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Out of the Rain

by Junco

This story has become more sexual in nature, and it is up to you to determine if it is suitable to read. It may also be against local laws in your area, or you may need to be 18 or 21 years old. So I am making it your responsibility as the reader to make this determination. BE WARNED, this is a gay love story, and is very explicit at times, and describes physical interaction between two boys, some of which are sexual, and it is up to YOU to make a decision, what you should do next. If this type of material offends you, or if you choose not to break any laws, you should stop now, and go on to something else.

From the previous chapter

The thought of being alone, and trying to live with being gay is what scared me before, but now I wasn't afraid. I wasn't alone, and I was about to find out first hand what being gay was like, and it looked like James and I were going to have fun finding out.

I felt myself starting to fall asleep, as I held him in my arms, running my hand through his hair, relaxing with him, holding the boy I loved.

Chapter 13 - Perfect Timing

Something must have woke me up, but I didn't open my eyes, then I remembered the weight that had been on me was gone. I could see him in the kitchen, and I stumbled out to one of the bar stools and sat down. My eyes kept going back shut, each time I opened them. I looked over at James, he was standing there naked, and had a goofy grin on his face.

"What are you laughing at?" I said, and closed my eyes again.

"You. You're so cute when you're half a sleep." He stood behind me where I was sitting, and put his arms across my front. "Can I get you anything?"

"Um...some water would be good." I took two gulps and set the glass on the counter, and James stood behind me again, and gave me a big hug.

"Thank you," he said.

"For what?" James had his arms around my chest, but then quickly reached down with his hand, down my stomach, just past the top of my shorts, almost to my crotch. "Oh, that. Ummm...your welcome."

"You're so sleepy," he said. I felt my eyes go shut again. "Lets get you to bed." He let go of me, took my hand, and led me to the bedroom, where I fell into it. He must have grabbed my water too, and set it down on the night stand next to me, and laid down on his side, and moved up next to me.

"You going to sleep in those shorts?"

"I don't care," I said. I hadn't woke up enough yet to even think about that. His hand went across my chest, and he kissed me very lightly on the side of my neck. I was lying on my back, and turned my head toward him, and he kissed me, and I kissed him back. I loved his kisses, and I was so glad, that I had found the courage to do so that day. It was no longer a mystery, no longer something I dreamed of. I knew what it was like, and now I was wondering what everything else would be like. He broke away from my lips, and went back to kissing my neck, then down to my shoulder. His kisses were so light, and felt so good, as his hand went back and forth across the middle of my chest till it found its way over to one of my pecks. He squeezed the muscle there a few times, then his fingers moved across my nipple, each finger brushing it lightly, sending waves of pleasure to my brain. I wasn't completely awake yet, but there was something waking up down in my shorts.

His lips found their way down my chest, and I remembered kissing his nipple, how it made him feel so good, and I was hoping he would do it to me. I didn't have to wait long, and he kissed me there, very light, while his hand continued to stroke the other one. I felt my self breathing harder, and felt something else, down lower getting harder too. He kissed me slightly harder, and I felt myself moan and start to wriggle around under him. What he was doing to me, felt so good, like nothing I had ever felt before. My hand had been resting on top of my shorts, but it found its way over to him, found the hard steel rod between his legs, and my fingers felt the silky smoothness of him.

He kissed me harder yet, and I let go of a cry. It was a high pitch sound, something a little girl might make. I hadn't heard myself make that sound before, and it wasn't something I told myself to do, it just happened. He kissed me again, harder, and the small faint cry became louder, but still that same high pitch. He nibbled on me lightly with his teeth, and it only made my cries louder each time he did it. He was driving me completely insane, my body moving around like I no longer had control over it. He was in control, but my fingers were still working there magic, and I heard him making soft little sounds, enjoying what I was doing too. He moved down a little, my hand no longer able to reach him there, as he made his way down my stomach. He kissed his way down to my waist, each kiss, feeling just as good as the last, all of them delightful. I had no idea I was so sensitive on my stomach, that it would feel so good.

