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by Junco

The land was much flatter now, only traces of the foothills remained in the distance behind me. It was too late to turn around now, and my eyes became more focused, looking for the next exist sign. I passed by many buildings, each of them neatly landscaped or I drove past subdivisions where people lived. It was so different from where I had come from just hours ago. It was much more exciting and alive, and I found my thoughts about Phillip were no longer at the forefront of my mind.

I knew I was nearing my destination as I encountered more and more kids my age. I was passing them left and right, till I pulled into the parking lot where Phillip lived. I even spotted his car, so I knew I was in the right place. I had two small bags, and took them up with me to his apartment.

"Hey, I'm Shawn," I said to the guy that poked his head out the door.

"Shawn. Cool you found us. I'm Trent."

"Nice to meet you Trent." He swung the door open wide, and I saw Phillip wearing only a pair of shorts. That boy looked so good I dropped my bags and gave him a big hug. I gave Trent a hug too, even though I didn't know him. Phillip got me a beer, and I sat in a chair, while Phillip and Trent sat on the couch. We didn't talk long before Trent put his hand on Phillips leg, and Phillip put his arm around Trents shoulders. I briefly told them about my trip, and tried hard to ignore the sight in front of me. Phillip and Trent told me about their classes, each of them going on about how much work it was just to keep up. I was thirsty and finished my beer first.

"I'll go get us some more beer," Trent said. "Be back in a few."

"I can go," I said quickly.

"You just got here. Besides I was on my way out when you came in. There's one more in the fridge, it's all yours Shawn."

The room fell suddenly quite when Trent left. It just wasn't the same seeing the two of them together as I tried to adjust to the new situation. My mind was still back in August, those wonderful two days I had with Phillip.

"What do you think about Trent?"

"He's cool I guess, don't really know him yet," I said.

"You'll like him more as you get to know him. We seem to have a lot of fun together. We even have two of the same classes just that they're at different times. It's helpful when it comes to homework and stuff. He takes really good notes, and is really smart too."

"I guess I'll get use to the idea." Actually he was friendly, but his looks weren't all that appealing to me. Trent had more of a grown up look, not the boy look, like Phillip had. Plus he was a little heavy, not fat, but for sure bigger than Phillip or I.

"Did I tell you I was moving?"

"No you didn't," he said. "Where to?"


"Get out of town."

"No for real. Just found out today."

"So like when are you going to move?"

"In a month or so. No date has been set, but I'll be here soon. Not soon enough though." He looked at me, questioning my remark, but didn't say anything. "Sorry," I said. "Just been thinking about it the whole way down here. Looks like I'm too late."

"Aw... sweetie, not to worry. You'll find someone. It's a lot different here than it is back home."

"I can't seem to get you off my mind." The both of us seemed rather sad at the moment, although I'm sure Phillip was just feeling sorry for me. I told him about coming out to my parents, and how easy that went. We didn't talk too long before Trent came back from the store. I wasn't much of a beer drinker compared to Trent, because he could put them away.

When it was time for bed, Phillip got me a sheet, blanket and a pillow, and kissed me goodnight on my forehead. The couch wasn't suited for sleeping, and hearing Phillip and Trent carry on in the bedroom only made it worse. Soon Phillip could be heard, his squeal, always so delightful in the past, now, was a clear reminder of my unfortunate timing of events.

After breakfast the next morning there was talk of going to the club, the same one Phillip told me about before. Trent and Phillip were discussing what they were going to wear, then Trent asked me what I was wearing. I didn't have much, but told him I would figure something out. Trent insisted we all go shopping. It was actually very sweet of him to be concerned, wanting something nice for me to wear. Having lived in the area he also knew where to find the coolest clothes, and he saved the best place till last.

Trent picked his things out early, and tried them on, while Phillip and I took longer finding the smaller sizes. I picked out some nice shirts, along with a pair of black jeans.

"Come on," Phillip said, motioning for me to share the dressing room with him. "That shirt looks really good on you," I said. "The color is good, and it fits you well." I tried my new clothes on, and at first didn't notice but Phillip was watching me while I was changing my jeans. I couldn't help but to get a big smirk on my face once I had the new ones on.

"You got'a get those, they look so good on you. Turn around, let me see that fine ass of yours." I did what he said, but it was my turn to watch him. I could see his face in the mirror as he threw his hand up over his mouth, trying to contain himself. "You wear those to the club with that new shirt, you'll meet all the boys you want."

"Ya think?"

