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Boarding with Friends

by Jonathan Perkins

Chapter 11

The boys were so emotionally drained they fell asleep after only a few minutes of kissing and cuddling. They weren't used to sleeping with someone in their bed so each one of them woke up several times during the night when the other one moved. Billy woke up and found Lance draped over Billy's side, Lance's arm over Billy's chest and his leg over Billy's leg. Billy opened his eyes, smiled and fell right back to sleep. Lance woke up with Billy spooning behind him, Billy's arm over Lance's side and on his chest. Lance put his arm around Billy's arm, holding it tight to his chest as he dozed off.

Billy was the first one to wake up as the morning sun beamed through the window. He quietly slid out of bed to go take a much needed morning piss. He came back to the room and saw Lance lying on his back, a major tent in the covers. Billy smiled and moved over to the bed, pulled the covers off gently and looked at the boner looking back at him, silently begging for some attention. He could have sworn Lance's piss slit smiled at him, knowing what was about to happen. Billy softly got on the bed and moved over Lance's stiff cock. He tenderly took it in his hand then moved his mouth over to hover over it. Lance was still sound asleep and hadn't moved at Billy's touch. Billy moved his tongue back and forth in his mouth to work up as much saliva as he could. Then he opened his mouth and let it droll down his target. He moved his hand up and down once to make sure the saliva was distributed over the full length then moved his mouth down and engulfed the shaft with one smooth motion. He felt Lance move slightly but still didn't wake up. Billy started sliding up and down in a slow but steady motion, making the most of enjoying his sneaky blowjob.

Billy felt Lance's body jolt and knew he had woken him. He kept his mouth firmly covering Lance and looked up to see Lance looking down at him.

"What are you doing?" a groggy Lance asked.

Billy pulled off and lifted his head to look straight at Lance.

"It's called a blow job, or cock sucking, which ever you prefer. It's something a boy will do to his lover. I thought you would have known about this by now."

"Oh," Lance smiled, "I thought you were saving me a trip to the bathroom and you were waiting for me to piss."

"Augh, fucking gross! If you have to piss I'll be here when you get back."

"No, keep going, I'm in no rush."

"Neither am I," Billy replied as he went back down on Lance's cock.

Billy went back to his slow and steady rhythm, wanting this to last as long as possible. But alas, was not to be the case. The dry spell they suffered through while they were not talking had the sexual tension so high that Lance was ready to unload at any second. Lance moaned and lifted his hips slightly, his whole body quivering, signaling the impending explosion. Billy tightened his mouth and got ready for breakfast. With his tongue on the bottom of the shaft when Lance released his cum, Billy could feel the pulses of the cum flowing up and out the tip. He sensed seven surges before the flow stopped. He pulled his mouth back, licked the cock clean and rolled to the side.

"Thanks. Now get the hell out of my way. You either have to drink my piss or I'm going to wet the bed if I don't get to the bathroom." Lance declared.

Billy had no intention of being an optional toilet so he flipped himself off the bed and onto the floor. Lance jumped off the bed and literally ran to the bathroom, not taking time to close the door. Billy lay on the floor laughing as he heard the strong flow of urine hitting the water in the toilet and Lance's sighs of relief. Lance walked back into the bedroom after a long piss.

"What a way to wake up in the morning. My lover giving me a hot blowjob and then a satisfying piss. Does life get any better than this?"

"Only if we could do this every morning," Billy replied with a smile.

"I'm starved. Can you wait for your turn? I'll make it worth your while."

"Sure. We have all day if I remember."

The boys got dressed and went to the kitchen to find Margo there with breakfast set out and ready.

"I thought you boys might be hungry this morning. Please clean up when you're done eating. I have an appointment with the lawyer this morning and then I have to go do some shopping. I'll be back around noontime."

"Thanks, Mother, you're the best."

The boys ate breakfast and cleaned up the mess.

"So, now what should we do with the rest of he morning to ourselves?" Billy asked.

"Hmmm, I think I have a few ideas," Lance replied as he pulled Billy into a passionate kiss while tugging at this clothes to get them off.

"Right here in the kitchen? I have bad memories about being naked your kitchen."

"Okay, let's move to the living room then," Lance giggled.

As soon as they were in the living room, Lance finished undressing Billy and Billy undressed Lance.

"On the couch?" Billy asked?

"Better, let's go to the hot tub. I have to hit the bathroom first, then I'll be right with you. I'll bring some towels."

Billy started to pick up his pants and put them on.

"Hey, no clothes allowed. Put those pants down."

"Just to get to the hot tub. It's chilly outside."

"That makes the hot tub so much better. Freeze you ass of getting there and then jump right in the hot water. Trust me, I've done this many of times. You'll like it."

Billy shrugged his shoulders and headed for the hot tub, naked and stiff. As soon as he hit the cold air when he opened the door, he was still naked but no longer hard. He ran to the hot tub and slid in. Lance was right, it felt awesome this way.

