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The Redemption, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 8

On Sunday, Timmy was transferred to the pediatric wing after having spent several days in the ICU to get his breathing back to normal. We visited every day to cheer him on, to encourage him, to show him that we actually cared about what happened to him.

He seemed somewhat distant and aloof. He wouldn't say much about anything but we could tell that he really liked having visitors, us in particular.

Mom, through social services, found out that he'd been abandoned by a crack-head mother, and that the father was unknown though the hospital did take DNA and submitted it through the federal missing children network.

On Saturday morning, Nathan and I took off on the CTA to go to the hospital. Mom had been working ragged hours so she actually had a weekend off and would not be going in for any reason, just to get away from the grind. Don't mistake me, mom loved her job but as she said, "There's too much of it!"

We arrived at about 10am but were told that he would be away for a couple of hours for CT scans, MRI scans, and other various and sundry tests and examinations. So we took off for the cafeteria, purchased Cokes, and sat and shot the shit for a while.

About an hour later we started to hear mom's name paged over the intercom, several times in fact. We wondered what that was all about since mom wasn't working the weekend. We just figured that the staff was goofing up.

When the lunch crowd began showing up we took off for Timmy's room thinking that he would surely be back in his room by then.

He was.

He was sleeping with his head cocked to one side. He looked terribly uncomfortable.

I got on one side and Nathan got on the other. Together we straightened the boy so that he looked somewhat better aligned. He barely responded to us. He was so tired.

The dietary staff arrived with a junk food tray. I told the lady that we'd take care of the boy.

He was too tired to eat, or so he said, so Nathan and I took turns hand feeding him, which he eagerly accepted. In short order he'd eaten all but the spinach. Nathan and I are NOT spinach eaters... so we started goofing off trying to figure out where the hell the nasty green shit comes from.


Pond scum.

Waste treatment plants.

Scientific experiments gone all wrong.

And other various and sundry origins that could only be thought of by teenage boys.

Mom was home. She'd not been out of the house the entire day, other than to sit on the patio and relax with dad. We told her of the many pages at the hospital while we were there. She thought that it was their communications problems because she'd not been paged or called all day though she had both on – she's like that, always at the ready.

Derrick had quickly and fully recovered from his appendix surgery. He was very grateful that we had thoroughly cleaned up his room though he wasn't all that happy about us going through his stuff. We assured him we'd not gone through his stuff for fear that we'd be bitten by some man-boy-eating creature living under his bed.

Dad suggested that we go out to dinner that night but we hatched up another plan: Derrick, Nathan and I would fix dinner for them, for a change.

Derrick was the mister grill master chef extraordinaire. That dude made up some hamburger steaks to be proud of. Nathan shredded up some cabbage and ended up making really decent coleslaw. For my contribution I cut up some potatoes, baked them up and the covered them with sour cream, chives and plenty of shredded cheddar cheese. Then to top things off we later went to DQ for some killer ice cream.

Nathan and I didn't have school the next day, something about parent-teacher conferences or some such thing, so Gary invited me to spend the night with him. Approvals were given by the 'rents. Derrick dropped me by then he took off for a date with a ho who only wanted his body. She was a ditz. Her name or her nick name was Muddy.

I was still stuffed like a pig but I was 'forced' to eat a tiny slice of homemade cheesecake Gary's mom had made from scratch. She gave me the recipe that I stored on my phone for future reference.

They had a killer home surround sound system in a room that they'd converted. They had every conceivable amenity known to man in that room, including rock back or stationary captains' chairs that made you think you were in some freaking movie. It was awesome. We watched 3 of the Raiders movies. By the time the third movie was over we were all exhausted tired since it was almost 2am.

Gary and I went to his room, stripped down to our underwear then he told me to go ahead and take my shower. I took his hand so that we could shower together.

I took a hella dump, flushed and then got into the shower, got the water to temperature while he took care of his business. Gary insisted, read it: I didn't argue, that he wash my body. I was about three quarters hard. When it was time for my magic wand he looked into my eyes and said that he wanted to lose his virginity that night, that he wanted me to pop his cherry, and that he wanted my sperm deep inside his belly or wherever the injection goes to.

