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The Redemption, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 31

*-* Sunday, Joey's POV *-*

Nathan said, "No, we were taken to the hospital. I was all fucked up... my arm was busted all to hell..." he showed me the scar on his forearm... Skeeter interlaced his fingers with mine. "You were a zombie... I couldn't get through to you... nobody could. I was there every day... I thought you were gone." My brother then wiped stray tears from his eyes. He looked to Skeeter.

Skeeter took a deep breath, "Joey, we were all there. Wayne, Quiet Jim, me, and even Buzz would come in and try to get you to come back to us. Wayne went nuts. I wasn't much better." His eyes began leaking also. Brokenly he continued, "Joey, that's when I fell in love with you."

I had wondered about how Skeeter and I 'got together' in a romantic way. I realized that it was he who had stolen my heart seemingly without any effort on my part. Dad said something nondescript about how we were just ready for each other, that how we became 'ready' was not all that important because that is how he and mom and found their love for each other.

As if we were on the same wavelength, and I have no doubts that we were, our lips briefly came together for a moment, a moment where we became one.

Nathan continued, "Joey, Officer Chatley talked to me a day or two after my surgery. I told him what happened... you know... that night... I told him that it was Christopher... you know... No charges were ever filed on us."

Skeeter offered, "Your mom told us that the sense of hearing is the first to return and the last thing to leave... maybe you heard Nathan telling you about it... I don't know."

Mom had said the same thing about Wayne's condition so I understood what Skeeter said.

Mom, dad and the officer were still speaking to one another so the three of us went into the living room, made a bowl of popcorn, got Cokes, put in a movie and were watching it when they interrupted us.

Officer Chatley advised us about the dangers with those 'movie star' houses. Though 'that one' was not notorious for hurting and harming kids in a violent way they were however known for their recruitment and exploitation practices.

It was very late in the evening. As soon as the movie was finished we were to go to bed without question or delay. At 1:15am the movie finished. We gathered up the bowls, glasses, and paper wrappers tossed them in their respective places, and headed for bed after using the facilities.

It was one of those mornings when, no matter what you do or how many times you change positions, the urgency to pee just doesn't go away. The matter could have been very well increased because Skeeter had his hand resting on my lower belly with the outer end of it draped across the end of my very erect penis. He was sound asleep and didn't flinch when I raised his arm and wormed out of bed, padded down the hall to the restroom to take care of business.

I went back to my bedroom to find Skeeter still sleeping soundly. I covered his naked cheeks with the sheet but not before paying very close attention to his naked butt cheeks, the depths of his dark crevice not leaving much to the imagination I shuddered. The longer I looked at his fine lithe body the more I wanted him, and the harder my penis got with desire and need. But I needed to pee first, and badly. I opened the door, peered out to see if anyone was around. The coast was clear. I quickly padded to the bathroom, closed the door, and took care of urgent business. Relieved, I returned to my room. After seeing that Skeeter hadn't moved, I put on a pair of underwear and jeans.

The smell of freshly brewed coffee was thick in the air so after checking Skeeter one more time I exited, closed the door and went to the kitchen where dad was sitting at the dining room table.

"Morning dad." I said sleepily.

"Hey yourself, sleep well?" Dad asked sincerely.

"Yup. Uhm, Can I have some coffee?"

"Don't tell your mother." Dad chuckled. "You know where the cups are. Don't blame me for contributing to the delinquency of your minor status."

I chuckled then proceeded to pour myself a hot cup of coffee, went to the refrigerator, poured in some milk , and then sat down opposite dad. He closed his laptop, looked at me amusingly and asked coyly,

"What do you want?"

"Whatever do you mean 'What do you want?' Good grief, can't I even sit down and have a cup of coffee with my daddy?"

Dad chuckled then went silent, his eyes on mine. He was listening.

"Dad, Mother's Day is next Sunday. I've been thinking... uhm, can I give mom the present... I mean we have a plan to work it out... and well, this will be our first ... you know..."

Dad reached to my face and picked a piece of lint from my eyebrow. "I've talked to your mother about the present. We find it best to not keep secrets from one another. What you and Nathan did was a big deal so your mom and I talked about it. I have no doubt that you'll keep your part of the deal so the answer is 'yes'. Although your mother doesn't know 'exactly' what it is that you bought for her I'm sure she'll like it."

"Kewl, thanks dad, I'm glad you trust me. I won't let you down."

From out of the blue dad asked, "Have you and Skeeter had your conversation about your relationship yet?"

