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The New Boy

by Jonathan Perkins

Chapter 3

This is the third chapter of what was initially intended to be a short story and going no further. By popular demand, I've kept writing and added another chapter. Bert can feel his relationship between himself and Donny and Mack starting to change in subtle ways. He's not sure what to make of if but the three of them are headed for a serious confrontation.

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As soon as I saw Donny, I bolted from the car and ran over to him.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I hollered.

"I came to visit you, you scum bucket," Donny replied in his usual joking manner.

"Donald! Watch your language," his mother admonished him.

"It's great to see you, you large circular container of used soap residue." Looking back at his mother, "Better mother?"

She just shook her head while the rest of us laughed. I helped carry their bags to the car and jumped in the back seat.

"How long are you staying?"

"Don't know. Didn't even know we were coming to visit until Dad told us to pack some clothes and get in the car. My Dad and your father worked this whole thing out."

"You couldn't have said anything?" I looked at my father.

"Nope, we wanted it to be a surprise."

It was a tight fit with all of us in the car but Donny offered to sit on my lap. I was not about to complain about that. Except for the fact that my cock got harder every time the car went over a bump and his ass bounced down on my lap.

When we came to our house, my father stopped in front of it and put the car in park.

"Who-wee, would you look at that mansion!" Earl said under his breath.

"You like it?" My father asked him.

"Sure beats anything back home. But we better get going before the owner comes out and runs us off."

"I'd never do that," my father said with a grin.

Earl and Marge looked at my father totally confused. Donny looked at me and grinned.

"Earl, Marge, I have something to tell you both. I told everyone back home that Mildred had won some money in the state lottery. I made out like it wasn't much so no one would treat us different. Actually we won a shit load of money."

"What do you consider a shit load?" Earl asked.

"Earl, that too personal to ask," Marge chimed in.

"No, not between good friends. After taxes we got $26 million, give or take. We decided to move up here to give Bert a better life, but I sure miss the two of you. Let's go in the house. Mildred has some food ready for us."

My father pulled in the driveway and parked the car. Donny and his family got out and just stared at the house, Earl giving out a low whistle. My mother opened the door and ran out to give Marge a big hug.

"Oh, Marge, I missed you so much. I joined some garden clubs here, but it's not the same without my best friend. John feels the same way towards Earl. We're so glad you could come. Please don't be in a rush to go back home. Stay as long as you can."

"Not much to go back to, Mildred. The mine I work for is cutting back so it's only a matter of time before they shut down like the rest of them. Not too many prospects for work. You and John got out while the getting was good," Earl told my mother.

"Maybe you can find work around here?" she replied.

"Shit, I couldn't afford to rent an outhouse in this neighborhood. The other side of the state might work for us."

"Well, Earl, lets not talk about this right now. Let's just enjoy each other's company while we can," my father changed the subject.

We all went in the house and my mother showed Donny's parents to the guestrooms.

"You and Earl can have this room, Donny can have the room across the hall and Mary can have the room at the end of the hall," my mother told them.

"Damn, John, you've got more rooms than the Motel 6," Earl said

"Donny can stay in my room with me, Mom."

"The two of you together? You'll be up all night," she predicted.

"We'll go to bed on time and won't be up for too long," Donny said as he furtively grabbed his crotch. We both laughed at the implication.

Donny's parents wanted to freshen up and then they would meet my folks downstairs.

"Donny, why don't you freshen up as well. I don't want you stinking up the whole house." Marge told him.

"Come on, you can grab a quick shower in my bathroom. Each room has it's own." I told him.

My folks went downstairs, Donny's folks went in their room, Mary went to her room and Donny and I went in my room.

As soon as I closed the door, Donny reached and grabbed my crotch.

"My mother told me to get fresh so I'm just doing as I was told," he laughed.

"She also told you to take a shower, so get those clothes off and get your scrawny ass in the shower," I commanded him as I was quickly stripping my clothes off as well. "I better join you and make sure you do a good job.

By the time we were both naked, our cocks were stiff and pointing the way to the shower. We were laughing and giggling as we slapped each other's asses and grabbed a handful of cock as we ran to the bathroom.

"Damn, I've missed you. And this," tugging at my cock as we stepped under the running water.

"Same here."

"Shit, you had the Boy Scouts for two weeks of hot sex. You didn't miss me at all."

"The hell I didn't! Those city pussies can't compare to the fun we used to have back home. I had to pretend I didn't know anything about sucking or fucking so I didn't dare correct them when they weren't doing it right."

"A bad suck is better than no suck at all," Donny reminded me.

"So let me give you a good suck," getting down on my knees in the shower.

His cock was already stiff and leaking so I didn't have to warm him up at all. I lifted his cock and licked his balls, then took them in my mouth, rolling them around with my tongue.

"Oh yeah, you've got the most talented tongue of anyone I know."

"How many other tongues have been on your balls to compare them with me?"

"None, but I couldn't imagine anyone doing it like you do."

I licked my way up his shaft, putting my mouth gently over the head. I put my hand between his legs and ran my finger along his urethra towards his balls, forcing some precum to flow. Then I grabbed his cock at the base and squeezed as I moved my hand up, milking him to get a taste of his sweet nectar.

"I may have a great tongue, but you've got the tastiest precum I've ever swallowed."

"There's more where that came from," he giggled.

"And I'm going after it."

I dropped mouth over him and took him deep. Donny almost stumbled and lost his balance but grabbed my head to steady himself. I had planned on taking my time and making it last but he had other ideas. He started to face fuck me so vigorously that he slipped out of my mouth and poked me in the eye trying to slam back in. I guided him back where he belonged then reached around to hold his ass so he couldn't slip out again. A few more pumps and he exploded down my throat. His knees bent slightly so he put one hand against the shower wall to steady himself. I got up off my knees and was ready for my turn. Just then we heard a knock on the bedroom door.

"Come on boys, hurry up and finish. We're headed down stairs," Earl yelled through the door.

"I'm finished, Dad, I'm just waiting for Bert." Donny yelled back.

