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The Redemption, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 33

*-* Wednesday, Mom's POV *-*

An urgent need to use the facilities awoke me from a deep sleep. The need won. I leaned over, kissed my beautiful husband Dave on the forehead, got up and used the facilities, and washed my face and hands, went to the kitchen, started the coffee pot then went to check on the boys.

Derrick was sound asleep. His snoring sounds are very similar to a buzz saw. At one point I was concerned that he had had sleep apnea but thankfully his sleep studies were within normal ranges. I closed his door then went on to Timmy's room.

My heart skipped a beat. My youngest charge was sound asleep, lying naked on top of the comforter cuddling his teddy bear. I quietly walked in, retrieved a light blanket from the closet shelf, and put it over both he and the teddy bear. He didn't move. I kissed his cheek, quietly exited, shutting the door behind me.

Next, Joey's door was open so I entered. Skeeter's head popped up and out of Joey's neck where it had been comfortably nestled. Seeing me enter the room, he smiled and quickly pulled the covers up and over his naked butt and torso and Joey's frontal midsection. Unable to stop myself I walked to him, leaned down and whispered "Cute cheeks!" I thought, for sure, that he was going to suffer a complete spontaneous combustion right then and there on the spot.

Thankfully he didn't.

I really didn't want to explain to his parents that their son disappeared into thin air because he'd been caught with his pants down (pun intended).

Once the moment passed, I whispered to Skeeter, "I'm headed to work. You and Joey should be ready to go right around noon. Joey needs to get his chest x-rayed and have some blood taken." He nodded his understanding.

I closed their door on the way out. I stood in the hallway for a couple of minutes. I was no doubt the luckiest woman alive yet I felt for their challenges and sincerely hoped, with the guidance Dave and I would readily give and instill that they would be strong enough to carry them through their journey. I sighed while thinking they were just boys yet they had experiences that no adult should have had to endure but at the same time I was proud as I could be because they were on the right road.

Nathan's door was closed... I knew that Donnie had spent the night... I debated on going in for the off chance they, especially Donnie was in any kind of compromising position. I knew that Nathan, most of the time, dressed only naturally however I wasn't sure about Donnie.

In a way I really felt sorry for Donnie having to live with the likes of Linda, but just figured that they were doing okay, that they'd found a way to live with each other. I figured their being twins probably kept them from killing, or at best maiming one another.

Their door was closed but not locked. I slowly opened it. The room was mostly dark because Nathan liked it that way, but it was just light enough to clearly see them in bed, sleeping soundly. I was a bit surprised to see Donnie lying across Nathan's chest and stomach... and especially Donnie's bare bottom peeking from beneath the covers. They looked pretty tangled up so I exited and closed the door behind me, not even taking time to cover them for fear that I'd awake and or embarrass their adolescent youths.

The coffee was ready. After pouring myself a cup I logged onto the computer to get caught up on the news, patients and my surgery schedule. I was scheduled to perform two operations later in the day, neither were difficult

After finishing the second cup I woke Dave, jumped in the shower and got ready for the day.

*-* Nathan's POV *-*

Something had awoken me from a deep, deep sleep but I could not have told you what had aroused me from the slumber, only that something did or someone had. No, I didn't feel bad or worried or scared or any other emotion...

Donnie was lying across my chest and belly with his chin nestled into that space beneath my chin. He was breathing deeply, rhythmically, and regularly. His breath was not at all bad, instead it smelled more like he did all the time anyway. I bent my head down just enough to lightly kiss his lips. I returned my head to the soft down pillow. I was like totally relaxed and 'slept out' though we hadn't gotten that much sleep, at least not since we'd moved to my bedroom from the nest in the living room during the middle of the night.

Later, awoken yet again, I needed to pee so unwound my legs from Donnie, used the facilities both ways, returned to bed and worked my way back into my bed. Donnie was awake...

Over the next hour or so he initiated me into the world of total and complete bonding with another human being, him in particular. He gave of himself unto me three times.