"Yep. Turn around a sec." I stood facing him, wanting to kiss him, and also knowing I shouldn't do it. "That shirt like hugs your body", he said, "you look so good. I can't wait to see you at the club tonight, everybody's going to be looking at you. You'll see. Trent has to be standing like right next to me, if he isn't, I get hit on all the time."

"Yeah, but you're so cute," I said.

"Not as cute as you."

"Says who?"

"I know lot of girls from school would ask me about you, and they were always disappointed when I told them you had a girlfriend." I saw him look at the mirror behind me. "Those jeans. I like the way it hugs your ass."

Later on in the evening, when we were all getting ready to go out, I could sense something different, the atmosphere, maybe it was excitement, whatever it was we all seemed to be having fun doing it. Part of what made it so different was the three of us prepping and running around in just our underwear.

Phillip was right about the club, the building had been renovated, and was once a store. I could see the storefront windows covered over, but inside was much nicer. We each got a beer and stood at the bar a moment, while I looked around. There were a few girls there, and I couldn't tell if they were straight, but for sure there were plenty of boys.

I found myself staring at one just across the way from us. His blond hair shinned in the light, his face was very boy like, cute for sure. He was standing there talking to another boy, but my eyes were glued on him. He even looked up at me, and he gave me a big smile for just a few seconds, then went back to talking to his friend.

"Like what you see?"

It took me a second to realize anyone was talking to me, but then I responded to Trent's question. "Yeah, that boy over there is soooo cute, but then that's probably his boyfriend talking to him."

"You never know," Trent said. "They could be friends."

"Not to worry," Phillip said. "It's still early, and they'll be a lot more boys latter."

"Do you like to dance?"

I was still staring, but then turned my attention away from the blonde boy, and replied to Trent's question. "Yeah, sure I do."

"It's a good way to meet somebody," he said.

"Cool. I'll keep that in mind."

"He is pretty cute," Phillip said." I looked at him. Phillip was cute too, maybe more so than the boy across from us, but then I knew Phillip, and his inner beauty. Still he wasn't mine to have. Maybe I would see the blond boy again, possibly without his friend. Trent could be right about them. Maybe the other boy was only a friend, and I could be talking to him now.

"Boy, you really like him, don't you?" I turned quickly back around to the sound of Phillips voice. Trent was standing behind Phillip, arms around the front of him, holding him tight. I was going to have to let go of Phillip, and accept Trent somehow. The how and when was still a big question. I thought about what Phillip had just said.

"I don't know," I said turning back to take one more look at the boy. "Something about his face, I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's his hair." I had been studying him, looking at his body now. He was smaller like me, but then he looked bigger, the more I looked at his arms and chest. I could tell he worked out a little, and it just added to his look, like he was all boy. I didn't want the blonde boy to think I was stalking him, so I looked another direction, but I was sure he got my message. Each time I looked at him, I was trying to reinforce my message to him, as well as memorize his look. I scanned around the rest of the room, and started looking at all the liquor bottles, and the boy working at the bar. Not nearly as cute as the blond boy, but he was still getting attention from me, and some of the others there at the bar. I think it was more the pants he was wearing, a size too big, revealing his sexy looking thong underwear. He for sure had a nice ass, and often had his back to us, while he made drinks.

I was looking the other direction now, and noticed a guy on the other side of the room, a little older but still hot looking. I was having so much fun looking at all the boys, I hadn't noticed that Phillip and Trent were busy at the moment, kissing each other. But the older guy wasn't looking at them, he was looking at me, hard, and I was looking back at him, but he didn't seem like my type. As I continued to look around I saw more and more boys coming in, nothing that really grabbed my attention, but I was truly amazed at how many there were. Phillip, Trent and I were standing there talking, when I felt a hand on my back drift down to my ass. I turned around to see the older guy I was looking at earlier, but he didn't stop to talk, just kept walking.

"See, what'd I tell you," Phillip said.

"Let's go out to the courtyard," Trent said.

I felt lots of eyes on me, as we walked out of the room. Of course I was looking right back at them, taking in the faces and trim little bodies as we passed by.

The courtyard was a large space, with adjacent buildings forming most of the enclosure. There was a locked gate at one end that I assumed was open at one time. The whole area looked to have been a loading dock years ago, but someone had spent major bucks making it look nice. The center of the yard had a rectangular pool in the middle with a ledge around it. The fountain in the middle of the pool provided a mood, a sound that drew pairs of boys together. A few larger groups were standing around the pool, some of them girls. Around the perimeter of the yard was a scattering of tables and benches, most of them elevated on wood decks. We made our way to one of the tables and sat down. Most everyone was just doing their own thing, talking with friends, drinking and just having a good time.

