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Avery and Me

by Kyle Martin

Chapter 4

The Cabin

February 9, 2016

<Kyle, has your dad chatted with you>

< sure did, he really laid it on me, and that was scary>


<until I got the whole story I thought I was going to lose you, my home, you, school, you, and everything else>

<did your dad tell you anything about my dad>

<yes, that they are lovers. Can you believe that>

< the assembly>

<even that, but not in detail>

<that's quite a load all at once>

<yeah, but all's well that ends well>

<my dad said I can go to the cabin this Friday, if your dad says it's OK>

<that's what my dad said LOL>

February 11, 2016

<hey, is everything set for tomorrow departure>

<yeah, car is filled with gas, and there's air in the tires>

<food is all packed in boxes and ready to load>

<I've been saving my load up for you, big boy>

<I bet my load id bigger than yours>

<lol what time should I pick you up>

<how about 4:00>

<see you then>

<can't wait>

<me either>

February 12, 2016

"Hey, Kyle. I'm glad you didn't forget me."

"It's only 4:02 by my watch … and it would be hard to forget you. I've thought about nothing else for a whole week.", I checked to make sure we were OK then pecked him on the cheek.

We loaded my car and we both went in Avery's house and thanked his parents for everything. Then we jumped in the car and headed south. As we drove Avery reached over and cupped his hand over my bulging fly. "Careful", I said, "or I might lose control of the car, let alone lose control over something else and make a mess in my pants."

At 6:30 we pulled up to the cabin driveway. We jumped out of the car, raced around to the trunk, and hugged each other tightly. "I can't believe were here" we both said at the same time.

We quickly unloaded the car, built a nice fire in the fireplace, and unpacked the food in the kitchen, then hugged and kissed some more. It was very obvious that both of us had raging hard-ons. "Avery, do you think we could move your mattress from your bed and put it here in front of the fireplace for us to, you know, sleep on?"

"Great idea, let's do it." With a little huffing and puffing we got the job accomplished, spread the sheets and a blanket, and admired our work. Then Avery opened his backpack and took out a little package, opened it and took out a bottle of lube and a box of condoms. "Just in case!" And he grinned at me.

I did the same and took out my lube and box of condoms and placed them on the floor next to the mattress on the other side of the bed, and said "Just in case we run out of yours." We both broke out laughing and agreed that we had the same weekend program in mind.

The room was beginning to warm up due to the fire we had built. Again, we both spoke up with "Wanna get naked for the weekend?" Apparently we did. We came together and pulled each other's shirts off. We embraced passionately and felt the warmth of each of our bodies complimenting the other. Nxt our shoes and socks, then our pants, and finally - the crowning moment - our underwear. Avery had been wearing a green and black pair of briefs with a special pouch that emphasized his package. He reached down and pulled out a couple of bite size tootsie rolls that were hidden in the pouch of his underwear and handed me one. "Just a sample of what you will be getting from me", he said.

We both unwrapped them and popped them in our mouths. As we chewed them I took him in my arms and French kissed him and retorted "And that is a sample of what you will be getting from me." Brown tootsie juice ran down our chins as we laughed out loud. Man, Avery is so much fun to be with. I thought. How did I ever live without him?

"Shall we try out the bed?", I asked sheepishly grinning at Avery.

"Let's eat first!" Avery countered. "Then we can shower. We don't want to get the sheets soiled. OK?"

"You always win where I'm concerned", I conceded. "Let's eat some dinner." We went into the kitchen and opened a couple of cans of soup and put them on to heat. While the soup warmed we made toasted cheese sandwiches and poured one tall glass of milk that we could share. After eating Avery headed to the shower. "I'll be right there. I'm going to put more wood on the fire", I called after him. Boy howdy, Avery sure has a cute ass, I mused. When he was out of sight I quickly put more wood on the fire, retrieved the box of Sees' Chocolate Mint Truffles from my backpack and laid them on his pillow along with my lube and a condom. I then opened the Baggie of rose petals, pulled down the top sheet and blanket and scattered the petals all over the bottom sheet. Finally I placed the special Valentine card I had purchased from the sex shop where I had purchased the box of condoms and the lube carefully on the box of candy. It featured two naked young men in their early 20's locked together on a blanket in a lakeside setting. Inside the card I had penned my special feelings of love for Avery. I hoped I wasn't over doing it. Then I went into the bathroom, peed and climbed into the shower.

