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Our First Moment

by Junco

This story has become more sexual in nature, and it is up to you to determine if it is suitable to read. It may also be against local laws in your area, or you may need to be 18 or 21 years old. So I am making it your responsibility as the reader to make this determination. BE WARNED, this is a gay love story, and is very explicit at times, and describes physical interaction between two boys, some of which are sexual, and it is up to YOU to make a decision, what you should do next. If this type of material offends you, or if you choose not to break any laws, you should stop now, and go on to something else.


Before I knew what was going on, William had my sweat pants down and his mouth on me. I had no intention of things getting that far. He only wanted to see the house, and it seemed like I was in control of the situation, but not so now. If someone had yelled fire, I probably would have stayed right where I was. Something at the back of my mind was telling me I was uncomfortable with the situation, but the thought was only a misty image in the far distance.

I welcomed the sight of Phillip and Trent coming in the club. I didn't know I would be so glad to see Friday come, but now it was here and I could party with my friends. I bought them both a beer and started on my second one.

"You having fun?" Phillip asked.

"Oh yeah. I like being here."

"How was your first week at work?" He asked.

"Work was a little crazy, but I'm telling ya, going to the gym was a trip."

"How so."

"For one, I'm sore as hell. Have been all week."

"Can I punch you in the arm? Phillip asked.

"Please don't. You'll kill me." Phillip squeezed my arm anyway, and nearly sent me to the floor.

"You're going to pay for that," I said.

"Oh yeah. And what are you going to do about it?"

"Nothing right now. It hurts too much to move." They both laughed at me, and it got me to laughing too. "Let me tell you about this guy I met at the gym."

"Another boyfriend? How many you got anyway?" Phillip asked.

"What? I don't have any boyfriends.

"Well who is that guy you were dancing with last weekend?"

"Oh. That was Jeff. He's a really nice guy, but he's too big for me."

"You do have a tight ass," Phillip said.

"That's not what I was talking about." I reached out to strike at Phillip, but my arm hurt so much that I stopped half way. "Can I just tell my story here?"

"I'm sorry sweetheart," Phillip said. Now start over, what's going on with you and what's his name."

"It's Jeff, you moron, and nothing is going on. He's just a friend." I was trying to keep a straight face, but Trent was laughing away at us, and Phillip gave me the evil eye, till I couldn't hold it any longer. We all started giggling, and I felt like I was in good company.

"Okay, let's get this straight."

"Never straight," Phillip said. I've always been gay."

"All right boy. That's enough out you. Let me tell you what happened."

"Okay, I'm sorry. You go ahead."

"First, Jeff and I are just friends. We dance together, and we went to the gym together, and that's it. He said he wasn't my type anyway, but I'm not saying why, cause you'll just have some smart ass remark about it."

"Me? I gave Phillip an evil look.

"And don't you start," I said to Trent.

"I'm being good," Trent said back.

"Well I wish a little of that good would rub off on your boyfriend here."

"We do a lot of rubbing," Phillip said. "You'd think I would've caught on by now."

"You'd think all right. Anyway. So I'm at the gym, working out with Jeff, checking out all the eye candy, and I spot a boy who's looking at me too. We're checking each other out, and while Jeff is busy, this guy comes over to work out with me. Well we go through a workout together, and I'm really tired when we get through."

"I bet he worked you out good," Phillip said.

"Boy!!! Your gonn'a get it."

"And I wish you'd give it to me too," he shot back.

"How do you put up with this Trent?"

"To be honest with you," Trent said, "I was hoping I could give it to you too."

"He does have a fabulous ass," Phillip said back to Trent.

"Oh great. Now you're both picking on me. Where was I? Yeah so, I'm waiting on Jeff to finish, but it's going to take forever, so this boy William gives me a ride home. He wanted to see the house, so we went inside, and before I know what's going on, he's all over me."

"Noooooo!!! So did you guys like do it?"

"Not exactly. He sucked on meee!!! Lord that boy could do it. I ended up coming in his mouth, and I'm standing there, my knees are shaking, I'm out of breathe and then he says he's got to go.

"Welcome to the gay life," Trent said.

"I know that was so weird. That he would do me like that, and then just leave."

"So when you going to do me? Phillip asked.

"How long has he been like this?" I asked Trent.

"All day."

"Have you seen that other boy yet? Phillip asked.

"You mean Hunter?"

"Yeah him. He was a little hottie."

"I know. I'm hoping I get to see him tonight." I took a look around the room for him, but no Hunter.

"Grab your beer, and let's go dance for a while," Phillip said. "We'll all be looking for him."

