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The Redemption, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 6

*-* A month later *-*

Nathan pounced my ass awake at 6:45, yanked off the covers, attempted to pull a finger full of pubic hairs from my groin, and then ran like hell when I got up and started to chase his ass.

I professed a solemn oath to get him when he least expected it.

My ass was dragging tired. Without even thinking I walked into the kitchen, retrieved a glass of orange juice. I wondered, somewhat, tiredly why everybody was looking at me like something was strange. I asked, "What?"

Derrick smiled and pointed to parts south of the border.

Gawd, I was naked. Gawd even worse, I was about three fourths erect. I sat the orange juice down on the counter then nondescriptly went to my room where I put on a pair of gym shorts and returned to the kitchen where everybody, including Nathan (the turd), was eating breakfast.

I wasn't hungry... I just wanted to go back to bed.

Dad wasn't buying into my whole tired routine. He asked, "What time did you go to bed?"

"Uhm, too late. Sorry. May I be excused? I need to get ready for school. Please."

"Your dad asked you what time you went to bed, young man."

"Uhm... okay... I was up till about 4. I was reading something that inspired me for my book report in Humanities. It's due Monday."

"I see. Do I need to remove your computer privileges... say at 10pm on a school night?" Dad said curtly.

"Uhm, no sir." I replied.

"I don't want you up that late even on a weekend. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir. Perfectly. Sorry." I replied woodenly; sleep deprivation taking me over with full force and effect.

Nathan, meanwhile, was having one hell of a time with keeping his composure. His eyes were dancing at my being called on the carpet.

Dad didn't miss a beat. He said, "I'll have a list of chores for you to do Joey. It ought to keep you awake until at least 9 or 9:30 tonight. Your homework gets finished before your chores... so keep that in mind. Sorry, I didn't take homework time into account... I'll want you in bed asleep by 10:30. And, oh yeah, I'm sure that Nathan will be 'most happy' to assist you, won't you Nathan?"

The smile left his face. He looked down into his plate and pushed food around. I about creamed my jeans right there on the spot … but somehow I maintained. Strike 1. First base.

Nathan was doing his hair when I entered the bathroom to shower and get presentable. I released a huge pocket of methane gas (fart in other words) which cleared him out of there in no time. It just about ran me out too. You know it's really bad when your own comes close to gassing you out.

Creative writing, my favorite class, was a nightmare. We had an impromptu story assigned. My brain was all mush making putting together an intelligent sentence next to impossible. So much so, in fact, that while I was resting my chin on my hand I started to fall over from exhaustion. Mrs. Leary was also walking around the classroom quietly observing the written words of her students.

An idea came to me. I started writing about the story I read way too early that morning. The trouble was that the theme for the writing assignment was something to do with Lake Michigan and there I was writing about spaceships.

I was carrying an A in the class.

One failed impromptu writing assignment wouldn't blow my grade.

The bell rang at 8:50.

Ten minutes to get to the gym across the school, strip, and to get dressed out for another fun filled day in Mr. Sanders' gym class.

Oh shit... I needed to tell my truth to my Brothers.

"Good morning." Sensei Sanders said to Gary, Ron, Blake and me after we had all assembled on a mat room off the main gym.

"GOOD MORNING SENSEI." We all replied in unison and then honorably bowed to show our respects to him as an adult, and to each other as brothers.

Sensei did not dismiss us right away as he usually did after our morning work outs. Instead, he spoke up saying with a very definitive, crisp, clear voice, "Joseph Lee Walker-Mauer." Then he motioned for me to assume a place next to his side.

"SENSEI! Thank you sir."

When I arrived, he bowed then took my place where I had been standing between Gary and Ron. He nodded for me to speak my truth.