"Yeah, pretty much. I don't think we've made any real decisions yet. Dad, we love each other. I love him. He loves me. We want to spend the rest of our lives together."

"That's not what I'm specifically talking about but I'm glad you told me. I'm asking about your relationships outside of the one you and Skeeter share... specifically I'm asking about outside sexual relationships. What have you two decided about it?"

"That's pretty personal..."

Dad squirmed in his chair then sat forward and said, "I have a right to ask 'pretty personal' questions when it comes to your encounters with other people, especially when they occur in our home, or anywhere else for that matter. Joey, we are concerned for your health. We're also concerned that you are being sexually responsible. We're also concerned for Skeeter's health."

"Well, okay, yeah. I see your point. Uhm, we haven't really decided… you know… if we're going to have sex outside of our relationship. I really do love him. He loves me. He knows about Jeff." I said, looking carefully at dad to gauge his reaction. I added, seeing his concern, "Dad, we're not going to hurt each other…"

"You don't know that for sure, Joey. Sometimes I hurt mom. I don't mean to… sometimes we feel strongly about something… sometimes our conviction hurts our mate… your mom and me… we work through them… and sometimes we agree to disagree… and we do it respectfully… but this is beside the point we're talking about right now. Let me ask you another question… do you practice safe sex… do you use a rubber each and every time you have sexual intercourse?"

I opened my mouth to reply but then was saved by the bell… the phone rang. Without checking caller ID, I answered, "Hello."

Female voice: Put Nathan on the phone.

Heh heh heh, my first thought was to ask something along the lines of 'just who the fuck do you think you are?' Had dad not have been sitting right next to me I may have said exactly that… but I tempered myself to: "I don't put anyone 'on' a phone… who is this?"

"Just put him on the phone. I know he's there."

"Let's see… you must be none other than Linda. Nobody else talks to him or to me like you are. He's tied up, and besides he has nothing to say to you, and neither do I."


"Bitch." I muttered under my breath.

Dad frowned, though I didn't take the expression being 'to' me. Clearly annoyed, "I take it that was Linda… what the heck does she want?"

"Put Nathan on the phone." I whined, hoping to impersonate the tramp. The words came out croaking though. They warned me about puberty and its incipient embarrassments, namely the voice thing.

"You handled it well… I saw your wheels spinning and heard your good nature being challenged." Dad muttered. I looked into his eyes… he was smiling.

"I'm getting better… well maybe not better… I'm different." I giggled.

Dad giggled. The transition from funny slowly, then quickly to parental loomed over the horizon. He opened his mouth to say something when the damn phone rang again. I checked caller ID. It wasn't the same number… maybe she was calling from a cell phone… "Hello."


"Yeah… hey Donnie?"

'Yup. Is Nathan there?"

"Yup… he's still sleeping… he's a man of leisure these days." I snickered.

"Can I talk to him? It's kind of important."

"Sure… I'll wake him up but you'll be dealing with his wrath. He's not pleasant when he's woken up. If he bites me then he'll definitely devour you, oh friend of Nathan." I snickered.

"Oh… have him call me when he wakes up. It's important. Okay. Thanks. See ya soon." Donnie said.

"Okay, I'll give him the message. See ya later." Click.

I poured dad a cup of coffee, topped mine off then sat back down and waited expectantly but then remembered it was my turn to speak, "I understand what you're saying. We're okay though. We're not done talking about it. Things are..."

The damn phone rang again… we never got that many calls in such a short period of time… maybe over the course of a morning – yeah… but…

Caller ID said Chet Clemson and their phone number, the same one as dear ole baggy Linda called from.

"It's her again." I said handing him the phone, knowing that I would say something that would be against the house rules… I said I'm getting different but not perfect.



Dad covered the mouthpiece with his palm and said to me, "It's Linda's dad..."

I rolled my eyes then kissed his cheek, and headed to Nathan's room. His door was ajar so I stuck my head in to see if he was awake.

He was sound asleep, lying on his right side facing toward the door. He was curled up into the fetal position with the sheet and blankets lying scattered about on the floor. I debated for no more than 4 seconds on whether or not to cover his cold appearing naked body. Call it paternal or big brother or whatever… I entered his room where I quietly and gently covered him up, and then reached down and kissed his temple. Very quietly I whispered, "Love you bro. I'm sorry about what happened because it ain't fair."

*-* Dad's POV *-*

"Linda, we have nothing left to say to you… good bye. Do not call this number again." I said factually.