"That's right, Mr. Burns, guest always come first. I'll be ready in a minute."

We both collapsed in a fit of laughter. We agreed that I would wait until tonight for my turn so we didn't piss off our parents by taking any more time.

We joined the adults and Donny's little sister in the great room.

"Shit, John, this room is bigger than your whole house was back home," Earl commented.

"And not near as comfortable. It does feel nicer now that you and Marge are here with us though." My Dad noted.

We sat around telling stories about all the good times we had back home. After a while, our two mothers went to the kitchen to make supper. After we ate, it was into the living room for more stories. Earl excused himself and said he be right back. He came down stairs with three mason jars of moonshine he had brought from back home.

"Now you talking," my Dad said. " All I can get around here in watered down shelf whiskey. Expensive as hell but no kick to it."

Earl gave one to my Dad and one to my Mother, keeping one for himself.

"Here, Mildred, you ladies can split this one."

When the men broke out the moonshine, the ladies would always split one, diluting it with water so it didn't have as much kick.

Donny and I looked at each other and smiled. We knew how this evening was going to go. Our fathers would get drunk, our mothers would get frisky and everyone would retire to their rooms for some passionate monkey sex, then pass out for the night. Donny and I could make all the noise we wanted and no one would wake up. The only one to worry about was Donny's little sister, Mary. Donny's mother said Mary was coming down with a cold so she gave her some cold medicine to help her sleep through the night so that took care of that.

Hot damn! We could run around the house naked if we wanted to. Of course we didn't want to. We wanted to stay in my room and screw around all night.

Donny and I went up to my room and stripped down to our underwear. We started talking about the fun he used to have back home. This was getting us good and horny, anxious for the parents to go to bed. It wasn't too much longer when we heard a ruckus in the hall. Four inebriated adults, heading to their respective rooms for a bout of naked frolic followed by sleeping like a log for the rest of the night. We were sitting cross legged on the floor, our underwear tented with our stiff cocks waiting impatiently for some action.

. "Let's give them a little while and then we're on our own," I told Donny.

"Not too much longer or I'll bust my nut just sitting here," Donny laughed.

After twenty minutes, Donny stopped talking and just smiled at me.

"I came once today so now it's your turn. I've missed you up my ass so bad. Mom was wondering why I all of a sudden developed a fondness for carrots. I'd get her to get some so I could take one with me as a snack when I went out hunting in the woods."

"Carrots are good, I like them too."

"I'll bet not the way I do. When I got to my favorite spot in the woods, I'd check to make sure no one else was around. Then I take my knife and work on the carrot until it was the perfect shape. There was a fallen tree that had a knothole in the ideal spot to place the carrot so it sat straight up for me. I'd spit on the carrot and smear some spit on my hole and fuck myself silly sitting on the carrot, thinking about you all the time."

"You god damn pervert!" I shouted. "I hope you didn't eat the carrot after you were done fucking it." I laughed.

"Ugh, that would be gross. I was desperate but not disgusting," he shot back.

"Well now you have the real thing, stiff and ready," I said as I took a hold of my cock and shook it at him.

He jumped up off the floor and ran to my bed, getting on all fours and sticking his ass up in the air.

"I hope you got some lube? Those carrots weren't as big as you so I've probably closed up some."

I went to the bathroom and got my bottle of hair conditioner. Mack suggested it at camp as a good lube for jacking off when I needed to get the virus out. Worked great for pushing the virus out as well. I laughed to myself as I thought back to the Jamboree and the 'virus' scam they pulled.

I smeared my cock and then Donny's hole until we were both good and slippery. I positioned myself and pressed my cock against his hole.

"Come on, push it in. I've been waiting too long to do this with you again."

I obliged him and leaned into him, slowly sliding in. He felt so warm and tight, just like I remembered in my many jerk off sessions at night with him in my mind instead of my bed.

"Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Pound me hard and fast."

"Don't rush me, I want to make it last."

"We can make the next one last longer. I just want you to use me like you used to."

Once again, I did as he asked and fucked the hell of out him. It didn't take me long before I told Donny I was about to cum. He tightened his sphincter muscle and clamped down on my cock, making the pulsing orgasm more intense for me as well as for him. I came so quickly that Donny didn't get enough stimulation on his prostate to shoot, but I rolled him over and sucked him off.

We spent the rest of the night taking turns getting each other off in between short naps. So much sperm spent in so little time.

Everyone slept late the next morning, all but Mary. She burst in my room to see why we weren't up yet. Actually I was up, a big tent in the sheet covering me. Donny half woke up and rolled over, pulling the sheet off me, exposing my morning wood.

"I see Bert's weenie!" Mary squealed. "It's even bigger than Donny's," she proclaimed.

I grabbed at the sheet to cover myself while Donny threw a pillow at her.

"Get out of here, you weirdo. I'll tell Mom you were spying on us."

"And I'll tell he that you and Bert were naked with you big weenies sticking up."

Donny threw another pillow at her and yelled at her to get out. She dodged the pillow but before she ran out of the door, she stuck out her tongue and pulled down the front of her pajamas exposing her bare pussy.

"Nyah, nyah, nenyahna," then pulled her pajamas back up and ran out of the door.

"What the hell was that all about?" I asked Donny.

"She's been doing that at home lately, trying to catch me naked and then exposing herself. If it was one of her friends doing that, I take them out back and show them what my cock is good for. But she's my sister, ain't going there."

"I don't blame you. I wouldn't do her either. I'll wait for something better to come along. In the meantime, I know what your cock is good for," as I dove over on his cock, not wanting to waste a perfectly good morning boner.

I had just finished sucking him off when my father pounded on my door.

"Come one boys, time to get up!" he yelled and kept walking.

Donny looked down at his softening cock,

"I was up but not anymore."

We both rolled on the floor laughing. A quick shower, solo this time, and down for a late breakfast. An early lunch actually, as late as we all got up. My father said he was going to take Earl and show him around town. In all the excitement of Donny and his parents showing up, I had forgotten that Mack had invited me to come over and swim with the guys again today. I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I brought Donny along. After all, what's another naked horny teenager in his pool.