"Sensei, Gary, Ron, Blake, I must admit my truth. I've only been here for a very short time. I appreciate how you've taken me in as a brother, given me respect and support. I hope to bring you that same honor someday. Thank you for believing in me and for bringing me to a point where I can accept certain things about myself. Brothers, I'm gay. Sensei, an event happened last night that you need to know about. I made a pornographic movie of myself spilling my seed while transmitting it to one other person. I learned a valuable inner lesson. And I learned much about love. Once again, I learned how much my parents love me despite my dishonorable deeds. I'm deeply sorry for dishonoring all of you with my behavior, please forgive me."

That said, I walked over to Sensei, looked him square in his eyes then bowed respectfully. I then took one step back so that Sensei would have a clear shot to walk past me without me having to turn my back to him if he chose to leave.

"Joseph-son, do not dishonor your temple with dishonorable actions or thoughts. Clear your mind. Clear your body. Cleanse your spirit. Remember that our sex powers are given to us, and they can be taken away by The Master. Bring pleasure to the mate who has been chosen for you. Never be selfish by putting your own needs above the one whom you love."

"Yes, Sensei. I'm sorry for my dishonor. Please forgive me."

"Joseph, you do not need my forgiveness. You must forgive yourself then move on and be the best person you can be, and are. It's in your destiny."

Sensei then firmly put his hand on my shoulder, squeezed noticeably then quickly took off for his office where he shut the door.

Blake spoke up and said as our leader, "You've got balls Joey. Welcome to our team. See ya at the party tonight <grinning>".

"Thanks Blake. I'll be there."

"Oh fuck... the party? Tonight?" I said realizing that I had chores to do, and homework, and an early bed time.

Blake was headed to his locker, stripping along the way. By the time he arrived he was naked as the day he'd been born. Nice. Very nice. Too much body hair though. For being 13 his body looked like he was from an ape family. But still... his body still had a boyish look to it.

I was about half boned when Ron bumped into me. I was so tired that I didn't even realize he was next to me and was waiting to get into his locker.

"Oh sorry. I wasn't even paying attention."

Ron smiled and said seriously, "You've got balls, Joey. I'm not gay but I respect you for saying your truth. I'm sure that was hard for you to do. Anyway, yeah, welcome to the team."

Gary patted my shoulder and said, "Come on let's go take a shower. We'll talk later."

Our lockers were next to each other. I needed to pee but was wearing that damn catheter.

"I'll be right there. Go ahead." I said thinking quickly. I stripped down to my underwear, grabbed the shampoo and headed to a toilet stall, undressed, pulled off the catheter, peed and then looked for somewhere to dump the thing. I couldn't flush it down the toilet for fear that the sewer system would get clogged up so I wrapped it into the towel and then dropped it in the trash on my way to the shower.

I was still about half boned but so was Gary, Ron and Blake. The big deal ended up not being a big deal at all.

I had a catheter in my backpack. I'd put it on later. I did okay without it for 2 to 3 hours depending on how much I'd drank. Even when pushed I hadn't had an accident other than when I got nervous and shit.

School dragged on. Chemistry class was next. We had a big test, which I hadn't really studied for, but I was pretty good with the class in every way. I knew the Periodic Elements Table like the back of my hand... the test was memorization. I felt like I aced it.

At lunch time, which I thought would never arrive, I hit the bathroom, drained the can in a stall and put on a sheath.

I loaded up for lunch thinking that some decent healthy food (yeah, they had a separate line for those of us who chose to eat healthy), would wake me up and provide the right kind of energy.

While I was walking to a table to sit with Ron, Blake and Gary, my phone chirped indicating an incoming text message. I sat down and pulled out the phone. It was from Skeeter.

Skeeter: Hey lover boy. Whatcha up to?

Me: Getting ready to eat. Wattup?

Skeeter: Love ya.

Me: Love ya back.

The guys got to talking about the party upcoming that night which reminded me to text message dad to see if I could do the chores the next day instead of that night.

Me: Hey dad. Luv ya. Uhm, remember the party tonight? Can I do chores tomorrow? Please!

Instead of receiving a text message back my phone rang. Dad.