Quickly, a man's voice, Chet's said, "Dave, this is Chet. If you don't mind me asking… what do you mean… uhm… I don't understand."

"Chet, I'm sorry. I didn't know it was you… yeah we're having a bit of a problem with your daughter. No, in fact, we're having a big problem… I was going to call you later."

Chet and I had been friends for a number of years. We'd moved into the neighborhood shortly after he'd lost his wife and kids in a violent car accident. He'd been badly hurt but he was the only one to survive.

"What's up, Dave?" Chet asked seriously.

Just then Joey entered the kitchen, went to the refrigerator, got a Coke, and then headed out to the deck just outside the sliding glass door leading out of the dining room where I was sitting. I debated on going to our office but decided to sit still.

As soon as my son was out of earshot I said, "Sorry about that. Uhm, I'll just cut to the chase. Your daughter broke up with Nathan… it happens… I'm not so worried about that but I am very, very concerned on how she did it."

"That's the first I've heard of this… I didn't know, Dave. Seriously, I didn't know. Do you know what happened? I mean what, I mean how…"

I scratched my head… normally I like to talk about difficulties with the person I'm speaking with but in that case I foraged ahead, "As you know our kids were sexually active… I'm not too sure about their emotional attachment… but it was what it was… according to Nathan, I have no reason to doubt his word so I'm taking it as truth… is that he reached his moment and was unable to return to please Linda. Linda… like I said I believe my son… pushed him into her private area and demanded oral sex… Nathan is not able to do that as he found out… and well he vomited."

"Ouch. I don't much care for her forcing her mate to do anything against his will… I'll get her and her mother to have a talk about that…"

"Chet, that's not the real problem here. The problem is that Linda berated him, made fun of him, and threw him out of her bed and house… and called him some filthy vile names… this morning she called and demanded to talk to him. He's still asleep. I am not about to wake him for that kind of phone call."

"I didn't know, Dave. I do know that Linda is a strong willed young lady. We're having some significant issues around her with her attitude. Let's just say Irene and I are having some disagreements about her attitude, but that is neither here nor there. Nathan's a fine young man. If he wasn't then we would have handled their situation much, much differently. Let me talk to Irene about this. One or both of us will call you back… does this sound fair?"

"I knew you would handle this okay… I was going to call you later on…"

"I know you would have… okay, I'll talk to you later, unless you had something else. I'm sorry… like I said Nathan's a good kid… this shouldn't have happened."

"Thanks Chet. I'll talk to you later."

"Count on it."


*-* Joey's POV *-*

I sat down in a lounge chair, not thinking a whole lot of anything other than how that bitch hurt Nathan. That would take some time to get over. I just hoped it didn't fuck his mind up about sex in general. But then figured mom and dad would help him to understand that he did nothing to deserve what she did and said to him.

I remembered the many times when I'd planned a full night of turning tricks, and how sometimes when I was with a kewl 'client' I sometimes blew my load when I hadn't intended for it to happen. Although it didn't really affect my abilities to 'recharge' it did put a damper on things because even though my dick recovered sometimes it took me a longer while to recharge, emotionally and mentally.

I finished off the Coke, walked inside only to find dad in deep contemplation with the phone on its cradle. "Is everything okay?" I asked.

"Right now it is. He had no idea. I think Linda's got some serious issues. Nathan got caught up in those issues." Dad said then pushed his coffee cup toward me with a reserved smile. I filled his cup then poured me another cup.

"I checked on Nathan before I went outside... he was sleeping. He'll be up soon." I said then hugged him. It was then that I felt my cock straining somewhat within the confines of my underwear. Dad and I released our hold. I fully stood back up. He reached for his laptop, opened it and went to work. "Talk to ya later, and thanks. Uhm..."

"Yeah?" Dad asked inquisitively.

"Oh nothing, I'm going to check on Skeeter. See ya after while."

I took off for my bedroom but mom was just coming down the hall, in fact we nearly ran into each other. "Watchya up to?" Mom asked light heartedly.

"I'm on my way back to bed…"

Mom snickered, "I'll bet you are."

I blushed thirty shades of red and then she added insult to injury, "Too late, busted."

I leaned in, kissed her cheek and headed on to my room. While I was opening the door Skeeter popped through wearing only his underwear that were tented out nicely and walked into the bathroom, closed the door, and soon heard his stream flow forth into the bowl. Hearing that and wanting some alone time with Mr. Skeeter sent me into the bathroom with him since I hadn't heard the door lock.

