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The Redemption, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 34

*-* Dad's POV *-*

"Hey sweetie." I said to my beautiful wife, sitting at the dining room table, sipping on coffee, reading her PDA. She looked up, smiled, and reached up for a kiss on her lips. I gladly accommodated her unspoken request with two of mine.

Always thinking of me she got up, went to the coffee pot, poured me a cup, brought it to the table, sat it down, and added a splash of creamer and a sprinkle of sugar. She said, "You don't need the sugar... you've got enough to go around, hubba bubba bear."

That, of course, earned her another round of kisses and a 'thank you'.

Then I didn't exist <laughing>. She went to her PDA to check her schedule for the day. I retrieved laptop, pulled up the news – same ole, same ole, different day. The futures were down. The cost of gasoline up. The markets down.

We heard a muffled bang... sounded like someone's elbow hit a wall... that was nothing unusual with a house of boys living under our roof. That would not have been an issue but then we heard a scream come from down the hall where their bedrooms were located... it was quick but powerful, edging off into more of a low winded wail.

June's maternal instincts took hold, as if they'd ever left for even a second... nope. She looked at me. The look she gave me was one … it was my cue to go check things out, to see what was happening in our household.

I walked down the hallway... Derrick's door was wide open – he hadn't returned from the party from the night before... I'd have to talk to him about that being out all night stuff.

The bathroom door was open.

Thump, thump, thump, thump.

Nathan's room. I heard the thump, thump through his door.

What the fuck?

I'm not a rocket scientist but I'm not dummy either.

Surely not.

She's in the psych ward … June said so.

I looked at the door. I looked down to the floor. Somehow I felt I was invading MY SON's space... blech.

I walked into the kitchen. June looked curious. I said, "Nathan's... he's... are you sure Linda's in the hospital?"

She turned to the PDA, clicked a few buttons, looked up and nodded, "She's in on the 3rd floor children's psych unit. Why?"

We have a closed door policy in the house... meaning if a door is closed then it is off limits to anyone and everyone, including June and myself – except – in the event of house fire, emergency, screaming, sounds of being injured or other life threatening situation.

Her eyes got big... her mouth went wide open, then she closed it, tightly pursed her lips then got up and walked into the hallway, listened through Nathan's closed door

*-* Nathan's POV *-*

Donnie had his steel pole buried to the hilt, his pace slowed down; he slowly withdrew but not completely. Slowly, carefully, he inserted his gland to the hilt, "I want this to last... are you in a hurry?" He giggled.

"No. Oh God that feels so fucking good... I've already creamed my sheets..."

"Is it hurting at all?"

"It just stings... don't stop. Just keep going just like you are... oomph."

*-* Dad's POV *-*

June entered the dining room, patted my back, "I don't hear anything. Boys masturbate, Dave." She giggled, returned to her chair and pulled up what she'd been working on before the 'interruption'.

"Donnie's spending the night... I guess it could get noisy with two boys..." I deadpanned, trailing off. I scratched my head with bewilderment.

*-* Nathan's POV *-*

Donnie continued to do his thing. I never thought having a steel hard pole in my butthole would feel like 'that'! Although my hole stung like crazy, I was having no pain, absolutely none... no, nope, nadda, zilch. He quickened the pace. He began mewing like a cat... sorta high pitched, sorta low pitched, crackling at times, but the crescendo was ascending with each grunt. Gone were the moans and groans, except for mine. He was still going slowly but his efforts were much more forceful, determined, focused, and deeper. I half expected to taste the end of his penis, and to feel it touching the back of my throat...

He took hold of my penis that was only semi-hard... I knew his hand was getting slimed as I'd just released a torrent of fluids into the sheets not 10 minutes (who was keeping track of time? Nobody.) previously. He was grasping, releasing, grabbing, coaxing, wanting, and needing... who was I to argue? With clenched teeth I willed my maleness into a fully upright though smashed into the bed erection.

Soon those old familiar pangs of impending orgasm were stretching my imagination. Donnie's thrusts were becoming much, much, much more determined, focused.

Then it happened... his slow strokes turned into fast paced rocking pummels that reverberated throughout the room, the naked skin of his hips and groin was smashing onto the soft skin of my globes creating a smacking sound. Donnie was out of this world... I was concerned with the noise level however he grasped my dick really, really hard, which sent me over the edge so much so that I felt like I was going to asphyxiate. Automatically, in survival mode, I turned my head so that I could once again breathe...

Life as I knew it... ended... Donnie was slowly returning to Earth... the damage was already done. I froze.

I elbowed Donnie hard in his chest, "Get off. Parents."

"Huh... oh shit... sorry."

