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The New Boy

by Jonathan Perkins

Chapter 4

This is the fourth chapter of what was initially intended to be a short story and going no further than a single chapter. By popular demand, I've kept writing and added more chapters. Bert's suspicions about the relationship between the boys are confirmed in this chapter.

I look forward to your comments. I appreciate you feedback, good or bad. Send to I try to reply to as many as possible. If you enjoy my story, you can do an Author Search on my name ("Jonathan Perkins") to find some of my other stories posted here.

The New Boy

Copyright © Jonathan Pertkins 2024 All Rights Reserved

I woke up early Friday morning. I lay in bed running through how things were going to go down today. I felt excited that Donny and I would be doing this but felt bad for Mack. Bad that he got into this mess and bad that he felt he couldn't go to his father for help. I hope he doesn't feel bad about getting me involved and how Donny and I are going to put this mess to an end.

Donny woke up, stretched and looked over at me.

"Got time for a quickie?" he asked.

"We might have time but I don't want to take the edge of either one of us this morning. We'll have plenty of time later."

We got up, showered and went down stairs for breakfast. Dad was already at the table. He had an envelope on the table next to his plate. He picked it up and handed it to me.

"Here's the money. Are you sure you and Mack want to handle this yourselves?"

"Donny is coming with us. Safety in numbers, you know."

"Just be careful. I don't want this to get any worse than it already is," he cautioned us.

"We have it covered, not to worry."

'That's when I start to worry the most," my Dad said gaving me his fatherly look.

Donny and I finished eating, got what we needed from my room for the meeting this morning and headed over to get Mack. I knocked on the front door and it sprung open before I could knock a third time.

"What the hell is he doing here?" Mack yelled when he saw Donny.

"Safety in numbers."

"Bull shit. This isn't a fucking party. This is serious crap. I just want to give him his money and put this behind me."

"That's the problem, he won't let it go. Not without some convincing."

"And just how are you going to convince him?"

"That's for us to know and you to find out. Just go along with the flow. Like I did with the virus thing. Okay?"

"Yeah, I guess I don't have much choice. Do you have the money?"

"Right here." As I patted my back pocket. "Let's get going. I want to get there before he does."

We walked to the park and went to the meeting spot behind the fountain and waited. It wasn't long before the bookie showed up with another guy with him.

"Good morning Mack," he called out. "What with the crowd?" he asked, pointing to Donny and me.

"I'm his banker and I just came along to protect my investment," I spoke up with my best Kentucky accent before Mack could say anything.

"And what about him?" Benny asked pointing to Donny.

"He's my idiot brother. I get stuck taking him everywhere with me," I answered him while holding Donny' hand.

"Can I look for some nickels, George, can I, huh, can I?" Donny spoke up in a slurred voice

"Nickels? What the heck is he talking about?" Benny asked.

"I told you he ain't right in the head. I have to tell him we're going to look for nickels whenever I take him with me. Keeps him occupied."

"Can I go look for some nickels, George. You promised," Donny repeated, tugging to get his hand free from mine.

"Quiet, Lennie, we got business first."

"Enough of this crap. You got my money or don't you?"

"Got it right here," as I took out the envelope. "Before you get it, though, there's conditions."

"Conditions? Just who the fuck do you you're dealing with? If you know what's good for you, you'll hand over my money right now," Benny yelled as he took a step towards us.

"George, you promised I could look for some nickels. I want to look for them now!" Donny hollered as he pulled free from my hand.

"Fine Lennie, you go look for some nickels," I said as I reaching in my pocket and grabbed a hand full of nickels and threw them on the ground next to Benny. Donny got on his hands and knees and scooted over to where the nickels were scattered. Benny looked down at Donny and then back up at me. He moved another step closer.

Rocko, Benny's body guard had his eyes focused on Mack and I. No one was paying any attention to Donny as he moved around on the ground.

"I found one, George, I found a nickel!" Donny yelled and began to laugh.

Donny was ready and when I coughed, our signal, he scooted behind Benny as I lunged at him and knocked him right over Donny and flat on his back on the ground. Donny swung around and pinned Benny's legs in a scissors lock while reaching into his belt and pulling out an 8" hunting knife.

"Can I cut his balls of, George, you told me I can eat his balls. Please George," Donny pleaded while holding his knife against Benny's throat.

"Shut up Lennie," I said through my teeth.

Rocko was a little slow to realize what had happened before he pulled out a gun and aimed it at Donny. I pulled out my knife and flipped it in the air, grabbing the tip and taking aim towards Rocko.