All the sex talk made my pole rigid. I assured him that I'd be up to his request but that I needed to release some steam because otherwise I'd not last long enough so I jacked off to a thunderous conclusion. He drank every drop though he didn't suck me. I sucked him though. From the whimpers emanating from deep within his guts I believed, without a doubt, that he liked those oral ministrations.

I washed his butt really, really well – because I had plans. Plans that I'd never executed before but wanted to... I'd heard that it was killer good. I wanted Gary's first experience to be his best. Using very soapy fingers since he'd not explored that area of his anatomy before I teased my index finger into his virginal space to the first knuckle then the second and then the third digit. He had a very, very thick and tight sphincter that would slightly spasm with moderate discomfort to him, so much so that I dared not to do him, not that I had a great big dick or anything.

I explained to him the situation, and my overwhelming desire and commitment to not hurt him because it would be the very last thing I'd ever do. Although disappointed he accepted my concerns for his welfare.

We slept in until noon. After a quick brunch Gary needed to take off for his home. We both decided to not have a full out sexual relationship because our friendship was more important, although we did agree that we could jerk or suck if the need arose (pun intended).

The following Saturday morning found me at the airport with bags in hand, ready to travel to bumfuck Kansas for a reunion with Skeeter, my long term friend from the hood of Chicago. Mom and dad had waived the recommended 'escort' by airline personnel for my travels. The 'rents and I decided that because of my history of independence I'd do just fine. If I got confused or misdirected there were people who would guide me to where I needed to be or what I needed to do to resolve the situation.

I'd never been out of the city of Chicago any further than the North Shore where I had made a 'substantial' sum of money from 'customers' who found my body appealing to satisfy their perverted sexual needs for kiddies… I obliged them by offering them 'just about' anything for the right amount of money… there I go back into remembrance mode… back to present. So there I was sitting in a comfortable seat on a huge 747 as a passenger, with a lap belt around my lower regions, waiting for the jet engines to spin seemingly out of control yet I knew they did in fact work in perfect harmony to safely take passengers from one place to another, usually far, far away.

I jumped slightly when the plane lurched backwards. Quickly, I turned to the passenger seated next to me on my right side. She was a woman of probably ancient ages to see if she saw or felt my reactions. Finding no reaction, I quickly turned my head to my left where a young black man was busily reading… and paying no attention to anything or anything else but 'it'. The ebony hue to his skin, his features, although quite a bit older reminded me of my first love Wayne.

The passenger caught me looking at him then he looked deep into my eyes, smiled pleasantly, and then returned to his reading materials.

My forage into the past was thankfully interrupted by the planes' engines whining and vibrations as they roared to life. Soon, the aircraft began to move, slowly at first then it picked up speed. I guess I was a dork because I wondered how in the hell we would get up to altitude going that danged slow but then the pilot came over the overhead speakers and said that we were third in line, to sit back and relax, and for the flight attendants to prepare for takeoff. The cabin lights dimmed. The guy sitting next to me reached up and turned on a little light that illuminated his lap (I was paying attention) so that he could continue reading. I got a really good look at his profile… the uncanny likeliness to Wayne's was indescribable. I wondered if he could have been a relation of some kind... perhaps an uncle, a cousin or some other close relative.

The pilot then announced that we were next in line. At the same time I listened carefully to a dull roar on my right side. Quickly, I looked out the little cubbyhole window to see a plane screaming down the runway, and then I wondered if our plane, too, would make such a roar… my thoughts were interrupted as we began moving again then made a sharp right turn and then once again stopped… but only for a minute or two. The engines of our plane then went into, what I strongly suspected to be full throttle pushing my body fully and completely into the back of the chair. As we screamed down the runway on our way to takeoff, I noticed that the front of the cabin appeared to rise and then my butt was mashed into the seat as the rest of the aircraft followed its nose into the sky. We were in a very steep ascent, probably at a 45 degree angle although it seemed like we were going straight up as a rocket ship does.

Within a moment, surely no longer, the plane made a severe left hand banking turn. When I looked out the window on the other side of the cabin, I saw the airport tarmacs immediately below us, the engines faded out somewhat yet they were still screaming at full bore. That was weird as hell to see the wing BELOW us… I started to panic and was damn glad I had worn a catheter to keep myself from wetting that which I was sitting on and the clothes I was wearing. Despite my mild but persistent protestations, mom had insisted that I wear one.