"I was wondering if you had gotten lost or something," he noted."

I embraced him under the spray and began to massage his shoulders and back. Avery reciprocated. Both the hot spray and the massage felt so relaxing. As I worked my hands down to his butt I slid my fingers down into the valley between his cheeks. He did another one of his "aaaaghhs" moans and started massaging by cheeks. Our penises had expanded full blown by now and I reached down to them and gave them a squeeze holding on to both cocks in a single grip. This produced another "aaaaghh" from Avery. We soaped each other and gave special to our cocks and ass cracks, rinsed off and dried ourselves.

And naked we approached our bed. "Oh WOW! Was all he could say. Finally he uttered "no wonder you took so long getting to the shower. This is so beautiful and sexy. And what's this on my pillow."

"I know it's a little early for Valentine's Day, but I wanted this to be a special celebration." He hugged me and we exchanged kisses and I said "Happy Valentine's Day, my sweet. Will you please be my valentine?"

Avery responded by grabbing my penis and lowering us onto the bed. He reached into his backpack and retrieved a bottle of massage oil. He then proceeded to give a full body massage to my receptive, but quivering frame. And by full massage I mean a 'full' massage. As he massaged my ass crack he gave me a surprise extra, he rimmed my puckered hole and then inserted his middle finger into my boy hole. Then with his other hand he pressed on my perineum. The effect was so intense that I was sure I was an inch away from an orgasm.

To prevent that from happening I rolled away and got up on my knees. "Now it's my turn to repay you for last Friday Night Special" and I began to lick the head of his penis. I tongued his pee hole and in turn received a special treat of precum that remained an unbroken string as I shifted my position. As I took the entire head in between my lips as my tongue stroked his super sensitive frenulum. More moaning … As I've said before Avery is a moaner whereas I am a squirmer. As I continued mouthing down his shaft I realized that I could not get all the way down on it like he had done the week before on mine. I started back up and then down again, as he had done with me. Each time I went down on him I could get a little more of his penis into my mouth until at last I felt his pubic hairs tickling my nose. I continued sucking him and playing with his balls when Avery indicated "You better come off as I am about to cum." Now, Avery had not lifted off when he gave me head and I could do no less for him. I could feel the cum rising up his shaft and I greeted his cum with joy. Spurt after spurt filled my mouth with his salty tasting cum. I swallowed every bit and wanted more. The spurts dribbled off and soon I was sucking on a flaccid penis. I pulled off with a popping noise and turned and kissed him on the lips. As he licked the inside of my mouth I could tell he was relishing the taste of his own cum that was still in my mouth. I probably was selfish in swallowing the whole load. I should have let a little bit escape my mouth so he could have a better specimen to enjoy.

I lay down beside him and nestled by body next to his. He was spent and so was I. I will always remember the feeling of giving my first blow job. After a while he sat up and looked very lovingly at me. Then he picked up my card and looked at the front cover for a couple of minutes. I could sense the wheels churning in his mind. Then as he read the thoughts I had written especially for him he smiled and mouthed a very generous 'thank you'. Next he opened the box of chocolate truffles, took one and bit it in half. Then he took the other half gently placed it in my mouth. I took that gesture to mean that we could share anything and everything … just as we had shared the glass of milk, our jism, and now the truffle. I simply said "Avery, I love you so, so much!" He kissed me again and I could taste the sweetness of the truffle mixed with the saltiness of his cum.

