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The Redemption, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 11

*-* Monday *-*

*-* Meanwhile back home in Chicago… (June's POV) *-*

The little boy that Joey and his friends Ron and Blake found in the alley way, Timmy, was responding well to treatment. His fever was responding to having fluids pumped into his body through the veins in his arms. He had lost 2 pounds since his admission but that was to be expected what with no physical activity, solid food and built up solid waste products in his colon which had to be removed if he was to be protected from internal infection. I'd not seen a child as sick as he was for quite some time.

I had a late morning appointment with Pam Dillinger, a caseworker from the Cook County child protective agency to determine what would be next for his aftercare and home placement. The prospects were low that he would receive an adoptive home since he was a special needs child.

Dave and I had talked late into the night about Timmy. I had come across other children more or less needy than my patient but none had 'struck' me in the way that he had me. Dave also found the child to be special despite the relatively short period of time he had been exposed to the child. We decided, without consulting with our boys, to at least look into providing options for the little boy.

On my way out of the ICU, I wrote orders for changes in IV fluids, a repeat chest x-ray, repeat blood work, and additional culture and sensitivity tests for his blood and other bodily fluids. I also ordered his transfer to the pediatric step down unit where he would be closely observed however not as tight as the ICU provided.

As I entered the operating room front desk area my name was paged STAT to the Emergency Room. I said to Gloria, the front desk clerk, "I'll be back." And then fast walked, at times ran to the Emergency Room. I was pointed to the trauma bay.

Upon entering the room I was met by many, many interns, residents, nurses and nursing students busily performing CPR on a thin and grievously injured black male of about 18-19 years of age.

He had sustained multiple gunshots to the chest and belly. He was in cardiac arrest for too long of a time. A resident was inserting a chest tube on the patient's right side. It was returning massive amounts of blood which meant only one thing: he was bleeding out, probably from a heart wound or a disruption from a major vessel.

"Do a trauma prep. Scalpel." I ordered while a nurse quickly gowned and gloved me. You just have to do what you can do to help someone no matter what happened to them.

Quickly, the scalpel did its job... I was inside the guy's chest. I was met with massive amounts of blood. As my trained hands and fingers explored the cavity I found a through-and-through gunshot to his heart. "CLAMPS … KEEP THEM COMING. Do we have a blood pressure yet? Push those fluids. Get 0+ blood in him as fast as you possibly can! Get me a #3 Gortex graft ready. Suture – 5-0 Prolene. Get the heart team down here STAT!!! Come on! Come on! Damn it. Suction – I can't see a dang thing."

Forty five minutes later the holes in his heart were closed. I called for the paddles to shock his heart into action if it were at all possible. He'd lost so much blood. The neurosurgery resident said that the patient also had a through-and-through gunshot to the back of his head... so even if we were able to get his heart started – then what? Would the patient ever be able to have any kind of a quality of life? I barked, "Where's the heart team?"

"Dr. Mauer, we have two heart-lung transplants in progress. All available staff are tied up with those and 3 open heart surgeries." The trauma director said assuredly.

I requested the heart team so that they could take the patient over. I was fully qualified as a trauma surgeon to do what I was doing … they would have done the very same exact things I was doing.

The bleeding stopped... but we couldn't get the patient's heart beating no matter how many fluids we were pumping in and no matter how many medications was being administered. I felt the patient's heart filling with blood once I took the cross-clamps off the aorta. If he was going to resume a heartbeat – that was the time. I shocked his bare heart 6 times with incrementally increasing voltages. "How long?" I asked.

"One hour eighteen minutes since arrival." The nursing supervisor replied.

Francis, the neurosurgery chief resident said, "Dr. Mauer, he's blown his left pupil. The right one is fixed and dilated.

A blown pupil means catastrophic brain injury. A fixed pupil means that the brain is not responding to light stimuli. Together those are ingredients of brain death.

Decision time had arrived.

"We have prolonged cardiac asystole and clear and convincing evidence of brain death. Does anyone object to calling this code?" I said as the chief attending physician in the room. I looked around to each team member. All shook their heads indicating no objection.

I looked at the clock, "I'm calling it. Time of death is 10:18am. Thank you guys. We did the best we could. The Medical Examiner will require an autopsy."

I signed the necessary paperwork, dictated my involvement, the procedures performed, and the time I pronounced the patient dead.

I walked out of the trauma suite, a police officer was waiting just outside the door. I said, "The patient was pronounced dead at 10:18am. There wasn't anything more we could do. Cause of death is likely gunshot wounds to the chest, belly and the mortal wound was a head shot. The ME will get this case."

Despite the gown and gloves I was a bloody mess. Even my hair had gotten splattered. That was not a combination that provides any kind of reassurance to patients, staff, visitors and other personnel that make a hospital function so I took off for the nurses' lounge after retrieving a clean pair of scrubs and took a good hot cleansing shower.

As I got ready to leave the Emergency Department an obvious DOA was brought in. He was receiving CPR however it was only being done until a physician pronounce the patient dead. He was wheeled into another trauma bay. I looked him over even though checking him over was not necessary as he'd sustained a mortal gunshot blast to the right side of his head. You don't no way, no how survive that type of injury.

A small wallet was lying beside the patient. I opened it and found a school ID: Reggie Reyes, age 12, 6th grade, South Side Middle School.

That all rang a bell. I'd heard the name Reggie mentioned by Joey and Nathan. South Side was also the school they'd attended. My heart sank... what a waste of a 12 year old boy's life.

I pronounced him dead on arrival (DOA) at 10:47am.

A police officer with an obvious gunshot to his right forearm was being brought in by wheelchair. He looked none too happy. In fact he was downright distraught. As he passed by, as he was being escorted by an older police officer, he said, "I had no options available... the boy pulled a gun and started shooting. Officers were in the area... I had no choice..."

The commander replied, "Ben, it doesn't matter. When someone pulls a gun on anybody, we are trained to neutralize the threat. Internal Affairs will clear you as weapons fire was witnessed by civilians and fellow officers. We'll have our psychologists clear you for duty when you're ready."

The injured officer was taken to another trauma bay to be attended to by a resident since his injury would not require advanced surgical care but before he was taken away he looked into my eyes and asked, "What about the 12-13 year old subject? I didn't clearly see him as I was... as I was stopping the older youth. The older one had already killed and wounded at least 7 people... that I could see."

The commander said, "Two of the children were taken to Children's Memorial, one to the morgue, and 4 adults were taken to Rush."

I said, "Gosh, when will it stop? To answer your question sir, neither of the patients survived. Their injuries were too grievous. I must go now unless you need to know anything else."

Both shook their heads. As I took off I heard the watch commander say, "Good job. We took 2 off the streets." They then headed into the bowels of the hospital ED.

I thought, "How cold... but I see it all the time. Lost kids are trying to make their way in the world. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they live."

I looked at the clock on the wall: 11:18am. I was late for the 11:00 meeting to discuss Timmy. As the saying goes, "Shit happens."

Pam was good people. She really tried to do her job well for both the system and for her charges, young people who were having a rough go of it, mostly through no fault of their own. The system was clogged. Too much work for too few people, and definitely underpaid for what they emotionally and physically go through and do each day of their working lives, and even on-call.

"Hello Pam. " I said warmly.

"Hi Dr. Mauer. How are you today?" Pam asked calmly, professionally, yet personally too.

"Do you really want to know?"

"Is this one of those mornings?"

"Yes ma'am. I just declared two young people dead because of the war out there."

Pam grimaced and said, "Yeah I heard. All indications say that their deaths were suicide by cop. Such a waste of youth."

I let it go. I had to. A doctor is to be detached, objective, caring yet distant of all emotional involvement which is the most difficult part of my job since I became a doctor charged with healing sick and injured people. Pam understood. She was under the same personal constraints. Getting involved with your patients on an intimate basis is a fast track recipe for disaster.

Pam said, "We're here to talk about Timothy Jenkins."

"That's correct. He's been my patient for a few days. His injuries and sicknesses are direct results of abuse and neglect. He's improving." I said professionally.

"We located his mother. It's clear to us that she's unable to provide any kind of care or nurturing environment or sustenance to the child. We're beginning the process of terminating parental rights. It was easy. She signed the release forms. The ink is still wet. That's where I've been this morning. We're locating a suitable foster home for him. When do you think he may be discharged from your care?" Pam said equally on a professional basis.