At first glance you'd never guess that his size would ever matter however each time I would offer unto him the experience was totally painful and uncomfortable, and I simply could not accommodate the girth he offered. I wanted to... I really did... I wanted to give him everything he'd given me.

When he quit trying... not because I wanted him to... instead he was thinking only of me. He didn't want the experience to blow any later opportunity if that was the way I wanted to go with my life.We were gooey from all the lube and stuff, sweaty and smelling quite rank from our endeavors so we took a shower and brushed our teeth. Donnie continued to give me the message that he was still interested. Since I was clean down there, he tossed away all inhibitions and orally attacked the area south of the border with complete abandon, slicking, slathering, swallowing, giving, taking, and just about anything else you could think of... the dude was obsessed. His obsession easily passed through me, making me just as needy for more than just a tongue lashing.

I was totally obsessed. I needed him.

He found some of the cold cream in the cabinet over the toilet. We'd used it for Timmy's soreness and pain from his ordeal. We agreed that the substance would probably be more oily and soothing than his bottle of a cheap and very ineffective personal lubricant.

Let's just say that I turned into a bitch in heat, unable to get enough, yet got enough when he could no longer 'provide' because he was totally spent.

*-* Mom's POV *-*

The ER was relatively quiet. The patients would require no operation so I took off to make rounds. I snagged one of the surgical residents and took her with me to the trauma patient floor. All patients were stable and doing okay. We headed for the regular ICU and checked on one patient who was very sick but not from anything we did or didn't do. Unfortunately she had suffered a grievous head injury in a car accident; she was at deaths' door since she had no brain wave activity.

We then headed to the PSICU where the resident began rounds on the many patients who'd been involved in that major car accident a few days previously. I went to check on Wayne but he was no longer a patient in the unit, instead he had been moved to the adolescent wing in a different building.

For a moment I debated on walking over there but in the end decided to go.

Wayne was sitting up in bed watching TV and picking at his food. He smiled when I entered. Closing his tracheotomy tube he said, "Hey Doctor June."

"Hey there, how's it going?" I replied happily after briefly thinking about the long road the child had endured to get where he was that day.

He shrugged his shoulders though he recovered quickly. He said, "I get this tube out tomorrow. I'll be able to talk normally again." He'd forgotten that he and I had talked about it a few days previously. I made a note to put his forgetfulness in his chart.

Nevertheless, I once again briefly explained the procedure, and that I'd be performing it. He appeared to understand.

On another subject, his rehabilitation plans, I passed on that he'd be transferred to Tulsa, Oklahoma on Monday of the following week for specialized care to hopefully bring him back to as close to a normal functioning member of society as possible. I made some notes regarding his progress, wrote some orders for his impending operation, and then took off to the ER to check one last time before I left if there were any patients who'd require emergent surgery to treat this injuries. There was one girl of about 12 years old who'd sustained a serious laceration to her face. While she would require surgery to repair it, we decided the plastic surgeons would be the doctors of choice for her care.

With that, I took off for home. Joey and Skeeter were freshly showered and ready to go. Nathan was going to stay home and watch after Timmy. They'd made great progress so I had no concerns.

We took off though the boys wanted to get their unruly hair cut. They decided on very short styles. They looked great!

The first stops were the laboratory and x-ray for Joey's follow up examinations. His chest x-ray revealed his rib fractures were healing properly. His repeat studies for hep-c would take a couple of days for the results to be posted to his online chart.

We then went on up to Wayne's room and found him sleeping but he quickly woke with a startle as we entered. He flashed a toothy grin at seeing Joey and Skeeter.

Soon they were interacting, oblivious to my presence so I went the nurses' station, got a cup of coffee and talked with one of my colleagues about one of her patients. Our conversation was cut short when my name was twice paged, in rapid succession, over the intercom system to report to Trauma 1 STAT. At the same time my pager went off which read what had been announced.

I broke into the boy's conversation to tell them I'd be gone for a while. I took off for the ER knowing they'd be okay.

