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The New Boy

by Jonathan Perkins

Chapter 2

This is the second chapter of what was initially intended to be a short story for the Challenge but go no further. The initial story was well received of by popular demand, I've kept writing and added another chapter.

I look forward to your comments. I appreciate you feedback, good or bad. Send to I try to reply to as many as possible. If you enjoy my story, you can do an Author Search on my name ("Jonathan Perkins") to find some of my other stories I have posted.

I had been home from camp for three days and hadn't heard a word from Mack. Maybe it was wishful thinking that we'd still be friends and we'd hang out together. He said he wanted to tell me something just as my father and I were about to leave the church parking lot. Did he want to say good bye? Or just be blunt and tell me it was fun but it was over?

I called Donny and we talked on the phone as we jerked off, talking about how much we missed the fun we used to have at the swimming hole.

No one was usually around the swimming hole around noontime during the summer. Everyone had to be home for lunch. Donny and I always made sandwiches to take with us so we could swim with no one else around. Of course that meant skinny dipping. We would be horsing around in the water, dunking each other and wrestling to see who could get the better of the other. Invariably that meant a lot of skin on skin contact, which led to raging hardons and groping and stroking. The first time we jerked each other it was weird but exciting. The feeling of another boy's cock in our hands was exhilarating. Naturally we had stroked off by ourselves at home in bed at night but this opened up a whole new world for us. After we shot our load in the water the first time we just looked at each other waiting for one of us to speak. The silence was making me nervous. Had I just screwed up a friendship with Donny? Donny had his head hung down, looking at the water. Suddenly he yelled out.

"Oh my god, that's gross. Get the fuck away from me!"

That's it. I knew I had alienated him and it was over between us. Then he started laughing.

"Look, your cum squiggles are coming after me."

He pointed to our strings of cum floating in the water. He started laughing out of control and splashing the water away from him.

"Tell your cum to leave me alone, you horny bastard!" he yelled.

We ran out of the water and collapsed on the shore. I looked at him and we both broke out in laughter again.

"Man, that was fucking awesome," Donny proclaimed.

"Yeah, I feel the same way. I guess the first time is like that."

"The next time will be even better."

The next time?

"Come on, let's get dressed and get out of here before someone catches us buck naked."

Our friendship had survived our first mutual jerk off session. And there might be a next time? Yes, there was a next time. Only the next time we did it on the shore so we could watch the cum shoot out of our cocks.

A couple of weeks later, Donny hadn't brought a sandwich for lunch. I didn't know if he forgot or if his mother hadn't enough money for shopping that week. His family had it financially tougher than mine. We swam around for while and then got out to eat before we fooled around.

"I forgot to bring something to eat," Donny told me.

"Don't worry, I have something you can eat," I said as I broke my sandwich in half to share with him.

"Thanks, it look delicious."

Before I could comprehend what he was saying, he leaned over and dove down to take my soft cock in his mouth. It didn't stay soft for very long. The sensation of his mouth on my cock was something I had never imagined. His mouth was warm and wet and sucking my cock like my mother's vacuum cleaner sucking up the coal dust from the carpet. I lay back on the ground and put one hand on his shoulder and the other hand on the back of his head. I was so overwhelmed by this new experience that I didn't even feel my orgasm creeping up on me. Before I had a chance to warn him, my cock shot off and filled his eager mouth with my seed.

"Thanks for lunch," he said as he rolled off me.

"You had the dessert before the sandwich," I joked.

"It's better that way."

"Really? I'll have to try it," as I leaned over and took his stiff cock in my mouth.

I had no idea what I was doing so I imitated what Donny had done to me. I know it felt good for me so hopefully it would for him. I think I was doing it right as he began to moan and buck his hips up towards me. I could feel his whole body tense up just before he unloaded in my mouth. He didn't give me any warning but I suppose fair is fair. My mouth was filled with a salty, sticky thick glob of cum. I had tasted my cum one time but only a little on the end of my finger. This much was overpowering and I gagged trying to swallow it all.

"You can spit it out if you want," Donny said.

"You didn't so I'm not going to," I replied as I did my best not to spill any. "Where did you learn to do that?"

"I had heard about it and figured I give it a try. I hope I did it right?"

"Did you get a mouthful of my cum?" I asked him.

"You know I did."

"Then you did it right."

We both laughed and that became another trick in our bag of sex games.

