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The Bus Station

by Jonathan Perkins

Chapter 10

The next morning they had to meet the lawyer and go to the bank and sign the paperwork to transfer all the accounts into JR's name. Clint Bradley, the manager who had grudgingly given the okay for the advance to JR earlier was falling all over himself to get in JR's good graces now that the estate was his.

"Good morning, Mr, Danforth, I'm so glad to see you this morning," he welcomed them.

JR was cranky, having been woken up early and having to attend to more business before they could head home.

"You call me 'Mr. Danforth' again and it won't matter if you're glad or not. You'll never see me in this bank again. My name is JR!" he snapped at the man.

"I'm so sorry, JR is it?" he groveled.

"Yes, just 'JR'. Now let's get this done so we can head home," JR snapped.

The lawyer leaned over to whisper in Drew's ear with a smirk,

"I don't know what side of the bed he slept on last night but don't let him get out of that side again."

"I would have no idea," Drew stated his face turning red.

"Ah, discretion. A wise decision," the lawyer responded and smiled.

The paperwork finished, JR asked the lawyer if he could order a limousine instead of the usual sedan for the return trip home.

"I'm really tired and it's a long trip. I'd like to be able to stretch out and sleep on the way home," JR explained.

"Of course, JR. This has been a couple of hectic days. You'll be picked up at the hotel in an hour."

The lawyer took them back to the hotel to check out of their room. They boys went down to the dining room for breakfast while they waited for the car service.

The driver showed up and came to get them in the dining room. He took their bags and put them in the trunk then opened the door for the boys. Drew looked in and then back at JR.

"Are we taking all the people that work for you back with us? This fucking thing is huge!" Drew exclaimed.

JR gave him a shove into the limo and scooted in after him. As they pulled away from the hotel, JR told the driver he was going to take a nap and asked if he could raise the privacy screen. The driver immediately pressed a button and a dark glass panel was raised between the driver's seat and the back of the vehicle.

"I could get used to this life. A big ass hotel, a big ass factory, a big ass house and now a big ass car," Drew said, wishing he hadn't mentioned the house. Turns out, JR was obviously over his angst about the house and the comment went unnoticed.

"And my big ass cock?" JR smiled, grabbing his crotch.

"Well, I don't know if I'd call it big?" Drew joked, warranting a punch in the shoulder from JR.

"I don't care if you call it big or not, as long as you call it yours," JR said as he leaned over and hugged Drew.

"Always," was Drew simply one word reply.

"I'm going to stretch out an take a nap if that's okay?" JR said.

"Of course, you've earned it."

JR lay across the back seat and put his head on Drew's thigh for a pillow.

"Is this okay?" JR asked.

"Perfect. Sweet dreams."

JR looked up at Drew and squeezed his leg then closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. Drew put his head back and he too was soon asleep.

About an hour went by and Drew was having the curious dream. He was dreaming that he was back in the hotel room and Andy was there with him. Andy was completely shaved and hairless except for the top of his head. Drew was sitting in the chair in the room and Andy was massaging Drew's cock, causing it to chub up. Drew was moving his hips and breathing heavy as Andy continued to work Drew's cock. He reached out and put his hand on Andy's head to pull him down to his crotch.

Just then Drew was jolted awake by a voice, a real voice.

"I take it you like that?"

Drew looked down and JR still had his head on Drew's lap but his hand was between Drew's legs, squeezing and fondling Drew's cock. JR looked up and said softly,

"Shall I continue?"

"No," Drew responded quickly. "I have a better idea."

Drew looked to make sure the security screen was still up, shielding the driver from seeing anything taking place in the back seat. He undid his pants and raised his hips to move his pants down to his ankles.

"I think I agree with you, this is a much better idea," as JR took a hold of Drew and began to stroke him to his full hardness.

Drew was running his hands over JR's body, trying to reach over him to get his hands on JR's bulge with little success.

"You had the idea what to do, I have an idea how to do it," JR snickered.

He swung himself upright on the back seat and pulled off his pants and shirt. Then he lay his naked body back down facing the back of the seat and pulled Drew down between him and the back of the seat so they were in the perfect 69 position. Drew struggled but managed to get his shirt off and his pants off his ankles. Both boys lay completely naked on the back seat of the limousine, each other's cock at the ready. The steady rhythm of the car thumping over the tar strips in the road added an extra unique sensation to their pleasure. JR unloaded first, followed in short order by Drew. They lay still, their cocks still in their mouths. Slowly the hardness faded and each mouth was left with a flaccid penis and a salty after taste. Just as Drew was about to pull his cock out, JR tightened his mouth to hold him in place and used his tongue to play with the tip of Drew's cock. The flaccid cock started to respond. Drew did the same to JR who also had the same response. Both cocks were slightly sensitive but not enough to want them to stop. It added to the immediacy of the moment as they started sucking again. It took longer and the amount of cum was less but the intensity of the second orgasm was not lacking.

Someone slowed down abruptly in front of the limousine to take an exit of the highway. The driver hit the brakes hard enough to knock JR off the seat and fall on the floor with a loud thunk.

"I'm sorry sir, are you all right back there?" the driver asked.

"We're fine. I just slipped off the seat. No harm done," JR quickly answered, not wanting the driver to lower the privacy screen to check on his passengers.

"Very good sir. We will be home in about two more hours," the driver informed them.

Drew and JR were laughing hysterically at the sight of JR flat on his back on the floor, naked with his cock sticking straight up in the air.

"I like that look," Drew commented as he looked over the edge of the seat at JR. JR flipped him the middle finger. "Was that an offer?" he joked.

"After I recover," JR answered. He reached up and pulled Drew over the edge of the seat and down on top of him. "Safer this way, we can't fall again."

"No, but we can do a lot of other things."

The boys proceeded to make out and rub their naked bodies together. Taking a break, they got up off the floor and sat back on the seat.

"What do you think Steve and Bernie would think if they could see us now?" Drew asked.

"They want to rip their clothes off and join us," JR replied. "Maybe we can keep the car for a few days and have a rolling orgy."

"I'm sure your lawyer would appreciate the bill for your sexmobile," Drew laughed.

"You heard what he said, he was going to make sure my wished were carried out."

"And what do we tell my Mom when she sees this thing parked in the driveway for a few days?"

"You always have to be the practical one, don't you," JR sighed. "But seriously, I don't want anyone back home to know about any of this, the inheritance, the house, the factory, none of it. If anyone finds out I'm rich, they'll treat me different and I don't want that. Okay?"

"Yeah, sure. I know, so how should I treat you now?" Drew said with a chuckle.

"You treat me like my lawyer. What ever I want, you do. When I say get naked, you strip and get ready for hot sex," JR replied with an evil grin.

"Hmmm, I already do that so nothing would be different."

"Great! So we understand one another," JR grabbed Drew and kissed him. Breaking from the kiss, JR looked into Drew's eyes,

"The driver said we'd be home in a couple of hours. Doesn't that sound nice? Home. This is the first time in my life I've ever looked forward to going home," JR said pensively.

