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The Bus Station

by Jonathan Perkins

Chapter 9

After not being able to get to sleep, Drew went and knocked on his mother's bedroom door.

"Mom, I really screwed up," he began. He told her what he had done and needed her advice. "I want to explain it to JR and try to make it right with him, but I have no way of reaching him until he returns."

"You said he was going to be in court tomorrow morning?" she asked.

"Yes, some sort of hearing to determine that he really is who he says he is and the sole heir to the estate. It's also to determine if his cousin has any legal standing to contest the will," Drew confirmed.

"You better get some sleep, Drew, its' a long drive to Denver," she advised him.

"What do you mean?"

"You and I are going to drive up to that court house tomorrow morning and be there for JR. We can testify that he is who he says he is, not that I know how much weight that will carry with the court. But we can give him some moral support anyway."

"Mom, you're the best," bending down and giving her a hug.

Elaine woke Drew at 4:00 the next morning. They got ready and had a quick breakfast, packing some snacks for the trip. As they drove off, Drew pulled a folded up paper from his pocket.

"I'm not sure if this will help, but I figure it couldn't hurt. It has his name and picture on it."

Drew showed the wanted poster the private detectives had handed him when they first came around looking for JR.

"Where did you get that?"

"I didn't want to hang it up when they gave it to me so I folded it up and put it in my pocket. That night I put it in my sock draw. I just wanted to keep his picture in case he ran off and I didn't see him again," Drew explained as he looked longingly at JR's face on the poster.

"It's a good thing you did. That will definitely prove who he is and that his father knew he had a son," she told him.

They arrived at the courthouse in Denver at mid morning. They asked where they could find the probate judge's office and headed there to find JR. As they came up the stairs to the second floor they heard JR's name being called by the court officer. Drew ran towards the voice and saw JR and his lawyer about to enter the office door.

"JR!" Drew hollered.

JR stopped in his tracks and looked back at Drew. He smiled from ear to ear and ran towards him.

"What the hell are you doing here? How did you get here? I thought you were going to the game with Bernie?" JR said as he fired off questions faster than Drew could answer them.

"Mom drove here, she's right behind me. We just had to come and see if we could help somehow. I brought the wanted poster that has your picture on it," he said as he handed it to the JR who handed it to Attorney Cunningham, his lawyer.

"This will certainly help establish his identity. Thank you," the lawyer told Drew.

Just then Elaine caught up with them.

"I can testify that I spoke with Drew father shortly after he arrived at our bus station and the cruel words he had for his son. He knew he was alive and well." she told the lawyer.

"We better hurry and get in the court room. This Judge Marcome doesn't like to be kept waiting."

The lawyer ushered them in and closed the door behind him. JR looked over and saw his cousin sitting at the table on the left with her lawyer, both expressionless. The judge called the hearing to order and read the docket. He looked up and asked if all parties were ready. Then he looked at Drew and his mother and asked who there were. The lawyer was about to introduce them when Elaine cut him off.

"Elaine Sampson, your Honor and my son Drew Sampson, here to testify on behalf of Miles Danforth in the matter of confirming his identity," she spoke out loudly and clearly.

"Well, Elaine Sampson, you certainly are a very forward lady. Are you a member of the bar?" the judge asked.

"No sir, your Honor, just someone with a very personal interest in this young man," she replied.

"And would that interest be in sharing in his inheritance?" the judge inquired as he looked over his glasses.

"I have no interest in his money or his assets, only in his well being."

"Exactly what is your relationship with this young man?"

"He was a runaway who befriended my son Drew," pointing to Drew who waved sheepishly at the judge. "When I found he was sleeping in a storage room in my bus station I welcomed him into our house and made a call to his father to let him know that his son was alive and well. His father's response to me was rude and profanity laden. His only concern in getting his son back was to have him sent to a year round boarding school where he wouldn't have to deal with him anymore. He blamed JR, sorry your Honor, Miles for the death of his wife in childbirth and hated the boy ever since. In the short few months he has lived with us he has proven to be a wonderful person, courteous, kind and helpful. Now that he is an orphan, we will be positioning the court to adopt him, with the caveat that his money is his and his alone."

"A very interesting tale, Mrs. Simpson," the judge shook his head. Looking at the lawyer, "Well counselor, do you have anything to add to earn your fee here today?"

"Yes, your Honor, I want to submit financial and attendance records of the private school that Miles was at prior to his running away. I have affidavits for the employees who attended to Mr Danforth's home that this young man is in fact who he says he is."

The lawyer stepped forward to hand the judge the papers he had in his hand.

"I have something too," Drew said as he stepped forward to hand the wanted poster to the judge.

"And you must be Drew I presume," the judge said. "Just as forward and outspoken as your mother I see."

"Yes your Honor, thank you sir," Drew politely replied, taking the comment as a compliment.

The judge jerked his head up from the papers and looked at Drew, trying not to smirk.

"A wanted poster? Has Miles committed a crime?" the judge asked in astonishment.

"His only crime was putting up with an overbearing and unloving father for 14 years until he was threatened with being sent away like an criminal. That poster was given to me by a couple of goon private detectives who came looking for him," Drew spoke out angrily.

JR was just standing there in astonishment looking at Drew and then his mother. He had felt so dejected the night before that he was ready to leave them behind. Instead of abandoning him, they both traveled four hours to be with him. And the tongue-lashing she was giving the judge. The lawyer was looking very nervous about how the judge would take their strong testimony but JR was delighted, a smile that would light up the room if this were nighttime.

"Well Drew, you seem very passionate about this young man," the judge concluded.

"Here's a friend, your Honor, a damn good one."

"Drew Sampson, watch your language. You'll show some respect in this court room!" his mouth admonished him.

"Yes, mother, I'm sorry. Sorry your Honor. JR told me I was the first real friend he has ever had and friends stand by one another and don't desert them when they're in need," Drew went on.

"I think we have established that this young man before is in fact Mile Danforth, son of Reginald Danforth. Now we come to the second matter on the docket, the claim of Molly Fletcher to be the heir to Mr Danforth's estate.

Suddenly JR tugged on the lawyer's arm and whispered something into his ear.

"Your Honor, could we have a minute to confer with opposing counsel?" JR's lawyer asked.

"Yes, but make it quick."

Attorney Cunningham walked over to talk with the lawyer for JR's cousin and after a quick exchange, her lawyer bend over and whispered something to her. She smiled and nodded her head. Both lawyers shook hands and JR's lawyer came back to stand next to JR.

"Your Honor, as Miles has been identified as the son of Mr. Danforth and the direct descendant who should rightfully inherit his entire estate, my client has offered a one time payment of $50,000 Miss Fletcher to withdraw her claim. She has agreed to accept this settlement and not seek any further share of the estate."

The judge twisted his head to the side, looked at JR and then to Molly.

"Is this true, Miss Fletcher, you would dismiss the claim before the court today?"

"Yah, judge, I'll take the money," she replied in her usual classless manner.

"That was a very generous offer, young man. I can see why you garner the loyalty of those you get close to. So as not to delay this any longer, I declare these matters resolved and rule the estate of Reginald Danforth to be released from probate and turned over to Miles Danforth in it's entirety."

"Thank you, your Honor," JR's lawyer said.

"Now," Judge Marcome said pointing the handle of his gavel at JR, "you are about to become a very rich young man. The bulk of the estate is held in trusts of one fashion or another, but your father was the sole trustee and had complete discretion over the control of them. You are still a minor and as such cannot legally be in control of those trusts. I have to appoint a senior trustee and you will be the second trustee so that you can assume control when you reach twenty-one. Would you like me to appoint Mrs. Sampson as the primary trustee for you?"

"Your Honor, if I may," Elaine stood up and spoke.

"You're going to anyway so please, say your piece," the judge laughed quietly.

"As much as I appreciate your trust in me to watch over JR's affairs, I wouldn't have the slightest idea how to properly do the job. As I stated earlier, I am not here because of his money. I would like you to consider someone more capable of seeing to his best interests."

"I would expect no less of an honest declaration from you, Mrs. Simpson. Until we can find someone suitable to your liking, Miles I will appoint your lawyer for the primary trustee for the time being. If you want to change it, please don't hesitate to contact my clerk and make an appointment to some before me. If there is ever anything else I can do for you or the Sampson's, you come see me and I'll personally offer my assistance." Hitting the bench with his gavel, " Court is adjourned."

There were handshakes and hugs all around. When they were back outside in the hall, JR's lawyer thanked Elaine and Drew from showing up.

"I've been before this judge before and he can be a real hard ass, pardon my language, but you had him eating out of your hand, Mrs. Simpson," the lawyer told them.

"He's may be a judge," JR jumped in, "but she is the toughest lady this side of the Mississippi River."

"Oh, go on, the two of you. I just said my piece, that's all," she replied humbly. JR, we can give you a ride back home if you're done here."