A 13 year old boy was being attended to. He'd been stabbed in the belly after assaulting some kids who'd been bullying him unmercifully at school. His blood pressure was down; his pulse was way up... all signs that he was bleeding out inside his belly from the wound. Adding insult to injury was the fact that he was morbidly obese. I estimated that his relatively small frame was carrying twice or more the average weight of a 13 year old male.

Before going to surgery, I went to the conference room where his mother waited for updates to his progress. Before I even sat down across from her, she began railing about how 'this' was eating into her work schedule, that the boy was a continual pain in the ass, that he'd been a mistake from day one, that he was lazy, that he was worthless and would never amount to anything. Her confrontational demeanor and choice of words took me aback.

From the phone in the conference room, I called a hospital social worker and asked them to consult with the mother. After doing that I left then went to the desk where law enforcement was awaiting a progress report. After providing the report I called Joey and told him about the change of plans then went to the OR.

*-* Joey's POV *-*

"I love you too mom. We'll probably stay here. Bye."

I noted Wayne to be 'slow' and forgetful. His eyes weren't quite right in that one would occasionally go one way when the other would stare straight ahead... really there was no rhyme or reason. His hands were a bit shaky. His personality had also changed. Instead of being all happy and go-lucky he would have brief but intense moments where he was obviously angry. He'd get short and impatient with us. Anyway, most of the time he was cool, calm and collected.

About an hour after Skeeter and I'd arrived, a male nurse appeared. He was carrying two pans of water, towels, washcloths, a gown and a pair of hospital issued socks.

"You guys need to leave. I've got work to do."

Wayne, clearly agitated said to the nurse, "Fuck you. I've got visitors!"

"You, mister, better get your act together or I'll give you a shot..."

Wayne sat up, he was definitely angry. I was annoyed that he'd be treated in such a manner but at the same time I wanted to diffuse the situation the best I could, and I made a mental note that I'd talk to mom about it when we had the moment.

Skeeter stood up and placed himself between the nurse and Wayne. I went to Wayne, sat down on the bed and began rubbing his back, all the while talking to him softly, telling him to calm down, that there was another way to deal with the situation rather than getting all pissed off. Over a few minutes Wayne did indeed calm down however the nurse, who had left the room, returned with a hypodermic.

I stood up and both Skeeter and I placed ourselves in front of the nurse. Calmly, I said, "Sir, Skeeter and I are Wayne's long time friends. We've seen all that he has many, many times. If it would be okay then we can help him take his bath. There's no reason to dope him up besides he's been off the dope since he got injured."

The nurse regarded us carefully before his demeanor changed to less challenging. He turned on his heels and left the room, closing the door behind him with a thud.

"He's a fucking asshole." Wayne said dramatically, emphasized by picking a bugger from his nose and flicking it toward the door. I thought that was quite unusual for Wayne, but then it had been some time since I really knew him.

Regardless, Wayne soon calmed down.

Having been on the patient side a bed bath myself, and knowing Wayne's disdain for bed baths I casually suggested to Skeeter, whispering, "Wanna help him take a shower. I don't think we would have to do too much, he's pretty spunky."

Skeeter giggled at my choice of words. Sometimes I can be dense. He whispered, "Spunk." Then giggled wildly. Wayne just looked at us like we were crazy or something; he had no clue, neither did I but then his eyes perked up. He blurted, "CUM you dumb asses. Spunk is cum. I can't believe it. Now, what the fuck, you're acting just like those fuckin cumtwats who talk behind my back even when I'm in the fuckin room."

I looked to Skeeter then to Wayne, "Sorry man. I was asking Skeeter if he thought we could help you take a shower, that's all. What do you think?"

"Finally, a man with some fuckin sense!"

With that Wayne scooted to the edge of his bed. Skeeter and I both started to get up from our seats. Wayne, impatiently yet grinning at the same time said, "Well, what's the holdup?"

With me on one side and Skeeter on the other we assisted Wayne by supporting him because he was a bit shaky and obviously weak from his many weeks in bed. Nevertheless, we made it just fine. The first thing that happened was that when Wayne entered he tossed his gown to the floor thus exposing his entire body for us to see. Despite being weak, his body had lost very little muscle tone, and well his 'little' muscle looked quite strong and capable of holding its full weight without any apparent difficulty. He took hold of his cock, squeezed it and then began jacking in earnest.