"We've only been gone fours days and it was fun but you're right, it will be good to be home," Drew agreed.

"I hope your mother hasn't said anything about where we were or what we where doing," JR worried.

"I'm sure she is being discreet about everything. She's not one to gossip. She hasn't told anyone that her darling son and a runaway she took in are upstairs in the house fucking and sucking each other every night has she?" Drew giggled.

"Drew Sampson, you're an asshole, you know that," JR responded, punching Drew on the shoulder. "A real fucking asshole!"

Drew reacted by turning to his side and flashing JR with his ass.

"Yes it is, a real fuckable asshole," laughing loudly

JR pushed Drew further over on this side, wet his finger and pushed it against Drew's pucker. Drew moaned as the finger penetrated him

"I have another idea, get back on the floor on your back again," Drew told JR, who was ever so glad to comply.

Drew went down on JR and sucked his cock nice and hard and covered with saliva. Then he straddled JR, spit on his finger and lubed his hole. He was slowly lowering himself onto JR's boner when the car hit a big bump in the road forcing JR up into Drew in one quick motion.

"Shall I ask the driver to find some more bumps?" JR asked.

"No, that one did the job, now fuck me."

Which JR did. Being his third orgasm of the day, it took him longer to unload. But neither one of them were complaining. Drew started to stroke his cock but JR pushed his hand away and did the honors for him. When JR finally shot four spurts of cum into Drew, they stayed coupled for a while so Drew's intestines had a chance to absorb some of the liquid so not as much dribbled out.

The boys shared another intimate hour or so before deciding they better get dressed.

The limo pulled up in front of Drew's house and the driver opened the door for the boys to get out. JR just stood there and looked at the house then over to the station and smiled.

"It's good to be home," he said slowly.

"Yes it is," confirmed Drew.

"Is there anything else I can do for you, sir?" the driver asked JR.

"No, thank you. We've appreciated your driving us around all weekend," JR said as he reached out to shake his hand.

"Thank you, it was my pleasure as well," the driver smirked. "Was this your first ride in a limousine?"

"Yes, it was awesome!" JR responded,

"Yes, they say your first time in a limo is something you never forget," the driver said with a wink and a smile. The first time JR had seen him smile all weekend.

JR blushed knowing that the driver had a pretty good idea of what he and Drew had been doing.

The boys took their luggage to their bedroom and then hustled over to the newsstand to meet Elaine and Aunt Mildred.

"Welcome home you two, I hope you enjoyed yourself in the big city," Drew's mom said as they ran up to her.

"We did, but damn, it's great to be home," JR shouted out.

"Language, you little shithead," Drew admonished JR, much to the amusement of his mom and Aunt Mildred.

"You should have seen JR, mom. He was kicking butt at the board meeting. Then he met all the workers on Monday, locked down the factory and gave them two weeks off."

"I had to kick butt because I had a spy who found about a plot to scuttle the factory for personal gain. But we stopped it in it's tracks," JR reported.

"Sounds like the two of you made a good team," Elaine said. "So what are your plans now, JR?"

"I'm going to get a good night's sleep to be ready to get back to school in the morning," he told her.

Elaine laughed and shook her head.

"No, I mean going forward. Are you keeping the factory and moving up there to oversee it? Or are you going to sell it and the house?" she inquired.

"I'm sure as heck not going to move up there. This is where I belong. I've made some arrangements so the factory can keep going the way it is without me being around all the time. If it ends up being a problem, I'll sell it if I can make sure the workers are taken care of. I think I'm going to sell the house. Too many bad memories for me"

"Sounds like you given this some serious thought. I like the idea of you staying here with us. I was serious about adopting you if you'd consider it," Elaine told JR as she put one hand on his shoulder.

"Mom, don't mess up a good thing. If you adopt him then he'll be my brother and we couldn't . . ." Drew stopped short when he realized what he almost said.

"Don't worry, he'd only be a step brother so that wouldn't change anything," his mom smiled and winked at JR. She knew exactly what Drew was referring to.

"I have to ask for one favor, Elaine. Please don't tell anyone about my inheritance. I don't want people to treat me differently if they know I have money," JR pleaded.

"It's not up to me to tell anyone your business. I told anyone who asked about your absence that you were in Denver on personal business, which I knew nothing about," she reassured JR. "Now the both of you go back to the house and unpack, take a shower and rest up."

"No way, mom, you and Aunt Mildred have been filling in for us here and we're back so you two go back to the house and rest up. We got this," Drew told his mother.

The boys finished the rest of the day at the newsstand and then went to the house for supper. Elaine had fixed a huge celebration meal for their return.

"You know mom, at the hotel we ordered room service. Could you being our supper up to our room for us?" Drew said with smirk.

"You ain't in Denver anymore, honey," she snarked back to him.

"Drew, room service was great but we can only get that kind of service at the hotel," JR replied with a wink. "Besides, its much better sitting around the table with everyone here."

After they helped clean up from supper, the boys hugged Elaine and Aunt Mildred and headed up to bed. They got undress and climbed into bed. They didn't realize how tired a four-hour car ride while sucking and fucking all the way would make them. They quickly fell asleep.

The next morning JR was the first one awake. He went to take his shower and returned to find Drew still asleep. JR reached under the covers and grabbed Drew's crotch.

"Hey, time to get up sleepy head," he yelled in Drew's ear.

"I am up, didn't you feel it?" Drew grumbled and rolled over to go back to sleep.

"Come on, I don't want to be late for school. I'm going down stairs to start breakfast while you get showered and dressed.

JR bounded down the stairs two at a time. He walked briskly to the kitchen to find Elaine making coffee.

"Good morning, lovely lady," JR met her and gave her a hug.

"My but aren't we in a good mood this morning?" she commented.

"And why shouldn't I be. I'm home with the people I love and I won't have to go back and face that ugliness for another two weeks."

"And in two weeks?" she asked.

"Drew and I go back for two days and make sure the factory is going to be okay on it's own and then we come back here as fast as the driver can get us here."

"That's sounds good to me. Anything that brings you home is alright in my book."

"Those four letters are the most important in the whole English language; H-O-M-E," JR declared.

"No the second most important. The top of the list is L-O-V-E." Elaine corrected him.

Just then Drew walked into the kitchen.

"Perfect timing," his mom declared.

She and JR started to laugh while Drew stood there with a confused look on his face.

When the boys got to school the first one they ran into was Steve.

"Hey, looks who's back! Where the hell have you two been? You didn't come to the game and then you disappear off the face of the Earth," Steve began. "I saw JR getting driven off in a big black car and then my dad saw the two of you getting out of a stretch limo yesterday. What gives?"

JR looked around to make sure no one was watching and put his finger to his mouth to shush Steve.

"Drew and I had a secret meeting with President Eisenhower. He is afraid there are Communist spies trying to infiltrate the Army base and he wants us to keep an eye on who is coming and going," JR said in a hushed tone.

"The President of the United States wants you two goof balls to look out for spies?" Steve exclaimed.

