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The Redemption, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 30

A knock on the door awoke us. Nathan, being a lighter sleeper than Skeeter and I, jumped up and out of bed and answered the calling. Mom said to Nathan, "Honey, you have a phone call. It's Linda."

"What does she want?" Nathan growled as he turned away, got back into bed and cuddled into my side, closing his eyes in an effort to dispel those words mom had said from his brain. His cock was hard as hell, urgently searching for a place to hide.

I climbed over Nathan, reached to the floor where I found my underwear, and his. I said to mom, "Just a minute. We'll be right there. Come on Nathan, wake up."

Skeeter lifted Nathan from my side. I handed him Nathan's underwear. Promptly, Skeeter, despite mild protestations from Nathan, deftly manipulated his legs and pulled Nathan's shorts on him. Skeeter then put his own underwear on as did I.

All three of us had bones fully tenting out that flimsy thin material separating our male organs from the rest of the world.

Finally, Nathan gave in, accepted mom's outstretched arms and put his around her. Mom gave him an out, so to speak, "She's waiting. Shall I tell her you'll talk to her later?"

"We don't have anything to talk about. Dad and I worked it out." Nathan replied assuredly, factually.

Nathan broke the hug, reached for his jeans, put them on, and said to mom, "I'll get it, no biggie."

Just as he was walking out the door dad intercepted him. Nathan reached for a hug which dad promptly accepted and returned. I said to dad, "Linda's on the phone. She wants to talk to him."

Dad said to mom, "Honey, we didn't get a chance to talk about it very much last night. Nathan, do you want to talk to Linda or do you want me to just tell her you're busy?"

"I'll talk to her. We don't have anything to talk about so I'll keep it short."

With that Nathan squeezed dad one more time then headed out of the room but not before shooting me a glance. He looked like he was headed for the gallows. I got up and out of bed, threw on my own jeans, as did Skeeter, we walked to Nathan, I took his arm in mine then we went to the telephone in the kitchen.

Nathan picked up the phone, said hastily, "What do you want?"

Although I didn't hear what was being said to Nathan I did hear her screaming at him. I took the phone after seeing Nathan about to crumble, "Linda, shut up and listen to me..."

"Fuck you, this is between Nathan and me. Put him back on the phone. He needs to man up." Linda screamed into my ear.

Now that got my attention. Nathan looked into my eyes. Tears were threatening to spill. I put my arm around his shoulders and then said into the phone receiver (after looking around to make sure mom wasn't around listening in), "Nathan doesn't talk to fuckin sluts. He's one classy dude. Get a life and go away."

"You won't be able to fight his fights for him... he's just a pansy who needs his mommy, daddy and brother to..."

Nathan heard what she'd said. He grabbed the phone out of my hand. He growled, his voice breaking into syllables, "Hey Fuck You and the horse you rode in on. Fuck off."

With that he slammed the phone in its cradle. He loudly proclaimed, "She's just a fuckin goddamned cunt."

My heart and head immediately went back in time to the conversation had had … but before I went there I heard footsteps enter the kitchen, I quickly turned in their direction... mom was standing in the entrance to the kitchen. Her mouth was gaping wide open, and she was utterly destroyed, it showed on her face. My stomach dropped into the basement, no my stomach tore through all the layers of earth and shattered through a skyscraper in the center of Singapore.

I looked to Skeeter... he was horrified... his head swiveled first to mom then to Nathan then back to mom.

Nathan turned around. Total and complete shame overtook his young frame. He leaned over and put his head nearly between his legs. Dad entered the kitchen from the back of the house. Not having a clue as to what was happening, he took mom's side and put his arms around her waist then looked at Nathan and then me with a "what's going on here" look on his face.

Mom's eyes, filled to the brink with terror, never once left Nathan's until she turned and walked out the double sliding doors to the patio. Before shutting the sliding glass door she first looked to me, and then to Nathan, and then to dad. She then walked out and closed the door behind her. She was very, very sad, and hurt. I didn't see any anger... just hurt and disappointment.

Nathan sighed deeply, shuddered, took a deep breath and said to dad, "Dad, I called Linda a fucking cunt. Mom heard me. I didn't think she was here... I mean... no I didn't think she would have heard me. Fuck me." He then walked to dad, turned to face me with his back to dad, then undid his pants, slid them and his underwear to around his ankles, and then said, "Beat me."

"Nathan, pull your pants up right this minute. Damn it, I've told you guys to not curse in front of your mother. She's been through enough already. What is so damned important that you cannot keep your mouth out of the gutter?"

That was a rhetorical question. No answer to it was needed or expected. Dad stomped out of the kitchen, following mom's footsteps though door that was shut with more force than mom had used. Before exiting, however, he looked back at Nathan one more time.

Nathan, shuddering violently, tears freely flowing from his eyes running down his cheeks and landing on his bare chest said to me then to Skeeter, "I think Linda is right. I am a fuck up. I don't know how to treat women."

He quickly pulled his pants up just enough so that he could run to his room, loudly crying and wailing his disgust at and with himself.

I head to Nathan's room but he exited just as I was entering. He pushed past me with a ferocity that both surprised and shocked me. I do not shock easily. In his hand he was carrying a knapsack. Not quite believing what he was doing, you know how you sometimes get lost for words because of incomprehension – well that was my reaction. Before I could do or say anything, Nathan headed to the front door, and quickly exited.

Skeeter headed for my room saying, "Shoes. Nathan. Then he disappeared leaving me standing there all by myself, feeling totally lost yet I knew we had to get Nathan back as soon as possible. Skeeter tossed my shoes to me. We both sat down in chairs and hurriedly put them on. Skeeter said, confirming my own conclusion, "We can't let Nathan go off by himself, not now."

"I need to tell dad what's up." I said, feeling dread in one hand and a sense of duty on the other.

I walked to the sliding glass doors, opened one up and said, "Dad, we'll be back in a little bit. Nathan's gone for a walk somewhere." I didn't wait for them to acknowledge anything. I closed the door, hastily made my way to the bathroom, peed then joined Skeeter as he walked out the door.