I quickly reached down to the floor, retrieved the blanket, haphazardly tossed it over us, hoping against all hope that we weren't actually seen... knowing my hope was only an unfulfilled wish, a dream perhaps...

Stupid, I know, but I said to dad, "Dad, it's not what it looks like... well, maybe..., oh well shit already, sorry dad."

Dad turned, exited, and closed the door... actually, he'd never entered my room... he'd only peeked through the slightly open door.

Donnie began giggling, and at the same time said, "Dude, we're busted."

With that, he crawled over my body after tossing the comforter to the floor. After standing up he grabbed hold of my wrist and urged me to stand. Reluctantly, I did stand but my knees were weak and shaking... I couldn't tell if they were shaking from fright, cold, or a combination thereof, and the biggest part was I didn't really care... they were just shaking. I was also leaking from my butthole; I felt it running down the backs of my thighs.

Haphazardly, I reached to the floor, retrieved my underwear, and then quickly put them on. Donnie, quicker than I, reached for his shirt and wiped the back of my legs with it, and then put his own underwear over his wilted prong and cute butt mounds...

Did I really say that? "Cute butt mounds."

Yeah. He had cute butt mounds. I was hooked.

I looked to Donnie... he had a smirk on his face. In a way I wanted to knock it off, instead I brought my lips to his, kissed them tenderly, and said, "Our lives as we know them are over..."

He pushed me to the door, "You're leaking... just go across the hall, turn on bathroom light, enter, let me in, close the door, one, two, three..."

Donnie farted a juicy one, "Hurry up, gotta use it!"

We both took a collective deep breath in, opened my door... that's when life ended... not only was dad standing in the hallway but so was mom. Mom had a smirk on her face. Dad expression was nonplussed. Donnie bumped me... we took off across the hall, entered the bathroom, closed the door, turned on light... a slight sequencing aberration but nobody was keeping track.

Donnie sat on the toilet first... he blew the sewer system wide open as the poison gas and torpedo attacks went full bore. Soon it was over. Soon I replaced his butt on the lid and did my own rendition of poison gas and toxic substance annihilation as he got into the shower and turned on the water.

Our underwear were totally trashed.

Finally, I felt empty. I smeared all of Donnie's stuff and my own stuff with a large piece of toilet paper... no use... I opened the shower door and entered... Donnie was washing his hair. I wet down and started scrubbing my beaten and battered and pummeled backside with ample quantities of soap and water... it burned like hell but who was keeping track... not me... there were other more pressing items... the parents. How does one explain the situation?

Dad always said to tell the truth, that the truth will set you free, and that the truth is all that a guy sometimes has to give... but what is my truth? I like to have sex with guys, Donnie especially... ours was something very, very different from Linda... oh my God... that was all freaking me out...

Donnie made me realize that I was just standing there like a mummy... he began soaping me up, starting with my face... "Ooo, you have a pimple... here let me pop it." Donnie said, giggling.

His soapy hands felt really, really good... they were relaxing... they were firm yet caring and loving and thorough, leaving no stone unturned as the saying goes.

I poured a dollop of shampoo out in my palm and then he took my hand and put it on my head. He then took over... rubbing my scalp very firmly... God that felt so good... God I was relaxing... Donnie was saying that we were going to be okay, so long as we stuck together.

He was much less worried than was I.

Okay, truth is that I was bouncing between okay and scared shitless... they bounced back and forth frequently. One moment I'd be fine and strong, another moment I'd experience a sense of chills even though the water was borderline hot.

Donnie kissed my lips, said, "All done", and then got out while I rinsed off. He was ready with one of the big fluffy bath towels when I exited the shower. His ministrations felt mighty fine. He looked into my eyes, "It's going to be okay... your parents aren't child beaters."

I giggled, "No, that they aren't." I felt better, stronger, in control of my emotions.

I quickly looked around the bathroom to make sure... our very used underwear were lying on the floor next to the toilet... sheesh... lost causes... I tossed them into the trash can, tied it shut then sat it next to the door... I'd get them later. Donnie flushed the toilet, sprinkled some Sani-Flush here and there inside the bowl. "I'll get it later."

After we wrapped up in our towels, Donnie opened the door, peered around the corner, motioned for me to follow him which I did... mom and dad were in the kitchen, sitting at the table drinking their coffee... they didn't look worried or made or anything bad like I'd imagined. Mom saw me... she waived, and then she sent me on a one way trip to the hot place when she said, "Cute cheeks!"

Mortified, despite Donnie's giggling, I followed him into my room, closed the door, felt like locking it but I didn't, dropped the towel and got dressed in blue jeans, a long-sleeved Adidas shirt, and socks, and shoes... I don't know why I put those shoes on... I'm a barefoot kind of guy, generally.