"Hey Dad." I said contritely.

"Hey son. I received your text message. Why should I permit you to attend the party?"

"Just a minute, let me go somewhere private." To the group I said, "Gotta go. My dad..."

I always finished the last 10 minutes or so of lunch time using the can... it was my time so I headed off to the bathrooms located just behind the cafeteria. As I was walking I said, "Dad, I messed up. I soooo learned my lesson... I'm so tired but I'm doing okay except for Creative Writing this morning.... uhm, dad I made a commitment to be there. Honestly, I can do chores first thing tomorrow... I'll even get up early. I promise."

"Joey, I really should not let you go. Your judgment over the past few days sucks."

"I know dad. I'm sorry. I can tell you that I'm sorry all day long... I'll work on things so that you and mom are proud of me. I really don't want to be a disappointment and stuff..."

I arrived in the bathroom, dropped my backpack to the floor then hurried into the stall and got my pants down as an explosion of refuse blew into the sewer system.

Dad said, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. It was close. Please dad. Ouch! Sorry dad."

Dad asked once again, "Are you sure you're okay?"

"Just a little cramp... I'm fine. Sorry you had to, uhm, you know, hear..."

"Okay... Joey, I'm giving you an opportunity to redeem yourself. I want you home by 9am tomorrow. You have chores to do. No later than 9am."

"No later than 9am. Okay, dad I gotta go. The bell's about to ring, I've got to... uhm..."

"Okay, you're on your best behavior. Have fun."

"Thanks dad. Love you. I'll call later."

"I'm counting on it. Okay, bye."

"Bye dad."

After one more round of diffusing my bowels, the 1st bell rang, signifying the next class would begin in 5 minutes. No way would I make it on time... but I tried.

The anatomy teacher permitted nobody into the classroom after the second bell rang.

I ran down the hallway and just got to the door as he poked his head out. He said, "You're late Mr. Walker."

"Yes sir. Sorry sir."

"I should make you get a permission slip since you're late but you arrived before I closed the door. Come on in. Don't let it happen again."

Of all the lessons he could talk about – it was about the lower GI tract. I learned why I became urgent with my needs to evacuate... I was having what's called "vasovagal syndrome". Its primary cause: nervous anxiety, or tumors of the gastrointestinal tract that affects the main nerves controlling elimination.

The last class of the day was about holistic medicine.

The final bell rang at 3:30.

Damn it to hell I forgot my gym clothes.

Gary, Ron, Blake and I had agreed to meet at the Coke machine in the commons area. Gary announced his mom was ready to go. He sent her a text message saying we'd be there as soon as I picked up my gym clothes... we headed down to the gym.

Mr. Gunderson, the lead coach for the junior high football team was busily making sure the lockers were locked up and secure for the weekend. He had a habit of tossing people's clothes out onto the floor when he found a locker unlocked. Gary was guilty as charged.

Mr. Gunderson lit into him and then he lit into me for being so irresponsible because I'd left my clothes.

Gary would get an extra 7 laps on Monday, and I would get 5.

On our way out Mr. Gunderson said very loudly, "Happy birthday Gary... you guys have a good time. Be safe. See you Monday."

That teacher was one guy who you would either love or hate. Sometimes he was both.

"Hey son, oh hi, you must be Joey… come on, come on, Gary's talked about you all week long, I'm pleased to finally meet you."

"Hi Mrs. Morgan, it's nice to meet you too. Thanks for having me." I said happily, relieved to both be out of school and to be in the first 'good' clean and sober party.

When I reached to undo the lever so that I could get in the backseat, Gary would have no part of it. We playfully jostled around at bit, arguing a little bit; finally I relinquished control of that safe haven and gave it to him. I sat in the front seat with Mrs. Morgan.

We talked about everything yet nothing really important… conversation was lighthearted, casual and they were both welcoming. By the time we arrived at their house, I felt that I knew them pretty well, for some reason…

"Honey, take Joey upstairs and get him settled in. We'll be leaving as soon as everybody gets here. I hope you're hungry. Meanwhile, give me your nasty gym clothes... I'm going to put in a load of whites... Joey, that goes for you too."