*-* Nathan's POV *-*

Aimlessly I took off down the street with a loose plan to catch the CTA and travel back to familiar surrounds on the south side of Chicago. There wasn't anything there but then again there wasn't anything 'here'. I'd fucked up A-FUCKIN-GIN. I got to the corner and began balling my eyes out at thinking of the gravity on how I'd fucked up. Mom's face ran through my brain time and time and time again... I'd never seen that much hurt in anybody's life – ever. It was ripping my guts out.

After quickly composing, I realized that I was in a bit of a quandary. Turning left would mean that I'd pass the fucking cunt's house. Going right would take me away from the train station. Straight ahead was a dead-end. Going back would surely mean death and destruction... mom's hurt... and I hurt her.

I looked left. Their house was in sight. There were some kids playing touch football in the front yard. I didn't want to meet them.

My next thought: I'd done it before.

That gave me an idea, an idea that I'd carry through.

Many houses on the west side of the street had Evergreen trees and bushes and other fully in bloom vegetation. So I took off, ducking in here and there all along the way down to the next block's intersection. Before I went out of hiding I looked back. It was then that I saw Joey and Skeeter walking down the block looking here and there in all directions.

They arrived at Linda's. Donnie met them on the sidewalk. They talked briefly. Donnie ran into his house, Joey and Skeeter continued their trek down the street, toward me. I was hiding behind a tree. Knowing they'd eventually see me I stepped back and laid down just behind and underneath a thorny, prickly Evergreen bush. I looked around and concluded that I was out of sight from them, and from anyone else for that matter.

When they passed by I sighed a collective breath of relief. I stayed there for at least 15 minutes after they'd crossed the street and were out of sight. I was itching like hell. A small branch was digging into my lower back and driving me absolutely insane. Seeing nobody around, I crawled to the safety of an Evergreen tree that faced the street. I carefully watched to see if anyone was around – there wasn't so I stood up and walked around to the back of the tree. I stripped off my shirt, shook it out good removing all the stickers and thorns. I then unfastened my jeans, lowered them to my knees and shook out and removed stickers and thorns from my skin and underwear. I looked around... seeing nobody around in close proximity I lowered the front waistband of my underwear and then released a huge stream of pent up urine. Finished, I shook my dick well, hid it in its confines then pulled my underwear back up and fastened my jeans closed. After shaking my shirt one more time, I put it back on.

I walked to a side of the bush, seeing nothing I took off for the corner in plain sight and then walked the three blocks to the center of town. The CTA station was in plain sight so I headed that way. Unbeknownst to me, when I was about to begin the climb to the station, a hand grabbed my shirt and spun me around.

It was Donnie. He was pissed as hell. Normally, I am not one who permits people to push me around but somehow I allowed him to push me to a picnic table not too far away. And he was smaller than me.

Despite my protests he asked, "Just where the fuck are you going?"

"Fuck you Donnie. You don't know the half of it."

"Oh ho... the fuck I don't. My sister IS a fucking cunt. What she did to you is absolutely WRONG! That makes her a fuckin cunt. She's always been a bitch but she topped the charts bro."

Her brother saying that caught me off guard; the words took me aback.

And here I'd thought they were close.

Donnie seeing my surprise added, "She's a spoiled fucking brat. She talks to mom like mom's a piece of trash. Dad tolerates it, saying she'll outgrow it someday. So where are you going?"

"Donnie, I can't tell you. If I tell you then there is the chance you'll spill the beans. It's nothing personal."

"The hell it ain't personal. My fuckin house is a goddamned war zone. Mom and dad are arguing; Linda is being a fucking cunt; even our dog is growling. The fuckin cat scratched me, ya wanna see?"

Without waiting for an answer, Donnie pushed down the front of his jeans and lifted his shirt to show me two 10 inch claw marks. "Jesus Christ. What the fuck?" I responded.

He put his shirt down, his point made in spades.

I heard Joey's voice. It was on the other side of the tree and coming closer. I jumped up and without another thought grabbed my knapsack and ran head long into the Evergreen tree and worked my way into its center.

From my vantage point I could see Joey and Skeeter approach Donnie, and I could hear their voices as if we were talking face to face. I'm glad I peed.

Joey asked Donnie, "Have you seen Nathan?"

"Nuh uh. Nope. I'm headed to the mall. Maybe he went there?"

"He never goes to the mall by himself."

"Okay, will do. If I see him... where are you going? Maybe I could go with you?"

"Nah, if you see him call me."

Skeeter said, "Do you know where he might be? I mean where would you go?"

"Uhm, I'd probably go to the park. You know the one up the hill. I've gone there before. I've been there a lot lately."

"Oh okay, I hadn't thought of that. Okay, we'll see you around. If you see him tell him we'll work something out."

"Will do. See ya later."

"Thanks Donnie. I'm glad you aren't like your sister."

With that said Joey and Skeeter took off heading to the park, to find me – all for naught of course. When I saw that they were halfway up the hill and just out of sight I made my way out of the damn bush like tree.

I could hardly strip in front of the busy terminal station so I worked my way out and then sat back down next to Donnie. Both he and I picked thorns and stickers out of my clothes. Unfortunately, several had run down the inside of my pants when I was crouched eluding my brother Joey and his boyfriend Skeeter.

I had Donnie descend to the bottom of the stairs to see if Joey and Skeeter were still headed to the park. Donnie reported back that they were out of sight. With those assurances we went inside and hit the bathroom. I went to a stall, shut the door, took my clothes off entirely and then removed a few pesky thorns while taking a dump.

"What's taking you so long?" Donnie asked from outside the stall door.

"Duty. There that's the last one." I said then started getting dressed having removed all thorns - again.

Donnie quipped, "That's way too much information."

For the first time since I woke up that morning a giggle escaped my psyche and on into my throat.

After flushing (one of those automatic toilets) and washing my hands, Donnie went to see if the coast was clear. It was.

The train that would take me to my destination arrived. Donnie said, "Nathan, I wish you'd reconsider. I mean what's going to happen if you run away? I mean, that fucking cunt shouldn't run you away. She's a bitch. I think you're making a mistake. You don't live with the bitch... hell, I'm the one that should be running away, not you."