A few weeks later we were in the water, swimming naked, when we heard a group of kids coming down the path to the swimming hole. We made our way to shore as fast as we could and grabbed our clothes. We wouldn't have time to get dressed before there arrived so we ran for the woods and a small path that took us out of our way but avoided the unwelcome newcomers. We were trash talking each other, all in fun, when I replied to one of Donny's insults.

"Kiss my ass, jerk weed."

He had been walking in back of me and ran up and pushed me down on the grass on the side of the path.

"What the hell?" I yelled at him as I landed on my stomach.

"Just doing as I'm told," he replied and put his mouth to my ass cheek. He started to kiss my ass and lick my bum, one cheek, then the other.

It was the most bizarre thing he had ever done to me. But after the initial shock, I was liking what he was doing, really liking it. I pulled my knees under me so my ass was in the air and my boner wasn't trapped underneath me. With better access, he parted my cheeks and stuck his tongue on my hole. That sent chills throughout my entire body, my cock twitching and leaking precum. For a brief moment I was a little grossed out by him putting his mouth and his tongue on my shit hole. But we had been swimming so I assumed it didn't stink like it normally would have. It felt so good, the pleasure overcame the gross part. The next thing I know, he's kneeling behind me and rubbing his hardon up and down my ass crack, spreading his precum all over me. He was stroking his cock as he moved it around back there, occasionally pressing against my pucker. I wasn't sure if he was going to go any further and was getting really nervous. I didn't want to wimp out and tell him to stop so I just hoped it wouldn't hurt too badly. That's when I felt a warm liquid sprayed on my back and dribbling down my crack. Before he could penetrate me, if that's what he had in mind, he had reached the point of no return and covered my back. He lay on top of me and reached underneath me to take a hold of my cock. I was so worked up and so relieved that he hadn't gotten inside me that I came in only a few quick firm strokes. We lay on the grass on the side of the path. The warm sun felt good on our bodies and the warm feelings we shared felt even better.

"Maybe next time?" Donny asked as he looked at me.

I knew exactly what he was asking.

"Maybe," I smiled.

"But we take turns, right?"

"I wouldn't have it any other way."

It wasn't the next time we were at the swimming hole but it did happen the next time we had a sleep over in our tent in the woods. It was a very special night.

Reliving those memories made for some great phone sex that night. We said our good byes and vowed to somehow get together and do it all again in person.

Now, just to clarify, I am not gay. Donny and I both like girls, sort of. Back home playing with girls was risky and not much fun. They would never suck a cock and you wouldn't want to fuck one in case they got pregnant. There were a few that would fuck the minute you dropped your pants but they were looking to get pregnant and snag a husband. Best you could get from most of them was a hand job. Then they wanted to get fingered or get their pussy licked. That was gross. Hygiene was not a high priority with them so your finger stunk for the rest of the day. No way you could lick them. As soon as your nose got up in their crotch you'd be gagging and trying not to vomit.

With Donny it was just sex, relieving some of the built up pressure caused by our out of control hormones. We didn't do anything with anyone else, just the two of us whenever we got a chance. We did a lot of things with and to each other but kissing was off the table. We decided that would definitely be gay. And sucking cock and butt fucking wasn't? The logic of horny teenagers.

On the fourth day home I got a call from Mack. He apologized for not calling earlier but he didn't have my number. He finally got it from the Scoutmaster.

"Hey, Bert, how are you?"

"Hi Mack. Bored, not much going on here."

"I'm having some of the guys from the troop over later today to swim in the pool and then cook some burgers. You interested?"

"Sure, sounds like fun."

Mack gave me his address and what time to show up.

"The rest of the guys are showing up a little later so I thought we'd have a chance to talk."

"No problem. I'll have my father give me a ride. See you then."

Bert hung up and went looking for his father.

"Mom, have you seen Dad? I got invited to a pool party and cookout at Mack's house and I need a ride."

"He went to the hardware store. He should be back shortly."

"Oh no," Bert groaned, "You know he takes forever at the hardware store. He wants to see if they got anything new in today like the hardware store back home. This store is fully stocked and they don't get any 'new' deliveries."

"He enjoys looking. He's lonely since we moved here. You've made new friends already so give him time."

Mother was right. Back home he was driving truck 10 to 12 hours a day, six days a week. If he wasn't too tired at the end of his shift, he would go over to Donny's house and he and Donny's father would take a couple of pulls on the jug. Just like Donny and myself, they had been friends since they were little kids.