"My boy isn't going to sleep in shorts tonight," he said, as he undid the button, and moved the zipper down.

He opened up my shorts, and moved my underwear down, just a little, and kissed me again, right at the top of the waistband. Slowly he moved the band down, his lips following, kissing me lower, as more waves of pleasure were going through my body. The lower he got the more excited I became. I was hoping he would go further, hoping he wouldn't stop till he reached that part of me, the part now desperately in need of attention. He kept going, kept pushing them down, until he had reached something very hard, and they would go no further.

He sat up, removed my shorts, then my underwear. I was naked now, and I opened my eyes to see him return to my crotch, kissing me everywhere. Well almost everywhere. The one place I wanted him to touch, he avoided, but he was kissing me everywhere else. He kissed the top part of my thigh, and up to my side of my hip and back down to my thigh again. He moved more to the inside of my thigh, kissing his way up, so close to what I wanted him to kiss, but he avoided that part of me again. By this point it didn't seem to matter what he did, because it all felt good. Everywhere he kissed me, I felt electricity run through my body, but I also felt him. I felt his love for me, and he was telling me in a most wonderful way, how much he loved me.

He sat up, moved my leg over to the other side of him, and now he was between my legs, and starting at the inside of my knee kissed his way up the inside of my leg. As he got closer, his movements upward slowed down, and my anticipation of what he was about to do had me extremely excited. I was breathing harder and harder, as he kissed the inside of my thigh, and he moved my leg up higher on the bed, exposing more of myself to him. He kissed my thigh, right where my leg joined my body, working his way to my crotch. Then the boy I had dreamed of, the boy I loved, put his mouth on me, right there on the most sensitive part of my body. I was in heaven, as I felt his mouth close it self around my hardness. Nothing else in this world compared, at least not in my world. I heard myself making all sorts of sounds now, as he kept moving occasionally licking me, his tongue running up the underside to the tip. There was a special place, just bellow the tip, the underside, and he gave that place special attention with small kisses, and licks of his tongue. Then he took all of me, almost down to the base with his mouth, and I cried out again, much louder, as shock waves went through my entire body. When he reached near the top, he flicked his tongue right there on that special place. He did it again, and I thought I was about ready to come. He did it several times, each time I felt myself getting closer, to letting go.

He kissed my stomach, and I opened my eyes to see him up on all fours, making his way up my stomach to my chest, and I closed my eyes again. I felt him move, and lay down beside me, and he kissed my nipple again, and a small cry came out of me again. He kissed his way up my chest, still driving me insane, till he reached my mouth, and I felt his lips on mine, and we started kissing each other, as I felt his naked body against mine. He was so warm, and the feeling of his skin against mine was so good as I held him tight next to me. He stopped kissing me, felt him pull back a little, as I opened my eyes again to see him staring at me.

"I love you," he said.

"I love you too babe. You, do that so well."

"I've been thinking about it all week," he said.

"So like you knew this was going to happen?"

"Maybe not exactly knew, but I was hoping it would."

"It feels so good," and I licked my lips, wanting to do the same thing for him. It was a desire to make the one I loved feel as good as he made me feel. I moved my head up, twisting my body, my shoulder leaving the bed, and I started to kiss his shoulder, but before I could, he pushed me back down.

"Not so fast," he said. "I'm not done with you yet."

"But your making me crazy, and I was, well I was going to do the same for you."

"I don't think so."

"But..." And before I could say anything more he started speaking, but very softly. "Do you remember, just a few hours ago?"


"You gave yourself to me. It was you, only you."

"I know, and..."

He put his finger up to his lips, signaling for me to be quite. "You're just going to have to suffer a little longer," he said, and then he kissed me very softly. I melted into him, and my whole body pressed up against his naked body. He rolled me onto my back, and kissed my neck, and all over my chest. I resigned my self to him. He was going to have his way with me, and I was going to let him. At least that's what I thought. He made me feel so good, but in a way he was also torturing me. When he finally made his way back to my lips, I rolled over on my side, he on his side, and my dick, brushed his, so hot, so hard, and I thought I couldn't take it any longer. I rolled him over on his back, but I couldn't keep him there. He was obviously much stronger than me, rolled me over, till I was on my back again, and he sat up straddling my stomach, and kissed me on the lips. His kisses were heavenly, and my hands found his legs, and as I was rubbing them, and I worked my right hand down in between his legs, and I felt that silky smooth hardness.