We got dropped off and went around the back to the pool area. Mack and his friends were finishing eating some lunch. They looked up and saw us and looked at each other.

"Hi guys, my friend Donny is visiting from back home and I brought him with me. I hope you don't' mind."

They looked at one another and Mack finally spoke up.

"Yeah, sure, no problem I guess."

He didn't sound too convincing so I launched into my plan that Donny and I had discussed on the way over here.

"Great. He's got something that I was hoping you could help him with," I began. "I was telling him about the virus I caught at Jamboree . . ."

"You told him! That's supposed to be a secret, remember?" Mack lashed out at me.

"Yeah, I know, but he has a similar problem. He was telling me about it last night. He didn't want to wake me up in the middle of the night the same way I woke you at camp."

"Really?" Mack's forehead wrinkled up.

"Yeah, he got bit by some fleas in his bed a few weeks back and ever since he has been releasing the white puss, same as we do. He was hoping you could help him find a cure, or at least deal with it they way we do."

Mack looked at me not knowing what to think. He looked at his friends who were trying their best not to burst out laughing.

"A flea bite, huh?" Devon spoke up. "How do you know it wasn't a mosquito bite? That's the only way I know the virus gets spread."

The other boys put their hands over their mouth to stifle their laughter.

"Had to be a flea. Ain't had no 'squito bites all summer. All I know is I gets a boner and then the white stuff shoots out, same as Bert," Donny said in his best Kentucky drawl.

Mack was starting to look agitated. He had to be mad at me for telling Donny but there was more to it than that. I just wasn't sure what. Everyone else was having a great time at Donny's expense and mine as well.

Finally the dam burst and Donny fell to the ground laughing.

"You're right, Bert, these guys are as gullible as a flat lander trying to buy a donkey off my Uncle Clyde."

I joined him laughing at the prank we played on them. Mack caught on that I hadn't fallen for his story about the virus. He looked more hurt than mad as he walked off to the pool house.

"You mean you knew all along this was bullshit?" Kyle asked.

"I was born at night, but not last night," I responded.

"Then why did you go along with it?"

"Seemed like a good way to fit in. Besides, you were all having so much fun with it and I was having some good sex so why not?"

"No hard feeling?" Kyle asked.

"Not yet, but who knows?" as I grabbed my crotch.

The boys came over and helped Donny to his feet. They introduced themselves as I headed to the pool house to find Mack. He was sitting down with his head in his hands. He looked up at me as I approached him.

"So you were just humoring me all that time? That was a rotten thing to do. I thought we were friends."

"What you were doing to me wasn't exactly what I would call the way friends treat friends. If I didn't know it was bullshit, I would have been out of my mind worrying about this awful 'virus' I had caught."

"I know. You're right. I tried to tell you when we got back from camp but you left right away with your father. I've tried to tell you a few more times but you always had to go before I could spit it out. I'm sorry for the way I treated you. You can hate me or punch me or do what ever you want to me and I won't stop you."

"What I'd really like . . ." I stopped.


"Is to suck your cock to get you good and hard and then have you fuck my ass to push out some 'puss'. We never did get that far," I smiled.

Mack threw his head up to look at me.

"For real?"

"Yeah, for real. You've got a great cock for fucking and I want to give it a ride."

"Right now?"

"It would be rude to leave your guest and my friend out there alone."

"You're right, I'm not sure how your friend will get along with those guys."

I helped Mack to his feet and we went out to the patio. We both stopped dead in our tracks with our mouths open in awe. Donny was on his back on one the chaise lounges, his feet in the air with Kyle's cock up his ass, Devon's cock in his mouth, his hands out to either side, jerking off Bruce and Owen.

We turned and laughed at each other.

"I guess he will fit right in." Mack commented.

Mack and I decided not to fuck, not out of concern for any one there or a sense of modesty. We where trying to reconcile the scam we had played on each other. It damaged our friendship but not to the point of destroying it.

Donny and I were drying off to get ready for my father to pick us up. He sensed that something was off with Mack and myself.

"You're not mad that I was screwing around with all the guys, are you?"

"Hell no, it looked like you were having fun."

"I was but I was hoping you'd join in."

"We screwed around so much last night I was afraid my pecker would fall off if I tried to use it today. I'm sure it will be recovered by tonight, though."

"Good. Was Mack upset that I horned in on his group? Is one of them his boyfriend? Or are you?"

"Hell no, were just good friends who like sex. Same as you and me."

"Just so you know, I haven't done anything with anyone else since you left."

"Hell, are you trying to say you want us to be boyfriends?"

"No way. I just don't feel comfortable doing anything with anyone back home and have it get out that I'm a faggot. Which I'm not, just to be sure. Up here no one knows me so I figured I'd make up for lost time."

" Same here," I laughed. "We all like sex and keep this to ourselves. No emotional involvement, physical fun only."

We smiled, punched each other in the shoulder, said goodbye and went out front to wait for my father.

As soon as we climbed in the car, Earl turned to us.

"Donny, do know what this crazy son of a bitch did?"

We looked at each other, totally confused. My father and Earl were always playing jokes on each other but what ever happened was news to us.

"He took me to the John Deere dealer to look at a new tractor. When we got there, he told me I was being interviewed for the job of head mechanic. I knew this was bullshit so I came off as a cocky asshole, telling the current mechanic and the owner all the things they were doing wrong and how I could do it better. The owner told John that I was pretty head strong but not altogether wrong about my assessment of the shop. The mechanic agreed. By the time we left, I had a job offer making three times what I am now."

Earl shook his head and turned back to my father.

"You're a sneaky bastard, John Bailey."

"I knew you'd be hesitant to move up here without something lined up. I just wanted to give you a nudge, that's all," John snickered.

"Fuck! We're moving up here, Dad?" Donny yelled out.

"Watch your language, son. If you're mother agrees we sure as fuck are!" he replied, slapping his leg.

Donny and I were speechless. We were giggling and fidgeting in the back seat and couldn't sit still.

"Do you think Mom will want to move?"