"It's really bad huh?"

"Damn straight, fuckin A."

"Do you have a card?" I asked pointing to the turnstiles.

Donnie reached into his pocket, pulled out his billfold, retrieved his CTA card and then put his billfold into his pants. I did the same.

Then another thought took hold. I said, "We don't have any money. I've only got 5 dollars and some change." Donnie replied, "I've got 22. Oh wait; my dad gave me a Visa card... I think it has like two hundred bucks on it."

As we entered the train I said musingly, "Where I'm going they don't take credit cards."

*-* Joey's POV *-*

After we headed up the hill toward the park something just didn't seem right. Something was nagging the back of my head. More than once I reached back thinking it was a bug or something but it wasn't a bug at all.

Skeeter noticed. "What are you doing? Whatever it is it's driving me crazy."

With that Skeeter stopped our forward progress. He looked down my shirt, ran his fingers through my hair (which was sticking up and out helter skelter), and then when I thought he was going to check down the front of my shirt... he instead took hold of my face and brought it to his for a quick kiss. "It's going to work out. Does he have anywhere that you think he would go to? You know, to think things out."

"No. Not here." I said then realized just exactly what I'd just said. "I think we're at the wrong park." I added with grave concern clearly in my voice and expressed by my body language. I shuddered. "Let's check it out... he might have come here. We've shot hoops here. Some of our new friends hang out."

*-* Nathan's POV *-*

My mind was spinning to the point of being almost out of control. I couldn't take Donnie to exactly where I'd planned to go.

I grabbed his wrist and then jerked both him and me out of the train at the next stop. Donnie was clearly perplexed, "What are you doing? I thought we were running away?"

"We will. I need to get some money first. Come on."

"You can't go back home... I can just see it now: 'Hey mom, hey dad, I'm running away but I needed to get some money, can ya loan me a couple hundred, pretty please?'"

I ignored him, intent on us getting some money together so that we could at least eat and maybe buy some clothes.

Joey and I'd been in the old castle before. Cars were in the driveway. A boy who appeared to be maybe 15 was mowing the lawn. I found it odd that he'd be wearing really, really short shorts and no shirt. The air, while warming up in full spring, still had a chill about it. When he saw us walking up the granite tiles toward the front door he nodded and motioned for us to go ahead and enter. He then scratched his nuts which caused his left nut to fall from the way-too-tight shorts. He wasn't bad looking.


I was unable to just walk inside the house, building or whatever it was that they called it so I reached for the doorbell and rang it once. Not more than 10 seconds later the inner door opened. A boy, not much older than Donnie and I stepped up and then opened the screen door. Immediately we both saw that he was naked and had a major bone popping up and out from his scantily hair endowed pubes. He was probably 4.5 inches at full staff. His hair was a dark auburn/blond red; his eyes green; his legs built like a colt; his belly flat and taut; his chest exhibiting the early tell signs of adolescent pectorals; his smile bright and welcoming; his lips slightly parted and welcoming.

Donnie stood staring like he'd seen and was experiencing the second coming of Christ. My pants got very, very tight in front. For being a guy he looked good. The boy urged us to enter the house. We did. The boy took us to an area similar to a kitchen... I mean it had cupboards, a sink, spigots, a refrigerator and a linoleum floor... but that is where all semblance of normalcy ended.

The overhead lights were like way turned down, almost off entirely but not quite, like a cinema theater, standing lamps were pointed directly onto what would normally be called a kitchen table but its purpose had been transformed entirely. On the table was a boy of an indeterminate age who was laying flat on his back and being sucked off by a younger boy while another boy, straddling the boy lying flat, had his dick in said subjects mouth, oral fucking the hell out of him.

The pose appeared totally relaxed, not forced in any way, and they were damn well enjoying it. I reached down and adjusted my bits. Donnie took my arm in his then whispered in my ear, "Holy fuck dude. What is this place?"

Assuredly, I said, "These guys are all getting paid for what they're doing, or they are being given a place to stay and food to eat, or both. It's not bad. Joey and I 'worked' here for one day when we first came to this part of town. It's quick money. We'll show our stuff, maybe jack off then we'll be on our way."

"But you're not even gay." Donnie whined.

"No, but we need the money, right?" I replied.

"Well, lookie here... what brings you guys to our little love nest?" A gravelly voice said from behind us.

I spun around. It was the same guy that had 'worked' Joey and I several months ago, the same guy that dad had said was arrested and sent away.

The guy immediately recognized me. He wasn't angry or anything. He licked his lips... almost imperceptibly. Cutting to the chase, I said, "We need some money... can you help us out?"

"Oh, I think that can be arranged... what did you have in mind? Are you selling Scout cookies, coupon books... maybe even some Kool-aid?"

"No sorry, we don't have anything... we were just wondering..."

We were interrupted by loud grunting, squealing, exclamations of varying levels of heightened sexual arousal, and thumping of arms and legs on the table.

Donnie was mesmerized and enthralled. I saw him reach to his jeans, squeeze then adjust his junk to a more comfortable position, or at least he tried to. The man quickly walked to the boys in varying stages of recovery, drew each of them into a hug and then kissed them; French kissed each drawing the jizz from their mouths.

One of the younger boys, he was maybe 8 or 9, quickly reached for the man's glands and began jacking with vigor. However, the man gently pushed the lad's hands away, kissed him warmly and then returned to us.

"Ohm, yes, quite tasty, a bit salty but sweet too. <The 'man' cleared his throat and then looked at me and then to Donnie.> so... what's the gig? How much do you need?"

"You can take pictures of me... you know like we did before."

Donnie looked into my eyes with disbelief clearly crossing his face. I said to him, "I've done this before. I strip and jack off in front of a camera. We get paid. And we leave. Simple. My brother and I were paid $1,500.00 for a couple hours work. Right mister?"

"The sky is the limit. Whatever you want to do will be adequately compensated. If you guys want to work together then I'll pay one and a half times for the both of you. How about you boys go take a shower... we'll take some proof shots and then go from there. You guys talk about it. I'll be right back."