Lance went to the bathroom to not only take care of bodily functions but to get a jar of Vaseline. He knew from experience that contrary to popular belief, plain water was not a very good lubricant to putting things up one's ass. He had played with some toys occasionally and found that Vaseline was a perfect lube. It didn't get washed off in the water and provided just enough slipperiness to make things go in easily. He applied a generous amount to his crack and worked it in his hole as far as he could reach.

Billy was soaking in the hot tub, his head back and his eyes closed. He heard the door open and shut and looked to see a naked Lance jogging across the patio, his boner flopping from side to side. Billy's cock immediately sprung to life. Lance stepped into the tub and came over to Billy.

"I love being in the hot tub and I love being in here with you even more," Lance said

"I couldn't think of any other place I'd rather be right now."

They started to kiss and run their hands over each other. Lance moved around so he was facing Billy, spreading his legs so he could straddle Billy. He sat in Billy's lap as they continued to make out, their cock rubbing against each other. Lance lifted himself so he could free Billy's cock then lowered himself back down, letting Billy's cock slid up Lance's ass crack. Billy moaned as Lance moved his hips back and forth, massaging Billy's boner with his ass cheeks.

"Damn, this feels hot. What's the slimy stuff on your ass?" Billy asked.

"You've heard of 'Preparation H' for hemorrhoids?

"Yuck, is that what you put on?"

"No, this is 'Preparation HF' for hot tub fucking. Just some Vaseline, nothing gross."

"Oh, so that's what you're up to?" Billy smiled.

"Sure is," as Lance reached back and guided Billy's meat to his pucker.

Lance slowly let his body slide down, forcing Billy's cock up inside him. He took it all in until he was sitting on Billy's legs.

"Damn, I like your 'Preparation HF' " Billy said as he hugged Lance and pushed up as tight as he could.

The Vaseline wasn't as slippery as the lube they usually used, adding more friction to their fucking. They were getting more animated in their movements causing the water in the hot tub so slosh back and forth, splashing over the edge now and then. The combination of the added friction and lack of sex over the recent past pushed Billy over the edge quicker than he would have liked. After he finished exploding inside Lance, Billy laid back against the side of the tub, the waves they created in the water slowly subsiding as the waves of pleasure from his orgasm slowly went away.

"Damn, this was a first," Billy commented once he got his breath back.

"What do you mean? We've fucked plenty of times."

"I mean we are naked, fucking around and no one has caught us."

"Should we stay here until my Mother gets home?" Lance joked.

"Not until she gets home, but we can say here a little bit longer," Billy offered as they enjoyed some after sex kissing.

They skin was beginning to wrinkle from being in the water so long. That was their sign to get out. They showered to wash off the chlorine and the Vaseline then went to lie down on Lance's bed.

"Let's get my Mother a boyfriend she can move in with, we can quit school and stay here in the house naked and having sex all day long until we so old he can't get it up anymore," Lance suggested.

"That sounds nice but I think we'd get tired of it before long."

"Never! I could make love with you for the rest of my life."

"Me too, but it wouldn't be as special if we did it all the time. I remember my tenth birthday party. My mother had a whole gallon of ice cream left over after she finished making ice cream sundaes for the party.. The next day I snuck the ice cream out of the house and sat in the backyard and ate the whole gallon. I got so sick of ice cream that I didn't want any for almost a year."

"Well, I've had your cherry, I enjoy your whipped cream so I guess I'll have to pace myself on the rest of a Lance sunday," Lance giggled.

Billy swung around so he was in the opposite direction as Lance. He moved up close to Lance and looked at his cock.

"Even soft, you have the most beautiful cock I've ever seen."

"Really? How many cock have you seen?"

"Counting my own, and every boy in the showers at gym class, enough to pass judgement on yours."

Lance chubbed up at the talk of his cock.

"Even nicer when it's hard," Billy added. "Your ass is pretty sweet as well. Chop off here and here and the rest is perfection." Billy said as he drew an imaginary line across Lance's knees and chest.

"So that's all I'm good for it a hot ass and a big cock?" Lance asked in mock disgust.

"I didn't say it was big, just beautiful."

Lance swung around and started to tickle Billy, knowing the right spots to make him helpless with uncontrolled laughter.

"Ok, ok, I'll take the bad with the good," Billy managed to get out between breaths.

"You're fucking right you'll take it all. Again and again and again."

Billy rolled off the bed and lay on the floor trying to catch his breath. Lance looked over the side of the bed and smiled down on Billy. Billy smiled up at him.

"The face, I think I like the face too."

"That's better!"

"It gives me some place to stick my cock," Billy said as he rolled away from the bed before Lance could pounce down on him.

They rolled around on the floor until Lance got the upper hand and was sitting on top of Billy.

"You're an ass but I love you anyway," Lance told Billy.


"Nothing to tell me?" Lance asked fishing for an 'I love you' back.

"What? I already told you I love your ass, so what else is there?"

Lance began the tickling again. Billy was thrashing underneath him and Lance lost his balance and fell forward, his boner ending up very close to Billy's mouth.

"If you insist," Billy said as he picked his head up and put his lips around Lance's cock. He started sucking until Lance abruptly stopped him.

"You're not going to have all the fun."