"You can kill him, just give me one less thing to worry about. But then know that I'm going to sink this knife into your chest and drop you where you stand. I prefer to kill with a knife cause it's cheaper than using gunpowder," I said in a low and menacing voice.

I was shocked as hell that Rocko took the bait and quickly put his gun away. Just then Mack tapped me on the shoulder and nodded his head to the side.

"Bert, there is a cop headed this way. We screwed. Put the knife away before he sees it."

I looked where he was nodding and sure enough, a uniform cop was nonchalantly headed our way. He got a little closer and called out to us.

"Hey, what's going on here?"

"Nothing officer, just a father and son having some fun wrestling on the grass on this beautiful day in the park," I yelled over to him. Donny moved his leg to hide the knife in Benny's crotch.

"Is that right sir? It looks like you boy got the best of you," he snickered.

"Yes, he a good wrestler, I was about to tell him he won," Benny replied nervously.

"You all have a nice day," and off he went.

"Fuck, Bert, I knew this wasn't going to go well for us. We're screwed," Mack whined

"Relax buddy, just stay calm and go with the flow," I reassured him. Looking back at Benny, Donny started in again.

"George, when can I cut off his balls and eat them? You promised. You said I could eat some balls today."

I looked at Mack and winked.

"Look, Mack, I know I told you I'd let Lennie kill this prick and you'd let me keep the money, but I'm having seconds thoughts. Lennie got acquitted back home last year for killing a guy but that was because his uncle was the judge. We won't be that lucky up here. And besides, that cop can identify us. I'm going to let him have the money under conditions."

"I already told you no conditions. Give me the money before Rocko shoots all of you little assholes," Benny threatened.

"No boss, like he said, that cop has seen our faces," Rocko reminded him. He pulled his jacket over his gun and ran off.

"PLEASE George, I really want to cut him."

"Guess if anyone is going to die, it might be you, Benny."

The sweat was starting to bead up on his head, his face turning white now that he realized he was at our mercy.

"So here's the deal, Benny. You get your money and you get to live. But you don't ever take another bet from Mack or any of his high school friends. And you tell the rest of your scum sucking bookie associates that Mack and his friends are off limits. NO bets at all! Got it?"

"Yeah, fine, what ever you say."

"Lennie, we're not going to kill him today bit if he breaks his promise I'll make sure you get to cut him up into little pieces. Okay, Lennie?"

"But you promised!"

"I know. But look, Lennie, there's some more nickels," as I pointed with one hand and threw some more nickels with my other hand.

Donny released Benny and crawled over to where I threw the nickels as fast as he could. I threw the envelope with the money at Benny who was still on the ground.

"Take you money and get out of here while Lennie is chasing nickels. I may not be able to stop him much longer."

Benny scrambled to his feet, clutched the envelope and ran off towards the front of the park.

"Come on, let's get out of here before they change their mind and come back," I said as I grabbed Mack's hand and pulled him with me as we headed for the path into the woods. Donny jumped up and followed us, laughing as hard as I have ever heard him laugh.

We had no sooner got out of sight of the fountain than Mack stopped, bent over with his hands on his knees and proceeded to puke his guts out. I held his shoulders until he had finished. He stood up straight and turned to look at me.

"You crazy bastards almost got us all killed! What the fuck were you thinking?" Mack screamed

"Relax, Mack, it went just as we planned, same as last time," Donny smiled.

"Last time? You mean you've done this before?"

"Yeah, Bert and I were fishing back home and some out of town guy in a fancy suit came up to us and started talking to us. Then he unzips his pants and lets them fall to the ground. He strokes his stiff cock a few times and tells us we're going to suck him or else. We both had our knives to dress any fish we caught. We knew we had to do something to get the drop on him," Donny told Mack

"We had just finished reading that Steinbeck novel, "Of Mice and Men" and we both got the idea to pretend to be like the guys in the book." I continued.

"When the guy dropped his pants, some change fell out on the ground so I played the part of the retarded guy and wanted to 'hold the nickels, George.' Bert played right into it with me. When I got behind him, Bert pushed him over and I rolled right onto him and pulled my knife, threatening to cut off his balls. That guy was shitting himself thinking I was going to do it," Donny falls to the ground laughing. "I started yelling I wanted to eat his balls, I was tired of looking for nickels," Donny continued. "Before I let go of Benny just know, his pants were wet where his pissed himself, thinking he was a goner."

"Who the hell are you guys? I mean, getting me to think you believed the virus thing is one thing, but now this? I don't know if I can trust anything you guys ever say or do again?" Mack said, shaking his head.

"We only did this for your sake. We're friends and you know you can trust us."

