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Avery and Me

by Kyle Martin

Chapter 1

The Beginning

Dear Journal
January 21, 2016

A man that works with my dad, invited my mom, dad, and I to go down to his cabin with his family for last weekend. It would be a three day affair since it was Martin Luther King's birthday. Being a typical 20 year old, I explained to my dad that I'd much rather just jump in front of a moving freight train, but my objections didn't register with him, as, usual. So, on Friday last I'm in the backseat of my dad's car heading down towards Austin, Texas, about a 2-3 hour trip.

On the way down my dad had explained to me that Jim and his wife had an 18 year old son that didn't want to go on this trip without taking 'friend to play with', my dad is a real joker when he wants to be. He has a real dry sense of humor as you might guess. Well, at least I had my game console to keep me company. Jim's son Avery, what kind of a name is Avery? Avery brought up visions in my mind of a short, overweight, pimpled faced loser.

Avery and I had never met before so you can see why I was a little nervous about going. But the three of us arrived Friday evening and Avery was standing at the top of the stairs of the porch. He was the very opposite of what I had conjured up in my mind. He was about my height, 5'10" and couldn't have weighed over 130 pounds. My heart skipped a beat when I first saw him. Avery turned out to be a very friendly guy and we got along fine.

After the usual greetings, hugging by the dads and moms, and a casual 'hey there' between Avery and me, we were assigned the chore of unloading the cars and bringing the stuff into the cabin while the moms chatted as they prepared dinner, and the dads went off to the wood shed to bring in a supply of firewood.

Each time Avery bent over to pick up a load of stuff to carry in I couldn't help but admire is fine butt. The two orbs were perfect as was the rest of his body. I stayed in back of him as we carried all the loads up the stairs and into the house. Not only was it a good view but my imprisoned penis was starting to expand in my jeans. LOL

After supper and while the 'adults' visited, we 'kids' as they referred to us as, went out for a short walk. It was kinda cool outside but the hike soon warmed me up and I had to admit that the woods were beautiful. After the hike we looked through Avery's video collection and watched one of the movies. We had no trouble selecting which one to watch as we apparently liked the same venues. About 11:30 they decided it was time to hit the hay.

Now the good part...Avery and I were to share a bedroom. As we went to his bedroom he said "I think we could both use a shower. I'll go first." So, while he showered I unpacked my things setting aside a clean pair of boxer briefs. After showering Avery came back into the room with a towel wrapped around his waist and he showed me where the towels, shampoo, and soap were kept and I took my clean underwear in and showered.

When I came back into the bedroom Avery was standing there completely naked. "I sleep naked." He announced.

I didn't know what to think. I was assuming we'd be sleeping as I usually do in my undies. He was pretty good looking and...well I started to get hard. "Hey Kyle are you impressed with my naked body" he jokingly said when he saw my expanding boner. "You know we are both boys and both have the same 'equipment'. Don't you ever sleep in the buff? There is certainly nothing wrong with sleeping this way."

One thing led to another and I finally agreed to remove my boxer briefs. I noticed that his penis was longer than mine while mine was thicker than his. Actually we both sprouted erections at the same time. We joked about that as we both covered them with our hands. After laughing ourselves soft we got into his bed … It was a king size so I figured we would each have plenty of space separating us.

We lay in bed talking and out of the blue he asked "Kyle how often do you jerk off?"

I answered "About two or three time a day. Sometimes less, and sometimes more."

"Have you ever done it with anyone else?

I started getting hard again and told the truth. "No, I never have."

"Why not?"

I don't know" I couldn't bring myself to say no one had ever offered and I didn't have the guts to ask.

"Avery, I've never admitted this to any one before, but I am a 20 virgin. No one, other than me had ever touched my body in a sexual way. Whether that was by choice or circumstance, that was the way it is."

"Kyle, would you mind if I jerked you off tonight?

Wow! And while I debated with myself as to whether I really wanted to have him do that or not … It would be my first time, and then when I didn't object he reached over and wrapped his hand around my then very stiff boner. It felt really, really good. I guess he knew I liked it when I didn't slug him with my clenched fist and jump out of bed.

Now I am an experienced masturbator with about nine or ten good years of practice, but when he wrapped his hand around my boner it felt better than it ever had when I did it to myself. Then he used his finger tips to touch my boner and balls. Each touch was amazing. They felt like electric charges an in my mind I could see fireworks exploding like on the Fourth of July.