Sure enough, his fully elongating tube of steel was doing its thing. I joined him and relieved a cup or two of coffee. He then shook way too many times and urged me to do the same. No argument, none whatsoever.

We then joined our lips together and was really getting into it when Nathan opened the door, entered, walked to the toilet and let loose with his own needs to empty the can.

Nathan finished his duties then reached into the shower and got the water going. Once the water was to temperature he stepped in. Not two seconds later he shouted, "Hand me the shampoo!"

I did then Skeeter and I took off for my room. I closed and locked the door as Skeeter had stripped off his underwear and began seductively jacking his dick – what more invitation does a guy need? The answer: none.

I snickered, stripped my jeans off and then lowered my underwear to the floor and made a spectacle of kicking them across the room. They landed next to the chair beneath the computer. Seriously, I got into bed and splayed open my legs, pulling them up and over my body so that he would have full access to my nether regions. Skeeter licked his lips, reached into his travel bag, retrieved a bottle of lube, smiled wickedly sexy, slathered his gland then got on the bed, applied some of the goo to my area of supreme interest, poised his pole, and then with very little resistance entered easily.

Not five strokes into our interlude my fucking cell phone rang. We tried to ignore it. The good thing, I guess you could say is that it dampened the quick fuck into eternity.

It stopped ringing on the 5th jingle tone. I grabbed hold of Skeeter's hips, pulled him in as hard as I possibly could. His face was taking on a red hue; his eyes were narrowing to a tiny little slit; his neck veins were becoming much more pronounced … I reached down because if felt the moment fast approaching.

RING! Ring!


Skeeter reached to the headboard, retrieved my phone and handed it to me.

Very irritated I said, "HELLO!"

Jeff was the caller. "Oh hey, it's just me... uhm, are you busy?"

Skeeter grinned then he pulled out most of the way, and then he slowly reentered to the hilt. Despite my best attempt to stifle myself I uttered the word, "Oh..." That only made him grin wider. He repeated his motions, and at the same time my emotions continued the upward spiral toward Nirvana... but not quite.

He pushed in just as I said to Jeff, "Yes... I am... oh... I'll call ya back." Click.

"Now where were we?" I said with a deep exhale.

Like a wild man Skeeter ramped up the cadence. Within seconds I was filled with his offerings of love. He definitely has people pleasing down to a science.

He pulled his wand from my darkest region, put my legs down, straddled my waist, and then we worked mine into him... within 5 strokes I was goner rocketing to that far away planet, and then smashing through its center at 3,000 miles per hour.

Woof. What a way to start out a day. We got up and with bowed legs headed to the bathroom where we took a quick shower after making appropriate deposits of sperms and other refuse into the sewer system.

Hunger prevailed (food hunger, we'd already received our protein milk shakes). After getting dressed we headed into the kitchen, grabbed bowls, and the box of chocolate Cocoa Puffs, milk and sugar. As I was preparing to eat I saw mom and dad sitting at the picnic table talking. Something about that vision fully pushed into me knowledge of just how deep their love for one another was, and still is today. It was one of those Kodak moments, surely to never be forgotten. A tingle ran from the bottom of my neck to the base of my tailbone.

We finished eating then while Skeeter performed clean up I went to check on Nathan since he'd made his appearance.

His door was ajar, his stereo playing some soft country music. Without thinking I opened it and was greeted with one naked Nathan strumming his guitar organ... just as I entered, he quickly looked up and at the same time jettisoned a long shot of essence striking him on the face. I giggled and exited closing the door behind me.

Mom and dad had come in from outside and were sitting talking with Skeeter. To me, mom asked, "What's Nathan up to? I haven't seen him yet this morning."

I giggled, "He's busy... that's what's up."

Mom rolled her eyes. Dad shook his head. Skeeter winked at me knowingly.

Mom announced that she was taking off for the hospital to check on her patients, Timmy and Wayne.

Dad had errands to run, none that required our presence but we could go if we wanted to accompany him. We declined the invitation.

Mom wrote out a note and placed it on the kitchen table. She said that Derrick had yet to return home from a party he'd gone to the previous night.

Skeeter and I continued to sit at the table and talk as mom and dad made their exit. The cars started, soon they were gone. I reached across the table and tenderly kissed Skeeter, "I love you. God, I'm glad you're here. I just wish we lived closer."

"Yeah, I know. Uhm..."