We hadn't been there long when I heard a voice from the crowd call out to Trent.

"Ethan, what's up," Trent said.

"Just chillin' dude."

"Haven't seen you in awhile. Where you been?" Trent asked.

"Around. Went to a party last weekend, and to the beach weekend before that."

"Been missing you man. Anyway, got somebody I want you to meet," Trent said. "Ethan, this is Phillip, Phillip this is Ethan.

"You're a cutie," Ethan said."

"I met him in school," Trent said. "We're pretty tight."

"I'd hold on to him," Ethan said. "And who is this hot little thing next to him?"

"That's Shawn."

"Hi Ethan," I said.

"Shawn. What a pretty name. Where do you live Shawn?"

"Small little town in Virginia, but I'll be moving here soon."

"That's good. I'd like to see more of you."

"Ethan, behave yourself," Trent said laughing.

Ethan sat down with us and we all talked for a while. I listened as Trent and Ethan went on about people and places in the area, stuff I wasn't familiar with. Phillip looked a little bored too, but then Trent spotted that look. He took a firm grasp of Phillips arm and asked him, "You ready to dance?"


"You're welcome to come with us Shawn." Our eyes caught each other and I knew Trent was sincere.

"I need another beer first," I said.

"Wait right here," Ethan said to me. Then he directed his attention to Trent, "And don't worry about Shawn, I'll take good care of him." I felt out of place sitting there by myself while everyone else was parting, having a good time. While I was waiting for Ethan to get back, I watched all the boys, some of them hugging up on each other. It was a cool thing to see, that they did so with freedom, without hesitation, or fear of being rebuked.

A tall, somewhat clumsy boy came up and started talking to me. He asked me about dancing, and the music, but then asked me if I had a boyfriend. I told him I didn't have one at the moment, but it wasn't a good time for me right now anyway. I didn't get into specifics, and soon he left me alone. Ethan came back with our beers, and sat down across the table from me.

"Is this your first time to Raleigh?" Ethan asked.


"How do you like it so far?"

"It's been good, and it just keeps getting better."

"Good to hear." He paused, but only briefly. "What is it that you like so much?"

"All these boys. I'm really very impressed."

Then he asked me, "how do you know Trent?"

"Actually, I just met Trent last night. Phillip is my friend, known him for years. We grew up together, then he came here to UNC."

"I got ya, and your staying with Phillip and Trent, just visiting?"

"Um...yeah, for now, but I'll be moving in a month from now."

"Really? Have you got a place to live yet?"

"No. We looked around some, and Trent showed me some areas, but we didn't get out and look at anything."

"I just bought a house," Ethan said, "and I'm look'n for somebody to move into the apartment upstairs."

"That's cool?"

"You interested," he asked.

"Oh, Yeah."

"It' has a private entrance, even though it's really just a house and I think you would probably like it. It's in a prime location, close to everything.

"Where's it at?"

"Just a few blocks from here. You want to see it sometime?"

"Yeah, sure. Maybe tomorrow. I'd have to get Trent to tell me how to get here again. So...ah... tell me, what's it like?"

Ethan looked like he was getting ready to say something, but he paused for a moment and was studying my face. "You have the longest eyelashes," he said. I turned my face to side, thinking I've never heard anyone say that to me before. I didn't know what to say, and all I could do was smile back at him. Ethan and I were developing a connection, something I was able to feel with some people, but not everyone. The person always had to be open and receptive, that's what I noticed more than anything, and I was feeling that from him too.

There was a slight pause to our conversation, but it wasn't an awkward moment. I guess we were feeling each other out. I wasn't sure of his motives, but still I liked him, only how did I like him? It wasn't sexual, I didn't' feel anything like that. He was a big brother somehow, somebody I felt I could look up to. His elbow went on the table, and his forearm went up as his head came down to rest in his hand, looking at me intently. Ethan broke the short silence, and said, "I'm sorry, but you're very easy on the eyes."

He went on about describing the house. "The kitchen is blue color, maybe turquoise, and small. The bathroom is cool, it's red, and has one of those old claw bathtubs. Um, there's another room, it's hunter green, has two windows, and it's on the corner of the house, so the windows face two different directions, makes for a perfect bedroom. Then there use to be two other bedrooms right next to each other, on the other side of the hall, and I'm having the wall between the rooms taken out. The two bedrooms were two small to do anything with, and I thought it would look better having it opened up a little. It's much nicer now, feels bigger, but it's still not too big and also the rent would be pretty good because it is kind 'a small."