I thought about putting on my winter coat... I felt like shrinking. Donnie seeing my apprehension said, "It's going to be okay... trust me."

*-* Mom's POV *-*

"Aahhhh the beauty of youth." I said. Those words just came to mind... they seemed so right. And then I cracked up laughing hysterically.

Dave even smiled ruefully... he was about ready to bust out in a full-fledged laugh but Nathan's door opened so we stole sanity... we didn't want the boys to see us laughing, they'd surely think that we were laughing AT them... but such was not the case, no, not at all...

Nathan walked warily past us sitting at the table to the refrigerator, took out the jug of orange juice, reached up and retrieved two glasses, poured the juice while Donnie sat at the table and waited. He looked nervous... his smile was gone... but he didn't look mortified either. I'm sure he felt very uncomfortable... he was watching Nathan like a hawk.

Nathan sat next to Donnie. They remained tight lipped. I looked to Dave.

"Boys, you aren't in trouble." To Nathan he said, "Nathan, you know about our closed door rule... I thought you or Donnie was being hurt." To Donnie he said, "Our house rule is that closed doors mean just that... it is an extension of privacy... if a door is closed then nobody enters unless a person knocks AND receives permission to enter... this includes us for our children. The exceptions are fire, emergency, and other such things... and if we think someone is being hurt or they're sick, or sound like they're being sick... otherwise we honor the closed door."

Nathan nodded but remained quiet and subdued.

I said, "Nathan, Donnie, do try to keep it down... we don't really want to repeat..."

Nathan slunk down in his chair just a little bit more... he said, "Mom, can we be excused?"

Dave said, "Not right now. As your mom said, you're not in any trouble... we're just surprised... but just because we're surprised doesn't mean that we're angry or anything like that. We just want you to know you can talk to us about anything, big or little, important or not."

Donnie took the lead when Nathan didn't, "Seriously dude they aren't mad." To me Donnie asked, "You're not going to kick him out of the house, right?" He really wasn't asking, he was cluing me and his dad in about what might have been on Nathan's mind...

"No, of course not. Nathan, you are our son. Don't forget that we don't quit." I said seriously.

Nathan looked at me, searching for any sign of insincerity whatsoever... he found none, he would not find any. He then looked at Dave... none there either, as I knew he would find nothing... but still, the boy was a bit wary on some certain things that mattered the most to him.

I said, "So... you guys were having sex. I have to ask this question Donnie... it's simply necessary..."

Donnie nodded.

Nathan piped up, "Mom, we both wanted to do it... he didn't force me and I didn't force him." To Donnie he said, "Nobody forces anything on anybody else in our home. That's all she's asking." He then looked to me for collaboration.

I nodded, "That's right. We didn't think anybody was doing anything against your wishes... we just needed to know for sure."

Dave's expression totally changed. I started to thinking, wondering what 'that' meant. My coffee was getting cool and figured Dave's might also be so I swallowed down the last little bit. When he deadpanned, ""I'm glad Vera and Chet don't have any other children..." I spat the mouth full of coffee all over the kitchen table and my blouse.

Nathan's somewhat melancholic expression turned to horror. The boy dropped his head to the table causing an audible thump, "DADDDDDDDDD! STOP IT!!!!!!!!!"

Donnie, the poor boy, looked to Nathan and then it hit him as to the true significance of Dave's statement but then he recovered quickly, "Don't worry; I'm nothing like my twin sister, The Bitch!"

Turning to Dave I said, "Now, you stop that. The poor boys." I couldn't help it... the snicker and snort coming from my being was spontaneous, definitely unplanned.

Nathan peeked up from his hiding place on the table, rolled his eyes back into his head and said, "You guys are no help."

Donnie, bless his heart, sat back in his chair, looked first to me then to Dave then rested his eyes on Nathan, "I think I probably ought to go home. I... uhm... don't want anything bad to happen... I'll just..."

Nathan swiveled in his seat the fully face the boy he'd had wild passionate sex with, "Nothing bad is happening. My dad may have made a 'funny' out of what we did but I can tell you that you are nothing like your sister. With your sister I was performing... it was all about her and what I could do for her. Look, I know it hurt you... I could and did feel you tense up when... you know... but you did it FOR me. Not only that but I gave myself to you. I know it hurt you because it hurt me... did that stop us? Heck no."

I said, "Honey, Donnie, your dad has a way with words <I looked at Dave>... that sometimes gets him in trouble, doesn't it?"

Dave looked at me then began working his mouth, trying to say something, but nothing came out... in fact he looked like a fish out of water...