We heard Nathan's phone ring then heard his door close and latch. We got up and started to head for the garage to ride our bikes to town and goof off for a while. However, as we were putting on our shoes, Nathan slammed open the door to his room against the frame. Quickly, he ran into the kitchen, looked all around and then screaming and crying said, "THAT GODDAMNED MOTHER FUCKING WHORE FUCKING BITCH CUNT!!!! I FUCKING HATE HER FUCKING GUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY LIFE'S FUCKING OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Then he collapsed into my arms sobbing his heart out.

I looked into his eyes. They were dull... his heart was breaking and his spirit was dying. Skeeter saw him too. Skeeter sandwiched hugged Nathan from the back.

Nathan was nearly inconsolable. Our presence though, our strengthening, support and love turned Nathan into a quivering bowl of jelly. Then he got strong again. He wailed his pain and frustration and hopelessness. He was largely inconsolable so we let him cry until he could cry no more, giving him encouragement to simply let his out the pain, and to not hold it back.

When he began regaining control, or rather when his composure began returning I reached for a Kleenex, held it to his nose then with minimal assistance he blew effectively. Skeeter reached for another one and carefully and gently wiped his eyes dry.

I led Nathan to the table where I sat down and pulled him onto my lap. He turned inward toward me, put his arms loosely around my neck and more or less collapsed, worn out from his emotional upheaval.

Skeeter drug a chair next to us, sat down and put his arms around Nathan whispering sweet things all the while rubbing his bare back with his hands.

"What's wrong, little brother? Tell me and I'll try to fix it. I love you."

I kissed Nathan's forehead that was dripping oily sweat and water. I noticed he had two pimples between his eyes, on the bridge of his nose, something he'd not exhibited previously. He shuddered violently then began sobbing again, uncontrollably so.

I continued to hold him, not letting go... not for one nanosecond. Skeeter pantomimed the telephone and silently mouthed the words 'mom' and 'dad'. I very slightly shook my head no, not yet.

Once again Nathan began to regain his composure and then another wave of sadness overtook his thin but nonetheless well proportioned young bod. After blowing his nose one more time and wiping it free and clear of mucous discharge I reached in, kissing his lips in a brotherly way. I had done that when we were little kids, and I did it a lot when dad and our brother were killed dead in that drug deal gone badly. Mom couldn't even console him the way I was able to. I love my brother more than I can or will be able to ever love another man, woman or child, bar none. Nathan knew it too. His feelings were likewise. Tears came to my own eyes knowing that he had put himself into a position to possibly be harmed the previous night. I had before known his pain and despair, the pain and despair which had taken us to new heights of fear and terror.

Nathan looked into my eyes. The hurt and pain in his eyes made me want to hurt someone really bad for bringing that level of pain to my brother. I had vowed to him that I'd protect him at all costs. He'd been hurt. I failed him.

Skeeter handed Nathan a Kleenex. Nathan took a deep breath then exhaled it, and then did it again. Finally he put the tissue to his nose and blew, and then used the other one for his eyes. He got up and tossed them into the trash receptacle. Then he started to violently hiccup. Quickly he jumped off my lap and tore out to the bathroom where he violently retched and retched and retched and retched all the while trying to catch his breath with periodic exclamations of 'fuck', 'damn', 'shit' and 'oh god'.

The toilet flushed then the 'fuck', 'damn', 'shit' and 'motherfucker' callings were resumed along with the sounds of dry retching.

I looked to Skeeter then got up and went into the bathroom to see if I could do anything to help Nathan along. As I entered he was just flushing the toilet. He'd made it in time so I helped him get into the shower and turned on the water for him.

Resuming my place at the table with Skeeter, he asked, "Is he okay? What the fuck caused him to get so sick? What happened?"

"Dunno. We'll talk to him and try to get him to open up." I replied concernedly.

A few minutes later Nathan entered the kitchen with a towel wrapped around his shoulders. He was shivering cold from obviously dripping from his shower, and from his violent stomach spasms. I said to Skeeter, "Go get him some clothes while I dry him off."

I walked to Nathan, took the towel and dried him off while he held onto me for support. Skeeter arrived with a sweat shirt, jeans and underwear. We helped him get dressed.

Nathan resumed his place on my lap, wrapping his arms around my neck, his face nestled into my neck. I held him protectively, "What's wrong, bro? Talk to me."

Very quietly, shaking, he replied, "My life's over. I'm going to kill myself!"

"Bullshit. Don't you ever tell me that again! What the fuck's wrong dude? I can't help if we don't know what's wrong."

With a deep and violent shudder Nathan replied, "You can't fix it... nobody can." He then went to get up but I held him steadfast in my arms, his head nestled into my neck.

