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Avery and Me

by Kyle Martin

Chapter 3

The Confession

Dear Journal
February 9, 2016

"Kyle ..?"

"Yes, Dad?", I replied.

"Come into my study, son." This did not sound good at all to me as I followed him into his study. "Come sit down and let's talk." He sat down on his mini sofa which had only two seats and patted the remaining space. I was really worried now. Usually in these father-to-son kinds of situations he sat behind his desk and I stood on the other side facing him.

"Uh … Dad, what's this all about? Did I mess up on some assignment you'd given me?"

"Please, Kyle … Come and sit down." So I reluctantly walked over and sat down beside my Dad. Then he dropped the bombshell I had ben dreading. "Kyle, is there something that you would like to share with me? … something that's on your mind that I could help you with?"

"I don't know what you're getting at, Dad." Even though I think I knew perfectly well where this was headed.

"I think you do know. So once again … Kyle, is there something going on in your life that I should know about?"

"What makes you think that, Dad? I've tried to do everything that you have asked of me."

"Let me put it this way, then. You know that I am associated with a group called The Assembly. Do you know what The Assembly is and what its purpose is?"

"No, Dad, why don't you tell me," I said in a not to polite tone of voice.

"Well, one of things we do is kind of keeping a watch on each other's kids."

"You mean you spy on us? Why would you do that? After all I am almost 21 years old."

"We don't spy on you. It's just that if we see one of our members sees someone else's kids doing something a little odd, and then we share that information with their parents. And one of our members reported to me that they saw you and Jim's son Avery at a restaurant last Friday. But the thing that he noted was that the two of you were kissing each other. I imagine Jim is having this same conversation with Avery … And, yes, Jim is an Assembly member."

My heart dropped straight to my feet. I felt like my world had just ended. I stared at the floor and waited for the axe to fall.

"Now, son, can we discuss this like rationally. Don't you think that a father should know about his son and a coworker's son getting involved with each other like this?"

My thoughts immediately went to Avery. Would I be prohibited from ever seeing my sweet Avery ever again? Then it occurred to me that his dad was probably having this same conversation with him. Then I realized that this is where my college dream would end as Dad would end financing my education … and about a hundred other thoughts that would haunt me forever.

"Kyle? … Oh, Kyle? … Look up at me Kyle. This is not the end of the world you know. Life will go on, but there some adjustments that will have to be made."

"Yes, I can see that. I don't know how to cope with losing Avery. Dad, I really love him. I just want you to know that I am in love with Avery and don't think I can live without him. I'll drop out of school, move out, and I'll get a job and pay you back every dime you've spent on me. I'm sorry to be such a disappointment to you.

"Son, why would you have to lose your boyfriend? And I certainly don't want you to drop out of school or move out of this house or pay me back for anything. You are my son and I love you very much."

I was stunned. Did I just hear correctly my Dad's words? Surely I had heard him wrong. "What are you saying? I thought you hated gays. I thought I have been an utter disappointment to you."

"Kyle, what I am about to tell you must never be shared with anyone else … ever. Can I trust you to keep my trust in you sacred?"

"Yes, dad, I'll try. No I won't try. Rather I will do what you ask. But Avery and I have no secrets from each other. We love each other and trust each other. Can't I just share it with him?"

"I'll say yes to your request on one condition. That condition being that Jim has already told Avery everything about The Assembly."

"What is so important about The Assembly dad? And what is this Assembly?", I asked.

"That is a rather complicated couple of questions" my dad said. "But here goes and you deserve straight answers. The Assembly is an organization whose members are all gay men. Jim and I are both members. Some members are married to other gays. Others are single. But most of the members are gay men that are married to women. A few are still in their teens, some in their twenties. Some thirties, and even a few as high as in their eighties … and everything in between. Before you ask it, I love your mother very much. And between the two of us we created you. We both love you very much. But I also happen to love Jim.

Marriages are an interesting concept. However, it is often possible that the wife can lose interest in sex when she no longer desires more children. That can leave the husband lonely for sex and not wanting to cheat on his wife with another woman; he reverts to sex with other men. I think you can possibly feel some empathy for me in that regards, son. That is what happened in our marriage. Soon after you were born your mother decided that she no longer needed sex. I did. Eventually, I reverted back to my gay lifestyle.

When I joined our company, Jim was already working there. Our work required us to be in close proximity of each other. On a business trip about two months later we found ourselves booked into the same hotel room. You do not need to know much more about that phase of our relationship.. When another member of our team found out we were sexually involved he told us about The Assembly. Mom and Jim's wife do not know about what we do in our meetings. And I cannot tell even you since we are sworn to secrecy about our activities there. But we do look out for each other and our families. That is why one of our members, when he saw you and Avery making out in that restaurant, reported to Jim and me. By the way I also received a heads up call within a half hour of you buying the condoms and lube in The Candy Shack Sex Shop. We have members scattered all around, in all kinds of jobs, and all economic circles."

"Wow! Dad, you have really laid a big one on me this time. I had no idea what a complicated life you lead, mixing straight and gay … gay for sex and straight for all else. All in one package … I guess that's the epitome of bisexuality. So does that mean that Avery and me can still be together and can even go down to Avery's cabin for this weekend?

"The cabin trip is entirely up to Avery and his dad. As far as I'm concerned you have my permission to go. But remember to be careful and please practice safe sex, pay for your share of expenses, and by all means HAVE FUN. Now son, do you have any other concerns or questions for me?

"Not right now, dad. From now on I will be completely honest with you"

I wrapped my dad in a huge bear hug and I said "Dad I love you" as tears once again clouded my vision. This time the tears were tears of joy. Boy had I misread my dad.

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