He then gently caressed my nipples and said in his tender voice "I love you even more, much, much more."
Nestled together on a bed of rose petals and in front of a warm fire we drifted off to dream dreams that only lovers know.
Very early in the morning, even before first light, I awoke to sweet kisses from my lover. "Kyle, if you are awake please put your hand on my penis." It took a minute for that request to register, but when it did I did just that. "Kyle I have a special request to make of you. I want you so bad, …" and his voice broke … when he regained his composure he continued "Kyle, I would so much appreciate it if you would be the special one, the one I love, to pop my virgin cherry. I've never desired that of anyone else. Will you, please?"

I was overwhelmed. One of my goals in coming here was to get my virgin cherry popped by him and instead he has beaten me to the punch. I didn't know diddly squat … As my grandmother used to say … about actually fulfilling Avery's request. I knew better than to just push my stiffy into his glory hole. That is called rape. I wanted it to be an act of love. "Are you sure, Avery?"

"I'm very sure that I want you to be the first one to do it to me," he tenderly voiced. OK, I thought. Now, how to do this? I remembered Randy's brief instruction. I reached for my lube and squeezed a generous portion onto my fingers. Avery was on his back so I began to give him a hand job. As I did that, I milked his nipples, first one and then the other. Then slowly I worked my way down to his belly button which I swirled my tongue in for a few seconds and then worked my way down through his pubic hair and up the front side of his hard penis. After sucking on the head for a minute I tongued down the underside of his shaft and took his balls in my mouth, one at a time. At that point I put my hands on his waist and turned him on his stomach, pushed on his feet so that his knees were up under his belly and his ass was in the air. At that point I continued licking starting with his ball sank and then up into the crack between his round handsome buns. As I reached his rosebud I rimmed him long enough that his muscles relaxed and I was able to stick my tongue past his sphincter. I put more lube on my fingers and poked one finger gently into his anus. As I got it past the muscle ring I could feel his prostate. His moans increased tenfold. Next I tried two fingers, and finally three. When I was certain he was loose enough I pulled my fingers out and asked him to turn back over onto his back. I placed his feet on my shoulders, and asked him if he was ready. When he grunted and nodded yes I tore open the condom protector and rolled it down my penis, then lubing the hole and condom once again I aligned my member with his hole and began to push my stiff cock inward. I cautioned for him to tell me if it hurt too much and I would stop pushing. I told him to kind of push out like he was taking a crap and when he did my dick popped in past the ring. Avery said "it hurts, but it's a good hurt. Do not to stop." With his encouragement I slowly pushed in until my pubes were pressing against his butt. I rested at that point and realized that he was supposed to be getting pleasured, but it felt like I was the one with all the good feelings. He was very tight and the pressure on my dick made pleasure waves rip through my body. It was the best yet. When Avery was comfortable with me being in I slowly began to withdraw until the head was the only part of my cock left inside him. Then I pushed back in all the way. Each time it was a little faster and more pleasurable. At this point Avery was jacking his boner to match my thrusts. As if on cue we each began our orgasms at the same time. Copious amounts from my cock filled his insides and his jism shot onto his chest and stomach. When I began to soften I pulled out with an audible pop.

I lay down on top of Avery and his jism coated our stomachs. When we came back down to earth he told me how great it was for him and I shared my feelings with him. He indicated that it didn't hurt as much as he expected it to hurt, and then only for a couple of minutes. After that he said it was the greatest feeling that he had ever experienced. I was glad that he had a good experience. I certainly did, also.

We showered again and I made sure to clean Avery's bum crack completely as bum juices had begun to leak out of his pucker hole. He got out of the shower, sat on the toilet until he stopped leaking and then got back in the shower? After the shower we fixed breakfast and returned to our bed. We both slept soundly until about 1:00 pm.

