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The Redemption, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 5

A couple of months later found me in a public magnet school for science. It was all good. They were challenging me, and I was challenging myself. I had decided that I wanted to be a doctor so my parents had my educational curriculum arranged so that it was hot and heavy in science, mathematics, and I was allowed to spend one day a week at the hospital with mom's colleague as my mentor. They didn't let me do anything of course, but I got to watch the doctors work with patients in the ICU and the ER but because of my age, liability concerns and hospital rules they would not let me into the OR, although mom began having her operations taped and she would explain the procedure all the way through. That was totally fascinating. It blew my mind away. I decided to become a surgeon.

I also got heavily involved in Ti Kwon Do and was advancing through training quickly. It helped tremendously with my self esteem, confidence and discipline. My Sensei was brutal in that he would accept no excuses for me slacking off, lying, cheating, or God forbid stealing. Yes, I stole a candy bar from a dipshit idiot's gym bag… truth be known, the kid was physically hot, and since I had developed a fetish for clean underwear I was looking through his gym bag for a pair of his to add to my collection. Gary was the boys' name. He was the same age, roughly the same build, he was a good guy actually, and friendly too. We had gone to a few movies together and hung out after them until curfew time.

Much to my surprise and very contrary to my 'plans' I got involved with the Gay Alliance group at school. One day I was walking from the classroom in the main building where the after school clubs were held to the front doors. Gary and I literally ran into each other. It happened so fast that our immediate reactions were to assume the extreme defensive stance. It was quite funny actually… funny in the fact that we were so focused that we really didn't realize it was the other until we calmed after knowing the 'enemy' was no threat to ourselves or to anyone else.

We bowed then did the quick guy hug thing where you quickly touch chests, pat the other on the back then step away.

"What were you doing in there, Joey?" Gary asked softly, sincerely.

I felt comfortable enough with him so I replied honestly, "I'm gay, Gary. I've met some really wonderful people in the GA group."

"Oh okay. Hey, a bunch of our Ti class is coming over to my house on Friday for my birthday party… would you come?"

"Ah, sure. I'll ask my folks. What time?"

"Kewl… after school. Mom and dad are taking us to that Japanese food place. Have you ever been there?"

"Yeah, we hit it once in a while… it's way kewl. Yeah, sure, I'd like to come. I'll ask the 'rents tonight. Thanks for thinking of me!"

"No problem, gotta scoot, I've got a doctors' appointment for my zits."

"See ya. Thanks again."

I sprinted down to the gym, had a super hard workout with Sensei Sanders… so hard that when it was finished, I literally crawled into the shower room where I peeled off my clothes and tossed them aside scattered here and there, turned on the water and just let it flow over my naked body and quivering muscles. I yanked off the catheter and simply peed while lying on my side, not caring where the stream went or landed because I was so wasted tired.

In the background, while lying in total pain, I heard my cell phone ringing, then it would stop, then it would ring again, and then stop, and then ring … it wouldn't quit no matter how much I wished it would. Sensei Sanders approached the edge of the shower room and then screamed that my phone was going off insanely and that I was to and answer it.

Using every ounce of remaining strength in my body, I got up off the floor, grabbed a towel he offered and then still dripping wet pulled my phone out of the locker from my jeans. Caller ID indicated it was Skeeter, and that it was 7:45pm, his usual time to call each and every day.

Sensei was standing by my side observing carefully what I was doing, who I was talking to, my demeanor, my attitude, and my wildly trembling muscles that were screaming out in pain and fatigue.

"I'll call ya later. Yeah you too. Bye." I said then clicked the Exit button, put it back in my locker then faced Sensei.

"YOUR MORAL CHARACTER SUCKS!" Sensei shouted in my ear.

I bowed with respect but said nothing. I knew that Sensei would say it all; I needed to just be quiet and patient, bow appropriately and respectfully, and in a timely manner. He truly did have my best interests at heart, he always had. He had gained mom and dad's respect too. I truly was changing my life. I had purpose, direction, increasing stamina and a will to succeed… and I felt damn good about all of it.

"Joseph Lee Mauer, what were you doing in the Gay Alliance classroom after school today?" He demanded quietly. Oh no. There would be hell to pay when he spoke in that tone of voice… but at the same time, that tone of voice demanded a truthful answer.

