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The New Boy

by Jonathan Perkins


I hope you've enjoyed our time together with Bert and Donny and his friends. I know they have enjoyed having you share in their adventures. Some things didn't turn out as good as they could have, but that's life. You have to make the best of the hand that is dealt to you. Until the next story, remember, if you don't use it, you'll loose it. Keep stroking!

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The New Boy

Copyright © Jonathan Perkins 2024 All Rights Reserved

I want to thank you for following along as Donny, our parents and myself settled into Hunting Valley, OH after moving from Hazard, KY. It took a while to get used to our new surroundings and new friends but now, twenty years later, life is good.

When I left off, Donny and I were going to be starting high school in the fall. We definitely felt like fish out of water the first few days but the guys we swam with came through for us and made us feel welcome. By the end of September we had made new friends our own age to hang around with and were no longer considered outsiders.

Speaking of Mack, he and Kyle became a real serious couple for the rest of the summer. Unfortunately for Mack, he father came home early one afternoon and caught Kyle and him having sex in the house. He went ballistic and made arrangements to send Mack to military school to finish his last year of high school. He wasn't even allowed to say good bye to any of us when he left. Kyle took it really hard and slumped most of his senior year. The guys talked him into going to the senior prom which ended in him getting drunk and crashing his car on the way home. He was pretty banged up and was in the hospital for almost a month. The male nurse assigned to him took really good care of him. So much so that they fell in love. Kyle moved in with him after he got out of the hospital and they are still together today.

Mack excelled at military school. His father still wasn't talking to him and didn't attend his graduation. He joined the army when he graduated and entered the service with a higher rank than most recruits. He put everything he had into his career and advanced through the ranks rapidly. He was afraid of being outed and having his career stall so he seldom met up with any guys, especially none from the base. He dated a fellow female officer a few times and they became good friends. She felt she had to be truthful and confided in him that she was gay. Mack laughed and told her he was as well. Mack had learned the art of deception from Donny and I and put it to good use. The two of them got married so they both had a cover story and lived happily together as a married non-couple. Several years after the marriage Mack was deployed overseas. His deployment was nearly over when roadside bomb killed him and everyone in his vehicle. He got a heroes funeral at Arlington National Cemetery, which his father did not attend. We were all there and frankly were glad he didn't show up. If he hadn't forced Mack to go to military school he never would have joined the Army and would still be alive today.

Bruce, Devon and Owen were so spooked about Mack being outed that they started dating girls in school. As they had always claimed, the sex with us was just physical. Devon got a girl pregnant and dropped out of school to get married and support her. His family wasn't as well of as the rest of us. I talked to my Dad about helping them out, but Devon wouldn't hear of it. They had two more kids and are still living the happy married life.

Earl started work at the John Deere dealership and helped the owner expand with the new line of larger tractors. He and Marge bought the mechanics house and moved in a few months after getting to town. I missed having Donny living with us but he was at my house as much as I was at his and we still have frequent and mutual sex, flying under the radar. The dealership was having growing pains and the owner was having second thoughts about the expansion. My Dad stepped up and bought the place from him and doubled the size of the building and the display lot. Dad kept the old owner on as a manager for five years until he retired. Dad was bored so he went back to his roots and drove the delivery truck, dropping off and picking up equipment. I've never seen him so happy. Mom and Marge had the most beautiful gardens in town. Mom became president of the local garden club and they began a yearly flower show. It became the 'go to' event every spring with people coming from all over the state.

As for Donny and I, we had a ball in high school, clowning around and having fun. I did manage to get some actual studying done and had good enough grades at graduation to get accepted at the local college. At my Dad's urging, I studied business management so I could take over running the dealership. Donny skipped college and went to a trade school to study to be a Diesel mechanic. Earl was doing okay but the new computerized tractors would stump him sometimes. With his Dad's natural mechanical ability and training on the computer systems, Donny aced trade school and worked side by side with his Dad when he graduated. I came back to manage the dealership and it just kept growing. We grew it from selling lawnmowers to being one of the larger dealerships in all of Ohio.

Oh yeah, as I said, Donny and I were still having sex whenever we got the chance. I had been out of college for about a month when we were screwing around on a lazy Sunday afternoon in my bedroom. For three hours we had engaged in every conceivable act we could think of. I had just finished fucking him, still between his upright legs with my head on his shoulder when he leaned over and kissed me. Yeah, I know, that was pretty gay. Then he said he loved me. Even gayer, right? So I told him I loved him too. We finally admitted to each other that it was more than just physical sex. A month later we bought a house and moved in together. A year later we were married. When we bought the house and came out to our parents, our Dads looked at each other and laughed. "Its' about time you admitted it," they both said together. Our Moms cried and hugged us.

From that first night in the church basement when I met Mack to being married to my best friend and the love of my life, and being an integral part of the community, its been a hell of a ride. One I wouldn't have missed for anything. I'll leave you now. I told Donny I would let him hunt for some nickels, but I think he wants to eat some balls instead.

By the way, Benny the Bookie got caught in an undercover sting operation. Rocko was waving his gun around and when the undercover cop showed his badge, Rocko got nervous and accidentally fired his gun and shot the cop in the foot. At this writing, the both of them are in jail.

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