Truth was, I had been praying that I would find him again. I wanted someone special in my life, and somehow I knew that Hunter could do that for me. It had become a ritual of mine, more so since I arrived here, and if Hunter wasn't the one, then I prayed I'd find the right one somehow.

I was about to jump off the bar stool, but my sore muscles told me to slow it down a little. We made our way to the dance floor, and I tried to loosen up a little while standing and listening to the music. Eventually the three of us started dancing, and after about the fourth or fifth song, Jeff showed up, and I danced with him.

Jeff didn't know anything about what happened last Thursday with William, but I wanted to tell him, and get his take on it. I had enjoyed what William did, but returning the favor wasn't something I was willing to do, and I needed a way out. We took a break, and I got my chance to talk with Jeff. He said not to expect that sort of thing too often, and if William approached again to just tell him the truth, and that I wasn't interested in him. That seemed fair enough to me. I wasn't going to let the incident with William deter me from working out. I truly wanted to look my best, and decided I would drive there myself, but continue to work out with Jeff. I had a lot to learn, and he was an excellent teacher.

Coming back into the big room, I could see everyone was having a good time, especially Phillip and Trent. They had taken a break from dancing, and were up against the wall kissing each other. I was imagining myself there, and that I was the one kissing Phillip, holding him tight. I shook my head, trying to get that thought out of my mind, and walked over to the bar to get another beer.

I had only been in line for a minute, when someone put their hands over my eyes and said, "Guess who?" In all probability it was Hunter, but I wanted to see him. I turned to see a beautiful boy, the one I had been looking for. A smile came over his face, and I put my arms around him, and gave him a big hug.

"I'm so happy to finally see you again," I said in his ear, but I hadn't let go of him yet.

"Me too. I've been looking for you everywhere. Where've you been?"

"I just moved here. I've only been in town for a week now."

"Well what about a month ago, when I saw you then?"

"I was visiting then. But I'm here for good now."

"Cool," he said, as we began to loosen our grip on each other, and I could look him in the eye. He looked perfect to me, and I couldn't believe I was holding on to him now. "One more thing," he said. "Who is that big dude you've been dancing with?"

"That's Jeff. He's just a friend."

"So is it okay for me to kiss you?"

I answered his question, but not with words. My left hand went to the back of his head, while my right hand went around his waist, as I pulled him to me. His lips, soft and willing, kissed me back, and I felt his tongue part my lips. He set my soul on fire, while my body delighted in his energy. Once again, I was caught up with him, oblivious to anyone else in the room, as if the two of us were the only ones there. His hair felt so soft in my hand, and my arm easily went around his small waist. He squeezed me tighter to him, and our lips broke apart as I received a major hug from him.

I was so happy to see him again, to feel him there in my arms, and to kiss him. I kissed his neck, took a small step back and looked into his soft brown eyes. I couldn't believe he was standing there in front of me, holding me at the waist, while I had my arms on his shoulders. For a second I felt like I was in a dream, but I knew my prayers had truly been answered.

I had that feeling like I was about to cry, but I never felt any tears. Instead I stood there, wanting to say something, but I couldn't think of the right words to say.

"I am so happy to see you," he said, briefly kissing me again. That was enough, to hear those words from him.

"What's your name?" He asked.


"Cool name."

"Um…a month ago when I was driving back home to Virginia, I was wondering how I would find you, and realized you didn't know my name."

"Well I know it now, and I'm not letting go of you."

"You're awesome," I said, backing away from him a little, but still holding his hands. "I like your look, it's so cool, and you have the hottest little body." He was wearing black jeans and a skin-tight white tee shirt. The surface of the shirt was shinny, dressed up looking, and showed every rib, curve and muscle. I wanted to reach out and touch his chest, but starred at him instead.

"I was afraid I wasn't going to find you," he said. "I went to "CC's" last weekend looking for you."

"And I was here looking for you," I said. What's CC's?" I asked.

"Just another gay club across the street."

"Okay. Ethan said something about a club across the street, said he goes there sometimes."

"Who's Ethan?"

"I rent from him. He lives downstairs."

"Where do you live?" He asked.

"Not far. In fact I walked here."

"Awesome," he said.

"No, you're awesome." He smiled at me as I began to memorize his look.

"Um…if you want, I can give you a ride home, so I know where you live."

"I'd like that. I want to see you again." His smile said it all. "I was going to get me a beer," I said. "Do you want one?"

"Of course."

I turned toward the bar to wait, and Hunter came up right behind me with his arms around the front of me. He felt good there, like that was where he belonged. "Except for last weekend, I've been here every other weekend looking for you," he said into my ear. "I got a little depressed last weekend when I couldn't find you. I was about to give up."

I turned my body back to him. "I'm sorry. I know that wasn't easy."