Sensei had readily accepted the facts of my past life, that I was a brother killer, a street punk with an attitude, a recovering drug addict and alcoholic, and finally, a kid fighting his way out of the hood. He knew of, supported and was there for me with the adoption proceedings. He'd been my best ally, and he'd been my worst enemy with cause, of course. I loved him. And he knew it by the way I respected him, and by the way I worked out without complaint.

"I'm waiting." Sensei said with a deeper voice.

It was now or never. He knew the truth. He was just waiting for me to acknowledge the truth, my truth.

"Sensei, it's true, I'm gay. I am not ashamed of myself. My parents have instructed me to accept myself as I am. I do. I'm okay with The Master." I said emphatically.

"Very well. You are honorable. Go home. Be here at 9:00am. You will be honorable and courageous to your brothers by telling them your truth."

"Yes, Sensei. Good night, sir."

Sensei bowed, swiveled on the balls of his feet and then walked away with purpose.

I smiled.

My phone rang again. This time I answered it on the second ring… it was dad. He offered to pick me up. I readily agreed.

After finishing up with my shower, I got dressed then met dad at the front entrance to the school, "Hey dad. Guess what?"

"You won the lotto."

"Very funny, you wish. I'm out, I guess. Sensei Sanders and another guy know I'm gay. They didn't make any big deal of it."

"Did it really go okay?"

"Yeah, Sensei was kewl. The guys' name is Gary… he's a regular dude. He's in my Ti training. He's okay."

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I guess. Dad?" I asked while looking at dad's silhouette as he drove the distance to home.

He looked at me, our eyes met then he raised his eyebrows… his sign for me to speak freely.

"Why do people make a big deal for gay people?"

"I've been waiting for you to ask that question. I've given it a lot of thought Joey, and I think the answer is that you very simply walk a different beat. They've not walked in your moccasins so they take being different in different ways. Some take it and simply figure out that gays are normal people with a different attraction to whom they love… or make love to, or have sex with. There are others, you know the type of person I'm talking about; those who make a really big deal out of it. There are some professional doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists who think that perhaps the ones who shout the loudest are insecure with their own sexuality so to make them feel better they pull the superiority stunts by being total and complete assholes, sometimes dangerous assholes."

"That makes sense. I was like that. I made generalizations about people… I was very wrong on many of them. Thanks dad, what you say makes sense."

"Joey, you're going to have problems with people along the way… promise me you won't use your Art in an offensive way unless your life or someone else's life is clearly at stake or there is no other way to handle the situation. As you know, violence messes up the human spirit."

"Yeah, I know. I don't want to do that stuff anymore. I don't want to hurt people anymore. Kewl, mom's home." I said as dad drove in the driveway. While dad waited for the garage door to open, I jumped out of the vehicle then ducked under the door and opened the door to go inside but then I waited for dad, and when he got out I said, "Thanks dad. I love ya." Then I hugged him deeply and then together we entered the house where mom was waiting for us.

After mom and dad hugged, kissed and greeted one another, mom and I hugged meaningfully. I relayed the story I'd told dad. She basically said the same thing that he'd said on our way home.

Mom heated up leftover chowmein while I went to my room, took off all my clothes, put on a pair of silky bright green running shorts and returned to the kitchen where I chowed down on semi-healthy food.

"Sensei worked me unmercifully. But he said that I was honorable and did the right thing for telling him in person to his face. Tomorrow, I've got to be there at 9:00am to do the honorable thing with my brothers. Oh mom, can I spend the night with Gary on Friday… it's his birthday party."

"I don't see any problem with that. I'll drop you off at school in the morning on my way to the hospital…"

"Thanks mom, but I'll run to school. It helps me get centered."

"I'll get you up at 7:30, okay?"

"Thanks mom, good night, I'm going to go crash out now." I said while drawing her into a deep hug then added, "Thanks for saving dinner, it was great. Good night."

"Good night sweetie… pleasant dreams."

As I entered my room, I remembered that I had forgotten to tell her one more thing: "I LOVE YOU!" I shouted. She returned the shout. I giggled lightheartedly.

Smiling, I sat down at the computer, booted it up then logged into email and onto IM. Nobody was online. There were two emails… one from Skeeter and one from Gary Morgan.

Gary's read:

Hey Joey, I hope you can be at the party Friday night. It's going to be a blast. I hope we get some time aside so that we can talk and get to know each other better!