"But your stupid idea almost got us all arrested. You didn't figure on that cop showing up, did you? If I got arrested I definitely would be going off to boarding school."

"I know you were too nervous to notice, but did you see the emblem on his shoulder? 'Hazard Township Volunteer Police'? That was Donny's Dad, Earl. He was on the volunteer police force back home. He must have brought his uniform with him when they moved their things up here yesterday. I don't know how he found out what we were doing, but I knew we were all good."

"The whole dam bunch of you are fucking out of your minds! I'm going to have to be more careful who I pick for friends in the future."

Mack started to walk off ahead of us, leaving Donny and I to just look at each other in bewilderment. I can understand him being upset that we didn't tell him what we were up to. But I' sure he would have called off the meeting if he had known.

"Hey, Bert, if that's the way he says thank for bailing him out, maybe we should be more careful who we pick for friends," Donny said, shaking this head.

"You could be right," I replied.

I put my arm around Donny's shoulder and we continued down the trail, about fifty feet behind Mack. We came out of the woods and Mack turned to head to his house. Donny and I stood there for a minute to see if Mack was going to say anything. I finally hollered to him,

"I'll call you later."

He never acknowledged me and kept walking.

"Or maybe you should be more careful who you pick for friends in this screwy place. Sure as hell ain't like back home," Donny said quietly.

"He'll calm down, I'm sure he'll thank us when he does."

We walked along in silence for a while until Donny started to snicker.

"We still got it, Bert. That bookie's heart was pounding so bad I thought it was going to pop through his chest."

"Yeah we do, Donny."

"You didn't let me eat no balls, George!" Donny said in his heaviest southern accent again. "I'm going to git even with you when we gits home."

"Oh, and just what are you gonna do, Lennie?"

"I'm gonna eat your balls . . . and your cock . . . and your ass!" Donny smirked.

"Well, I suppose I owe you, so, okay," I giggled.

He punched me in the shoulder and we picked up our pace to get home.

Dad and Earl were sitting in the living room enjoying a cold beer. We said hello and headed for the stairs.

"Just a minute, boys," my Dad said. "How did the meeting with the bookie go? Any trouble?"

I glanced at Earl was looked like the bird that ate the canary. I had to look away before I laughed.

"Everything went according to plan. No trouble."

"Do you think he'll bother Mack, or you boys again?" Dad asked.

"Nope. Mack learned his lesson."

"So didn't the bookie," Earl added.

Dad spit out a mouthful of beer and the both of them started laughing. I knew that Earl had told my Dad what went down at the park.

"I appreciate your initiative trying to help your friend, but you could have gotten hurt or worse if Earl hadn't shown up when he did," my Dad said in his stern voice.

"But that was part of the plan, wasn't it, Dad?" Donny asked looking at his father with eyes pleading for him to go along.

"Oh sure, part of the plan all right, part of the plan," Earl laughed and slapped his knee.

"Was Mack grateful that it's all over now?" My Dad asked me.

"He did come and thank you for the money. He really appreciated your help."

"Yeah, us not so much," Donny added quietly.

"Oh?" my Dad asked me

"He was a little upset that we didn't tell him about our plan."

"Or anyone else," Earl through in with a wink at me.

"He was a little freaked out about the whole thing. I think it will take him a day or two to get over it but he'll be fine."

"Not the way he walked away without saying anything," Donny noted.

"It was a hair brained scheme and he wouldn't have gone a long with it if he knew. I don't think anyone would except you two goofballs. If he doesn't get over it, he was never a very good friend. Go get cleaned up, we're going to the mall to go shopping for some clothes for Earl and Donny."

"Damn, I was looking forward to eating some balls this afternoon," Donny grinned as we were getting cleaned up.

"It can be a midnight snack tonight."


We walked around the mall and weren't sure what we should buy or what store to look in. Earl suggested we follow some of the shoppers close to our age and see what they were buying. We had been looking and checking out styles and types of clothes everyone was wearing when I got a bump on the back.

"Hey Bert, what's going on?"

It was Kyle.

"Just came to do some clothes shopping and looking at what everyone else is wearing. It's all pretty confusing."

"I don't mean what are you doing here, I mean what's going on with you and Mack?" he asked.

"Nothing really, why?"

"I stopped over his house to see if you guys were swimming there today. When I asked about you and Donny, he blew up at me. Said he never wanted to see you and your faggot girlfriend again. I asked him what happened and he just screamed at me to leave. He told me to stay away from you two if I knew what was good for me. I've never seen him that mad."

