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The Redemption, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 7

The bulb at the end of the catheter filled. I prayed to a God I didn't believe in to keep that damn thing on, and to not let it leak.

Using his best swarthy, sweating, fuckwit voice he said, "Charles Williams, North Chicago police, juvenile division. Pleased to meet you sir. I'm here to investigate a report of a missing juvenile delinquent. Our dispatch received a call from the staff here. Please sit down. This won't take too long. I need to obtain information for my report."

He took a step forward to shake dad's hand... I stepped away... the bad karma was just too much.

My blood ran cold. I shivered. My throat went dry. My heartbeat quickened. When asshole gestured for dad and me to sit, we did just that. Although my pulse was pulsating in my temples, I was comforted by dad's shoulder touching mine.

Asshole said, "Mr. Mauer, what do you know about this situation? I just got the call to report here and talk to you. Actually, I was going to talk to Dr. Mauer… is she your wife?"

"Yes, that's correct. This is my son Joey. He told us the boy being treated in this hospital was severely abused and neglected. At this moment, he's in critical condition as a result of his injuries."

Asshole looked at me with total and complete contempt sweating from each and every one of his sad stinky and worthless pores.

"Yeah, okay, I'll question your wife about his medical condition. So give me a full account of what you know sir."

"We were called by Joey on his cell phone this evening. He was frantic. The little boy who he found was grievously ill… so we left our home and went to where Joey said he was staying with the boy. That's about all I know. Joey, please tell the officer what happened. I would but I don't know."

I looked to dad. He was looking at me. Our eyes met… all he saw was anger because that was all that I was feeling. He had this perplexed look on his face. I stole a glance toward asshole. He was waiting expectantly then he opened his big fat fuckin mouth and said, "Come on kid. I need a statement. Apparently, you're the only one who knows anything about what happened to that kid in there."

"No thanks to you, I found him lying in an alleyway. He was only wearing a torn pair of jeans and a light flimsy worn out t-shirt. If you were doing your job then he wouldn't be in the shape he's in."

"Joseph Lee Mauer. You will respect this man that represents law enforcement. You've no right to talk to him that way. Now answer his questions respectfully." Dad said parentally.

Looking at dad only, I said, "I'm sorry for being rude. What I said is true though."

"Young man, respectfully answer the officers' questions."

"Where did you find him?" Asshole asked.

"We were in an alley way, I don't know the exact address. I was with some friends. We were playing. We were trying to get lost."

Dad replied, "We picked Timmy up in the 300 block of North Michigan Street. I can't give you an exact address either. I'll try to get it though."

"How long ago did you find him?"

"I don't know." I replied sullenly.

"Joseph Lee Mauer…"

"Dad, I don't know what time it was. Wait…" I said then pulled out my cell phone to look up the time I called them. It read 8:45pm. "I called you at 8:45 tonight, so it had to have been just a few minutes before that we found him."

"Did you see anybody, anybody at all?" Asshole asked.


"He was just lying on the pavement with nobody around? That's incredible." Asshole said condescendingly.

"Gary and Justin, my friends, were with me. We came across the boy. I tripped over his leg. That's when we found him. That's all I know. Dad I need to use the restroom, now."

"Go ahead. I'll wait here for you."

I got up then walked toward the door to leave when asshole said, "Excuse me Mr. Mauer."

I opened the door then walked out into the hallway, quickly found the men's room and then just got sat down in the nick of time to unload a massive explosion of refuse into their sewer system. While I was sitting there after the initial earthquake struck, the door to the bathroom opened. Heavy footsteps then walked through the restroom to about where the urinals would be and then I heard pee hitting the back of the receptacle, and a great big juicy fart.

Those footsteps than came closer to my stall, and then the stupid fuck began beating on the stall door.

"What the fuck are you doing? Are you some kind of fucking idiot?" I said angrily.

"Your ass is mine. I'm going to take you the hell down you shit fuck."

The door was rattling on its hinges. I did the next thing: "Dad, bathroom! Hurry!" I left the connection open... I didn't know if dad had clicked off.

"You coward little cock-sucking faggot…"

"And you're a fuckin kid fucking pervert son of a bitch. Get the fuck out of here before I scream rape, you fucking asshole."

"Why you little motherfucker..." he then crashed against the stall door but thankfully it held up to his assault.

The bathroom door opened with a crash. Dad loudly called, "Joey, what's wrong? Are you okay?"

"NO... get him the fuck out of here."

Asshole said authoritatively, "Sir, I heard your son's cries for help. I'm a man of the law... I'm here to protect and serve..."