It was past the time the party started by the time my father got home. I was in my bathing suit and waiting on the front door step. He apologized and off we when to Mack's house, my father telling me about everything he saw at the hardware store. Boring! By the time we got there, everyone was out of the pool and standing around the barbecue grill.

"Hey Bert, we didn't think you'd make it," Mack shouted out. "Come over here and meet my dad."

Bert approached them with his left hand extended, causing Mack to laugh.

"This isn't Scouts, Bert. The regular hand will do. Dad, this is Bert, the boy I was telling you about from the jamboree."

"Pleased to meet you, Mr. Jefferson."

I gave him a firm handshake and then backed up a step.

"Well, Bert, a nice firm handshake is always the mark of a good man. Mack tells me you come from Kentucky, coal country. Was your father a Bottomer?"

"DAD! What the hell!" Mack yelled.

I knew what he meant, even though it sounded like something very obscene to Mack. My face had turned red from anger, not embarrassment.

"It's not what you think, Mack That what they call men who work at the bottom of the mine shaft for the coal company." Then turning to Mack's father, "No he wasn't, sir. He would never go down in the mines. He was smarter than that. He didn't want to die young, coughing up black coal dust. He was into the trucking industry. He pretty near covered all of three counties. He saw the writing on the wall with all the mines closing so he decided to cash out while he could and move up here."

"Smart man, your father. I'd like to meet him someday. My investment company has some holdings in the coal mines and I could use his insight."

"Yes, sir, I'll tell him."

I didn't like to lie or make my father out someone he wasn't but I'd be damned if I was going to let that pompous ass try to put my father down like that. .

"Come on boys, let's eat," Mack father called out.

We gathered around the grill to get our burgers, then over to the table to sit. There was a big bowl of chips in the center of the table to go with the burgers. I didn't see any condiments so I quietly asked Mack if he had any ketchup.

"Shhh, don't let my father hear you. You eat these plain, just the way they are."

I never heard of anyone eating a burger without ketchup. But then again I've never heard of anyone shaking hands with their left hand either. The hamburger rolls were strange. They were brown and but hadn't been toasted on the grill. Mack saw me looking at them as I picked one up.

"Those are whole wheat, better for you than white bread."

What the hell, I'll eat anything once, except pussy that is. The burgers looked different but I wasn't going to ask any more questions. I took a bite and chewed a few times and stopped.

"Good, isn't it, Bert," Mr. Jefferson asked. " I had them flown in all the way from California. Best veggie burgers in the country."

A fucking burger made from vegetables? I don't know how much more of this I can take. I'll try some chips. No one can screw up potato chips. I grabbed a few and put them on my plate. I put one in my mouth and bit down on it. No crunch, no taste, no nothing.

"I have those tofu chips shipped in from Colorado. You can't find them around here anywhere," Mr Jefferson bragged.

No wonder you can't find them around here anywhere, who would want to?

I missed the swimming and I wished I had missed the cookout. I asked for something to drink and was given a bottled water. I guess water out of the faucet isn't fit to drink. What would they have thought of our well water back home that always had a slight taste of coal oil during the week.

I thanked Mack and his father for inviting me but feigned am upset stomach and excused myself. I went to call my father to come get me. I said goodbye to the rest of the boys and went and sat outside to wait for my father. Mack approached me as I waited.

"Jeez, buddy, I hope you feel better. We were all looking forward to you coming over today. I wanted to have a talk with you."

Mack sat down next to me and put his arm around my shoulder. Now my stomach was not so much upset as it was jittery. Before he could start, my father drove up and honked his horn.

"I have to go, Mack. I'll call you later."

"Okay. Thanks again for coming. Next time will be better."

We pulled away from Mack's house and my father asked me if I was feeling okay.

"No, I'm not!"

"Upset stomach?"

"No. I'm pissed, I'm embarrassed and humiliated, and I'm hungry!"

"Wow, that's a lot. Care to share?"

I told my father I was mad because I missed the swimming. I was embarrassed and humiliated they way Mr. Jefferson automatically assumed we were poor coal miners. And hungry because of the make believe food they were serving.

"You'll run into that, Bert. Some rich people are snobs and will treat you like common trash if they don't accept you as one of them. People like him aren't worth getting upset over, just move on and find some more friends."

"Mack isn't like that. He's a good guy. He invited me back to swim another time and I'll go, provided his father won't be there."