"Actually, I have scheduled a meeting with the board of directors of Mr. Danforth's company so we could all get aquatinted. I felt it was premature until we had the judge's ruling but they were very anxious to meet JR. They have concerns about the future of the company as I'm sure you can understand."

"That's fine. We'll see you when you back home, JR," Elaine told him, giving him a hug and a kiss on the forehead. "Congratulations."

"It will be late when we are finished so I have reserved the hotel room for another night. I have the car service bring him back in the morning," the lawyer explained.

"If I have to stay another night, can Drew stay too? It's awfully lonesome in that big room all by myself. That is, if you want to stay, Drew?" JR pleaded with Elaine.

"Hell yes! Can I mom? You said we had to come and give JR some moral support so we can't leave him alone tonight. He might get scared," Drew threw in for good measure.

"The only one scared about JR and you staying tonight would be the city of Denver" she laughed. " See you two in the morning" as she hugged Drew and kissed him on the cheek.

Elaine and the lawyer walked towards the stairway as they chatted. JR and Drew smirked and gave a quick hug.

"The two of us all lone in a big hotel room? Whatever will we do all night?" JR said teasingly.

"I can think of a few things. No, actually a lot of things but none of them include clothes," Drew raised his eyebrows and laughed.

"A total night of debauchery!" JR said, almost too loudly.

The lawyer took everyone to lunch and then headed over to the factory to meet with the board of directors. They were headed towards the meeting room when Drew asked where he could find a bathroom. He was in a stall sitting on the toilet when two men walked in. They took a quick look around and thought they were alone. As they stood at the urinals and pissed, one of them began talking.

"Phil, we aren't going to put up with another Danforth telling what to do every fucking minute of the day, are we?"

"Don't worry, John, he won't be here full time. He's still in school, where ever that is."

"But we had plans for this place now that the old bastard is dead."

"I know. We just have to do things a little differently. We'll make him a low-ball offer to buy him out. He's a kid what does he know about what this place is really worth."

"Suppose he doesn't go for it and instead goes on a power trip?"

"Like I say, he won't be around during the week. And if he is, he won't have any idea what we're up to. We'll run this place into the ground and then make another offer, pennies on the dollar just before it goes bankrupt."

"I should have know you'd have a plan, Phil."

"Let's go make friends with him so he won't suspect anything, John"

"That will be easy. We kissed ass with his old man long enough, this time it will be easy."

The two washed their hands and left. Drew finished and hurried out of the men's room to find JR and tell him what he overhead. He caught up with JR and the lawyer talking in the hallway outside the meeting room. Drew filled them in on his eavesdropping.

"That would be Phil Henson, the vice president and John Radcliffe, his senior assistant. I never trusted either one of them but they did kiss your father's ass enough for him to put up with them. They do know this business backwards and forwards and are valuable assets to the business, just not to be trusted any further than you can throw them," the lawyer informed the boys.

JR's brow wrinkled as he put his hand to his chin and was quiet for a few minutes.

"Mr. Cunningham, can you get some people together for me rather quickly," JR asked.

"I suppose so. Who do you have in mind?"

"I would like to have a security company on site before nightfall to secure the building and not let anyone enter until Monday morning."

"A security team? What the hell do you have in mind?"

"Protecting my inheritance and people's jobs. Then I want the best forensic accountant you can hire to be here Monday morning. I want to close the plant and give everyone two weeks off, with pay off course. I want the bookkeepers to stay and work with the accountant to go over the books and set a baseline for the company. Then look at past performance and potential performance going forward. Then I want to bring in a business consultant and get monthly reports on the company's health. I'm not going to let those sons of bitches get away with this."

JR's voice was getting lower and angrier with every sentence.

"And we must not let on that we know what they were talking about. This has to come off as totally proactive and not defensive. I have some other ideas for improvements but we have to start with this," JR finished.

"I will make a quick call to a security company that I trust. You go on in the room and I'll be in momentarily. Damn, you remind me of your father right now," he added.

JR flung his head around, "WHAT?"

"Oh gosh no, all in a good way. Take charge and meet your challenges head on. I'm going to like working with you." Turning to Drew, "I hope you know who you hooked up with here," pointing at JR.

"Yes, I do. The best god damn friend anyone could ask for," Drew replied.

"Hey asshole, that's my line," JR smirked and punch Drew in the shoulder.

The two went in the room and started shaking hands and getting aquatinted. The lawyer came in shortly and nodded his head to JR to let him know he had the security team all arranged. JR walked to the front of the room and stood at the podium.

"Thank you all for coming today. I have good news to share with you. We've just come from the courthouse and all the legalities have been settled and my father's estate had officially been transferred to me. I look forward to working with all of you as we move the company forward in new directions."

At that comment, Phil and John looked at each other and frowned. Their worst scenario was going to happen. They would get together tomorrow at Phil's house to make their plan.

"I have some ideas that I want to implement that will make this company a better place to work and a shiny example for Denver and all of Colorado. Profit sharing and results based pay reviews will be implemented within the next two weeks. To get everything put in place, I'm closing the factory for two weeks, starting this coming Monday. All employees will be paid so no one will lose out. Two weeks from today I want to hold another board meeting to go over all the changes that will be coming and get new ideas from all of you. In the meantime, if anyone has any questions, you can ask Attorney Cunningham, who you all know was my father's lawyer. He will be staying on to advise me and act as the trustee with legal authority over the company. Thank you all and have a great vacation," JR concluded.

As soon as he finished the room was abuzz. The board member crowded up front to greet him and ask questions. Drew and the lawyer stood to one side.

"Does he take a baseball bat and swing at bee's nests at home?" the lawyer asked with a chuckle.

"No, but he doesn't take any shit from anyone, big or small. Including me," Drew answered.

"This is going be a fun year. When I was done with the probate work I was thinking of dropping JR as a client. But I wouldn't want to miss this for all the tea in China," he laughed a hearty laugh.

Phil approached JR as the crowd thinned out.

"I'll see you in two weeks. I assume you're headed back to where ever you came from? Phil asked as he shook JR's hand.

"I came from here, remember?" JR answered curtly.

"No, I meant returning to school. You still in high school aren't you?" Phil tried to cover his contempt for JR.

"Yes, but I'm taking a few days off to get all the paperwork finished here before I head home," being careful not to indicate where home might be. "Enjoy your weekend and your time off."

"I'll be back on Monday to clear up some unfinished paperwork. As you say, the paperwork must be all in order," Phil said and then walked off to meet up with John,

The lawyer and Drew came over to JR.

"You saw that coming, didn't you. Phil was coming in Monday to 'clear up some paperwork'. Smart move with the security people," Drew remarked.

"Mr. Cunningham, please make sure the security people are vigilant that NO ONE gets on the property except you, Drew or myself. NO ONE! I'll be here Monday morning to address the employees and allow the book keeping personnel to enter."

"They have already been instructed that this place is to be locked down tight but I will make sure they understand there are to be no exceptions."

"Can I take you boys to supper? It's been a long day and a nice relaxing meal would be good right about now," the lawyer offered.

"Thank you but we'd just as soon get back to the hotel, take a shower and order room service. You're right it's been a long day so it will be an early night," JR begged off of going out.

The lawyer dropped them off at the Oxford Hotel, a historic five star hotel in downtown Denver. A door man opened the huge ten foot tall entrance doors, leading into the main lobby, Drew swiveling his head from side to side, taking in all the splendor and history. They walked up to the front desk and the clerk welcomed JR by name.

"Welcome back, Mr. Danforth. I see you have a companion with you this evening."

"This is my best friend in the whole world. This is Drew," JR announced.

"Pleased to make your acquaintance, Mr. Drew. Always a honor to host a friend of Mr. Danforth," as he nodded to Drew. He hit the bell on the counter and said in a loud and commanding voice, "Front! Take Mr. Danforth and Mr. Drew to their suite." He handed a bellboy a key on a large key fob attached. The bellboy bowed his head and motioned for us to follow him.

"Holy fuck, JR, are you a god damn king?" Drew whispered. "This place is a castle!"

"No, just a nice hotel, the best in Denver, hell, the best in all of Colorado. Stick with me and we go nothing but first class," JR joked.

Drew was in awe but also concerned he was way out of his league and wondered if he and JR were a good match after all.

The bellboy, an older man actually, unlocked the door and handed JR the key, bowed and walked back towards the elevator. JR walked in the room behind Drew and turned to lock the door. When he turned back around, Drew grabbed him and pulled him tight, mashing his mouth onto JR's. After several minutes of wet sloppy passionate kissing, JR pulled back and smiled.

"A little anxious are we?"

"You said you wanted to go to bed early so I didn't want to waste any time," Drew smirked.