"Oh bullshit." I groaned as another wave of cramps hit and another gush of bodily fluids escaped. Damn it.

"Joseph Lee Mauer, you stop that right now!" Dad commanded.

"It's true dad... he's a fucking asshole... get him out of here!"

Asshole said, "That, sir is a total disrespect to this badge..."

"You're supposed to protect kids not fuck them. Dad, get him the fuck out of here."

"You, young man, you had better quiet down. I have probable cause to believe that your anger just might have hurt that boy in the trauma room... Mr. Mauer, I'm sure you can appreciate my position."

"Let me have a moment with my son." Dad said seriously. His footsteps came closer to the stall I was sitting in. He said through the door, "Joey, let me in."

"Dad, I'm..."

"Let me in son." Dad said softly.

I felt another cramp coming on but quickly reached across the stall after standing up, undid the cheap flimsy locking mechanism, and then sat back down just as another wave unleashed. Dad entered, knelt down, felt my forehead, kissed it and then whispered into my ear, "What's wrong with you? You aren't acting like yourself."

At first I shook my head then I put my arms around him. He held me firmly then separated us to arms' length. The look in his eyes said I needed to say something to explain the situation we were in. Just then the bathroom door opened. Asshole said, "I'm going back to the room where we were talking. Take all the time you need. I'll be waiting for you."

When then door shut completely, dad said, "What's going on with you Joey? First you were incredibly rude to the officer. Next, you call me for help, and then you curse the officer... what's up?"

The door to the bathroom closed. I didn't hear anything. I pointed to the door... dad got up off his knees, opened the door and then walked into the main part, I heard his footsteps... he said nobody was in the restroom, and then locked the door, returned and assumed his position on the floor just as another wave of cramps doubled me over. He took my head and shoulders into his strong arms and held me firmly until the wave passed with yet another tide of stomach contents passed into the bowl.

I put my arms forward and rested them on dad's shoulders. "Dad, that's a bad cop if there ever was one. He was a paying customer. Until the end he was satisfied with blow jobs and jack offs. He'd suck me off. He'd stick his fingers up back there but I would never let him fuck me. Sorry dad. It's street talk but he's a street cop... The last time we hooked up he seriously tried to rape me. He was greased up and … I kicked him so hard in his nuts that it hurt my foot … I got out of there … I've not seen him since … until today. I swear to God, dad."

"Okay son. Our phone connection wasn't terminated... I heard what he said to you... I'll deal with it." He then wiped my forehead clear of sweat, kissed it and then waited me out as one last final cramp passed.

I reached for bathroom tissue. Dad said, "Son, I'm going to stay here to make sure you're safe. I'll just turn my head to give you privacy."

I gripped his wrist and then got busy doing what I needed to do. I then released the catheter and allowed myself to relieve. Dad said while patting my shoulder, "That's a pretty handy little gadget. Does it hurt or anything?"

"Nope. Usually I don't have to use it. Okay, I think I'm done. Let me just sit here a minute to make sure. I'm sorry dad... this isn't all about me... Timmy's fucked, I mean screwed up, dad. He's been fucked. I know what to look for. He was fucked by a big dick."

And then it happened.

Memories returned.

Vivid memories.

Sickening memories.

Violent memories.

Bloody memories.

Violently, I scooted off the toilet, pushing dad back on his haunches, and then violently retched my guts up into the bowl... with the memories flooding and the sight of waste products in the toilet... it was all too much... dad, thinking every minute, reached around me and flushed the toilet, and then took me into his arms, held on as another wave of dry heaves took hold. Vaguely I recall him pulling up my underwear, and him patting my back reassuringly, and saying encouraging things to help the moment pass.

By then I was shaking like a leaf. My dad was patient. He never left my side. Finally, I'd had enough. Even after the violent episodes, I suddenly felt much better though I was shaky as hell I stood up, clamped the clamp on the catheter, got everything arranged and put back together.

Although my legs were weak and wobbly they weren't numb as I was afraid they would be. Dad flushed the toilet again then we walked to the sink where I washed my hands and face, towel dried them dry and then I took dad's face into mine and said with all of the emotion that I'd ever experienced to that time in my life, "Dad, Timmy needs us."

Dad nodded then pulled me into his arms, squeezed firmly then we released but our eyes never separated, not for one second.

He then said, "Son, I'm going to call Derrick. I'll have him come get you and take you home. There's really nothing you can do here right now. I want you home safe and sound."

Dad pulled his cell phone out, called Derrick and told him to come get me and take me home.

I said, "I'll worry, dad."

"I know."

"I already love him, dad."