I looked to Skeeter. I was uncomfortable with the situation; Skeeter's expression displayed annoyance more than anything else.

I said to Wayne, "Hey dude, save it for later willya. Can you take a shower alone?"

"Fuck if I know." Wayne said. He stopped jerking his fully elongated rod of pleasure, made his way to the toilet, sat down and let loose. He added, "They won't even let me take a shit in here, Joey." Tears of gratitude flowed freely from his eyes while continuing to exert pressure and relive pressure at the same time.

"We'll be right outside." Skeeter said. Without waiting for a reply he took hold of my arm and led us to the main room where he said, "Wayne isn't the Wayne I once knew and looked up to as a hero, of sorts."

"You're right. Mom said Wayne's lucky to be alive. He didn't have oxygen to his brain 'for too long. He's just different. Mom's hopeful about rehabilitation bringing him back. We probably ought to check on him, okay?" I said knowingly.

Skeeter nodded.

When I opened the door we saw Wayne licking his fingers. Terror immediately passed through my brain, hoping against all hope that he wasn't... you know... but thankfully he wasn't, instead he was lapping up globules of white substance from his thighs.

Without hesitation, he smiled and exclaimed, "That was good!"

Skeeter arranged a plastic chair for Wayne to sit in while he cleaned up. I washed his back and Skeeter washed his feet. The nurse returned while we were drying him off, said we were doing a good job and complimented Wayne.

After getting Wayne back to bed he quickly fell asleep. Skeeter and I took off for the cafeteria where we purchased snacks and Cokes, and found a table in the far reaches of the dining room, sat down and talked for a while. When the conversation ebbed Skeeter looked into my eyes and said softly, "You still love Wayne, Joey. I can see it in your eyes. It's okay though. I'm not jealous or anything because you and I are what we are, and I think we're okay. Joey, I love you with all my heart. You're good for me. My life feels like it's complete."

My chest swelled up, my throat tightened, tears threatened to leak from my eyes at hearing Skeeter's heartfelt pronouncements.

In front of God, people in the cafeteria, and for sure in front of Skeeter, I took his hands in mine; hopefully I bored holes into his being, and then said, "I love you Skeeter. You're the light in my life. You're teaching me just how precious life is. Yeah, I'd be lying if I were to tell you I have no feelings for Wayne."

I paused but for a moment then continued, "Skeeter, you and I have something very different from what Wayne and I had at one time. I hope I tell you that I love you enough. More important than telling though is showing you. Mom and dad both say, and I've came to believe and accept that the most important thing is doing and not just talking."

I got up from the cafeteria chair, took two steps (the length of the table), knelt down on the floor, took his hands in mine, looked deeply into his eyes and said, "Will you marry me?"

Tears sprang from his wide open eyes, his grip tightened, he reached down and passionately kissed my lips then said, after somewhat recovering from the initial shock, "Damn straight I will."

No doubt, had we been in a private place, the fluids would have flowed freely. As it were though, I sat back in my chair and we talked about logistical concerns such as when, where, and how it would all happen. For the time being we decided to keep our nuptial plans to ourselves.

*-* Timmy's POV *-*

"Bert, that's your name, do you like it?" I said the moment my eyes popped open, the thought firmly etched in my mind while looking directly into my teddy bear's face. I don't know why that name came into my mind and out of my lips and into my bear... it just did. I hugged him in close, snuggling him into my chest, feeling his soft 'fur' against my face. For some reason he just looked like a "Bert". And stranger yet ... I had no idea what a Bert looked like.

"I got to pee." I said with urgency to Bert, got out of bed, pulled on my underwear, raced to the bathroom, whipped it out, pushed my majorly hard dick down and let loose with a stream to be proud of. "Ahhhhh." During the draining I pushed out a great big, butt cheek rumbling and flapping fart into the air.