He played my stiff cock liked a concert pianist would tapping his fingers lightly up and down the scales. Avery had a very soft touch and when I came I shot three big squirts and five smaller ones. I've jerked off many, many times by myself but never have I felt the mind and body explosion that I felt then. When I came down from my high … the orgasm was by like a mighty volcano sending a cloud a mile high. Avery pulled a couple of tissues out of a box on his nightstand and wiped my chest and stomach clean of cum.

He as slid up and licked a gob of cum that was on my face and said "Sorry! I just wanted to compare the taste of your cum to that of mine."

I rolled over on my side and gave Avery a sloppy wet kiss. "And just how do they compare", I asked.

"I think mine is saltier and yours is sweeter", he replied.

We kissed back and forth and then I told him how that had been my first sexual orgasm with anyone other than myself and how great It felt. I thanked him for the hand job. He told me that was similar as to how he had felt with his first time and gave me another kiss.

He also said "Kyle, it has been two and a half years since I have had any sex with another guy. You are the first one in that time that I have ever wanted to have sex with another guy."

Amazingly, I started to get hard again. I knew I should return his favor but Avery began playing with my balls and gently rubbing up and down on my cock. I started leaking precum and again I could feel the magic of an orgasm rising in my groin area. My feet and legs stiffened and I was holding my breath while my body convulsed in the joys of my second orgasm of the night.

Once again he sampled my cum, cleaned up the jism with another tissue, and said "Yes, definitely sweeter!," and snickered. I was really starting to like my new found friend … and that was an understatement. How glad I was that my dad had talked me into coming on this trip. How could he have guessed that I might find my soulmate on this very trip?

Avery rolled over on his back and I on my side facing him. With trembling hands I felt for his rigid pole. I whispered "I have zero experience doing this as it is, as you know the first contact I have ever had with another guy's penis."

"Keep it up, Kyle. You are doing a great job." I felt how different his erection felt compared to mine … Much longer and smaller in circumference. He shivered as I circled his glans with my fingers and rubbed his tender frenulum with my forefinger. He encouraged me to keep doing exactly what I was doing. With my other hand I reached over and began to massage his balls. His ball sack was much looser than was mine which usually kept itself up tight against my body and I believe his balls were larger than mine.

After several minutes Avery began to moan I worried that his noise might waken his or my parents might hear us and come into our room to see what was the matter … I was relieved when the hallway remained void of footsteps. ball sack began to tighten and his balls were pulled up tight. He spread his legs giving me better access and pulled his feet close to his butt. "Auggghhhh" he moaned as his volcano erupted. Two big shots followed by six, no seven smaller ones.

Quickly he softened and I took a tissue and cleaned him up. I ventured a taste of his jism and found that I agreed with his assessment. I held the soggy tissue to my nose and smelled of his manhood. As I massaged one of his balls I used my other hand to fondle one of my own. "Yes, I think they are larger." Another comparison I made, I fidget, Avery moans.

We both woke at dawn and continued from where we left off before dropping off to sleep …

After breakfast we told our folks that we were going to go hiking. Avery grabbed his backpack and stuffed in some snacks and water. We found a secluded spot and began kissing. Avery pulled a blanket out of his backpack and said "I was a Boy Scout and you know their motto 'BE PREPARED." After spreading the blanket out on the ground we laid on it wrapped in each other's arms … and continued kissing. I was leaking precum and I bet he was also.

We heard some noise coming up the trail, quickly got up and pulled some snacks out of the backpack and when our dads came into view we were calmly munching on our goodies.

"Hello, boys" they called out as they quickly passed us by. They looked like they might be looking for their own secluded spot. But as they got further down the trails I heard my dad say "Jim, I think our little plan might be working." I didn't know what plan they were talking about at the time.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning passed with more of the same. When we packed up to leave and expressed our goodbyes, Avery and I ducked back into the house, hugged each other and made quick plans for another get together real soon.

Avery was my first and I'm glad I waited for him.

PS: my game console didn't get used once!

This is a multi chapter submission to the 2016 story challenge "Inspired by a Picture". Your chance to log your opinion appears at the foot of the final chapter.

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