"Quiet! No one can know about this. We shouldn't even be telling you, but you're our best friend so we know you can keep our secret. President Eisenhower felt because we're young kids and at the bus station everyday, we won't be noticed checking everyone out," JR continued.

"Holy fuck! Honest to goodness goddamn spy chasers. What do you do when you find one?"

"That's where you come in," JR told him.

"Me? What do I have to do with all this?" Steve asked, feeling uncomfortable.

"He knows you're such a hot quarterback," JR paused for dramatic effect.

"He knows about me?!?" Steve exclaimed.

"Yes he does. When we see a spy we point him out to you."

"What the hell am I suppose to do?"

"He gave us some bombs shaped like footballs for you to throw at the spy and blow him to smithereens!"

Drew and JR burst out laughing, hardly being able to stand up.

"You fuckers, you dirty rotten low down fuckers! I should kick your asses!" Steve yelled and pushed both boys against the lockers behind them. "You had me going, damn it. Now tell me what you were really doing. You owe me that now after that bullshit story."

"I just had to go to Denver to sign some legal papers for something to do with family business. I didn't really understand what it was all about, I just signed on the dotted line where the lawyer told me to sign. No biggie," JR faked the real reason.

"And you needed this jerk to go with you?" Steve said giving Drew a friendly punch in the shoulder.

"Someone had to be there to tell him how to spell his name," Drew threw in.

They heard some loud laughter from further down the hall. They looked and Bernie and Brian, the football player who was going to beat up Bernie a few days ago, laughing and joking around.

"What the hell is with that?" Drew said.

"That's my big news. We beat the shit out of the opposing team last Saturday. I've never seen Brian play so aggressively. He was blocking so much, when I got the ball I had enough time to tie my shoe, wave to my parents in the stands and then throw the ball. He was a freaking animal. The defensive tackle that was opposite him was really getting pissed that he couldn't break through the line. After the game we're walking across the field to go to the locker room. Brian was a few steps behind me and Bernie was tagging along behind us. He didn't want to get near Brian for fear of setting him off. All of a sudden the other coach yelled,"

"Number 52, watch out!"

"Bernie caught movement out of the corner of his eye and saw the frustrated player from the other team running full speed at Brian's back with his arms crossed in front of him. If he had hit Brian that way he could have crippled him. Instead, Bernie stuck his foot out and gave the player a body check that threw him off balance as he tripped. His momentum carried him forward but off target and landed face first right next to Brian. Brian looked down at him and snickered,"

"Looks about normal. That's where you've been the whole game."

"Then Brian turned back and saw Bernie and figured out what had happened. The other coach ran up and grabbed his player and hustled him off the field. We heard later that he got suspended from the team and from school for a week. Bernie kept on walking and when he walked past Brian, Brian looked at him and shook his head."

"Thanks I owe you one," Brian told Bernie

"Bernie played it perfectly." Steve said.

"No worries. You protect Steve, I protect you," Bernie replied and kept on walking.

"Brian looked dumbfounded. He looked at me and I smiled at him. He smiled at me and shook his head. They have been pals ever since. Brian picks him up in the morning on the way to school now."

"And you were going to stay home to protect Bernie?" JR said in mock disgust.

Bernie and Brain came walking down the hall, Brian waved hello and kept walking. Bernie stayed with the boys and talked until the first bell rang.

The next two weeks flew by. Everything was great at school, with no one asking any more questions about where the boys had been. At home, Drew and JR had decided to take turns leaving the station early to go and help Elaine and Aunt Mildred fix supper, do laundry, take out trash or any other things that they could do. Elaine and Mildred were so happy that the boys were helping them.

"We have to go back up to Denver this weekend," JR said to Elaine. "Do you and Aunt Mildred want to come along and spend the weekend in the big city? You could go to a movie or go shopping or anything you want."

"Thank you, but we'll stay here. Someone has to mind the station," she replied.

"Close it for the weekend and come along."

"Maybe another time. You boys have business to attend to and we don't want to get in the way. But thank you for offering."

The car service picked them up at school and drove to Denver Friday afternoon. When they got to town, JR asked if they could stop at his favorite pizza shop and get a pizza, to which the driver readily agreed. It was his job to drive JR wherever he wanted to go. When they got to the pizza shop, the driver said he would wait for them in the car.

"Oh no you don't, we want you to come in with us and eat," JR insisted.

"That would be highly irregular sir. I'll just wait in the car."

"Do you want me to complain to the service that you're not doing as I asked you?" JR said with a grin.

"No sir, that would not be necessary. I haven't had a piece of pizza in years. I will come along if you insist," the driver replied with a grin.

They ordered then picked out a table. As they sat waiting for the pizza, the driver spoke up.

"I hope I'm not being too forward, sir, but you are nothing like you're father."

"Thank you," JR said.

"If anything, you're are so much more like your dear sweet mother."

"You knew my mother?" JR sat up right as his voice quivered.

"Yes, I drove her for quite a few years before she passed. A wonderful lady."

"Tell me all about her, I want to know everything," JR implored the driver. "But before you do, what is your first name?"

"James, sir, James Wilton," the driver answered. "In the 32 years I've been driving for your family the only other person to asked my name was your mother." He let out a loud sigh, obviously touched by JR's request.

"Glad to meet you, James. You can call me JR, and he is Drew. Now tell me everything you can remember about my mother."

"She was a very special lady. Your mother planted all the flowers that are blossoming in the gardens around the house. Your father would get mad at her getting he hands dirty and insisted she hire a gardener to do that work. She hired a gardener to appease him but then would go out and work along side him in the gardens. He found out and screamed bloody murder. After that she would only go out in the garden when she was sure he wouldn't be coming home."

"Those gardens are magnificent," JR said quietly, his eyes beginning to water with tears.

"She would tell your father she was going shopping or visiting friends and would have me drive her to the poor side of town and do volunteer work in the soup kitchens. Luckily he never found out about that."

"I miss her so much," JR's tears dripped down his cheek.

"She was so happy when she became pregnant with you. She had me drive her all over town to find just the right wallpaper, paint and furniture to decorate your nursery. She wanted it perfect for her baby boy. When she passed your father had the room cleared out and put just the basics. A bed, a chest of drawers and neutral colors."

Drew had put his arm around JR and was hugging him sideways as James told him about his mother.

"I'm sorry I upset you, JR. I shouldn't have told you all of this," James apologized.

"I learned more about my mother in the past ten minutes than in all my years living with that asshole. Thank you James, thank you so much," JR sniffled.

"I think it's time I got you back to the hotel. Shall we leave?" he asked.

We left the pizza shop and went directly to the hotel. James got out to open the door as usual. When JR exited the back seat, he grabbed James and hugged him.

"I want to hear more when we have more time," JR told him.

"Certainly, sir," James answered, reverting back to his formal self.

The boys went into the hotel and checked in.

"Welcome back, Mr Danfor . . ." the manager caught himself, "Welcome back, JR."

"Thank you. Another busy weekend ahead but I'm sure we'll enjoy our stay again as usual," JR replied. Before he could ask about Andy, the manager spoke up.