Lance sat back and moved around so they could suck each other at the same time. Billy was on the bottom and took Lance as deep as he could, grabbing his ass cheeks to pull him tight. He held his head steady and massaged Lance's cock with his tongue, moving the whole cock back and forth in his mouth. Lance was on top and was bobbing up and down on Billy, pulling almost all the way off and then plunging down as far as he could go. It wasn't long before both boys shot their loads of cum. Lance moved back up to kiss Billy, their cum mingling in their mouths.

"Your Mother will be back soon. Should we tell her we've already eaten?"

"She'll probably guess that we have but she'll insist on going out to a restaurant anyway. We better get cleaned up and dressed. We don't want her catching you naked again." Lance smirked.

Billy punched Lance hard on the shoulder.


Margo came home at noon and asked the boys if they were ready to go to lunch. She had a worried look on her face.

"Is everything alright?" Lance asked.

"I suppose so. The lawyer told me the next hearing on the divorce is scheduled for next Monday. After looking at the accountant's report he wants to fast track his decision before your father pulls any more tricks."

"I'm sure that's a good sign for us, Mother. You know I'll be right there with you."

"I'm sure you will, Lance. I'll get through this with your support."

When they returned, Margo told the boys she was going to her afternoon book club and would be back at suppertime.

"Do you want to meet here again? Billy and I don't mind."

"No, Today's meeting is at Claire's house. He going to rotate to a different house each meeting so no one person has the host all the time."

"It's really no bother," Lance said, almost pleading with her.

"Speaking of books, Lance, I can read you like a dime store novel. You want me to hold the meeting here so you can keep an eye on me, making sure I don't drink."

Lance' face turned red, his true motive uncovered.

"Don't worry, Claire told me there would be no alcohol served at the meetings at her house. All the women in the group are looking out for me. You two enjoy the rest of your special day."

"Lets go back in the hot tub while our lunch settles. I'm too full to screw around right now," Billy said.

"Good idea. I'll get the towels."

Billy stripped down in the living room with no qualms about going outside naked this time. They were in the hot tub for quite a while when they heard the doorbell ring. Lance got out and wrapped a towel around his naked body and went to answer the door. Billy heard Rachel's voice in the kitchen so he scrambled to get out and wrap a towel around himself. He was headed to get his clothes when Lance and Rachel walked into the living room, followed closely by Mike.

"Oh, hi guys. Lance and I were just soaking in the hot tub."

"So I see. Naked under those towels I presume," Rachel said with a wink.

"What would give you that idea?" Lance asked.

"I know you horndogs. No one home so you're prancing around nude."

:"No we're not. Let me prove it to you," Lance said as he started to untie the knot holding his towel up.

"Disgusting! It's fine with me if you're shameless but I don't want to see that.," she joked.

"Is there any other way to enjoy a hot tub?" Mike threw in.

"You men, excuse me, you boys are all alike," Rachel said as she shook her head.

"So what brings the two of you here, except to catch us in a compromising situation?" Lance asked.

"Everyone was asking about you at school today. I wanted to make up some bullshit story to keep everyone guessing but Mike reminded me that I promised I wouldn't. We told them we didn't know but would check up on you after school got out. We planned on stopping over anyway. I figured you'd be all sexed out by now."

"Not these two. I bet they're just taking a breather before round three, or is it four? Five maybe?" Mike laughed.

"A gentleman never tells," Lance told them.

"A red faced gentleman does," Rachel said as she looked at Billy.

They all laughed then sat down to talk for a while. After they had left, Billy put his hands on his hips and stared at Lance.

"Well, what the fuck did I tell you?"

"What do you mean?"

"Naked with water involved and we're bound to get caught."

"It's not like they don't know what we were doing anyway . . . or about to do," as Lance came to Billy and slid his hand inside the gap in the towel.

"Not here, up stairs so we can lock the damn door," Billy giggled.

They got on the bed and got in the 69 position but this time the just began to jerk each other with one hand while massaging balls and playing with puckers with the other hand. It took a while but they were in no hurry. Eventually the cum cannons fired and shot each other in the upper chest, being aimed away from their faces. This time a superficial wash up wouldn't suffice so they took a shower together, lovingly washing each other between kisses and caresses.

Margo came home and made supper. She offered to take Billy home but his Father was on the way to pick him up. Billy thanked Margo for every thing she had done for them and went home for a good night sleep. Lance turned in early that night as well.

After an uneventful week Monday rolled around and Margo and Lance were headed to court for the next divorce hearing. Margo was nervous, not knowing what to expect from the judge or from Paul and his lawyer.

They went in the judges chambers and all sat down. Paul and his lawyer were talking as the judge shuffled papers on his deck.

"Good, we're all here. Lets get started. First of all, I can't believe the discrepancies between your financial filings with the court and the report from the forensic accountant."

"Your honor, my client is disputing most of what is in that report," Jack's lawyer said.

"I'm sure he would. However, I am aquatinted with Harding and Harding and I have more confidence in Mr. Harding's report than I do with Mr. Habershaw or his filings. Therefore, I'm going to base my decision on the report from Harding and Harding. Mrs. Habershaw, what would you like to do concerning the house you're living in now? Would you like to keep it or sell it and split the proceeds?"