Nathan snickered at seeing his dad struggle for words. It was Donnie's turn to roll his eyes up into his head. To Dave, I snickered, "Gotcha!"

Dave then said the right words, the words I was thinking, "Boys, uhm... Nathan, we were given our sexuality by a power greater than ourselves. So long as we aren't hurting each other or another person then I have no problem with whomever you are attracted to... that goes for you too Donnie. I hope I didn't sound like I was making fun of either of you... though I find the whole thing quite amusing."

It was my turn to roll my eyes up into my head, "Dave, you're not helping matters any. The boys, and neither did I find your comment 'amusing'. <I giggled> Sometime you might hear what's coming out of your mouth."

"Well, I never..." Dave added, sounding quite indignant. But it was all a ruse. Turning as serious as a heart attack he said to Nathan, "We'll continue to love you as we always have, and always will. As far as embarrassing you, I'm sorry... but... what would you do if you heard screams coming from your sons' bedroom? Wouldn't you be concerned and worried that they were okay? That's why I checked on you boys."

Nathan, reassured, "Yeah, I guess so. Yeah, I would. But he wasn't hurting as in hurting me."

Donnie shook his head no to agree with Nathan. He was certain, no doubt about it.

Seeing that the tension was gone, or nearly gone, I had to put on my doctor's hat. I asked Nathan point blank, "Nathan, I have to ask... sometimes, most times when boys have sex with another boy, and I mean 'full' sexual intercourse when they're on the receiving end they get torn to greater or lesser degrees... do you still hurt back there... are you bleeding?"

Nathan slunk down on his chair, gave me the look showing his embarrassment. I added, "There's nothing to be ashamed of... as your mother and as a doctor... I simply need to ask. I'm not asking to embarrass you but I'm sorry if it does embarrass you..."

"No, well, I guess I'm having a little bit of blood, you know... uhm, on the paper... you know... but it's not bad or anything. Uhm... "Is that normal, I mean, well... you know..."

"Like I said it isn't abnormal to have some discomfort and even a little bit of blood. I would be concerned if you had or get a belly ache that wasn't or isn't relieved by using the bathroom, or if you were torn, or if the bleeding and discomfort doesn't go away after several times... I mean after you've experienced Donnie more than once or twice or even three or four times..."

Nathan replied, "Uhm, well it stings like crazy but no my stomach feels fine." To Donnie he asked, "Are you hurting down there? I hope not."

"You're right... it did hurt... but not enough to stop me... you know..." To me he said, "I'm stinging too... it feels like I was stretched out... but it's not bad... my stomach feels fine."

I asked, "Are you bleeding?"

He looked to Nathan, "It's not bad or anything... I'm okay."

"Okay, I trust you'll let us know if anything changes."

I nodded. Donnie nodded.

I got up and poured the boys glasses of orange juice and then sent them on their way after determining they had no further questions or disclosures at that time. They went off to Nathan's room and soon were heading to the laundry room with arm loads of sheets and blankets.

I kissed Dave, went to our room, got ready for the day and then headed for the hospital to take care of rounds for patients on our service. All were doing as well as could be expected under their situations and circumstances.

The child, the obese boy who'd underwent surgery for perforated bowels as a result of being stabbed was also doing quite well, considering his injuries. The main thing we'd be concerned about would be infection as he'd spilled contents into his stomach lining.

I then headed to the lab to check on Joey and Timmy's latest blood test results. Timmy's infection rates were decreasing nicely.

Joey's blood count, cholesterol, pancreas and liver studies were totally within normal ranges. His urinalysis was also normal... no sign of infection or spilled sugar, acidosis or acetone. I then looked at his hep-c titer... it was negative. Hep-B was negative too.

I sighed a collective sigh of relief. As I was searching for his formal radiology report the pathologist sat down, saw what I was doing. He said that he'd double checked Joey's hepatitis titers and found the results to be correct. He also said that he'd like to have Timmy undergo another spinal puncture, just to make sure the fluid that bathes his spinal cord and brain was clearing.

I was then paged to the emergency room STAT to treat a gunshot wound. A few minutes later, when I arrived, there was nothing we could do to save him. He was basically DOA, but we tried.

After leaving the trauma operating room, I was paged to the main OR. The nurse told me that Wayne was prepared for surgery and that he wanted to talk to me before receiving the anesthesia drugs that put him under.

I apologized to him for the delay but he dismissed it. We talked of his concerns about going under anesthesia. I hoped to allay his troubling thoughts by assuring him the operation was routine and that the anesthesia time would be short, that he'd be bank in his room in maybe an hour or two.

The closure of his tracheotomy was uneventful. He was taken to the recovery room, and then on to his room without incident.