"I said go to bed, I didn't say anything about going to sleep," JR answered. "Last one to get naked has to suck cock!"

Both boys stripped off their clothes as fast as they could, JR being the first one naked. He ran and jumped on the bed, flipped on his back with his stiffening cock sticking up from his body and his hands behind his head.

"Looks like I win," Drew stated as he climbed on the bed and got between JR's legs.

"I was the first one naked, so I won," JR insisted.

"Then how come I get the prize?" Drew said as he put his fingers around JR's cock and pulled it towards his mouth.

Drew extends his tongue and licks the tip of JR's boner, eliciting a quiet moan from JR. JR wiggles his hips from side to side in anticipation of being engulfed by Drew hungry mouth. Drew did not disappoint. He slowly slid his mouth down the length of JR's cock, letting as much saliva leak out the side of his mouth to lubricate the dry taunt skin. He went as deep as he could before his gag reflex kicked in, then he backed off just slightly. He held his mouth still and used his tongue to massage the head, occasionally getting the salty taste of precum. Still not moving his head, Drew took JR's ball sack in his hand and gently squeezed it, moving his balls around inside. He encircled his fingers at the base of the scrotum and gently pulled it tight, then releasing his grip. That hand worked its way down to reach JR's hole. The saliva that Drew was letting leak from his mouth had drooled down between JR's legs and was in just the right place for Drew to take advantage of it to lube JR's hole. JR moaned louder as Drew pressed a finger against his pucker, threatening to invade his most private place. JR pulsed his hole, welcoming, no, begging in it's own fashion to be penetrated. Again, Drew didn't disappoint. He pressed in as JR relaxed his ass to welcome the insertion. Once fully inside, Drew started to move his head up and down on JR's cock. The tongue massage, the bobbing head and the finger pressing inside him, JR was bucking and moaning loudly, getting closer and closer to his climax. Drew felt the sphincter muscle tighten around his finger and JR's cock swell up stiffer than before. It twitched and began to shoot spurt after spurt of creamy white cum into Drew's thirsty mouth and throat. Drew pulled his finger out but kept his mouth on JR's cock, still hard despite the bed shaking orgasm. He knew it would torture JR so he started to massage the sensitive head with his tongue. JR squirmed and begged him to pull off, trying to push Drew away. But Drew had his hands on JR's ass and was holding tight.

"Stop it, stop. You're fucking killing me," JR begged.

"I'm almost done," Drew mumbled with a mouthful of slimy cock.

"I don't care. I'm done, now let me go!" JR continued to beg.

Finally Drew relented and pulled his mouth off and rolled to his side.

"I just wanted to make sure I got it all," Drew laughed.

"After that shit, that's all you're going to get all weekend, you bastard," JR responded with a smirk.

"If that's all I'm going to get, then I might as well go back home," Drew teased as he started to get up.

JR grabbed him and pulled him back into bed.

"Sex or no sex, I need you here with me. I'm so glad you came." JR said seriously.

"You're the one who came, remember. It's my turn next."

"No, I'm serious. I was so lonely last night and afraid I was losing you to Bernie. I know you and he have a history together and are good friends."

"He and I are good friends and good friends are loyal to one another. I felt he needed me to be with him. But last night I felt like shit. Good friends need to be loyal but loyalty to someone you love comes before friends. That's why I had to be here with you today. And tomorrow. And Monday and however long you stay here."

JR let a tear roll down his cheek and pulled Drew tight to him.

"The hell with the money, the hell with the company. I have all I need and want right here in my arms," JR confessed.

"But if you didn't have all the money and the company, we wouldn't have this expensive hotel room to fuck around in all weekend," Drew laughed.

"I'd be happy lying next to you on a lumpy old cot in a storage room somewhere."

"That's place got burned up so I guess we'll make the best of this place," Drew joked. "I'm starving. Why don't you order room service while I go take a shower."

"I can help you shower if you'd like," JR offered.

"If you insist. Order the food and meet me in the shower."

The shower was huge, as was everything else about this room. Drew ran the water to set the temperature and stepped in just as JR entered the room.

"They said it would take about a half hour so we have plenty of time to wash up," JR reported.

JR and Drew turned around under the hot flowing water, feeling all the tension of the day leaving their muscles. Drew felt especially relaxed, having broken out in a nervous sweat numerous times during the day. Court had his nervous as did the meeting with the board of directors. He was definitely out of his league here. As nice as everything was, he was looking forward to be back home.

Drew grabbed the soap and began to lather JR's body, making sure to wash any residual cum off of his cock.

"Are you washing or jerking me?" JR asked.

"Mostly washing, with a little bit of jerking. I want to make sure it's good and clean for latter."

JR turned around, his cock stiffened up at the attention, so Drew could wash his back. Drew was just as thorough in washing JR's back, paying special attention to his ass crack. Of course that led to a finger being slipped in the pucker hole in front of him.

"Oh yeah, make sure that is good and clean too," JR moaned.

After a few more swipes, Drew declared,

"It's nice and clean, clean enough to fuck," he declared as he brought his soapy hard on up and pressed it against JR.

JR just purred and pushed his ass out to give Drew easier access. Drew pressed harder and the head of his cock slipped out of sight, going deep into the darkness of JR's bowels. He pushed harder, slowly but with determination, and was soon balls deep.

"I am so glad you came to be with me," JR whispered.

"This is where I belong. I've got your back and always will."

"You're also in my ass and hope that won't change either," JR said as he turned his head to get a kiss from Drew.

It didn't take long before Drew was increasing his speed and JR was panting and pushing back. Drew hadn't cum in a few days and had a large load saved up. He started pumping his cum into JR and kept pumping and pumping until he was wasted. He pulled his cock out, letting a torrent of cum flow out of JR's hole. JR turned his ass towards to flow of water and rinsed off.

"You finish washing and I'll meet you in bed," JR said.

JR had finished drying off and went out into the main room. He heard a gentle knock on the door, completely forgetting about room service. He grabbed a robe the hotel had supplied and opened the door, expecting to see the same grumpy old man from last night. Instead a tall hunk of a young man stood at the door with a tray of food. JR just stared at him as if in a trance.

"Is this Mr. Danforth's room?" the young man asked. "I have room service for him."

"Oh, ah, yes, I'm Mr. Danforth, well, JR actually, come in, please." JR stuttered.

"Thank you," as he walked past JR and put the food on the table in the middle of the room.

JR watched as he walked past, his bubble ass filling out his uniform pants nicely. He turned around and JR was staring at his package, a well-formed bulge in his crotch. JR's stare was interrupted when the young man asked if there was anything else he could do. JR's mind went into overdrive as he thought of a whole lot of things that this stud could do, none of them a part of his official duties.

"Ah, no, that's fine. Thank you."

Drew walked out of the bathroom, naked with his still stiff cock standing straight out in front of him as if guiding the way. He was drying his hair with a towel on his head such that it was blocking his view of the room.

"Damn, I'm starved. When the hell is that old man with the room service going to get here?"

"Drew, he is already here," JR laughed.

Drew pulled this towel from his head to see the young man staring at him, moving his eyes up and down the naked boy in front of him.

"Fuck, I'm sorry," Drew yelled out as he tried to cover himself. Trying to move the towel down to cover himself he dropped it on the floor.

"I'm not sorry," the young man snickered.

Bending over to pick up the towel, Drew managed to turn himself to give everyone a good clear view of his ass, his hole peeking between his cheeks.

"It just keeps getting better," the young man said.

"It sure does, doesn't it," JR giggled.

Realizing what he had said about the guest,

"Shit, did I say that out loud." His face turning red, he apologized profusely realizing he could loose his job over this. "Please, I beg of you, don't say anything to the desk clerk about my outbursts. I'll be fired for sure and I really need this job."

"Don't worry, we won't say anything. I thought it was funny," JR told him. "The old guy from last night might not have enjoyed it so it was a good thing you came tonight."

JR read the name 'Andrew' on his nameplate on the bellboy's uniform. He was going to remember that name.

"I wasn't working last night. I only work Saturday and Sundays. I'm a student at Denver College and work here weekends to make enough money to stay in school."

Getting his composure back, he took out the slip for the food and asked JR if he father was available to sign for the room service.

"My father is dead, the bastard," JR said with anger.

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry, I thought the food was ordered by Mr. Danforth."

"It was. I told you that is me. Drew and I are the only ones here. I'll sign that."

In a typical reaction, JR felt for his pockets to get some cash for a tip. In doing so his robe fell open, revealing the naked body underneath. The young man gazed at JR until he saw he had been caught and quickly looked away.

"What, I'm not as good looking as Drew?" JR asked in jest. He notice Andy's bugle getting bigger, a distinct outline of his meat growing down his plant leg.

The young man let his guard down.

"You're just as hot as he is, if you don't mind me saying," he commented and smiled at JR, then Drew.