Finished with that, at last, I washed my hands, returned to my bedroom, took off my underwear, jumped into bed, cuddled up to Bert and brought myself to a very enjoyable bunch of good feelings, savoring each and every one of the rich flavors – slightly salty yet slightly sweet.

Giggling, I reached into Bert's area south of the border area, and said, "Too bad, Bert. I feel sorry for ya."

Satiated, I got up, put on a pair of briefs, headed to the kitchen where the smell of freshly brewed coffee filled the air.

Beside a vase of freshly cut flowers was an empty coffee cup. A piece of paper on the table in the place where mom traditionally sat was a note. It read:


Dad's gone to work. I've taken off for the hospital. I'll be home around noon.

Timmy, take your medicine. Be sure to eat something. There's cereal in the cupboard. The milk's is in the refrigerator.

Joey and Skeeter, be ready to go when I get home.

Love ya all.


Obediently, I retrieved and took the morning dose of medicine. A large bowl of Lucky Charms topped with a generous layer of sugar and bananas was soon consumed and the dishes were rinsed and dutifully placed into the dishwasher. I ate another banana but not before putting it inside of my undies and playing with it by stretching those threads to their limits.

Nathan, from out of the blue, grabbed my sides and gripped them hard all the while saying, "Morning turd breath. Stop playing with yourself!"

Startled beyond words I tossed (or flipped) the half eaten banana to the dining room table, turned around and play slapped his chest hard which resulted in 'brotherly bonding' during a serious wrestling match with my bro. It was all fun until Nathan began tickling me unmercifully. My old standby "I'm gonna pee my pants if you don't stop!" had no effect. Add insult to injury he grabbed hold of the backside of my underwear and, at the same time, delivered a massive wedgie resulting in a shredding, leaving me as naked as the day I'd been born.

I was able to wiggle a bit free. I slapped him hard (playfully, of course) on his brief covered butt. That wasn't the right thing to do, as I found out. He smacked the hell out of my bare butt, on both sides – which resulted in a major slap fest and a bunch of red and stinging skin. Nevertheless we were laughing our asses off. And oh yeah, not to forget, Nathan's tight whities were lying all around the kitchen floor... in several pieces.

Our 'serious' play fight ended when the house phone rang. Nathan answered it. I stood behind him as he 'tried to' talk to dad. He was having a bit of a problem concentrating on what dad was saying because I was digging my half-hard erection between his globes and playing like I was fucking him. Add to that me taking hold of his pubes and pulling gently, not enough to hurt but enough to let him know I was definitely pestering him.

Finally, tired of my orneriness, he elbowed me in the stomach and gave me a look threatening death and destruction. I gave into his demand. I got busy by picking up the remnants of clothing we'd torn off of each other, giggling all the while.

When Nathan was finished with the phone call we hugged and kissed. All was well. He said, "Dad wants us to mow and trim the yard. Wear jeans, a shirt and long socks. Those weed eaters are a motherfucker if they make contact."

For the rest of the morning we worked on the chore and made our yard look nice. Nathan taught me a few tricks of the trade to get it done efficiently and nicely.

Our back yard was very large so it took quite a while to finish it. Nathan showed me the general area where the pool would be and where the new garage was planned. One by one, Nathan would pull up a stake while I ran the lawnmower and then he'd replace it just like it had been. He edged around the flower beds because I didn't feel confident with doing that just yet.

The sun was shining brightly, and hot. We were sweating like pigs so after shutting the equipment down off went our shirts. We took long drinks from the water hose then headed to the arbor where shade was the word. A light breeze was blowing so the sweat actually helped cool me off.

Nathan's mood turned serious, and he kept looking at me questioningly then would turn away after almost saying something.

Finally, I just asked straight up, "What's up, bro?"

Nathan looked deep into my eyes. He started to say something but once again he looked away not saying anything.

I said, "Nathan, look I'm not too bright. In fact, I'm a dumb ass most of the time <Nathan looked to tell me something>, no, wait, I'm not finished yet… <Nathan nodded>… If you have something on your mind, I'll listen, okay?"

Nathan nodded. He said, "You're not a dumb ass, Timmy. I wish you'd stop talking like that about yourself, the lie, well, it gets old."