What seemed to be hours and hours, the plane, actually in short order, pulled out and then screamed upward at a very steep angle, rapidly gathering speed and altitude. The monitor on the back of the seat in front of me was rapidly indicating our ascent and distance from the airport… one thousand, one thousand one hundred, one thousand two hundred then one thousand five hundred then at two thousand feet I looked out the window on the other side of the black man to see little buildings, tiny little cars that looked like matchbook vehicles. Our plane then performed a fairly sharp banked turn to the right… I supposed to counter the maneuver we had taken just after takeoff. About 10 minutes later, we leveled off and went out of the turn.

The black man looked at me. He smiled warmly, "This must be your first flight… it's going to be okay, just sit back and enjoy traveling between five hundred and six hundred miles an hour. Before you know it you'll be at your destination safe and sound."

"Yeah, it's my first time. How did you know?"

In reply, all he did was look down… I looked down and saw that I had a death grip on his wrist. My knuckles were white making my fingers look like an alligator's head. Quickly, I removed my hand from his wrist then quickly said, "Sorry. I guess I was more nervous than I thought."

"That's quite okay. I was just as nervous as you on my maiden flight a couple of years ago. My name's John Miller. Where are you headed if I may ask?"

"My name's Joey, Joey Mauer. I'm going to go see my best friend in the whole world. He lives in a Podunk town somewhere in Kansas on a farm… we haven't seen each other in several months. It's all good. Where are you headed?"

"I'm going to Phoenix to see a friend I haven't seen in about a year. It sounds like we are on similar journeys for the same reasons. I'll be changing planes in Kansas City."

"Me too! Then I'll be flying on what they call a 'puddle jumper' to Wichita. From there, we'll be driving a couple of hours to get to their home where I'll be staying."

"Kewl. Well, enjoy the flight. The weather is predicted to be clear sailing all the way."

"You too. Thanks for resting my spirit, and thanks for the use of your wrist." I said smiling sheepishly.

"All's good. If you need to, you can use my wrist for when we descend and land."

"I think I'm okay now but thanks."

As soon as the pilot turned off the 'stay in your seat' light, I quickly excused myself then headed for the restroom where I took a hella pee, keeping my balance by holding one hand on the doors where baggage is kept. They call those 'overhead compartments'.

After returning to my seat, the stewardess offered drinks… I chose a Coke, and soon I had it all drank down. I then pulled out my laptop, set it up and began to write some more of this story. (In case you're wondering, I wrote about the flight :-))

As soon as I had written a page, the pilot came on to announce we would begin our descent into Kansas City so I had to stow the laptop under the seat in front of me, between my legs.

Landing was a breeze. When we arrived at the gate, we deplaned. Contrary to my assertions that I was independent as hell, I soon found myself wandering around looking for the gate we'd be departing from to go to Wichita.

Finally, I gave in and asked a ticket agent where I was to go to next. He was very accommodating, paged flight services, and soon an escort soon arrived to take me to the gate where I'd be departing from.

Come to find out that departing flight was from a different carrier in a different terminal.

The escort, a lady, was prim and proper and with a very starched demeanor… as if she hated her job with a passion. When we arrived at the terminal, she reluctantly escorted me to the gate and then was gone in the blink of an eye, not saying a damn thing. Whatever already!

A puddle jumper the plane was. Soon it was in midair and at cruising altitude without all the turns, heaving feelings as it ascended. About 45 minutes later we were hitting the runway in Wichita, and boy did we hit the runway.

On the way out of the plane I stopped and asked the pilot why the hard landing. He pointed out the obvious but wasn't arrogant about informing me the puddle jumper plane was not nearly as heavy as the bigger airplanes and didn't have the suspension system they had. Made sense to me. I thanked him then deplaned. Instead of walking through a jet way we were directed to the ground where we walked to the terminal.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Skeeter standing just inside the gate with several other people. He was intently and purposefully looking at each and every passenger entering the security area, and then when he saw me his eyes lit up like a blinding flash of lightening. He began jumping up and down, waiving at me fiercely.

Without provocation or invitation, my eyes immediately filled with tears and then began their rapid descent down my cheeks and onto my shirt. As soon as my body exited the security checkpoint, not a second longer, I ran to him and together we body slammed and grabbed onto each other as if our lives depended on the contact. It did - or that contact seemed to give and sustain life.

