me a home, someplace safe."

After we hugged once again, I could get used to the hugs and kisses; she got up and left, leaving my door open.

After rearranging the covers, with no particular person in mind, I jacked off slowly, deliberately then experienced a colossal orgasm, one so strong that I thought my dickhead was surely going to blast off and become embedded in the ceiling. But it didn't, thank God.

When I recovered, I put the catheter on then fell into a deep, deep and restful slumber.

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