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Boarding with Friends

by Jonathan Perkins

Chapter 12

Lance was awake at the first light. He knew it was too early to get up but he was so anxious about his Mother, there was no way he could go back to sleep. He thought about returning Billy's favor the other morning and giving him a wake up blowjob. But he knew he wouldn't be able to keep his mind on what he was doing. Lance was rolling from side to side, eventually waking Billy.

"Good morning, lover," Billy grinned.

"Good morning yourself."

"It's early and we have time to screw around a little. It will take you mind of yourß Mother," Billy offered as he reached out to give Lance's morning boner a squeeze.

"It's just a piss hardon, it will go away after I hit the bathroom. Take a rain check?"

"Guess I'll have to. No fun playing with a limp dick."

Lance got up to go to the bathroom and passed Paul in the hallway.

"You're up early, Lance."

"I couldn't sleep. You're up early as well."

"This time of year I'm usually up before the sun rises but I took the day off today to go to court with you. Gave me a chance to sleep in actually," he laughed.

Everyone was gathered around the table for breakfast when the phone rang. Lance sprung up to answer it but Paul motioned him back to his seat.

"Yes, this is Paul Murdock. Yes, Lance is here with us. We'll be accompanying him to court today. Sure, that is no problem. We'll see you at nine," was Paul's side of the conversation.

"That was the sergeant from last night. Your father is going to be arraigned this morning at 10:00. He wants to meet with you before that to have you sign a statement concerning last night. I told him we would be there. Testimony about your Mother's traffic stop will be entered into evidence so that can be presented at your Mother's hearing at 1:00."

"That's fine, anything to get my Mother and Father to switch place. Her set free and him locked up."

"I'm going to call your Mother's lawyer and let him know. I'm sure he'll want to be there for you."

Everyone showed up at the courthouse at 9:00. Lance met the lawyer and they all went to meet with the sergeant. Lance filled out the witness statement, had the lawyer read it over and handed it to the sergeant.

"Thank you, Lance. Judge Morton will be anxious to read this. The other officer who was there last night is also going to be in court this morning. Base on my testimony on what I hear as well as your statement, he will be suspended pending an investigation and potential charges of perjury."

At 10:00 the first hearing was held. Jack was led in with handcuffs on his wrists. Lance really wanted to see him in leg irons as well.

"Mr. Habershaw, I'm getting tired of seeing you in my courtroom. I've read the allegations against you and reviewed the witness statements. Do you have any thing to say?"

"Yeah, I've got plenty to say. That little queer son of a bitch goaded me into hitting him. And that cop's story about me asking him to pull over my wife on trumped up charges is total bullshit."

The judge slammed his gavel.

"That will a $100 contempt of court for using profanity in my courtroom! Keep it up if you like, the county can use the money."

Jack turned red in the face and turned to say something to his lawyer. When he did, he caught sight of Lance in the first row of the visitors section.. Lance looked at him and smiled, then holding his hand up to his mouth and stroking it back and forth like he was giving a blowjob. Jack lost it again and jumped up to go after Lance.

"Bailiff, restraint that man! Use as much force as you deem necessary."

The bailiff grabbed Jack by the shoulders and pushed him back down into his chair. Jack's lawyer just put his head down and shook his head. Lance's lawyer looked at Lance and tried hard to contain a giggle.

"Mr. Habershaw, I can see by your total lack of self control that you would be a danger to your son and anyone else who upsets you. Therefore, I am finding you guilty of assault on a minor and child abuse. I sentence you to five years in the county prison, with three years to serve. I suggest you get together with your lawyer and facilitate the transfer of assets and property titles if necessary to fund your divorce settlement. This case is closed," the judge said as he slammed his gavel.

Jack was taken from the courtroom to be transferred to jail. Lance's lawyer approached him and Billy's parents.

"Lance, remind me to never go up against you in court. You're a formidable adversary," the lawyer said as he shook Lance's hand.

"Who, me? I was just an innocent bystander. Jack did that all to himself," Lance replied with a smirk.

The lawyer took them all to lunch at a diner across the street from the courthouse. They were back before 1:00 for Margo's hearing. The judge entered the courtroom promptly at 1:00.

"Bailiff, please bring Mrs. Habershaw in."