((( Hugs )))


My reply:

Kewl. The 'rents gave their permission. I'll see you in the morning.


Skeeter's email was short and sweet, "Enjoy. Love you. Skeeter."

Attached to his email were several .jpg file attachments and a video.

The first one was of his family. I counted 8 kids including Skeeter, and 2 adults. They were happy appearing. I decided that I would get a family picture to send him.

The next one was Skeeter alone in his bedroom. He had a big shit eating grin running from ear to ear. He was wearing blue jeans and a red polo shirt neatly tucked in.

The third picture revealed a very bare chest with the same red shirt loosely draped over his shoulder. He also had a very mischievous smile on his face. The camera was a really good one. The detail was astonishing. He was definitely getting some pectoral definition, and his tummy had the beginnings of a modest but defined six pack. His jeans were low riders. His waist was narrow and appeared flat even though he had noticeably gained weight. He looked healthy and happy. I was really glad he had put on some weight. He had been too skinny and pale but now he looked really good.

The fourth one was a full length back shot. His V was pronounced. I had thought I had seen something at the bottom of that V so I zoomed in … it was the very top of that where his God split him in half.

I had not really ever saw Skeeter as a sex object. If I had seen him in such a way… well I know me… I woulda had him; we would have had sex… no doubt.

The fifth picture was absolutely HOT! HOT! HOT!

There was absolutely nothing left to the imagination. It was a full frontal shot. And it was a close-up. Dick straight up and out hugging his belly. Balls tightly hugging that which designates him as male. Nice hangers. Decent but early beginning pubes. No treasure trail… good because I don't like super hairy dudes. No pit hairs. No thigh hairs other than a few scattered totally white downy soft strands. Nice thighs. Knobby knees. Thin but muscular calves. Trimmed toenails. The detail was astounding.

The sixth picture was a side shot. The stand out feature was his cock. I estimated it to be definitely in the range of 4.5 to 5.0 inches though it was narrow with a nice mushroomed head… definitely suckable, no doubt.

The seventh shot was a full back shot. His muscle definition was apparent. His V was pronounced. His butt – nice and succulent, definitely suckable, definitely lickable, definitely likeable, and oh so damned sexy. He had a nice overhang which accentuated the early beginnings of a nice bubble butt.

I was raging hard. That extremely hard cock inside of my underwear and jeans was definitely straining to get out.

The last picture was a very close up view of him lying on his bed, legs up in the air thus exposing that pinkish-brownish pucker hole in all of its splendor. His fingers were pulling it apart on both sides which revealed the inner tenderness.

I nearly creamed my jeans.

Then there was a file. A motion picture file. A wmv file.

My imagination fire up even more. I had to adjust certain thing hidden only by two pieces of relatively thin material. Do not wear skin tight fitting bikini underwear when massive stimulation is apt to bring about major distractions.

Fiercely anxious, I opened up the video. It started automatically. He was lying on his bed, buck naked, while slowly stroking his 'decently' endowed adolescence. He'd been paying rapt attention to what he was doing then quickly looked toward the camera, closed his eyes and said, "This one's for you Joey. I love youuuuuuuuuuuu!" He then shot a stream across his belly and chest landing on his lips, chin and neck. The screen then went blank.

For about 30 seconds, I sat there trying to get myself under control then when that failed, I got up from the chair, took down my jeans and briefs (which were wet), kicked them aside, sat back down, turned on the webcam, got it focused then without abandon stroked my enraged organ until it blasted a shot that hit the bottom side of the computer screen. Not wanting to destroy the screen, as my last conscious thought took second place; I leaned back and then shot the rest onto my face, neck, chest and abs. The last few drops exuded and landed in my own pubic patch. As I squeezed and milked out the last drops I became aware of a presence, not a malevolent presence, just a presence. Quickly, I turned around in the chair.

My heart stopped.

My vision went tunnel.

Dad was standing in the doorway.

His hands were firmly planted on his hips.

An angry scowl was written across his entire face.

His eyes were narrowed to mere slits.

Hastily, he turned around away.

Quickly, I looked for something to wipe up with and at the same time reached for my underwear but they had been hastily tossed onto my bed, 6 feet away…

Dad returned.

He tossed me a hand towel.

Immediately I tossed it over my rapidly wilting gland and began wiping away evidence with its edges.