"I don't rightly see why not. There ain't a hell of a lot left back home. I don't know where we're going to live, though. House prices are through the roof up this way and we won't get much for that shack we call our home back in Kentucky."

"Can I make a suggestion?" my Dad interrupted. "Unless you found your rooms last night to be unacceptable, you can stay with us until the mechanic leaves."

"We couldn't impose on you like that, John."

"We'd love to have you guys stay with us. It will be like old times again."

"It would be like charity and you know I don't take well to charity."

"It ain't charity, It's old friends rooming together like we did before we both got married."

"If you put it that way, okay. Wait, what did you mean, 'until the mechanic leaves'?"

"He's staying on for a month to help familiarize you with the place, then he's moving to Arizona to live with his son. So, his house will be for sale and you can buy it and move in there."

"I ain't got much credit, with the mine being slow and all. No bank in its right mind would loan me money for a house."

"You're right, not a bank in it's right mind. But the First National Bank of Bailey would be happy to."

The grin on my father's face filled the whole front seat. Earl caught on and started shaking his head no.

"I told you no charity, not for this guy."

"It's not charity. We can work out the financial details when you get settled. Mildred and I have so damn much money, we couldn't spend it in our lifetime if we tried. Besides, the money ain't doing anyone any good sitting in the bank. If you can't help your friends with it, then it's no good at all."

Tears were flowing down Earl's face as we arrived at our house. My Dad put his hand on Earl's thigh and looked him in the eye.

"Welcome home, buddy."

"John, I don't know what to say."

"Don't say anything. You're too damn stubborn to accept my offer but I know Marge will. She's already said yes to Mildred."

"You are a sneaky bastard!"

We went in the house and there were hugs and tears and back slapping all around. My Dad broke out a bottle of fine champagne he had bought earlier. He poured four glasses and raised his in a toast.

"To our good friends Earl and Marge, may be never be separated again."

"Hey, us too," I added.

"Yes, you boys too."

They took a slip of the champagne and all of them winced up their faces.

"John, your one hell of a host, but you pick lousy booze. Let me get the good stuff."

Earl went to get more moonshine from his room.

"Is it really that awful, Dad?"

Without thinking he handed me his glass.

"Here, see for yourself."

Holy hell, Dad was letting me drink alcohol right in front of him. I took a sip and they were right it was awful. At the same time it was fantastic! My first real taste of booze.

"Here, Donny, see what you think," as I handed the glass to him.

Donny's face lite up as he took the glass and took a big gulp.

"It sure ain't my Dad's shine, but it the toast that counts, not what's in the glass."

Everyone laughed at the philosopher.

"We'll take that outside and get rid of it for you, Dad," I offered.

Now, my Dad isn't stupid and he knew exactly how we were going to get rid of it. He handed me the bottle and winked. We scampered out the back door and over to the patio. We moved two chairs close to one another and passed the bottle back and forth until it was empty. We looked at the empty bottle and then at each other. Fits of laughter broke out.

"Aren't we Chauncy Uppercrust, sitting on the patio in the middle of the afternoon sipping champagne." I stated.

"Yeah, your Dad is so cool."

"Both are parents are. Man, life is good right now."

"I'm glad Mack wasn't pissed at you for making him look foolish in front of his friends when we pranked him back."

"He said he wasn't mad but I don't totally believe him. Something was still bugging him. He was my first friend here and I hope I didn't screw it up."

"Naw, you've pissed me off many a time and we're still friends."

"Only because you want my cock up your ass."

"Speaking of that, let's go up stairs.," Donny suggested with a sly grin.

We stood up and almost fell back down again. The booze had got into our blood stream and was having its affect on us.

"Hell, I don't know if I can walk up stairs right now. Maybe we better sit here a little longer."

"Come on, you lean on me and I'll lean on you and together we can do this," I told him.

We staggered through the house and up the stairs, slowly taking one step at a time. We got my room and both of us flopped on the bed. As we lay there, the room started spinning and our stomachs started churning. Donny jumped up and ran to the bathroom and started puking in the toilet. I laughed and hollered to him,

"What's the matter, can't hold your liquor?"

I had no sooner said that than I was joining him at the porcelain alter puking my brains out.

When I was little my Dad convinced to me to eat some fatback, telling me it was good. It wasn't. I haven't eaten any since. Now champagne is added to my 'No Fly List'.

Obviously we skipped supper and didn't venture too far from the bathroom. It was a long and miserable night to say the least.

The next day my Dad took all of us over to look at the mechanic's house to see if Earl and Marge liked it. It was about a half mile away from our house, in a more middle class neighborhood. The mechanic's wife showed us around and had a map to the local grocery store, the school and anything else my mother could have ever wanted to know.

"It's perfect," Donny's parents both agreed. "No offence Mildred, but I'm glad it's not as fancy as your house. I'd feel uncomfortable living here if it was," Marge commented.

"I felt the same way, Marge, but once I started planning my garden it felt more like I belonged there. You'll feel the same way here once you've added your personal touches."

Donny and his parents stayed a few more days then headed back to Kentucky to sell their house, gather their belongings and move up here permanently, staying with us until the mechanic moved.

The day after they left, I called Mack to see if the guys were coming over to swim. He didn't answer so I left a message. This went on for a couple of days with no call back or anything. I decided Mack was still mad and our friendship was in jeopardy, if not finished completely. I decided to walk over to this house and see if I could talk to him in person.

I got to his house and walked around back to the pool area. Mack was sitting in one of the pool chairs just staring off into space. He had such a blank look in his face.

"Mack, are you okay?" I asked, worried that something was seriously wrong.

He was startled at the sound of my voice.

"Bert, what are you doing here?" he asked flatly.

"I've been calling you all week and never heard back from you. I was getting worried. Are you still mad at me for pranking you?"

"No, nothing like that. I had it coming for pranking you. No, I'm just in trouble, big trouble. You should probably go."

"No way, I don't know what kind of trouble you're in but we're friends and I want to help any way I can."

"You can't help, no one can help. I'm just totally screwed."