That said the man left us to ourselves... well, not entirely, the kitchen table boys got up from their places and strode past us, not forgetting to grab hold of our appendages and give them a firm squeeze. I thought I was going to jizz. Donnie's face was flushed. His jeans were tented out obscenely. The man looked at us then headed to the backyard. His eyes were hungry.

I walked to the door to see where he was going... there were many guys out there in the yard in varying states of dress and undress. I noted that there were high privacy fences all around thus keeping the activities out of plain sight of neighbors and traffic.

At the far end of the yard was an above ground pool fully equipped with sides, ladders and a surrounding wood deck built all around. There were probably 15 guys out there ranging in age from probably 8 thru 15 or so. All except one were naked. The one guy was wearing a very thin linen cup with a thin narrow expanse of material that ran up his crack hiding nothing from the imagination.

I started rapidly thinking about having sex with Linda, jacking off and sucking with Joey, and what Donnie and I might be required to do for top dollars. I then remembered how much guilt Joey had had about taking me along with him. But... Donnie was my same age. I didn't even really know him but I had a 6th sense that he was a good guy. In that moment I was very confused...

Donnie pretty much answered my doubt with reassurance. He led me to a picnic table and began stripping. When he got to his underwear he looked at me and for a moment wondered if he should do it. His moment of indecision was quick. Deftly, he was picking his tight whities from the ground and tossed them on his other clothes thus revealing his entire body in Technicolor. A photographer, seemingly from out of nowhere, quickly approached and sat up his still camera. Another photographer brought a camcorder. Together they were all over Donnie photographing his every move. He said to me, "This isn't so bad..."

It was then that I saw the boys were gathering all around us, cheering Donnie on, urging me to join in on the festivities.

The man walked over, smiled, reached for Donnie's shoulder, squeezed lightly and said, "It seems that you guys are the highlight of the day. Nobody will force you to have sex but a solo jerk-off scene will pay off dividends if you're interested. Mingle around, go swimming, have a great time, don't worry." He then walked into the house.

Without too many cautionary flags I slowly stripped to my underwear. I'd worn dark purple bikinis so there wasn't much left to the imagination but the guys with the cameras paid extra special attention to the pouch in front and the slight tight brief outline of my butt. They had me sit on the picnic table in a natural pose – you know with my legs crossed and then they urged me to spread my legs wide open. They then sat Donnie down in front of me and had him lean back. He was right against my cock which was titillating and made me hard. I looked down; my cock head was just a tad above the waistband. The photographers had fun with that. I was getting into it what with all the encouragements from the boys all around. Donnie was into it also. He turned around, pulled down the waistband in front and then gently kissed the head of my dick. At his urging I stood up on the ground. He hooked his fingers in and in one fell swoop my underwear were on the ground. He picked them up, brought them to his face, inhaled deeply, smiled then dropped them on the pile he'd made of our clothes.

I was rock hard, seemingly harder than I'd ever been... even with my dick deeply imbedded into Linda... shit... just the thought of her name caused my manhood to began a slow descent... but the guys would have none of that. Without ever touching my member they gathered around, laying their hands on my shoulders, back, stomach and arms... all of which caused my junk to once again reach epic proportions.

The boys then urged, with cameras constantly and consistently and continuously snapping off pictures, Donnie and I to walk to the pool and lay down on the deck. Somebody handed a boy a tube of sunscreen that in turn was passed around to several other boys. Between them we were sufficiently covered with the sun blocking goop though they had left our dicks and the inner most sections of our cracks for the most part alone.

The man came walking to the pool deck. He urged me and Donnie to get into the water. We jumped into the water, came up then looked at him and waited for our next instructions. The man then eased himself into the pool. He walked over, put his arms on our shoulders then urged us to stand in front of one another, to wrap our arms around our shoulders. Much to our surprise, Donnie and I relaxed and pulled ourselves together so much so that his dick was pressed onto mine. Our bodies were positioned such that his buried itself behind my prong. The feelings were exquisite. Going at that rate it would not have taken too much longer to reach that moment of no return.

Stealing a moment of regress, I whispered into Donnie's ear, "This is where we can stop. They have enough pictures. We'll be paid good money. We could live on it for quite a while."

Donnie, I'm sure it was not intentional but maybe then again maybe it was intentional... we never talked about it really..., tensed his body causing our dicks to mash together. I just about lost it. I was close. He whispered in my ear, "We could jack off. I'm mean we're already hard and stuff." He turned to the man, "How much if we jack off? And how much would we get it I sucked Nathan off?"

I shuddered however a sense of responsibility overtook me at that point in time. I said, "No, we won't suck but I'll jack you off. We're almost there now."

Donnie nodded. I told the man, "We'll jack off. $3,000.00 for the day. You'll have us for the rest of the day then we leave with the cash money. Take it or leave it."

"You drive a hard bargain, young man. Tell you what, three of my boys get to play and you'll need to include some anal play. Take it or leave it."

"What do you mean 'anal play'? I ain't fucking anybody and ain't anybody fuckin me."

"Rimming, fingers, tongues, no penile to anal contact … unless you decide to."

I looked at Donnie. He was clearly perplexed as to the contract negotiations and what it all meant. I whispered into his ear, "We jack off, three other guys join us. They will be touching our butt holes with their tongues and stuff but we will not have sex – no penis will go inside."

"As long as it is okay with you then I'm good."

The man added, "Oh yeah, plenty of kissing. You too seem to be pretty close so kissing shouldn't present an issue, right?"

For a moment I felt the situation was getting out of hand but Donnie put that ditty out of mind by reaching for my lips and then touching them together. He seemed quite advanced despite his 12 years of age. He touched his tongue to my lips. I responded by meeting his with mine.

The next thing to happen... Donnie clutched me into his arms, took in a sudden deep breath of air, let it out and then his body went into spasms. By the way his eyes had rolled up into his head... I knew that he was enjoying his orgasm. The cameras were also having spasms galore. One of the camcorder guys got into the water despite his clothes. He captured the various expressions on Donnie's face as he catapulted to and from that far away place surely beyond the planet Jupiter.