"Only if it's no trouble ma'am... thanks."

"Gary, take lessons from that boy. He's very polite and respectful toward adults…"

"Oh mommy dearest… I wuv you so much… here's my bag too, please."

"You've a lot of nerve." Gary's mother, Genevieve, said sarcastically. She was funning him. I immediately liked her.

After she accepted Gary's dirty laundry we headed to his room. He closed the door but did not lock it then showed me around his room. It was small, compact, and filled with this and that… typical of a guys' room.

"Sorry, I didn't get this done this morning." Gary said apologetically as he stripped the sheets off of the full-sized bed and tossed them to the floor. Quickly, he gathered a set of sheets from the bottom drawer of his dresser. I helped him remake the bed then when it got to the comforter, he raised it up and sniffed it in several places. I laughed my ass off. He blushed crimson red. I thought, for sure, he was going to experience spontaneous combustion right there in front of me, but thankfully he didn't.

Apparently, he wasn't satisfied with the aroma so he tossed it in the pile with the sheets then reached up in his closet and grabbed a heavy dark blue blanket, tossed it on the bed then we straightened it out and put it on so that the sheets were covered.

"Sorry, well, you know, I mean, yeah, anyway, ya want to watch a movie or something? We've got a couple of hours before dad gets home. I'll be right back…" Gary said nervously then in one fell swoop gathered up the sheets and comforter and left his room leaving me alone.

Shortly, he returned then apologetically said, "Sorry Joey. I'm not usually that rude… uhm, well, have you decided on a movie, or is there something else you want to do." He then back peddled toward the doorway and then with one foot closed the door, sat down on his bed then invited me to set with him. I did.

I started to say something, and he started to say something at the very same time. We giggled then got in an escalating game of "YOU FIRST!"

When that game slowly ebbed to a trickle, he looked deeply into my eyes, and into my soul, or so it seemed. The next thing I knew, or realized, was that our lips were coming together and then they touched. At first, the touch was tentative and then we settled into it, savoring the touch of another human being in such an intimate way.

As I began lifting my arm up to put around his shoulders to pull him in close, he got scared and jumped up off the bed, and then started nervously pacing the floor.

I stood up then intercepted him during his next revolution. He looked scared out of his mind then said, "I'm sorry Joey. That wasn't a good thing to do. I'll go open the door then we can watch a movie or something… sorry."

"It's okay. I don't feel bad. You're a natural born kisser. Actually, you're hot. Uhm, well, what I mean is that you'll meet somebody and you'll be just fine. Just be yourself."

"Uhm, Joey, well, I don't have the balls you do…"

I sat down on the floor with my back up against the bed. I urged Gary to sit down beside me. He sat down after taking a moment to think about it. He looked into my eyes again then quickly looked away and hung his head down low.

Very gently, I reached for his chin then swiveled his head so that we could see each others' faces. He had a lot of doubt, mystery, and yes, pain too shining through those long eyelashes adorning his somewhat of a handsome yet baby face. He had one small just beginning zit on the side of his nose. Without any hesitation, I reached over and laid my hands on his face then said, "If you want to talk about it, if you don't want to talk about it… whatever is just fine." I then reached over, kissed his lips then backed away and settled back comfortably.

When he didn't say anything for quite some time, I asked, "So what does your dick tell ya? It knows the truth even when our big head says other things…"

"Yeah, that's what dad said when we had 'the talk' a year or so ago. Mom says I have time, and that adolescence is a time of experimenting… or something like that."

"I've really never given it much thought. Gary, there is a lot you don't know about me. I just moved here this year, just a few months ago… I lived in the projects on the south side…"

Most of my story just came out. It was unplanned. It was unrehearsed. It was spontaneous. We laughed about a lot of it. He put his hand on mine when I told him my Ma passed away (I didn't say how or under what circumstances) then wiped away the tears with his hand when they started flowing seemingly on their own volition.