"Well, you're here now," he said, "and that's what's important." I kissed him quickly again, and he gave me one of those giggles, like he was truly overjoyed. We waited in line patiently, and Hunter was holding me, giving me a kiss on the back of the neck from time to time. I was so happy, and his small kisses made me feel like I could bust out laughing, given the smallest provocation.

A guy Ethan's age was just in front of us, and while he was waiting for his drink to be made, he turned toward the two of us and smiled.

"Well don't you two look cute together," he said.

I was already smiling, but my smile became bigger, and I felt Hunter squeezing me tighter, agreeing with the statement. "Cool. Thanks dude," was all I could manage to say at the moment.

I ordered us two beers, and turned only my head back to Hunter again, and he kissed me on my jaw, and on my neck, and I caught a glimpse of him looking into my eyes. I still didn't know the boy, but I felt like I did somehow. He was one of those people that I connected with right away, like I did with Ethan, except with Hunter it was more spiritual and sexual. A strange combination of qualities, but that's how I felt.

I handed him his beer, and we walked hand in hand toward the dance floor, but kept going and walked out to the courtyard. There wasn't much of a crowd outside, but at least it was warmer than the previous weekend, and quite bearable.

"It is so good to see you again," he said, grabbing me at the waist. We had set our beers down on the steps beside us. The spot we picked was at the far side of the courtyard, while everyone else was on the other side of the pool from us.

I was looking at his face, half of it was in the light, the other side shadowy, and very sexy. Everything about him was sexy, including his arms. I squeezed them, or shall I say, tried to, but my fingers didn't press far into his hard muscles. I looked into his eyes, hopelessly lost in them, returning to my dream, where I would know love again and love would know me. I knew what that feeling was, I had felt it before with James. This was stronger than what I felt with James though. Hunter and I connected with a greater energy, and on more levels, yet I had the feeling that this was just the beginning.

This was our first moment together, where we were alone, and I had the freedom to loose myself in him. His sway carried me as I floated away with him. My attraction to him was so powerful that I didn't understand it completely. There was more to us than I could comprehend for the moment.

"What are you thinking about?" He asked.

"About you."

"What about me?"

"Just your eyes…and how close I feel to you already."

My statement made his eyes shine brighter, and his face took on a different hue. "I can't believe you said that." My eyes questioned him. "It's what I've been feeling about you," he said.


"Yes I love your eyes too, and, I already feel close to you."

"Wow. You don't know me yet," I said.

"You're right, I don't, but it feels like I do." I smiled at him, wanting to kiss him again, but I held myself back. "I don't know about you," he said, "but every time I meet a boy I'm always hopeful, unfortunately it always ends up being fake. I mean I really want it to work, and I try so hard, but I get screwed every time."

"Oh I'd like to screw you alright." There was the briefest of pauses, then I let out a small yelp as he quickly slapped me on the side of my butt.

"Sorry, couldn't help it," I said. "I was with my friends earlier, and they were both talking that way."

"It's okay. I like to joke around too. By the way, is this your friends I saw you with over a month ago?"

"Sure is. I've known Phillip forever. His boyfriend is Trent."

"One of those boys was pretty hot."

"That would be Phillip."

"Yeah. He was cute."

"I know. You ought to see him in the summer with no shirt on." I was looking at Hunter, imaging what he might look like without a shirt. "Can't wait to see you without a shirt," I said, running my hand down his chest.

"Let's hope we don't wait till summer though."

"No way. I just hope you like my body okay."

"There's nothing wrong with your body," he said rubbing his hands on me.

"I know, but I'm working on it. I've been to the gym twice."

"Don't worry about that. I really like you," he said. "You are perfect."

"Am not."

"Okay, so you're a boy, and I know you have imperfections, but I think I would like those too." I kissed him quickly on the lips. I was falling for him. I couldn't deny it, couldn't fight it if I wanted to. I kissed him again, longer this time. I wasn't letting go of him, and he wasn't letting go of me. We kissed softly, each kiss becoming sweeter than the last. My hands drifted down his back to the top part his ass. His hand immediately went to my chest, and he started rubbing me there, especially my nipple. It excited me so, and I found my tongue all in his mouth, kissing him with all my energy. My hand went a little lower as his passionate kisses intensified. I heard him purr, and felt his breath quicken. I was certain he wanted it, just as much as I did. I wanted to make love to him, and show him what I was all about.

We were probably kissing each other for a short while, but I really wasn't very aware of time. I was only aware of him, his hand rubbing me, and his lips and tongue. We broke apart, and he looked deep into my eyes. "I like the way you kiss," he said.

"How so?"

"Your lips, they're so soft, and that tongue of yours, you use it well."

"I guess I could say the same thing about you," I said.