He put his head in his hands and began to sob.

"Mack, I'm here. Tell me what's wrong? Did you get a girl pregnant?" Than I added to see if I could bring him around, " Or are you pregnant?"

"That would only be a big deal if my father had to pay to make it go away. That's all that matters to him, how much anything will cost him. Money is his only true love, not me, not my mother, no one, just his bank account."

I knelt down beside him and put my arm around his shoulder.

"I'm just a total screw up and always will be," he sobbed.

"No you not. We all make mistakes, even me," I joked.

Nothing seemed to bring him out of his despair.

"So how much will this screw up cost him?" again with the joke.

He lifted his head and looked at me.

"Too much. He's not going to help me this time. I know it. I'm on my own."

"You're not on your own, I'm here, I told you. Tell me what happened so I can help you."

He sat up and let out a big sigh. He motioned for me to pull up another chair and sit down.

"It started six months ago when my father was entertaining a big financial client. They went to the horse races at Thistle Downs, a thoroughbred race track. When he got home he was telling me about the how crazy the crowds would get when the horses were approaching the finish line. A few patrons won big, some won a little and most lost their bets. I was intrigued and started to follow the race results every day in the newspaper. Then I started trying to pick winners on paper and was getting pretty good at handicapping. I was telling my friends at school and one of them suggested they could put me in touch with Benny the Bookie, and place some real bets with him and win some money. I did and it was going good for a couple of weeks. I had won $200."

"And then you hit a losing streak, right?"

"Big time. I owed the bookie $800 and he wasn't going to wait for his money. I had no choice but to tell my father. He went ballistic. He gave me the money and I was off the hook, with the bookie at least. I overheard my parents talking and he wanted to send me off to a military school so I'd learn some discipline. My mother talked him out of that, but I was grounded for a month and he is still trying to figure out how I'm going to repay him. I told you, it's all about the money with him."

"I'm sure he won't insist on repayment. He just wants to scare you so you don't gamble again."

"If that was his intent, it sure backfired."

"Fuck, you didn't start betting again."

"I was doing real good on paper so I figured I'd place a few small bets and see if my luck held up. I just needed enough to pay him back."

"Didn't work did it? How much do you owe the bookie now?"

Mack looked at me and started balling again. I reached over and put my hand on his leg.

"How much?"

"With the interest he is charging me, I have to come up with $5,000 by a week from this Friday, or else," his voice trailing off. "I don't know if he is going to beat me up, break my legs of even kill me if I don't have his money. There is no way I can ask my father for that much money because I know he won't give it to me, not this time."

More sobs and more tears.

"Mack, I don't know how or what but we'll figure something out. I'm not going to let any cheap thug hurt my best friend."

"I thought Donny was your best friend?"

"You both are. I'm greedy, I want all the best friends I can get. Beside, remember all that Scout oath stuff, 'A scout is helpful'. So I'm going to help, whether you like it or not."

"Dam it Bert, I don't know what I did to deserve a friend like you, especially after pranking you the way I did at camp."

"Come on, let's jump in the pool and wash away those tears."

We went for a quick swim and Mack was feeling better. I had to get going so I made sure he was okay and told him to call me any time if he needed to talk. I told him about what my Dad had done for Donny and his family.

"That's what friends do for one another."

My mind was so engaged in trying to come up with a way to help Mack that I almost walked right past my house. I know the obvious answer was to get the money from my father. That might have worked if it wasn't' to pay off a gambling debt. Even winning millions on a lottery ticket, he made both my mother and I swear to never gamble again, EVER! Maybe I could tell him the money was for something else. Then he'd give it to me. But I've never lied to my parents, a fib here and there, but never a big one like this would be. No, there had to be some other way. Get a job? That wouldn't raise enough money in a few weeks. Sell my blood to the blood bank? I have to drain my body completely and it still wouldn't be enough. I have to just keep thinking. I can't let Mack down.

I was still deep in thought at the supper table. My parents noticed and Dad asked me if something was wrong.

"I know you've been trying to reach Mack this week. Did you and he have a fight?"

"No, nothing like that. He has a big problem, a really big problem and I'm trying to figure out a way to help him."

"You're a good friend to him. Is there anything I can do to help?"

"No, well, there might be . . . no, I don't think you can." I stuttered.

"Don't be too sure. I'm a very resourceful guy when someone needs help."

"I know Dad, and I appreciate you concern. But this isn't something you want to get involved with."

"Why don't you try me. You might be surprised."

I spilled my guts and told him everything Mack had told me. I was so nervous that my father was going to explode, I was sitting on the edge of my chair ready to make a quick run for my room. My father sat quietly and then spoke in his stern but calm fatherly voice that he uses when its time for a life lesson.

"I hope you see the trouble that gambling can bring. Your mother got unusually lucky and won. Most people don't. Someone who gambles regularly will always tell you about their winnings but never how much they have lost. Let this serve as a lesson to both you and Mack that gamblers never come out on top in the end. When does he need the money?"

"He needs it by next Friday so I have to come up with something quick. I don't want to see him get hurt."

"He won't. I'll get the money tomorrow at the bank and you can give it to him as long as he promises to never gamble again."

I was flabbergasted. My father was going to give me $5,000 to pay off Mack's debt. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Then I realized there must be more stings attached other than swearing off gambling. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop.

"Are you sure you want to do this, Dad? That's a lot of money and I'm not sure how we are going to pay you back."

"You're not going to pay me back. The money on the bank belongs to the family. Not just me, not just your mother, but all of us equally. So this money is coming from all of us. It's like I told Earl, the money doesn't do anyone any good just sitting in the bank. If you can help a friend with it, then that's what it's for. I saw the way Mack took you under his wing at the first Scout meeting. Listening to you tell what a great time you had at camp had a lot to do with Mack. So if you want to help your friend with the family money, I'm all in. How about you, Mildred?"

"I couldn't agree with you more," my mother agreed.

I couldn't wait to tell Mack. I called but again just got the answering machine. I didn't want him to suffer another night wondering what was going to happen to him. I excused myself from the table and ran over to Mack's house as fast as I could. His father's car was in the driveway so I figured I better go to the front door. Mack's father answered the door when I rang the bell.