Much to my surprise, with all that was going on around us, all the people watching... I lost consciousness as a tidal wave of emotions, feelings, sensations, pulsations, and spasms took hold leading me on a straight away, seemingly one way trip to the same planet Donnie had departed to. I couldn't tell if he was yet returning. While our midsections were underwater that did not stop me from feeling my jizz jettison from my cock. When I returned from the trip to that faraway land I realized that several guys were holding me up.

The camera guys left scurrying up to the house surely with their mother payload. The man, whose name I learned to be Ronald, then started a fire in a large pit, urged the boys to find kindling, scraps of paper, anything to get and keep going a cooking fire. Feeling safe and open with the guys we soon joined in on the scavenger hunt.

Donnie and I stayed close at all times. In fact, his arm was around my waist, his fingers supping that muscle just above my butt and below that hip bone. I wasn't at all repulsed, not like I thought I might have been had I given it any thought.

Some boys about our age were in a kiddie swimming pool freely playing around and having a good time. Donnie and I looked at each other, smiled then continued on to see what the next activity showed. We were both shocked when we got to a jungle gym and saw a guy maybe 14 or 15 clearly fucking a boy our age. In and out, in and out... the younger boy was squealing his pleasure. Mesmerized by the sight we stood there and watched their copulation. Then the older boy squealed and jerked so hard that the younger boy was sent over the slide screaming and cursing that his belly was being scraped raw from sliding down dry. The older boy, off in his own little world, let everyone know what was happening... unfulfilled he grasped hold of his penis and began jacking with clear intent and purpose.

We entered the outer ranks of a circle of several boys our age. We wormed our way in just far enough so that we could see what was going on in the center of the ring. Cameras were rolling... big, expensive, highly sophisticated cameras no less were electronically recording two boys sucking each other... one was on top sucking the other boy's cock while the lower boy was sucking the upper boy's. I found that captivating … but then someone produced a tube of something. He began massaging the top boy's butthole, and then his finger disappeared deep, deep, deep.

Donnie whispered in my ear, he was trembling, "They're going to fuck... I don't believe it!"

The older boy, the one who was massaging the top boy's butt then smacked it hard. The top boy then scooched up and onto the bottom boy. The bottom boy maneuvered the top boy... another stage hand, or whatever you call them, then grasped the bottom boy's prong and guided... holy shit... ouch... that had to have hurt... within seconds though neither appeared to be in any pain whatsoever.

It was then that I noticed Donnie was fully and completely grasping my right butt cheek. He was oblivious to where his hand was located on my anatomy.

I looked around... geezus, there were guys all over the place... and movement within the circle caught my attention... the stagehand or whatever he's called then began fingering the bottom boy. The bottom boy nodded. The top boy then raised the bottom boy's butt off the ground and impaled his mate. I was like totally caught up in the moment. I felt Donnie shudder … I hadn't even realized that my hand was not only cupping his butt cheek but also my finger was teasing deep inside of that area where God splits people in half. I quickly removed my fingers from that trailing place and moved my hand up to a safer area higher up.

"What the hell am I doing?" I thought.

*-* Joey's POV *-*

Skeeter said with grave concern in his voice, "No, he wouldn't go back there. There's nothing left. Vito's dead. Reggie's dead too. Buzz... wasn't it you that told me he moved out, is getting married and has a kid on the way, Wayne – well he's out of commission... there's nothing there for him."

"Yeah, I know. Where the fuck would he go to and then what would he do? He doesn't have any money to speak of. Come on; let's go home. I'll check his stash drawer."

With that we took off for home. Mom and dad were both sitting at the dining room table. Mom's eyes were red-rimmed and puffy. Dad had nothing but concern on his face. He immediately stood, "Did you find him?"

"No not yet dad; we came back so I could look in his stash to see how much money he might have on him."

Mom said seriously, "We were just about to call the police. It's getting late. He's got to be hungry. Do you have any idea how much money he had in his 'stash'?"

"Uhm, maybe a hundred dollars, something like that. Let me go check, okay?" I asked.

I took off for Nathan's room while Skeeter held back with mom and dad. I found the dilapidated shoe box where Nathan kept his prized possessions. In small bills and coins he had $118.76. I left it out on his bed then returned to the dining room. I said, "I doubt that he has more than $5.00 or $10.00 in his pocket. He won't go far..."

Then my brain froze. Nathan and I had been down the same road. My blood ran cold. My body went on full alert. I said to mom and dad, "There are two places he went to. First and most likely, he took the CTA to the old stomping grounds. But this doesn't make sense since most all of our running mates are injured, dead, getting married and having babies, or scattered all over God's half acre <I looked to Skeeter on the word 'acre'>. Dad, I'm sorry... but was that place where Nathan and I went that day to make money so we could leave... is it still open, err did it reopen?"

"I assumed they had it closed down. There was a For Sale sign on it for a few weeks then it was taken down. You don't think that he'd go back there?"

Skeeter looked at me with intense interest, I said, "Nathan and I wanted to get something for somebody <I looked at mom shamefully then turned my attention back to Skeeter>... and well we went to a place where they did movies, pictures and stuff... of, uhm, guys like us, you know our age..."

Mom reacted differently than I had expected her to... she quickly stood, walked to and then stood in front of me and said, "Joseph Lee Mauer, did your brother 'quit' because he screwed up today?" The passion and fire in her voice, and no it was not anger or rage, rather it was a mother wailing inflection caused me to shudder slightly. When I didn't immediately answer she put her arm on my shoulder and said intently, "Did he quit?"

"I think so mom. You don't know how bad he felt. He didn't mean for you to hear what you heard. He'd never ever do anything to intentionally hurt you, never. He loves you."

Mom hugged me deeply then firmly kissed my lips. With determination in her voice she said, "Take me to that house! I swear to God if he's hurt I'll never forgive myself. Dave call the police."

Skeeter offered, "Ma'am, I think it might be better if just Joey and I go there... who knows, maybe some grandmotherly type person could be knitting or something... we don't want her to have a heart attack or anything. Who knows?"