"My husband and I have spoken extensively about Timmy Jenkins. As you know, normally I do not get intimately involved with my patients … however my family has already crossed that line. As you may or may not know my middle son found my patient lying in an alleyway on his way home from a pizza place with his friends. We 'd like to begin the paperwork to bring the child home with us to stay for as long as he needs and wants to stay." I said. My statement began professionally and ended up 'motherly' or 'parentally' – take your pick.

Pam smiled, "That's what I hear. I'll get the paperwork started... give me a couple of days... is that soon enough?"

"What have you heard? I'm his physician... I treat all patients professionally and I don't deter..."

"Dr. Mauer, stop trying to bullshit me, okay? Your level of concern is quite obvious, for lack of a better word." Pam said mischievously.

"Is it that obvious?" I said clearly perturbed that I'd been 'found out' in such a short time. I need to add her that Pam and I work the same recovery program. We have a lot of history together. She's also my mentor.

"June, he's a keeper. He's had challenges in his young life. I know your family though and I have no doubt that you and they'll meet the challenge. Should I initiate adoption proceedings?"

I laughed. I couldn't help it. I said, "First things first."

She cackled wildly, as did I. And then we went our separate ways after hugging warmly.

*-* Joey's POV *-*

My first awareness was that I was lying alongside, behind a nice warm body with his hair lightly tickling my nose and a nice, fresh smelling aroma emanating from it. I was going to reach up to scratch my nose but was stopped because his arm was firmly holding mine to his chest. His breathing was deep, rhythmical, gentle yet full enough to sustain life. Skeeter.

My chest and his back fit like a perfect puzzle. I found myself breathing in time with his... in and out at the very same time. I relaxed and just enjoyed the moment, peace and serenity overflowing, contentment settled in.

Slowly, carefully I moved my arm downward so that I could move it to work out a kink and a knotted muscle. With all senses on high I slowly caressed his lower chest, upper belly and finally his belly button. My ring finger on that hand felt something stretching the waistband of his underwear in front. I stopped downward progress to evaluate his breathing status – no change. I extended my pinkie finger onto the fabric of that stretchy material... determining that it was Skeeter's maleness was not hard to determine. Slowly, carefully I lifted out that waistband and quickly inserted my finger inside and alongside that which designates him as male. His cock slightly twitched. I noted that the very end of his cock, where the eye looks out, was slick wet but not overly so. I stretched my fingers to a side and was met with a few bristly pubic hairs... since his hair was not my objective I replaced the finger on the organ that had twitched on previous contact.

I worked my other fingers inside and lightly squeezed in a slightly rhythmical fashion. Skeeter's breathing changed to more rapid yet it was still deep and rhythmical. Slinking down just a little further my finger was met by a very kewl soft and smooth orb of flesh which I knew rested below his prong.

Skeeter deeply inhaled then turned onto his back and tossed his left leg over my thighs thus exposing everything he had to offer. I stayed still, didn't move, I didn't want to wake this sleeping angel form – however my fingers were enabled to completely grasp hold of everything he had. His balls were loose in the sack that kept them warm and together. By the way his legs were spread open enough so that I could sneak a finger down into that deep dark crevice just below his right ball.

There was no way I could bend my head down to his majestic and magnificent tool without waking him so I removed my fingers, taking care to not snap the waistband against his belly. I then traveled upward and ran my hands over his smooth tummy and stopped at the ribcage because that was where his hand lay draped across. With that boundary established I headed south again but 'almost' bypassed his turgid spear of lust, and then headed even further south until my hand was rubbing across his upper thigh.

Immediately, I felt a slight indentation along the surface of the skin. I ran my hand down as far as I could go without moving him... realizing that would have been the location of the scar... my mind traveled back to that night at Vito's house where I closed that gaping wound on his leg. I shuddered as a cold chill went up and down my back at realizing how close we'd come to losing this dude I was growing to love with all of my heart and soul. Unable to stop myself I reached down, found the place where air was being exhaled, lowered my head, honed in on that air hole and touched it with my lips that sent shock waves through my mouth and, in a direct line, to my own straining cock. "Mmm." I heard a moan escape the windpipe of this dude I'd just kissed passionately yet delicately. His breathing rapidly returned to deep, rhythmical, and sleep filled.

The room was pitch black dark; I mean you couldn't see a white envelope if it was directly in front of your eyes... so I imagined seeing and observing Skeeter's profile with his eyes restfully closed, with his mouth slightly open, with his facial muscles relaxed and slack, with the side of his neck slightly pulsing with each heartbeat, with his chest slowly rising and falling with each and every breath, and then the slightly concave surface of his tummy as it disappeared beneath those flimsy cotton sleep shorts he wore to sleep in. I had no experience with or memory of seeing him completely naked from there to points south. We'd never slept naked before so I had no experience with observing his cock lazily lying across his lower tummy or upper thigh... you know in that crease that separates ball from leg skin.

I hoped that that lack of experience changed, soon. I would like nothing better to sleep with the hunk beside me without any encumbering store bought coverings. I consigned to memory the need to see, touch and feel that scar that ran the length of his inner thigh. Quickly, I pushed aside the memory of knowing what and who caused that blemish on that dude I was falling in love with.

It was then that I heard movement in the room... for a second or two I wondered what the heck that was caused by but then the memory of the previous night returned. Warm feelings came rushing over me at realizing that Skeeter's brothers were nestled together in a human nest. I laid down my head as a sudden spurt of tears quickly formed in my eyes at thinking of the love and support that Skeeter had from his family. Quickly I wiped them away as I didn't want them falling on Skeeter's face as it would mean to him that I was crying when really I wasn't. I didn't feel like crying... but I did have the overwhelming feelings of peace and contentment.

For about two seconds I debated on putting my hand back on his turgid spear or slowly taking my head to his wonderment. I inventoried my position. I was free of his clutches. I was free to move about as I pleased with the only restriction being that I didn't want to wake him. Not yet. Not until he was ready to wake up on his own or as he experienced a sudden sexual release known only to teenage boys. I recalled tasting his offering when we'd been nearly naked in the barn loft.

I wanted to taste, feel and eventually swallow his juices direct from the source.

Not needing any further encouragement, and certainly without actual invitation though I had no doubt an invitation would have been forthcoming had he been awake to invite... I headed south while providing little rose petal kisses along that line that separates one side of his belly from the other until I hit the waistband of his shorts.

Easily, quickly, I lifted up that piece of material, pushed it down as far as I dared and then placed my mouth directly on that which designates him as male and engulfed it to its root in one fell swoop. I closed my mouth around it but didn't start doing what I wanted to do until I made sure he was still sound asleep.

He was indeed sound asleep. He didn't move. His breathing hadn't changed... it was still deep and rhythmical.

Assured all was well I pushed my tongue against his flesh from one side and made sure it was against the roof of my mouth so as to provide maximal sensation and friction.

The hallway light snapped on. Footsteps pounded down the hall. Then the bathroom door closed.

I had to act quickly. "Come on Skeeter, let's not have our moment interrupted." I thought to myself.

With that thought firmly etched in my brain I began bobbing up and down. He brought his right leg up. It brushed past my ear. He rolled toward my face, "What the fuck is going onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn oh my God.......... oh shit... uhmmmmmmmmmmmm fuck... fuck me..."

He was awake. He was awoken from a deep sleep by an orgasm - and a half. His hands clutched my hair. And I was drinking in his essence... his oh so sweet nectar was being jettisoned in my waiting, wanting and needing oral orifice.

Just then the fucking door opened. Light blasted through the darkness like a hot sword through butter. "Time to get up boyssssssss... uhm.... get up boys. Up and at 'em. Hurry up. It's 3:15. Chores!" Dan said softly but loud enough to wake the dead.

"James, shit... get off me." Skeeter said seriously, all the while pushing my head up and away. Quickly he grabbed his shorts and pulled them up and over his still spurting organ. "Damn it." He cursed.

Good... my legs felt fine. I said, "It's me, Joey." And then I got up and padded to the bathroom being led by my own raging hardness.

Quickly, I closed the door and stood at the sink catching my breath while the words he'd said sunk into my brain. I looked into the mirror... all I saw was me wondering what the fuck I was doing there, what had I been expecting, and why was I upset. I put my head down and stared into the sink that had little water droplets along the sides and on the little drain thing.