"Well, hello Bart, what brings you here at this time of day?"

"Good evening Mr Jefferson. I'm sorry to come around this late, but I was visiting Mack this afternoon and I think I left my watch here when I left. Is Mack available? And it's Bert, sir."

"Oh, whatever." He turned and yelled for Mack. "He'll be right down." Then he walked back in the house.

Mack came down quickly, not knowing who would be coming around at this time of day.

"Bert, what the hell?"

"I told your father I left my watch here this afternoon. I didn't but I had to see you."

"Let's go outside and we can talk."

He pushed me away from the front door and closed in behind him.

"Now, what's so important that you had to see me tonight?"

"I'm going to the bank tomorrow and get the money you need, all of it."

"WHAT? Are you crazy? I've thought of some pretty stupid ways to raise the money but robbing a bank is not one of them. Thanks but no thanks."

"No, you duffus, I'm not going to rob the bank. I told my father about your predicament and he will take me to the bank tomorrow and withdraw the cash you need."

Mack just stood there dumbfounded. His face was blank and he didn't say a word.

"Didn't you hear me, you'll have the cash to pay off the bookie."

"Thanks but I can't take your father's money. It would be as bad as taking my father's money. I appreciate the offer anyway."

"It's not his money. The money belongs to all of us and if we can't use it to help a friend then that's what it's there for."

I told him my father's whole speech, including the part about never gambling again.

"I'll bet you I won't," he grinned finally.

Mack reached out and hugged, hard and long.

"I don't know how I can ever thank you, buddy."

There was that word again, 'buddy'.

"You just did."

He didn't understand and there was no way I could explain it to him so that he would understand. His father came to the door and told Mack he had to come inside. He noticed the tears on Mack's cheeks and asked what had happened.

"Bert told me about his watch and how it belonged to his grandfather who gave it to Bert on his deathbed. It really means a lot to him and he's upset he had misplaced it."

"If it means that much to him you'd think he'd be more careful with it," his father grumbled and walked inside.

"See what I have to deal with," Mack said softly and followed his father inside.

I ran home and told my father who just responded in his fatherly voice,

"I hope he appreciates what a good friend you are."

"He does, Dad, I know he does."

I got the best night sleep that night that I've had in a long time.

The next morning I woke up and went downstairs for breakfast. I asked my Dad if there was anything he wanted me to do for him today. He wanted me to go to the bank with him at 9:00 and then be back at the house for the rest of the morning. He was having a new tractor delivered today for my mother to start working on her garden. The dealership owner was going to come when it was delivered and give us some training on the proper operation. As much as I wanted to go see Mack, I stayed around to be with my Dad.

There was a knock on the door at 10:00. We all assumed it was the delivery. When my Dad opened the door, Mack was standing there.

"Good morning Mr. Bailey," Mack said as he extended his hand.

"Good morning Mack. What brings you around this morning?" my Dad asked as he exchanged a firm handshake with Mack.

"Sir, I just wanted to come over and personally thank you for what you did for me. I'm not sure how I'm going to make it up to you but I promise I will somehow."

"Mack, you're a good boy. But like all teenagers, you screwed up. We all do. I have confidence in you that you won't repeat this behavior again, am I right?"

"Yes sir, you have my word on that."

"Then that's all I ask. Bert is here if you like to visit for a while."

I heard Mack talking to my Dad but didn't want to butt in so I stayed in the kitchen.

"Bert!" my Dad yelled, "Mack is here."

Mack and I went up stairs to my room and talked until the new tractor arrived. We went down and helped unload it then learned all the controls and safety procedures. Mack was taking it all in as much as my Dad and I were.

When Mack was leaving he told me that he wanted to get the money to the bookie as soon as he could. The deadline was next Friday but he wanted to get it over with. I told him I was going to go with him to deliver the money and we'd do it on Friday as promised.

"This guy is scary. You don't want to be there, trust me."

"I'm not going to let you meet him alone. Who knows that kind of shit he might pull. Safety in numbers, you know."

Mack eventually agreed then left for his house.

I went out back and watched Dad and Mom play with the new tractor. Mom had laid out the area for the garden so she told Dad to get off so she could start digging up the turf where her garden was going to be. He stepped off and let her do her thing. He and I went in the house and made some lunch. We brought it out to the patio and sat and ate as we watched Mom digging her garden.

After lunch I went over to Mack's house to see if the guys were going to show up to swim.

"Hey, Mack, are the guys coming over?"

"Not today. They called but I told them I wasn't in the mood. I still feel so stupid about getting into this mess, embarrassed that you and your Dad had to bail my ass out."

"I can't tell you how many times my Dad has bailed me out of some stupid predicament I got into. More important is what you did for me when I joined the Scout troop. You looked after me and made sure I had a good time and no one gave me any shit."

"Yeah, I looked after you, scamming you about the virus."

"Best thing you ever did. I thought I wasn't going to be having any sex for months until I had made some new friends. Even then I wasn't sure any other guys would be into screwing around with me. Those two weeks at camp were awesome. More sex than I could have ever thought possible."

Mack just looked at me, shook his head from side to side and smiled.

"What does it take to get you pissed off at me?"

"You being depressed and not wanting to swim and screw around gets me pissed big time." I smiled back at Mack.

"Well I don't want to piss off my best friend. Let's go swimming."

I put my arm around his shoulders as we walked over to the pool area. We smiled at each other and dropped our clothes and dove into the water. I was swimming under water towards the other side of the pool when I felt Mack's hand grab my thigh. I surfaced to find him right behind me with a devilish grin on his face.

"Sorry about grabbing your thigh, I was aiming for something else," as he grabbed my flaccid cock. "What the hell, this floppy noodle will be no fun to play with."

"Guess it's up to you to do something about that."

Mack dove under water and put my limp dick in his mouth and proceeded to empty his lungs, blowing bubbles like an obscene whirlpool jet. He surfaced when he ran out of air.