"That would be a plus," I said. "Where I'm from, everything is a lot cheaper:"

"Trent has my number," he said, "give me a call tomorrow."

"That's cool," I said. There's no tell'n what time we'll be getting up tomorrow. Trent and Phillip will probably keep me up half the night."

"Does Phillip like to party?"

"Yeah, some, but that wasn't what I was talking about. It's the two of them in the other room, and they get a little loud. I got stuck with this lumpy couch." I started thinking about it. How I would sleep. It nearly killed me listening to Phillip. Didn't think I could take another night of hearing him squeal, unless he was right below me.

"What you thinking about?" Ethan asked.

"Just last night. I didn't sleep very well."

"I've got a spare bedroom," he said. "The bed would be tons better than that couch. Now of course I don't know you, but I've been friends with Trent for a while. I guess it would be alright if you spent the night."

"Um...I don't know."

"It's not about sex. I'm not trying to get you to sleep with me, it ain't like that," he said. "I was just trying to help. You could look at the apartment tomorrow, and after that I'll bring you back to Trent's."

"That sounds pretty good, but let me think about it."

"I understand if you don't want to," Ethan said.

"Nope, I'm...I'm thinking about it," I said. "I'll let you know later."

"If you're not sure, just ask Trent. I like guys a little older than me, at least thirty."

"How old are you?"

"Twenty eight."

"You don't look it. You look more like twenty four."

"Thank you Shawn. I like someone more mature. Don't get me wrong, your cute as hell, but just not my type."

"Okay, I guess it would be alright then."

"Phillip and Trent must be having a good time." Ethan took a drink of his beer, hesitated, then asked, "where's your boyfriend at?"

"Don't have one. I mean I did, but we broke up."

"That doesn't sound good."

"'s okay. It's for the best now. He was driving me crazy there for a while. Thank God Phillip was around."

"Tell me about Phillip?"

"We've been friends for a long time, since third grade. He's really cool, and someone I can talk to."

"Why haven't you and him become lovers?"

"We sort of were, there for a little while. Didn't last very long though."

"You two didn't play around when you were younger?" He asked.


"Well, then tell me why he isn't your boyfriend. You would certainly make a cute couple."

"For one, I didn't know I was gay, not till this summer. I guess I came out to Phillip one day, told him about my friend James, and how much I liked him. That's when Phillip said he had a crush on me. All those years, and I never saw Phillip like that, but then I became aware of how attracted I was to him. Only problem was, I was still with the first boy I met, James. Then at the end of the summer, I was having trouble with my boyfriend, and I called Phillip, and we talked and stuff, but I was still pretty upset. So I asked him to spend the night, then one thing led to another, and before I knew it, we were in bed with no clothes on."

"And that didn't last very long?"

"It was the end of the summer, and we didn't think we could have a relationship without being closer to each other. I mean five or six hours can be a long drive, so he came here, met Trent, and I guess they fell in love. It was after that when I found out I was moving here."

"You're a little tore up about that, aren't you?"

"About moving?"

"No, not that," Ethan said. "About losing Phillip."

"Yeah...I'm trying to be his friend, and not look at him that way, but it just isn't easy."

"Don't worry chief, we'll get you fixed up with somebody. Besides you never know if this thing with Phillip and Trent is going to work out."

"True that."

It didn't help that Phillip and Trent showed up arms around each other as they walked toward us. My mind focused on that familiar face, the silky brown hair, and his eyes looking at nothing except Trent.

"That was fun," Trent said. You need to come with us Shawn."

"I think I will," and took the last swallow of my beer. Trent was trying hard to be my friend, and I had to at least make the same effort.

"We should have got you a beer too," Phillip said as he sat down beside me. "I'll share this one with ya.

I caught a glimpse of Phillip's eyes, and he shot me one of those hot looks. I doubt he meant anything by it, and quickly he looked back at Trent. I was ready to dance and it didn't take long for the two of us to finish one beer. I found myself trailing behind Phillip and Trent, through a narrow corridor, and watched the eyes of others looking at Phillip. I suppose some of them were looking at me too, or at least I hoped they were.

The room was somewhat darker, hiding the treasure I was hoping to discover. I wasn't sure what I was looking for, if only to make a friend, that would be enough. Phillip took my hand as we hopped up on the floor, making any chance of escape impossible. I wasn't sure if I wanted to escape, and half way into the song, I was hooked. Boys were everywhere, all around me, and I could do nothing but smile.