"I know. I love you, son."

"I know, dad. I love you."

"I know, son."

We took the long way around to the ER desk where armed security guards protect patients coming in and staff working. There had been a major shooting in the ED department a few years ago. Seven people, hospital staff plus the gunman died that night in a massive shootout. Dad asked the guard to please not ask questions because he would explain everything once I was safely out of the area. The guard radioed for assistance.

I was escorted to the front doors by two armed guards. Derrick had arrived by the time we were at the front doors. I said, "Thank you. I really appreciate you guys."

They nodded then disappeared into the bowels of the hospital complex.

A cold chill went up and down my spine as those Memories began crowding in again but I fought them off. I put on my tough man suit when Derrick approached me. But it was short lived as I crouched down and began crying hysterically, scared shitless... not for me... but for Timmy.

Derrick helped me up and into the car. We drove home silently. When we arrived I went to my bedroom, stripped and got into bed, pulled the covers up and over my head and quietly sobbed. I heard my phone ring but I didn't get up to answer it. I'd call them back the next day, or the next day.

I couldn't fall asleep even though I was in a state of total exhaustion. The tears dried up but I was left in a depression to the extent that I'd never before known or experienced.

Derrick entered my room some time later. I felt his body weight push down the mattress onto its frame. I felt him gently lower the covers to my midsection. He ran his cool calm hand across my forehead then he leaned down kissed my cheek tenderly, not sexually. Sex was the very last thing on my mind, 'that kind' anyway, and he knew it. He was just being my big brother... I loved him for his sensitivity in those times of need. Thank you, bro.

"Can I get in bed with you?" Derrick asked tenderly. I pushed aside the covers. He crawled in, scooped me into his arms and held me firmly.

I fell asleep in his safe and loving arms. Restful, blissful sleep, welcome sleep where there were no monsters, no rapists, no hurt little boys and girls, in a place where everything was okay.

Derrick never left my side although when I woke up early in the morning with a hella need to piss he was dressed in only his underwear, with his hard dick pressing into my stomach. I disentangled from his arms, reached in to kiss his cheek then made my way to the bathroom caring not that I had not a stitch of clothes on my body. After hitting the bathroom I removed the catheter, washed the head of my dick with special soap then padded back to my room, put on a pair of regular brief underwear then headed into the kitchen. I'd smelled fresh coffee brewing. The smell was enticing.

Mom and dad were talking. They both looked up when I entered.

The family thing was getting to me... instead of sitting on my own chair I sat on dad's lap. He pulled me in, hugged me firmly and then said, "Good morning" and then kissed my forehead. I wrapped his arm around his shoulders and said, "Morning." Then to mom I asked, "How's Timmy?"

Mom got up from her seat, joined me and dad, "He's a sick little boy but he's going to be okay. We're helping him breath and I've got him on some very powerful antibiotics. You boys more than likely saved his life. Joey, I'm very proud of you. You boys could have just walked away, or not even investigated like you did... that shows me what you're really made of."

Dad inserted, "Yes it does. Don't quit, Joey. Now, I don't know what's going to happen with Timmy. I do not have a crystal ball. However, the process is started. Your mom and I have some talking to do between ourselves. It's adult stuff. Now, about the police officer..."

Just then Nathan entered wearing only a pair of very tight orange-rust colored bikini briefs with his need to empty his bladder erection – very apparent - in fact the head of his penis was 'dangerously' perched at the waistband. He was still very sleepy fogged. I had no doubt that he was not aware of that little situation that was not all that 'little', if you know what I mean.

I don't know why I pay attention to those details. Nevertheless, neither mom nor dad said anything.

"What's up guys?"

Mom gave Nathan the Reader's Digest version. The explanation satisfied Nathan's curiosity, somewhat. He then took off for the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

Dad then said, "That policeman... Joey there's a lot of things that I really cannot talk about just now. I assure you that an internal investigation is underway."

"Like what? What's being investigated? The guy's a pervert." I said seriously.

He looked at me, contemplating all the while. Finally he said, "Joey, I confronted the officer. He was very indignant and angry that you would say those things about him..."

"They're true..."

"Hang on a minute... according to him... he's categorically denying everything. He said some stupid stuff like you are mentally ill from the traumas in your young life, that perhaps you lost some of your reality when you were in the coma... how he knew you were in a coma beats me. It is something that I've told the watch commander..."

I didn't restrain myself even though Nathan walked into the kitchen and sat down on my lap, legs. I said, "That's bull... it's baloney sauce."

"What's baloney sauce?" Nathan asked curiously.