He then shared about how he'd lived in the same house for his entire 14 years on the planet, how he'd always been a loner, and how alone he's been for the past year or so. Then he shared his deepest dark secret… the one that nobody knew about. One day about 4 months ago, he was home alone for the entire evening while his parents went out to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary, he'd came very close to ending everything. He drank a lot of booze and took several of his mothers' sleeping pills. His parents came home early and found him sitting in a stupor on the living room sofa, inches away from death. They rushed him to the ER where they put him on life support for a day and a half until the alcohol and drugs had cleared his system completely.

He then shared about how his mom and dad insisted that he follow up with a therapist and psychiatrist. He said that both were young, early in their practice, and how they seemed to understand what he was going through… mainly, they listened. He was put on antidepressants and started feeling better than he'd felt in a very long time.

I asked him if he had a drug or alcohol problem. He said no, that he's only drank and took his mom's pills only that one time, and had no desire to do them again. He was serious. He was also serious about living but was not sure how to because he felt like a total dork. I told him to join the crowd, that there are lots of us dork teenagers walking, talking and moving about on every street corner. We both giggled at that pronouncement… we both related.

Comically, I asked Gary one more time, "So what does your little head tell you? What or who do you jack off to?"

"Gnomes." Gary said laughing out loud.

"Hmmm, I've not done one of those before. Are they fun?" I giggled.

He was smiling and then laughed incredulously.

He relaxed and permitted me to pull him into my chest. We sat for a little while in companionable silence, and then our lips joined together in a very intimate way. He didn't try to back away or run away. We then embraced all the while never, not once breaking our kiss. Natural for me, not so natural for Gary, I trailed my hand down his belly. The dude was hard as a rocket. He quickly pulled my hand away, "Joey, I'm on the brink..."

"Lay down on your bed. Gary, I'm going to suck your dick unless you don't want me to. If you don't want me to suck you then just say so. I don't think it's gross or anything... but if you do then I won't... it's totally up to you."

"Joey, I've never been with anybody... you know... not like this..."

Nevertheless, Gary got onto his bed and then with very nervous hands began fumbling with the zipper of his jeans. I very gently pushed his hands away, deftly unfastened the zipper and snap and then teased his pants and underwear to his ankles, and then slid them off and folded them neatly. I got up on the bed facing his pride and joy. Gently I lifted his legs up and put them on top of my shoulders then moved in but before I could touch him he said, "Joey, would you get naked for me? I'm sorry... never mind..."

I was stripped in a heartbeat. I turned away and was ready to remove the catheter but I had no place to put it because he was folding my clothes, and the trash can was across the room... and even then I didn't want to dump it in there for all to see. That's not a real good first impression of their son's friend.

"Joey, what are you hiding? It's not like we haven't seen each other before."

"Was I going to be honest with him, or not." I thought suddenly ashamed... I'd not been put into that position before. I'd always been ready to rock and roll... but...

Gary got up, put his hand on my waist and allowed his fingers to trail down my right cheek. He kissed my ear and then my neck and then my shoulder. He then looked down and noticed that I was hiding my junk. Gently, he took my hand into his. I permitted him to look.

"What's the matter Joey? It's okay... seriously, you can tell me. I think it looks kind of cute actually."

And so it was.

I removed the catheter. He placed into a fast food sack, wrapped it up tight after I assured him that I had another one to replace that one. He had some handy wipes which he used to gently, caringly and carressingly (LOL... new word) wipe me clean.

Without asking, without prompting, without hesitation he reversed roles and took me to new heights that I'd never before experienced. I thought surely my dick was going to explode right off my body, but thankfully didn't.