"As Mayor, I could make a call to the residential planning commissioner... he'd be able to tell me of the homeowner's pertinent details. Excuse me. Mom, let's hold off on the cops right now. Skeeter might have a plan."

To Skeeter I said, "You're pretty smart you know." Then to mom I said, "He really is." I turned back to Skeeter and briefly kissed his lips.

"Those places are dangerous. No good comes from them." Mom mused.

I walked to mom, stood in front of her for a moment before saying, "Mom, can I talk to you for a minute, alone?"

Mom took my hand in hers. I looked to Skeeter hoping to find understanding... his understanding was apparent. We kissed briefly then mom and I walked to her office, shut the door. Without hesitation I pulled mom in, hugged her deeply. Our hug was not quick to end. "Mom, I'm positive that Nathan left because he knows he hurt you very, very deeply. I know he would not have said what he did if he had any inkling that you were anywhere within hearing distance. That Linda chick hurt him deep down mom. She's crazy. Please don't hate him."

Mom pulled me into her deeply. Between quick shaking breaths she said, "I could never hate him. He's such a gentle child. Not knowing where he is, thinking that he's quit... well, you ain't see this mother get on a mission, Joey. Let's go find one Nathan Mauer."

*-* Nathan's POV *-*

The circle broke up once the two boys reached Jupiter and returned. They then walked into the crowd like nothing had ever happened. They pass through and then went into the house.

A large bar-b-q pit was located at one end of the property. Several guys were gathered around filling their plates with food and drinks. "We might as well eat." I said ruefully, thinking it might be a while until we ate again.

We loaded up our plates, took them to a table and sat down. A couple other guys were sitting around... their empty plates sitting in front of them. Both smiled at us and then recognition took hold, "Hey... so you guys are the new people... welcome. Whenever we have new guys... they get to entertain us... I look forward to seeing more of you. Oh yeah, we saw you in the pool – that was hot!" The older of the two said sincerely.

'Uhm, thanks." Donnie said between bites. I nodded. I wondered what he meant by "entertain".

We were just about finished when the guy who had been mowing the yard came over and sat down with Donnie and me. We learned his name was Eric, was 15 and had been homeless for about a year until he came to the House. He said Ronald had been good to him, fed him well, made sure he was going to school on a regular basis, and yes that he even enjoyed the sex...

We were interrupted by Ronald and the photographers returning. Ron said that because of the time of evening the colors, hues, backdrops and other things would be perfect for a photo shoot. There must have been 15 photographers scurrying around, hooking cables up, and setting cameras in various places. They arranged us guys in certain places and with certain people. Eric, Donnie and I were going to be a 'scene', so to speak.

Yes, the movie people do actually use the words "ready" and "action". Eric had been around for some time. He knew the ropes. We were assigned to the picnic table.

I had noticed that not one, not two but three cameras were shining on the three of us, their little green LED lights on clearly indicating they were recording our every move. Ronald walked over, seeing that we weren't doing anything hot and steamy, said, "Come on boys, get with it, you guys are movie stars." He then walked to the next table. I looked over and saw the guys – they were getting it on... I saw two of the boys in full active sexual intercourse... the one boy effortlessly entered his dick into the other guy...

Eric got things started. He began rolling and rubbing my dick with his thumb and forefinger. With all that had been going on, what I'd already seen, my dick quickly made its full ascent. Donnie, meanwhile, began masturbating furiously but the cameraman quickly pulled his hand away saying that he was going to cum too soon.

Eric urged me to lie down on the table. I did. Quickly he devoured my dick in his oral cavern that which caused my penis to rapidly inflate to epic proportions... however before I could reach the plateau of maximum height he released his hold. I heard Donnie, seemingly muffled say, "What..."

Rapidly, without warning, I was lifted off the table by a pair of very strong arms. At first, I became alarmed but in my state of arousal and impending orgasm I did not, I could not put it altogether, all at once.

Dad's voice said urgently, "Be quiet. Don't say a word."

Chet's voice was the next one I heard, urgently it said, "Donnie, come with me... don't say a word."

Fully aware, dad was carrying me through the house and out the door. Derrick took me in his arms. Dad meanwhile raced to the front drivers' door. I ended up in the back seat. Joey took me in his arms, held me tight... so tight that I couldn't say or do anything. I smelled mom's perfume. Skeeter was sitting on my legs.

Somewhere, sometime during the... what do you call it? Rescue? Whatever... sometime during the rescue my penis released its contents onto my belly and into my pubes. I felt its trails running down through my devoid of hair perineum and into my butt hole and butt crack.

As soon as we drove away, cops, ambulances, fire trucks and other personnel were screaming notifications of their arrivals to the House.

Soon, we arrived home. Not less than dad, Derrick, Joey and Skeeter whisked me into the house and into the kitchen. I was sat down on a chair next to the dinner table. Mom covered my naked midsection with a towel she'd retrieved from the linen cupboard. Her look was intense, focused, and somewhat distraught but she was not angry. Her words were clear, crisp, succinct, and straight to the point: "What the hell? Why did you quit?"

*-* Donnie's POV *-*

"Come on Donnie, we don't have time to get your clothes and stuff... we gotta hit it."

I reached down to get my underwear at least... dad having no part of that picked me up, tossed me over his shoulder then carried me through and then out the House. He half ran, half jogged down the street, made the corner and then full galloped to our doorway as one then two then three police cars, ambulances, fire trucks and heavy rescue raced through the intersection and up the hill from where we came from.

Mom was waiting at the door and opened it allowing us to quickly enter.

Mom ran to the linen closet, retrieved a towel and covered my midsection as dad sat me on the sofa.

"What the hell were you doing?"

Uncharacteristic for me, I cursed loudly, "I can't take this shit anymore. Linda is a bitch! You guys are arguing!"

*-* Nathan's POV *-*

With tears freely flowing, I choked, "Mom, I hurt you. I saw your hurt. I felt it. I can't take it. I didn't quit. I just..."