I shrugged my shoulders, not quite believing him, but at the same time I liked hearing those words of encouragement, support and understanding.

"Thanks for saying those things, I like hearing them. Nathan, I've never had anybody to wrestle and goof off with. Thanks."

He shrugged then closed his eyes.

"Okay, whatever." I thought, got up off the ground and took two steps toward the lawnmower sitting idle. The weed eater was leaning against the mowers' handle.

"Donnie and I had sex." Nathan said loudly enough for me to hear yet quiet enough that his words would not have been heard outside of a small perimeter.

I turned to face him. He added, "We did it more than once."

I took two steps toward him. He added, "I liked it."

I sat down on the ground next to him and looked into his eyes, waiting for him to say something. He did, "I want to do it again."

"You're straight though."

"Yeah, well, maybe I'm not entirely straight or gay. I don't know Timmy; I'm messed up in the head or something. Come on, let's get the yard finished."

Nathan tossed the little wad of grass he'd been playing with to the ground and got up. He reached his hand down to help me up but I declined and then stood up on my own, and faced him. "Hey bro, I'm just glad you're getting some. After all we need to flush the tubes out." I said grinning.

Nathan looked at me and smiled, "Yeah, that's a point. But there's something else... uhm, sheesh, it's embarrassing... oh hell... it's really sore down there."

"Yeah, it does get really, really sore. Usually, the soreness comes from the person doing you who did not get you relaxed enough, or he went too damned fast, or, uhm, well if he raped you. If somebody cares, like La Shawn did to me, then it, getting screwed, feels really, really good, and is to die for. Did you really like it?" I said.

"Hell yeah. And I really, really, really liked doing it to Donnie. It was his first time. He told me that he's really gay."

"That's cute. I'm happy for you guys." I said thinking all the while wishing I had someone to love me like that, and who I could love like that.

"Uhm, Timmy, what do you mean by 'relaxing'? All I could do was to try to push him out even though I wanted him inside... it's confusing."

"Soo... I'm confused... why then are you sore?"

"Ohhhh yeah... well, we used some of that cold cream. That worked... it was slicker and more soothing than that cheap stuff..." Nathan said quietly. He was smiling then his eyes went glazed... clearly he was in 'memory' mode. He would alternate between grimace and 'dreamy'. Finally, coming up from his temporary trance he said, "You said you enjoyed LaShawn..."

"Yeah, oh yeah, definitely. We had trouble too, at first. He taught me somethings that, if you'd like me to... I could teach you and Donnie a trick or two." I said then realized what I'd just said, "No, I don't mean tricking... I hope I'm done what that shit... I could show you a couple of things, there, that sounds better." I giggled.

Nathan offered, "Okay... so yeah, I'd like you to... but only if it's okay with you."

"Hey bro, I offered." I grinned all of a sudden feeling very important in Nathan's life, that I of all people could help him.

We hugged then sat back down in the grass in companionable silence for a few minutes. The breeze had picked up. I liked the way Nathan's hair danced as air blew through it. It was really kewl how it would, like lift up and wiggle and then lay back down like it hadn't even been touched. I wondered how that happened but then figured it was just Nathan.

He asked, "Whatcha looking at, bro?"

"Your hair, it like lifts off your head or something... it's neat."

"You're weird."

"Gotta know weird to know one." I said giggling.

He flipped me off, all the while smiling. I felt another wrestle fest was about to happen but just before I lunged he said, "What am I going to do about school? I can't just walk in there like nothings' ever happened. Our class is ruthless when it comes to things like what happened... fucking a girl is like some kind of rite of passage."

Just then he reached toward my face. Instinctively, I turned away but he held my chin with his finger and then picked off a bug, or something. He said it was a Lady Bug. Slowly, it ambled across his palm. He gently put it back into the grass.

"Uhm, Nathan, I never had friends in school. They were all a bunch of assholes. I never had new clothes to wear and I did not fit into their cliques... most of them were simply rich spoiled fucking brats who couldn't find a way out of a brown paper bag even if there were holes all over the place."