After one last squeeze, Skeeter took a step back and introduced his mom and dad, Dan and Vera Richardson. Dan immediately came over, patted my shoulders, welcomed me to Podunkville, and then Vera hugged and welcomed me with a hug which Skeeter ended very quickly. Once again he and I became glued together. Dan chuckled loudly and then urged us to follow him to the baggage area where we waited and waited for my belongings. Finally they arrived. And soon we were off and onward to a new destination – their home.

About an hour later we stopped at an all-in-one convenience where the 'rents purchased for us drinks and an order of fries to tide us over until we got 'home'. As we got ready to leave, Skeeter and I hit the restroom. Immediately, he went to a urinal. I headed to an enclosed stall where I released the catheter and let loose with an intense stream of yellow liquid into their sewer system.

Finished, I squeezed out any remainders, took off the catheter for a moment so that I could wipe the end of my dick with a piece of toilet paper… usually I wash it with sudsy water to keep remnants of urine from severely chaffing the head of my cock but decided I'd wait until I arrived at their house.

I washed my hands then dried them. As we were standing at the sink, Skeeter asked quietly, "How come you didn't stand at the urinal with me?"

"Uhm, I'll explain it later. Come on, let's go, your parents are probably waiting."

Actually, I was excited to get back on the road to their house so that Skeeter and I could go see the farm sights he had told me all about, including the chickens.

As we were riding in the very back seat of their Grand Caravan, our hands found each others. We clasped them together firmly then we slunk down in the seat where our lips found each others' for the very first time in our lives. The experience was titillating. Immediately I boned up. I noticed that Skeeter's jeans were tight and pooching in one particular area. Automatically, my hand reached over and then began lightly tracing the bulge that I'd found fascinating. Just as quickly, he brushed my hand aside and whispered, "Dude, I'm about to rocket. Later."

That said, we kissed once again and then he began, once again, telling me all about the farm and those wide open spaces awaiting our arrival.

Once Dan drove us out of the city and its suburbs, great expansive pastures, farmsteads, windmills, grain silos, white picketed and rustic railroad tied fences, turn offs to gravel and or dirt roads, telephone poles, men out in their fields tilling up ground and pushing away weeds, brought about a huge sense of peace and contentment within my soul, within my heart, and in my head. Never before had I seen such sights – you just didn't see these things in the concrete confines in the big bad city. I could then understand Skeeter's excitement every time he told me of the farm life he was living in.

I turned to him, smiled broadly, and then seeing that his 'rents were fully facing forward, we stole a more passionate touching of our lips, but then broke off immediately when his mom cleared her throat. When we came back to the here and now, she was looking back at us with a wicked smile on her face. Add insult to injury… Dan was looking back in the rear view mirror. He said, "Don't get lost in there boys." And then he cackled wildly.

As you can imagine, we were mortified with embarrassment at being caught in an intimate moment such as we had been experiencing.

Soon, Dan slowed down and made a turn up a gravel road. Dust contrails were following our every move as we drove probably 2 miles on it until we reached a broad expansive homestead on our left. Skeeter announced, "Here's home. This is where I live now." I looked over at him, caught his eyes that were filled with tears and threatened to escape but he quickly wiped them away and said, "Sorry. I do that every time I 'come home'. I reached across and quickly gave him a kiss then retreated just as quickly.

"Joey, Stephen's brothers and sisters, except for Rick – you've heard about him already, who is taking care of the younger ones, are in school. They'll be home in a couple of hours. The plan is to fix us lunch and then you boys go wandering to your hearts' content. Stephen, for the rest of the afternoon, you are excused from chores, but then this evening you need to get back on them… maybe you can show Joey how to help you."

"Kewl. Thanks mom. Thanks dad. I'll get them done, don't worry. Dad?"

"Yup, that's my name, what's up son?"

"Dad, thanks for taking time out of your busy day to pick up my best friend. The same is true for you, mom. You guys are the greatest ever."

"Thanks. I'm sorry for taking you away from your work. I'll try not to be a pest." I said resolutely.

"Joey, don't you start that running yourself down. Your mom told me that you do that, and for me to nip it in the bud. Now, you just enjoy yourself here. Work hard. Play hard. That's what we do. There's plenty of room, don't you worry none."