"I would like to keep it to maintain some stability in my son's life. It's the only home he has ever known," Margo answered.

"A wise choice. Divorce can be very unsettling for children."

"I would like to keep my car as well, your Honor."

"I will deduct half of the fair market value of the house and the car from your proceeds, Mrs. Habershaw and award that sum to Mr. Habershaw."

"Your honor, I object to that ruling. He would like to sell the house himself, being a real estate agent, to get a better price for the house, then split that money with his ex-wife."

"Objection noted and overruled. If I allowed him to sell the house I'm afraid he would try and find a way to bury a significant amount of the proceeds. I'm splitting the combined assets of Mr and Mrs Habershaw in a fifty/fifty split, minus half of the assessed value of the house, the title to which shall remain in Mrs. Habershaw's name alone. Mr. Habershaw, you have thirty days to turn over $927,000 to Mrs. Habershaw."

"Your Honor! There is no way my client can raise that much cash in the next thirty days. Most of his money is tied up in real estate, not cash," Jack's lawyer protested.

"Then he better have a fire sale to raise the appropriate amount of cash. Or turn over title to some of his properties as well as a significant amount in liquid assets. Mrs. Habershaw is retaining sole custody of her minor son and has not asked for child support or alimony. If you comply with my ruling, Mr. Habershaw, I will not file the papers I have prepared to charge you with contempt of court and fraud with your original financial report. If you fail to follow my orders to the letter, I will personally see to it that your are behind bars thirty one days from today!"

The judge slammed his gavel down and Jack stormed out of the room, cussing and swearing all the way out the door.

"Would you inform you client that I am fining him $100 for contempt for swearing in my chambers," Judge Morton told Jack's lawyer."

"Yes, your Honor." The lawyer looked at the judge and smiled, "Thank you."

Margo got out in the hallway and leaned against the wall. Lance walked up to her and shook his head.

"Father had that much money and his paperwork was only going to give you $29,000? What a fucking crook!" Lance growled.

"Mrs. Habershaw, let me know when, or should I say if, Jack transfers the judgement to you. If you need anything else in the meantime, don't hesitate to call. Lance, it was nice to meet you," the lawyer said as he left the building.

"Hot damn, Mother, we're rich! You know the first thing I'm going to do when you get the money?" Lance informed his Mother, "if it's alright with you."

"A new skateboard? No, wait, you're almost old enough to drive. You'll buy a car?"

"No, I'm going back to that fancy men's store in Dallas and buy the most expensive suit in the store and wear it to go stand outside father's office and give him the finger."

Margo laughed so hard she almost peed herself. It was the relief she needed after a nerve wracking morning.

"It will be my pleasure to drive you there myself. But we haven't got the money yet. I'm sure your Father is going to try and pull some funny business."

"If he does, the judge will send him to jail, remember?"

"I remember. I wouldn't want to see that happen, though."

"He deserves it."

"No, what he really deserves is be living in a trailer park in Colonias, TX eating SPAM and canned beans for the rest of his life."

"Good call, Mother, evil but fitting."

They both laughed as they left the court house to head home.

The next afternoon Margo told Lance she was off to another book club meeting and would be back for supper.

"The house is yours so you and Billy behave yourselves."

"Billy isn't here?"

"No, but he will be as soon as I leave and you call him to come over," Margo said with a wink.

Lance did indeed call Billy and invite him over. And Billy did hustle right over. But as for behaving themselves? I suppose that is a judgement call on what behaving entails.

After some naked fun and sex, Billy headed home. Lance set about looking for something he could make for supper to surprises his Mother. He made a simple but nourishing meal and waited for her arrival. And waited. And waited. At eight o'clock he began to get worried. He called Billy and asked him what he should do? Billy said he and his Father would be right over. He had no sooner hung up the phone when there was a knock at the door. Lance answered the door and found a policeman standing there.

"Are you Lance Bradshaw?" the officer asked.

"Yes. Did something happen to my Mother? Is she alright?" Lance asked in a panic.

"She fine, son. We stopped her car a short while ago and smelled alcohol on her breath. She is being held overnight on a driving under the influence charge. I was sent here to check on you. I'm going to have to call someone from Child Protective Services to come and take custody of you until tomorrow morning when the judge determines what will happen with your Mother at her arraignment."

Billy and his Father pulled up in the driveway. Billy came running to the house.

"Lance, what happened? Is your Mother okay?"

"I think so. She has been arrested for drunk driving and they want to send me to juvenile hall!"

Paul came through the door and introduced himself to the officer and inquired what had happened.

"Are you a relative of Mrs. Habershaw?" the officer asked.

"No, just a very good friend. Lance, here, and my son are best friends and go to school together."

The officer told Paul what had happened.

"There is no need to send Lance to juvenile hall, I can assume custody and take him home with us. I sure Margo would rather he come with us."

"Oh please, Mr Murdock, take me home with you and Billy. I won't be any trouble," Lance begged.