"It's my turn, to give to you. Remember?" I didn't say anything. What could I have said? He took both my arms, grabbing them by the wrists, and held them above my head.

"This is for you babe," he whispered, and proceeded to kiss me again. It was hopeless, and there was nothing I could do but take what he was giving to me. It was sweet and very loving the way he kissed me, anywhere he kissed me, it was love that I felt from him. He could kiss my neck, ear, chest, or slightly higher, that special place he found at the base of my neck, it didn't matter where, it was all about love. He kissed me in all those places, and a few more, but he eventually made his way to my stomach. He backed up further still, until he reached the part of me, now begging him for attention, and he gave me what I needed. His mouth closed around me again, moving up and down, each stroke bringing me closer, each sensation stronger than the last. He kissed me on the thigh again, then licked me, moved up higher and did the same thing. I liked that too, but then he found a new place, found something I wasn't expecting. He licked me, right where my leg joined my body, right next to my balls, and I let go again, a cry of extreme pleasure.

"You like that?"

"," and before I could finish, he licked me there again, as I let go of a quick little cry.

"You really like that, don't you?" He licked me there a few more times, and those un-discernable words coming from my mouth, were my answer. I thought that would be enough, but he was out to torture me.

"You didn't answer my question," he said, as I opened my eyes, lifted my head up, and he was looking up at me. I saw him lick me there again, felt it as he did so, and my head went back, crashing into the pillow. He licked me again, paused, and did it again. He paused longer each time, torturing me even more.


"Please what?" He said.

"Please don't stop. PLEASE I'm begging you," I said, in a trembling voice, as I moved my leg up, giving him better access. He heard me, obeyed me, and sent me into another world. He kept going on me, kept licking me there, and more he did it, the louder I got. Sometimes it was words saying, please don't stop, but other times it was pure gibberish. My head was back, pushing into the pillow, and turning from side to side.

Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore, his tongue went back to my now hard, throbbing dick, and he started at the base, and licked me up to the tip. He did that several times, each time becoming more and more intense, then he took me in his mouth again. The pressure inside me had been building for sometime, as the sensations I was feeling now began building even more. I felt myself getting closer, felt like I was going to come, and soon, and he never let up, never stopped what he was doing.

He licked my underside, right at the tip, moved his tongue up and down, then placed his mouth down on me, clamping down hard, moving up and down again. I was even closer now and heard someone almost yelling, except that someone was me. My whole body was trembling, and I couldn't stop, didn't want to, nor did I want him to stop. He kept moving on me, till I couldn't take it any longer, couldn't stop what was happening as I shot out, back arched up, legs trembling, and my voice crying out in extreme pleasure. I shot out again, then a third time I felt it come, releasing the last of what was inside me, letting go of my energy, letting go of everything that was there inside me. All my worries, all my doubt, and all my pain was gone too. Everything was gone, but I wasn't empty, I was fulfilled.

There was a peace and contentment there as he moved up my body, pulled me toward him till I was on my side, and we were now face to face, and I kissed him. I could taste myself there on his lips, a strange new taste, but I was so exhausted that it really didn't matter to me. We held each other for a while, not letting go, just resting. I felt his shoulder, and his back, and he kissed me again, then looked deep into my eyes. I moved my arm to the front of his body, and felt his chest, his shape, and his strength, and I looked at his eyes again. I must have got a goofy grin on my face, cause he started smiling, then I started to laugh.

"And just what is so funny." I couldn't respond, only laughed harder. He spanked me, right on my bare butt, not hard, but he got my attention.

"Owe. What was that for?"

"Cause you deserved it."

"I didn't do anything." I was looking helpless, then I started to giggle again.