"Sorry dad, I've got to…" But I couldn't continue saying anything further, not right then; I turned around in the chair to face away from him then used the towel to wipe the rest of the jizz away. Quickly, I tossed the towel to the floor then reached for my underwear and quickly put them on.

Dad was waiting patiently.

I grabbed up my jeans and quickly pulled them up and snapped the snap. My shirt followed.

I humbly walked to dad, with my head hanging low while I tried to find a spot in the carpet to glue my vision upon. I felt very, very, very small. Dad's size was looming above me. I began shaking… I was afraid of what he'd do to me for punishment, or would he punish me at all? Would he give me my walking papers?

I peed my pants. The water was running down my legs. Even my socks were wet.

I felt an overwhelming urge to defecate.

My legs began trembling.


Dad moved out of the way which cleared the doorway for my exit. I didn't have time to close the bathroom door.

I made it, almost, mostly, no serious problem.

Mom walked by the open door, "Where's dad?"

"In my room… mom, please wait." I mumbled. She was out of sight. Headed toward my room.


I had no choice.

Clean up which I abandoned and got into the shower and washed up that way.


Clothes lying on the closed toilet lid.


Weak but not paralyzed.

Vision – funny. Very faint gray hue.

Slowly – bedroom.

Fuck oh dear. Skeeter. Naked. Jerking off. Automatic replay. Fuck me.

Mom shocked.

Dad angry.

I walked in.

Killed cam.

Turned the monitor off.

Turned around ready for a blood letting.

"What's going on here? Who is that?" Dad asked in such a tone that left absolutely no doubt that he would not wait very long for an answer.

"Uhm, sorry dad, that's Skeeter. We've never done anything, uhm… like this before sir, I swear we haven't."

"That's child pornography, Joey. Child pornography is illegal. It'll get our family, your family into very, very serious legal problems – so much so that you and I and Skeeter… his parents too… could go to prison for a very long time."

"Sorry sir. I take full responsibility, no excuses."

"I wonder if Skeeter's parents know about this…"

"I very seriously doubt it, sir. His new parents are very, very religious."

"I have half a notion to cancel your trip… Joey, I have to ask… are there any more pornographic images or videos on this computer? They are on our home network…"

Trip? Cancel? What trip?

"No sir, I promise."

I didn't say anything… I thought it best to keep my mouth shut at that particular moment in time. I mean what do you tell your parents after they've seen... that?

Dad looked at me carefully. He was literally undressing my psyche right then and there on the spot… I opened my mind and heart to a total and complete transparency state that I had only recently been experiencing, and giving, and receiving in return.

I hadn't answered mom's question.



Fuck me.

They were both waiting for me to say something, anything. Mom wasn't angry but she was upset and determined, "Joey, I asked you a question. Please answer it."

Feebly I squeaked, "Mom, I received some pictures from a friend tonight. I kind of made one too, to send to him… my, uhm, well, my pants were down, actually ma'am, I was naked and making a video…"

Overcome with embarrassment, I shut down, I couldn't say anything more.

I'm sure your mother has that part figured out by now." Dad looked at me with skepticism… I felt very small and vulnerable – two things I had never before experienced, or didn't remember ever experiencing.

While he was determined in every way, his face softened then without a word he walked to the computer where he turned back on the monitor only to see Skeeter blasting away, deleted the email from Skeeter then emptied the Recycle Bin then began performing some functions to the computer. When finished he turned around, looked me in the face then said, "Are there anymore Joey?"

The only problem after he deleted the email was returning to the desk top… or close to it… the pictures on the screen were me obviously… how is the right way to say "I was enjoying myself… fuck me. Shit.

Dad was merciful though. He pointed to the screen. I walked to it and quickly shut the motion picture down and off.

I was beyond embarrassed. "No sir. God, I can't do anything right. I keep screwing up. Look, I'm going to save everybody time and effort. I just need to leave. I can't keep doing this hurting you all the time. Nathan will be okay. I'll call him once in a while, if I can." I said with tears running freely down my face and then onto my shirt as I reached down to put my tennis shoes on. "Look, I'm sorry for hurting you guys… I've been trying. I guess I'm giving up for the last time. I can't keep doing this…"

Mom walked to me. She took my face in her hands and forced us to look into one another's eyes. The magical bonding moment occurred one more time. A monumental truth passed between us even thought I cannot define nor describe it.