"I don't want to add to the boy's trauma over this so I'm going to go out on a limb here." Turning to Lance, "Lance, you write a note to your mother saying you're at Billy's house studying for a big test and you're planning on sleeping at his house tonight. Tape the note to the back door. I can say I saw that but didn't know who Billy was or how to contact him." Turning back to Paul, "That way you can take Lance home with you tonight and I won't get my ass chewed out by my sargeant."

"Thank you officer, he'll be well taken care of, I assure you," Paul told the officer.

"Yes, thank you. If you see my Mother, tell her I'm safe with Billy and his Father. Tell her I love her and I'll see her in the morning," Lance told the officer as he was about to leave.

Lance turned off the lights and locked the house. Then he and Billy walked arm in arm to the car. Lance started to whimper as they left the driveway.

"She has been stopped before but just given a ticket and it all goes away the next day. I'm scared, Mr. Murdock."

"Don't imagine the worst. We'll just see what happens in the morning. We'll get home and you get a good night's sleep tonight."

When they arrived at Billy's house, his Mother said she'd fix up the couch for Lance to sleep on.

"He can sleep in my room," Billy offered.

"Please, I'd rather not be alone tonight."

Billy's parents looked at one another and nodded their heads. The boys headed up stairs and into Billy's room.

"I've only got a single bed. It will be kind of cramped," Billy apologized.

"It will be fine. I need to hold you all night."

They got into bed and immediately fell into each other's arms. Billy dried the tears that rolled down Lance's cheek and kissed him good night.

Billy's parents both took the day out of work to accompany Lance and Billy to court for Margo arraignment. They met briefly with her lawyer when they arrived. He asked them if the would accept temporary custody of Lance if she was sentenced to jail, to which they readily agreed. He told them it was a distinct possibility given her driving record. He went back to confer with Margo before the proceedings began.

The bailiff called the court to order. The presiding judge was Judge Morton, the same judge who decided her divorce case. This gave Lance some comfort after the way he seemed to take her side in that proceeding. The comfort was short lived as Margo was brought in handcuffs. Lance's body stiffened, reaching out and squeezing Billy's hand. The bailiff escorted her to the table her lawyer was seated at and removed the handcuffs. The judge looked at the arrest report in front of him.

"Mrs. Habershaw, you have been charged with driving under the influence before. This is your fourth offense. How do you plead?"

"Your Honor, before she enters her plea, I would like to stipulate that there was no evidence that she was drunk when she was stopped."

"The officer who stopped her smelled alcohol on her breath and she admitted to drinking several glasses of wine. That is why she is charged with driving under the influence and not the more serious charge of driving drunk. Again, I ask, how do you plead?"

"Guilty, your honor," Margo said softly. Her lawyer shook his head in disbelief.

"Has your lawyer advised you of the potential penalties, up to a year in jail, with a guilty plea?"

"Yes, your Honor. I am putting myself at the mercy of the Court to not impose the maximum penalty but it's time I owned up to my behavior before I hurt someone. I have tried to quit drinking but I need help and can't do it by myself."

"A very courageous stand. Taking all things into consideration, I am sentencing you to thirty days to be served at the Camp County Jail. It's close enough that your son will be able to visit you."

"Thank you your Honor," Margo said trying not to break down.

Lance didn't have that much self-control. He inhaled hard then began to sob.

"Speaking of your minor son, his father has already signed away his parental rights in the divorce proceedings so he will be assigned to the custody of the Texas Child Protective Services and placed in an appropriate foster home for the duration of your confinement."

"Your Honor, if I may?" the lawyer spoke up. "Mrs. Habershaw has signed temporary custody of her son to Mr. and Mrs. Murdock, close family friends. They have a son the same age as Lance. They are good friends and attend school together. This arrangement will cause the least amount of trauma and disruption of his life."

"Did you enter into this agreement of your own free will?" the judge asked her.

"Yes, your Honor."

"I wish you well and hope that you get the help you need to overcome your addiction."

As she was being led from the courtroom, Margo turned and blew a kiss to Lance, tears flowing freely down her face. Lance felt he had to show a brave front so he smiled and gave a little wave. Then he turned and hugged Billy, releasing his tears, feeling Billy was the only thing left in his life he could hold onto.

Billy's Mother cleaned the house of a woman who was a caseworker for Child Protective Services. She called her to see if there would be any issues with them keeping Lance until his Mother was out of jail. She said she would stop over after she got out of work and see what she could do to make it happen without any problems.

When the caseworker stopped over that evening she told Billy's parents that she had initiated a file for permanent custody for Lance.

"That's not what we want. We just want to be able to look after Lance until his mother his released in 30 days. His mother had signed a paper giving us temporary custody and we didn't want it to go any further."

"That's why I did it this way. A permanent custody procedure will take anywhere from 60 - 90 days to start the process. The wheels of CPS turn painfully slow. In this case it is to your advantage. Make sure he flies under the radar and keeps out of trouble."

They chatted a while and then she left, assuring everyone that this would work out.

Lance was relieved that he has a place to stay, more so that it was with Billy. The boys went up stairs and got ready for bed. They both got under the covers, naked but not in the mood for anything sexual.