"I don't have many friends either. Actually, I'm not really sure that they are friends anyway... since they don't ever call. I don't call them either. But we get along in school just fine." Nathan said knowingly.

I said, "You're talking about the letter Linda sent around the school, right?"

"Yeah, I'll get a bunch of shit from the guys, and even the girls. I'm fucked."

Not missing a beat, I found what he said to be funny. Smiling, I said, "You dork, you loved it!"

For a moment Nathan looked at me like I'd lost my last marble but then recognition crossed his face. He said, "You're a retard. You know damn well what I mean."

I snickered, flicked his forearm and then grabbed a few of the light downy hairs on his arm and pulled slightly. He pulled away. His expression turned serious. I added, "We'll have your back bro. Besides, she's gone. I'd just go in there and let it be unless somebody says something about what happened. It's basically her word against yours. Fuck 'er."

Nathan's worry and concern slowly ebbed over the following few moments. We sat in companionable silence while he processed everything through his head... and in his heart, too.

We hugged deeply, meaningfully.

When our embrace ended, he picked another Lady Bug from my neck and set it free. Meanwhile a grasshopper had jumped into his lap. I reached down, grabbed hold of it, and at the same time quickly found his appendage, gave it a firm squeeze and then tossed the grasshopper to its normal habitation. Nathan smirked, grabbed for mine which called for another attempted hold to his maleness... but he foiled my playful banter.

The sun was moving, it was shining on us, so we moved to the other side of the arbor where the shade was located. When we got settled, Nathan said, "Timmy, I'd like to introduce you to somebody at school. I've known him for a long time. He's good people. He gets bullied a lot. Sure, he's developed a hard shell, but the hard shell covers up a really kewl person inside. Anyway, Larry helps me with homework and stuff. He's really smart, not a dumb ass... there's a great big difference you know. I'll introduce you two. I think you'll hit it off... who knows, maybe more will come of it." Nathan smirked while saying the last sentence.

"Hey bro, I've heard of people like you: they're called matchmakers. Nathan, bro, I'm not ready for anything. I love my man. He loves me.

Genuinely concerned Nathan asked, "La Shawn?"

"Uhm mmmm, the one and only. Like I've said, I don't know where he would be now. He left before I did. The thing is that while I see him in my heart I no longer feel his presence."

Nathan said, "Joey and I have talked about La Shawn a few times. Between you and me, Joey has made some contacts with people he's known before, you know in our old lives..."

"You're shitting me. You've got to be kidding me! Really?" I almost screamed from the top of my lungs. My heart began racing. I jumped up and stared at Nathan... waiting for him to say 'just kidding, bro."

"No, I'm not shitting you, not about something as important as this is to you. We can't promise anything so don't get your hopes up... it's just a long shot. And please, please, please don't mention what we're doing to mom or dad, not yet. I'm afraid they'd have a shit fit."

"Don't you guys do anything dangerous. You can't get hurt, it would kill me."

"Hey bro, nobody's going to get hurt, I promise."

I wrapped Nathan up in my arms and squeezed as hard as I could possibly squeeze, until he asked for permission to breathe. I released my grip but only long enough to passionately touch our lips together. Nathan gently but decisively pushed away when my passion became excessive in that, largely unknowingly by me, my tongue had snaked its way past his lips causing Nathan to meet the intruder.

I backed away, "I'm sorry Nathan, please don't hate me, I just got excited is all. I guess we'd probably better get the yard done before it gets any later."

Much to my surprise Nathan stopped me and said, "Timmy, uhm, well, you know what we talked about earlier, about Donnie and me?"

"Sure, I didn't forget. Don't worry; I'm not going to tell anyone, pinky promise."

We exchanged the usual pinky handshake solidifying our confidential conversation.

Nathan added, "Well, yeah that too. Uhm, this is really embarrassing, never mind, I'll..."

"Hey bro, don't give me any crap, okay. I've bared my soul about a few things today. If you've got something to say then just say it."

"Okay, but don't get mad or..."

"Geezus, would you just get on with it... I can't get mad at you... well I can <I snickered>. Talk to me dude."