"He called him a faggot girlfriend? I'll cut his balls off if I see him!" Donny growled.

"Shit, you guys must have had a hell of a fight," Kyle looked at me wanting to ask but thought better of it.

"We helped him out of a tough jamb and he didn't like the way we did it. He'll get over it once he calms down."

"So, ah, um, are you and Donny really boyfriends?" Kyle asked timidly.

"Fuck no!" Donny yelled. "No offense, Bert"

"None taken. We're just good friends who like to have sex, like you and Devon, Bruce and Owen, nothing more, nothing less. Are you boyfriends with Mack?" I asked Kyle.

Kyle's faced turned bright red and he cleared his throat.

"No, no, of course not. Why would you ask that?"

"No reason, just wondering, that's all."

"None of us are. It's like you said, we're all just good friends who like sex. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm going to stop back on my way home to see if Mack has calmed down at all. I'll call you later."

"Okay, thanks Kyle."

"The ungrateful bitch! I hope he falls in his pool and drowns," Donny cursed.

"Hey, none of that. He'll come around. If not, just remember, we did a good deed today and had fun playing George and Lennie again."

"Yeah, we did have fun. We should do that more often." Donny smiled.

We continued to watch who was buying what and then went and bought some shirts and jeans. Donny wanted to come in the changing room with me while we tried on clothes but I didn't think that would be a very good idea. We'd have plenty of time to screw around later.

On the way home I got to thinking about Kyle's reaction when I asked him if he and Mack were boyfriends. His face turned red, he started to stammer and then quickly denied it. Maybe Kyle has feelings for Mack and that's why he was so upset when he came over and found Mack and I in the pool house after Mack had told Kyle not to come over. Was Kyle jealous of Mack and I? There is nothing to be jealous about, we're just friends. Or were we? I hope we still are after he has a day or so to cool out. And why did Mack say Donny and I are boyfriends? We're good friends and there is a special bond between us that will never be broken, but not those kinds of feelings. I almost did kiss Donny, though. And come to think of it, Mack wanted to kiss me. Does Mack have a thing for me? Fucking hell, this is getting all too complicated for a simple country boy like me.

Kyle stopped by to see Mack again.

"Hey Mack,. I just wanted to stop back and check on you."

"I told you to leave me alone! Fuck off!"

"I'm worried about you, that's all. So is Bert."

"Bert! Where did you see him? Have the two of you been talking about me behind my back?"

"No, nothing like that. He's just worried, same as me."

"What did that asshole say about me?" Mack demanded to know.

"Not much. He just said he helped you out of a jamb and you weren't very appreciative, that's all."

"APPRECIATIVE?? That moron and his girlfriend almost got me killed. I should thank him for that?" Mack screamed.

"I don't know what happened or how you almost got killed but Bert didn't seen like it was a big deal."

"Well it damn sure was! If you think he's such a great guy, go hang with him from now on and leave me alone."

"But Mack . . ."

"But nothing! GET OUT OF HERE, NOW!!"

Kyle hung his head and walked away. He hadn't come to upset Mack but rather console him about whatever was going on between him and Bert. That backfired. Kyle walked home and contemplated calling Bert to see exactly what happened between them. He had gotten Mack pissed off for trying to intervene so maybe he'd get the same reaction from Bert. But he just couldn't let it go. He called Bert and told him how upset Mack was.

"What did happen with you two? He said you almost got him killed?" Kyle asked.

"Nobody almost got killed. He's just dramatizing things because he got nervous."

"Nervous about what? What was the jamb he was in?"

"That's between him and I and not something I can talk about. I appreciate you trying to help but there's not much that anyone can do until he calms down. Hope fully sooner than later."

"Okay. Mack won't say it but I want to thank you for doing whatever you did to help him out of whatever jamb he was in. See, I can be just as vague as you can," Kyle laughed.

"We're all friends and we all watch out for each other."

"Some more than others. Talk to you later."

My Dad was right, nothing good comes of gambling. If Mom hadn't won that lottery ticket Donny and I would still be living in Kentucky, enjoying each other and not having to deal with any of this bullshit. I wonder if it's too late to give all the money away and move back home where we belong.

Donny and I decided we'd give Mack a few days to cool off. We were bored so we went to explore the neighborhood. I had been so busy with the Jamboree and then swimming almost every day at Mack's house that I hadn't gotten a chance to walk around and see where I was calling home now.

Nothing really but more big fancy houses, bigger than any normal people would need. But I've learned these people in this town are anything but normal. We went back to the park and ended up going back down the path we used as an escape route from the bookie. We got the fork in the path and took the right fork instead of the left fork that led back to our house. The woods got thicker and the path was getting overgrown. We were about to turn around when we came to a clearing.