Mom put her hand on mine, squeezed lightly... then without invitation reached her arms toward me. I put my head down, the tears continuously and constantly increasing to the point where I could not see, my shoulders heaving taking in and pushing out ragged breaths of air... oh God... I squeaked out, "I'm sorry. Please forgive me." With that single solitary utterance I collapsed into an uncontrollable fit of sobs, the strength of which I could not ever remember – not since mom, my original mother... she... she... she... when she was... when she was... when she... died.

My world all came crashing down. I screeched, between sobs, "I hurt moms, don't you see... I couldn't save my mom... I mean my birth mom... now look at what I did to you."

I fell to the floor, I didn't care... all I saw was black and blue and red pain at realizing what I'd done or caused to happen or couldn't stop.

Joey reached for me... I pushed his arms away and fought my way, or tried to fight my way to underneath the table... but Derrick got down on the floor and wrestled me up. Between him and dad they got me onto dad's lap. Dad began rubbing my head and shoulders. Then it happened.

With a fierce determination, with what seemed to be a super human strength mom pulled me out of dad's arms, manhandled me onto her lap. Tears were freely flowing down her cheeks and onto her pretty pink blouse. She pulled me into her bosom, held me tight, and wouldn't let me get loose despite my attempts to do so.

At that moment, mom's pager went off thus shattering the moment. I tried to get up but she would have no part of that. She said to dad, "Would you please answer that? Tell them I'm busy. Nathan, you stop fighting me. I'm not going to let you go. You are right here right now. There are a couple of things that we need to get straight."

Dad pulled the pager off of mom's slacks. He went to the house phone, called the number displayed. He said, "This is Dr. Mauer's husband. Dr. Mauer is tied up in a family emergency. She's not able to come to the phone."


"That's fine. I doubt she will be able to call back for some time."

Mom said, "Have them contact Dr. Randolph... he's secondary on call."

Dad relayed the information to the person on the other end of the phone. He hung it up then returned to us.

Joey's eyes were red rimmed; tears were freely flowing down his cheeks. Skeeter was supporting Joey, whispering encouragement and strength into his ear.

Now was the moment. It was do or die.

Joey, stealing a moment of strength, walked over, stood in front of me then said to all around, "Nathan, you were no more responsible for mom dying than I was. There is nothing you or anybody other than that worthless brother of ours could have done. We were both there. We both saw what happened. Nathan, we have a good thing going here. We're loved. Who do you think masterminded yours and Donnie's extraction tonight? It sure wasn't me. It surely wasn't Dad or Derrick nor was it anything Skeeter came up with. Mom figured it out. You couldn't have stopped her. She was on a mission. It worked. And I mean it worked to a T. You screwed up. Look at me – I've screwed up more than once. We're still here, right?"

Mom and my eyes locked. The look in her eyes was pure determination. They weren't angry, not in the least. "I think you and I have something to talk about... let's go talk for a while, just you and me."

Suddenly, I became aware that I was totally naked, that my clothes had been left at the House... nobody paid any attention. I wasn't hard or anything though my belly was still wet, my pubes sticky, though not too much.

At her insistence, we took off for the back of the house. We stopped in at the bathroom. Mom began running a bathtub full of water. She urged me to brush my teeth, which I did. By the time I was finished... she urged me into the bath where she proceeded to wash me like a little child all the while telling me the origins for her hurt.

She told me how her oldest brother had called her filthy vile names as he forced himself on her, sexually. She said that dad knew about it because it had caused her many, many problems in her life, and that she felt that was the focus for her addictions to mind altering substances earlier in her life. She told me that she had worked through many of the issues but when she heard me say what I had said to Linda... that pushed her over the edge in the abyss of remembrances of those days long ago.

Our dialogue was open; open like it had never before been... or since for that matter.

"Mom, when I talked to dad... I don't really feel ashamed anymore. Linda told me I'm not a man because I didn't please her. I had my moment before she did, and well I couldn't get you know, hard again... mom, she pushed my face into her... uhm, area. It was more than I could take – I threw up. She pushed me off the bed and told me to get out."

"Oh honey, you didn't tell me that part. Oh sweet child... honey, don't let her... I mean, don't believe what she told you because it isn't true; it's all a lie. She's young and wrong, so very, very wrong. You're growing up into a fine man. Just give yourself some time to grow up... I have no doubt that somebody is going to come along to make you very happy, and that you'll be able to make them very happy too. It happened to your dad and me. Let's finish your bath... geez, the water is ice cold."

Mom then soaped up a washcloth and handed it to me... the only areas that she hadn't washed was my prong and butt. Something unspoken passed between us. I handed it back to her. She hesitated but one moment, a fraction of a moment actually. Without saying a word I got up and out of the water, knelt down and offered my more intimate of places.

Without adieu, without lingering she finished washing my private areas. My dick began a slow ascent despite my willing it to cease and desist. Mom finished quickly. I sat in the water to rinse while she reached into the linen cupboard to retrieve a towel.

Finished rinsing adequately, I leaned forward, tripped the drain apparatus, quickly rinsed the sides of the tub then stood facing her, my dick pudgy but not fully erect. She gave my hair a quick swipe; just enough to stop the massive drips of water, then dried my neck, shoulders, shoulder blades, chest, belly then my back including my buttocks. She urged me out of the tub then dried my legs and feet, and then spent quite a bit of time rubbing my scalp thus drying my hair adequately. She then wrapped the towel around my midsection and headed to my room.

She urged me to sit on my bed. She walked to my dresser and retrieved a pair of baby blue briefs, handed them to me. I put them on, tossing the towel to the floor. Mom snickered reservedly. She hates having to pick up my wet towels but let it pass.

She wrapped her arms around my shoulders, looked intently into my eyes and said, "Honey, while I do not approve of your language I do have a better understanding of what you were feeling. I can't say that I would have said such a thing about another human being but I now understand your hurt and how it affected you. Oh honey, I want you to listen to me and I want you to listen to me very carefully... do I have your attention? Hey, you smell good. Are you listening?"

"Thanks mom, you smell good too. I'm listening."