"That's your decision, just be careful."

"Oh and Mr. Jefferson wants to talk to you sometime."

"You weren't rude with him were you? You're better than that."

"No, I wasn't rude, but I did kind of lie to him. Or at least gave him the wrong impression of you."

Bert told his father about the trucking exaggeration. His father laughed so hard he almost lost control of the car.

"I guess he deserved it. I'm proud of you, son. So just how big of a trucking empire did I have?"

"Covered most of three counties, sold it and made a bundle. That's how you could afford to move here and buy that fancy, smancy house."

They both had a good laugh as they pulled in the driveway.

"Mildred, wait until I tell you what our son did!" my father yelled as we went in the house. All three of us continued to laugh until out stomachs hurt, mine from hunger as much as from laughing.

While mother was preparing supper, she told us about her plans for he new garden in the back yard. We didn't need to grow our own vegetables any more but mother liked the freshness that couldn't be found at the local stores. It was too late in the growing season to plant anything for this year but she wanted to get the garden tilled and ready. She was old school and felt that a new garden bed should be let sit for one winter for the ground to settle and the frost to kill off any weeds and bugs.

I asked father if he enjoyed his trip to the hardware store this morning.

"Actually I didn't go to the hardware store. I took a detour. I knew your mother was planning to start her garden and we don't have any neighbors we can call on like back home to come till the ground so I went to the local John Deere dealer to see what he had to offer for small tractors. The biggest one he had would just barely do the job. He said he was under pressure from JD to take on a line of bigger equipment but he didn't feel he had the room or the manpower to expand that much so quickly. His top mechanic was retiring and he felt he was going to have a hard time replacing him, let alone find someone who could service the bigger equipment."

"Maybe Old Marvin from back home can come up and take care of it," I laughed.

"Not Old Marvin, but I may have someone from back home who can come up and help. Right after you spoke with Donny last night his father called. Earl told me that his mine was talking about cutting back on production. His job as chief maintenance mechanic would be safe but he thinks this is the beginning of the end. He predicts the mine will be closed within a year. I'm going to see if I can get him to come for a visit and then casually happen to stop by the JD dealership with him and hopefully I can get them together. Then they could move up here and we'd all be back together again."

"Hot damn! That's awesome. I've made a few new friends but none of them will ever replace Donny. I can't wait to call him tonight."

"Slow down. You can't tell Donny about this. Earl is a proud man and he would take this as charity. I have to make this look like a fortunate coincidence while they are up here for a visit. Understand?"

"I suppose so. I don't want to do anything to screw this up."

"It's far from a done deal, so we'll have to see how it goes."

I helped clean up after supper then went to take a shower. Thinking about the invite back to Mack's house and the possibility of Donny at least visiting, if not moving up here to live, gave me a major hardon. I soaped it up and enjoyed the feeling of gripping it tight and slowly moving up and down with my hand. It was getting close but I stopped. I wanted to save it for later. Once I was in bed I started back in massaging my manhood, let it build slowly with Donny and Mack in my mind, cheering me on to my ultimate orgasm. I wiped the cum off my chest and crotch with the towel from my shower, still damp from drying off. I threw it on the floor and rolled over to go to sleep. A nice peaceful sleep with no chance of 'Penis Erectus' disturbing my sleep tonight.

The next day I got a call from Mack.

"Hey buddy, I'm sorry about the cookout yesterday. My father is hung up on eating natural foods."

I never knew there was anything unnatural about a good old fashioned hamburger and potato chips. I guess there are a lot of things I have to learn about this new neighborhood.

"Some of the guys are coming over again today to go swimming. Can you make it today?"

The thought of getting in the pool with Mack and his friends made me start to chub up. I was hoping this was going to be more than just swimming.

"Sure, sounds great. I can be there in about 30 minutes if that works."

"Perfect timing. My parents won't be around so don't worry about bringing a bathing suit, if you know what I mean," Mack snickered.

"That sounds even better. See you soon."

My father said he'd drop me off so I grabbed a towel and my bathing suit to make it look good. I hope I won't be the only one walking to the pool with a boner.

My father dropped me off and I walked up to the front door. Mack opened it before I even got to it.

"Hey buddy, glad you could come. Let's go out to the pool. The rest of the guys are on their way. You'll know most of them from the Jamboree."

Mack led the way to the pool area and over to the pool house.