"Andrew isn't working tonight but he'll be on duty tomorrow morning. I know you were quite pleased with his service last time you were here."

"Yes, we were. Very professional for a man of his age," JR reported.

"And if I may be so forward, you as well. I think our future is in good hands," the manager smiled.

The boys went up to their room and waited for the older bellboy to bring their luggage. Once it arrived, they immediately shed their clothes.

"Can we just watch TV for a while?" JR asked.

"Sure, that's fine. Are you okay after hearing what James had to say about your mother?" Drew asked with concern.

Drew was afraid JR was going to be depressed and hoped he didn't have a melt down like he did at his father's house.

"I'm fine. I'm just thinking about my mother and how much I miss her. Until today I really didn't know her at all. She was just a picture in a frame. Now she is a real person with likes and dislikes, things she was passionate about, a personality to be admired."

"She sounds special. So is her son," Drew said as he hugged JR.

They sat and watched TV in silence until they went to bed and slept. JR had an uneasy night, tossing and turning and breathing hard and fast, obviously having bad dreams. Drew would hold him until he settled down and stopped moving, his breath returning to normal.

The boys were up early, showered to meet the lawyer in the lobby to go get some breakfast. JR and the lawyer were going to discuss his presentation to the board of the new ideas. As they were walking through the lobby, Andy saw them and met them at the front door.

"Are you staying overnight tonight? I've got something I'd really like to show you if I can."

"We hadn't planned on it. We just have a meeting this morning and then were headed back home," JR told him

"Damn, I was really looking forward to bringing you supper tonight . . . and everything," Andy replied with a disappointed look on his face.

"Let me see if we can stay. We'll let you know."

The boys met the lawyer out front and went to breakfast.

"You know you're going to meet with some resistance, especially from Hanson and Radcliffe.

"I hope it's not too intense. I didn't get much sleep. My bacon was overcooked and the toast was burned so I'll fire their asses if they get too belligerent," JR snarled.

The lawyer just looked at JR and then Drew. Drew shrugged his shoulders and continued eating.

"I've had several offers to buy the business. Two offers are just slightly below what the accountants put for a value on the business, one is about 20% under value and there is one that about 50% under value," the lawyer told JR.

"Let me guess who the lowball offer was from, Hanson and Associates?" JR sneered.

"The other three want to know if you want to sit down and talk. Hanson wants an answer before you head back home today."

"That's easy. I auction off the assets and close the doors before I sell to those two. Tell the other three that no decision has been made yet on the future of the business but we'll be in touch. I want to keep my options open for now."

They finished eating and left for the factory conference room. Everyone was gathered and talking amongst themselves. Hanson and Radcliffe were to one side talking quietly to some of the older members of the board. JR moved to the head of the room and called the meeting to order.

"I've called this meeting to inform you that the changes involving profit sharing and performance based pay raises was well received by the employees. I had some great feedback and everyone I talked with was anxious to get back to work and get things moving again. These changes will be taking place starting Monday," JR stated.

Hanson nodded to one of the board members he had been talking to.

"You're going to bankrupt this company. We can't afford this free giveaways," he shouted.

"They aren't free giveaways, they are earned bonuses for working hard and increasing profits. If the profits don't go up, no one gets any extra. If the profits go up, we can well afford to share," JR shot back.

Hanson nodded to another board member.

"We've heard you have offers to sell the company. You should sell now while there is still some value left to our shares," the other man shouted.

"It's true, there have been offers to sell. None of them come close to the market value of the company. I had an audit of the books done over the past two weeks and the company is in great shape financially. There is enough equity to spend the money for some of the improvements that I'm sure the employees will suggest, with enough operating capital be ready for the future," JR told the members.

"Not if you keep giving it away until there is nothing left. Typical second generation no nothing. Sell now and get out while we have something left." the first man yelled out.

"There was one offer that was fifty cents on the dollar. Is that what you want, fifty cents back on your investment?" JR said with a stern voice.

One of the board members that had been talking with JR at the last meeting spoke out.

"Sounds like somebody thinks you're stupid and they can get away with cheating you."

A few quiet laughs could be heard.

"I'm not stupid and the answer to that offer," pausing to look directly at Hanson and Radcliffe, "is a firm and definite NO."

The lawyer exhaled hard and loudly, patting Drew on the shoulder as he whispered to him,

"Hot damn! That's our boy, swinging that baseball bat. I think he connected this time."

He nodded to Drew to look at several of the board members looking at Hanson, realizing it was his offer.

"Look, none of you know me and these changes may be making you nervous. So I'm going to make an offer of my own. I will buy anyone's shares that want out. I will pay full face value as of Friday's market. If you want to sell, please leave your name with my lawyer, Mr. Cunningham, before you leave today and he will have a check cut on Monday."

The lawyer looked at JR in shock. Then he looked around the room and saw heads shaking side to side, not wanting the buyout. Hanson and Radcliffe faces were bright red.

"If there are no more questions or concerns, I will adjourn this meeting and we can all be on our way."

No one spoke, although there was a gentle muttering sounds as they all talked to each other.

"Hearing none, this board of directors meeting is adjourned. See you all at the next meeting, or at least those who have the balls to stick around," JR snickered.

As JR was headed to the back of the room to leave, several board members came up to him and shook his hand, offering him congratulations and support with his new ideas. No one approached the lawyer to offer their shares for sale. Hanson and Radcliffe were lagging behind until almost everyone had left. They stormed up to JR with fire in their eyes.

"You won't get away with this, you little shit. We'll stop you dead in your tracks. You thought you could humiliate us in front of everyone with you denial of our offer. Before we're done with you, you'll be begging us to buy out what's left of this company," Hanson yelled and stormed out of the room.

"Me thinks the man is a might upset," JR laughed.

"You've poked the bear and you've got a hell of a storm coming you way. I hope you're ready for it," the lawyer warned him.

"That's why I have a good lawyer to handle things like this," JR smiled.

"Now you're swung your bat, you're going to run home, I suppose?" the lawyer asked.

"Swung my bat?" JR asked, looking at the lawyer and them Drew.

"It's an inside joke, I'll explain it later," Drew told him

JR was thinking 'swinging his bat" might be referring to the sex he and Drew were having while in town. That reminded him of Andy conversation in the lobby earlier.

"Actually I was wondering if we could stay another night. I'd like to show Drew some more of Denver while we're here," JR asked the lawyer,

"It's fine with me as long as your mother agrees," the lawyer replied. Realizing he had referred to Elaine as his mother, he cleared his throat and started to correct himself.

Before the lawyer could speak, JR spoke up.

"I'm sure she'll say okay. Can you have James pick us up at the hotel, if he is available?"

"Who is James?" the lawyer asked.

"The driver we've had for from the car service. He knows this city liked the back of his hand," JR told him.

"I'll take care of it for you. Anything else?"

"No. Thank you for all your help so far. I'm sorry if I've caused too much trouble for you," JR apologized.

"This is a walk in the park compared to working for your father. I'm enjoying watching you operate," the lawyer smiled.