"James Reed, my ex-friend <sniffles> called. He told me to check my email. Oh God, my life's fucking over." Nathan said brokenly then resumed sobbing inconsolably.

While I continued attempts to get Nathan back to the present, Skeeter got up and went into Nathan's room. He returned no more than 5 minutes later. His face was pale. He looked sick. He walked over, knelt down on the floor then nuzzled into Nathan's face, kissed his cheek, "We'll work this out. Joey, we have a problem. There is an email on Skeeter's computer that you need to read. Ahhhh Nathan, I'm so sorry. Don't believe it because it's not true."

Nathan hissed, "Yes it's fucking true, EVERY FUCKING BIT OF IT! My friends... why the fuck?" Then he broke down again. I said to Skeeter, "Here you take him I need to see this."

Skeeter did and Nathan allowed us to change places. I kissed Nathan's cheek then took off for his room.

A screen was up. I sat down and began reading. The email was from Linda and was addressed to 13 people in the TO line and 15 people in the CC: line.

The email itself went blow by blow about what that fucking bitch and Nathan did behind closed doors then ended with a detailed account about Nathan puking his guts up on her bed and on her, and why, and some other shit equally as bad.

I whispered to myself, "Oh. My. Fucking. God. That fucking tramp, slut, whore..."

I then opened up three follow up emails from various people. In all sorts of ways the writers acknowledged and were sympathetic to Linda's assertions.

I went red. I was white hot. And I vowed revenge for what they'd done to my little brother.

My motto is: you can fuck with me all you want to within reason but don't you dare fuck with my family. She'd fucked with my family.

Just as those thoughts were flying through my mind Nathan and Skeeter walked into his room. Nathan stood there expectantly.

Putting my own anger on hold, pushing it down to a safe place somewhere, I stood, walked to Nathan, pulled him into my arms and said, "I'm sorry bro. I promise this will get straightened out. She'll pay, trust me."

Nathan nodded then jerked out of my arms and ran to the bathroom. The unmistakable sounds of his bowels exploding filled his room, the hallway and I'm sure the kitchen too.

Skeeter and I both walked to the bathroom, sat down on the floor, one of us on each side to provide him with support and knowledge that we were there for him, no matter what.

When his upset subsided, Skeeter got undressed, turned on the shower while I helped Nathan up. Skeeter took it from there. I returned to Nathan's room where I forwarded each of the emails to mom and dad's PDAs. I then printed two copies and stuffed them into the back of my jeans.

Meanwhile, I'd calmed down and thought it out. I decided to let mom and dad handle the situation the best way they knew how. I really didn't want to go to prison for the rest of my life. I shut the computer down just as Nathan and Skeeter entered the room.

Nathan hadn't quite made it to the bathroom 'in time' so I gathered up his clothes, ran them to the laundry room and turned on the washing machine. I returned to Nathan's room and helped Skeeter get him dressed.

Nathan walked to the doorway, turned and looked at me then to Skeeter. Without a word he left the room. We heard the front door open and close. I said, "Oh shit." We took off after him.

He was running down the hill. When he got to the intersection he turned toward Linda's house. By the time we got down there he was standing on the sidewalk just looking at the house, not moving other than breathing. When we arrived, Skeeter stood on one side and put his arms on one side while I took his other arm in mine.

With red rimmed but blazing eyes Nathan said, "Let go of me. That fucking bitch is going to pay!" He wrestled to get free but Skeeter and I held onto him, Skeeter more than I because his fighting was killing my ribs. I realized I wasn't healed yet.

At the same time, I turned around and saw dad's car. He was driving faster than I'd ever known him to drove in our residential area. He made the corner then tore up our street then he screeched his brakes, slammed the SUV into reverse... within seconds he screeched to a halt in front of where we were standing, and where Nathan was fighting to get loose.

He took Nathan from us and forcibly restrained him. Then Nathan collapsed into dad's arms, crying uncontrollably, sobbing his pain into dad's chest. Unannounced, Nathan jerked out of dad's arms, turned around and began dry retching again and again. We all surrounded Nathan to provide him with needed support and strength and a sense of presence to make him realize he wasn't all alone.

My cell phone rang. Caller id showed it to be mom. I answer, "Hi mom."

"Where are you? I'm home and you are NOT here. Where's Nathan?"

"We're in front of <I couldn't say Linda> Donnie's house. Dad's here."


Oh shit.

I said to dad, "That's mom. She's on her way." He nodded.