When Dan parked the vehicle, Skeeter jumped out. I followed him to the back of the vehicle. He unlatched the lock then opened the tailgate. His dad thumped him on the head then said, "Bolivar, I'll get Joey's bags, why don't you run down to the front pond. Mom'll ring the dinner bell in plenty of time for you to wash your hands and face."

"Thanks Dad." Skeeter warmly hugged his dad then this mom said in a motherly tone of voice, "You boys be careful."

We took off for the barn. One the way, Skeeter pointed out the chicken house, several outbuildings, a bunk house used for transient workers when harvest time comes in the fall, a field with 4 horses leisurely grazing. Those horses looked up at us then went back to what they were doing. Skeeter said happily, "You see that black mare on the left down there… that's mine. Maybe tomorrow I'll, I mean we'll get to ride her. She's cool. She knows that I'm new to this and so she's been real gentle. Dad said that that horse had hated people. He couldn't believe she came right to me and allowed me to pet her the very first day I was here. I broke her in to the harness without any problem. I love her Joey. She loves me. She loved me before I could love and let my new family love me."

Skeeter then bent over as if to pick up something, but I saw drips of water landing on the dry dusty ground. They were coming from his eyes after I coaxed him up from his leaned over position. I wiped them away with my finger, then after looking around to see if anyone was watching, I kissed him tenderly.

He showed me all around the barn, quickly explaining certain things and answering my questions.

"Come on let's go up in the loft. It's my place away from everything when I need to be alone to think and get things straightened out in my head."

Eagerly he led the way up a narrow, rickety ladder to the top and into the loft area. Bales of hay were all around. He explained that those were kept up there to get dry and to age. He explained it was an overflow area that was used in the wintertime when the bales out in the fields ran out. He said that winter hadn't been harsh so they had not needed to retrieve many from the loft area.

He then took me to the back, in a corner. Hay bales had carefully arranged. With ease, he moved one which revealed a small narrow passageway then he got down on his hands and knees and crawled through the hole. From the other side he called, "Come on Joey, this is my place to hang out by myself when I need to get away. It's cool. Let me just check to make sure there are no snakes around to bother us."

"Snakes? I hate fuckin snakes." I exclaimed under my breath.

"Don't worry, they don't like humans either! Dad said the only time a snake will bite is when they get afraid or are stepped on or their mating is interrupted." Skeeter said assuredly. I wondered how he heard me, but then again our surrounds were very quiet.

"Okay, everything's kewl come on in."

I followed the path he had taken. Soon, I was on the other side. He helped me stand although I needed no help, I accepted his hand.

The area that he called his was probably no more than 8 feet long and maybe no greater than 3 feet wide. You had to watch your head or you'd hit the ceiling, as I found out from direct experience after connecting with it not once but twice. No damage. No harm done. I'd been told that I had a hard head… it proved out to be true, ha haa.

Although the lighting was extremely dim, and came only from the open barn doors far below, I could and did easily see outlines of a couple of hay bales neatly arranged side by side. On them were blankets and a sleeping bag, a pillow, his CD player, and even a very small, compact battery powered TV set.

"I stay up here sometimes, Joey. I stayed up here a lot when I first arrived on the farm. Sometimes once or twice some of my brothers would come up and stay with me. Over time, especially when it got colder than fucking hell, I've gradually moved to the house to the room they especially made up for me. Joey, I'm so fucking happy here… I often wake up in the middle of the night and pinch myself to make sure that what I'm doing and where I'm at is actually real. Dad's showed me the operations of the farm so that I can take over when he's too old to do it. I've decided to stay here for the rest of my life. I can't even imagine leaving."

Just then my cell phone rang. It was mom. Shit, I'd forgotten to call her when I arrived at Skeeter's home.

"Hi mom. Sorry, I didn't call."

"That's okay. I know you're excited and had a lot on your mind. No biggie. Were your flights okay?"

"Yup, well I got kinda screwed up in Kansas City. The flight here departed from a different terminal. Anyway an escort showed me the way... and well here I am. This place is huge. We're in the barn right now. Skeeter's showing me around."

"Okay, I'm going to let you go. Duty calls me but call us tonight before you go to bed, okay?"

"Will do... okay, gotta go for now."