"Damn city folk, don't you know that you're supposed to suck when you give a blowjob? Let me show you," as I dove down and took to sucking his cock, already stiff and ready. I ran out of air and had to come up to face him.

"So that's how it's done," as he dove down to suck my cock.

We exchanged underwater antics a few more times before we decided it would be more productive if we got out of the pool. We went to the pool house and Mack told me to sit back and enjoy. He took my cock in his mouth and sucked me back to full hard. He pulled off and stroked me a few times, looked up at me and smiled.

"This is more like it," he grinned.

He lifted my cock up against my stomach and took my balls in his mouth, swirling them around then licking under them and getting my taint good and wet. I fully expected him to go further back and make love to my ass with his mouth. Instead he moved back up and took my cock back in his mouth. He was working the tip with his tongue as I held his head in my hands. He moved his arms out and put them behind my legs, raising them up and putting my legs on his shoulders. Mack let some spit drool out of his mouth and down my balls. Before it could drip off, he put his finger out to catch it and rub it on my hole. He pressed his finger against me and penetrated my hole with his finger, first one and then a second one. He timed his finger thrusts with his head bobbing on my cock. It didn't take too much of this before I shot my cum down his throat. He held his head still with my cock resting in his mouth, withdrawing his fingers. He just stayed that way, knowing that my cock would be really sensitive, until it went completely soft. He pulled his head back and smiled up at me.

"You're right, it was better out of the pool."

I was ready to switch places with him when we heard voices calling out to him. Kyle walked up to the door of the pool house.

"What the hell? You said you didn't want company today and here you are with Bert. We're not good enough for you any more?" Kyle asked

"It's not like that. I told Bert I didn't want to have anyone over to swim today but he showed up anyway," Mack tried to explain. "What are you guys doing here?"

"We thought you sounded upset on the phone so we thought we'd come over and cheer you up."

"Same with me, Kyle, I just figured he needed some company even if he said he didn't," I told them all. "One is lonely, two is company and three is a fucking good time. Last one in the pool has to stay celibate," I yelled as I got up and ran towards the pool.

"Hey Bert, wait up, will ya?" Kyle asked me.

"Sure, Kyle, what's do you want?"

"Nothing. You've already gotten off so you can stay celibate for the rest of the day," he hollered as he pushed me to one side so everyone could pass me to get in the water before me.

"Ever hear of seconds, asshole?" I joked.

"Heard of them, but you ain't getting them," he laughed as they all hit the water at the same time.

We swam, splashed, played grab ass and enjoy some general pool sex for a few hours until Kyle and the other guys had to leave and go home. As we got out of the pool, Mack asked us all to sit down on the patio.

"I just want all of you to know that you are the best friends a guy could ever want. You don't listen very well when I tell you I don't want company. But I'm glad you came. You guys are the best."

Every one got up and hugged Mack, knowing he was in better spirits. They said their good byes and left. I went into the pool house to get my clothes. Mack followed me, coming up behind me and embracing me in a tight hug.

"And you my buddy, are the best of all my friends. I owe you so much."

"We're friends and friends support friends."

Mack turned me around and moved his face towards to me to kiss me.

"Whoa, not doing that. Donny and I decided a long time ago that we're horny teenagers and good friends and we can suck and fuck as much as we want. But kissing makes it gay and neither one of us are gay. Hope you're not mad."

Mack's face turned red and he pulled his face back. He held his hands on my waist and looked in my eyes.

"Not mad, disappointed maybe, but not mad. I totally get it."


"So we can suck and fuck, huh? We've already sucked so I guess it's time to fuck?" he giggled.

The giggle may have been forced but he was trying to show me he wasn't upset that I wouldn't kiss him.

"Sounds like a plan to me. I was told I couldn't have seconds today so I guess that means you get to fuck me. If you're up for it."

Mack dropped one hand to his cock, gave it a few strokes then brought my hand down to his swelling cock.

"Does that feel like I'm up for it?"

"You're getting there, that's for sure."

I sat on the chair I had gotten my blowjob from earlier while Mack went and got a bottle of suntan lotion. He lubed his cock and then my hole. He put my legs back up over his shoulders again and moved in to press his cock in me this time instead of his fingers. As he slowly penetrated me, I let out a moan.

"Oh yeah, that feels so much better than a couple of skinny fingers."

As he began to pump in and out of me, he brought his hands up to caress and play with my nipples. He lowered one hand and grabbed my cock. He moved his other hand up to caress my face. He looked down at his cock sliding in and out and his hand squeezing my cock. Then looked back up at me.

"I don't know what is sexier, the look on your face or seeing you take my cock."

"Neither, you are the sexy one. I can't see it but I sure as hell can feel it."

Mack smiled and picked up his pace, pushing harder and deeper while squeezing my cock tighter but not stroking it yet. I tightened my ass muscles around his manhood as tight as I could. A few more pumps and he sent his load far up inside me. He started to work my cock but I stopped him.

"Let me savor the feeling of you inside me. Let's stay like this for a little while."

He leaned forward to kiss me but stopped before he got close enough.

"No kisses, not gay, I've got it," he smiled and leaned back.

We uncoupled and jumped in the pool to rinse off. I got dressed and headed home. As I was walking to the front of the house, Mack smiled and gave a little wave.

"Thanks for coming over. Please come over again when I tell you not to."

"My pleasure, literally."

I walked back to him and gave him a fist bump then left. I was out of sight when he raised his fist to his mouth and kissed it.

"No kisses, my ass."

As I walked back to my house I began to wonder if Mack was reading more into our friendship that was there. Sure, we were friends and we liked to have all kinds of sex with each other, but it was only physical, no emotion. Just like with Donny and I, just like with Kyle and the rest of the guys who went over to give him some moral support and cheer him up. I know this whole deal with the bookie and the money has him uptight. And what about Kyle? He seemed upset that Mack had told them not to come over and they did anyway and seemed a little put off that I was there. I hope I'm not making a shit show of all this. Friends and sex, that's all I want. No drama, no feelings, no bullshit.