"We can change in here," as he walked in the door. "Or should I say, get undressed."

I smiled at him at the same time my cock was making a happy face. We stripped down and faced each other.

"That's the hot body I remember," Mack said as he ran his hand over my chest.

"I could never forget yours, that's for sure," as I did the same to him.

"I didn't get a chance to talk to you privately since we got back. I have something I want to tell. You," Mack said softly as he hung his head.

Before he could go on, we were interrupted by the sounds and yells of the rest of his friends as they ran into the back yard. They began stripping down right at the edge of the pool.

"Last one in is a faggot," one of the boys yelled.

"Then none of us can go in first," another laughed.

"Hey guys, be civil, will you?" Mack shouted as he came out of the pool house.

"Sorry, Mack, we didn't know Bert was here, Hold up everyone, let Bert in first so he doesn't get a bad reputation."

I looked around at them and saw every one of them naked and hard. I smiled and walked towards the pool but then quickly changed my direction and ran behind them pushing them into the pool, one by one, none of them really resisting. It was just Mack and I left on the pool apron. We looked at each other and jumped in at the same time. When we surfaced, the other boys were jeering and splashing us.

"Guess both of you are faggots," one joked.

"Takes one to know one," Mack shot back.

We swam and wrestled and played grab ass for almost an hour. I was getting tired so I pulled myself up out of the water and sat on the edge of the pool. Mack swam over and joined me as did Kyle, one of the boys from Jamboree. We were sitting side by side, our stiff cocks sticking out between our legs. The other three boys swam up in front of us and looked up at Mack.

"Looks like the infection from camp is still a problem. Can we help?" one of them offered.

Before Mack could say anything, Kyle put his head between Mack's legs and took the stiff cock into his mouth. That was the signal for the other two boys to do the same to each of us. Three horny teenagers sitting on the edge of the pool and three other teenagers just as horny, sucking our cocks.

I was trying to get my mind off what was happening to me so I could make it last longer. I looked over at Mack and the boys sucking him was pulling his head back so Mack was almost completely out of his mouth, affording me a great view of his manhood. Then he would push back down and engulf the whole thing, making Mack moan and throw his head back with his eyes closed. I watch several repetitions of this and then turned my head to the other side. That boy had Kyle completely in his mouth and throat. I could see his cheeks moving as he used his tongue to massage the head and shaft without pulling off. Two totally different techniques headed for the same end. I felt the boys in between my legs reach his hands around my ass and pull me to him, almost pulling me off the edge of the pool deck. He was twisting his head from side to side and bouncing up and down as fast as he could. If I was moving that fast I guess it would be described as face fucking him. I don't know what the term would be for what he was doing other than it was so damn hot I was going to blow my load of goo at any second. Mack beat me to it and pushed his boy away from him as he spewed his goo all over the boys face. Kyle was next and also pulled off to shoot his goo up on his chest. They all looked at me to watch he unload. My guy pulled up slightly so his mouth was hovering right over my cock so every one could see me climax as it shot into his waiting mouth. The three of us flopped onto our backs to recover as the three suckers swam away laughing.

We swam around some before we all just started to tread water.

Bruce, the lifeguard from camp, swam up behind Kyle and put his arms around him.

"I don't think you got all the goo out. Want me to push the rest out?" Bruce asked.

"I'd like that, thanks."

Kyle swam to the shallow end and hoisted the upper half of his body onto the apron, leaving his ass and his legs dangling in the water. I had seen Bruce's stiff cock before I pushed him in the pool. If anyone could push more goo out of Kyle, it would be that monster. He moved up behind Kyle and put his hand under the water to line up his cock with his target. His ass cheeks tightened and developed dimples as he flexed his muscles to enter Kyle. Kyle grunted but was smiling. Bruce was pumping back and forth, making waves in the pool as he fucked Kyle right proper.

Devon was almost as well endowed as Bruce. He came over to me and offered to help me push out more goo. Before I could agree, Mack stepped in and stopped him.

"You'll rip him in half. If anyone is going to do Bert, it's going to be me. You go help

Owen and then he can do me."

Devon was disappointed but knew better than to argue with Mack.

I smiled at Mack and started to move to the shallow end like Kyle had done.

"Bert, are you sure you want to do this? It's going to hurt you know."

"It will hurt more if I don't let you be my first. I know you'll be gentle." Playing along that I had never been fucked before.

Mack smiled and jumped out of the pool. Did he change his mind?