Dad quipped, "I like your choice of words young man. Those are my sentiments exactly. Anyway... we'll be going downtown so that you can give a sworn statement. I'll be with you at all times."

"I don't understand what you guys are talking about..." Nathan said.

Just then Derrick walked into the kitchen, poured himself a cup of coffee and sat down with the family. He said, "So how's the kid this morning?"

Mom looked to dad and then mom turned to Derrick, "He's responding to treatment. Okay Nathan... here's the story... Joey and his friends literally ran across a child in an alley way who was critically ill because of neglect and abuse. He's on my service. From all indications the policeman who took the report is less than a stellar representative of law enforcement. Joey knows him from his old life."

"Oh okay... what's the kids' name? Do we know him, Joey?"

To Nathan I said, "Nope, we don't know him."

Dad said, "Are you feeling better this morning?"

"Yep I'm all good. Are you going to work?" I asked mom.

"Not till later. You, your father and I have some unfinished business to take care of before I go to the hospital. Are you guys hungry?"

Without waiting for an answer she got up and began breakfast preparations after parentally telling us to get showered and dressed.

Derrick, Nathan and I, together, took showers then went our separate ways to get dressed in our own rooms.

The smell of frying bacon was nearly overpowering. I was dressed first then took off for the kitchen before the other guys made it. I reached for the plate with a load of bacon on it but before I could take a piece mom swatted my hand away then when she turned back to the stove after telling me to go make the toast I grabbed a piece of that bacon and stuffed it all in my mouth, "I told you to leave that bacon alone, young man." She said in her most parental of ways, yet I knew she was joking because there had not been one single time when I'd totally left that bacon alone. She fries up the best bacon in the world. When I reached for yet another piece, she got a pinch of my butt with her well trained surgeon's hands, "I told you to stay out of there. Now go make the toast!!!" She bantered. When I dutifully went to the toaster and put 4 slices of bread in it she stuffed a piece of bacon in my mouth. Mothers!

Nathan is a bacon sniffer and eater too… soon he came sauntering into the kitchen. His nose took him directly to the plate containing those tasty morsels… before he could 'steal' a piece, mom stuffed one of those slices right past his teeth after giving him a good morning kiss. Nathan made a big deal out of wiping it off with his bare arm however I knew he reveled in the new attentions paid to him.

As they were standing there talking to each other, my mind went wandering back over the years remembering Ma's interactions with him. Nathan never really seemed to be able to warm her over. I never really realized just how much of a disparity there had been between them. I mean Ma loved him, don't get me wrong, but they were not close, they always seemed to be at odds. Nathan's very respectful toward adults so he always treated her with respect due her… but still there had been a lot missing. I smiled inside while watching mom and Nathan interacting as they were doing in that kitchen.

Mom looked to me. She was smiling a knowing smile. My heart skipped a beat knowing that finally we, me and Nathan, were secure, and that we were being loved in a way that we could understand.

The moment was broken when Derrick came dragging his butt into the kitchen, sat down and then put his head on his arms and said, "I don't feel so good."

It was like he made a total transformation between getting out of the shower and getting dressed in his room. He looked hella sick. Mom immediately noticed the change too.

Immediately, she walked to Derrick, felt his forehead and then announced, "You're burning up with fever, boy. Joey, you're in charge of the kitchen. Your dad should be along shortly. Nathan, get the orange juice poured. I'll be back as soon as I can. Come with me Derrick, we've got to get your fever down."

With that said they took off for the bathroom.

Nathan looked like he was kinda lost so I pulled him into my arms and held him firmly. I looked down onto his face and said, "I noticed too, little brother."

"Why did she hate me?" Nathan sobbed.

"I don't know. Ma didn't hate you. She loved us all, in her own way. I think a big part of her died when dad and Jerrod were killed. She never got over it." I whispered softly.

"Yeah, everything changed. Joey, do you ever feel like you're going to wake up to find that this isn't real at all?" Nathan asked casually.

"I used to. I think it's all real though. Mom pinched my ass a good one for getting in the bacon ha haa." I said then reached down inside of Nathan's underwear, grabbed a cheek and pinched it but good.

"Pervert." Nathan chuckled then he did wipe his tears away with his arm. He was smiling, "I love you. You're a good perverted brother to me, pervert."

He was expecting me to 'get him' into a tickle fest but what I did instead was pull him back into me for another prolonged hug, then I lifted his chin and kissed his lips in a brotherly way... quick but deliberate.

He made a big deal out of it… spitting and sputtering and choking… but at the same time, the look in his eyes said that the kiss was exactly what he needed right then.