"Love you." Mom said.

"Love you too. Bye."

"Parents!" Skeeter giggled.

"Yeah, but I wouldn't trade them for anything."

"Me either. No way."

Skeeter took hold of my hand and guided us to his bed away from home, lied down on it and then simply looked into each other's eyes, settling into a warm, friendly, companionable silence. Every once in a while we'd lean in and allow our lips to touch.

I'd never seen Skeeter as a sex object. Instead I felt stirrings inside me that I'd not really known, felt before... oh I'd felt comfortable and even had some serious feelings toward Lou but those feelings had been different, fleeting, and unfortunately based on the exchange of services.

"Whatcha thinkin?" Skeeter asked quietly.

I smiled and then pounced him. We ended up rolling around on his bed just enjoying ourselves. As it were, Skeeter because of his hard work on the farm quickly gained supremacy and was lying atop my still thin frame at which time I realized I needed to pee like a racehorse.

His lips covered mine. I didn't argue, not even one little bit. I definitely joined his efforts for passion. I relaxed completely and permitted, even encouraged, without hesitation, our tongues to touch. Our kiss was not wild. It wasn't one of those horny kisses... you know where you mash lips together in a frenzy while stripping with hopes to fuck your brains out, to get relief.

In any event, the time for a piss was reached. I said softly, "I've gotta use the can. Don't go anywhere. I'll be right back."

"I'll go with ya. If you only have to pee...?"

"Yeah... that's all."

Skeeter jumped up then pulled on my hand thus helping me stand on my feet.

"Come on I'll show ya… I need to pee too."

Skeeter led me from his sanctuary to a huge open window at the other side of the barn. Without hesitation he whipped it out, squeezed his dick a couple of times, and then let loose with an arc of clear water to be proud of to a hay pile way down below. He smiled and said, "So whatcha waiting for?"

"Uhm... nothing. Wait, I need to talk to you about something..." I said then slowly reached down, fumbled aimlessly with the zipper to my pants.

Skeeter said after shaking the correct number of times, "I'll go back to my sanctuary and give you your privacy."

With that said he did exactly that. Urgently, I whipped mine out, released the clamp on the catheter and let it fly. Finished, I put everything back together and joined him. He was aimlessly chewing on a piece of straw, smiled when I entered, urged me to sit with him, and then he put his arm around my shoulders, pulled me in close, and we kissed pleasantly.

"Uhm... Skeeter... I need to talk to you about something." I said then looked into his eyes. The look in his eyes was waiting, encouraging, supporting, and urging me to continue.

"Dude, you can talk to me about anything. I have a lot to talk to you about too. A lot has happened since we last saw each other. Let's just be open with each other, okay?"

I felt tears welling up in my eyes, not because I was sad or anything... I knew how damn close his words rang home. He reached over, wiped them away with his thumb, leaned in, kissed my lips, and said, "Go ahead, Joey. Don't be afraid of me, okay. What you see is what you get. I'm not hiding anymore."

That was my turning point. I said, "Well, when I was paralyzed and blind and shit, I was left with a problem. The stuff affected my bladder so I have to have one of these..."

I laid back, undid the zipper and button on my jeans, lowered my underwear down and showed him my cock and the sheath covering. I continued, "I'm getting some control back. I'm even able to go without it for longer periods of time... but still... anyway... it embarrasses me."

"It's so not a big deal, Joey. Luke wears one of those too. He had some bad shit happen to him. The doctors call it psycho... psycho... something psychological."

I giggled, "Yeah, it's psycho something... I still can't pronounce it even though mom's said it a dozen times, maybe more." I began putting my stuff back together but Skeeter looked down and then without hesitation reached down and quickly kissed the shaft of my penis, and then zipped me up.

"Joey, I'm just so fucking glad that you can see and walk again. When I left Chicago you were in a very deep coma. They didn't know if you were going to come back, or if you did come back then what kind of person you'd be, or if you'd just be a dork, I mean incapable of taking care of yourself. I didn't want to leave but I had to go. I gave Derrick my phone number. He kept me up on your progress..."

Skeeter leaned into my chest to hide the tears that began falling. "I'm sorry I wasn't there for you Joey. Oh God, how I wanted to be with you... but I couldn't..."