"Hey Bert, this looks like the clearing where you fell down and I landed on top of you."

"I didn't fall, I was pushed. And you didn't land on top of me, you jumped on top of me," I corrected him.

"Still, it was a good time," Donny said as he pushed me just enough to knock me off balance.

"Not here, somebody might come along,"

"The path was getting overgrown so I think we're safe. At least for a nice outdoor blow job."

That did sound like a good idea. The warm sun, a gentle breeze and surrounded by Mother Nature. I looked around to make sure I couldn't see or hear anyone. When I looked back at Donny, he had already stripped out of his clothes and was standing completely naked with his hands on his hips and his stiff cock sticking straight out.

"Me first?" he smirked.

"It sure looks like you're ready," I agreed as I walked over and got on my knees.

I stroked his cock a few times to get some precum on the tip. I licked it off as Donny pushed his hips out to meet me, letting out a quiet moan. I was just about to swallow him when we heard voices coming down the trail.

"Son of a bitch," Donny whispered as he bent down to grab his clothes. He ran into the bushes on the side of the clearing, making sure we were out of sight but still able to see the clearing. A guy and a girl suddenly appeared. They looked around and starting to kiss.

"You see, I told you it was private. No one will ever find us here," the boy said.

"You damn well better be right," she sternly replied.

They went back to kissing and groping each other. They looked a little older than us, maybe seniors in high school. We didn't figure they'd be much older or they would both be at work in the middle of the day. He was wearing shorts and a tee shirt while she had on what looked like some sort of cheerleader outfit, short skirt and tight blouse.

He undid his shorts and let them fall to his ankle, his cock jutting out. She stopped kissing and looked down at it. She took it in her hand and squeezed his boner.

"Mmmm, that looks good enough to eat."

"Just what I had in mind. Then I'll do you," he told her.

Donny and I looked at his cock in amazement. It was huge! He had to be at least 8", if not more. He was cut, which was no surprise, but there wasn't a single pube on him.

"Man, look at the meat. I'm fucking jealous of her. Can I run out and offer to suck him instead of her?" Donny whispered so as not to be let them know they had an audience. "How old can he be if he hasn't reached puberty yet but has a cock that big?"

"He's definitely hit puberty, he's older than us. I'll bet he's shaved his pubes off. Some guys do that if their girl friends don't like giving hairy blowjobs."

"Would you want me to shave, Bert?"

"Hell no. That would be like molesting a little kid. I like you fine just the way you are." I reached down and gave his still hard cock a stroke. "I like you hard and ready," I giggled quietly.

She hadn't been sucking him too long when he announced that he was going to cum. She pulled her blouse up and pulled off his cock, letting his load shoot on her breasts.

"Now clean up your mess like a good boy," she commanded him.

He got down on his knees and licked his cum off of her chest. Then she stood up and pulled off her panties, flinging them to one side. She pulled up her skirt and hoisted one leg over his shoulder, exposing an equally bald crotch right in his face.

"Now it's your turn," she told him.

He dove into her crotch, licking and tonguing her pussy, making her moan and pull his head in tighter to her.

"Fucking disgusting. I' think I might puke," Donny said as he pointed a finger towards his mouth. "Now he's going to smell like rotten fish all day."

"To each their own. But you're right, it's pretty gross. I've got an idea. Get dressed as quietly as you can. We don't want to see this so we going to put a stop to it."

Both Donny and I liked girls but had not acquired an appreciation for their genitals yet. Turns out city girls were much cleaner than the girls back home.

Donny got dressed without them hearing us. We walked out of the bushes into the clearing, looking up into the sky.

"Lennie, was that a bluebird I just saw fly over that way," pointing to the other side of the clearing.

"I don't think so, I think it was a bald eagle," Donny said pointing to the girl shaved pussy.

She screamed, turning so the leg over his shoulder pushed him down on the ground.

"You fucking moron!" she screamed, "I told you this wasn't a good idea!"

He looked at her, then at us, then scrambled to pull up his shorts as he tried to stand up. He lost his balance and fell over again, one leg coming out of his shorts. He stood up and again and was trying to get that leg back in when she started screaming again as she ran down the trail.

"Come on jack ass, we've got to get out of here." She looked back and saw him struggling with his pants. "Forget the damn pants, they've already seen your junk."

We both smiled when he turned to look at us, giving him a thumbs up. He smiled back and stood straight up giving us a full frontal view of his naked body. He grabbed his shorts and tee shirt and ran after his girl friend. She never did pick up her panties. Donny ran over and picked them up with a stick.