Very, very quietly, she whispered, "Are there any more, Joey?"

She wasn't listening. She had no clue.

"No, I promise, I swear. The computer's safe… excuse me mom." I said as she put herself between me and my shoes.

"Joey, do you have any files or folders password protected?" Dad inquired parentally, as a matter of fact.

"Yes sir. There are two password protected folders. They're hidden from the General View option. The first folder contains a story that I've been writing. The second one has my diary… I don't have any pictures in either one of them but they both have some seriously graphic sex stuff written out – I mean my sex stuff… well, you know. I guess you can read it… the passwords are both..."

"Stop. Don't tell me your passwords. I'll take you at your word. I won't get into your diary… that's extremely personal and private as far as I'm concerned. So long as there are no pornographic pictures… then I'll leave them alone, for now."

"Yes sir, thank you sir. I mean no sir, there are no other pictures. Mom, I'm sorry. I'm trying. I didn't think right tonight."

With irritation in her voice, mom emphatically said, "What's this about you leaving? I'll have no such thing. Young man, you stop thinking that way… I'm getting so tired of hearing that you're going to leave… if you are going to leave then just do it, don't keep playing us like a danged fiddle, do you hear me? Do you remember the conversation we had about commitment? Do you remember what we decided?"

"Yes ma'am. Sorry. I'm still messing up, I still get afraid… sometimes I still go off the deep end… but I've been working on it."

"Stop Joey, just stop… stop beating yourself up." Mom said, then added, "Dave, I think an appropriate punishment, and Joey you do have to be punished for this, is to put strict parental controls on his computer and disable the web cam, do you agree?"

"I was going to do the same thing. I'm going to take it one step further… I'm going to disable the ability for sending or receiving email attachments of any kind." Dad said parentally.

That upset me. After carefully choosing my words, I said, "Dad, mom sends me live and recorded streams of surgery, please don't take that away. I also receive and send assignments through file attachments, and I communicate with my teachers through email…"

"Here's the deal…" Dad said after a lengthy pause as he considered options… "Call Skeeter, let's get this straightened out right now."

"Dad! This was a one-time thing. I'll tell him to never send those pictures again… please don't get him involved…"

"He's already involved." Mom said then added, "He sent to us child pornography through the internet."

"Please don't tell his parents… they're very, very, very strict religious people. They'll kill him, or else they might disrupt the adoption… it's not final yet! Please don't do that to him, please! He finally has a family that loves him for who and what he is!"

"SO DO YOU DAMN IT!" Dad said extremely angrily.

I shook violently and cowered back. I found a spot on the floor… it was a wet spot. I peed some dribbles – not too much though.

Dad continued, "I'm sorry you had to hear that, dear, but I'm fed up with his thinking that he's not good enough. And I'm tired of him making attempts to sabotage… err ughhhhhh."

Mom patted dad's shoulder then turned to me, "He's gay, right? Not that it makes any difference to us… you already know that."

"Yes, he is. But he's not really 'out' to his family… he's afraid of what they'll do or think…"

Mom and dad looked at each other gravely then they both looked at me, Dad said, "Call Skeeter, let's get this straightened out right now, tonight."

"You don't understand though… they'll kill him!" I said to mom… she had a semi-smirk on her face but then zipped her lips shut when I gave her the (glad she doesn't know the true meaning of the words I attribute to the saying)… what the fuck look. She pointed to my cell phone resting on the computer table… then said, "Put it on speaker phone. We want to hear both sides of this conversation."

"Yes ma'am." I replied dutifully all the while feeling dribbles exit my bladder through my penis. I picked up the phone and punched in Skeeter's number then waited for him to answer. He picked up on the 3rd ring, "Hey there you sex machine, what up? Kewl vid, dude. <He giggled wildly>.

I cringed, not so much because of his greeting but because mom and dad were standing right next to me. I muttered, "A lot. Uhm…"

Without waiting for me to complete the sentence that would have surely saved us much heartache and grief he said, "Did you receive my presents to you, for your eyes only?"

"Uhm, yeah, definitely, are you alone?" I asked seriously, not wanting any more people than necessary to be included in on the conversation I knew was just about to take place.

"Nope, Brother James is here. Do you have something else to send me, studly? I can tell him to scram. He won't mind. We were just finishing up homework." Skeeter said faithfully.