I was watching Phillip and Trent for a while, but by the third song, my eyes focused on a kid with black or real dark hair. I was contemplating dancing my way over to him, and made it half way there when his friend showed up. I held my position and watched the two of them. They looked good together, and after a few minutes I came to the conclusion that they were both having fun, and that seemed to satisfy me. I turned back in the direction of Phillip and Trent, only they weren't so easy to see through the maze of boys. Well I did see girls too, dancing with each other, and a few boy, girl couples, which was nice to see too. It's always good to know that someone in the mainstream of life was so acceptable of someone that was openly gay.

Moving around on the dance floor was fun. Most boys were paired up, but I did make connections with some fine boys dancing by themselves. Even a pair, that had been dancing together, turned toward me, and the three of us danced together for a while. I made my way back to Phillip and Trent, and watched a girl, dancing by herself, obviously having a good time. She was real good too, smooth, and had her own style of dancing.

I caught Phillips eyes for a second, and he seemed to be looking at me, but then he wasn't looking directly at me. I soon felt the body of someone right behind me, and I knew what Phillip was looking at. I was hoping it was a boy, somebody I could have fun with, but the way he was dancing, moving into me from time to time, it just about had to be a boy. As I moved back at times bumping into what seemed more and more like a boy, my guess was confirmed when he put his arms around me and held on tight. We continued to move, but now we moved together. I felt the strength in his arms, his breath at the back of my neck, and something unmistakable, all boy rubbing up against my ass. Now Phillip and Trent were both watching me and this boy dancing, but I had yet to know what he looked like. I wanted to know, but I figured in time I would. At the moment I was having entirely too much fun, enjoying the feeling, sexual, yet fun.

I'm sure Phillip would have done something if the situation called for it, so without knowing who it was behind me, we continued to dance, both of us rubbing against each other, trying to keep to the beat of the music. The song changed and still we kept dancing and he held me a little tighter, and put one of his hands up to my chest. I could really feel him all over, his strength, his smell, and his hard body part finding its way all over my ass. He was all boy, and I knew it.

I hadn't felt someone like that for a while, and I welcomed back that familiar feeling. It was like I was safe there in his arms, his body surrounding me, protecting me from any harm. I liked what he was doing, how he moved against me in a seductive way, turning me on, but at the same time, making me feel like he wanted me. He let go of my chest, and grabbed me at the hips, pulling me back toward him as he moved forward into me, slamming against my ass. I decided to have fun with him too, and bent over at the waist, and pushed my ass against his crotch, grinding myself into him. It was all for fun, even though I looked a little like a slut, dancing with him that way.

Right in the middle of the next song, the music suddenly slowed down, and I straightened all the way up, only to get closer to him. His hands and arms moved around my chest and pulled me against him, as our movements slowed down to a crawl. That's when he kissed me on the back of my neck, and I felt myself melting into his arms. I was as hard as I could be, but my tight jeans kept that secret save for now. He kissed me several times, so many times I couldn't count. His sweet kisses were now making me pant, as he started kissing the side of my neck, and I turned my head his direction, giving him access to my ear, and he immediately took advantage of the opportunity.

When I thought I couldn't take any more, the music started speeding up, and I felt him move around to my side, kissing down my jaw, till I turned to meet his lips. Before I kissed him, I wanted to know who it was, what he looked like, because I wasn't about to just kiss anyone. Sure he had kissed me on my neck, and I let him, but it was all in fun. To me kissing on the lips was something both people should want to do, and I wanted to know, who was this boy anyway.

I was breathing harder, anticipating the kiss, interested in seeing him, and out of the corner of my eye I saw the blond hair, and the sweet boy face. It was the boy I saw at the beginning of the evening, the boy I had been staring at for so long. I saw his eyes, a sparkle in them, and one of the sweetest faces I had seen in a long time. Our lips found each other, and I felt his kiss, very sweet and light, the next kiss longer, and the third kiss very hot. I finished turning toward him, now face to face, our lips locked to each other kissing each other. The music seemed to fade from my mind, and so did the presence of anyone else nearby. I felt totally rapped up in him, and oblivious to anything else going on in the room, even though the music was wide open.

My arms wrapped around his back as he held me even tighter, and the kiss became even more passionate. I felt his body moving, sliding side to side against mine, and then I felt his hard dick move across mine, and that's when I sucked all the air out of him as I gasped in a deep breathe. We broke apart and immediately laughed about the situation. His face looked even better up close, and I had a hard time believing someone so incredibly cute would kiss me like that. I think we were both laughing at the same thing, how we got so wrapped up in one another so quickly.