"A souvenir of the show?" Donny laughed loudly.

"You can have them. They're not my color."

"Now where were we?" Donny asked as he started to unzip his pants.

"We were about to leave before we end up like them. I told you this wasn't as safe as what we had at home. We'll pick this up where we left off tonight at home, with the door locked."

"Okay. Let's hurry up and follow them and see where they go. Maybe we can figure out who belongs to that awesome cock?"

"Sorry Donny, I doubt he swings both ways. You'll just have to keep that image in you head for jerk off material."

We came out of the woods behind the fountain just in time to see the two of them getting into a car and driving off. She saw us and ducked down under the dashboard as he raced off. I have no idea who he is but I've seen that car around a few times. Maybe we could find out who he is, not that it would do us any good?

We got back home and were having a cold drink in the kitchen when my mother walked in from the garden.

"Mack called and left a message for you. He wants you and Donny to be at his house tomorrow at noontime. Then Kyle called about ten minutes later looking for you. Is something going on?" she asked.

"No, we haven't been over swimming in the last couple of days and he trying to organize another swim party I guess," I fibbed.

When she went back to her garden, I called Mack but got no answer. I called Kyle to see if he knew what was up. He had no idea and just got the same message. Guess we'd find out tomorrow.

"Are you going to go?" Donny asked.

"Of course, we're both going to go. And you're going to leave your attitude at home." I warned him.

"Whatever. He's your friend so I just smile and play along."

Donny and I walked over to Mack's house the next day at noontime. We met Kyle as he was walking up from the other direction.

"Hey Kyle," I greeted him.

"Hey Bert, Donny," he said as he put out his hand to shake out hands.

"Are the rest of the guys coming over?"

"No idea. Mack just said he wanted me here at noon," Kyle responded.

Just then the front door opened and Mack waved us to come in. Instead of going to the pool area, he asked us to sit in the living room. We sat down but Mack remained standing. He cleared his throat a couple of times and then turned to look at us.

"I wanted to apologize to the three of you. I've been acting like a complete asshole the last few days. But I was so scared in the park and thought we were all going to get killed," Mack began.

"Killed! What the hell happened?" Kyle asked.

"Let me finish. I've never been through anything like that and I couldn't handle it. Yesterday I figured is I went back to the park I could somehow make it all go away. I went over by the fountain and saw Benny and Rocko sitting on one of the benches. I panicked and froze right where I stood. Benny and Rocko were talking when Rocko noticed me, tapped Benny on the arm and pointed towards me. I was by myself and at their mercy if it was time for their revenge. They stood up, hesitated for a minute then walked off quickly in the other direction. Right then and there I realized that what you and Donny had done freed me. Freed me from my addiction and freed me from Benny forever. If we had handled it my way, I'd be right back in the same situation in six months."

"Hello? Earth to Mack. What the hell are you talking about? What happened? Will someone fill me in?" Kyle pleaded.

"See, I'm even screwing this up. I should have apologized to your separately. Kyle, I wanted to tell you I was sorry I snapped at you when you were just trying to help. Forgive me?"

"No, not until someone tells me what this is all about," Kyle snarled.

I jumped in to tell Kyle what happened, leaving out the details that would embarrass Mack.

"Mack owed a guy some money and we went along to make sure the guy would leave him alone once he was paid. That's all."

"That's all? That's not the half of it," Mack spoke up. He told Kyle the whole story about the gambling debt and the charade we ran on Benny. He dramatized the part with the Rocko and the gun, I guess to justify his feeling he was going to get killed.

"Bullshit, you're making this up," Kyle said, shaking his head.

I decided he needed a demonstration. I reached in my pocket and jingled some change. Donny picked up on it right away.

"George, can I look for some nickels?"

"Not now, Lennie, we're talking."

"Please George, I'll be quiet."

I took out some change and threw it on the rug between the three of us.

"Nickels, George, I see some nickels!"

Donny fell to the floor and started rooting around for the nickels. Kyle looked at him and then at me.

"For real?" he mumbled.

Donny was slowly moving closer to Kyle until he was right at his feet.

"See Kyle, we have this rehearsed," I said to Kyle to draw his attention away from Donny. The minute Kyle looked up at me, Donny sprung up between Kyle's legs.

"Balls, George, can I eat some balls," and pushed his face in Kyle's crotch.

Mack saw the ridiculous of our script and started to laugh, quietly, then building to a full belly laugh.

"Get him off me!" Kyle yelled.

"Lennie, get your nickels and come sit down," I barked.