Derrick and mom reappeared. He was wearing a pair of loose fitting sweats. Mom announced, "Derrick has appendicitis. We're going to the hospital. Would you guys hold down the fort?"

"Of course. Derrick you get well soon. Mom, dad would you give us a call when you know something?"

"Will do." Dad said seriously then they were out the door. The garage door was opened by the automatic door opener, the car started and they were off to the hospital.

Nathan and I finished making breakfast, which left us a whole plate of bacon to eat by ourselves. No problem.

I went to my room, turned on the computer and checked email. There were emails from Skeeter, Gary, Ron and Blake plus a couple of spam messages that were offering cut rate discounts on Viagra and women with big tits pushing the product.

I definitely didn't need Viagra. The messages were deleted.

First is first – Skeeter:


I can't wait for you to get here. You're going to have a blast, I promise! Love you. Skeeter.

I replied:

Hey Skeet Shooter :-),

Yeah, I'm definitely anxious to get there. Save me some dessert, okay? LOL

Mom and dad just took Derrick to the hospital. Mom's pretty sure that he's got appendicitis.

Do you remember Charlie the cop? Sure you do. Anyway, some of my friends and I kinda ran into him last night at the hospital. Oh wait, we were goofing off getting lost and shit, and well we ran into a kid that we didn't know. Anyway, he was out last night in only his worn out jeans and thin t-shirt. He'd been hurt bad, and he had pneumonia. He's in the hospital. They have a machine breathing for him because his lungs are so bad. Poor kid, I hope they find his parents.

Anyway, Charlie dealt with my dad. Charlie scared the shit out of me, literally. Anyway, he was the cop assigned to the kid, the kids' name is Timmy BTW, sorry, but I don't think he is now, I hope not.

I'll write more later on. Maybe we'll catch each other on IM.

Love you.


Just as I was getting ready to open Gary's email, he popped up on IM.

Me: Hey Gary.

Gary: Hey. How's that kid doing? What happened to him?

Me: He's on a breathing machine. Mom said he's really, really sick. He's in critical condition because of his lungs.

Gary: Is he going to be okay?

Me: I hope so. Hey Gary, I'm sorry about your birthday party last night. I'll make it up to you.

Gary: No, don't. No worry. Just let me know how the kid is doing when you find out. Mom and dad were concerned. They asked me a bunch of questions and stuff about him.

Me: I will. I'm still sorry. We only turn 14 once you know. I know, I'll see if you can come over and spend the night. The 'rents won't have a problem but I'll ask to make sure.

Gary: Kewl.

While I was chatting with Gary, I was totally unaware that Nathan was standing behind me until he flipped my ear with his fingers. Damn it. It scared me. After I landed back in my chair from hitting the ceiling with fright, I got up then tossed one naked Nathan to the floor and began tickling him totally without mercy, until he started choking from laughing so hard. Tears were freely running from his eyes, he was beyond control, and he was hard as a rock.

Giggling, I let him up. He swore revenge then left after leaving with a huge fart in his wake. I needed a gas mask. It was awful.

Gary: Yo, Joey. Where are you?

Gary: Joey?

Gary: K. Be that way. Laters.

He was still online according to the indicator on the chat window.

Me: Yo… Gary. I'm here. I had to kick my brothers' ass, ha haa.

Gary: Kewl. I thought I pissed you off, or something.

Me: No way. Hey man, gotta jet. As soon as the 'rents call, I'll see if you can come over for the night.

Gary: Okay, kewl. Okay, I gotta jet too. Later.

Me: Later.

Blake asked about Timmy. After writing a brief reply I sent him some homework stuff and then signed off.

I walked into the kitchen to see if dad had left a list of chores. He hadn't. It was no surprise because of all that had happened since we'd had the talk. I figured I'd just get busy doing my regular chores like gathering up the trash, sweeping up the kitchen, and cleaning my room. I decided to go ahead and do Derrick's chores like cleaning out the garage. I figured I'd go ahead and change his bedding and generally straighten up.

"Hey Joey?" Nathan asked, walking into the kitchen.

"Hay's for horses. What do you want oh horse butt breath?"

"Fuck you. Can I go to Linda's?"

"Heh heh heh, after that comment you can't go nowhere. Who the hell's Linda?"

"Donnie's sister. She's hot." He said while scrunching up his jeans to show his erection.

"Ah... so you're going after some pussy, is that it?" I giggled.

"Maybe. Whatcha doing?"

"Dad didn't leave us a list of chores so I'm just jumping in doing what needs to be done. I'm going to clean Derrick's room too. Hey, would you strip his bed and put the sheets in the washer."