"Don't mind at all," JR laughed. "I don't have any cash on me so can I add the tip to the slip?"

"No tip necessary, sir, I've already gotten all the tip I need," as he smiled again and adjusted his package in his pants. Deciding he was going to be bold, "I have my break in an hour so I can come back and get the dirty dishes if you'd like. Or you can just leave them outside the door if you prefer not to be disturbed. If you need anything, just ring the desk and ask for Andy. I'll be glad to personally attend to all your needs."

"Thank you," JR said as he handed him back the slip for the food. Andy left and Drew came out of the bathroom.

"Asshole, why didn't you tell me he was in the room. I would have covered up," Drew complained.

"I think he totally enjoyed it. I accidentally flashed him as well. He had a major hardon in his pants when he left. He offered to come back for the dishes in an hour, and anything else we wanted. What do you think?"

"What do you mean, what do I think?"

"He saw us naked, maybe we should se him naked?"

"Are you suggesting we screw around with him?" Drew asked in astonishment.

"He was hot, don't you think?"

"Well, yeah, I guess so. But I'm not so sure I'd be comfortable doing anything with a total stranger." Drew said expressing his concern.

"Okay, no pressure. But think about it. We've got an hour before he comes back," JR winked.

Drew shrugged his shoulders and sat down to eat.

The boys made small talk while they ate but the conversation was limited to short sentences. They finished eating and JR looked at his watch.

"I've have just enough time to use the bathroom before Andy comes back for the dirty plates. Have you decided if you want to invite him in for while? JR asked with a devilish grin.

"I'm not sure. It doesn't feel right," Drew answered uneasily.

"What do you mean? The two of us alone in a fancy hotel room and a super hot college guy who seems interested in us? Sounds pretty damn right to me," JR explained as he walked into the bathroom. "You don't want this smell to escape," he joked as he shut the door.

Drew was still trying to rationalize it in his mind. He and JR could have fucked around in tent at the campground with those two boys but they opted to let Bernie and Steve have them while he and JR turned in. JR was the first one to speak up that night and decline the offer to deflower the two boys. Was it because Bernie and Steve were there and JR didn't want them see us screwing around with any one but ourselves? Did JR think . . .

A gentle knock on the door disturbed Drew's thoughts. Drew hadn't decided what to do but now the time had come to decide. If JR didn't feel right in the tent, Drew felt he had the right to not feel right about this now. He picked up the tray of dishes and opened the door.

"Thanks for coming back", Drew said as he handed the tray to Andy.

"Is there anything else I can do for the two of you, anything al all?" Andy asked with a look of disappointment on his face.

"No, we're good. But thanks for asking."

Andy looked past Drew's shoulder to see if JR was in the room. He knew JR was the one who seemed keen on seeing what else Andy had to offer.

"Have a good night," Drew said as he closed to door.

A dejected bellboy walked to the elevator and pushed the down button. Down really described his mood, missing out on what he felt would be a great time with the boys.

JR came out of the bathroom and looked at the empty spot where the tray of dishes had been.

"Did Andy come back?" JR asked.

"Yes, he took the dishes and left," Drew responded with his head lowered.

"Didn't you invite him in?"

"No, I'm sorry, JR. I just wasn't comfortable doing anything with a stranger like that."

With disappointment showing on his face,

"That's okay, Drew. Don't worry about it. If you're not okay with it, neither am I," JR lied. "We have to support each other in everything we do."

JR came over and gave Drew a quick hug. A quick hug that silently said 'You're an ass, you screwed up a fucking orgy with a hot college guy, dickhead. But I love you anyway.'

"Let's see what's on television," JR suggested.

They turned on the TV, found a show they both liked and sat on the couch in the room. JR sat on one end and Drew lay down, his head resting on JR's leg.

At 8:00 there was a knock at the door. Drew sat up so JR could answer the door. He opened it and Andy was standing there, in his street clothes.

"Hi Andy, Didn't expect to see you again tonight," JR told him.

Andy was wearing a sleeveless Tee shirt, a pair of short walking shorts and sandals. JR looked up and down this older boy with a new appreciation for his body. He felt the blood start to flow to his groin.

"I'm sorry to disturb you but I'm off duty and I wanted to talk to you before I left for the night. I shouldn't have come on to you like I did. It was totally improper and I hope you'll forgive me."

"No apologies necessary, Andy. You never know what might happen unless you speak up," JR told him.

"I know, but I could loose my job over this if you guys say anything to the front desk. If I loose this job I won't be able to pay for college," Andy pleaded again.

"We would never say anything to anyone about this. Nothing happened so there is nothing to tell," JR assured him.

From over on the couch, Drew could hear the conversation.

Drew had come all this way to support JR and stand with him as a friend and a lover. The look of disappointment when Drew told him Andy had left was still fresh in his mind and gnawing at his conscience. JR told him it was no big deal, but Drew knew better. He should support JR in this as well as in the courtroom.

" Is that Andy?" Drew asked, knowing full well it was.

"Yes, he just came to say goodnight. His shift is over and he is headed back to his dorm room."

"Well, don't be rude, invite him in," Drew said as he stood up.

JR's head snapper around to look at Drew.

"Are you sure?" he asked, his face lighting up.

"Yeah, I'm sure. Who in their right mind wouldn't invite a hot college stud into their hotel room at night," Drew said smiling at JR.

That sentence told JR everything he wanted to hear. He was so excited he reached out and grabbed Andy'' arm and yanked him in the door.

"Get that fucking cute bubble butt in here right now," giving Andy's ass a squeeze a he was pulled in.

"Geez, I thought you guys didn't want me to come back again," Andy said as he was pushed to the middle of the room.

"That was just Drew playing hard to get," JR joked.

"As long as he's hard when we're playing, it's all good," Andy said with a smirk. Standing in the middle of the room in his street clothes gave Drew a chance to get a better look at Andy. His hair was parted in the middle and came down to the top of his ears, neat but longer than most boys wore their hair at the time. He had a strong jaw line and high cheekbones. Not in his uniform any longer, his exposed arms and legs were covered in an even blanket of dark hair. Drew figured his features and hairy body suggested an Italian or Greek heritage, but definitely European descent. Continuing his unspoken assessment of the hunk standing in front of him, he was confident that Andy was uncircumcised. He felt he would know for sure in short order.

"You look better out of uniform, but I think you're still overdressed," JR suggested. "Let's see if we can fix that," as he approached Andy and began to pull his shirt up over his head, revealing a hairy well, developed chest. He ran his hands down Andy's chest, causing him to gasp as JR's fingers briefly played with his nipples. He lowered his hands to Andy's shorts, undoing the button at the waistband then lowering the zipper. Andy was going commando so his open shorts exposed a very hair bush of black pubic hair. JR slid his shorts down his legs, then removed them one leg at a time. Drew was right in his assumptions as Andy's hard uncut cock sprung free.

"That's better, much, much better," JR commented as he stood back and looked at Andy, fully naked and erect.

"Look, I don't know what you guys have in mind, but I have to tell you something before we go any further," Andy said. "I've never done anything with a guy before, well, other than a 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours' when I was 8. I have some friends on the swim team and I've been in the locker room after a meet when they are showering and getting dressed. I've always admired their smooth hairless bodies. I hate having this much body hair. They all shave as part of being on the team and they look so hot. When I saw you two guys tonight and how smooth and young you are, something just clicked and I wanted to finally take the next step and do something, I'm not sure what. I figured this would be safer than coming on to any of my friends at school. But then I realized that maybe it wasn't a good idea in case you weren't interested and told my boss."

"I told you we wouldn't say anything and I meant it," JR confirmed. "As to what we do, that's mostly up to you. Drew and I have some experience but we don't want to force you to do anything you're not comfortable with."

"You've seen us naked and I was curious to see your naked body. I've seen it so if you don't want to go any further, that's fine with me," Drew said trying to give everyone an escape clause.

"You've seen it but you're not interested in it?" Andy asked with a confused look on his face.

"I'm really like what I see and I'm up for whatever you want to do, don't get me wrong." Drew corrected himself.

Andy looked at JR and then Drew. He slowly made his way over to Drew and stood right in front of him. He raised his hands but before he reached out to touch Drew, he quietly said,

"Your body is so perfect. May I?"

"Of course you can, what ever you want," Drew answered with a grin.

Andy placed his hands on Drew's shoulders and rubbed his hands over them. Then down each arm and back up again. Dropping from the shoulders, he ran his hands across Drew's chest. When his fingers brushed Drew's nipples, Drew let out a loud sigh.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you," Andy said and pulled his hand back quickly.

Drew grabbed Andy's hands and placed them back on his nipples and smiled.

"On the contrary, that felt fine."

Andy smiled back and went to playing with Drew's nipples. JR had come over to stand behind Andy and put arms around him, placing his hands on Andy's nipples.