After performing two other scheduled procedures and consulting on two others I headed for Wayne's room. He was sitting up, smiled when I entered, and then, despite orders for total voice rest, said, "Thanks. Dr. Mauer, what's going to happen to me?"

I replied, after checking his online medical records to make sure his transfer to Tulsa was on track, "You're set to go to Tulsa on Monday for your rehab. I expect you to be there 3 or 4 weeks, maybe a little longer. It all depends on how much time and effort you put into your recovery."

"No, I mean what's really going to happen to me... after that?"

"I don't know. Likely, you'll be placed with a good family. There's no reason to think otherwise."

"No, I'm not going to any fucking foster home. They don't give a good goddamn about anybody except for the paycheck every month. I'll make do... I always have."

"Wayne, I'm going to level with you... you'll not survive the streets. No matter how you look at it, you have mental and physical deficits to overcome. You were oxygen deprived for quite some time, too long, Wayne. I'm VERY surprised that you've come as far as you have. Let me assure you that you have a long way to go yet."

"Like what? I feel fine!"

"Wayne, there are things you do not realize because your reality is all you have to go on. Those of us who are close can and do see the lapses with your thinking and doing. We're hopeful that rehabilitation will teach your brain alternate pathways to follow to overcome those damaged areas."

"Like what? Convince me."

I pulled up Wayne's cognitive and spatial studies, performed by the best psychologists in the country, went to Wayne and guided, providing very little assistance other than to keep his balance so that he didn't fall, him to the terminal. I urged him to sit, and then showed him the reports. He had no concept, in fact some very, very simple words, of what was written.

I said, "Wayne, you're 15 years old. We'd expect you to understand and comprehend the basic concept of what's written here. You tested at 3rd grade levels for reading and math."

I then picked up a piece of paper and put it into his hands, got him a pen and told him to write his name. His penmanship was not readable, and what I did see, what I could tell, he spelled his name "wan" but it was hard because the writing was mostly scribbled.

I took hold of his hand to assist him to a standing position. His right hand, the dominant one, was unable to pull him up. His left, the non-dominate side was a little better but not enough.

I asked him to recite the ABC's. He got to Q then started over at B.

I thought, but wasn't absolutely convinced, that he understood his limitations. I was quick to point out that rehab was good at redirecting brain functions, but that it took a lot of work on his part, and that the end result would be solely dependent upon his desire to get better, though he would never achieve a fully functional status 'before' the injury.

I shared with him that I had every hope that he'd be fully functional, in time.

*-* Joey's POV *-*

I rolled off Skeeter's back as my penis slid out of his once-ready and once-willing rectal wall receptacle. We were clean, meaning we didn't have to get up in a hurry and run to the bathroom.

When we'd began our forage into bringing each other pleasures the sun was just slowly crawling over the horizon. When we finished the light was shining through my bedroom, casting glows over Skeeter's face, his back, and yes even what I could see of his butt. Mind you, I wasn't paying much attention to looking around, instead my eyes, open at times but mostly closed, were honed in on the back of his head, and valiant attempts and successes at kissing his upturned lips.

Skeeter's belly and chest were sticky from ejected seminal fluids; my dick slick with love-making slime and lubrication solution. My interlude was pleasantly semi-fractured when Skeeter's lips found mine and covered them completely then used his tongue to entice my tongue to come back alive... then just like that, he grinned like a Cheshire cat and then bounced out of bed and ran to the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

After showering and eating breakfast, we took off, on foot, for town where we caught the CTA and headed for the mall.

We stopped at the arcade first, though I really didn't want to because the ordeal between Nathan and Linda was still very fresh. Skeeter suggested that I was being very selfish. I had no argument to counter. I realized I'd been quite selfish... I could have done more for him.

We ran into several of his 'friends'. Much to my surprise they supported Nathan. His best friend Jim said that everybody had wondered what Nathan saw in her. It was news to me when Jim said that she'd done what she did to another boy the previous school year. He said that Nathan would have no trouble upon returning to school, and if my brother did receive shit then to let him know. I told him I'd be paying very close attention.

As we turned to leave Jim said, "Mauer, your brother, he's got some serious balls. I know now where he got 'em from. You guys take care; I'll see ya at school Joey. Tell Nathan hi for me, will ya?"

"Yeah, I'll do that. See ya at school. Uhm..." Jim reached his fist out to bump knuckles. Instead of bumping, we hugged, and then Jim hugged Skeeter and told him to keep me in line.

I wanted to call Nathan right then but Skeeter suggested I wait until we could be alone with him.

We headed to a clothing store in the upper level of the mall. I didn't tell Skeeter 'what kind' of clothing store it was though. It was going to be a surprise.