"Yeah, okay." He said then headed to Derrick's boudoir.

Before he got out of ear shot I said, "Thanks."

For the next two hours we went through the house like a tornado doing this and that. I helped Nathan with making both his and Derrick's beds. Nathan went out into the garage and rummaged through dad's work bench and found some cinnamon air fresheners that he hung in his and Derrick's room. Both of their rooms had a light but musty dirty underwear smell to them even though they were not afraid of taking showers. My room didn't have that smell to it. Oh well. The house smelled nice and clean.

I headed out to the garage. Nathan was following. I said, "Yeah, you can go. Just be back by dinner. Do you have some money?"

With that he tore out for his room but fell on the slick kitchen floor. I looked around the corner... the fall hadn't fazed him. He continued his trek then returned no more than a minute later carrying a $20 bill that he stuffed into his pocket after showing it to me.

"Have fun... oh... wait a minute. Come with me." I said.

We walked to my room. I got into the bottom drawer, retrieved 3 condoms. "Have you ever worn one of these things?"

"No, never had a need. Cool, thanks. Do you think they'll fit me?"

"Probably. They're mediums. I've not used them... hmm... let's try 'em on, wanna?"

The condom was a bit big for Nathan's penis. I gave him another raincoat so that he could double-bag. That helped a bunch. He then sat on my bed, lowered is pants and began jacking to judge the sensations. He got very excited very fast. As difficult as it was for him he looked down to his dick, the bubble and watched it fill with his sperms. His jizz wasn't yet thick but he made enough of the thin steamy stuff to counteract the thickness of an older guy. He loved the sensations. He then looked at me expectantly. Soon, very soon the bulb on the condom I was wearing filled though I didn't watch it fill as I was pretty much lost into oblivion from a very strong climax.

I gave Nathan a bunch of them. We hugged then he was off.

Mom called at about noon and said that Derrick's operation went well. She had surgery but would be home by dinner. I told her that Nathan went down to his friends' house.

"How's Timmy?" I asked seriously.

"He's responding nicely. At this rate I'm going to evaluate taking the breathing tube out later on today."

"Kewl. Hey mom, can Gary come spend the night tonight? It was his birthday yesterday. He's cool."

"I don't see a problem. Do you have his parents' phone number? I'd like to talk to them before I say yes."

"Uhm... I only have his cell phone number... I'll get it and call ya back." I said.

"Just give me his number... I'll go from there."

I gave her the number. We said goodbye.

Feeling my 'time' quickly arriving I took off for the bathroom and took care of that matter. I decided to not wear a catheter since I had easy access to the facilities.

I was in the garage putting together the gardening tools when dad drove up into the driveway. He got out and said, "Whatcha up to?"

"I was just getting things ready to go work the flower gardens and stuff. Whatcha up to?"

"Sounds like a plan but we need to get down to the precinct so that you can make the statement under oath. Things are buzzing at headquarters."

"Can I take a quick shower? We've been pretty busy." I said humbly.

"Oh shoot... I didn't get you and Nathan a chore list did I?"

"No sir. We cleaned up the house. Derrick's room was a wreck. He's such a slob." I said giggling.

Dad smiled but didn't say anything.

I put the stuff back, headed into the house, stripped to my skin in my bedroom then streaked to the bathroom to take a shower. Once that was finished I put a catheter on in case things got nerve racking or prolonged.

I was just walking out of the bathroom when dad called my name from the kitchen area. Without a care I walked into the kitchen. Dad said, "You guys did a really nice job. Thanks. And thanks for doing Derrick's room... he'll appreciate it."

With that said I headed to my room but before getting there dad said, "I see a bear. Hurry. Run to your bedroom where it's safe."

I looked at dad. He had kind of a smirk look on his face. I was totally dumb to what he was talking about because I knew we didn't have bears in that part of Illinois.

"We don't have bears here... sheesh." I said then turned to continue to my bedroom but dad stopped me cold when he said, "I definitely saw a bare ass... get it?"

"Right..." I said then made a big point of making sure he saw me roll my eyes... PARENTS!

As I was doing my hair, making sure it was just right, dad walked into the bathroom and said as he did his own, "Joey, it's perfectly okay to run around here as you were born. I'm glad to see you opening up. I'd prefer that you not run around with an erection though they are normal and natural. I'd rather you were at least wearing underwear but a casual streak isn't a problem."

"Yeah, right, of course. Don't worry, I'm not…"

"Have you heard from your mom? I tried calling her but it went immediately to voice mail."