Billy's Mother came in dressed in her regular clothes without handcuffs. This was a good sign. She took a seat next to her lawyer.

"Mrs. Habershaw, there has been a new development in your case, which I'm sure your lawyer had told you about. The officer who arrested you perjured himself and testified in court as to the facts of the case. Facts that were not true. He has confessed to his actions and had been placed on suspension, pending an investigation and further punishment. The charges against you have been dropped and your record will be expunged. You are free to go."

Lance jumped up and ran from the visitor's section to hug his Mother. The judge banged his gavel.

"Order in my court," he shouted.

Everyone stood quietly.

"Mrs. Habershaw, you have quite a remarkable son there. I trust that you will seek counseling and be able to control your drinking, for your sake and well as your son's."

"Yes, your Honor, I have already made arrangements to meet with a recovery group and get the help I need."

"I sure young Lance will be by your side as well." Looking at Lance, "You mind your Mother. She is your responsibility now that your father is no longer in the picture, thanks to all parties concerned."

The judge put his hand to his mouth and coughed, making the same blowjob gesture that Lance had given his father, using his cough to not make it obvious. He winked at Lance and banged his gavel again.

"You're all dismissed and I don't want to see any of you in my courtroom again. Unless of course, Mrs. Bradshaw, you choose to sue the police department, the officer involved and the town for false arrest."

"No, your Honor. I just want to go home and put this nightmare behind me."

The judge nodded and smiled.

They left the courthouse and gave Margo a ride back to her house.

"I don't know how I can ever thank you," she said to Billy's parents. "It seems like I've said that before. I hope you're keeping score."

"We are," Paul said, " Friendship 1, payback 0"

Margo smiled, started to tear up and hugged both of them.

"And you, Lance, how the hell did you get so grown up and so savvy. I understand you were, shall we say, instrumental in Jack being put away?"

"No, Mommy dearest, I was just a poor innocent child at the mercy of a monster.," Lance replied putting a crooked finger in the corner of this mouth.

"We're going to run along and leave you two alone. Coming Billy?"

"Yeah. Lance call me later when you get a chance."

"Of course."

"I'm going to take nice hot shower all by myself with no one watching over me," Margo announced.

"It's more fun with company," Lance said quietly to Billy. Unfortunately not quiet enough.

Everyone got a good laugh as they left.

Life got back to normal as the week progressed. Margo told Lance she was going to her book club meetings on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Lance gave her a worried look. She then told him that she was going to an AA meeting right after book club so there is no way she would be tempted to have a drink. Both of those book club meetings had also pledged to be alcohol free as well.

"Do you know what that means, Lance?"

"Of course, you're taking this recovery program seriously."

"Yes, that, and I'll be out of the house for at least three hours on Tuesday and Thursday. Do you think you'll be okay staying here all by yourself, or would you feel better if Billy came over to baby sit for you?" Margo asked with a smirk.

"Oh, Mommy dearest, do you think you could convince Billy to so that for me?"

"I'll do my best."

So for the foreseeable future, Tuesdays and Thursdays were book club and Alcoholics Anonymous for Margo and pure unadulterated debauchery and new heights in orgasmic pleasure for Lance and Billy.


Lance and Billy enjoyed the most wonderful high school experience anyone could have asked for. They were the couple to be seen and seen with. Lance was voted the King of his senior prom and as a joke that took on a life of it's own, Billy was voted prom Queen. Even the girls voted for him, his so-called campaign spear headed by Rachel.


Jack finally came through with his half of the divorce settlement. He had to sell of some of his properties he had transferred in his girl friend's name. She used the legal release he signed to allow the sale of some of the properties to apply it to the rest of their holdings, selling them at way below market value for a quick cash sale. Rumor has it she wire transferred most of the cash to an account she had opened in the Cayman Islands, then bought a one way ticket to Barbados. No one knows for sure, but Jack my have indeed ended up living in a trailer park in Colonias all by himself.


Billy's parents would invite Lance and Margo to their house for supper and for cookouts frequently. At one of the cookouts, Paul introduced Margo to Hank, a fellow worker at the rubbish plant. Hank was a mechanic who had lost his wife to cancer a few years ago. He and Margo hit it off and started seeing one another.

They had been dating for a year when they decided to take their relationship to the next level.

"Lance, I have to ask you a question," Margo approached Lance when he got home from school one afternoon.