As they were walking through the lobby back at the hotel, JR saw Andy by the elevators with another guest. He gave him a quick wave and a wink. Andy broke out in an ear to ear grin, silently mouthing the word "tonight".

The boys freshened up, changed into casual clothes and waited for James. They got a call and went down to meet him in front of the hotel.

"Good afternoon, JR, where would you like to go today?" James asked.

"Hi James. I'd like to show Drew some of the more interesting sights on Denver instead of just the inside of a hotel and a hostile board meeting."

"Any particular place in mind?" he asked.

"Not really. You know this city better than anyone so show us what you've got," JR joked.

"Very well. Climb in and let's get started."

"Do you mind if we ride in front with you? You wouldn't have to shout over the seat."

"I'm sure you'd hear me. It's a little uncustomary but whatever you wish, JR," James relented.

The boys piled into the front seat and off they went on their tour of the city. James showed them the more popular tourist spots then some of the places off the beaten path that make Denver the diverse city that it is. Finally James parked in front of the Denver Botanical Gardens and suggested they might like to go inside.

"This was one of your mother's favorite places to visit," James told JR.

"Would you come with us and show us around?" JR asked.

"You are going to make me breach decorum all day, aren't you?" James laughed as he shut off the car.

James gave the boys a very thorough tour of the gardens, explaining the various species and giving them some interesting background that most visitors wouldn't be privy to.

"Where to now?" James asked as they left the garden.

"Can we make one more stop at my mother's house? I want to walk her gardens and get to know them as she did," JR requested.

"I think she'd like that," James replied as he headed the car towards the house.

Drew took note that JR referred to the house as his mother's house and not his father's. When they arrived at the house, James parked the car and walked along with the boys. JR pointed out some of the species he had seen at the Botanical Gardens, while James helped him identify others. After a couple of hours they had walked the entire grounds and taken note of every flower his mother had planted.

"It's been a full day, James, I think we'll head back to the hotel now. Thank you so much for spending the afternoon with us." JR told him.

"It's been my pleasure, JR. You and Drew are a welcome change from most of my passengers. Are you returning home tomorrow?"

"Yes, mid morning if you're available," JR replied.

"I'll make sure I am. See you in the morning."

The boys went into the hotel and up to their room. There were exhausted from the long day. They took showers, individually, and lay down for a nap.

"Thank you for being here with me today. This morning was tense but every time I looked over and saw you there with me, I relaxed a little," JR told Drew as they cuddled naked in bed.

"I've told you I'll always be by your side, no matter what," Drew replied, giving JR a tender kiss.

"I don't know why you are. I can be a pain in the ass sometimes," JR muttered.

"Boy, do I know that. You got to learn to use more lube," Drew giggled.

"Fuck you, dick head!" JR said in mock anger.

"That's what I'm talking about," Drew giggled again.

"Shut up and go to sleep. I think Andy has something planned for later tonight. We better get some rest," JR said, punching Drew in the shoulder.

Drew's stomach rumbling woke the boys a couple of hours later.

"I'm starved. Let's order supper and see if Andy brings it up," JR suggested.

There was a knock on the door about a half-hour after they ordered. Opening the door they let Andy in carrying a tray with their food. He set it down and headed back for the door.

"Enjoy your meal. I'll be back for the dishes in an hour," Andy announced as he went out the door.

"Well, that was rather cold and professional. Not exactly what I was expecting after this morning," Drew noted.

"Maybe we read him wrong," JR responded.

"His loss. Let's eat," Drew replied matter of factly.

In exactly one hour there was a knock on the door. JR opened it to find Andy standing there at attention.

"I've come for your dishes, sir," Andy said, showing now emotion.

JR just pointed to the tray with the empty dishes. Andy took the tray and headed for the door. As he was about to walk out, he looked at JR and winked.

"I hope you left room for dessert, sir."

JR looked back at Drew in total confusion. Did Andy want to play around again or was he just teasing. They let it pass and cuddled to watch TV. Eventually that led to some kissing and some mutual touching and groping. By nine o'clock things were getting heated up when there was a knock on the door. JR didn't know whom to expect so he grabbed his robe to answer the door. Andy was standing at the door in his casual clothes.

"I'm sorry I was so formal before but I had a member of the hotel management staff following me to evaluate my performance with the guests. It seems some very important guests are arriving tomorrow and they wanted to make sure I would represent the hotel properly," Andy explained.

"Did you pass?" JR asked, still not sure where this was going.

"Perfectly! They thought they would have to call in one of the senior bell boys but that would entail overtime pay. May I come in? I have something I'm very excited to show you."

"Of course, we weren't sure if you would be coming back tonight," Drew hollered from the couch, removing the pillow he had grabbed to cover his nakedness.

Andy stepped in as JR closed the door. Once inside Andy unbuttoned his shirt, pulling it open to reveal a smooth, clean shaved chest.

"What do you think?" Andy face beamed.

"I like it, I like it," JR gave his approval.

Andy removed his shirt and turned around in a full circle, showing an equally smooth back.

"Wow! You look amazing!" Drew said as he got up off the couch and came over for a closer look.

Kicking off his shoes and unzipping his pants, Andy turned his back to the boys and said in a low voice.

"But wait there is more."

He dropped his pants to show a smooth ass and legs, no hair anywhere. JR gave a low whistle and Drew let out a shout for more. Andy turned around to face the boys with his hairless cock standing tall and proud.

"Tada! What do you think?" Andy asked with a smile.

"I think you look so fucking hot! What made you change you mind about shaving? JR asked.

"One of the boys on the swim team got hurt so they needed a replacement. My friend suggested I try out even though I didn't think I was good enough. He said it wouldn't matter, they just needed a full roster to enter the next major competition. So I tried out and I am now an official member of the team."

"So you had to go home and shave?" Drew asked.

"No, that's the best part," Andy laughed. "They have a custom that the team gets to shave any new members, sort of an initiation thing. So before my first practice, I had to go to the showers with the team captain and the rest of the team. They soaped me up and took turns shaving parts of my body. My friend who convinced me to join made sure he got to shave my cock, my balls and my ass. I was embarrassed because I had a severe boner by now. But then I looked around and every other guy in the shower was stiff. When my buddy was soaping up my cock, he was working it more than was necessary to build up a decent lather. I told him he better be careful or he'd make me cum. His reply was "So?" I relaxed and let his jerk me off. When I shot my load, everyone cheered and welcomed me to swim team."

"Jesus, that's was hot!" JR said, rubbing his own hardon.

"My only regret is that I didn't join sooner. My buddy told me that they shave together every Friday after practice. He said I can join in the tradition or I can meet him later Friday night and we can do each other. I think me meant more than just a shave," Andy said with a big grin.

"So now we can suck your cock and lick your ass and enjoy this new smooth and horny Andy?"

"Hell yes! I couldn't wait to show you and was half chubbed up all day thinking about coming to your room tonight."

JR directed them all to the bed. He had Andy lay on his back so he could suck his cock while Andy took Drew's cock in his mouth. JR alternated between Andy's cock and his balls, while Andy was busy sucking Drew and running his hand between Drew's legs to play with his ass. They switched positions so they each got to suck each other's cocks. It didn't take long before they filled each other's mouth with hot, salty cum.