We continued to dance facing each other, and I watched him, his face, his hair, and how he moved. The next song wasn't to my liking, plus I was very thirsty by this time, so I walked up to him, put my arms around his shoulders, and said, "I really had a good time with you."

"I did too," he said.

"What's your name?"


"Cool name. I'm going to get me something to drink." I was going to ask him to come with me, but he looked away, and I didn't know why. I knew the answer would be no, didn't need to put that question out there. He turned back to me, then and looked down at his watch, "I'm suppose to meet someone in about 15 minutes. He started to say something when the music suddenly picked, up, and got much louder. He had to get close to me, and speak into my ear. "It's a blind date," he said, "maybe another time." I was listening to him but not really hearing the words right away. My attention was on his scent and the feel of being near him while the words themselves seemed to fly over my head.

He was about to walk away, and I grabbed his hand, and had one more look at his face. It was just for a few seconds, any longer than that, and I probably would have kissed him. I suppose he thought me silly, just standing and staring, not saying anything. I let him go, and watched him walk away, wondering if I would see him again.

Everyone was friendly to me as I stood waiting at the bar. With beer in hand, I inched my way through the crowd, looking at all the faces, and there were some sweet faces, but not the one I was looking for. The small passageway out was packed, and a nice looking guy, with big arms, wearing a black tank top put his hand on my arm, and I think he was going to kiss me, but I turned back forward and kept going.

I walked around the pool, looking for Phillip and Trent. Scanning the tables, I also watched for Ethan, but couldn't find him either, and ended up sitting on the ledge of the pool. I did feel out of place by myself, and nervously drank my beer. I was about to get up when I felt a hand on my shoulder, and looking up saw Ethan standing there. I was so happy to see someone I knew, and put my beer down, stood up, and gave him a big hug.

"Having a good time?"

"Yes I am, just don't know anybody here."

"Where's Trent and Phillip?"

"Don't know. Last I saw them, they were on the dance floor."

"I'm sure they're around somewhere," he said. "So, do you still want to come over after the club?"

"Oh yeah. How do I hook up with you later?"

"Knowing Trent, he likes to stay here late," Ethan said, "so I shouldn't be too hard to find. The crowd really clears out after 2:00."

"That's cool," I said. "I think I'm ready to get back to the dance floor."

"I'll go with you."

"Thanks Ethan."

I hung onto Ethan's back as we passed by the guy in the black Tank top. I relaxed, as Ethan and I stood along the wall, watching everyone dance. At first I was just listening to the music, but then I spotted Trent and Phillip, and was in the mood to dance some more. I finished my beer, and wished Ethan well.

I remember Phillip telling me before how he could have brought two or three boys home with him, and now after dancing with some of them, I could see what Phillip was talking about. I wasn't serious about taking any of them home, but it was tempting.

It was so much fun, dancing, and the music continued to get better too. I must have been busy dancing with other guys, and lost track of Phillip and Trent. I spotted them taking a break off to the side, but the DJ was playing trance tunes, and it sounded too good, so I kept dancing. After Phillip and Trent came back to the dance floor, I made my way over to them, and I felt something inside me start to accept them. They were a pair, no matter how much I still wanted Phillip.

A few songs later Phillip dropped his shoulders, stopped dancing and gave me one of those, I'm tired looks. The three of us met up with Ethan, and we walked back out to the courtyard so we could talk. We were discussing plans for the next day, and what time Ethan was bringing me back over to Phillip and Trent's apartment. I was next to Ethan, Phillip was standing across from me, and I saw his eyes look away from me. It took me a second to figure out what he was looking at, but then I spotted Hunter, or what appeared to be Hunter, walking away from us, only he was with another boy. I watched them, till they disappeared back inside.

I shook my head, and Phillip reached out, placing the palm of his hand on my chest.

"It's okay Shawn, it's just a boy."

"I know, but I really liked him."

"What?" Ethan was looking around, then looked at us. "What happened?"

"Some boy Shawn had his eye on. Well he just left with another guy."

"Don't worry 'bout him," Ethan said, "You aren't going to have a problem getting boys. Getting the right one, that's the problem, but you're still young, you got plenty of time to meet someone." I looked over at Ethan, as he put his arm across my shoulders, pulled me to him in a hug. It wasn't home yet, but I could see that was coming, as I felt the warmth of my friends, and a feeling, that I was well loved.

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