We got into some serious suck face. I introduced him to the joys of tongue sex, and then I showed him exactly what I could do to tease his cock into submission – I'd bring him to the brink and then would stop and grasp his cock and squeeze down hard to prevent orgasm. I then introduced him to the joys of anal stimulation by giving him a good thorough rimming. His muscles tightened... his orgasm was imminent, he was too far to fuck around with any longer so I jumped my mouth on his prong and sucked for all I was worth which sent him sprawling, begging for mercy, yet pleading for more. He shot his stuff twice in 3 minutes and a 3rd time in 15 minutes... finally he could take no more so I got off but he was still hard as a rocket. I reached for the lube and slicked up his tube of pleasure and my butthole. I needed him to fuck the hell out of me. I got up, straddled his legs and started the downward twirl when a knock on the door interrupted our forage into full out gay sex.

Breathing heavily, Gary said, "What?"

It was his dad announcing that it was time to get ready to leave. Then it was quiet save for our breathing, or panting would likely be a better description of the air exchange we were having trouble with.

I was near panic but Gary put my concerns to rest by saying, "My parents respect my privacy behind closed doors. They would never enter without permission or unless a fire was burning the house down.

"Okay dad. Give us 20 minutes, please."

His dad playfully grumbled that it was his birthday dinner that he'd be late to.

I smiled.

Gary got to fuck for the very first time in his life. I was hot and bothered so he jacked me off to a successful conclusion after I told him that I couldn't fuck him without preparing him adequately which would take some time since it would be his first.

I needed to 'freshen up' so he checked the coast to make sure it was clear. Assured all was well I streaked to the bathroom, dumped a load of his presents, jumped into the shower and took a quick one and then headed back to his bedroom with his assurances.

I then did the same for him after getting dressed.

His parents were really kewl. The love for their son clearly emanated through their interactions with him. Gary treated his parents with respect. They were fun altogether, and they drew me in.

We arrived shortly after 7pm. The guys were not yet there so we got a table, ordered Cokes, and told the waiter we'd be ordering later after the others had arrived.

Finally, 45 minutes later, Ron, Blake, Leon, Larry, Justin, Wade, Bobby and Hans arrived and joined our tables sitting side by side.

When it came time to leave, Gary's folks suggested that we walk home since not everybody would be able to get into their Jeep Cherokee. After all we'd eaten it was unanimously readily agreed that the walk back to their place would be a very good thing. After they left, we hit the restrooms. Everybody lined up at the trough but I went into a stall, dropped my pants and sat down. Although I didn't have to dump, I managed to squeeze out a couple hella farts while I released the catheter and drained the can.

After washing our hands, we took off on foot for Gary's house. They lived about 6 miles from the restaurant so we did a lot of goofing off as we made our way along the dark streets lit up only by periodic street lights.

When we were about halfway to Gary's house, Ron, Blake, Leon and Hans all decided they were not going to spend the night at Gary's. Gary was clearly disappointed but he didn't say anything. Larry, Justin, Wade, Bobby and I soon had Gary's spirits back up after telling him it was their loss, and that we would have a good time anyway.

We decided to see just how lost we could get. Mind you, I didn't know all the back ways through that part of town so I was pretty much at Gary's mercy since he did know all the roads in that part of town. We all split up, except for Gary, Justin and I… we stayed together. Gary took us through back alleyways, between buildings, through a golf course (despite posted signs saying to not trespass), then through some more buildings, and then some more alleyways.

Justin and I were simply along for the fun… we had absolutely no clue where we were or where we were going. As we took off through another dark alleyway, while trying to scare the shit out of each other, I tripped and fell over something landing directly on my face, hands and knees then toppled over onto my back. I don't scare too easily, but I was scared shitless. Quickly, I was back on my feet ready for anything. In the dark, Justin grabbed my arm after saying that it was him beforehand but still I was startled.

At the same time, we heard a small voice. It sounded like a young voice whimpering, sniffling, and then it sneezed 4 times in rapid succession. The voice was definitely that of a little kid.