When I woke up Avery was still asleep. I turned facing him and began gently, so as not to awaken him, massaging from his neck down to his pubic hairs. When I paused he said "Please don't stop." I continued rubbing his stomach until he was fully awake. I tickled him and he started to tickle me back. We started wrestling and he grabbed hold of me to turn me over, but instead grabbed hold of my penis. "No fair I shouted." Immediately he grabbed me by the balls and squeezed them. I yelped in pain and he immediately stopped and told me how sorry he was, and hoped he hadn't sterilized me, while laughing the whole time as he kissed my balls. Through the pain I kissed him and told him that it wouldn't do any good to sterilize me as he couldn't get me pregnant if he wanted to. We played around some more, and then he sat on my lap as we watched some tv. I couldn't help but fondle him as we watched.

Late afternoon came and we ate supper early, and then more TV. About 8:00pm we were discussing our next sex agenda. I mentioned that I was very satisfied being top man that morning and he announced that he was certainly a bottom guy if this morning's activities were any indication. But we both agreed that we'd like to try reversing roles at least once. We turned off the tv, put logs on the fire and went to bed. This time it was a little slower getting started. We did do a 69 position for a while as Avery fingered my ass while I sucked on him. The rest of the story was a repeat from the morning activities with the roles reversed. It was easier for Avery to enter me as his stick was not as thick as mine even though it was longer. Every time his cock rubbed against my prostate I let out a 'wild hoop of pleasure.' We both agreed that we liked our original roles the best, but over time we would reverse rolls for variety sake.

After our lovemaking we both fell asleep and didn't wake up until dawn. When we awoke we lay on our sides in a 69 position and sucked each other off. Then we had Sunday breakfast. Avery excused himself and came back in with a small package. "I saved my present for you for the actual Valentine's Day," he said. He handed me the present, kissed me on the lips and said "I hope you like it." I untied the ribbon, and unwrapped the paper. As I opened the box I saw the Together Forever pinkie ring with a miniature penis on a chain that was looped in the band of the ring. I laughed at his ingenuity and unique packaging and tried the ring on my right pinkie. It was exactly the right size. The penis on the chain, he said, could either be used as a key chain or as a penis ring. Which would I choose? I told Avery that I was in love with my key chain so I tried it on my penis and it fit perfect. I told him that I had considered a pinkie ring but that I had never seen him wear jewelry … needless to say I had only been in his presence three times.

Avery said "Just in case, and because I wanted them to match I just happened to have two matching rings." He pulled the other one out of a Baggie hidden in his ass crack, opened it up and slipped, it on his left pinkie. He then also slipped the second penis ring on and slid it down to his pubes. "See, we match," as he bent over and kissed the head of my penis.

We decided we wanted to try as many different intercourse positions as we had time for. We went to an appropriate internet site and printed off eight positions that we wanted to try. We spent the rest of the day trying them out. Naturally we didn't do them all out to orgasm … that would probably left us in a state inorganic incoherence. We'd try each one out take a couple of pokes and then on to the next one, trying each one with roles reversed of course. We were exhausted after all twelve trials.

Before we kissed good night, we 69ed one more time. This time he licked my ass while I sucked him dry.

Monday morning came and we began cleaning up. We moved the mattress back into his bedroom and made the bed with clean sheets, vacuumed and swept floors, carried out the cold ashes, did the dishes, and did the laundry. We were very careful to make the house cleaner than when we found it … after all we hoped that we would be welcome to come back often … not to mention that we followed the Boy Scout code of the outdoors: Leave the environment better than it was when you came.

Just as Avery had called his dad when we first arrived to let him know that we had arrived safely, he now called again to say that we were about to head home.

I suggested we take one more together shower, but Avery said he had a better idea. He took my hand and led me into the master bedroom. We exited it into a huge bathroom. In the middle of the floor was a two person Jacuzzi tub. Avery stopped the drain and turned on the water. As the tub filled he added some bubble bath and the water foamed up. We climbed in and turned on the jets. I had never been in a jetted tub before and as the jets came to life I was pleasantly surprised how sensual the bath became. Will Avery ever run out of surprises? I hoped not

After the bath we cleaned the tub and hung our towels out to dry. Then we packed up the car, jumped in and headed home.


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