Nathan, meanwhile, was retching again. Skeeter and dad had him covered. My ribs felt like they were falling off. I knew that Nathan was in good hands so I sat on the ground to rest until the spasm passed.

Mom pulled in behind dad's vehicle. She quickly got out and walked to us. She asked, "Are you okay, Joey?"

"Yeah, I'm just having a spasm. Never mind me. I'll be fine." I replied. She went to Nathan. By then Nathan's retching ended. He fell into her outstretched arms and began softly crying, "My life's over mom."

"No it isn't. Your life hasn't even begun yet. Don't you worry, we'll get this straightened out. Dave, we need to get Nathan home and into bed."

Slowly I got up from the ground, walked to mom and said softly, "Mom, I think Nathan needs to be a part of fixing this since it's about him."

Nathan nodded as he pulled out of mom's arms. He looked to the doorway. Skeeter backed away and started walking toward mom and dad's vehicles which separated us from home.

I walked to Skeeter, but before I could say anything he said, "I'll just be in the way. I'll be at your house."

Mom turned on her heels and said to Skeeter, "Stephen Richardson, you ARE a member of this family. You are Nathan's brother – and he damn well needs you as much as he needs any of us."

Oh shit. Mom cussed. She was pissed. Skeeter flinched. I took his hand in mine and squeezed, "She's right you know."

Mom said apologetically, "I'm sorry Skeeter, I'm very upset. But you are family." Then drew him into her arms, hugged deeply then released him.

Nathan walked to us, stood in front of and backed into my front. When we made contact I put my arms around him protectively. He said to mom and dad, "Mom, dad, can I do this with you?" He took his arms and pulled mine into him even firmer, and waited for their response.

Dad said to mom, "I think the boys need to see this go down."

Just as mom got ready to reply, the front door to their house opened. Donnie came barreling to where we were standing.

Nathan, once again started losing his composure. Tear drops began free flowing and were cascading down his cheeks, landing on his shirt.

Mom pulled Nathan into her arms, "Donnie, are your parents home?" Her voice was icy cold. I shivered violently knowing that shit was about to hit the fan.

Donnie, clearly sensing danger, quickly replied that yes they were home.

Seeing my brother crying, the horrific sadness in his eyes, and his slumped over appearance was more than I could handle... someone was going to fucking pay, perhaps with their life.

"What's going on?" Donnie asked, "Why are you... Nathan, talk to me." The friend then walked to Nathan, and did something that surprised me... he put his hands on Nathan's shoulders and squeezed them gently.

I firmly asked Donnie, "Is Linda home? There's some crap that needs to be straightened out."

"No. No, she took off about an hour ago. She snuck out." Donnie replied.

Angrily I muttered, "The cockroach... she needs to grow some balls. She hurt my bro. She's going to pay for it." I ended up hissing.

Dad looked at me. He was not a happy camper, not in any sense of the word. He said, leaving no trace of doubt as to the meaning of his words, "We'll handle this."

I wasn't quite finished. I walked to Donnie, pulled the papers from my jeans, and then opened and handed him one of them. He looked at me questioningly... but then read... and as he read his eyes both opened as wide as a meat platter, and then alternated with tight narrow slits. He softly said, "Holy shit. This is over the top... she's a ..." Nathan cupped his hand over Donnie's mouth and squeezed tightly. "Come on, mom and dad need to see this. Nathan, I'm so sorry." Donnie continued, hissing, and then reached for him, "This is total crap. I know it isn't true. Come on."

Donnie then put his arm around Nathan and led the way to the house. He opened the door then urged us all in as he took the lead.

I felt like we were being led to the gallows yet when his mother walked into the foyer it was clear that she had no clue as to what was going on. With a smile she invited us in. Her husband Chet walked to us and ushered us into their living room and then invited us to sit down. They offered us drinks but we declined.

Mom cut to the chase after Donnie handed his mother the papers. He said to his mom, "This is crap." He then stepped aside and sat down next to Nathan. He then put one arm around Nathan's shoulder and then waited expectantly.

Irene looked to mom. She said, "What's this about?"

Pleasantly but seriously mom said, "You daughter has disclosed the nature of her and Nathan's relationship to several people, and the how and why they broke up."

Without saying a word to mom Irene then turned to Nathan, "My daughter was very wrong to break up with you, Nathan."

Nathan shrugged his shoulders, cowered down in his chair and then he burped, "Excuse me." He said. He looked at me and nodded... he was okay, just leftover evidence of his recent stomach 'upset'.