"Hey kid, what are you doing out here? It's cold. Where are your parents?" Justin asked with a trace of irritation in his voice.

Gary said, "Hey kid, are you okay?"

Just then, Justin pulled out a Bic lighter and flicked it on. He was busy looking all around with it. The flame blew out several times by the chilly air blowing through the darkness. I took it away from him then said into the night, "Hey kid, we're not going to hurt you. What are you doing out here though?" I then lit the lighter, cupped my hands just right so it wouldn't blow out then started looking toward where the voice had come from. Once again, my foot hit that which had tripped me up earlier then it moved.

I got down on my hands and knees then lit the lighter up again and found myself nose to nose with another face. The kid screamed, I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest, but I held my composure. The kid tried to get away but I wouldn't let him. He was wearing only a very light t-shirt and threadbare jeans. I sat down on the ground, took his hand in mine then said softly, "You're okay now. My name's Joey, what's yours?"


"Hi Timmy. What are you doing out here all alone, and without your coat? It's cold."

Timmy's young voice responded, "Twenty five for a blow job, fifty to fuck me. I'm really good, sir. I shaved my hairs off, too."

My heart sunk in my chest, tears immediately stung my eyes. With a broken shaky voice that came from deep within me, I said, "Nobody's going to do that to you. We're not that way. I've been where you are, bro. Don't you worry Timmy, nobody's going to hurt you, I promise."

Automatically, I reached for that small boy lying on the concrete pavement. He raised his arms along mine until they were wrapped around my neck. I dropped the lighter on that cold hard ground and took him in my arms. He was shivering violently. Even I heard his breathing was ragged and wheezing. He also went quiet on me, he was barely whimpering. Alarmed, I told Justin and Gary to get down on the ground with me so that we could put Timmy between us and try to get him warmed up. They did. As soon as we were situated, I pulled out my cell phone and called home. Dad answered the phone.

"Dad, this is Joey. We need help. Here's Gary... I don't know where I am."

Within half an hour, mom and dad arrived after receiving excellent directions from Gary. We stopped off at Gary's house to drop him and Justin off. At that time, mom checked Timmy over superficially then said we'd be going to the hospital because Timmy had severe pneumonia, severe malnourishment and severe bruises and abrasions on his back, shoulders and face.

At first Timmy refused and got up to start running but he didn't get far because I wouldn't let him and he was too weak to refuse when I put my arms around him and held on protectively.

When mom, dad and I got into our vehicle, I held Timmy in my arms. He fell asleep. As I kissed him on the top of his head which was nestled in my neck, I said, "Mom, Dad, he was doing what I was doing out there on the streets. He offered his body to me in return for money."

That said, I pulled Timmy into my chest and began to cry softly. My tears were falling into Timmy's hair and running across his face. He woke up, looked me in my eyes and said, "Don't cry Joey. I'll make you feel better."

Before I could say or do anything, he quickly reached down and grabbed my appendage then squeezed it firmly. I pulled his hand up and out of my crotch, "Don't do that Timmy. You never have to do that with me. I won't let you. Nobody in this car will ever allow you to do that, and neither will we do that with you."

"That's all I know. Let me out. I don't take hand outs from nobody."

"Neither did I Timmy. I did what you do but I don't do that anymore, promise. Let's get you fixed up then we'll talk about it, okay? You and me, we're a lot alike."

He fell asleep but would wake up to cough from very deep within his chest then fall back to sleep. Mom turned around in her seat in front, looked into my eyes, and on into my soul. She didn't say anything. Nothing needed to be said.

Forty five minutes later we arrived at the hospital, and mom went into "Dr. Mauer" mode, took Timmy into a trauma room where she began formally checking him over from head to toe. I was allowed to stay, but dad was run out. When dad looked dejected, I simply smiled and nodded… he was putting on a game that we played very often when mom and I would get into a serious conversation that did not include him, ha haa. Nevertheless, he walked over, kissed mom's lips then hugged me deeply. He said, "Hang in there trooper, don't give up, now is the time to pay it forward."