"I'm going to get something to wash you up with, and you better not be laughing when I get back." When he returned I giggled again.

"You are one silly boy," he said, taking the warm washcloth as he cleaned me up. He left for the bathroom, and I heard him go pee, and brush his teeth, and he turned off the lights, and lay beside me.

"I love you," I said.

"I love you too sweetheart." We snuggled together, both of us a close as we could be to one another, and I went into a deep peaceful sleep.

I woke up during the night, and had to go pee. When I got back, I got just as close to him as I could. My hand reached down between his legs, and I felt his hardness, but decided I should let him sleep. I had never slept naked before, but I liked the feeling of his skin against mine. I wasn't about to put clothes on. During the night, each time he moved, I would wake up, but only slightly, as I moved with him. Each time we were in a new position, but always close to each other, always touching.

I was dreaming, and it was a very sexual dream, but I think I had woke myself up. I heard myself moaning, and I was breathing real hard, and I felt something else real hard, hot, right at my butt.

"You like that don't you?"

I was breathing so hard, I couldn't answer at first. " feels really good."

"Thought so," he said, but then I felt him twitch, felt a pulse, and a shock go through my body, and I cried out a quick little cry.

"You woke me up," he said.

"I did? I'm sorry."

"It's okay. I just like the feel of your body. It feels so good. I heard you moaning, but you were still asleep. Guess that must have woke me up."

"I was moaning while I was asleep?"

"Yup." His hand grabbed at the muscles in my chest, and it must have done something for him because I felt that same pulse again, and I let out another little cry. "I'm going to have fun with you later," he said, and kissed the back of my neck, and pulled me tighter to him. I was lying on my side facing the window, as the morning light was streaming through. James was right behind me, with his arm on my chest, and I was feeling a part of him, hot and pulsing, right there at my butt. Each pulse, sent new feelings to my brain, and each time, I quickly sucked in air. A switch in my brain had flipped over, and it seemed that I liked the feeling he was giving me. I had no idea where those thoughts were coming from, but I was enjoying each new one. I knew boys did things with each other, things that I didn't understand, but I was quickly becoming very curious.

"Everything okay," he said, and kissed me one more time on my neck.

"Yeah, I guess so," but I was slow to respond. I was enjoying what he was doing to me.

"I know what will wake you up," and I wasn't at all certain what was coming next, but then he started tickling me. I started to giggle, and rolled onto my stomach, and to my other side trying to get away, but then he tickled my stomach, and I started giggling even more.

"Stop it."

"That's not what you said last night," and his comment only made me laugh harder, as he kept tickling me. Finally he stopped, and he was looking at me, staring.

"I love you," I said, but then I giggled again.

"I'm going to get you," he said, and started moving toward me, so I jumped out of bed, except my feet got tangled up in the sheets. Just as I was making my getaway, he smacked me on the butt. I shrieked like a girl and ran for the kitchen. He reached out and tickled me again, as he walked past me to make his coffee.

When the coffee pot was going, he turned to me and said, "I'll make us some bacon and eggs, and if you want, you can do toast and make us some orange juice."

"Sounds good to me," I said, walking up to him, "but I think you better put on some clothes first."

"What? You don't like me naked?"

"The grease from the bacon might spatter on you, and I don't want anything to happen to this guy," as I gently grabbed him between the legs, and looked into his eyes. He kissed me, while I still had a hold of him, and my hand started moving on him. I did like him naked, liked seeing all of his body, liked feeling all of him, especially the part I had my hand on now. I heard his muffled moans through my mouth, and I could feel him growing, getting bigger and harder, as his kisses became stronger, and more passionate. In no time he was exceedingly hard, and he was having difficulty keeping his mouth on mine, till he broke off, and started kissing my neck. He worked his way down, kissing the top part of my chest, then knelt down in front of me, and took me in his mouth. My hands went back, grabbing the stove behind me, as I nearly lost my balance. As I got my footing back, I used one hand behind me to keep me upright, and the other one I ran through his hair. What he was doing, felt so good, but after a minute, he stood back up, and gave me a big hug.