"Billy, please don't leave me. Everyone else in my life has been taken away or left me. I couldn't bear to loose you."

"I can't leave you. We tried a divorce but that fell flat," Billy poked Lance in the ribs trying to lighten his mood. "You're stuck with me, like it or not."

"I like it! No, I love it. And I love you."

Lance and Billy held each other tight and kissed goodnight.

The next morning at breakfast Paul told the boys the lawyer had called after they went upstairs. Paul told him about the visit from the caseworker and Lance was in good hands. The lawyer told Paul it would be two days before they could visit Margo at the prison. He filled him in on the hours and procedures they had to follow.

"Are you feeling up to going to school today?" Paul asked.

"Yes, the sooner I can get back to normal, whatever the hell that is these days, the better I'll be."

"Watch your language, potty mouth," Billy teased.

Billy's parents laughed. When they weren't looking, Lance gave Billy the middle finger and stuck out his tongue. Billy felt better knowing he was cheering up Lance.

The first day was a little awkward. In a small town like this, everyone knows everyone's business, for better or worse. Lance was with Billy at his locker when Rachel and Mike came by.

"Hey Lance. How are you holding up?" Rachel asked.

"Just fucking fine, thanks for asking," He snapped at her. Then reconsidered his tone. "I'm sorry, Rachel. It's tough right now but I'm staying with Billy and he will help me get through this."

"We're so glad you two got back together. I don't know how you would handle this if you were alone," Mike added.

"If there is anything I can do to help if Billy isn't around, just say the word," Rachel offered.

"Anything? How about a quick roll in the hay?" Lance joked.

"You'd get seasick rolling around trying to figure out what to do with me," Rachel shot back.

"I could always come along and coach him, or fill in for him if I had to," Mike giggled.

"Horndogs, each and every one of you boys," Rachel said shaking her head. "I've got to go to class. See you at lunch."

"Rachel," Lance said before she walked off, "Thanks. You too Mike. Seriously"

They both nodded, Rachel came back for a hug and they left for class.

"Well, here goes nothing," Lance said as he and Billy headed to math class.

In the halls and in the classroom, students would pass Lance and give him a smile and a small wave or a quiet subdued hello. It was a way of acknowledging his situation without making a big deal of it.

There was a steady parade of students coming by Lance's table at lunch, slowing down to say hello and then moving on without stopping for a conversation. Mr. Peckham, the science teacher came by and squeezed Lance's shoulder.

"You're a strong young man. Make sure you stay strong for your mother's sake."

"Yes, sir, thank you sir, I will."

The next day was better and by the third day, everything at school was back to normal as far as the students were concerned, yet Lance was visibly on edge.

"What's up, Lance," Billy asked, "You seem upset about something."

"Today is the third day, remember? I can go and visit my Mother in jail. Damn, that sounds so fucking horrible. 'in jail'. I don't think it will sound any better no matter how many times I say it. 'in jail.'

"Then don't say it. When my Father gets home from work he is going to take you to see her. I'm sure she'll be glad to see you."

"Will you come with me? Please?"

"I can go with you in the car, but being an unrelated minor, I don't think they'll let me in."

"As long as you're with me in the car, that will help."

When they got home from school, Billy's Mother was there to meet them.

"I make some cookies if you boys are hungry."

"Thanks, but I'm not hungry right now. What time will Mr Murdock get home from work?" Lance asked.

"He is usually home by 6:00 but I know he is trying to get home earlier tonight.

Lance was pacing around the house, checking the time every five minutes.

"Hey Lance, can you come help me pick up the branches and twigs that are on the lawn from the last storm?"

"Can't you do that yourself? They're not that big."

"Sure, I can, but I'd rather have you with me."

They went to the backyard and started picking up branches, Billy trying to engage Lance in small talk. Finally Lance loosened up and engaged Billy in the conversation.

"This really helped. Thanks for getting my mind of my Mother."

"Thanks for the help and the chat. I thought a diversion would be good for you."

"How did you get so damn smart all of a sudden?"

"I've been hanging around with this really smart guy lately and he has taught me a lot."

"Yeah, like how to make out, suck cock and fuck ass!" Lance said laughing.

"That too."

Billy's Mom called them to come in the house. Paul was home from work and just had to change his clothes and was ready to go see Margo. He suggested Billy's Mom come along and go in with Lance. He would wait in the car with Billy.

They got to the jail and all four of them went to the check in desk for visitors. They were told that Lance and Billy could both go in, as long as they were accompanied by an adult. He and Paul opted to wait in the car.

Lance and Billy's Mom were escorted to the visitor's area, a large room with tables and chairs, not at all like Lance pictured it. He had seen TV shows where the prisoner was on the other side of a glass wall and they had to talk with telephones. This setting calmed his nerves somewhat. But then his anxiety level rose again. Would they bring his mother out in an ugly orange jump suit with her in handcuffs and leg shackles? Did they shave her head? Did the other prisoners cover her with gang tattoos so they would know her gang affiliation? Would she be bruised and beaten as a prison initiation?