When it came time for Timmy to remove his pants and underwear, he screamed relentlessly when I moved aside so that the nurses could do their evaluations. Mom overheard him screaming from the hallway then came back in, dismissed all but one of the nurses. She closed the door to the exam cubicle, covered Timmy with a sheet then, together, mom and I talked Timmy out of his clothes with reassurances that nobody was going to hurt him in the way he expected us to, or wanted us to.

I felt like retching at seeing Timmy's bruising, his swollen to twice its normal sized penis, the bruises and abrasions and small cuts in and around his butt and butthole, his upper legs, his lower back. Mom said he had a long ignored cut on the back of his head that was infected. She listened to his chest, her face changed expressions despite her attempts at being professional. She ordered a whole bunch of tests to be performed on him, and to ready a bed in ICU because he would be going there because of his pneumonia. Before he went for tests, she was going to insert a breathing tube so that machines could breathe for him because he had a severe pneumonia on both sides. His oxygen saturations were only in the lower 80's when they should be in the upper 90's.

"Timmy, you're going to be okay. Just you wait and see."

A nurse injected some medicine in his IV. He went to sleep then immediately mom tilted his head back and put a small tube down his throat, made some adjustments to the machine then she shooed me off and out of the room saying, "He's going for tests now. Why don't you go find dad? I'll be along shortly."

Dad was sitting in the waiting room reading a newspaper. He looked up then dropped the paper on the table. He walked to me, looked deeply into my eyes and then seeing the pain deep within, he said, "Let's sit down and talk about what happened."

We sat down then I leaned over and put my head between my knees as a wave of nausea nearly overtook me. Thankfully, dinner stayed put. Then a profound anger took over my emotions. I began crying in a fit of rage, screaming and cussing and screaming some more at seeing that little boy lying there on that hospital bed in critical condition with that tube coming out of his mouth enabling him to breathe properly.

Before I totally went berserk, dad coaxed me onto his lap and put my head in the crook of his neck. He then began whispering assuring things in my ear. Yet another overflow of rage overtook me. When I screamed out that I'd kill the sorry son of a bitch who did that to Timmy, dad fetched me up quickly and said, "Joey, you can't kill every son of a bitch who does these things to kids. You might get one or two of them but then you'd spend the rest of your life locked up. The only satisfaction you'd then get would be the knowledge that you took one or two of them off the street. And then what? You'd have thrown your life away over some scum sucking piece of shit…"

We were then interrupted by a knock on the door then a great big cop entered the room. He took one look at me. His blood ran cold for an instant, I saw it happen then, immediately, that haunted look was replaced by… anger.

His badge had "Williams" written on it. He wore a Sergeant's badge (he'd got promoted since I'd "seen" him last)… I had known him as Bill, or more correctly 'asshole'.

*** Flashback

Word was out on the streets saying that undercover vice were working the streets, picking up prostitutes – old and young alike – under the premise that they could clean up the riffraff and make the city a 'safer' place to visit, to live, to work, to, to, to… the list went on and on… ad infinitum, ad nauseum. It's hard to clean up a town where those who are charged with protecting and cleaning things up were a part of the scene.

I'd met 'Charlie' down by the park. I had been skipping school on a regular basis, not giving a fuck. I knew the guy was a problem the very first time our eyes had met on that hot summer day, but I had no idea as to what extent that would be, or what it would mean.

It's not hard to tell a plain clothes dick when you're looking for them…. the only real difference is a uniform, or a lack of one. The look in their eyes is the same.

To make a long story short, he had been a paying 'customer' in my old life. The last time we'd rumbled between the sheets, he'd tried to take advantage of my youth and good looks, and my virgin ass. I convinced him beyond any shadow of a doubt that what's mine is mine. I made sure it would be one hell of a long time before he could possibly rape a kid.

*** End of flashback

So there we stood facing off in that hospital emergency room waiting area.

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