I felt my own tears welling up. I said, "Skeeter, what's important is that we ARE together right now." With tears freely flowing, added, "Who would have ever guessed you'd be living on a farm with fuckin chickens, goats, cows, horses and that shit all around... and who would have guessed that I'd be here heh heh heh – with you? !!"

"No shit, Sherlock." Skeeter giggled. He looked into my eyes, closed them and then our lips touched urgently, searchingly, hungrily, wantonly, yet sweetly all at the same time.

When we parted, and I don't know how we managed to part, he smiled and said, "Do you remember when we were ousted to our parents?"

"Oh shit yeah. How can we ever forget that?"

"That's exactly my point. My parents know everything about me… what we did, what I did, and why. They don't hate me, and they damn sure don't hate you. They know we did what we had to do to survive. After that they loved me even MORE, if that's even possible, than they did before. Joey, I love you… maybe more than you'll ever realize or accept."

A monumental feeling washed over my soul when he said that. I realized that I had been hiding a lot of myself, and although I'd shared a lot with my parents, I'd not really let go, that I'd not really accepted life and what it gave me. I'd not really accepted everything as a blessing as Tom had told me countless times.

"Yeah, I've been holding back Skeeter. I've not let nobody all the way inside of me <I pointed to my head and then to my heart>, but I'm getting better. When we were riding from the airport to your home, something came over me… yeah I like these wide open spaces too. All of a sudden, when we turned onto that dirt road, I realized what I'd been doing all along."

"Yeah, me too. Joey, even though there are some pissed off animals, and I've been pecked more than once by those fuckin chickens… I was even kicked into the next county by a stallion when I got between it and my mare that was in season at the time… all that aside, I'm home here. I was a dumb ass. Dad told me to never get in the way of any animal and its mate during mating season. So I've learned to be aware… I don't mean that I'm afraid… I'm simply aware, and by being aware, I'm okay inside most of the time though not always. Dad told me one time that we'll never be perfect… that's the way we learn about life."

"Yeah, mom and dad pretty much told me the same thing, only in a little bit different way. Okay."

"Joey, I've got a question... it's really personal. You don't have to answer if you don't want to." Skeeter said skeptically.

"What? What's your question? You don't have to hide from me okay? Just be yourself." I replied hastily.

"Uhm, does it get hard? I mean does it work okay for you?" He asked cautiously.

"Fuckin A it does. Well, sometimes it doesn't but those times are rare." I replied then without hesitation I yanked down my jeans and underwear to my ankles. My cock, even though it was sheathed, was reaching for the sky, well, actually it wasn't reaching for the sky rather it was tugging and hugging tightly against my belly.

He looked into my eyes asking for permission, or so I took it. I guess my body language gave way to something I didn't even realize was happening. He reached for my private areas, ran fingers through my pubes, gently twitched and tweaked my bunched up balls (the air was chilly in the barn), and then lightly grasped my penis, rolled it around and then squeezed it twice. I felt myself respond: that sphincter muscle that holds pee in twitched at his ministrations.

"It looks fine, Joey. How long can you go without wearing it?"

"I'm going longer and longer without it. I've slept all night. About the only time I really need to wear it is when I'm nervous and shit, or I've got to go a long time... like I wore it today because I was nervous flying and didn't know how long I'd have to wait, and stuff."

"Are you nervous now Joey? I mean you don't have to answer if it'll make you more nervous…"

"I'm not too nervous now, not like I was 5 or 10 minutes ago. Actually, I'm more relaxed now than I've been… well, you know…"

"Yeah, I know. Just let yourself go. Don't worry so much." Skeeter said warmly and then he reached over, took my face in his hands and kissed me with extreme meaning.

That said, with purpose, I reached down and removed the catheter from my rapidly elongating organ then sat it aside on the floor.

"I feel naked." I chuckled.

"And I don't." Skeeter chuckled wildly. Then in a few short moves he was way nakeder than me. During the process he removed every stitch of clothes that had covered his body… his dick was standing out proudly and fully. Rather than standing straight up against his stomach, it had begun to stand a little ways out away from his belly. I saw it pulsing wildly.

With no further encouragement needed, I removed my clothes and then stood before him totally bared and open.