I wondered why James had been there… so close to our sharing… homework.

I looked to mom then to dad. Dad nodded quietly and patiently.

"Yeah, we need to talk, alone… ermmm."

Immediately we clearly heard Skeeter tell his brother James to get lost. James giggled, told Skeeter to fuck off, and then Skeeter said, "Fuckin kids, I love 'em." Then he broke out in giggles.

Dad smirked, "Hey Skeeter, how's it going?"

"Oh hey, Mr. Mauer… oh shit, who's that Joey?"

"Uhm, that was my dad. My mom's here too." I said suddenly like I was going to lose it right then and there.

Skeeter stammered, "I'm sorry. Oh no. Is everything okay? Oh my God. Joey, bro help me out here. I got carried away… oh shoot."

Dad replied, "I'll say you got carried away alright. You're growing up, Skeeter. So is Joey."

"Oh no… oh my God. I'm so screwed. I'm dead meat. I don't have anywhere to go. Meet me in the park, okay Joey, please?" Skeeter said dejectedly.

"Skeeter, get a hold of yourself…" Mom said seriously.

"Oh God. Oh dear God, I'm so screwed. They love me here. They think I'm Tom Sawyer or something…" He cried.

"You're loved here too. Your parents aren't going to kill you, and they aren't going to hang you out like road kill. Get a hold of yourself." Mom said seriously.

Dad said seriously, "Skeeter, what you sent to our house today was child pornography. It's illegal. We all could go to prison for a very long time. The law is very unforgiving with this stuff."

Just then we heard a door open in the background of Skeeter's room. Skeeter quietly exclaimed, "Oh shoot. Hey mom. Hey dad."

"You boys got busted today, eh?" Skeeter's dad, Dan said.

"Huh? What?"

"Oh don't 'what' me… you know exactly what's going on. Hello June. Hello Dave." Skeeter's mom, Vera said.

"Hi Vera." Mom said.

"Good evening, Dan." Dad said.

They acted like they knew each other... what was up with that? "What's going on here? I asked dumb as a box of rocks.

Mom semi snickered, "You boys are busted, and I mean busted as in busted."

"What do you…I don't understand…" I asked clearly flustered.

"Joey, what's happening?" Skeeter asked seriously upset.

"Boy, what have you got to say for yourself? And don't give that ole innocent cow pie trick. Ha haa, you'd have to get up really early in the morning to pull something over your old man's eyes donchaknow! That goes for you too, Joey. I just about hopped a plane with Skeeter to pound that area where God split ya in half." Dan said seriously.

"And I just about boarded a flight to Kansas to bare butt whup your butt a time or two, Skeeter." Dad said clearly amused though the seriousness in his voice negated the amusement.

Clearly confused I asked, "Dad, what's going on here?"

Dad got this most sinister look on his face. It scared the scrap right out of me… the look wasn't mean or angry or rage filled… it was just sinister.

Mom returned the look, in nearly the same manner and fashion… then she said very casually but loud enough to be heard by all, "Skeeter, you have some rather cute buns, and I must say you are definitely growing up."

"Oh my God, no. You didn't! You can't. You won't. No. No, not ever. Oh my God. I'm going to die. How did you…?" I choked.

Skeeter exclaimed, "You're going to die? I'm so totally screwed. I'm so dead meat."

"Well, boys, it's like this. We have an interceptor device on our home computer system. Stephen, you aren't the only boy in this house, and you are not the first boy in this house to get busted for showing and sharing his wares to all of God's creation. And with all the young'ins around here, you probably won't be the last boy to get his privates in a pinch. Good Lord, boy, why are you so modest around here? I don't understand." Vera said motherly but seriously.

"Joey, I'm dying here. Help me." Skeeter said filled with dread totally in his voice.

"Okay, just a minute Skeeter, hold on for a second, don't die right yet, the best is yet to come. Joey, I'm afraid that your little escapade was actually on live web cam. Don't worry boys, the files have been deleted and the streams are closed. As a doctor, I pronounce you boys very healthy." Mom said clearly.

"Oh my God. No. No, not that, mom, tell me you didn't…" I said quaking with embarrassment. There's one thing about mom asking if my functions returning to normal. Seeing it actually in motion is another total complete story, one that I wasn't ready to – talk about. Holy shit. Holy fuck. Holy mackerel! No, it can't be.