"Soon it's going to be my turn to do that you know," I said it, and I meant it, except he had taken my breath away again. I was breathing so hard, that doing anything but breathing was totally out of the question.

"You will, but let's get breakfast first," he said, looking into my eyes.

"I don't know about you, but I'm putting on some clothes first," and I squeezed him again, watching his head go back. "I really do like you naked," I said releasing him. I looked at him sideways as I started out of the room, leaving him there standing, and he shot me a quick glance. We both got dressed, and had ourselves a wonderful breakfast. We were planning on another splendid day at the lake, and just as we were getting things packed up James's boss called. I could tell it was his boss, and I heard James say "it's okay, no need to apologize." There was a long pause, then James said, "I know where that's at, it's just a mile or so from here." There was a pause, then James said, "goodbye, see you at 1:00."

"James hugged me, and held me in his arms. "I sorry baby. I know this was to be a special day, and it will be, but I have to go work for just a few hours." I was disappointed, who wouldn't be. "Look it's almost nine," he said, "but we can still go to the lake for a few hours."

"That would be good," I said, but there was obvious disappointment in my voice. It didn't seem right, I thought it was going to be our day. He hugged me stronger, then let go and kissed me. He stepped back, straightened his arm, placing them both on my shoulders, and looked into my eyes, but they went closed. I shut them tight, as I tried to deal with the blow that was just delivered to me.

"I love you," he said, "that won't change. We'll have time together, I promise."

"I know. And I love you too," and opened my eyes to look at him. I saw love looking at me, and I knew I would be okay. It wasn't going to go like I thought, but he was right. Seemed like he was always right. We would still have time together. I smiled at him, and he winked back at me, as we grabbed up items to take to the lake.

We spread out the blanket first, then our towels on top of that. The air still had a touch of the morning coolness to it, and a swim would have to come later. First came the sunscreen, and another opportunity to rub my hands on my boyfriend. I loved thinking about that, how having a boyfriend, suddenly seemed so cool.

"I'll put some sunscreen on your back," I said getting it out of the bag, only he didn't turn over. "Come on, turn over," I said. He didn't move, only smiled at me. "Do you want me to do the front of you?"

"Would you please," he said with an even bigger smile. I licked my lips once, thinking of the possibilities. I liked his body, and the front side of him, was just as good as his back. Maybe better. I spread his legs out and knelt down between them, sitting on my feet. I started with his lower part of his legs, working the lotion into his skin and journeyed up, to his thigh, and when I got there, I found myself looking between his legs. I started on the other leg, working my hands into his muscles. I was enjoying touching him, and I think he liked it too. When I got to the top part of his thigh, I could see what I really wanted, and it was bigger now than before. I sat on his stomach straddling him, and put just a little bit of lotion in my hand so I could do his face. Carefully I touched his forehead, and under his eyes, working my way to his nose, then his cheeks. He hadn't shaved that morning, and I could feel the roughness of his beard. I hadn't shaved either, but I could get away with it. My facial hair wasn't as heavy as his. Next I did his arms, and then his shoulders. I liked the feeling of his muscles, and was getting turned on even more. When I did his chest, I found I liked that even more, and kept rubbing his chest for a very long time. I scooted back further, but did so carefully, knowing I would have to lift my butt up to clear him, and sat on his legs. I worked my way down his stomach, and inched my fingers under the waistband of his bathing suit. My hand could only go so far, so I pulled on the drawstring, and slid my hand down further.

His head had been back the whole time, occasionally smiling at me, but now he lifted it up. "What are you doing? He said.

"I'm putting sunscreen on you," was my reply.

"I'm not going to get any sun down there."

"That's what you think," and I lifted myself off his legs, and pulled down his bathing suit. I pulled them all the way off, and spread his legs out again, lying down on my stomach, as my mouth found the upper part of his thigh, kissing my way to the inside. I found the same place he found on me, where his leg joined his body, right next to his balls. Apparently he liked it as much as I did, and heard him say my name a few times.