"Sure, Mother, what is it?"

"Hank and I have been dating for a while now. He and I are falling in love."

"That's great, Mother, I'm happy for you. I think he is a great guy. So what is your question?""

"I want to ask him to spend the night this Saturday and I wanted to make sure you are okay with that."

"No problem, I can spend the night at Billy's."

"You don't have to leave. This is your home too and I wanted to make sure you don't have a problem with he sleeping over"

"I don't have a problem with it, I just don't want to be across the hall while the two of you have sex, which I sure will happen."

"You didn't have an issue when your father and I made love."

"That's different. You were married then."

"So you don't want unmarried people to be having sex in the house?"

"I don't want to come out of my room and see Hank walking out of your room on his way to the bathroom in his boxers, or worse, naked."

"So I guess it's different for you and Billy being naked in the hot tub?"

"You have the decency to go to your meetings so we won't embarrass you. Remember?"

"Fair enough. What about if we should decide to get married? Then what?"

"Then he is now your husband and related to me so I guess I'd have to get used to it. Are you planning on getting married?"

"How the hell do I know. One step at a time, just like my recovery, one day at a time."

Lance and his mother hugged.

After two years of dating, they finally set a date to get married, a week after Lance and Billy graduated high school. Lance was so happy that his mother had found a good man to take as her husband. Lance also felt a sense of relief that there was now someone else to look after his mother and give her the emotional support she needed while he was away at college. A year later Margo gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. She vowed not the make the same mistakes she had made raising Lance wanting to give them her full attention. The twins grew up in a loving and nurturing family environment. Lance would enjoy spending time with them, as would 'Uncle' Billy.


Rachel and Mike started dating after graduating high school. Six months later they tied the knot. It was said strains of the 'Hallelujah Chorus' could be heard wafting over the skies in Texas on their wedding night when Rachel finally gave her virginity to Mike, fulfilling a promise she made to herself years ago. Rachel got a job as a secretary at the local insurance agency and Mike got a job with a contractor building new houses. Rachel ended up being more than just a secretary and as the office manager was basically running the agency. The owner raised her salary considerably and he semi retired. He offered to sell her the agency but she was happier just managing and had no interest in being the owner. Two years later the owner had found a buyer and offered Rachel one more chance to buy it before he sold it to someone else. The owner told her that the new buyer may not keep her on and might bring in his own people. That was fine with her because she and Mike were talking about starting a family. She got a huge severance package and came home to be a happy mother and housewife. Mike was now running his own crew and the loss of her income would not be a problem. They eventually had three children and lived a typical quiet life in the town where they grew up.


Billy's parents both worked until they turned 60 and then took early retirement. They sold their house and bought a mid sized motor home to traveled around the county, returning home several times a year to visit the boys. Once or twice a year the boys would fly out to where the parents were and visit different locations around the country with them.


Lance and Billy's love became stronger with each passing year. In high school they became as popular as Lance was before he and Billy became lovers. Their senior year became a competition to see which one of them would be tops in their class. Lance would deny it to his dying bed that he tanked a final exam on purpose to let Billy be the valedictorian instead of himself. The exam he flunked… math, Billy's best subject. Lance kidding claimed he flunked because Billy didn't tutor him beforehand.

Both boys were headed off to college together. Billy received several scholarships and was able to attend Southern Methodist University to study mathematics, specializing in accounting. Lance went to SMU as well, studying law, specializing in divorce law. They were able to request being roommates in the dorm, a request that was happily granted. Lance's Mother's divorce had a big impact on the boys and helped forge their future. Billy eventually became a forensic accountant and would occasionally work on cases with Lance. Lance worked primarily with women who were trying to get out of bad marriages. They moved to Dallas and set up their offices in the same building. They discussed adopting a child but decided against doing that. Again, Lance's childhood with his father being more concerned about business than his family, played a big part in their decision. They knew they had each other and that was enough for them. It wasn't until many years later that Texas legalized gay marriage that they were able to tie the knot.

They were the first in the state to apply for a marriage license. As the civil ceremony was about to start, Lance whispered to Billy,

"Are you sure you want to get married?" Lance joked. "It might not work out, you know."

"No worries. I know a damn good divorce lawyer."

They never needed the services of that divorce lawyer

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