"I agree with you, June. Two very healthy adolescent boys we have." Vera said.

"Tell me this ain't so. Skeeter, are you alive?" I asked.

"Barely. I'm having trouble breathing." <Skeeter's wheezing was heard in the background>.

Concerned, Vera said, "Dan, get the inhaler, Stephen's wheezing. Boy, you're going to catch your death yet. The boy has developed a mild case of asthma since he moved here. The doctors aren't all that concerned because it isn't severe. They think some of it is related to nerves and allergies, and that he'll probably out grow it."

"Probably. Joey has a wetting himself problem when he gets nervous or upset." Mom said factually.

I looked at mom incredulously. I hadn't told Skeeter about that 'little issue'. My temperature rose at least another 1,000 degrees. Spontaneous combustion was not out of the question. Mortally wounded, I said, "Okay, we've been busted big time. I promise we'll never do that again!"

"Puff. Puff. Yeah, promise, we'll never do that again EVER!" Skeeter wheezed.

"So, obviously, I guess I don't need to have the birds and bees discussions with you boys, eh? I guess the 'talk' can be modified… which one of you is the bird, and which one of you is the bee?" Dan said seriously.

"What do you mean, dad? There ain't no birds and bees around here, sir. I mean we have them... but what does that have to do with … oh, God..." Skeeter lamented.

"Well, it does appear that you and Joey are doing the mating dance… all species do it in one way or another, all the time. It's normal and natural... isn't it?" Dan asked Skeeter.

"Oh, I'm so busted. Are you going to send me away? I'll just pack up and go." Skeeter wheezed.

"For what reason, boy? Why in the Sam Hill would we send you away? You were sent to us, and we aren't going to let you go nowhere, do you hear me?" Dan thundered.

Mom replied, "Dan that seems to be a common thread with these boys." Then she turned to me and said, "It sounds familiar doesn't it. Where have I heard that before, Joey?"

"That don't work, Skeeter. I've tried it a number of times, they don't buy it. I don't buy it no more either. These are the best parents in the world; they haven't given up on me. I've done some really, really crappy, sorry mom, sorry Vera, crap. Your parents don't sound like they're going to give up on you either." I said knowingly, hopefully.

"You're not going to kick me out? You don't hate gays? Because if you hate gays then you have to hate me because, here it comes… Mom, Dad, I guess I'm gay. Those preachers say to hate gays..." Skeeter cried, yet he had strength in his voice. I knew that to be true because of some of the things some kids in GA had shared about their parents.

Dan said seriously, yet his voice softened, "What do you mean 'I guess'? From the way I've heard you talk about Joey, and your friends up there, mainly Joey, always Joey, then I'd be a dumb fool to not see the writing on the wall. We see 'gay' animals on a fairly regular basis here on the farm. With close to 1,500 head of cattle, a whole mess of pigs, a bunch of goats and chickens, and boys ha haa, don't you think that there are a few who prefer their own company!"

"Oh Dan, you're a case, did you know that?" Vera said, clearly amused.

"Oh yes ma'am… once in a while anyway." Dan said impishly.

I asked seriously, with dread oozing from every pore, "Sooooo... you're okay with us, I mean you're okay with us being gay?"

Dad replied, "If we weren't okay with you TWO then we'd not be sending you to see Skeeter and his family at spring break now would we?"

Skeeter replied happily, (Okay, so he was screeching using his high-pitched, slightly crackling, confirming his adolescent voice, (I hadn't started doing that yet)) … Oh my God. Joey, did you hear that? You get to come down here! You get to help me clean the chicken coops, and the chicken poop, and the… and spend time...!"

"Okay Skeeter, you're going to scare Joey off before he ever gets here! Don't ya know when to be quiet? That's supposed to be a surprise, ha haa." Dan said laughing.

Giggling, Skeeter replied to his dad's statement, "It's true though."

"Yes, we'd love you have you come to visit." Vera said clearly.

I looked to mom and dad, wearing my best inquiring look, "Mom? Dad?"

"Oh, I don't know. Dave, what do you think? Should we let these two hooligans spend any time together doing God only knows what?" Mom said seriously, yet the look in her eyes on her face gave her amusement away.

"Oh, I don't know either. It might be good for Joey to learn how to shovel and analyze fecal matter for his science experiments, don't you think?" Dad deadpanned.

