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Avery and Me

by Kyle Martin

Chapter 2

The Date

My Journal
February 5, 2016

I was so nervous since this would be only the second time I had ever seen Avery. Memories of our first encounter filled my thoughts … of his tender and sensual musical renditions on my boner and balls made me hard again … as it had so many times since then, as I drove toward the mall where we were to meet for our second meeting, and our first real date. I had never even thought about masturbating in this manner. But the explosive orgasm it produced was the most erotic, and massive, release of cum I had ever produced - firecrackers exploding in my entire shaking body as squirt after squirt of hot jism hit the headboard of the bed, my face, chest, and stomach, finally reducing to a dribble seeping out of my tender pee hole.

(Randy, my big brother - I call him my big brother since he is like a brother to me), said that possibly the reason for the mountainous orgasm was because it was my first sexual encounter with another male. He knew that there were no female encounters in my life as I had opened the door to my closet with him years ago.)

Erotic thoughts continued to fill my mind and I could feel the precum beginning to wet the fly on my new silk underwear that I had purchased especially for this occasion as I approached the mall parking lot. My brand new underwear, virgin as my ass, were black with small red hearts scattered all over. They seemed appropriate for the occasion, just in case.

As I was driving to the mall my phone beeped. I glanced down and saw that it was Randy. I pulled off the road into a Burger King, shut off the engine, and said "Hey, big bro, what's up?" All of a sudden I had a brilliant idea … and it was going to get Randy by the balls. I told him how nervous I was … which was certainly true … and after chatting for a few minutes telling him how I had blown a test that day and had two more the next day. When he said he didn't know I had Saturday classes I closed the noose … "OMG!, Randy, This is Friday! All day I've thought it was Thursday. I've got to meet Avery in less than an hour. I need to jump in the shower. Shit, I'll never make it on time." Then I logged off. About two minutes later I logged back in with a "GOTYA!" When Randy said that he hoped I was wearing my best underwear I knew that I had at least didn't have to told about underwear! I probably should have told him I wasn't wearing any tonight. LOL

Avery was standing in an open slot by his car when I approached. He smiled at me and said "I was saving this spot for a special friend, but as long as you want it I guess I'll have to find another." He came over as I rolled down my window, bent in his head, and planted a kiss on my lips. I felt so relieved that he appeared as anxious to see me again as I was to see him. I returned his sweet kiss.

He was wearing a big grin. Just to set the record straight he was wearing more than a big grin. He looked so good to me. He was dressed in a turquoise plaid button down shirt, tucked into a pair of tan pants, with tan socks, and brown loafers. As for me I was wearing an orange collared pullover, black slacks, black socks and black slip-ons.

My eyes wandered down to his crotch and I smiled as I saw what appeared to be the beginnings of an erection. He embarrassing placed his hands over his fly. He really was as nervous as I was. I got out of the car took his hand and escorted him over to the passenger side, opened the door and as he bent over to get in I gave him a firm pat on the butt and made some crude, I'm sure, remark about his butt being so cute.

He got into my car and we drove to a small local Mexican restaurant. After ordering we sat and stared at each other while munching on chips and salsa. I had not seen his boyishly handsome face for three long weeks. His blond hair perfectly framed his gorgeous face and dimpled chin. I told him that and then added "But, of course, I'm biased." We both chuckled at that. I couldn't resist the urge to lean across the table as did he also. As our lips met I could feel electricity surge from his lips into mine. At once my imprisoned penis again resisted confinement behind my fly.

Our food came, I had the taco platter and he the enchiladas. We finished our meals and, I as the inviter to Avery for our date … as Randy had mentored me … promptly paid the bill for our food and even added a generous tip. Then we exited the mall and hand in hand walked to my car. I opened his door for him and couldn't resist patting him on the butt as he got in.

Avery said "We have about an hour before the movie starts. Why don't we just sit and get better acquainted." We drove to an area in the mall parking lot that was mostly deserted since the light for that area was unlit. "You know Kyle, when we were at the cabin last month we didn't take the opportunity to get to know each other very well. Well, actually I did get to know certain body parts of yours quite well as you did of mine." Again, an awkward silence.

Then I said "Avery, I have thought of you every day. I was so afraid that I would never see you again. When I got up my nerve to text you … well actually Randy had to give me a few nudges … You cannot imagine how elated I was that you would agree to meet me this evening. What I'm trying to say Avery is that you are the best thing that has …"

"Listen Kyle, I know what you're trying to say and I have a confession to make, also. After that night at my folk's cabin I thought that I had made you do things that you probably never ever wanted to do."

"Stop right there with that bullshit! Avery, I have known I was gay from when I was eleven. And now nine years later you gave me my first gay experience. I know you are two years younger than I am and you probably have boys that are your own age that you have messed around with. But now, at least, when I am jerking off I have memories of that night. It's not like you are actually there but I can imagine that you are there doing things to/with me like you did that night. It was the most fantastic two nights of my life."

Avery reached over and unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my jeans and slid the zipper down, and with a warm hand he gently massaged the bulge in my silkies. "Cute undies by the way. Kyle, I said I have a confession to make and I intend to do it right now. Yes, I have friends that are gay and and, yes, I have circle jerked and even sucked a couple of them. I'm sure they have had lots of sex and all, but, well, … I have never really been a part of that group. They have sex with whoever happens to have a hard penis at the same time that they do and I'm sure that they are OK with that. But to me it's just hollow sex. I want more than sex. I want to love the guy I have sex with … and I think that that guy is you. When your folks brought you up to our cabin and I saw you as you climbed up our steps I thought That is the hottest hunk I've seen in a long, long time."