The door opened without permission startling me away from my thoughts about what I didn't even know... as a galloping herd of hard-cocked boys lined up to the toilet and began releasing their all-night stored up fluids . I snickered slightly, thinking that was going to take some getting used to.

Then I saw Skeeter's face appear in the mirror. His eyes, wide as saucers were looking intently through the mirror into my eyes. I wasn't pissed and I wasn't even disappointed... I was just surprised. He took hold of my elbow and urged me into the hall while the others were draining their cans. He put his hands on my shoulders. My Skeeter had the most intense look on his face that I'd ever seen in my entire life. He didn't appear scared... I don't know how else to describe the expression on his face other than 'intense'. I relaxed

Then there were 6 naked creatures with dicks of varying sizes and shapes jumping into the bathtub, standing up, busily soaping each other. Just then Luke passed us by, bumping my elbow. Skeeter said seriously, "Luke wait. Joey and I haven't peed..."

Luke dropped his shorts to the floor, grasped his penis then looked at Skeeter seriously. Skeeter said, "Come on we've gotta pee before he has a stroke."

Skeeter and I peed. Just as we stepped away Luke sat down and blew the sewer system apart with loud and rumbling and stealthily sneaking obscured puffs of air and other such things.

Skeeter giggled, "Unless you want to see him jack off we'd better go to my room."

I didn't mind the thought but Skeeter took my hand in his and led me to his bedroom and shut the door.

He locked the door.

We embraced. His mouth found mine. We seriously sucked tongue... looking for tonsil tissues.

And then his hands slipped into my underwear... soon, within a mere 3 seconds they lay at my feet. Not giving me any chance to 'react', Skeeter pushed me backward until the backs of my knees hit the bed, and then he pushed me down, spread my legs and went apeshit on my dick. Within 5 minutes he greedily accepted every single drop of sperm I had to offer. I had to pull him off because of exquisite sensitivity.

You would think that a person, Skeeter, would 'leave' the 'area' once the subject of his ministrations had arrived at their moment... that didn't happen. Instead, he turned it up a notch by starting at the root of my cock and slowly worked his way down into the Deep South. Up and down my right side then down and up my left side then down the center of my cock to that winkie pinkie pucker then quickly to my tailbone and then up. His touch on my winkie pinkie pucker had at first swipe been tentative but then he dove in. His strong tongue invaded that space, urging, urging, urging, demanding, and then succeeding with entry. That drove me fucking nuts... I'd never ever been rimmed before other than those few feeble attempts Lou had made.

Just as my travels into complete relaxation were taking hold I felt a definite change of tempo in Skeeter's attempts to drive me into complete insanity. Without hardly missing a beat Skeeter got up on the bed and positioned his piston at my backdoor. I felt the tip of his penis touch that highly stimulated and wide open orifice of the southern variety but a knock on the door interrupted our interlude. The knock was soon replaced by Vera's voice requesting entry. Skeeter said hurriedly, "Give us a minute mom."

"I saved breakfast for you. Come get it while it's still hot."

"Okay mom. Thanks!" Skeeter replied exuberantly then he started giggling. He plopped onto my tummy and began tongue lapping my lips. I grabbed his head and pulled him in for a serious case of kiss. I then noticed that he was naked... when had he stripped off his underwear? Must have been between when the tempo changed slightly and he positioned his piston.

I turned on him. Instead of letting him go I grabbed his cock and guided it to my mouth, engulfed it and brought him to a swift and thunderous conclusion.

There was no time to lolly gag around. Quickly we got dressed in underwear, jeans, flannel shirts, socks and shoes and then went downstairs where leftovers waited devouring.

During the meal my phone rang, it was mom. With a mouth full of food and giggling at the same time I answered, "Hewwo mawmmm."

Mom giggled, "I seem to have interrupted your shovel. Hi honey."

"Yeffsss. Hole onnn." I giggled. I quickly chewed just enough to swallow, swallowed and then said, "Hey mom... yeah, we were just eating."

"I should have known the human garbage disposer was in action. How's it going honey?"

"Fine. We're having a blast."

I noticed that mom's giggles were not 'quite' right. I took a swig of orange juice. I said to Vera and Skeeter, "It's mom. I'll be right back."

I walked up the stairs to Skeeter's door, closed the door then sat on the floor with my back up against the bed. "Hey mom... I'm alone. What's up?" I asked sincerely.

"Can't a mother call her son to see how his day is going… or do we need to make appointments?" Mom asked.

"I'm sorry I didn't call last night. Luke had a melt down. It got kind of crazy around here for a while. Anyway, I'm sorry I didn't call like I said I would. Love you mom."

I heard mom sniffle. She said, trying to maintain, "I just needed to hear your voice."

"Mom, what's wrong?" I asked suddenly concerned. The levity was totally gone from her voice.

Mom replied "It's been a rough day son. I needed to hear your voice, and to know for myself that you're okay."

Dead serious, very concerned, "Mom... what's going on? Are you okay? Maybe I can help?"

Mom cried, "Honey, I'm so glad you're off the streets. They're a violent place to live, and die. Two young people lost their lives to the darkness… and there wasn't a damn thing we could do about it. So…I just needed to know that you're safe and happy."

*-* Mom's POV *-*

"Mom, I'm safe. I'm happy. I'm concerned for you though. Tell me what's up… I'll worry about you if you don't tell me… don't stop believing in yourself, and don't hold it in."

Damn-the irony of it all. Here was a 13 year old boy, my son; he was throwing my words back in my face with his youthful way of talking to me… he got to me like very few people have in my past.

"Thank you Joey. You said the right words… this city lost two young souls today. One of them was just like you were at one time not too long ago. He's was about your same age, maybe a year apart, maybe less... he and an 18 year old young man held up a convenience store. The police were just around the corner... the boys started firing toward the officers... and well... both the young people died."

Joey replied, "Then there wasn't anything you could do about it. That sounds like something some people I know would have done... basically, its suicide by cop. Some of the kids who have no hope do that stuff. I'd thought about it a couple of times right after dad and Jerrod were killed..."

"I'm glad you didn't Joey. That would just totally piss me off. I guess I'm pissed at those boys for throwing their lives away."

"Mom, they probably didn't have any choices left..."

"NO JOEY! There's ALWAYS a chance. There's ALWAYS a choice." I said angrily. I regretted my words and tone of voice... yet I was impassioned.

"Mom, don't have a cow. I know that NOW. I didn't know it before. Do you know their names?" Joey asked contritely.

"If I have a cow then it's my deal. I'm passionate about our youth of today, Joey."

Joey replied, "Nathan and I were just talking. For a few minutes we were wondering if we would wake up from a dream. We decided it wasn't a dream; that it was all real."

I felt better. I hadn't realized they'd felt that way. I realized that the changes they were forced into, all that they had to go through to get 'here' were tremendous... and they thought their life now was only a dream... okay, I could relate to that. Dave, Derrick and myself had settled into a life, had become 'comfortable' with it... and then two young people entered our lives that changed everything – mostly for the good. The challenges were Joey and Nathan's experiences of their past... their profound grief, their profound anger, their profound 'close-to-hopelessness' states of living...

"Mom... are you there? Talk to me." Joey implored.

"Honey, I was just thinking... I can understand how you could feel your life now is a dream... sometimes I have to stop myself. The younger boy's name is Reggie Reyes. Do you know him?"

I heard a deep intake of breath, a shudder, a cough and a moan, "Joey?" I asked.

Very deep, very lightly, Joey replied, "Yes, I knew him. We protected him. He was a good kid. His brother, he tried to keep him out of the trade... I never expected... we shot hoops together... he was good too. We told him he was going to be a basketball champion... he was really, really good."

In the background, I heard a door open then Skeeter's voice say, "Joey, what's wrong?" The sounds from the phone then rustled and a low, deep moan escaped from my son.

Brokenly, Joey said, "Reggie died today, apparently from suicide by cop."

In the background I heard Skeeter's voice say, "Oh fuck, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh fuck no..."

Joey said, "Don't… mom's on the phone."

Skeeter said, "Oh shoot… Sorry!"

Joey said into the phone to me, "Sorry mom. I'll call you later, okay?"

"Okay honey, I'll talk to you later. I love you."

I called Vera.


"Hi Vera, this is June. Would you please go upstairs to the boys' room? I just laid some really bad news on Joey. He's very, very upset... so is Skeeter, I mean Stephen. A boy died today in our hospital... his name was Reggie Reyes."