"See how nice it feels?" JR asked.

"It would feel better if they were smooth and not covered with hair," Andy bemoaned.

"Nonsense, they feel fine," JR said as he worked both nipples at the same time. He moved closer to Andy and hugged him from behind.

"I wish I could feel you on my skin instead of my hair being between us," Andy commented.

Andy put his hands around Drew and pulled in to hug at the same time, all three boys squeezed together.

"If you're so hung up about your body hair, why don't you shave it like you friends on the swim team," JR suggested. "We'll help if you'd like."

"I don't dare. Everyone would see me smooth when I change in the locker room and they'd think I was gay, which I'm definitely not," Andy asserted.

"So join the swim team and then no one can say anything," Drew suggested.

"I'm not good enough to compete with the rest of the guys," Andy replied.

As they were hugging, their stiff cocks were pressed together as well as their bodies. JR's cock was pressed into Andy ass crack and Andy and Drew cocks were mashed together between them. Andy slid his hand down Drew's back and grabbed his ass, pulling their cocks even tighter together. After kneading Drew's ass cheeks for a while, Andy slid one hand between them and took a hold of both of their leaking cocks, slowly squeezing and stroking them. JR dropped to his knees and started to kiss Andy's ass.

"Please don't, JR. My ass is a fucking hairy mess," Andy pleaded.

"I don't mind at all. It's a perfectly kissable ass if you ask me."

"It kind of freaks me out, please stop."

"Okay. Like we said, we won't do anything you don't want to do. I just don't think a little hair should stop the fun."

Andy pulled JR from behind him and had him stand next to Drew. Andy lowered his mouth and licked and kissed Drew's nipples, then switched over to JR's. Both boys were moaning and running their hands over Andy's head and shoulders. Being taller than either Drew or JR, Andy suggested they go lie on the bed, side by side.

Once they were in place, Andy continued to lick and kiss and tongue every inch of the boy's smooth bodies, running hands over them and reveling in the teenage skin. He took a cock in each hand and began to slowly stroke them.

"Why don't you swing around and lay between us, but in the other direction. That way we can take care of you at the same time," JR suggested.

"No, I don't want you touching my hairy cock, it would gross you right out," Andy insisted.

The boys just lay back and enjoyed the hand job, not wanting to push Andy to fast. Drew felt Andy stop stroking and hold his cock steady while Andy's tongue licked the end of Drew's cock. His picked his head up and looked down at Andy. Andy looked up and had a look on his face that asked the question silently. Drew smiled and nodded his head. Andy lowered his mouth and for the first time in his life he had a stiff cock in his mouth. He swirled his tongue around the piss slit, tasting the precum. Drew gently nudged JR and nodded his head down towards Andy. JR smiled back at Drew and put his head back down, anticipating his turn. He didn't have to wait long. Andy pulled off Drew's cock and switched over to JR's without even looking up for approval. As he got more animated with his mouth, his teeth scraped JR's cock. JR's reaction made Andy pull off and apologize profusely.

"I'll stop if you want me to," Andy offered.

"No way. You can bite me all you want as long as I know it's coming," JR joked.

Andy picked up on the humor and went right back to sucking JR. A few more minutes and he switched back to Drew. Drew felt his balls tighten and knew he was close.

""I'm real close to cumming, Andy. You better back off and finish me by hand," Drew told him, not wanting to surprise him with a mouthful of hot sperm.

Andy responded by grabbing Drew ass and holding him tight to his face, making sure that Drew couldn't pull out at the last minute. Drew unloaded into Andy's mouth, gagging him as he let the cum flow out he sides of his mouth.

"Damn, that was more than I expected," Andy said, coughing and trying to clear his mouth.

Next he moved over to JR's cock and went to work on him. JR lasted a little longer than Drew but was at the tipping point when he too warned Andy. It got the same results. Andy grabbed JR's ass and held him in place while he took the second load of his cock sucking experience. He managed to swallow a little more but still let enough out of his mouth to make a mess of JR's crotch as well.

Andy sat up and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

"I'll get some towels to clean up this mess," and bolted to the bathroom.

The boys heard the water in the sink running and Andy spitting a few times. Drew and JR looked at each other and grinned.

"It's an acquired taste, wouldn't you say?" JR joked.

"But very nice once you get used to it," Drew shot back.

Andy came back with some towels and threw them at the boys. He went over and picked up his clothes and started to get dressed, all the while apologizing and begging the boys not to say anything to anyone about this.

"But we haven't gotten you off yet. Come back over here and let us return the favor," JR offered.

"No, I'm too hairy to let you do that. Besides, I have to get back to the dorm and get to bed so I can back here for work in the morning."

"Forget the hair. And forget the dorm. You can sleep right here with us. This fucking bed is huge and there is plenty of room for all of us." Drew said.

"No, I couldn't. Thanks for everything. Playing with a smooth guy's body has been a fantasy of mine for a long time," Andy said as he got to the door.

"We'll be here tomorrow morning if you have any other fantasies you want to explore."

Andy smiled and disappeared out the door.

"Can you imagine that? A hot body like his and he's freaking out over how hairy he is? He doesn't realize what he has going for him," JR said as he turned and headed back to the bed.

"We all have things about our bodies that we wish were different. It doesn't make him weird or anything," Drew countered.

"Really? What do you wish was different about your body?"

"I wish it was wrapped around my lover instead of lying next to him," Drew snickered.

"Andy can take care of his problem with a razor and I can take care of your problem," as JR rolled over on top of Drew and locked their mouths together.

After some serious making out and frisky petting, JR took the initiative to get some lube and apply it to all the rights place. Positioning Drew on his back, JR lifted his legs and moved into position. As he slowly pushed in while Drew's wiggling and smiling offered encouragement, JR asked,

"How's this? Is do you like your body better now?"

"Fuck yeah, this is what I like," Drew responded as he closed his eyes and let JR have his way.

After a few thrusts, JR began to fuck Drew hard and fast, his intention not so make love as to get off and cum in Drew's ass. Drew winced a few times when JR went deep but neither he nor JR acknowledged the discomfort. It didn't take JR long to climax, despite being sucked off not but ten minutes ago. He flopped on top of Drew and then immediately rolled off to his side.

"Damn, that was hot!" JR exclaimed as he caught his breath.

"Feel good, lover," Drew said with less excitement than JR had expressed.

"I'm exhausted. Wake me in the morning before you order room service. I want to be showered before Andy comes to our door again," JR asked, then rolled over and went to sleep.

Drew lay awake contemplating what had just happened. Trying to be supportive of JR, Drew went along with seducing Andy, although honestly it didn't take much. But JR wanted more. Andy didn't and left abruptly, Leaving JR still horny. JR didn't make love to Drew but just used his ass to pound out his load of cum. Drew had noticed a definite change in JR's attitude since the meeting at the factory. JR had always been the more assertive one but never to this extent. Drew was beginning to wonder if finally getting control of his inheritance was changing JR and he was destine to become more like his father, demanding and controlling. He looked over at JR, on his side facing away from Drew and already sound asleep. No after sex cuddles, no good night kiss, just a fuck and forget about it. This did not bode well for their relationship.

Drew was awoken by the telephone ringing. JR answered it and was talking with the lawyer. The conversation was brief and when he hung up he told Drew they had to get showered and dressed. The lawyer was picking them up in 30 minutes.

"Your lawyer works on a Sunday?" Drew questioned.

"He is used to working for my father. There was no such thing as a weekend or a holiday or a vacation. If my father wanted him, he was there. Let's go. I'll shower first"

Again, the rebuff. Drew had expected JR to want them to shower together, not one at a time. But they did only have a short amount of time to get ready. JR showered quickly and advised Drew to do the same.

"No jerking off in there, save that for later," JR joked.

Drew just nodded and went to take his shower.

They were dressed and waiting when the phone rang to let them know the lawyer was waiting in the lobby.

"We'll stop and get some breakfast first and then I want to go over to your house," the lawyer started until JR interrupted him.

"My FATHER's house," JR corrected him emphatically.

"It was his but it's yours now. I want you to decide if you want to keep it and love there or rent it or sell it," the lawyer told him.

"How about the fourth option? Burn the fucking place to the ground with everything in it," JR exclaimed.

"If that's the way you feel, look around and see if there are any personal items you want to remove and I'll check with a real estate agent on Monday to put it on the market."

They went and had breakfast, conversation was limited to what JR had in mind for the factory and meeting the employees tomorrow. After breakfast the lawyer took them across town to the house. Or should we say the mansion.

The 'house' was a huge place, set back from the road surrounded by an eight-foot high brick wall with imposing ornamental steel gates at the driveway. The driveway curved around the front lawn and the colorful gardens, in full bloom with every species of slower imaginable. They pulled up to the portico on the side of the house and got out. The entrance was a set of massive double doors, each one being six feet wide and close to nine feet high. The lawyer shut off the alarm, unlocked the door and let the boys in.