"Oh, I never thought about that… excellent point." Mom said smiling even though she was trying to be serious. <Mom was grinning from ear to ear. Dad was no help whatsoever>.

"Joey, we're going to have a blast, I promise you! Just wait." Skeeter gushed.

"Kewlies. It'll be good to see you, really, really, really good – excellent! So… you guys aren't too mad at us?" I asked.

"No, we're not mad though I can't speak for your parents Joey, but what we adults have all decided was that we are extremely disappointed with your actions. Boys, underage internet porn is very, very serious. You could spend the best days of your youth locked away in a detention center, a juvenile hall or boys' facility, and what would your parents do without their son? That would hurt them; the same is true for you Stephen Skeeter Bug Richardson." Dan said.

Skeeter's mom, Vera said, "Stephen, you'll have a home here for as long as you need or want one. Don't mess it up by getting into serious trouble with the law – we can't protect you from the consequences of illegal behavior that only you are responsible for."

"The same is true here, Joey, we've had lengthy talks about the very same thing." Mom said seriously.

"Boys, and I'm talking to both of you, don't screw this thing up… it would break our hearts for you to go to prison. We want only the best for you, and we're giving you every opportunity to succeed." Dad said.

Vera chirped, "Oh my, it's getting late. Unless there's anything else to talk about, we need to be getting to bed, early rising in the morning. Are we okay; are we all on the same page?"

Everybody agreed that indeed we were on the same page in the same book. Mom and dad hugged me goodnight and said that we'd talk about everything about the trip the following day.

Dad said, "We're going to give you boys some privacy… but keep it to 10 minutes or less, do you understand perfectly?"

"Yes sir. 10 minutes tops." Skeeter said.

"10 minutes or less. Yes sir. Right." I replied readily.

Dad patted my shoulder and then exited the room leaving me and mom alone.

I said to mom, "Thanks... I'm sorry for disappointing you and dad. I'll try to do better... I screwed up again."

Mom replied, loud enough for Skeeter to hear, "Son, sending and receiving naked and sexual pictures is very wrong. It could very well land you guys in hot water with the law. Not only that but it is against common decent moral laws that society says we should live by. There are consequences, serious consequences. Think ahead. Use your brains. Do what you know is right. If you do these things then life will be okay. Good night. Sleep tight. And don't forget the 10 minute rule, starting right now."

We hugged then she took off but left the door open. I didn't challenge her leaving the door open... it would have served no purpose.

"Holy shit, Batman." I exclaimed to Skeeter on the still open cell phone communications link.

"Yeah, I thought I was dead meat. Joey, I can't wait for you to get here. We've got so much to talk about and do. I'll show you around this place. I just know that you'll love it. All the wide open spaces in the world are here… do you remember how we used to talk and dream about those wide open spaces?"

"How can I forget...?" Suddenly my ears filled with tears. Then whispering I said through our connection, "I'll think of you at exactly 11:30. You have to do it too."

"Who says we have to wait until 11:30? Get in bed. I'm ready!"

I hurried up into bed, unzipped, pushed my wet underwear up and out, grabbed my cock and began pummeling it. I heard Skeeter's zipper go down and then grunts and groans, and then a low pitched screech that I would come to know and appreciate – he was blasting away... at almost the same time, perhaps a nanosecond later I too shot everything I had up and into the sky, with it landing on my shirt and jeans with a splash.

Breathless but not wheezing Skeeter exclaimed, "Damn dude. I shot my headboard."

I snickered, "My first shot was at least 2 feet up dude. My jeans. My shirt..."

Skeeter snickered, "Yeah, me too. I wonder if phone sex is illegal..."

I replied, "Ha haa, yeah, probably, love you, good night."

"I love you too. Good night. See you in 2 weeks, save it up dude!"

The house was dark and quiet as I padded off to the laundry room with soggy jeans, t-shirts, socks and underwear. I stripped off the underwear I had on then tossed everything into the washing machine, put the detergent in and fired it up. I then stopped at the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of green tea, went to the bathroom, took yet another shower and then headed into my room, closed the door, got on the computer and continued reading the latest saga about guys my age doing some really kewl things for kids who were in trouble. I was totally addicted. Finally, I could read no longer and went to bed at 4:15am, on a school night, but not before switching the laundry over to the dryer.

*** To be continued

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