"I'll be right back, buddy. Don't go anywhere."

Mack ran to the pool house and returned in a flash. He had grabbed a tube of sun block and was squirting some on his cock. He squirted some more in his hand and jumped back into the pool.

"This stuff is water repellent so it won't wash off."

He smeared some on my hole and pushed the rest up inside me. He really didn't need the lube but I didn't want to spoil the moment, him thinking he was my first.

"It won't hurt as much with this."

He brought his cock to my pucker and worked it around with his hand to loosen me up. He put some pressure against me and his cock slid right in. He was big and it hurt a little at first but only for a few thrusts then it felt awesome. Mack continued to move in and out, stopping every so often to ask if I was doing okay.

"Hell yes, you're the best ass fucker ever."

I was glad he just took the compliment and didn't ask me how I knew he was the best. Who did I have to compare him with if he was taking my cherry?

Mack was moaning and breathing heavy, obviously enjoying my ass. I couldn't believe how special it was to have Mack fucking me. He wasn't taking my virginity or anything like that. And I didn't have feelings for him as a boyfriend or a lover. I wasn't gay. This was just sex. Just recreational sex. Going through the motions to get off and shoot some cum. But every time he called me buddy it sent an electric shock up my spine that went right to my brain and said 'He's calling you buddy again. You're his buddy, not anyone else's'. Maybe this is more than just sex for him? Am I getting myself into something that's going to end up being really complicated?

As I was in the middle of over thinking this, Mack let out a grunt and pressed hard and deep into me. I felt his cock pulsing and my insides got really slippery. He hit my sweet spot at the same time and I joined him in the ecstasy more commonly known as a simultaneous orgasm.

Mack rested on top of my back as we both tried to catch our breath. Devon snuck up behind Mack and grabbed him around the waist.

"Okay, lover boy, now that you're done fucking your boyfriend it's my turn."

"What about Owen?" Mack asked.

"He's resting. You're mine."

He pulled himself up tight to Mack and aimed his cock where he intended to go. He unceremoniously pushed his way in, Mack not putting up much resistance. He pushed passed Mack's sphincter muscle and buried himself deep. Mack was pushed forward and although his cock had gotten soft, it was still nestled in my ass crack. As Devon thrust forward holding Mack's hips, Mack started to get hard again. Mack kissed my neck and held onto my shoulders as he was pushed forward.

"Go ahead," I whispered, "I'm ready for seconds if you are."

Mack didn't say a word and just reached between us to get his cock lined up. The next time Devon thrust, Mack pushed forward and slid right in, the sun block and the cum leaking out of my ass making my hole slipperier than a winter road in an ice storm. This whole scene had Devon so cranked up he came in a matter of minutes. He fell back in the pool and Mack lost his balance and fell out of me. Kyle, Owen and Bruce cheered and clapped.

"Bravo! Best show we've ever seen in this pool. Real porno material."

I slithered back into the pool and looked at Mack. He had an ear to ear grin like I've never seen on him before. I have to admit, I had a pretty big grin on my face as well. We hung out in the shallow end of the pool, talking and relaxing. It had been about 30 minutes when I heard my father call out as he came into the back yard.

"Hey Bert, we have to get going. We have to run an errand on the way home."

All the boys clamored to get up against the side of the pool, trying to hide the fact that they were naked. They were panicking at what my father would think.

"Just like back home in the creek, I see," my father laughed. "I guess boys will be boys no matter where there are. Get your clothes and let's go. Mack, thanks for inviting Bert to come swimming. Maybe we'll have to get a pool put in so you can all come to our house sometime and swim. See you later, boys."

The boys were red faced and just mumbled a good bye and gave a half hearted wave.

"I'll give you a call later, Mack. See you guys next time," I said as I grabbed my clothes and pulled on my shorts.

Mack gave me a look and put his hands up beside his head, wondering if everything was okay with my father.

"I still have something important to tell you," Mack said furtively as I was walking away.

"We're good," I mouthed silently. "Talk later."

I smiled and followed my father out to the car.

"What is the errand?" I asked.

"We have to stop at the air port and pick up a package, several of them in fact."

We pulled up at the airport in front of the passenger terminal instead of the freight terminal. I was about to ask my father why he parked here when I heard an all too familiar voice yell out.


It was Donny, accompanied by his mother, father and younger sister, Mary.

"Surprise!" my father said as they all came running towards our car.

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