"Oh yeah, we talked... she had an operation to do. She said Timmy's responding to treatment and that she hoped his breathing tube could come out today."

"That's good to hear."

Just then my phone rang. Caller ID indicated it was Gary. I said, "Hey."

"Hey yourself. Your mom talked to mine... everything's a go. When do you want me over?"

"Good question... hang on a minute... dad, can we stop and pick up Gary after we get finished with the statement?"

"That's not a problem. Do you know where he lives?"

"I'll work it out. Gary, we'll pick you up. I'll call for your address when we're on our way."

"Sounds good. See ya later."

The statement process was not all that difficult. Dad was permitted to be with me as the detective asked some really private questions of my past life... surely because that stupid asshole fucking bad cop. Since I was immune from any kind of prosecution for my previous proclivities, I honestly answered each and every one of their questions, including my drug and alcohol uses in the past.

As soon as my statement was transcribed, I read it over carefully then signed it. Dad countersigned it, got a copy made for our records then took off for Gary's house to pick him up so he could stay overnight with us.

The detective had said all information would be submitted to the prosecutor who would determine if charges would be filed. He said that Charlie went to the station house, talked with the watch commander, and because the charges could not be substantiated at that point, he was sent home on paid administrative leave until the investigation was complete.

Gary was ready to go when we arrived. After exchanging pleasantries with his parents, we took off, stopped at several stores so that dad could find something nice to give mom for her birthday coming up the following Monday. He found something while Gary and I went and hung out in the mall core then went to the arcade and played a few games but the place was crowded, the waiting lines were long, and all the good games were already being played.

Dad called on the cell phone, told me he was ready to go so we made our way to the car and headed home. On the way, thinking of the doll I had 'purchased' for mom with funds from a 'photo shoot' Nathan and I had done a few weeks prior, I said, "Dad, mom said you had a project that I might be able to help with so that I can make some money. You said the same thing. Neither of you would tell me what the project is… I'd still like to give mom the doll."

"Let's talk about this later, now is not the time. And yes, I do have a project. I'll be willing to talk about it later."

When dad gives the 'talk about it later' parental 'advice' I've learned he means just that so I dropped the subject.

On the way home, mom called from the hospital and said that Timmy had his breathing tube out, was hungry, and was asking about me and dad. Dad took the next exit off the freeway then doubled back. He exited two intersections later then headed to the hospital. After parking, Gary spoke up saying he doesn't do hospitals very well, that they give him the eebie jeebies then asked to wait in the vehicle.

Dad approved. I gave Gary my cell phone so he could listen to some tunes while we were away. Dad told Gary to stay put in the vehicle and to not go anywhere. In the end, Gary decided to come with us since he needed to use the restroom, and that he wanted to see Timmy more than he wanted to sit alone, and that he'd just do with his 'hospital-phoria' <new word!>.

Timmy was indeed doing much better. He was severely emaciated. Because he had a sheet that only covered his lower regions one could see each and every rib, his bony shoulders, his thin neck and jawbones, his bony lower legs, his knobby knees… the sheet began to cover him at that point. A sign above the bed noted that he was on 'voice rest'. Nevertheless, I walked to the side of his ICU bed, leaned down and whispered, "Everything's going to be okay. You probably don't remember me, it was dark when we met, and you were scared, and you were very sick last night."

He whispered in my ear, "Your name is Joey. I remember it because your mom talked to you in the ER. Thanks, but I'm not worth it, you won't like me, and I'm dirty…"

Before I could say anything, a nurse arrived with hospital pans filled with water, a bar of soap, shampoo and a hospital gown then announced that we were to leave because she was going to clean Timmy up.

Gary didn't look too well. Dad motioned with hand gestures that it was time for us to leave as the nurse had instructed us to do. I spoke up, "Dad I'm not disobeying you. Can I stay and help with his bath? He's scared. He said I won't like him and he's not worth our time and trouble for anything."

"The nurse said for us to leave so let's go." Dad said parentally. There was no use arguing with him when he uses that tone of voice. Don't get me wrong, he wasn't angry and wasn't speaking authoritatively, he was just saying it was time for us to go so the nurse could do her job.

The nurse spoke up, "Are you his brother?"

"No. We just met last night… we sorta stumbled onto each other. Anyway, we've got to go now." I said knowingly. Dad nodded then held his arm out toward me. I walked on past him and out the door of the cubicle then headed toward the ICU exit. When dad and Gary arrived, we took off through the winding halls of the hospital… and onward home.

Dinner that night was light. Mom arrived home as we were sitting down to eat. Quickly, we made a place for her and ate quietly.