"That was worth the wait, Andy. Hopefully you can stay long enough for round two," Drew commented.

"That's' the best part. If that invitation to stay the night with you is still good, I don't have to leave until early morning. Management gave me an employee room to stay in the hotel tonight so I'll be here and ready first thing in the morning when the VIP's arrive," Andy told Drew.

"Of course you're welcome to stay the night with us. I'm not sure how much sleep you'll get though," JR laughed.

"Who wants to sleep when I'll be in bed with two horny teenagers," Andy replied. "There is one favor I'd like to ask and you're free to say no if you want."

"Anything, you hot fucking stud, just name it," JR smirked.

"Last time I was here was the first time I had ever done anything with another guy."

"Yeah, you told us that so we didn't pressure you to do anything you didn't want to do," JR acknowledged.

"I know, that's why I tried to suck cock for the first time in my life. You guys made me feel so relaxed. Now I'd like to loose my virginity tonight. It might come up with my swim team buddy and I want to know if I can actually do it or not. I know I'd be super nervous with him if it was my first time. What do you say?"

"On one condition," JR told Andy, "We'll fuck you if you return the favor and fuck us."

"That hardly seems fair. There is only one of me and there are two of you. One of you will get left out," Andy reasoned.

"We've got all night. You can fuck one of us then one of us will fuck you then you can fuck the other one. It will be an awesome night," Drew pitched in.

"Sounds great!"

The boys took a short break to recharge then JR volunteered to bottom for Andy first. Drew smiled and shook his head in agreement. Andy looked like a Cheshire cat, know he was going to loose his cherry, both on top and bottom. JR got a tube of lube and applied a generous globe to his ass then took another handful and smeared it on Andy's cock, massaging it as he did. Quite unnecessary as Andy was already hard as a rock anticipating penetrating JR.

"Please, no more. You'll make me cum before I get in," Andy pleaded.

"Okay, let's do it," JR laughed as he got on all fours on the bed and presented his ass.

Andy got in position behind him and took a hold of his stiff rod. He looked over at Drew for encouragement as he moved in closed to JR. Drew smiled and responded to Andy.

"Enjoy his hole. It's the best ass in the state of Colorado," Drew proclaimed.

"How would you know? It's the only ass you've ever had," JR giggled to Drew.

"I wasn't going to settle for anything less than the best," Drew answered back.

"Enough small talk, slide in," JR said as he wiggled his ass at Andy.

Andy aimed the tip of his leaking cock at JR's hole, lined it up and pressed against JR.

"Let me know if I'm hurting you," Andy asked.

Andy applied pressure as JR pulsed his pucker, relaxing it for Andy. The tip entered as JR let out a moan.

"Are you ok? Andy asked with concern.

"You're doing just fine. Keep going," JR advised him.

With that Andy pushed a little harder, slowly sliding in deeper and deeper.

"Oh hell yes, you're big cock feels awesome!" JR said slowly.

Andy bottomed out and held his position getting used to this new feeling. He had fucked his share of girls but this felt so much different than a girl's pussy, tighter, firmer and so much better. Was it really that much better or was it the forbidden nature of sodomizing another guy. At this point, Andy really didn't give a damn. It just felt fantastic. He began to withdraw and press back in as JR continues to moan and offer words of encouragement. JR wanted to tighten and relax this sphincter but didn't want to do anything to hasten Andy orgasm on his first time. He just unconsciously wiggled his hips a little, giving Andy an added touch. Suddenly Andy just froze and wasn't moving at all.

"Are you all right Andy?" JR asked.

Andy didn't answer. He had his eyes closed, his lips closed tightly but a smile on his face. After a minute or so he started thrusting again. Then he stopped again.

"Andy, what's up?" JR asked again, trying to turn and look at his face.

"He's edging himself in your ass, JR. He trying hard not to cum yet," Drew laughed out loud.

JR couldn't help himself and started twitching his ass muscles, tightening and loosening them. It had the effect he wanted. Andy groaned loudly, cursed JR and exploded inside him, no longer being able to hold off spewing the first load of his hot cum into another guy's ass. Andy immediately slumped backwards, allowing the cum to run out of JR hole and down his balls eventually dripping onto the bed.

"Quick, Drew, get a towel. We have to sleep in this bed tonight," JR commanded Drew.

"Make him lick it up," Drew joked as he ran to the bathroom to get a towel.

By the time he got back, Andy was indeed head down on the bed, licking up his cum.

"I was only kidding, Andy."

"Why let it go to waste," Andy said as he looked up and smiled. "That was the most incredible thing I've ever experienced. So much better than fucking a girl. I think I could get used to this real quickly."

"We're only here an occasional weekend, remember. You'll have to find another hole to play with," Drew reminded him.

"From my initiation with the swim team, I think it's only a matter of time before I find a fuck buddy," Andy declared.

"Then we better break you in so you can play both ways. You still up for this?" JR asked.

"Only one way to find out," as Andy grabbed the tube of lube and smeared some on his ass and pushed a finger up his ass to get the inside nice and slippery. Holding the tube in his hand he asked, "So whose cock get slicked?"

"Drew, I'm still recharging, would you do the honors?" JR smiled.

"Come over here," Andy commanded.

Andy slathered Drew's stiff cock from tip to base, swirling his hand around the circumference to make sure every square inch was covered. Then Andy got on all fours right next to JR who was lying on his back now. JR pulled a pillow under his head to get a better view of the action. Drew moved up inside Andy's feet and positioned himself.

"I'm going to loosen you up first," he told Andy as he gently inserted a finger.

Andy gave out a little gasp and then a moan.

"Oh hell yes, I've finger myself sometimes when I jerk off but it feels so much better when someone else does it. Push it deep."

Drew complied and pushed his finger in until his hand was pressed deep in Andy's crack. Then he moved it around, feeling for the magic spot within. Andy dropped his head onto the bed and moaned in acceptance.

"Okay, now two. I've actually had as many as three in my ass, although it did start to hurt then," Andy told Drew.

Drew pulled his first finger out and then used two to stretch Andy's pucker. As soon as he felt Andy was comfortable, he added one more.

"Okay, okay, that's enough," Andy said as he held his breath.

"It's going to hurt more than this when I use my cock instead of a few skinny fingers."

"If I had to endure the pain, I want the real thing. Go ahead and fuck me. I'm ready."

Drew pulled his fingers out and brought his cock up to Andy's rosebud. As he touched the tip to Andy's hole, Drew felt it contract.

"Just relax. Push out gently like you're taking a shit. When I start to go in, your initial reflex will be to tighten up but try not to. It will hurt but let me know if it hurts too much."

Drew applied enough pressure to get the head of his cock inside. It actually penetrated easier than Drew was expecting. Andy must have been fingering himself pretty regularly. He felt Andy's ass tighten and then relax quickly.

"Okay, I'm ready, bring it on home, stud," Andy said with bravado, fighting the burning pain of something much larger than he was used to having in his ass.