On the way we stopped at the food court and purchased funnel cakes, a soft drink and a big huge ass pretzel that we devoured in minutes.

After eating we went up two escalators to the 3rd floor. The store I wanted to go to was right off the escalator. Skeeter said, "Hey, let's go in this place and look around."

I just smiled.

The clerk, a young lady who was maybe 16 or 17 came walking to us. She was all smiles, the kind of smile that really said she didn't want to be at work and her back was killing her. She said in a sing-songy voice that grated the nerves, "Can I help you 'boys' find something?"

Skeeter replied (I saw the smirk look in his eyes even though his face was as if it were made of stone), "Uh, yeah sure, I'm buying something ultra sexy for this hunky dude next to me. I'd like it to be silky and ultra-see-thru."

The look on the girls' face was priceless – her jaw dropped, her eyes twitched (yes, they twitched... you could see the pupil contract and then open and then contract and so on and so forth). She recovered quickly though, "You are the second set of guys... oh, never mind... I've got just what you're looking for."

She turned on her heels then led us to the display rack in the left back corner, and said, "Knock yourselves out, guys."

There were two manikins... one was wearing a pair of bright yellow bikini around its fake hips... yet it didn't look all that fake really – it had what appeared to be a dick and a healthy set of balls. Skeeter giggled. Oh no. He did it: he pulled the bikini front out and peered in, and then insisted that I look too. He cracked up laughing that I was so gullible. I ran my fingers up and down his crack then pinched... not enough to hurt but enough to get his attention. He then stood in front of me and reached back and grabbed my glands and squeezed just enough to cause me to yelp. I kissed the back of his neck which caused him to shiver violently.

"Have you 'boys' found anything you like 'yet'?" The girl asked, rolling her eyes up toward the sky.

After stuttering and stammering a 'no' she left us be.

We giggled after she left. Skeeter said, "I wear size 14, lover boy."

I replied, "I wear a 5 and a half."

"Smart ass. What size do wear?"

"The same. Okay, meet you at the cash register in 20 minutes."

With that we separated though Skeeter stayed there. I went rummaging around looking for the perfect pair for he whom I love with all my heart. They had to be 'just right'. I imagined what he would look best in... Except for boxers and boxer briefs. I didn't have to imagine anything... I knew what he looked best in... and that was nothing. But...

Drab, I know, but I found some really kewl low-rise briefs. The package contained 5 pair with assorted colors – 2 black, 1 bright blue, 1 baby blue and 1 white. I snagged two packages, knowing that he likes to shower and change clothes more than one time per day.

I looked back to the corner. I didn't see him so I headed that way, looking all around for him. Finally, I spotted him at the opposite end of the store where they kept the boxers... I so hoped he wasn't getting any... but then again, any present from Skeeter I'd love and use, just because it was from him.

The packages of bikinis were neatly arranged making their selections easy and fool-proof. I picked out a yellow, a baby blue and two black pairs. While I was back there I also picked up some sleep shorts and shirts in the event that he'd need them on a cold winters' night on his farm. I knew it got colder than hell. With that in mind, I picked out 4 pair of long johns – all orange – thinking he'd get a kick out of the orange jump suit like things... like he was in jail or something.

When I turned to leave I saw Skeeter at the check-out stand. The girl was actually smiling at my love, genuinely I'll add. When he was finished I walked to the stand, bumped his shoulder with mine then told him to go somewhere else because it was going to be surprise. He headed to the bookstore across the escalators. I gave the girl-cashier my selections. She rang them up. The total came to $147.15. I swallowed hard, knowing I only had $125.00 on the credit card mom and dad gave me for such occasions. I grabbed my billfold knowing I had twenty some odd dollars in there. I had enough but I was down to counting pennies. I thought about how selfish I'd been recently so I turned over the money without a qualm.

I walked across the promenade to join Skeeter. He found a Dean Koontz book to read on his trip home. For a moment I got really depressed because he'd be leaving in a few days but then brought everything around to the here and now, one-day-at-a-time. All the while though, my dick was hard because I was imagining Skeeter in at least one pair of those black, sheer and sheik string like bikini underwear. Skeeter was moving around too fast for me to get a good look at his crotch but what I saw was -pleasant-. God, that guy has a nice ass. "The hard work on the farm is doing him some hella good!" I thought while watching his butt sway back and forth, the outline of his crack obvious through those loose jeans he had on.

Next, we hit the Sears store at the far end of the mall. I wanted to look at some tools and stuff that dad had mentioned that he needed to buy to work on the project. Most of them were out of my league, and knowing I had no more money squelched any idea of a birthday present, right then, but I'd come back with mom or Derrick when I'd earned enough. That was okay because dad's birthday wasn't until July.