"I have some things I have to attend to today. When you're done here, call the car service and they will take you back to the hotel. I'll call you tonight to make arrangements for tomorrow morning. You can check to see if there is anything you want to take with you when you leave."

"That's fine. You've been a big help and I don't want to take up all of your time, especially on a Sunday," JR told him.

Drew stopped just inside the door and looked around in awe.

"This isn't a house, this is a god damn castle! This place is even more impressive than the hotel," Drew whispered.

"It's his castle and no one else was ever allowed in. It fit him perfectly. He never let anyone get close to him, especially not me," JR said through gritted teeth.

"Can I get a tour or would you rather not?" Drew asked not knowing if JR wanted to awaken bad memories.

"Yeah, let's go."

As they walked from room to room JR would occasionally shout out as loud as he could.

"Hey you fucking bastard, there are two queers in your castle, walking all over your sacred ground!"

Drew was shocked. He never considered himself a queer. True, he was in love with another boy and they had sex often. And last night they screwed around with the bellboy. Yet he didn't feel comfortable with that label.

They went up the grand staircase, eight feet wide at least. JR walked down the hallway to the door to what was his bedroom.

"This was my jail cell," he said as he opened the door and stood still in shock.

The room had been stripped bare. There was no furniture, none of his clothes or other personal belongings, nothing to suggest that anyone had ever used this room.

"That fucking bastard! I'm back, you son of a bitch! You thought you could keep me away but I won!" he yelled out looking up at the ceiling.

Drew was stunned. He was heart broken that a father would so totally remove anything that was his son's, as if he never existed. He now knew the full extent of the man's hatred for the boy that Drew loved.

JR's face was burning red with anger. He pushed Drew back and slammed the door then headed down the hallway to his father's bedroom. The contrast was stark. A fine appointed room with antique furniture and artwork on every wall. On the bureau were several pictures, all of his father and mother but none of JR. JR walked over and picked up the pictures of his mother and looked at them. His hands began to tremble and tears rolled down his cheeks.

"Why, mom, why did you have to die and leave me with that prick," JR wailed.

Drew started to tear up himself, feeling the pain that was in JR's heart. He put his arm around JR's shoulder and pulled him tightly. JR put his head on Drew's shoulder and just kept mumbling, "why, mom, why?" After what Drew felt was an appropriate amount of time, he coaxed JR to leave the room.

"Come on, let's finish the tour," Drew said quietly.

"Here, hold these pictures. I want to take them with me but I have something I have to do first."

JR walked over to the huge king sized bed and stood up on it. He unzipped his pants and took out his cock. He aimed it at the pillows and started to piss, spraying urine everywhere on the bed.

"Can't beat me know, can you fucker!" he shouted.

Drew had no idea what this was all about. JR explained to him that the only time his father let him sleep in his bed with him was during a horrible thunderstorm when he was four years old. JR was so frightened of the thunder that he wet the bed. His father got so mad he yanked him out of bed and beat him as he dragged him all the way back to his own room, shoved him in. "Piss in your own bed and not in mine" he yelled and slammed the door.

Drew was glad JR got the pictures of his mother but other than that he didn't think this was a good idea to come back to where so many bad memories existing.

JR climbed down of the bed smiling.

"Most satisfying piss I've ever had. Let's go back downstairs."

They finished the tour in the dining room. The table was enormous. It could easily seat 20 people or more. There were fine tapestries hung on the walls and silk drapes on the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the gardens in front of the house.

"One more thing and then we can leave," JR said as he went and violently yanked down several sets of drapes. He threw them on the table and spread them out.

"Drew, will you do me a big favor?"

"Of course, anything," Drew replied, wondering what JR going to do.

"Take your clothes off," JR said point blank.

"What! Are you crazy?"

"No, this is one more thing I have to do to be at peace with this place," JR replied as he began to get undressed himself.

When they were both naked, JR climbed up on the table and lay on his back. He spit in his hand, spread his cheeks and smeared his spit on his hole.

"I want you to fuck me," as he lay his head back and raised his legs.

"What the hell? You just ripped down the drapes so anyone can look in and see us. This is crazy. Can't you wait until we get back to the hotel?" Drew asked.

"No, it has to be here and now. No one can see us, so please come fuck my ass on the table where shit head ate his meals. It was the only time he allowed me to be in the same room with him. So now I want his spirit to be here with me and see me getting my ass fucked by my lover."

Drew wasn't sure he could get hard but he wanted to help JR get all the anger out of his system. JR saw the trouble Drew was having getting hard so he told him to bring his cock closer. JR lifted his head and took the limp cock in his mouth and sucked it until it was fuck ready. With the saliva from the blowjob still wet, Drew got in position and slowly entered JR.

"Are you watching, daddy dearest? I just gave my lover a blowjob on your precious Louis XV table, you asshole. And speaking of assholes, look what is going in and out of mine. Just like the gardener!" screamed as tears flowed down his face.

Drew kept fucking JR, nor out of pleasure or passion but because he felt JR needed this to get the hate out of his system he had been harboring for years. JR was outright balling and screaming as he begged Drew to fuck him harder and faster. JR grabbed Drew's ass and pulled it to him as he jerked his ass up and down, essentially fucking himself on Drew's stiff cock. He let go of Drew's ass finally and pulled Drew down on top of him, putting his legs even higher and clasping his arms around Drew. A few more thrusts and Drew shot his load into JR's ass. When Drew stopped moving, JR pulled out from underneath him and squatted on the table, squeezing his bowels and spewing the cum out of his hole.

"Here you go, my beloved daddy, here's a meal for you. Lick it up like you made everyone else in your life lick your boots!"

JR fell to his side and curled up in a fetal position on the table. Drew scrambled over to him and held hi tight.

"It's over, JR, he's gone and he can never hurt you again. You've won."

JR reached a hand out to take a hold of Drew's hand. He interlocked their fingers and squeezed as he looked up at Drew. He wiped his eye with his other hand and just lay quiet. Drew could swear he could sense the hate flowing out of JR's body finally, being pushed out by his love and compassion he felt for JR. They lay there together for a half-hour before JR picked up his head and asked where Drew had put his mother's pictures.

"Over there, out of the way of your spontaneous piss and cum fits," Drew giggled.

Drew laughed back at him.

"You're a jerk, you know that?"

"Sometimes I jerk, sometimes I suck and sometimes I fuck," Drew replied, hoping to lighten the mood.

"Good thing I love you no matter which one you do."

The boys got off the table and got dressed. JR called for the car and then got driven around town so JR could show Drew some of the places he enjoyed when he lived here.

"So I guess it wasn't all bad?" Drew asked.

"Only when I was at home. I was happiest when I was away from home. Guess that's why I finally decided to run away."

They stopped at JR's favorite pizza shop to get some supper then headed back to the hotel. On the way back to the hotel, JR asked Drew if he would not go home tonight and stay another day or two with him.

"I'll have to call my mother. I know she'll be concerned about us missing school." Drew responded.

"Tell her you've fallen in with bad company and you decided to run away from home but you'll change your mind and be back Tuesday night," JR laughed.

"Come on, you know my mother. If I tell her that, she'll be here in record time and physically drag both our sorry asses home."

"You're right. I forgot whom we are dealing with. Just ask her in you're most humble way. I'm sure she'll say it's ok."

They got back to the hotel and walked through the lobby. Andy was standing at his bellboy station just off the check in desk. He looked at the boys and gave them a nervous smile, wanting to acknowledge them but not more than he would any other guest. JR went over to the desk and asked for the manager on duty. He pointed at Andy and explained the wonderful service they boys got from Andy yesterday when they ordered room service.

"Will he be on duty all week?" JR asked.

"No, he is only here on weekends. He attends college during the week," The manager told him.

"We won't be checking out until Tuesday so could you make sure he gets his tip before he leaves today?" JR asked, writing out a note telling the manager to add $100 to the bill for Andy's tip.

"That's overly generous and totally unnecessary," the manager balked.

"Does he get paid enough working here to be able to afford college?" JR asked politely but with a sting.

"Very well, sir, I'll see that he gets it at the end of his shift."

As JR and Drew walked to the elevators, Andy looked at them with panic in his eyes. He saw JR talking to the manager and was afraid of what the conversation was all about. JR gave him a wink and a subtle thumbs up as they passed.

As soon as they got to the room, Drew called his mother to ask to stay longer.

"It's good to hear from you. How is JR doing? Is he handling everything okay? Elaine asked.

"The hearing went good and JR officially has his inheritance," Drew reported.

"The hell with the god damn money, how is JR emotionally. This must have been difficult to say the least."

"Mother! Language!" Drew said forcefully without thinking.