"Don't get all mushy on me Avery. Listen …"

"No you listen Kyle … I'm not through talking. First of all, I do not usually sleep naked. Secondly, I set you up by seducing you. I do not regret what I did that weekend." That sparked a very pregnant pause and neither of us said anything for about a minute and then with a quivering voice and tears forming in his eyes he said "Now that you know the truth, and that it was a set-up, if you want me to get into my own car and leave I will do so. I'll even reimburse you for dinner. Believe me when I say I will understand why, if you never want to see me again ... but I hope to high heaven that that is not what you want me to do."

By now my cock was sporting the biggest, well second biggest, maybe tied for first place erection I I had ever had. "No, please, please Avery; I don't want you to leave. I want us to be together, … always! I reached over and pulled Avery into a bear hug. I kissed his tears away and kissed him on his neck and then a full kiss on his mouth. Our tongues played tag with each other. He tasted like ambrosia. My hands unbuttoned his shirt and I kissed his nipples, first the right one and then the left one. I suckled like a little puppy does his bitch.

"I know you have never been sucked on!" And the my heart leaped with joy as he asked me "May I be the first one to do so?" With tears of joy running down my cheeks as I said "Please do, my sweet angel, Avery." I leaned back in my seat and lifted my ass up as he freed my boner and slid my slacks and boxers down to my knees.

Avery leaned over and his moist tongue lapped up my precum swirling his tongue as he wrapped it around my engorged head. I was delirious … once again I was in heaven! As he sucked my penis into his mouth he began to play with my balls, and before I realized it he had taken my whole erection into his mouth. I could actually feel it as it bumped against his throat. If I died right then I would be so happy. But I didn't die, fortunately, for me, as things only got better He began by sliding his lips back up to my cock head and his tongue lapped at my tender underside. Down and up. Down and up. Down and up yet again.

My balls were tingling and my body tensed as I said "Avery I'm going to cum." But he didn't stop his movements. All of a sudden I erupted and Avery swallowed almost all of my cum. I had counted three massive eruptions and several minor ones before I stopped squirting my cum. Some had dribbled down his chin and into my pubic hairs. When I softened he came up for air and we kissed and I tasted my own cum. Of a certainty I had tasted my own cum, many times in fact but, never from the mouth of another guy. I licked the remains of the stuff running down his chin. Once again I experienced heavenly bliss.

"Now it's my turn to do you," I said.

"No, that was my treat to you. You bought me dinner and frankly I wanted some dessert," he replied. I smiled at that remark of his and he embraced me in yet another big hug and sloppy kiss session. "Besides we have all of next weekend to explore and … 'get better acquainted.' As I said earlier I've already got permission for next weekend at the cabin. And by the way, the movie starts in about three minutes." We rearranged our clothing and ran to the theater. I bought the tickets since Avery was my date tonight. (That last bit was for you Randy.)

We went all the way up to the back row of the theatre, hoping that we would gain some privacy. We were in fuck. Oops, I mean luck. The back three rows were empty.

We sat in the middle of the last row. We lifted the armrest between us and snuggled together. We shared a bucket of popcorn and we each had a soda, (again thanks to Randy's reminder that the one asking for the date should pay for the goodies). We watched most of the movie, The Finest Hour, kissed some more, held hands when they weren't on each other's boners. Avery lifted my shirt up, reached his hand in, and tweaked my nipples until they started to get too tender. This is what I've wanted to do with someone for many years. Now, I'm so glad that I was able to wait and have Avery be the one to show me what I've been missing, I thought as we kissed and our tongues played their game, yet again.

The movie ended all too soon as far as I was concerned. But when the lights came up and the ushers began to get the theater cleaned up for the night I noticed one of the boys kind of stared at us. I saw him wink his eye at me and grinned a silly grin. I wondered how much of our show he had witnessed, if any of it. Then, as we exited our row I saw the usher point to his fly and then nodded at Avery and as I looked down at Avery's fly I could see the big wet spot leaking through his slacks. Avery must have ejaculated at some point in our 'activities' during the movie. It certainly was not due to the at sea rescue in the movie.

I whispered something in his ear, and he blushed, pulled his shirttail out of his pants, and smoothed them over the dark area on his fly. The shirt too had the stain, but was not as noticeable as the one on his pants.

We exited our row and I nodded to the usher as we squeezed past him. My hand accidentally brushed against his fly and I could tell he was hard as a rock. He blushed and asked how we enjoyed the movie? I think I knew what he was getting at. We must have put on a pretty good show ourselves. "It was great," I answered. "The best!"

"Come back anytime I am on shift," he responded, "I really enjoyed the show, too." I laughed at his comment and I speculated the possibility that he might be gay. Avery asked "What was that exchange all about?"

"You really don't want to know," I countered. "But if you really want to know, then ask me again some other time." (I did notice that his nametag said Jared.)

We walked back to Avery's car hand in hand. When I asked Avery if he wanted to drive someplace and park awhile he politely refused saying " I told my rents that I would be home before midnight, and besides there are some supplies I have to buy before next weekend. We'll text and make plans."

I looked at my watch and realized it was 11:15. Wow, those five hours went by so fast. and since midnight was when I was supposed to be home, also, we kissed yet again - Man! I could not get enough of Avery's sweet kisses. I wished that he and I could have met in kindergarten as I pondered the night's activities as I drove home.

I chuckled as I thought of Avery pulling his shirttail out of his pants to cover up the wet spot on the front of his trousers. And then those sweet parting words … "Don't forget to button up your shirt. And make sure you're zipper is all the way up, too! Night luv."

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