"Oh my... was he from their old neighborhood? I don't recall Stephen saying that name before..."

"Yes, the boy was a part of their old life. Joey said he was a good boy. He had promise. They thought he was going to be okay. I think they need a mom's love and understanding right now." I said seriously.

"Okay, I'll go upstairs. I need to put Kevin and Alex down for their naps... they go right to sleep. I'll call you later."

"Thanks Vera."

I walked up the 3 flights of stairs to the OR. I had 3 elective surgeries to perform before the day was out. I made my appearance at the front desk. A nurse told me that the first patient was ready... that they were just waiting on me. I looked at the clock... I was 45 minutes late for the scheduled start time.

I stuck my head in the door so that they could see that I was there and ready. I then stepped up to the sink to scrub when my phone rang. I looked at it... Nathan was calling.

"Hey kiddo."

"Hey mom. Uhm... can I go down to Donnie and Linda's? It's boring around here. Derrick's doing homework. I'm done with mine. He checked it over."

"Sure. Sounds fun. Be good and don't cause them any trouble."

"Ah come on mom... I'm always good. Okay, see ya. Thanks. Love ya." Click.

I grinned. It was a real grin. Just what the doctor ordered.

I put the phone in my pocket, wet my arms... my phone chirped notifying me that a text message had been received. I debated. For 2 seconds. I grabbed a paper towel then retrieved my phone. It read, "Thanks mom. I love you. I'm okay. I hope you are too." Attached to the text message was a picture of Joey and Skeeter together. Although their eyes were puffy and wet … they were smiling like two goofy teenagers.

*-* Joey's POV *-*

Skeeter and I sat on the floor after mom hung up. We recounted Reggie's life as we knew it. He'd been a good kid. He'd give you the shirt off your back and wouldn't require anything in return. He was damn good on the basketball court.

Our travel back through time was interrupted by a knock on the door. Skeeter said, "Enter."

Vera opened the door, stuck her head in to make sure we were... whatever she thought we might have been... "Hey boys, can I come in?"

"Sure mom, what's up?"

Vera entered and sat on Skeeter's unmade bed, looked at me then to Skeeter. She said, "Joey, your mom called me and told me of the death of your friend Reggie. I'm sorry to hear the news. Wanna talk about it?"

"Skeeter and I were just remembering him, some of the stuff we did together. It is a shock. We're both surprised because he was a good kid and we kept him out of the … uhm... stuff."

"So tell me about him."

Skeeter spoke up after a moment of contemplation, "We didn't really know him all that well. We shot some hoops, talked some stuff but he wasn't in the stuff because he wasn't taken there, to those places and stuff."

I said, "I didn't even know he was doing that stuff. He must have gotten into it after we left." To Skeeter I added, "I don't know if anybody other than Buzz, and maybe Quiet Jim who may have looked after him."

Skeeter shook his head no, shrugged but didn't say anything.

"Joey, maybe you could go to his funeral if it is after you get home. Is that something you might like to do?"

"I don't do funerals." I looked to Skeeter and added, "Do you?"

"Not if I don't have to. I mean what's the point... the person's dead. I'll remember him how he was. Mom, is that bad?"

"No honey... there's nothing wrong with remembering the person as they were... I don't think. Boys, don't blame yourselves. Joey, do you hear me?"

"Yes. It's tough though. I mean look at us." I said then put my arm around Skeeter's shoulders. Nathan's words came back to mind... you know when he asked if 'this' could possibly be a dream...

"I don't think I want to go to his funeral. Like Skeeter, I want to keep him in my memory as he was."

"Give yourself time, boys. It's okay to feel sad. Stephen, you like to go down to the creek when you need to think some things through. I don't think dad would mind if you went down there, if you want to take Joey with you. Besides it's a nice day. Why don't you guys get yourselves together ... Stephen have you showed Joey all around the place... there's lots to see and do."

Vera walked out of the room and left the door open. I got out my phone, opened up the camera setting, sat it on delay then pulled Skeeter in for a hug. The picture snapped. I sent it to mom's phone.

*-* Nathan's POV *-*

Wasting no time I pulled on my socks and shoes, grabbed a light jacket and slung it over my shoulder then took off down the street at a run for Donnie and Linda's house.

There were a bunch of guys (and girls) out playing flag football in their front yard. There were skins and shirts. Some of the kids I knew from school, some I didn't. I spotted Donnie. He was a member on the skins team. He called a timeout, broke away from the crowd and ran to say, "Hey, wanna play?"

"Uhm, I've never played before. I'll try though."

"Hey guys, this is Nathan. He's a virgin to football!" He said not-too-seriously.

Learning the game was a, as dad said about training new people where he worked, 'on-the-job-training' experience... you learn as you go using a prior experience to get you through the new situation.

Needless to say... the experience was pretty much a free-for-all... I suppose that there was hazing, of sorts, to break the new person in... or some such thing. I know that I was on the ground more than I was running around but it was or appeared to all be in fun. I had a blast. We all did.

Donnie invited me to go into his house to play some X-Box. The only problem was that I was all muddy and my shoes were half hanging on and half hanging off, and I was sweaty. I replied, "I'm going to head to my house, shower and change. I'll call my dad and ask."

"Kewl... yeah, I need to too. See ya, maybe half a hour?" Donnie asked politely.

"Yeah... maybe 45 minutes. See ya in a bit."

With that said I took off and ran most of the way home – despite tired and sore muscles... no pain, no gain, right?

Yeah. Whatever.

I went in through the garage, stripped to the skin, dropped my clothes into the dirty clothes pile in the laundry room then streaked to the bathroom, pissed, and took a shower. Fuck, I left my phone in the dirty jeans I'd taken off.


Phone retrieved.

"Hey dad, sorry to bother you at work... Donnie asked me to come to their house for the evening... I've got no homework. Thanks dad, love ya." Snickers.

"Love you too." Click.

"What?" I thought then cracked up laughing all the way into the shower.

Satisfied that I was clean in every way, including the plumbing works, after drying off I paid careful attention to my hair, brushed my teeth, squirted a squirt of Derrick's cologne on my neck then took off and got dressed in a pair of Khaki pants, a Dockers shirt, and clean tennis shoes.

Donnie creamed my ass on the X-Box machine.

Mrs. Clemson asked me to stay for dinner. It was okay with me. She said she'd call mom or dad to clear it with them.

Donnie creamed my ass some more on the electronic game – until – Mrs. Clemson saved my ass by saying that I could have dinner, and had been approved to spend the night, even on a school night!

Every once in a while Mrs. Clemson reminded Donnie that he hadn't taken his shower YET; I wondered what the odorous smell had been... :-) I started razzing him a bit about needing to call the EPA and shit.

Finally Donnie got the hint. Linda, Donnie's twin sister, replaced his ass on the floor … I was able to beat her in a game; at long last I was able to beat someone.

Linda is a case, funny mind you, with her quick and witty humor but she can be annoying all the same. I'll never forget a couple of weeks prior to that day when we'd been downstairs in their basement watching some Dracula or vampire movie (important movie huh? Not really). She'd acted all scared and stuff... girls... anyway she sat next to me and drew my arms around her shoulders and leaned in for 'protection'. She was all soft and pretty, and smelled damn nice, and her boobs felt mighty fine. She sure seemed to not mind rubbing her head in my crotch. And she sure didn't mind feeling up my butt and hips, and she didn't mind (neither did I) when she kissed the obviously tented out jeans I'd been wearing. And of course she didn't mind me fluffing up her muff.

And then that was all there was to it. That night my balls ached and hurt like really bad despite jacking off twice in rapid succession. I thought there was something wrong with me but I didn't say anything.

The previous week she'd more or less cornered me out on their patio when Donnie had gone in the house to use the bathroom. Yeah, she cornered me, literally up against one of the pillar things that hold their porch canopy up and in place. Tentative at first and the more aggressively she got me into a kissing match. I learned how to kiss in a really big hurry, especially when she pushed her tongue into my mouth. Hmm... I'd never done that with anybody ever before – and well – it was hot. It got me all hot and bothered and then she walked away after tweaking my dick through my jeans with her fingers.

I started to say something to Donnie about it but something sounded weird about saying anything about it especially since it was his sister who was messing with me.