"My language be damned, tell me about JR!" she answered back gruffly.

"He has had a few difficult moments but I was glad I was here to help him get through them. That's why I like to stay instead of leaving him here by himself"

"Of course you can stay. Do you want Mildred and I to drive up and be with you?" she asked concern.

"No, you and Aunt Mildred can stay home and tend to the station. JR and I will be fine together. We'll have the car service bring us home Tuesday evening."

"If you say so. By the way, our team won the ball game. Steve called Saturday evening to let us know and if I talked to you to tell you Bernie had a great time. He made a new friend."

"A new friend? Who?" Drew asked.

"Steve didn't say but he will tell you all about it when you get home. Stay safe and tell JR we send our love."

"I will, mother. See you soon."

JR really didn't need Elaine's love, he was getting plenty from Drew. But he couldn't tell her that.

Drew hung up and turned to JR who had heard enough of Drew's side of the conversation to know that Drew could stay.

"Mother sends her love," Drew reported.

"She is always thinking of others. You are one lucky son of a bitch to have a mother like that," JR said, his eyes getting red and teary.

"Should we order some room service tonight so Andy has to come up to see us?" Drew asked with a wink.

"If you want, but I'd rather just shower and go to bed early."

"Sure, that's fine with me. Let's go shower," Drew said. He had a feeling it would not be a sex filled shower if JR didn't want another go with Andy.

The boys undressed and went into the bathroom. Drew's hunch was right/ JR just turned on the water, set the temperature and stepped in. He grabbed the soap and started washing, almost unaware that Drew was even in the room, let alone in the shower with him. When JR turned to rinse his back he saw Drew and passed him the soap. JR finished rinsing and stepped out of the shower to dry off. Drew washed quickly and got out of the shower just as JR was walking out of the bathroom. By the time Drew had dried off, JR had crawled into bed and pulled the covers up.

"Do you want me to turn off the lights?" Drew asked signaling an early evening.

"Yes, then come to bed."

Drew turned off the room and lifted the covers to get in bed. JR moved over to make contact with Drew's body.

"Would you just hold me, Drew?" JR asked quietly.

"Of course," as he pulled JR to him.

Drew was concerned where JR was mentally. He had seen him ever handedly discussing business with the lawyer over breakfast, the turn to rage at his father at the house, then fall into a melancholy funk while looking at his mother's photos. Now he was semi comatose, nothing being said for a half hour, JR only letting out a heavy and long 'sigh' every few minutes. Finally breaking the silence, Drew asked JR,

"Are you okay, JR?"

"I will be. As long as I have you here beside me," he whispered. He hugged Drew tighter and continued, "I didn't realize how much hate I had built up over the years. I tried to bury it deep down inside me but today it all came out. If you hadn't been with me at the house, I have no idea what I might have done."

"I thought what you did was pretty intense. It was like a cleansing of all that your father had done to you."

"I want to apologize for using you on the table to get my revenge," JR said. He started to tear up but Drew put his hand on JR's chin and raised his head.

"I've never had anyone apologize to me for fucking them," Drew said with a smile.

"Next time will be better, but not tonight, okay?"

"Tonight I just want to hold you and let our love replace the hole in your soul now that the hate has been driven out and heal your aching heart," Drew told him.

The boys fell asleep wrapped in each other's arms, their love for each other making JR whole again.

JR was the first one awake Monday morning, having showered and dressed before he woke Drew.

"Come on, sleepy head, wake up and meet the day. It's a new week and a new beginning at the factory," JR said joyfully.

"What time is it?" Drew asked still groggy and not fully awake.

"It's time to get your sweaty ass out of bed and get moving. The lawyer will be here in twenty minutes to pick up for breakfast and then off to meet everyone."

"It's you thing, you go. I'm going back to sleep," Drew mumbled as he rolled over and pulled the covers over his head.

"Oh no you don't," JR said as he pulled the covers completely off the bed. "You've gotten me this far and you're not going to quit on me know."

Drew knew he was right. This was going to be a big morning for JR. He was meeting the employees as they showed up for work and explaining they had two weeks off while the change over was taking place. Drew was happy to see JR in good spirits, much better than yesterday. It was his duty, no his desire to go along and be there for JR. JR was bouncing around the room like an eight year old on Christmas morning waiting to be told he could open his presents.

Drew got up and showered, keeping the water on the cooler side to help wake him up. He had no sooner dried off than the phone rang to let them know the lawyer was in the lobby waiting. Drew threw on his clothes and followed JR as he walked briskly to the elevator.

"Good morning, Mr Cunningham, are we ready to face the lions?" JR joked.

"I don't know about lions. You're father always referred to them as the unwashed masses," he replied matter of factly

"That was my asshole father. There are the people who keep the factory running and make it successful enough to pay your fees," JR reminded him.

"You're certainly not anything like your father, thank goodness."

"Did the security people have any visitors this weekend?" JR asked.

"Yes, they did say two men tried to enter and were extremely upset that the guards kept them out. They made a big ruckus and finally left."

They went for breakfast and then to the factory. JR had one of the company flatbed trucks parked next to the main gate so he could use it to speak from with a bullhorn the lawyer had gotten for him. Phil Henson, the vice president, and his assistant, John Radcliffe, were waiting at the gate, pacing back and forth.

"What the fuck is going on? We were prohibited from entering the factory over the weekend? Was that you're idea?" Phil screamed.

"Well good morning to you too, Mr. Henson. Yes, it was my idea," JR answered calmly. "I told everyone to go home and come back Monday and I know how dedicated you and Mr. Radcliffe are and would probably try to come back and get some work done over the weekend. When I say something is be done, I mean it."

JR's calm demeanor defused the situation for the time being but he knew more was to come.

"Well played," the lawyer said quietly to Drew as he nudged his side. "I really, really am going to enjoy this."

The gates were opened and as the employees showed up for work, they were ushered into the main yard. When it looked like they had all arrived, JR stood up on the back of the truck and grabbed the bullhorn.

"Good morning everyone!" he shouted.

There was a murmur from the crowd and everyone turned to look at each other, wondering what was going on.

"My name is Miles Danforth, but everyone calls me JR. I am Reginald Danforth's only son and heir. Due to his untimely passing I have inherited his house, his money and most importantly, this factory. First of all, I want to assure you that you all still have your jobs. But there will be some changes, major changes."

Heads were nodded in the crowd, again everyone turning and looking at the person next to them.

"I appreciate the hard work you all do to make this factory a success. So starting next quarter, I'm going to institute profit sharing for all hourly workers so you can all share in that success. Management will receive performance-based bonuses every six months. So the better the company does, the better your paychecks will be."

The crowd erupted in cheers and hand clapping, fist pumps in the air and smiles everywhere. Except Mr. Hanson and Mr Radcliffe. They looked very unhappy.

"Next, I know my father was a dictatorial asshole,"

More applause and laughter arouse from the workers.

"But that's not my style. I want a new culture of cooperation and openness in this factory. I won't be here every day so I'm going to have suggestion boxes put up for you to offer any ideas or suggestions that you think will make this a better and more productive place to work. If you see me in the factory, please do not hesitate to speak to me with any ideas or just say hello. Not all of your ideas may be feasible but rest assured they will be given serious consideration."

More cheers and applause.

"And lastly, to make a smooth transition and make some minor changes I'm giving everyone the next two weeks off from work."

Dead silence, as the workers weren't sure if this was a good idea or not.

"You will all be paid as usual of course. I wouldn't want you to start off having you loose out."

The cheers and applause was deafening. The only two not sharing the enthusiasm of course were Hanson and Radcliffe.

"I want to ask the bookkeeping personnel to stay today and come back tomorrow to attend to some reports and make our payroll checks. You will be given two days of your choice to make up for this. Also, I'd like the department heads to meet with me before you leave today. If any of you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask," JR finished speaking and put the bullhorn down.

"Where the hell have you been all my life?" someone shouted from the crowd.

"I've been getting some real world experience in managing and running a successful business from my protégé, Drew Sampson. Come up here Drew," JR called out and motioned Drew to join him on the truck. "Drew is my right hand man and together he and I are going to do great things."

"How old are you two?" another voice shouted out sarcastically. "Do your mommies know you're out here without them?"

"Drew's mother is totally supportive of where we are and what we're doing. As to age, I'm old enough to fire you're sorry ass if you don't like working here," Drew shot back with a smile, pointing in the direction of the comment.

The crowds laughed and clapped.

"You said we could ask you anything," the voice came back.

"Yes I did. And I answered you. I can't help it if you didn't like my answer," JR replied then laughed. He was trying to keep it light but yet establish his authority.

As the crowd broke up, Henson and Radcliffe came right over to JR.

"What the hell do you think you're doing? With you're father gone, it is up to us to run this company. You don't make unilateral decisions like this. Things like this have to go before the board of directors," they shouted.