I wasn't sure how much I was going to like sucking him, or if I would even be any good at it, but I had to try. I gave him a few licks on the underside, moving my tongue to the tip, tasting him, breathing in the scent that was James. Each time I breathed in his scent, it only made my desire for him stronger. My feet dug into the warm sand, and I moved up higher, propping my upper body on my elbows, taking him into my mouth. I knew I needed to be careful, only tongue and lips could touch him, and I went down just past the tip, and heard a sound come from him. I tried again, and went down a little more, listening to him, his sounds telling me I was doing it right. That was all I needed to know, as I kept going down, a little more each time, till I got as far as I could go. I felt myself gag a little, and didn't go so far next time, but it seemed as though I was still doing it right. I continued for some time, actually having fun, but he stopped me. He lifted my head up with his hands, and pulled on my head slightly, encouraging me toward his lips. My mouth had become a little tired, and I welcomed his kiss on my lips.

"Baby, you need sunscreen on you too, before you burn up," he said.

"I know," and I got off him, and moved over to my towel, lying on my stomach. He sat next to me, and applied the lotion to my legs, then my arms and back. He worked his way to my lower back, and tried to get his hand under my shorts, but they were too tight, so he rolled me over on my side, giving the draw string a tug, as they came undone. He started pulling my bathing suit down, and I helped him, then he rolled me back to my stomach. He put lotion on my butt, and the back of my legs that had been covered before. Shock waves went to my brain, as he put lotion on my balls, and the underside of my dick that was now exposed to the sun. Slowly his fingers moved more to the middle of my butt, and between my two cheeks. I felt myself breathing harder, as he explored new territory. I was becoming more and more vocal, as he went further, till one of his fingers brushed my tiny hole, and I made a quick, high-pitched cry.

"You have the cutest, little butt, I've ever seen."

"I do?" I was curious, but as I heard myself speak, I couldn't believe how much my voice was trembling. I felt like I was shaking all over.

"We're going to have lots of fun later," he said, giving my butt one last feel, and laid down on his towel next to me.

The attention he was just giving me, that feeling, it was so nice. I was looking forward to later too, but it was more than just sex. I loved him, and he loved me, and I needed him to show me, to make love to me. Not that it would be proof of his love, I didn't need that. I needed him to take me, and to make me his, and to feel his power and strength. It wasn't that I wanted to be owned by him, but it was something like that. I was having trouble putting my exact feelings into words, but I was certain if I could feel him inside me, it would complete me somehow. I wasn't sure what I needed to do first, to get ready for that event, and suddenly I thought about Phillip. I could ask him anything, and he would tell me. My anxiety started fading away, as I thought about the boy lying next to me. I realized there was a part of him I missed with the sunscreen, a very important part. I sat up, looking for the bottle and put some lotion on him.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"I missed something," as my hands covered that precious part of him, and all over, covering everything that was under his bathing suit. I lay down beside him again, getting as close as I could, and he put his hand on my butt, and left it there. I had never thought of my butt as being cute, but if my lover thought so, then that's all that mattered.

I woke up hearing James's voice, but the sound wasn't right next to me. When I open my eyes, I saw him already in the water, trying to get me out there with him. I wasn't moving quickly, but when my feet hit the water, I started waking up. The deeper the water got on me, the more I woke up, and when I reached him, I was wide-awake. We kissed, then played around in the water, followed by more hugs and kisses. We couldn't stay long, and went back home for lunch. After lunch he went to brush his teeth, and I thought about Phillip again. His feelings for me seemed so strong, yet I was going to have to tell him something else, something he probably didn't want to hear. What would I say? How do you tell a boy, who has loved you forever, that you're with someone else? Not saying anything would be easier, but I couldn't do that, he was my friend.

James was ready for work, waiting for Mike to come pick him up, as he held me in his arms.

"What are you going to do this afternoon"? He asked.

"Thought I would go see Phillip, there's something I need to tell him."

"You mentioned that he came over Thursday night."