Mom shooed us out of the kitchen when the meal was finished. Gary and I took off to the family room where we turned on a Star Wars movie and watched it to the end. By the time the movie was over, it was just past 10pm. We were both tired however perked up when dad announced that he was going to dish up ice cream.

While we were eating, dad announced that the project was going to put in an in-ground swimming pool, a pool pump and changing room, a gazebo and a patio. He was going to hire out the job for the pool however the plans were to build the extra stuff by ourselves using plans he and mom had drawn up. He then looked at me, "I'm willing to pay you $15.00 an hour to do a roughneck's job. It's not a glorious job, you'll work hard… but I think this will take care of the other thing we talked about earlier today."

Excited though perplexed, I asked, "What's a roughneck?"

"The job is a gopher, actually. Go for this. Go for that. When I need something, you go for it!"

"Sure. No problem. When do we start?"

"We'll be starting the project the weekend after you get back from your trip. I'm willing to loan you the money you need. Just don't let me down. We'll be on a tight timetable."

"Don't worry, I won't let you down. I promise. Thanks." I said absolutely.

Gary and I headed to my room. I fired up the laptop; we played a few games until we were just too tired to continue any longer.

Mom entered carrying a sleeping bag and a pillow. She tossed to the floor, bade her good nights, hugged me tightly and said, "Have fun. I'll see you in the morning."

"Love you too mom. Thanks." I said then lightly kissed her lips.

She took off and closed the door behind her.

Gary said, "Your mom's cool. Mine is too. My dad's a bit hard to get along with but he's okay. We get along okay."

"Joey... about the other day..."

That stopped me. I stood up and walked to the bed where Gary was sitting. I said, "Yeah... are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Uhm... mom asked me what we were doing with the door shut... she didn't press it... but we've always had an open relationship. Don't worry, I didn't say anything about 'exactly' what we were doing but I think she kind of had an idea... anyway, I told her that you and I had kissed and that I liked it. She told me that it was my decision to make, and that she and dad would be behind me."

"Kewl. That's way kewl. My parents are okay too. I mean my parents are way kewl but they're really okay with who I am... I'm changing a lot Gary. I came from some wicked shit but I'm fighting my way out of yesterday. Anyway, I hope you don't mind but I really don't want to go into that stuff tonight... maybe I'll tell you another time. Meanwhile, I'm gonna take a shower. You're welcome to join me if you want to... do you want to?"

Gary grinned, "Do I want to what? Take a shower or take one with you?"

I giggled, "Both?"

He got this goofy and surprised look running across his face, and then he leaned in. Our lips touched briefly but passionately. I cautiously flicked my tongue into his slightly open mouth.

My jeans tightened at least 5 notches. Gary squirmed.

"Shower. Now." I said seriously.

With that said I retrieved a pair of underwear from the drawer while Gary fetched a pair from his gym bag. Off to the shower we went.

I drained my can, removed the catheter and then jumped into the shower. Gary already had the temperature just right. We quickly washed, rinsed, dried off, and then headed into my bedroom. I closed the door but didn't lock it. There was no need to lock it. Mom and dad respected closed doors just as Gary's did.

I got down on the floor and folded out the sleeping bag, planning on sleeping on it myself, giving my bed to Gary.

I said, "You sleep in my bed, I'll take the floor."

"No way, I'm not going to run you out of your own bed. I'll be fine."

"NO… I insist!" I replied authoritatively. That caused us to square off because we were both kidding, although I really wasn't playing around with him sleeping in my bed at all. A full out wrestling took over. Although we could have whooped each others' asses we were just having fun. In the end, we both piled into my nice soft bed. Then I had to get up and out of the soft comfy place to go to the bathroom and drain. I debated on a catheter... I'd slept most nights without it but I didn't want to have an accident with my friend.

I took one with me, hoping we could at least jack off. I hadn't jacked off all day. With the kissing action I knew I'd need to at least beat off else take the chance of making a bigger mess in my bed.

When I entered my bedroom, Gary immediately turned over onto his side and yanked the covers up. With a deer in the headlights look on his face he said, "Sorry... this is your room... sorry man..."

"Perhaps I could help you out?" I asked huskily.

Gary giggled cautiously, pointed to the front of my underwear. I looked down then looked back to him... I was ready for just about anything. Okay, I was ready for anything... but I wasn't going to push him... hell, I didn't want to be pushed either.

I got into bed. His underwear were down around his knees. Within scan seconds his and my underwear were lying on the floor. Our lips joined and then I rolled onto his stomach so that our lips and our male glands could join intimately.

And then it happened.

Needless to say, another shower was in order.

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