Lance started to sweat and wiggle in his seat. This was a bad idea. He should just wait until his Mother comes home. He looked toward the door they came in through and saw an imposing guard. He momentarily contemplated rushing the door to get out of there but realized the guard could stop him with one hand tied behind his back. And then what? Would he be sent to juvenile detention as an escapee from prison?

His stomach was flip-flopping with anxiety, not knowing what he should do. Billy's Mom sensed Lance's nervousness and griped his hand tightly, giving him a sympathetic smile. Just then the door on the other opened and Lance's Mother was escorted in. All at once his mood changed. His mother was wearing a light blue jump suit, standard clothing for the women. There no handcuffs or leg irons. She still had all her hair and there were no visible tattoos or bruises. Lance's fears were all unfounded. His Mother was escorted to the table to sit down. She was smiling and so happy to see Lance.

"Lance, I'm so glad you could come. I know this is difficult for you being here but I've been looking forward to seeing you."

"Same with me, Mother. I don't care what the surroundings are, as long as you and I are together."

Margo turned to Billy's Mother.

"Thank you for bringing Lance. You and Paul have been so helpful to me lately dealing with everything. I don't know how I'm ever going to repay you."

"Just know that Lance is in good hands and we are all anxiously waiting for you to come home."

The three of them talked for almost an hour, although it seemed like only a few minutes. Margo was holding Lance's hand but the guard just nodded to her with a smile. Contact between a prisoner and a visitor is forbidden. The visitation period was up so they had to leave. They all stood up and Margo pulled Lance in for a hug. The guard turned his head and pretended to be looking elsewhere.

Back in the car, Lance snuggled up to Billy in the back seat.

"Thank you all for bringing me to see my Mother. I feel better knowing she is okay."

"She a tough woman, Lance. She'll get by and come out a better person. I think this will be the shock that helps her keep her resolve to quit drinking," Paul said.

"I hope you're right," Lance answered with his head on Billy's shoulder.

It was past their normal suppertime so Paul stopped at the burger joint to get something to eat. Lance hadn't eaten too much in the past few days but his appetite had returned. He ate two burgers, a large fry and got a refill on his large soda. Billy and his parents smiled at each other watching Lance pack away his food.

They got home and Paul suggested the boys shower before bed.

"You might want to keep a close eye on Lance. He's mood seems better but it can change in an instant," Paul told Billy.

The boys got to Bill's bedroom and stripped down to their underwear.

"So you want to shower together?" Billy asked with a grin.

"I do, but this might seem weird and I hope you don't get upset."

"Nothing you could say would upset me. What is it?

"I want you to be with me in the shower but I don't want to mess around, no sex. Okay?

"Of course. We can wash each other and then go to bed. You've had a long day."

"Thanks for understanding."

The boys got in the shower and washed each other, each avoiding each other's cocks, although both were chubbed up somewhat. They dried off and went back to Billy's room. They climbed into bed and wrapped their arms around each other. A gentle kiss and Lance let out an audible sigh.

"Thank you so much for being with me through all this. If I didn't have you I don't know how I would have made it."

"That's what lovers do. They stand by each other. Now shut up and go to sleep," Billy joked.

Another gentle kiss and sleep came quickly.

The next two weeks went back quickly. Lance and one of Billy's parents would visit Margo two or three times during the week as time would allow. Billy stayed home, not wanting to intrude on Lance's time with his mother. In spite of the situation, Lance was in good spirits.

On Monday of the third week the boys only had a half-day of school. Lance wanted to stop at his house and get a change of clothes. Billy's Mom had been doing his laundry regularly but he wanted some different clothes. Lance opened the kitchen door, locking it behind him, and the boys headed up to Lance's room. Lance made a pile of clothes on the bed and looked at Billy.

"This bed seems awful lonesome. Want to join me on it?" he said to Billy with a smirk.

The boys hugged and began kissing passionately. It had been a while since they had any alone time and both boys were hyper horny. Lance was starting to remove Billy's shirt when they heard the kitchen door open and then shut.

"I thought you locked it when we came in?" Billy asked as he buttoned his shirt.

"I did. Someone must have broken in knowing the house was empty. I'll go check it out, you go to my Mother's bedroom and use the phone to call the police."

"Why don't you wait here until the cops get here?" Billy asked nervously.

"I just want to see who it is. I'm not going to confront them. Go call.'

Lance quietly snuck downstairs and headed towards the kitchen. He got as far as the living room when he saw his father.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" he shouted.

His father turned, totally surprised that someone was in the house.

"Me? What about you? Aren't you supposed to be in school?" his father yelled back.

"Never mind me, you get the hell out of our house, NOW. Your trespassing and the cops are on their way."

"It's my house too so they can't do shit."

"It's not your house. It's Mother house since the divorce and you're not allowed to be here. Go back to your whore."

Jack lunged at Lance with his arm raised up. Lance knew what was coming and ducked just in time. But Jack swung around just as quick and grabbed Lance by the throat.'

"I've warned you about that kind of talk," bringing his open hand across Lance's face with a hard slap. "I'll teach you some manners, one way or another."

Billy heard the commotion and came down stairs and stood at the edge of the living room, out of Jack's sight. Lance looked at with and shook his head for Billy not to get involved.