"But you see, with my father gone, I have inherited his shares in the company as well as his position of chairman of the board. So what I say, goes," JR replied firmly.

"You're not old enough to legally hold those positions until you're twenty one." Hanson shot back.

"No, but the trust that had been set up in his name has the right to make those decisions and I am the trustee that will see to it that JR's wishes are carried out," Mr. Cunningham interjected.

"We'll see about that! We going to hire our own lawyers and put a stop to this nonsense," Hanson blurted out. 'We will contest this will and throw you out on your skinny teenage asses!"

"Do as you wish, Mr. Hanson, but you'll be wasting your money. Judge Marcome has assured us that young Mr. Danforth here is in complete control of his estate, with me carrying out his wishes," the lawyer explained.

Drew just stood back in awe at the way JR was taking command of the situation. He had seen JR being assertive before, but nothing like this. He was nervous that his new found wealth and power was making changes in his personality.

The two disgruntled executives stormed away, leaving JR and the lawyer to talk.

"Did you find a good forensic accountant to go over the books?" JR asked.

"I did, but I'm not sure what you're looking for."

"I want a ground zero point on the financial status of the company. From there I can determine what percentage of profit sharing and performance bonuses will be appropriate. It will also give me a standard to compare if Hanson and Radcliffe are torpedoing the company to drop the value," JR explained.

"Maybe you should just fire them?" the lawyer asked.

"Not until I see how they react. Or until I can find someone to replace them who can do their job. I don't want to make changes that might be detrimental to the company's success."

JR called me over to accompany him to meet with the bookkeepers.

"I don't think you a have a skinny ass. Do you think my ass is skinny?" JR joked quietly to Drew in response to Hanson's remarks.

"To the contrary, I think your ass is perfect!" Drew replied.

Both boys laugher out loud.

"You don't need me for these meetings. I don't know anything about finance," Drew said trying to beg off.

"Bull shit! You successfully ran the station and the newsstand all by yourself while your mother was sick," JR shot back.

"A dinky little newsstand in a small town is a whole shit load different that a huge company with lots of employees."

"Business is business. The numbers may be bigger but the principles are still the same. I want, no, I need your input and your support if I'm going to make this work," JR said.

"I'll come with you, but don't expect much," Drew agreed.

The lawyer had other matters to attend to and told JR to call the car service when he was finished. The boys went off and met with the bookkeepers, then with some of the department heads that stayed around. JR took notes of any suggestions or ideas they had. After a long and productive day, JR called the car service and went for supper, then back to the hotel.

"So what did you think of today?" JR asked Drew.

"I think you're way in over your head." Drew said back

"We're in over our heads." JR corrected him.

"I think you're way in over your head." Drew insisted.

"We're in over our heads. You can't cut out on me now," JR replied. "You know what you do when you're over your head? You swim like hell or drown. So we're going to swim like hell and make it!"

"I hope so," Drew said quietly.

"You know my favorite way to swim?" JR asked with a grin. "Skinny dipping!" as he ran to Drew and started pulling off his clothes.

As soon as he had Drew naked, JR yanked off his own clothes and embraced Drew. Drew had seen JR taking command of everything earlier and wondered if this was going to be another JR moment.

JR took Drew's hand and led him to the bed. They both climbed on and lay together, holding each other.

"Thank you for today, Drew. I wouldn't have been able to get through it all without you."

"Of course you could have. You took control from the time you woke up this morning."

Drew immediately regretted including this morning in his observation.

"I'm sorry about yesterday. I kind of lost my mind being in his house and reliving all the horror and misery I endured growing up there. I hope you understand."

"I do. It was uncomfortable for me as well, seeing you suffer like that. You know I'll do what ever I can to help you get through all of this."

"I'm glad you said that. Can we make love?" JR asked softly.

Drew's mind went back to yesterday and the sex scene on the dining room table. He didn't want another repeat of that kind of fucking.

"Do you want the top or the bottom?" Drew asked.

"I need to make up for yesterday. Would you be on top and make love to me like only you know how and not like yesterday?"

Drew felt more at ease now. JR was not being aggressive or assertive but was more like the compassionate boy he knew and loved. They brought their mouths together and pecked lightly several times before locking their mouths together, each tongue swirling around the other. Hands were roaming over smooth naked bodies, rubbing, massaging and squeezing wherever they landed. JR rolled on top of Drew and thrust his stiff cock into Drew's crotch to press against his cock. Drew's hands grabbed at JR ass cheeks and pushed them together then pulled them apart. His finger traced JR's ass crack, stopping to move in a circle at his pucker. JR writhed on top of Drew, smearing their precum together. They rolled again and Drew as on top, their mouths still locked together and their cocks bathed in the slippery liquid they were leaking. JR slid his hand between their bodies and took a hold of both of their boners, gently squeezing and kneading them together.

"I want you inside me, please," JR pleaded.

"Listen, mister, you were in control all day. Now it's my turn to be in control. I'll do you when I'm good and ready," Drew said with a firm but teasing tone.

"Ok, you're the boss. But please, take control and get moving."

The boys continued to make out and engage in some prolonged foreplay before Drew decided he had made JR wait long enough. Drew went and got the lube and spread it on his cock and JR's hole. JR was on his back and raised his legs in the air so Drew could move in between his legs and put JR's feet on his shoulders. He brought the tip of his cock to JR's pucker and pressed gently to get the tip inside, then stopped.

"I'm fine, it doesn't hurt. Push all the way in."

"Not so fast. Remember I'm in control so you get what you get," Drew smirked.

"Okay, you're in control, but damn it Drew, fuck me! Shove your cock in as far as you can go. I need to feel as much of you as I can!"

JR flexed his sphincter muscle, tightening and relaxing trying to pull Drew's cock in further. Drew slowly pressed harder and went inside JR to the hilt. Drew leaned forward so their bodies were tight against one another.

"Oh god, that's what I want. This is what I need. Just stay still and let us be joined together for a while," JR pleaded.

Drew was more than happy to just stay as they were. They were kissing as Drew could feel JR'' ass muscle pulse and twitch. JR broke the kiss and looked into Drew's eyes.

"Can we change positions?" he asked.

"You want the top now?" Drew replied.

"No, I want to be on my stomach with you on top of my entire body while you're inside me."

Drew slowly withdrew and kneeled back to give JR room to roll over. When JR was comfortable on his stomach, Drew lay down on top of him, his cock still stiff. He moved his hips to get the right angle and guided his manhood to JR's hole. They were both still slippery from the generous amount of lube Drew had applied and JR's hole had already been opened up so re-entry was easy and painless. Drew put his hands on JR's shoulders and pulled himself deep into JR.

"Oh yes, this is better. I want as much of you as I can get," JR moaned.

Drew hit bottom and started to move back methodically, wanting to last as long as he could. JR reached back with his hands and put them on Drew's hips, making for more skin contact. Drew kissed JR on the neck, then nibbled his ear. JR turned his head slightly so they could exchange a quick kiss. Drew could feel the pressure building in side so he slowed down.

"No, please keep going like you were. I want you to plant you seed up inside me and not wait," JR instructed Drew.

Drew didn't mind JR giving orders again, not these kind of orders. He resumed his pace and soon was unloading his sperm deep in JR. Drew was about to pull out when JR asked him to stay in.

"I want my body to absorb as much of you as it can and not leak out when you pull out."

Again, Drew did as he was asked until his cock became flaccid and slipped out on it's own. He rolled off JR and lay beside him. They kissed and hugged each other in the afterglow of sex. Drew felt JR's cock pressing against him, still stiff. He reached down and took a hold of it and started to stroke it.

"You haven't cum yet but I can take care of that for you," Drew snickered.

"It won't take much of that and I will cum," JR purred.

"I don't want to sleep in a puddle tonight, so lay on your back," Drew commanded as he lowered himself and sucked on JR's leaking cock.

It didn't take but maybe a minute and JR was enjoying his long delayed orgasm, spurting into Drew's mouth. Drew swallowed every drop so he didn't leave a wet spot on the bed.

"Drew, you have no idea how much you being here for me has meant. Today was a very stressful day and I'm glad we got through it. This was the perfect ending, satisfying my lover." JR said as he cuddled up to Drew.

"You were there for me after the fire and I'm here for you now. We're here for each other, always," Drew promised.

"I can't wait to go back home tomorrow," JR said.

"You want to go back to that house again?" Drew asked totally bewildered. He thought JR would never want to go back there.

"No, not that horrible place. I want to go home, our home. I want to sleep with you in our own bed. I want the four of us to share in your mother's fantastic breakfast and then head to the station to start a new day," JR said with a smile.

Calling Drew's house his home brought a tear to Drew's eyes. He had never felt so secure in their relationship and their future together.

The boys fell asleep in each other's arms, dreaming of a life together.

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