I got home and my Dad told me that Donny and his family would be back next Thursday. They had found a buyer for the house, Earl had given his notice with the coal mine, who promptly fired him on the spot, and all the loose ends were tied up. Best thing to happen all day.

I decided to play it cool until Donny came home, only going to Mack house a few times. I told him my Dad wanted me to hang around the house and help him with some chores. From the reaction I got, chores were a totally foreign thing to Mack and his friends. I did go over twice and swam and enjoyed some communal sex with everyone, spreading my time evenly amongst everyone there, no favorites.

I had Mack make plans to meet the bookie on Friday at the local park. It was public so I didn't think the bookie would try anything drastic but I wasn't going to bet on that. There was a private spot behind the fountain, out of sight and not too far from a wooded area. We could conduct our business without drawing attention to ourselves but would be close enough to the woods if we had to make a run for our safety.

Donny and his family got home Thursday noontime. He had only been gone a little over a week, but, damn, I missed him.

Earl had rented a U-Haul trailer to bring all their worldly possessions with them. Or what they wanted to keep anyway. They left the furniture for the buyer of the house and only took a few pieces of furniture that had sentimental value. He backed it up to the garage and Donny and I unloaded everything while my parents and Donny's parents went in the house to officially set up the spare rooms as their own until the mechanic's house became available. Donny and I were running sweat by the time we finished. We went in the house to get a soda and were immediately ordered to the showers by my Mom. We were glad to obey.

Donny told me about the trip as we undressed.

"Son of a bitch, I missed you, Bert. Or maybe I just missed your cock," he giggled and he grabbed my cock and squeezed it.

"You're home now so it's all yours."

"Mine and Mack's, you mean."

"Mack and Kyle and Bruce and Devon and Owen, and you. Good thing I've got plenty to go around."

I was hoping that Donny wasn't going to get jealous of screwing around with the other guys. He has always insisted it is physical and not emotional.

"I get first crack at it before you're all pumped out," he smirked.

"Of course."

"When we were getting ready to leave for the drive home, I almost carved a carrot and stuck it up my ass for the ride here, pretending that you were fucking me for the entire trip."

"You're such a fucking pervert!"

"Yeah, I know. But I thought better of it. If Dad hit a pothole and it poked up in me I was afraid I'd cum in my pants. Hard to explain," Donny laughed.

"You thought for a change? That's something new," I joked as I slapped his ass and ran to the shower.

We adjusted the water and stepped in. We took turned soaping one another, front and back, paying special attention to our swelling cocks. We were facing each other and stroking each other's cocks when Donny told me again how much he had missed me. I put my head closer to his and whispered, "Me too." As I was pulling my head back, I stopped and looked into his eyes. I slowly moved my face towards him and felt the urge to put my lips on his and kiss him. I caught myself and pulled back. Suddenly I had a flashback to Mack almost kissing me. It was eerily familiar. I had to break the mood and told Donny to turn around and face the wall. I had a carrot I had been saving for him and wanted to give it to him now. He smirked and asked me what took me so long.

He stuck his ass out for me and I moved up to him. I pressed my soapy cock to his hole and pressed in slowly. I was buried to my pubes and held still, enjoying the feeling of him encompassing my boner. I put my hands on his back and massaged his skin, up and down and side to side. His body felt different this time. Not just bare skin, but Donny's bare skin. It felt more sensual than ever before, more personal than a meaningless fuck. This felt like making love instead of playful sex.

"Okay, you've parked your car in my garage so rev up your motor and get moving," Donny urged me.

It shook me from my strange feelings so I reached up to take a hold of his shoulders and pull his body tight to mine and began to savagely fuck him, pumping hard and fast.

"Oh, fuck yeah, that's what I'm talking about," he growled through gritted teeth.

I was like a man possessed. I was not having a friendly fuck session, but rather trying to brutally push the emotions I was feeling out of my body, through my cock and into him. If I was rough enough there would be no way he nor I could interpret what we were doing as anything but sex, raw unemotional sex.

"Hell yes, baby, fuck me, fuck me like only you know how," Donny mumbled in halting speech.

My breathing was getting quicker and deeper as I felt myself getting close. The ass pounding I was giving Donny had pushed him over the edge and he shot his load against the shower wall. His sphincter muscle tightened around me and brought me to an orgasm that made my knees buckle. I pulled out of him and sat at the back of the tub, looking up at Donny's ass leaking my cum as the water cascaded over his cheeks.

"Man, that was awesome. I don't know what got into you but that's the best fuck you've ever given me."

I couldn't tell him what I was feeling so I faked it.

"I've missed you as much as you've missed me."

We recovered, finished our shower and got dressed to go downstairs for supper. As we were getting dressed I kept glancing at Donny. I had to convince myself that I was glad that my best friend ever was back and was going to stay and not go home. The incident with Mack trying to kiss me, the guys possibly getting jealous and the meeting with the bookie tomorrow had all be weighing on my mind. I didn't really have any emotional feelings for Donny, just feeling comfortable to be with him. Yeah, that was it. It had to be.

We ate supper with Mom and Marge discussing plans for their garden. Mom was going to plant enough vegetables to feed the entire state of Ohio and Marge was going to plant enough beautiful flowers to make every day of the year look like Valentine's Day. Dad and Earl were discussing all the big plans they had for the tractor dealership and how it would be the biggest one this side of the Mississippi. Donny and I would glance at each other and smile. When Mary caught us looking she would point at us and rub her fingers, quietly mouthing 'Shame, shame' then giggle.

Everyone was tired so we turned in early that night. I told Donny about meeting the bookie tomorrow and wanted him to come along.

"Remember the stranger that approached us at the fishing hole last year?" I asked him.

"Oh man, do I? That was fucking epic. Are you planning the same thing tomorrow?"

"If you're up for it."

"Hell yes, I can't wait."

"Good we'll get everything ready in the morning. Don't let Mack know what we're planning. I'm sure he'd freak out and call the whole thing off."

"None of them will know what hit them, don't worry."

We rolled over and went to sleep running tomorrow through our mind as we dozed off.

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