I had stayed overnight with Donnie on Friday night of previous week. We'd watched some stupid flick on DVD. Mrs. then Mr. Clemson kept getting onto Donnie about not taking his shower. Finally, in a fit of … uhm … defeat he got up and took a shower in the basement. As soon as he got out of sight she started feeling me up again. I decided to get into the action myself. I didn't really like getting all hot and bothered, and left with aching balls. And then she started tickling my ribs and holding me down with her body. I was hard like a rocket, and I knew she knew it and she knew I knew it. Brazenly, I grabbed her ass and brought her jeans covered muff just so so so that it fit my pelvis just right. Our lips engaged, seemingly from their own volition: a sword fight of the pleasant variety ensued.

She moaned her approvals. I groaned my pleasures, and before I could get up and off of her, I exploded, experiencing an orgasm stronger than I'd ever experienced before in my entire life. As I spasms retched out of control, she bucked her hips into mine. Her eyes were closed; she was breathing hard in short ragged gasps. As the last pulses of orgasms began to get even lighter and lighter, I simply laid on her limp, weakened, and satiated. We kissed briefly but then the shower turned off. Quickly we separated just as Donnie opened the door and walked out casually wearing only a towel around his midsection, with his hair sticking out in all directions which was still wet and dripping. He looked at us 'funny' like but didn't say anything. He then headed up the stairs to get dressed.

He returned a few minutes later wearing a pair of sleep shorts and no shirt.

Meanwhile, I had underpants filled with male essence. Somewhat embarrassingly, somewhat reservedly, I quickly looked down to check and see if the front of my jeans betrayed my seemingly 'innocent' expression. Thankfully, all was clear but still I was very, very wet 'down there', and knew it would only be a matter of time before the wet soaked through.

When Linda left a few minutes later I asked Donnie, "Do you have another pair of those sleep shorts? I didn't bring anything to wear to bed."

He took me to his room, fetched up a pair of thin light green sleep shorts to wear. He waited expectantly for me to change in his room... I'd done it more than once so he was a bit surprised when I delayed... finally; the silence became somewhat uncomfortable so I said, "Gotta take a shit... I'll change in the bathroom."

With that said I did indeed pad off to the bathroom and did indeed take a good country shit. My pubes were all matted and shit with semi dried cum. I jumped into the shower after flushing and took a shower, dried off then put those green sleep shorts on. Even though my cock was at parade rest it did definitely have an outline readily apparent.

Linda was dressed in different clothes. Inwardly I snickered but then I was curious too... I'd never felt a wet muff before.

After ice cream and cookies were consumed Linda made a point to make sure I followed her into the kitchen to rinse and load up the dishwasher with the used plates and bowls.

She took my hands in hers, "I'm sorry. We shouldn't have… I mean… well… you know… sorry…"

After thinking about it for a second, I replied, "I'm not really sorry. I like you. I like you a lot. Do you really feel guilty?"

"We could have gotten caught… I mean… well… I like you too. A lot. Okay… no I don't really feel guilty; I was just concerned that you might feel that way."

To allay her fears, I gently brought her lips to mine. We kissed tenderly, and somewhat passionately. I knew that I'd want to kiss her a whole lot more sometime in the future, in the very near future I hoped.

Since it was a school night we were shooed off to bed at precisely 9:30. Although Donnie argued a bit but not too much we headed off to his room, closed the door, and then got into his full sized bed, and pulled up the covers. He made a deal out of ruffling up my pillow and then carefully placed it under my head.

I'd slept at his house before. He'd never done that pillow trick before but it felt nice when I laid my head down...

He rolled over onto his elbow. Our eyes met. God, his eyes … geeze Louise… they were captivating, inviting and sensuous; they were the focal point of his entire face even though his nose was also extremely cute.

I thought, "Kewl!" when he reached down under the covers, grasped his sleep shorts and took them down and off his ankles. We'd jacked off several times in the past, solo style, so my heart quickened a notch or two. I was still pretty horny from the escapades his sister and I had had earlier that evening so it was no difficulty for me to do the same. We'd even slept naked most of the time however we'd not ever done anything to the other than to simply sometimes wake up with one or the other of us cuddled, spooned into a back.

I smiled, reached down and took hold of my elongated spear of that which designates me as male and slowly moved the loose skin of its shaft between my fingers as he reached up to turn off the light.

Donnie did something different that night... instead of lying back and grasping his own cock with purpose I felt him move about the bed, and then I felt warm air on my lower stomach area. He said softly, "Don't get pissed, please." At the same time he pushed my hand away and then I immediately felt a warm moist sensation all the way to my root, and then before I could react intelligently his head began bobbing up and down and all around until I literally exploded from the intense and personal contact. I had to pull him off because I'd gotten so damned sensitive that his ministrations were almost hurting.

I then felt him lie back onto his side of the bed and then experienced the tell tale signs that he was jacking off by the little motions in the bed. He soon reached his pinnacle of success... and I noted his moans, groans and little sounds emanating from his vocal cords were – were a bit louder than usual.

He then reached up and over me for the Kleenex box on the bedside table located on my side of the bed. On the way back our noses touched. He snuck in a touch to our lips and then quickly lied down and went to cleaning the splooge from his chest and belly. I felt a wet spot on my arm and on the left side of my chest. I grabbed a Kleenex and quickly wiped it away, knowing what it was that I was wiping away.

Donnie whispered, "Sorry... I just got caught up in the moment. Uhm... Nathan..."

"Don't Donnie. Look, I'm not gay, I don't think, but that was really good. I've never been sucked off before but it felt hella good anyway. Can we not do that again? And do you mind if I don't return what you did to me?" I asked sincerely.

"It's not a problem Nathan. Like I said I got carried away... besides I've seen how you and my sister look at each other."

I chuckled. "Is it that obvious?"

"Yeah, hella obvious." Donnie chuckled in return.

I reached for the sleep shorts then decided, "What the fuck anyway." So I rolled over and quickly fell asleep.

*-* Joey's POV *-*

Skeeter and I put ourselves together and after putting on light jackets headed out through the fields toward a tree line way off in the distance.

I think Skeeter was anxious because he would get several steps ahead of me. He'd realize it and then he'd slow down to catch up. I didn't mind because his being ahead definitely, for sure allowed me to see the fine sway to his hips and the slight bounce of his soft yet firm butt. You know how that seam of fabric running up and down from the top of jeans to where it disappears underneath the overhang? Yup, that's what I was paying very close rapt attention to. I was a sucker for that – all the time.

Finally we arrived at the tree line no worse for the wear. Skeeter led us into the 'forest' of trees, not-yet-awake small brush, fallen tree stumps until we arrived at some rocks that once we climbed up overlooked a creek running nearly bank full. He stopped then sat down and spread out on his back. It was pretty neat and he appeared comfortable. I laid down. He pulled me in close. For a little while all we heard was our breathing and the breeze blowing up through the tops of the trees. Filtered sunlight shown through. One little strand of light was shining directly onto his forehead. I'd never seen anything or anyone quite that peaceful.

"Whatcha thinking? You're deep in thought."

I contemplated his question for a moment. When no real thoughts came to mind I said simply, "Nothing. My mind's clear right now. The chatterbox took a break but it'll be back any minute but until it does return I'm just going to appreciate and remember the peace that I'm experiencing right now with you."

Skeeter smiled, reached his hand to my face, softly yet intently, almost tickling yet it didn't tickle at all, "I know what you mean. Joey, before coming here to live I used to have really bad, bad, bad sleeping problems, nightmares and shit. I'll never forget the first night I was home, here, away from the city – I actually slept. I didn't dream that night. I woke up the next morning refreshed, relaxed, and without a care in the world. Deep, deep, deep inside I knew that everything was going to be okay."

I reached across and gave him a nice, intent but not necessarily passionate kiss on his lips, twice then laid back with my head resting on my arm because the rock was -obviously- hard. My head, while hard, wasn't quite THAT hard.

He asked, with a trace of orneriness passing across his face, "What was that for?"

I chuckled, "It's all in the lips."

"Ha ha, you keep that up we'll have to add hips to the lips factor." The boy lying next to me said seriously yet his face was shining radiantly, like it was being touched by a power far above and beyond any that I'd known before, ever.

For the longest time we just laid together looking into the others' being, etching indelible memories for years and lifetimes to come.

"I love you Joey. You're my best friend. What's going to happen to us? Where do you see us going?"

I reached over, kissed his lips and said, "I don't know where you're going but where is the bathroom around here?"