Irene got up and went into the kitchen. A minute or two later she returned with a 7-Up and gave it to Nathan. I don't know why she did that... maybe because Nathan didn't look like he was feeling too well... she's pretty observant.

She took the paper, slowly raised it to reading level. Thinking... I handed my other copy to Chet. He immediately began reading. His eyes got big and he started breathing deeply.

Horror overtook Irene's face. Her discomfort steadily increased as she read on. When Chet turned the page, he swallowed hard then his face fell. You could have heard a pin drop that is until Irene turned the page and began reading the last paragraph or two.

Chet exclaimed, "Oh Jesus Christ in heaven." He was visibly shaken. Irene... she dropped the paper to the floor. She was clearly in shock. Then tears sprang from her eyes. They rolled freely down her cheeks.

To Nathan she said brokenly, "I'm so sorry honey. I had no idea." She got up from her seat and walked to him. She then got down on her knees so she could see him eye to eye. She whispered something into Nathan's ear. He put his arms around her, "You couldn't have known... my life's over though." Although it was hard he held himself in check and didn't break down in tears although I knew his pain and sorrow weren't over but her words had been somewhat comforting.

After patting his knee she walked to her husband, "We've got to deal with this."

"She's at the movie theater. I'll go get her." To dad he said, "Dave, I think it would best if you and your family leave so that we can deal with this. I assure you that you have our full support. I'm shocked and appalled that my daughter would do something this filthy and vile. Nathan... I'm sorry it came to this. I assure you that this will not go unpunished. You're a fine young man. Sometimes people get sick in the head and don't realize how they are hurting someone, and sometimes, excuse me, and sometimes well they just don't give a damn. I'm not sure what the case is right now but I guarantee you that we'll find out and put a stop to it. Now, if you'll please excuse me."

Dad said to Chet and Irene, "I trust that you'll handle this. I hope you know that our friendship is okay, and we trust that you'll handle this the best way. I'm sure you can understand why we will not permit Nathan to come here so long as there is the possibility that your daughter Linda will be home."

Nathan said, "I hope Donnie can come to our house. We're friends. He didn't do anything to cause it, you know."

Donnie piped up, "I'm sorry about what she did to you. You're my friend, I'm glad you aren't mad at me. If I would have known she was going to do what she did..."

Mom said, "Don't Donnie. Don't even go there. We know." To Irene she said, "Maybe Donnie can come to our house...we'd be glad to have him."

Irene replied, "I hate to put this burden on you. After this we have no right to ask..."

Dad said, "We've invited him to our home. Trust me, he'll be no burden."

Chet said to Donnie, "You behave. I know you will but I just had to say it. Your mom and I, we're going to have to make some tough decisions. We'll explain it when the time is right. Now's not the time, okay partner?"

Donnie walked to his dad, got enveloped into a hug then Chet made his exit.

At that dad, Skeeter and I got up however mom said, "I'm going to talk to Irene about a few things, I'll be home soon."

After getting home we went into the family room and got into a game of Monopoly. That seemed to quell but not completely eradicate the underlying tension amongst and within us.

To everybody I said, "Let's go to the park, and maybe shoot some hoops or something." That met with everybody's approval though dad looked at me warily. When Nathan, Donnie and Skeeter headed to the garage to retrieve the basketballs dad said, "You guys be home by 6 and not one second later." Dad softened then said quietly, "Call me when you get to the park." He knew what I was doing... I wanted to make sure that mom was okay. And besides that Donnie needed to get a change of clothes.

Mom's car was still parked out in front of their house when we passed by. After arriving at the park, I sat out on the park bench. I got quite a bit of ribbing about coming up with the idea and not playing as I'd suggested. I think they all knew what I'd been thinking though so the ribbing wasn't too bad... just good natured 'picking on the oldest brother around' stuff.

At 5:45 mom honked the horn on her car to get our attention. We all piled in and anxiously awaited any news she had to share. She didn't have anything to say nor did she offer anything other than an overnight bag of clean clothes to Donnie.

We went out to eat. Donnie was encouraged to pick a place of his choosing. We had Chinese. It was okay although that cuisine was not and is not my favorite.

The rest of the evening was quiet and somewhat peaceful at home, although tensions rose from time to time. Donnie appeared to be having a good time and Nathan's melancholy was much less pronounced.

We must have fallen asleep somewhere in the middle of a movie. I awoke with a need to pee however before I got up I heard kissing and contented sighs emanating from one side of the room. One does not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what was happening. But who was it?

I decided that I didn't need to pee 'that' bad so I rolled over and easily went back to sleep.

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