Automatically, instinctively, our arms reached out for the other – arms that we readily welcomed and accepted without holding back. We embraced warmly and then we both chilled at the same time from a waft of really cool breeze that made its way to where we were standing nakedly. At that time we'd been standing apart somewhat but when that breeze came in we readily and eagerly pulled our bodies together and wrapped around our arms snugly.

Our lips touched hungrily. The mere brush of our dicks together sent shock waves throughout our bodies. With not so much as a brief touch with our hands, my dick exploded and blasted a prostate full of nectar offering all over his stomach, dick and upper thighs… at the same time he catapulted into la la land, splashing his warm offerings all over me too. Hungrily, we accepted that gift given by the one we loved.

Just then the dinner bell rang indicating lunch was ready.

Skeeter giggled, "Wow." He then reached down to my tummy, scooped a finger full of our commingled fluids. Greedily, he partook of our fluids. I did the same thing. Soon we had the major trails of splooge licked away.

"Come on, it's lunch time."

That said, he reached down into the blankets then retrieved a shop rag which he used to wipe up the remaining evidence of our love offerings.

We were shivering uncontrollably, both from the temperature and from that post orgasmic chill that seems to settle over a man's/boy's body after releasing pent up spermies. Quickly, after donning our clothes we took off for the house where we enjoyed a wonderful lunch.

When we were finished, I got up after being excused and began carrying plates and silverware to the kitchen but Vera intercepted me and said, "Sorry, the men stay out of MY kitchen, but thanks anyway. You boys go and do whatever it was that you were doing, now git." She punctuated her mock scolding with a well placed playful swat to my butt.

Skeeter thought that was the funniest thing he'd ever seen… he was cackling, and very nearly fell of his chair because he was laughing so hard. He then purposefully grabbed his crotch and then raced to the bathroom.

"That boy has a weak bladder, and don't even tickle him." Vera mused happily then she swatted my butt again, harder no less.

When he was done, I went in and took care of my own need to drain, and then we took off for the far reaches of the farm. The clouds had broken while we had been eating lunch. The air was much warmer. The sun was brightly shining… everything was 'just right'.

When we arrived at the forest, Skeeter took me down a rock incline. I heard it before I saw it. When we cleared around a corner, I saw it for the first time… have you ever heard of a babbling brook? That's what was there. In short order, we were at the creeks' bank. Actually, I thought it was a small river… it was wide enough or so it seemed to be.

"This is the other place I come to in order to get away, to be by myself, to explore nature… you should see this in the summer when it gets warm and everything. Frogs, all sorts of water bugs and shit… it's really kewl. Sometimes I take all my clothes off, sit on that rock over there <he was pointing to a rock across the creek> and jack off like crazy, or just sit there in the sun chilling out enjoying the hell out of everything."

"I bet this creek catches a lot of water when it rains." I said taken in by the calming effects of the running water, and letting my mind wander to nowhere in particular.

"Oh fuck yeah. Dad told us all to stay away when it rains really hard. We do as he says, Joey. He's a good man. He's never got mad at me even though I fuck up regularly."

That said, he turned to face me then he bent over and dropped his pants and underwear. His face got all red. I stood there dumbfounded… he was taking a shit… I couldn't believe it… yet there he was doing it.

"Don't worry, the spring rains will wash it all away." Skeeter said giggling like crazy. He then bore down once again.

All of a sudden I too got the urge... realizing it was my 'time' I stood beside him, dropped my britches and provided my offerings – not to a man made sewer system but to the natural habitat.

Finished with that task, Skeeter reached down to the ground, scooped up some dry leaves, and after making sure there were no sticks he wiped his butt. He then gathered another scoop, checked them and removed a couple of sticks from the wad, he handed it to me. I followed suit.

"I can't believe I just took a shit out in the open." I giggled.

Skeeter giggled to then said, "Hey, the house is a fuckin mile away… when a guys' gotta go a guys' gotta go! Nature dude."

He started to pull his pants up but I gently stopped him by taking his hands in mine then we drew into an embrace, began kissing hungrily and wantonly. Soon, our dicks were once again at full mast then during our passionate oral ministrations we once again provided each other with an outpouring of male essence. Readily, eagerly, I squatted down, took his hips in my hands and licked up each and every drop of his nectar. He did the same to me.

Satisfied, in more ways than one, we headed up to the barn to begin chores.

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