"Yes George. Can I eat his balls later?"

"Maybe, but only if he says you can."

"You crazy bastards really did this? With a god damn mobster? Holy shit!"

"You do what you got to do for your friends," I smiled at Mack.

"Yeah, but you don't put his life in danger!" Kyle glared at me.

"It worked out okay, Kyle. Let's all just put it behind us," Mack told everyone.

Mack came over and stood in front of us with his arms extended. He was closest to Donny so he stood up and Mack came in for a hug, a quick hug with a back slap. I was next. He grabbed me and pulled me into a tight hug, rubbing my back with his hands. The hug lasted longer than Donny's hug, but I didn't think anything of it. I pulled back when I saw the look on Kyle's face. His face looked like a quarterback who has led his team down the field in the closing minutes of a game, was two points behind but was in field goal range. It was third down and the quarterback wanted to attempt one more pass to get them closer for his field goal kicker, even though they had kicked successfully from this distance before. His pass was intercepted and they lost the game. Kyle had the same look of dejection as he watched Mack hold me for an intimate hug. Next Mack turned to hug Kyle. Kyle's face lit up and he pulled Mack in for a tight hug with back rubbing. Mack tried to pull away after a few seconds, but Kyle held him tight. As Mack pushed away, the look of despair returned to Kyle's face. Kyle didn't move to give Donny nor I a hug.

"Thanks for having us over, Mack. I'm glad we could air this out. Donny and I have to get going to help our fathers this afternoon. They said we could come over to talk but to come right home."

"Thanks for coming. Next time you guys cook up some crazy scheme, fill me in, will you?" Mack smiled.

"Of course, if there ever is a next time," I replied.

"I'm sure you guys will think of some hair brained thing to do again," Kyle said with contempt in his voice. "I can hang around for a while if you want to swim or just hang out, Mack."

"No, I think I'd rather just be along for now. Maybe tomorrow we can all get together for a swim, no suits of course."

We all laughed and walked to the door.

"Thanks for coming over, buddy," Mack said as we opened the door to leave.

"Sure thing, anytime."

"I might just take you up on that," Mack grinned and winked.

He called me buddy again. This time it didn't give me the tingle it used to. Maybe because I was feeling like a third wheel between he and Kyle. Or maybe with Donny back in my life I wasn't so desperate to have a new friend. I looked back when we got to the sidewalk and Mack was still standing in the door. Kyle was standing behind him. Mack gave a little wave then shut the door, with Kyle still inside.

"I guess Mack isn't such an ass after all," Donny commented as we were walking home.

"No, it took balls to apologize to us all at once."

"I think he missed you," Donny snickered.

"We all missed each other."

"Maybe, but I think Mack missed you more than anyone else. I picked up a vibe from him when he gave you the hug."

"You're nuts."

But he wasn't. I picked up on it too but I wasn't going to admit it to Donny. I'm not sure why I didn't want to agree with him, but I figured the less said the better. When we got home, Dad and Earl were going to drop Mom and Marge off at the garden center and then he and Earl were going to the hardware store. He asked how things went with Mack.

"Everything is good. He apologized for not thanking us the other day. He nerves were rattled and he wasn't thinking straight. Kyle was there too so the gang is all back together."

"Good. Do you boys want to come with us to the hardware store?" my Dad asked.

"No thanks, we kinda of hungry so we're just going to get a bite to eat," Donny said and grinned at me.

He wanted to eat all right, eat my balls. I did promise him, though. We made some sandwiches and took them upstairs to eat. As soon as we got in the room, Donny grabbed my pants and tugged at them to get them off.

"A little anxious, are we?" I asked with a grin.

"I'm starving for some balls," as he got down on his knees and pulled my pants and underwear to my ankles.

It seemed a kind of weird standing with my pants down, my cock semi erect, Donny in my crotch and me nonchalantly eating a ham sandwich. As soon as his tongue hit my ball sack, my semi hard cock quickly became a very hard cock. He pushed my cock back against my stomach so it was out of his way. I spread my legs to give him better access as he pushed up against me. He was slobbering and licking and taking my bag into his mouth, gently tugging on it. He let it fall from his mouth so he could lick all around it, along my inner thighs and back to my perineum. My taint has always been super sensitive and what better way to stimulate it than a warm wet tongue.