"Honey, I wasn't there when your mom died. I can't fathom what you were feeling at the time... I'm sure what happened was shocking... like you couldn't believe it... that you might feel like there was something that you could have done to prevent it from happening... these are normal thoughts for survivors... you know, what could I have done, I should have done something even though I don't know what I could have been done differently – I have no doubt that had there been anything you could have done – then you'd have done it. I just know you would have."

Mom then pulled me into her bosom, held on for several moments just holding me, reassuring me.

"I'm sorry you heard what I said. I won't do it again... I promise."

"Well Nathan, that's good enough for me. I hope you now understand that we can talk about anything. There are some things your dad wants to share with you – but that is guy stuff. Can I put my doctor hat on for just a minute or two?"

"Sure. I mean I see you as just being my mom... you're a doctor too... and well, you're altogether, right, in one package?"

Mom giggled, "Yeah, I guess so. Honey, I just want to tell you that your premature ejaculation is very normal for guys your age. If you are in a sexual situation, it might help to masturbate an hour or two before having intercourse."

"Yeah, that's what dad suggested. I'll try it. Hey mom?"

"Yes, that's my name."

"I love you. I'm sorry again, really I am."

"I know you are. Let's move on, okay?"

I nodded. We kissed. We squeezed.

Although we were, seemingly, finished talking the doorbell broke our comfortable moment of silence, taking in all that we'd talked about.

A loud knock on the door and then the door opening into my room caused me to jump with startle. It was Derrick. He said, "The police are here."

Mom quickly got up and walked to my closet while I grabbed a t-shirt from my dresser drawers. She handed me my favorite black jeans and urged me to hurry.

A policeman entered my room just as I snapped my jeans shut but before I could zip them up the walked over and took hold of my arm. Dad entered and then seeing the scene unfold quickly stood between me and the officer. The officer let go of my arm then pushed into dad urging him to step away. Dad said, "I removed my son from a situation. He did nothing to warrant force or detainment. I am the Mayor and it was me that called you into the situation – check with your superiors." Dad then took me into the protective custody afforded by his strong arms. The officer relented.

Another officer quickly entered. He was in full uniform. His name tag read, "Sgt. James Chatley, Chicago PD". I'd never seen him before.

Joey entered my bedroom. Both Joey and Officer Chatley readily recognized each other. Joey said to the room in general, "Officer Chatley, it's good to see you again. We can explain."

The first officer and Officer Chatley stood down. The first officer put his cuffs away. Officer Chatley said, "Nathan Mauer."

I replied, "Yes sir. I'm sorry."

"Nathan, we traced you here. Your pants had identification. We were and are concerned for your safety. Has anyone in this room hurt or otherwise harmed you?"

"No way. Not ever. Never would they hurt me!" I said astounded that they would ever think mom, dad or any of my brothers would ever hurt me.

"We have to ask, young man. We're on your side. Mr. Mauer, Dr. Mauer can we take this to a larger part of your home. Our forensics team will want to take DNA, anal and penis smears so that we can officially put Nathan at the scene of the crime. He is not a suspect."

Mom said to the officer, "My son has had a bath. Nathan, were you penetrated?"

"Oh no mom, no way. A guy named Eric was just sucking... Nobody did anything bad like that."

"I'm afraid a crime was perpetrated on you, Nathan. Did you penetrate any ones anal canal?"

"No sir. No way."

Officer Chatley added, "We still have to retrieve DNA evidence and we still have to take samples, I'm sorry."

Mom looked to me and added, "It's true Nathan. Your dad and I will be with you. They will take swabs of fluid from your mouth, your bottom and your penis. It will not hurt. They simply need scientific evidence to prove out or disprove any abuse. I know it doesn't seem routine to you but I assure you it is simply operating procedure. It will protect you in the long run."

Officer Chatley nodded then said to mom, "We have clothing. We would like a positive identification that they are in fact Nathan's."

Another officer entered my room. My room was totally full with people standing around. The third officer showed mom a clear plastic bag. I recognized my clothes. I said, "Those are mine."

"Okay, good. Son, we will take these into evidence. I'm sorry but the contents of your pockets are also being taken into custody. They will be returned to you at a later date."

I nodded but said, "Sir, I have pictures of my family... my CTA card is also in there. What about my cell phone?"

Officer Chatley looked at the third officer and nodded. The third officer retrieved evidence bags from a larger sack and pulled out a bag containing my cell phone. He opened the bag, turned on my phone then began rummaging through my numbers and pictures. Thankfully, Linda and I had not exchanged x-rated pictures or videos. Once he was satisfied that all was okay, he handed me the phone. He then reached back into the bag and retrieved my CTA card. He handed it to me. I said, "Thank you sir."

For the next hour and a half they asked many questions to which I answered completely and honestly.

When the interrogation was completed, dad asked, "Now what?"

A detective stated factually, "Sir, the property was seized. The many boys will be held in protective custody while we locate their parent or parents or custodians. The caretakers of the home have been taken into custody. This whole matter will be turned over to the prosecutor. Since our officers saw what was actually going on, I doubt that your son will be required to testify."

"What about the media?" Mom asked.

"This all went down without warning. Although the people charged are adults, and their arrest information is a matter of public record, no juvenile identities are made public. If the media approaches you we urge you to contact us because we'll put a stop to it."

With that I was taken to the dining room with a lady detective who identified herself as being from the forensics lab. Mom was present as they took a swab from my mouth and put it in a test tube. She seemed pretty decent and mom was supportive so I lowered my pants. The forensics lab person then took a swab from the end of my penis then had me bend over. She inserted a long cotton swab deep into my rectum, wiggled it around then removed it. She then did what I hadn't expected – I didn't even know I had any hair down there... with a pair of tweezers she yanked a hair.

"OUCH! Dang it!" I protested, all to no avail. Mom snickered, "It'll grow back."


Mom and dad then talked to the officers after they urged us to the patio. Mom said they had some issues to cover, issues they didn't want any of us to know. That was fine with me.

When we arrived on the patio, I asked Joey, "How did you know that one cop? I didn't know you had any cop friends."

Joey replied, "He was the officer who took me aside after mom died. He had no choice but to arrest me. He's also the officer who officially released me when I told him what had happened."

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