"I was going to tell you, but I guess I was so happy to see you, that I forgot. Phillip was my best friend, in school, and he...well he's had a crush on me all this time, and I didn't know it."

"I remember him. He was on your track team."

"Yeah, and even though we were friends, I was clueless. I never thought of him that way. Anyway, when he came over, he told me all about it, and that's when I told him about you. It upset him, and he cried, but we talked after that, and I thought he was okay. But at the time, I still didn't know how you were going to react to me. He told me to call him, if you ah...if you weren't looking for a boyfriend."

"That poor boy. I think I know what he's going through. So what are you going to say to him?"

"Don't know." James hugged me, held me, as I thought of ways of letting him down easy. The only thing I could think about was him crying, and I didn't want him to go there. There just wasn't an easy way to tell him, and the sound of Mike's truck made us break from our hug. Quickly, we kissed, said our goodbyes, and James gave my hand, one last squeeze before he walked out the door.

I pulled up to the big house, where Phillip lived with his parents. The outside wasn't very elaborate, but the big rooms inside, all of them nicely decorated, gave them a sense of class. I never thought of Phillip coming from a wealthy family, till my first time over to his house. That was years ago, and now I was standing at the side door, the one we always used, hoping his mom would see me from the kitchen. I was afraid to knock, afraid to go in, as I felt knots in my stomach tightening, and my mouth went dry. She must have been close by, and the door opened right after I knocked.

"Hi Mrs. Kesler."

"Shawn. Please come in." It was unusual to be there and not get a whiff of some cookies, or brownies. She always had the best timing, and seemed to know when the two of us were coming in. Something was always coming out of the oven, or hadn't been out long, and in Phillip and I would come bounding in the door. It was a happy house, and seemed so every time I came over, but today was different. She asked me to sit down, and asked if I needed anything, and got me a coke.

"Shawn," she said sitting down at the table with me, "You have perfect timing. I was thinking about calling you."

"You were? Is Phillip okay?" Her look said it all. "What's wrong?"

"He hasn't been out of his room all day, and he won't talk to me. I'm worried about him. I just don't know what to do?"

"I'll talk to him."

"You know he thinks the world of you."

"He does?"

"Phillip, never stops talking about you, or about something you've done."

"I didn't know that."

"He won't talk to me, but maybe he'll talk to you."

"I think he just might. I'm going to try anyway. I have to." There I was thinking out loud again.

"Well...umm...just go on up to his room." I was half way out of the kitchen, when she said, "You just don't know how much I appreciate this."

"No problem," I said, and made a quick exit, and then slowly made my way up the stairs, slowing down as I reached the last few stairs. It was a hard right, then another hard right, and I entered the room very quietly. I saw Phillip there in his favorite spot, but he didn't look up.

Authors Note:

The story you are reading was written sometime ago, up to the eleventh chapter, and its release onto the web site was fairly quick, but the rest of the story has yet to be written. For this reason, additional chapters will come out much slower, and a few lines from the previous chapter will be included at the beginning of each new chapter.

I wished my life could have been more like this, and it was that wish that prompted me to start writing. It has evolved from that, and as it progressed, the characters started coming alive as new ideas came to me. After finishing the eleventh chapter I realized the story was my life, it was me, but in a symbolic nature.

Some of you have written to me telling me what you think about the story. I love getting emails from you, especially when its good news, but I will take criticism too. If you do happen to write, I promise to write back. For those of you who have already sent me an email, I thank you, and I will treasure your words, and keep them close to me. I have made a few friends along the way, and I can't tell you how much all of you mean to me.

The Chris and Nigel story has brought great joy for many of us. There is a deep love that he expresses in his story, a feeling that we can take with us, and share with others. It's a love any of us would want, a love we dream about, but there it is, in words, thoughts, and emotions. I love that story, and hope all of you get as much out of it as I have.

I want to thank the host of the web site, for all his hard work, and for allowing me to share this, my story with you. There are a great many of stories to be found here, all of them very good. It is a blessing to have such a person, so devoted to all of us, and so willing to take his precious time in making it all happen.

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