"There's something else about you," he said. "I can't figure it out right now, but you're different from anybody else here."

"I'm so glad you like me, cause I really like you." We hugged each other tightly, as my arms easily went all the way around his compact body.

"You feel so good, I could hold onto you forever," he said.

"I wish you would." I heard him sigh as he held me even tighter. We held each other, and I would have stayed there with him forever, but the night air was cool. I began to feel chill bumps on my arms, so I drew them in, and folded my arms up in-between his chest and mine. I felt the warmth of his body, as he comforted me in his arms. The moment was a fragile one, as if I had, handed him my heart, exposing myself to him. He held me so gently, that I couldn't help but believe I was where I needed to be. I felt so loved that I wanted to capture the feeling to always have it with me.

I turned my head to the side, and while looking across the pool spotted Phillip and Trent coming our way. "My friends are coming over here. I want you to meet them."

Hunter wasn't shy and introduced himself quickly to Trent, while Phillip gave me a hug. "I see you found him," Phillip said to me.

"I know, isn't he cool?"

I watched as Hunter introduced himself to Phillip, and gave him a hug.

"Shawn hasn't stopped talking about you since the first night he saw you," Phillip said to Hunter.

Hunter gave me a big smile, and said, "I know what you mean. I couldn't get this boy off my mind either."

"He's pretty special to me too," Phillip said. Hunter didn't know all the details of what that statement meant, but I planned on telling him later. Phillip turned his attention toward me. "Are you going to be around this week?"

"Yeah. I'm not leaving till Thursday at noon," I said. "What are you guys going to do for Christmas?"

"We're going to spend a few days here with Trent's family, then go up and see my parents on Saturday," Phillip said.

"I won't get to see you then, cause that's the day I'm coming back here," I said.

"I kind 'a figured that," Phillip said. "I'll call ya this week sometime, so we can get together."

"Okay," I said. "Hunter what about you? Think you could come home with me for Christmas?"

"No. Wish I could though. I promised my mom I would be there. But you could come home with me."

"Sorry," I said. "Same here. I really can't get out of it, but I am bringing back a surprise with me. You don't know him, but Phillip does." I got a small surprise look from Phillip, and a question look from Hunter, but I didn't leave them in suspense too long. "It's Teddy."

"I just love Teddy," Phillip said. "Will he still be here when I get back?"

"Oh yeah. He was going to stay for three weeks, but because I'm getting him early, it looks like I'll have him twice as long now."

"Who's Teddy?" Hunter asked.

"Only the coolest dog in the world," Phillip said quickly. Hunter gave me one of those looks, like I was going to pay for keeping him in the dark. "It's a little cool out here," Phillip said. "Are you guys going to dance some more?"

"We hadn't talked about it, but I guess we are." I got a smile from Hunter.

"I think we're going home early," Phillip said.

"That's different."

"We've been so busy lately, I hardly have time for Trent." Then in a low voice, Phillip said, "I think he wants some of me."

"And thus the reason we're going home early," Trent said.

"Well I'm going to have me a piece of Shawn ass too," Hunter said back to him. We all laughed, then said our goodbyes, as Hunter and I went back in to dance.

"Your friend Phillip is really sexy."

"I know. He is pretty hot."

"Not as hot as you."

"Ahh…that's so sweet, but you really don't have to lie."

"I'm not lying."

"It's still sweet." He took my hand, and led me to the dance floor, where we quickly got into the beat. The rest of the evening we'd dance, then take short little breaks, and kiss right there on the dance floor. Then we would be dancing again till our next small break. Hunter was a great dancer, and I enjoyed every minute watching him. We danced really close sometimes too, and I think we both enjoyed that.

I was still memorizing his look, like I would wake up tomorrow and forget what he looked like. I couldn't stand the thought of not remembering him, so I tried to look at each detail of him. The way his blonde hair moved as he was dancing, or the way he closed his eyes sometimes. His face was slightly rounded, not as thin as the rest of his body, but it was still a good look for him.

Several times he came up to my ear, and would say, "I'm having a great time with you." Each time he would say that, his words washed over me, and I could not think of a thing to say. It must have been some sort of delayed reaction to seeing him again. Perhaps it was overwhelming to me that such a beautiful boy would be there dancing with me, and kissing me. Maybe it was the powerful attraction we had for each other. The fact that I was speechless didn't seem to matter. Only that he was there, and I was there with him.

We had just gotten some waters, when I heard the last call for alcohol. The night had flown by, yet so much happened. I was starting to wear out from all the dancing we did. We had one last kiss on the dance floor, and decided it was time to go home. I had no idea what the rest of the evening had in store for me. Certainly I would kiss his sweet lips again, that was a given.

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