Skeeter, however, found two pair of coveralls that were in his size and were what he wanted, so he purchased them.

Lastly, we stopped in at a jewelry story on the first floor. The proprietors were looking at us like we were thieves, or something. Skeeter and I went our separate ways, which got the store people even more concerned. Little did they know they had nothing to worry about... even back in the day, jewelry wasn't something I went after, mainly because it was not easily fenced. Oh there were pimps out there with gaudy shit they wore around to make them look and feel richer than they were – but the pimps I worked for and dealt with had no such inclinations.

A few minutes later, Skeeter beckoned my presence. I walked over and looked down at what he was looking at. He showed me a set of hieroglyphic necklaces, actually it was one piece divided into equal halves. I loved it. The piece had an engraved picture of a horse' head with trees in the background.

"Do you like it?" Skeeter asked me very seriously.

"Yeah, it's kewl. I like it, definitely." I then leaned into his ear and said, "I don't have any money."

Without saying anything he handed the clerk a credit card. The clerk complied with a smile.

The clerk then told us of its significance, the history of such a piece, and that it was good present for one guy to give to another guy. He smiled, pulled out his own wallet and proceeded to show us a picture of him and another guy. Then he pulled another picture out and showed it to us. The picture was a family portrait which included two boys, a girl, and the two guys.

Skeeter looked at me, and I looked at him. Without any regard for where we were or what else we were doing, we briefly kissed lips. Skeeter told the guy to ring it up, which he promptly did, but not before marking it down 20%. As it was, the piece cost Skeeter a little over $200.00. I promised him I'd split the cost when I got the money. He agreed. Deal.

We had planned on stopping in at the hospital to see Wayne, but with all the packages and everything, we decided to go on home. As we were entering the train station, mom called. She asked if we were going to stop in because if we were she'd wait and take us home altogether.

Skeeter and I, while on the train, talked about our previous discussion and getting married when we got older and out on our own. Skeeter suggested a novel idea: that we have our own ceremony after dinner that night, with all my family present, and repeat the celebration the next time I went to be with his family.

That worked out perfectly. I told her that we'd bought out the stores, and asked if we could drop them into the car before going up. That met with her approval so we changed directions and took another train that stopped right at the university.

After walking half a block to the side entrance of the parking garage, I called mom and told her we were there. 20 minutes later, we met mom and dumped the stuff in the back of her vehicle and were on our way upstairs. Mom gave us a rundown on Wayne's condition and that he'd be transferred that following Monday.

When we arrived on Wayne's floor, we found a public restroom, peed, washed our hands and then headed on to Wayne's room at the end of the hall. As it were he was in taking a shower, much to mom's consternation, and against orders since he'd just had surgery and had to keep the area dry.

A nurse entered the room while we were waiting. Mom lit into her because Wayne needed to be closely observed, and because his mental faculties were faulty. The nurse apologized profusely but yet again said that they had been extremely busy and short-staffed.

I was elected to go get Wayne. I found him in the shower stall, jacking off fiercely so I didn't interrupt him. His eyes were closed, and he was well, very preoccupied. I gave him a minute or two after his exclamations of success to recover from his trip to the moon. He turned off the shower and opened the plastic drapes. He grinned from ear to ear when he saw me. I just said, "You horn-dog, some things never change." He vigorously nodded his agreement.

I dried his back while he took care of the rest. Once he was dried off, without abandon he exited the bathroom stark naked, and with the remnants of a sexual experience. Skeeter looked at me, smiled then helped Wayne into the scrub pants that mom offered.

We didn't stay very long since it was getting on toward dinner time. Mom planned on making her world infamous Lasagna, provided I made a cheese cake. Deal.

After getting home mom announced that dinner would be at 7:30, so I whipped up a batch of cheese cake then Skeeter and I excused ourselves. Out came the packages of underwear... we compared... and found that we'd purchased the same exact pairs of underwear for each other!

Within 2 seconds, maybe not that long, there were 2 naked dudes standing across from each other in my room. Add to that: two very hard appendages were sticking straight up and out of those flimsy, film-thin pieces of material. Not to worry.

I got down on my knees while Skeeter remained standing, took his meat into my hot, wanton and needy mouth and sucked him for all he was worth (a million billion gazillion dollars, I will add), and was soon greeted with his mouth-filling offering. As soon as had his moment, roles were reversed. Satiated, at least for the moment, we headed to the bathroom, showered, dried and dressed, and of course those sexy underwear and sleep outfits. Everybody complimented our selections.

Dinner was wonderful, the best! Desert was planned for later. While eating I informed dad that Sears had the tools he needed, and their prices.