"Uhm, well, okay. Uhm, did you get sore back there... you know... maybe a little bleeding..."

"Yeah, lots of times, especially when those men did things to me, geezus. Anyway, is it bad hurting or does your hole sting?"

"It mainly stings. It's not that bad but I'm kind of afraid of well you know." Nathan said patting his butt.

I nodded and suggested we finish up the yard and clear the driveway and sidewalks of grass clippings. Nathan agreed so we got busy and finished up a couple of hours later.

We stripped to our underwear in the garage after closing the door. We didn't want to track grass and dirt into the house.

Nathan headed to the bathroom to take his shower while I fixed us Cokes to drink. I slammed down the first one, ripped one hell of a burp... so loud in fact that I heard Nathan giggle from the rest room with the shower water running. I grinned, proud of my accomplishment – first, to belch that loud and for that long, and secondly because it made Nathan giggle. He called my name and let me know that he'd leave the water running.

The first thing I noticed (I'm like that, I notice certain things about the male humanoid species) was that he was drying off and his appendage was jutting up and out from the towel casually caressing it as he dried his hair. I snickered and said to him, "Doesn't that thing ever go down?"

"No, not very often." Nathan snickered, giving it a flick with his fingers.

After showering and drying off I went to Nathan's room to see what he was up to since our lines of communication were wide open, and better than they'd been all along. He was lying on his bed reading a Comic book. I lay down next to him on the bed. He smelled nice and clean. His hair was plastered to his scalp yet it was jutting out in all directions.

"Do you want me to check you out, you know?" I asked sincerely.

He nodded then rolled over onto his stomach, giving me full access to his firm yet supple and sinewy butt cheeks. I reached my thumbs into his deep dark valley and gently spread that which separates one side from the other. I was greeted by one single solitary very long black pubic hair. I estimated it to be about one and a half inches long. Playfully but gently, I pulled on it. Nathan reacted, "What are YOU doing? That feels weird."

I giggled, "You have a single pubic hair. God man, it's long."

Nathan reached back with his hand. I led him to it. He took hold, jerked it out and looked at it curiously then dropped it on the headboard. He reached down to search and feel for any additional ones. I looked. We agreed there were no more to be found.

With that out of the way, so to speak, I firmly gripped his cheeks and spread them open widely causing his pucker to very well visualized. As I'd expected, his anal orifice was a bit swollen and tender to the touch. I told Nathan what I'd found then asked for and received his bottle of lube which I used to slather my index finger. My finger immediately met a naturally produced resistance but passed with a little bit of pressure. He was definitely swollen but not overly so. After removing my finger Nathan got up and headed out of his room, with his wand leading the way. I followed him into the bathroom. He sat on the toilet and expelled that which needed expelling. Meanwhile, because it had caused him quite a bit of discomfort I found a tube of face cream. When he was finished and cleaned up, I soaped a washcloth we'd used in the shower, washed him up really good and then applied the cream. Relief from the stinging sensations was immediate.

Giggling, I said while washing my hands with soap and water, "No sex for a week!"

Just then we heard a loud rap on the front door. Poor Nathan had an urgent need to once again take a serious dump so I went to the front room windows to peer out to see who our visitor was. It was none other than Donnie, just the dude I wanted to see and tell to not screw my brother so hard. I waved then let him in.

I led him into the bathroom to meet with his boyfriend, or sex mate, whichever they decided. Sheepishly, Nathan warmly kissed Donnie. Nathan looked to me, like he needed some help or something. I had no clue what he wanted or needed until he fetched the tube of cream and handed it to me.

For the next hour I taught them all about relaxation techniques I'd learned along the way. Soon, they were busily copulating with no further help needed or wanted. Meanwhile I was left with a raging hard and needy male member so I took off for my room after seeing that they were okay and then jacked myself to a colossal and far reaching trip to and from Nirvana.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I realized was that someone was knocking lightly on my door, and at the same time I heard voices talking in the hallway. A man's voice, dad's voice, was saying, "Boys we need to talk about sleeping arrangements."

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