Drew didn't want to just slam him ass hard so he slowly pushed deeper and deeper until Andy's ass had completely swallowed Drew's cock. Drew held still for a moment and asked Andy if he was okay.

"Hell no, I'm not okay. What did you do back there, fall asleep? Get pumping, will you?"

JR laughed out loud at Andy's impatience. He reached underneath Andy and took a hold of his semi-erect cock.

"You can stroke it if you want, but I don't think there's much left in the tank for a third time," Andy told JR.

"I don't care, I just like the feel of your silky smooth cock," JR commented.

Andy looked over at him and grinned, thrilled at JR enjoying his new shaved body. Meanwhile, Drew had begun to withdraw and then thrust back in as Andy was asking for.

"Oh yeah, Drew, make me your bitch!"

Drew and JR were taken by surprise at Andy new persona, a totally uninhibited sex maniac. Andy was breathing heavy and pushing back against Drew every time Drew thrust back in, Drew's crotch making slapping sounds against Andy's butt cheeks as flesh met flesh. JR was feeling a steady drip of precum from Andy's cock, belying the fact that his tank was empty. Drew was getting a leg cramp and changed his position behind Andy. The new position made Drew's cock hit Andy's magic button. That combined with JR's firm grip and steady stroking, brought Andy to his third orgasm in the last hour.

"Fucking hell, this is awesome! Why didn't I do this a long time ago?" Andy yelled out in staggered breaths.

"Because you hadn't met up with us before," JR snickered as he offered up his cum covered fingers to Andy who licked them clean.

Drew gave a few more pumps with Andy's sphincter muscle firmly gripped around his manhood and let loose his second, yet substantial load, filling Andy with the prize he was looking for. Drew was going to stay inside Andy a little while until he started to go soft, but Andy fell forward face fist on the bed.

"So, was it what you expected?" JR asked.

"That and a whole lot more. Can you guys move into the dorm with me for a few months?" Andy asked in jest.

"As good as it sounds, you've got a whole university of asses and cocks to conquer now. We're just glad we could be your first." Drew replied.

The boys rested for a while then it was Drew's turn for JR to fuck him. This swapping around continued most of the night until Andy fell asleep from exhaustion. Drew and JR looked at each other and smiled.

"Mission accomplished!" JR stated.

"Completely. Now let's follow his lead and get some sleep," Drew advised.

Andy woke up early the next morning to he could shower and get down to his station on time. His ass was sore, but a good kind of sore. He felt he'd never be able to walk past that room again without popping a boner. His sore ass made him reluctant to sit most of the day and his preference to stand and be at the ready for the VIP guests really impressed his boss. If only they knew.

The next morning the boys showered and were getting their things packed to go back home. They decided they'd eat breakfast in the dining room instead of burdening Andy with more work. They were waiting for their food when Andy brought a phone to the table.

"You have an important call from your lawyer," he informed them.

"I'm glad I caught you before you left for home, JR," the lawyer began. "Hanson is seeking a temporary injunction to prevent you from putting any of your plans into effect. There is a hearing scheduled for tomorrow morning in Judge Marcome's chambers. He is a probate judge so it's very unusual that he is handling the hearing. I can only assume that he saw you're name on it and asked for the hearing personally. I have all your papers and reports from the accountants to show that the company can well afford your new ideas and as primary trustee I can speak on your behalf."

"That rotten sneaky bastard. When you get a chance, look up and see if he has a contract or if he is just an employee at will, subject to being fired at any time," JR answered loudly. "Do you want me to stay another night and go with you to the hearing tomorrow?"

"I don't think it's necessary. It might play well with the judge that I didn't want you to miss a day of school. Have a safe trip home and I will call you later tomorrow to let you know what happened."

JR filled Drew in on the conversation when he hung up. Andy came to get the phone and looked worried.

"Is everything all right, sir?" he asked.

"My pregnancy test came back positive, thanks to you," JR said in a low voice, then giggled.

Andy's face turned bright red as he stifled a laugh.

"Very good, sir, if you need anything else, just ask," Andy said in his most professional manner.

Before Andy took the phone, JR called the car service to let James know they were ready to be picked up. He told him the usual car would be fine and they didn't need the limousine. Drew looked at him with a perplexed look. Drew had anticipated a sex filled ride home like last time. JR saw the disappointment on Drew's face, explaining that he as worn out from last night. Drew had to concur once he thought about it.

James showed and opened the back door for the boys to get in.

"James, can I ride up front with you so I can hear more stories about my mother?" JR asked timidly. He knew it was against company policy but he hoped James would acquiesce again.

James looked at JR and smiled.

"You know it is against company policy for clients to ride in the front. That's the same thing I told you mother when she got in the front seat instead of the back seat," James smiled as he closed the rear door and opened the front door. JR hustled in and sat in the middle of the seat. "Well?" James said to Drew, "You're going to be awfully lonesome all alone in the back by yourself. Unless you plan on sleeping like you did last time," James said with a wink.

Drew's face turned red as he slid in next to JR.

For the next 3-1/2 hours James told stories about JR's mother. JR sat sideways absorbing every word James said and committing it to memory. At times JR was tearing up, other times he was laughing, sometimes he was just quiet.

As they got close to home, James finished up by telling JR he was so much like his mother.

"She was the nicest and sweetest person you could ever meet. Smart, determined and head strong, but in a good way. I vividly remember one time I had driven her to the nursery to get some flats of flowers. It was a hot summer day when most ladies of good fortune would be home staying out of the sun and sipping a cold drink. But not your mother. She had a vision of an addition to her side garden. We walked around looking at every variety of plant they had until she made her choice. She loaded a cart and we loaded them in the trunk of the car. When we arrived home, she asked the gardener to unload them and plant them in the locations she had flagged in the garden. He unloaded them and said he would plant them right after lunch. She promptly corrected him that he would plant them now. It was a hot day and she didn't want them to wilt. He said he wanted lunch and a half-hour wouldn't make a difference. He was being belligerent about it. She told him that he could go eat his lunch, clock out and go home. She would mail his final paycheck. She politely asked me to carry the flats around to the side garden. I did it but not because I feared for my job. She had an air of authority that made me want to help her. I gladly carried the flowers and even offered to help plant them. She thanked me but declined my offer. She said that was not in my job description. Then she looked at the flowers, the dirt on my clothes and burst out laughing realizing the irony of her comment. From that day forward I had more respect for your mother than anyone else I ever drove for, . . .until now."

James leaned over and gave JR a hug.

"Stay true to yourself, Master JR, and don't take any shit from anyone," he counseled JR. "And you, Master Drew, you look after this young man and the two of you make a wonderful life for yourselves."

The boys got out of the car. As James drove away, he turned and waved. The boys waved back, JR wiping tears from his eyes. He watched the car drive away out of sight. JR cursed his life and couldn't understand why he was cheated out of a mother like Shirely. JR just stood there feeling sorry for himself while Drew went into the house and met Elaine and Mildred who were getting ready to make supper. JR finally joined Drew.