Dinner was scrumptious. I gave dad the prices and whatnot for the tools he needed. All in all dinner was lighthearted, jovial, funny, and entertaining. Timmy and Derrick offered to perform clean-up activities – nobody argued since those two rarely did that chore.

While they were busy, Skeeter and I took off for my room to change into something more 'formal' for our plans. Since being with the Mauer's I acquired 2 suits, complete with dress shirts, ties and shoes. We were a bit concerned because Skeeter had filled out and gained weight to where he wasn't skin and bones. The pants were a bit tight but doable. The shirt was fine. The shoes were way small so we made do with black socks. After kissing passionately and doing some serious 'feeling up' we took off to be with the family.

The butterflies were flying freely. Just before entering the living room we kissed again though not as passionate as before, and we didn't feel each other up though the thoughts of doing just that were running rampant.

Then the thought that we hadn't come up with any words to share, as is normal, came to mind. Skeeter suggested we just go by the seat of our pants and speak freely from the heart. I'm so grateful for him. He thinks of many things that pass me by.

With arm in arm, we made our entrance.

Mom looked up first. The look on her face was initially puzzlement, and then curiosity, and then the parental look of approval and appreciation. She said, "Hey everybody, I do believe that Joey and Skeeter are about to make a statement."

That got everybody's attention. Dad turned off the TV; Nathan's jaw dropped; Donnie smiled; Derrick stood, walked to us and bumped knuckles; Timmy's face registered surprise... nevertheless he dropped the comic book he was reading and waited for somebody to tell him what was going on.

Having everyone's attention I said, "Uhm, Skeeter and I've decided we want to spend the rest of our lives together. We know we're too young to get married, and may never be able to get married in this lifetime. We've decided to share our commitment to each other with you guys as our witnesses."

Skeeter said, "We're going to celebrate with my family the next time Joey comes to visit which will hopefully be sooner than later. At the mall today we found something that's really, really kewl. It's what we'll exchange instead of rings."

Timmy jumped up and walked to us and said, "I'm best man... uhm, who's the woman because whoever it is needs a brides' maid..."

Skeeter snickered, causing me to laugh out loud. Timmy's face fell from happy to shame filled; I think that's what he was feeling. I said, "Timmy, neither of us are girls; neither of us pretend or consider one or the other as being female. Thanks for the offer... I'll tell you what... mom, dad, Derrick, we need a few minutes to work something out, and we'll be right back."

With that I grabbed Timmy's arm with one hand and Skeeter with the other. When we got into my room, I said, "Skeeter, how about we let Timmy be the 'ring bearer'. He'd be perfect."

"Oh, that's a great idea... you're really a kewl guy Timmy. You didn't know because we didn't explain that not all gay couples have a female designated; some do; some don't. No harm done dude. Will ya do it for us?"

Timmy was elated as were we because we hadn't thought about how we'd give our tokens of commitment to each other.

With that, we returned to the living room after giving Timmy the pieces. Which side of the piece we'd wear really made no difference so we gave Timmy the task of deciding, on the fly.

Before we began the ceremony mom said something that sounded really, really kewl: "Boys, we haven't said anything before now because what we're about to tell you was being planned as a surprise. Skeeter, your parents are in on this too."

Dad took the reins after mom looked at him. "Guys, all of you, we've made reservations for a trip to Maui, Hawaii for the 10 days after you all get out of school. We'll be leaving on June 9th. That would be a perfect time to share your event with both families all at the same time."

Everybody approved of the plans however Skeeter was far less than exuberant, in fact I saw worry lines crease his eye lids, and deeply furrowed his brows. Dad, seeing Skeeter's condition quickly said, "Skeeter, your mom and dad have worked it out so that they're able to come. Tom and Stacy will take care of the younger ones. Several of their friends need the extra money so they'll be hired to help with chores."

Skeeter, still concerned, added, "Dad keeps talking about how we're broke all the time... yet we always have enough... you know, enough to eat, clothes, feed for the animals."

Mom spoke up, "That's something you'll need to talk to them about."

Skeeter nodded, looked at me with his puppy dog eyes, "We could wait. What do you think, Joey?"

I thought for maybe 5 seconds, no more, before saying, "Yeah, let's wait. They need to be with us."

Skeeter smiled, and within 20 seconds had his tie off and the shirt unbuttoned. Yeah, me too!"

Timmy looked confused. I said, "You'll be our best man. Skeeter, Luke could be your best man... would that work?"

"Oh, that's an idea, I like that. We'll just have to see how many of my family will be there because we might have to share. There's James, Eric, and of course Kevin... geeze I miss that little rug rat."

That night we went to bed, put on our necklaces and happily made them jingle together.

*** To be continued

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