"If you need to just pee then hang it off the side of this rock. Otherwise just find a tree and back up to it but don't back INTO it cuz it will hurt like a motherfucker, just ask me, I'll tell ya truth." Skeeter said then grimaced as an obviously bad memory passed by. I didn't need to ask why.

I stood up... the rock was large enough to take at least 3 healthy steps in any direction. "This is a big fucking rock, dude." I said then unleashed the mighty serpent from its confines, squeezed it two or three times to get the stream flowing then just stood there enjoying the sensations of fluid flowing freely from my dick that was about half hard and half not hard. Skeeter stood and did the same thing. We smiled and continued with matters at hand (pun intended).

When we finished, instead of zipping up he undid the snap then lowered his jeans and underwear to the ground. I thought it was an invitation however he turned such that I could clearly see the scar from his cut. "My doctor said the surgeon did a really good job to close that cut like he did. Little did he know, huh? You oughta be a doctor, Joey. You're good with people and you're good with your hands."

His cock was much like mine... kinda hard, kinda not. I didn't sense that he was all 'that' horny though I, at the same time, felt that it wouldn't take much to change the feeling. "It's pretty warm out here today." He said as a matter of fact which brought me back to Earth. He then stripped off his shirt, sat down and removed his socks and shoes then tossed his jeans and underwear to his side. "I like to simply lie here naked. It all feels so natural and everything. Most every time I will jack off to complete the good feelings, you know enjoy the orgasm instead of just heading to it, crashing, then having to get up to 'do' something. Wanna try it for yourself?"

Undressed I laid down on the rock just as Skeeter was doing. He said, "Now, just relax. Don't hurry it. In fact don't even touch your penis. Just 'will' it hard. Don't think of anything. Just concentrate on your penis. When you get into 'the' state then you'll get hard. Then just enjoy your hard for a while, not doing anything to make it or race toward the orgasm. It's really kewl. Sometimes I get so damn horny that all I have to do is to tweak it once or twice to make it blow."

I closed my eyes and listened to the birds do their bird things, the frogs do their frog things, the crickets do their cricket things, small bugs flying about doing their bug things, the breeze do its breezy thing. Skeeter was breathing deeply... I thought he was asleep so I arranged my breathing to be in time with his. Every now and again I would squeeze my sphincters tightly which caused rods and shards of gentle but decisive pleasure to pass through my being. The breeze was light yet I could feel it wafting through my little bush of downy sometimes coarse pubic hairs. That tickled. I had to break my meditative state to take care of 'that' little but pesky problem though my eyes remained closed. Never once did the peaceful state disappear or even wane into non-existence. Easily, once the itch was taken care of, I fell back into peace and serenity like I'd not ever known before.

I'm right handed whereas Skeeter's left handed. Slowly, millimeter by millimeter, unknown to us our fingers were coming together... it's not something we planned as we each were off into our own little worlds. Yet it did happen. We touched.

The touch was kinda like an electromagnetic source might do if it were properly energized, you know pass electricity into its surrounds, perhaps even into the air. We joined hands. Though the touch was light, that same touch was powerful. The end of my penis suffered a chill; it emanated through my penis into the depths of my pelvis but not beyond. It was ethereal.

Curious, my free hand cautiously and carefully and slowly made its way to my stomach then softly and gently caressed down to the thatch surrounding that which designates me as male. I made contact with my penis. I was surprised at its length: the tip of His head was just below my navel, perhaps an inch below... I didn't have a tape measure or yard stick to measure for sure... it mattered not. What I found was that the tip of my penis, the piss slit was wet. "I'd shaken it enough, hadn't I?" I thought carelessly, not really caring at all whether I had or not. The fact remained: my dickhead was wet with a slick-like fluid. I'd not ever paid attention because by then, because of the level of horniness I was feeling I would have taken care of those feelings, eliminated them.

Skeeter's hand tightened its hold on mine. He took in a very deep breath, surely to capacity, and then began exhaling slowly but jaggedly. Knowing what was happening to him, yet not seeing what was happening, caused my sphincters to clamp down without abandon. Quickly, my index and long finger wrapped their way around the ridge my cock at which time with only two little jerks began a thunderous yet gentle at the same time trip off the galaxy. I could see myself traveling through time and space with nothing inside, around or external to my body... it was like my body was traveling in suspended animation.

His hand relaxed. If I had to compare something to the touch, which I don't really need to do but still... the touch felt like that which a feather would produce if it were to land unencumbered.

Our quiet solitude was interrupted by the sounds of leaves and other ground clutter rustling beneath a pair of exuberant feet. Startled from my meditative state I sat up only to see Eric's head pop over the top of the rock. He smiled but didn't retreat; instead he bounded up with the strength and grace of a doe. "Hey guys."

"Hay's for horses." Skeeter snickered.

I opened my eyes fully to see Eric standing above my head, like he was King of the Mountain, or something. Nice crotch view. I carefully observed the hem row of his jeans... you know the one I'm talking about, right?

"Stacy's on her way down here. She was saddling up." Eric offered.

"What's she coming down here for?" Skeeter said with mild irritation in his voice.

"Dunno." Eric replied factually. He really didn't know why she was coming down.

"Fuck. Okay, thanks, now scram." Skeeter said as he sat up, took his shirt then used the bottom of it to wipe his and my splooge from our chests, bellies and pubes.

"When am I going to start making that stuff?" Eric asked nobody in particular.

"When you're ready to... that's when. Scram." Skeeter chided with effort as he was pulling on his jeans. I joined him. Soon we were presentable to 'the world'.

"God, don't have a fucking cow. I just asked. Shit. You fuckers are all alike. Fuck you." Eric said disdainfully then he jumped down from the rock. At the same time we heard a horse ride up. Eric meanwhile was hollering, "You should have seen it – Stephen and Joey were fucking with their hands... check Stephen's shirt!" He then broke out in giggles that we heard fading off into the distance.

"The turd." Skeeter groused, though he was smiling.

"So he's done that before eh?"

"More than once. Come on. Let's go. Did you like it?"

"Hella yeah."

"What time is it?" Skeeter asked curiously.

"2:45... .shit, we've been down here that long?" I asked incredulously.

"Shit yeah… dayummm. Hey Stacy, how's it hanging?"

"You're a pervert. You know that don't you?" Stacy groused yet she soon had that rock climbed just as fast as any guy could ever think about. Then her smile turned ornery. She lunged for Skeeter, grabbed him up and began tickling him. Amidst his squeals of laughter Stacy soon took her hands away and swore such things as "gross", "pervert", "sap sucker", and other terms of endearment... obviously Eric's words came to ring up front and personal.

I couldn't help it... I like totally cracked up because Skeeter was tucking his shirt into his jeans, all the while making faces indicating his find of 'wet'... which caused me to crack up even more.

Stacy, dumbfounded, deadpanned, "What?"

Later, after dinner, baths, ice cream and cookies, good nights and whathaveyou Skeeter and I found ourselves lying face to face, chest to chest, belly to belly, and yes if you must know – dick to dick, under the covers in his bed talking about this, that and everything when Skeeter asked, "Do you ever hear from Wayne? I'm sorry I shouldn't have asked…"

"It's kewl. Whenever you have a question, just ask… whatever it is, okay? I'm not angry and shit like I used to be. No, I've not heard from him since that time in the park. We both made our choices."

"Do you miss him?"

"Sometimes. I'll see somebody that looks kind of like him, or I'll see something that kind of reminds me of him. He loved me when I couldn't love anybody, Skeeter. I pushed him away. Sometimes, I went over to his house for a booty call, nothing more... well, sometimes I went over because his mom had some killer dope and Medicine. Can I ask you a question?"

"Yeah sure, anytime, always, don't even think twice… I'll answer your questions no matter how uncomfortable they might make me."

"Same thing here. I don't want to hide anything anymore. It's stupid to hold shit from someone you love… they either accept you or they don't."

Hesitantly, after a couple of attempts at saying what was on his mind, he finally whispered, "I love you Joey. I always have, and I will always love you. I've always looked up to you but now I look at you. You probably think I'm stupid, sorry." He attempted to turn away but I wouldn't let him.

"Skeeter, don't go anywhere, I don't hate you, and you aren't stupid. I'm actually the stupid dork for not seeing it and not showing you my love for you. I guess I thought of you as a little brother or something, but you're not so little anymore, and I'm not talking all about your dick although it has grown nicely. Puberty looks and feels good on you dude."