Just then a cop came in the kitchen door. Billy saw him and pointed to Jack holding Lance by the throat.

"Jack, what the hell are you doing?" the cop asked.

"Teaching this little faggot some manners. You go wait outside," Jack growled through his teeth.

"You know I can't do that. I heard the address on the radio call and came right here. Anther car will be here soon. Let him go."

Lance figured out that his father and this cop knew each other. If anything happened, the cop would back up Jack. Lance thought quickly and knew how to push Jack's buttons.

"He won't let go until he gets what he came for, isn't that right my loving daddy dear. You see officer, he isn't getting enough at home so he came to get a blowjob from his homo son. Or maybe this time he wants to shove his tiny cock up my ass and fuck me hard until he comes. He is such an expert ass fucker," Lance started in.

Jack pulled his other arm back, made a fist and punched Lance square in the face, knocking him to the ground.

"JACK, for Chris t sake, enough!" the cop yelled.

Billy saw another cop coming through the kitchen and hoped he would stop what was going on. Lance lay on the floor, his lips swollen and bleeding.

"Get up, you little pussy and get what's coming to you," Jack yelled.

"Jack, STOP! I perjured myself for you to get your wife thrown in jail but there's no way I can cover this up. Another cop is going to be here any minute. You get out of here and go back to Winnsboro. I'll say he was beat up by an unknown intruder."

The other cop heard everything that the first cop had said.

"Officer Franklin, put that man in handcuffs and get back to the station. I'll deal with you later." The second cop happened to be the command sergeant on duty. He responded to the call and was surprised to find another officer was there already.

As the sergeant was checking the cuffs, he asked Lance if he was all right or did he need medical attention.

"No, I'm fine," he said, rubbing his jaw. " Did you hear what he said? He lied about my Mother's arrest. You've got to do something to get her out of jail!"

Billy came running over to help Lance to his feet.

"I'm placing you under arrest for child abuse and breaking and entering," the cop told Jack. He looked at Lance, "You're lucky I came along when I did."

"No, he's lucky If you hadn't gotten here when you did, I might have done this," as Lance hauled back his leg and kicked Jack square in the balls. Jack doubled over in agony.

"Yes, it's a good thing I got here before you had a chance to do that," the cop said with a smile.

"What about him? Arrest him too. He assaulted me. You saw that. Put him in cuffs!" Jack said between gritted teeth still trying to get his breath.

The cop looked at Billy,

"Did you see anything, son?"

"No sir, just that scum bag that left just now," pointing to the kitchen door

"I didn't see anything either. Don't you worry about him. I'll deal with him. I doubt you'll see him carrying a badge much longer. By the way, what are you boys doing here?"

Lance explained the whole story to him and gave him Billy's parent's information in case he had any questions. The cop left, dragging a slumped over Jack with him.

"You just never know when to shut you mouth, do you?" Billy said, shaking his head.

"I thought you liked it when my mouth was open?"

"Only if my cock is going in it, not someone's fist. Let's get you cleaned up and get your clothes. This house is bad luck for us."

"Not really. It got Jack arrested and maybe my Mother out of jail."

"It certainly is bad luck for us. Every time we try to have sex here, something happens."

The boys got home and filled in Billy's parents on what had happened.

"Are you okay, Lance?" Paul asked.

"I feel fine. A little sore but feeling great knowing my Mother might be coming home tomorrow."

"Don't get your hopes up. The wheels of justice move very slowly."

"Yes sir. I have faith that innocence will prevail."

Billy's Mom made soup and sandwiches for supper. She thought it would be easier to eat with a sore jaw. The boys were ready to go up stairs when Lance got a call from his Mother's lawyer.

"What the hell happened at your Mother's house today? I got a call from the court that your Mother was being released tomorrow pending an investigation into her traffic stop and conviction. The officer who stopped her has been suspended without pay pending the outcome. I heard that he might be charged in connection with all this."

Lance filled him in on the details of the afternoon.

"Shit, you're one ballsy son of a bitch, pardon my language. You goaded your father knowing he would explode. How is your jaw?"

"Considering the outcome, it feels great! Will my Mother be coming home tomorrow?"

"I'll call the court and the jail first thing in the morning and find out. I'll let you know as soon as I know."

Lance hung up and turned to Paul,

"You see, you just have to have faith."

The boys headed up stairs to get ready for bed. Billy's parents were still up so the boys took individual showers. They climbed into bed without bothering to put any clothes on. As they snuggled, their cocks chubbed up.

"You know Lance, this is probably the last night we will be able to sleep together. You'll be back at your own house tomorrow night."

"We'll still have sleep overs on weekends."

"Let's make tonight special."

"And how would you like to make it special? My jaw is still too sore to suck you."

"You have another hole I enjoy, too. First, I'll fuck you and you try not to cum and then you fuck me. How does that sound?"

"Sounds perfect. Maybe by morning my jaw will feel better and I can suck your morning boner."

The boys enjoyed their last night together, taking full advantage of sharing a bed and each other's bodies. They slept soundly that night, Lance anxious to see what tomorrow would bring.

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