As Donny was working his magic in my crotch, I was still eating my ham sandwich. I had my eyes closed enjoying what Donny was doing. The salty taste of the ham reminded me of the last time I had sucked Donny. We had showered recently but the summer heat had made us sweaty. His cock tasted saltier than usual, almost like the ham I was chewing in my mouth. I began to try and separate the ham from the bread in my mouth and roll the ham over my tongue, enjoying the salty flavor. Weird, I know. The ham was starting to dissolve so I took another bite of the sandwich. Just them Donny pulled away from my balls and let my cock flop free, pointing straight out in front of his face. He moved in and swallowed my cock in one gulp. I was pretty aroused at that point and knew I wouldn't last much longer. When I bit into the sandwich again, I squeezed a glob of mayonnaise into my mouth. In my heighten state of fantasy the mayonnaise felt like a spurt of cum shooting into my mouth. That was all it took. I shot an impressive load of sperm into Donny's waiting mouth, gagging him before he could swallow it all. He sat back on his heels and looked up at me.

"Damn, boy, that was one hell of a load. Thanks," he said as he licked his lips and his chin.

"Yours wasn't so bad either," I returned the compliment.

"How did you know I emptied my balls? You had your eyes closed and couldn't have seen me cum just before you did."

Should I tell him that he was a ham sandwich and came in my mouth? Naw, I wouldn't believe it myself. He'd just think I was a weirdo. Better left unsaid.

"I could feel your body tense up, your breathing changed and your mouth tightened around my cock. As many times as we've had sex I know when you cum." I faked it.

"Yeah, I guess your right."

Ham sandwiches had just become my favorite lunch.

The next few days Donny and I were busy helping our fathers around the house. Of course we feigned being tired after working with them all day and went to bed shortly after supper. That is not to say we went to sleep early, just went to bed early.

Then we had a rainy spell so we didn't think there'd be any swimming at Mack's house. I did find it strange that Mack hadn't called to see why we hadn't been over, though. My Mom took Donny and I to the mall on the second rainy day to get us out of the house. We meandered around just going in and out of the different stores to amuse ourselves. At noon we went to the food court to get something to eat. We got some food and we looking for a table when we spotted Mack and Kyle. We went over and asked if we could join them.

"Of course you can," Mack jumped up to greet us. "Where have you two been? We thought you fell off the face of the Earth," he joked.

Kyle gave a quick smile but didn't seem as pleased to see us as Mack was. We sat and ate, making small talk about nothing in particular. At least, Mack and Donny and myself did. Kyle just sat there stone faced, eating his lunch, not joining in the conversation. Donny and I were getting the feeling that we were intruding and Kyle wasn't happy that we were there. We finished up quickly and got up to leave.

"Hey, the weather is supposed to better tomorrow. Why don't you come over and we can all go swimming again," Mack offered.

"Sure, sounds good. We'll try and make it," I told him, not committing to anything.

Kyle just nodded when we said goodbye to him, stuffing a few French fries in his mouth so he wouldn't have to say anything.

"That was a cool reception from Kyle," Donny noted.

"Maybe something he ate, maybe he has an upset stomach from eating mall food," I laughed.

"Or something he didn't get to eat," Donny smiled and grabbed his crotch. "Mack might be saving it all for you."

I just punched him on the shoulder and headed to the entrance to meet my Mom for a ride home.

The next day was a nice sunny day, a good day for swimming. Donny and I had to finish a few chores for my Dad and then we headed to Mack's house. It was later than we usually went over but we hadn't set a specific time. We entered the pool area and Mack and Kyle were already in the pool, Mack had his back up against the side of the pool and Kyle was in between his legs. It was pretty obvious that Kyle was fucking Mack, thrusting hard enough to make waves in the water. I was about to say something when Kyle leaned in and kissed Mack. They smiled at each other and the quick kiss evolved into a full out make out session, tongues going fast and furious into each other's mouths. This explained a lot about the cool reception I had been getting from Kyle. What was happening between them was more than just some physical sex, much more. Kyle had some serious feelings for Mack and it seemed like Mack was feeling the same way.

Donny looked at me and grabbed my crotch.

"Should we join them?" he whispered.

I shook my head "no" and pulled his arm for him to follow me quietly.

"Damn, who would have guessed," Donny said as we got to the sidewalk.

"I had an idea that Kyle was looking for more. Guess I was right."

"I think Mack wanted more from you as well."

"He's not going to get it. I'm happy that he and Kyle are hooking up and I'm happy you and I can just enjoy sex with no emotions."

"No, emotions?" Donny exclaimed. "Who are you kidding? I'm in love! I love sucking you cock and having it up inside me."

"You love anyone's cock you can get your hands on."

"No comment," Donny grinned.

We went home to my room and I let Donny enjoy what he loves best, my cock. I contemplated what we saw and how it was going to change the dynamics of the group.

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