"I had no idea you felt that way Joey."

"Skeeter, I've had sex with a lot of people… well, they got what they wanted from me. You know what I missed the most?"

"Nuh uh. What?"

"What we're doing right now. Holding each other and just talking."


With that said we pulled into each other even closer. I didn't think it was possible to get closer yet he'd grown enough so that our front sides were just as close to each other as we would be when we'd spoon in the back.

We laid there just being quiet, not saying anything out loud, for quite a while. All of a sudden, I had an itch deep inside of my belly. I knew and still know that this beautiful person lying next to me was and is the only person in the whole world who would and could scratch it perfectly.

Instinctively, as if he were thinking the very same thing, our lips touched lightly. Instead of being urgent, we kissed slowly and passionately for a very long time before my tongue requested, once again, permission to enter, and it took a while for him to grant my unspoken request. All the while, the itch intensified very close to the point of no return. I'd never ever experienced that before, not even with Wayne.

Once again, on the same wavelength he ran his hand down my back, slightly hesitated before traveling further south, and then he took the plunge over my posterior cheeks. He then found that dimple beginning at the cleft where God split me in half and then traveled down, down, down until his fingers were directly over that concave of tissue that leads inward into a deep dark, seemingly endless cavern. He didn't travel inward though. He stopped and simply hovered for a moment before leaving that position and resting his hand, cupping his hand on my right butt cheek.

Very quietly, very distinctly though, he said, "Joey, I've never been inside of anybody before. I felt you quivering... are you okay? Are you nervous? I mean... Joey?"

"Uhm hmm." I whispered through a light feather kiss to his sweet lips.

"You're nervous?"

"A little bit." I offered truthfully. I was concerned because I wanted nothing but happiness for him, I wanted his first experience to be perfect.

"Yeah me too. I mean, well... erm... uhm... do I need to ask permission? You know... oh, I don't know what I'm trying to say... ermm... well... Do you remember that time when we were all at Vito's partying, and then when Vito and the guys caught you and Wayne, uhm, err, fucking?"

"Yeah, I remember…"

"Well, this is crazy, but I wished that it was me who you were having sex with – I wanted you to be inside of me. Sorry."

My mind was relaxed. My determination was intact. And I was in love with this boy, this guy lying next to me. I thought long and hard because I'd promised myself that I'd never fuck anybody ever again and that I'd never again allow someone to just fuck me for fuck sakes. The longer I thought about that, the deeper and more intense the itch got. I could no longer bear it.

With every ounce of reserve washed away, I broke away from our kiss just long enough to say, "I want you inside of me."

Little did I know that he was thinking the same thing because we said the same words at the very same time, in a perfect harmonious exchange of words meant from the very depths of our beings. We giggled incredulously.

"I'm older. You have to do as I say… honor your elders." I laughed gently.

"Okay then, since I am the youngest and you're taking that tact then I'll receive and you give… your wish is my every command."

"Ho ho listen to him." I said while kissing his beautiful luscious lips. The itch deep within was getting out of control... "Dude, I've got an itch deep inside of me that is about ready to drive me stark raving mad, I need you inside of me, only you can scratch that itch. I've never been so sure of something in my entire life."

"I'm not big enough, Joey. I'm scared that I won't…"

"Shush. Is there some lube around here? I didn't bring any because I had no idea we'd be in this position." I said giggling then added seriously, "Skeeter listen to me carefully… your beautiful penis is the only one that will satisfy my needs, I just know it like I've never known anything before in my entire life. I'm kind of worried that mine will be too big for you."

"I guess we'll just have to work it out, right?"

I nodded and then kissed his lips softly, "So do you have any lube around here? It's not required but it sure makes things a lot easier. Have you ever had a penis inside of you?"

"Yeah, I told you what had happened… my dad, remember?" Skeeter said shaking slightly.

I pulled him in and held him tightly until his shudders ceased their shudders. He said, "Does it always hurt like that, Joey? If it does then I can't have you do it."

"I admit it hurts at first. It might even hurt you a lot until you learn how to relax your butt muscles. I had to learn. I got pushed into the swimming pool, sort of… I had to learn how to relax very quickly… and I wasn't very successful. In the beginning, Wayne was very gentle but then, mostly at my insistence, he became very rough… then in turn I got very rough with him because I wanted him to hurt… that's fucked up, Skeeter. I promise I won't ever do that to you, I swear to God."

"I already know you won't hurt me, not intentionally, and I'm asking you to make love inside me." Skeeter said softly but firmly… he wasn't to be denied, and I knew it. My itch would just have to wait which was okay because I wanted to please him more than I wanted to please myself.

"Okay, but we absolutely need to to lube you because otherwise the pain will kill your spirit. Making love is supposed to be beautiful."

"Okay. Joey, I have to ask you another question, I've never done this before, not this way anyway, do I need to shit or something? I'm usually constipated as hell, sometimes it takes over an hour to get things moving if you know what I mean. With all these brothers and sisters around <giggles>, somebody's always pounding on the door needing in for something…"

"Yeah, it's a really good idea because otherwise…"

"Yeah, I get it. Okay, I'll be right back."

Kiss. Kiss.

A few minutes later Skeeter returned. He had in his hand a jar of cooking shortening grease. He looked at me impishly then sheepishly said, "It's all I could find. Will it work?"

I asked giggling, "Is that butter flavored?"

"Yeah, we've got some plain… would that work better?" Skeeter said with the sincerity of a heart attack.

I rolled over and got out of bed then went and stood in front of him. I saw a teardrop threatening to fall from the corner of his right eye… he had shame clearly and abundantly written all over his face. That broke my heart, I said, "Skeeter, I'm so sorry I hurt you. Come on, I'll show you what we need… I'm sorry for assuming you'd know something you'd never been taught before. But first, take that back to where you got it from… I'll meet you right here. I love you, Skeeter. I'm really sorry."

I then pulled Skeeter into a deep, deep hug. We kissed hungrily then he took off. He returned soon, we walked to the bathroom, he closed the door but didn't lock it. I started rummaging around in their medicine cabinet, lower vanity shelves for something to use for lube. Finally, on the floor behind the toilet I found a bottle of Mineral Oil. I said to Skeeter, "This may work. Until we know it works then I want you to be inside of me, and that's that, orders from your elder." Giggling. Skeeter smiled then turned me around to face away from him – he playfully smacked me up the back of the head.

While we were up, I sat down on the throne to make sure I was 'clean' for his entry into that area which he had never before visited. I didn't want him to find the experience unpleasant, and not like the first time Wayne and I had done the deed.

Nothing came out so I reached for the bottle Skeeter was holding, squeezed out a little bit into my fingers and then inserted them deep into my chute. Quickly, after finding a resistance, I removed my fingers just in the nick of time.

I then cleaned up well, including washing with a wet soapy washcloth to remove any trace of unpleasant aftereffects.

While I was cleaning up, Skeeter performed the same ministrations. When he was finished he asked, "Do you think that's good enough?"

"Turn around, and I'll tell you." I smiled. Skeeter looked at me like I'd lost my last ounce of sanity, but nevertheless he did turn around. I got down on my hands and knees, sniffed him good, and finding his scent to be pleasant, I took hold of his hips with my hands then began lapping up his cheeks, then pulled him into me where I flicked my tongue over his nether regions. Quickly, he pulled away, and said, "God, Joey, that's just nasty, stop it." He then pulled up his underwear, but not before I noticed he had massive wood jutting out behind those thin white brief fabrics.

I giggled, "You liked it and you know it."

He replied, "Maybe… but that's still gross. Yuck."

"But you did it earlier to me... don't you remember?"

"Oh... oh yeah... holy crap... oh God, I didn't just say that.... tell me I didn't!"

"Okay, you didn't." I snickered then added, "Okay turn around... I don't want you to be embarrassed... accidents happen but if they don't need to... then it's all the better."

He turned around... I confirmed his findings 'up there'. He squirmed around quite a bit... but... actually I felt that … like he wanted more … Softly I said, "You've gotta start thinking of your backside as being a place that will provide you pleasure… that's why you have to be lubed up… otherwise you'll always equate any lovemaking using 'there' as a source of pain. That would turn you off forever." I replied softly, knowingly.

"Okay." Skeeter whispered then we kissed and took off down the hall to his room.