"Welcome home, boys. How was you meeting, JR?" Drew's mom asked.

"It was okay. Just more hassles and bullshit from a couple of the asshole managers"

"Please watch your language, JR." Elaine admonished him.

"Yeah, whatever," JR shrugged and went up stairs.

Elaine was about to continue when Drew interrupted her.

"JR has had a rough couple of days. He has some major opposition with his new plans. On the way home, James spent the whole trip telling JR about his mother. I think that really got to him emotionally."

"Who is James and why would he know JR's mother?"

Drew explained who James was and how he knew so much about his mother.

"I suppose it's important for him to know about his mother but he seemed much happier not knowing," Elaine commented.

"Sometimes is best not to know too much about our families, especially our sons," Mildred threw out. She wiped her eyes and went to sit in the living room.

Drew helped his mother make supper and get it on the table. He called Mildred from the living room and then went upstairs to get JR. who was on the bed curled up in a fetal position.

"Supper is ready," Drew told JR as he put a hand on his shoulder.

"I'll be down in a minute," JR mumbled.

Drew waited a minute to see if JR was going to get up. Drew turned and went down stairs. JR came about five minutes later and took his seat at the table. He put a small amount of food on his plate and picked at it, not having much of an appetite. It was a quiet meal without much conversation. When everyone was finished eating, JR got up and headed for the stairs.

"Where do you think you're going, young man?" Elaine asked in a firm tone still upset with him.

"I going back to bed," JR said over his shoulder, not bothering to turn and acknowledge Elaine.

"Oh no you're not! It's your turn to clean up and do the dishes tonight."

"Drew can do it, I'm tired," JR growled and kept walking towards the stairs.

"I don't care how tired you are, get back here and get your chores done!" Elaine said with added authority.

"I'm really not in the mood for this tonight," JR said as he turned and faced Elaine.

"You may be the big shit up in Denver but back here you're a member of this family and will pull you're weight, whether you feel like it or not. I didn't feel like getting out of bed in the morning when Drew's father was killed, but I did because that's what I had to do. Drew didn't abandon his responsibilities when I was sick in bed with cancer. We welcomed you into our family and now you have responsibilities so get your ass back in this kitchen and take care of them!" Elaine lectured JR.

Elaine had sworn several times in her dressing down of JR but no one in the room had the nerve to call her out on it.

"I don't mind taking care of it, mom. JR can have tomorrow night," Drew offered trying to keep the peace.

"No you won't. It's JR night and he will get it done! Period!" Elaine commanded as she walked out of the kitchen.

Drew looked at JR and could see the anger building in him. Drew shrugged his shoulders to JR and walked out of the kitchen with Mildred.

JR cleared the dishes, slamming and shoving things around as he did, trying to take out his anger on the supper dishes. He ran water in the sink and began to wash the first of the dishes.

'Big fucking boss of the world, telling everyone what to do and when to do it. I'm not her kid so where the hell does she get off telling me what to do. Maybe I should go back to Denver and leave them all in this hick town, bowing and cowering to the almighty Elaine.'

JR was mumbling and cussing to himself as he washed dish after dish. He got to the pans and they were dirtier than the dishes. He finished one and put it in the dish rack to dry. He noticed there was still a piece of food burned onto the bottom.

'Oh fuck! I better wash that one again or the evil queen Shirely will be all over my ass. Any job worth doing is worth doing right, the bitch would yell at me. Like I'm really going to listen to you, Shirely.'

JR dropped the pan in the sink when he realized what he had just said to himself. He referred to Elaine by his real mother's name. Why would he do that? She had never made him do dishes. Hell, he never even met his real mother. But listening to James all weekend made it seem as though he did know his mother. Se wouldn't settle for anything less than someone's best effort. The more he thought about the similarities between Elaine and his real mother, he knew he hadn't really lost his mother. Life hadn't cheated him out of a loving and caring mother. It just took a while for JR to find her. Elaine had come to him in the form of his real mother. A mother who would raise him to be the best man he could be, A mother who would love him and protect him, a mother who would stand with through thick and thin. The way Elaine had traveled to Denver and spoke up to the judge on behalf of him. Showing the judge the respect his robes earned him but not being intimidated by his demeanor. That is exactly what his real mother would do. He was sure of it. Tears began to flow down JR's face as he went to work scrubbing and cleaning every pot, pan, dish and piece of silverware. When the dishes were washed, he dried them and stacked them in the closet where they belonged. He finished tidying up the kitchen and turned off the light. He walked slowly up stairs and stood at Elaine's closed bedroom door. He could see the light shining under the door so he knew she was still awake. He finally worked up his courage and knocked quietly.

"Come in," Elaine said.

Drew slowly opened the door and walked in. Elaine was sitting up reading her book.

"Are you finished?" Elaine asked.

"Yes, ma'am," JR responded with his head down.

"Good night then, go off to bed now." She said with little emotion.

He didn't get a 'thank you' nor was he expecting one. He had done what was expected of him, no more, no less. He moved over to the side of her bed.

"I'm sorry, mom, please forgive me," he said as he bent down to hug her.

Calling her mom was not something he had planned on doing, it just came out. Elaine was equally surprised. She was touched and reached up to hug him back.

"Nothing to forgive, JR. As a member of this family you have responsibilities but you also have my unconditional love and compassion. Drew told me you had a rough time this weekend but instead of lashing out, please sit down and talk to me. Drew helped me get through my cancer treatments and I have helped Mildred get through her troubles with her family. That's what this family does. We lean on each other and support each other in the tough times and celebrate with each other in the good times."

Drew hugged her hard then stood up and looked at her.

"Thank you, mom. I don't want to talk about it tonight but maybe after school tomorrow we can sit down and talk," JR told her.

"I'd really like that. We can let Drew and Mildred mind the newsstand and you and I can spent some time together. Now get your skinny butt in bed," she smiled.

JR looked back at his ass and commented,

"Hey, it's not skinny!" with a giggle.

"Skinny or not, I guess Drew likes it the way it is," she winked and slapped his ass.

JR turned deep red and said good night as he left the room to go to his room. He got undressed and slid into bed next to Drew.

"Are you awake?" JR asked.

"I was waiting for you. I wanted to make sure you were okay."

"I want to apologize for the way I acted tonight," JR started.

"Mom is the one you have to apologize to."

"Already done. She and I are going to talk tomorrow after school. But I need to apologize to you as well. You stood up for me and it put you in the middle between my bad ass attitude and your mother's resolve."

"Okay, so I guess you think I'm a liar," Drew said dryly.

"What the hell do you mean?" JR asked in astonishment. "Where did that come from?"

"I don't know how many times I've told you I'm here for you. Whether it's in school, up in Denver, in court, or even worse, with my mom. I'm not going to leave you alone."

JR threw himself over on Drew and held him tightly.

"I love you more than I can ever say," JR said.

"No matter how much you love me, I love you just a little bit more," Drew laughed.

The boys fell asleep in each other's arms, waking up Monday morning to the beginning of JR's new life with his new mother.

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