I closed the door then locked it. Skeeter looked at me with skepticism written all over his face. I said after pulling him into a hug, "You're not ready yet, Skeeter. The time has to be just right or else it won't work out very well. Come on, let's just go to bed." I then took hold of his dick that was severely stretching the limits of the thin fabric covering that which I wanted to pleasure.

Quickly, Skeeter replied, "No dufus, they have a thing around here about locked doors, that's all. Don't think you're going to get off that easy!"

All of a sudden, after hearing his heartfelt said words, my dick sprang to full attention. I looked down at my tent pole thinking my dick would surely rip, in half, maybe worse, the flimsy cotton fabric covering my maleness, and beyond.

Skeeter then looked into my eyes. He was filled with indecision. He also had fear in his eyes. Without a second's thought, I walked over to the door and unlocked it. He shrugged his shoulders then reached inside the waistband of his underwear and began to pull them down. Quickly, I went to him, removed his hands then put my own hands in the waistband. Slowly, methodically, lovingly and caringly, I slid them down and over his hips and thighs to his ankles where he kicked them aside. He then performed the same ministration to me then together we got into bed. Quickly, we embraced, and allowed our hard male organs to come in contact with each other. The sensations were electrifying. I felt my jizz rising through the tube. I felt him tense up slightly. Without any second thought, I pulled him up on me, his lips to mine. We kissed passionately as our spermies flew between us, soaking our chests and bellies to maximum capacity.

When we recovered, somewhat, Skeeter said breathlessly, "Wow. Shucks. I wanted to be in you. And I damn sure wanted you to be inside me."

I giggled then asked, "Haven't you ever jacked off more than once in short period of time? Heck, by the time you get me ready, we'll be ready to go again, so stop your whining ha haa!"

"Oh okay, I've only done that once. I did it three times in maybe 15 minutes… that was before I could shoot though… it happened when I walked in where you and… oh never mind… Joey, I'm sorry, when I did it that time I was only thinking of you… I went into overdrive."

For the next few minutes, I told Skeeter exactly what to do, why, how and where. He was a fast learner. Soon my chute was lubricated and relaxed, soon his boner was pressing up against my thigh. He then took over, seemingly on autopilot, and without hesitation or invitation he laid flat on my back with his prong deeply embedded in that area separating the place where God split me in half during my incubation times in the womb.

The mineral oil burned a little bit… well, I don't know if you call it 'burn', but, nevertheless, I became hypersensitive. I urged him to press his 4.5 inch cock into that space between my cheeks then press in hard when he felt the indentation at the tip of his boy banger. He did exactly what I told him to do… then I thought that he needed to find his maximum pleasure on his own, in his own time. The last thing I wanted to do was rush him. He felt soo good at the entrance to my love tunnel, I never wanted him to stop, yet I also wanted him deep inside, and better yet – I wanted his protein injected because at that very moment I thought and knew that his nectar would provide me with life itself.

"Drive it home, Skeeter. I'm ready baby. Just do it. Do it now. Don't be afraid. I need you!"

I felt Skeeter's cock right at my back door, it slid in… I thought I was in heaven… but it stopped, he stopped… what the fuck? "Drive it home, Skeeter. Just do it. It does NOT hurt!"

"Joey, I'm in all the way." Skeeter cried then he jumped off. Immediately he grabbed his underwear... I thought he was going to rip them while pulling them up. He wouldn't listen to me assure him... he jumped into and curled up into a fetal position, facing away. He was crying hysterically, big racking sobs were escaping his lithe form.

With some difficulty, I rolled him over onto his back… I kissed him even though he was trying to push me away… he was quite strong, but I was stronger. Finally, he gave in and stopped fighting. I reached up and flicked on the bedside table light. Tears streaked across his cheeks. He appeared inconsolable. Finally, he turned his body to face me. He melted into me then put his arms around my shoulders, hung on tightly, and continued to sob, "I'm no good Joey. I want to give you what you need… but I can't, I'm sorry."

"Baby, you were doing just fine. You could have stuck a light pole up my love place so long as it would be your pole then I'd be happy for the rest of my life."

With a deep shuddering, painful, racking sob he said brokenly, "Joey, I was in there all the way. I'm not big enough."

"Oh baby, oh my God. It's okay. You're just fine. I love you so much, you're just perfect just the way you are. Skeeter, look at me. I need to tell you something that is very extremely personal and private…"

I reached up, grabbed some Kleenex from the box sitting on the bedside table then wiped his eyes, cheeks, and then held the tissue while he blew his nose.

When we got that taken care of, he laid his head on my pillow. We were nose to nose. With a flick of my chin, I kissed his lips then whispered, "Skeeter, you'll grow. You're perfect just the way you are right now. I didn't even think… never mind. I've got an idea… we'll be just fine. Lie on top of my chest, come on, come here."

Reluctantly, Skeeter moved on top of me. I urged him to scoot down to where his mouth was at my nipple level. He didn't miss a beat… seemingly naturally, he found first my left nipple then when I moved his face away from that one, he found the other one in rapid succession. When I pushed him away, I said, "I don't like my nipples messed with… I just don't like it… but here, try this…"

I brought my legs up high in the air then wrapped my ankles around his face then said, "Put your penis in me, and make love, just do it. You'll be just perfect. This way, we can kiss while you're inside of me. I should have thought about this before, just because we can be closer, just because we can kiss until we can't kiss anymore." I emphasized with a giggle.

"Uhm... hold on a minute..." Skeeter snickered then removed his underwear and tossed them to the floor... After some minor adjustments were made, he found the 'one and only place'. With my hands, I urged his penis to enter my cavern… he did it. He was fully embedded to the hilt. He was scratching the itch, the unscratched itch that had very nearly drove me utterly and completely insane.

Meanwhile, I reached down between us, grabbed hold of my very hard staff, and just began pumping it in time with Skeeter's thrusts when a small form nuzzled in by my side, laid its arm across my neck, then whispered, "What are you doing, Joey?"

Skeeter, meanwhile, was pounding my hole with everything he had. He was paying no attention… I couldn't deny him yet this little boy was lying right next to my side asking me what I'm doing… at about the same time, Skeeter grunted, groaned then he sounded like a boy going in for the kill. I felt him spasm, contort, drive home, and slam home my butt with everything he had… as he lost his hot steamy nectar with each and every thrust. I lost count at 7 thrusts, there could have been more because between the shock of having a very little boy next to my side, and forgetting that I had my hand around my dong, I blasted spurt after spurt of my own creamy elixir to wherever it could find a place to go.

However, I recovered first. I pushed Skeeter off me while he was enjoying his last remaining ejaculatory motions and spasms. I turned on my other side, confronted this little urchin attached to me. Quickly, I reached up and turned on the light. With the bluest eyes I'd ever seen in my entire life, and with a huge grin on his cherubic face, Kevin greeted me with a kiss right on the lips. "What were you doing Joey?"

Skeeter came up from his coma, whispered, "Oh, oh shit. Kevin what are you doing here? You're supposed to be in bed asleep."

"Ahhm, I'm going tell. You used bad words."

"No, don't. Hi Kevin. Whatcha up to little dude?" Skeeter said apologetically. He reached across us. Finding a slimy mess on my belly, he thought differently and took a different tract. "Where's the towel, Joey?"

Quickly, I took inventory, and with a bit of a giggle when I couldn't find it I said, "In the bathroom."

"Holy moley, stay here." Skeeter said urgently. He then wormed his way out of bed without sliming Kevin then headed down the hall to the bathroom.

Soon, he returned with bath towels, began wiping my chest and belly, and then began wiping his dick clean of any residuals from our physical love offerings, and then he turned his attentions to my butt and lower back wiping them clean. He then tossed the towel to the floor on his side of the bed then reached for Kevin.

Kevin, meanwhile, kissed my lips then he reached for Skeeter and did the same. He then nestled down in my side and promptly fell sound asleep after kissing my cheek one more time.

As soon as we were absolutely sure Kevin was asleep, Skeeter located our underwear, put mine on me then put on his own.

"Joey, how long was he uhm, never mind, well, you know…"

"Long enough, kiss me, let's go to sleep, I love you and thanks for scratching my itch… you were perfect in every way!"

After we kissed warmly, sleep overtook my body with Skeeter on my left side and Kevin on my right. What more could a guy ask for… that was my last conscious thought for that night, all others were set aside.

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