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Avery and Me

by Kyle Martin

Chapter 5

The Assembly

July 5, 2016

<Happy Birthday, Kyle>

<Wanna get together tonight to celebrate my 21st>

<Can't tonight, bud. Some other time OK>

<You don't sound like yourself, luv. What's up>

Silence followed as it did for the next two weeks. We had gotten together two or three times a week and texted several times a day since our Valentine's Day love fest at the cabin … but he hadn't responded back to any of my texts for the last two days. I was certainly puzzled by his silence but assumed he had a good reason for doing so.

I had a concerned frown on my face when my dad knocked on my bedroom door. "How's my birthday boy today?" He stopped short and noticed the puzzled look on my face. "What's bothering you, son?"

"I just had a very short and puzzling text from Avery. He didn't even want to celebrate with me tonight."

"Perhaps he has other things on his mind," my dad suggested.

"Dad, he didn't even sound like himself. That and he hasn't responded to my texts for a couple of days."

"Kyle, son … I was hoping that Avery would be the one to tell you, but since he hasn't, I guess I'll break the news to you. Avery has been in Ohio for the last week. His family moved suddenly when Jim's dad was diagnosed with cancer and now needs round the clock care and Jim is his only surviving family."

That news hit me like a ton of bricks. I broke out crying and my dad me in his arms and tried to console me. I realized my dad was feeling the pain like I was feeling as he had lost Jim as a lover and friend, also. We sat down on my bed, and still hugging each other, we both had a good cry.

"Son, there is a meeting of The Assembly on Friday, and I think it would do us both good to attend. I am a member as you know and I have proposed to the board that you be initiated into the society. It certainly is your final decision, but I recommend it as a means of helping you return to life. You cannot live the rest of your life like a hermit."

"But dad, I love Avery and I don't know how I can go on living without him. He is my everything … My very being. I'm not a child that can turn love on and off at the blink of an eye."

"I know you are an adult and that is why I said the final decision is yours. I have until Thursday to give the board your decision. But they certainly made a difference in my life. Keep in mind that that was where I found Jim and maybe you will find the peace you need there, also."

"Okay dad, I'll consider your advice." We dried our tears and my dad got up and left me alone to work things out.

Later that same day I gave my dad my decision. I would take his advice and permit myself to be initiated on Friday. He reiterated that he was not permitted to reveal any details of the ceremony but assured me that everything would work out to my benefit.

Friday August 26, 2016

Friday morning my dad came into my room at 5:00 am to wake me up. I'm sure he was aware that I was sporting wood as a I had become used to sleeping in the nude since Avery had come into my life. If so, he didn't give any indication that it bothered him.

Dad suggested that I take a brief shower and to be sure to use soap … "Yeah, dad do you want to supervise just to make sure?" I joked.

As I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower my dad knocked on the door. I wrapped a towel around my waist and opened the door. He handed me a pair of ragged looking cut off shorts and told me to wear them instead of my usual underwear. I didn't understand the request and my dad offered "This is the pair I wore at my initiation. Just please do it." So I did.

At 10:00 that morning dad and I arrived at the appointed site. "This is where The Association meets?" I asked. We drove into an underground parking garage, which was under what looked like an abandoned office building. About 20-30 other cars were already parked. He parked and we walked over to an elevator. My dad put a key in the elevator keypad and pushed the up button.

Waiting for the elevator door to open, I thought about the shorts my dad had me wear under my slacks. They were a little big for me and not only that they were button fly with the first couple of buttons missing. I could hardly keep them up, while I was getting dressed. Why would he want me to wear these instead of my own underwear? Also, why are we here at an abandoned building? Just then the elevator door opened.

We entered and when the door opened at our floor we stepped into a modern well-kept hallway. I was regretting ever getting involved with The Assembly. I really had to trust my dad on this one. My dad led me to one of the closed doors a ways down the hall. He told me to knock three times which I did. The door opened and we were greeted by a pleasant looking mature gentleman. "Larry, good to see you made it.," he addressed my dad, "and I assume this is your son, Kyle?" My dad nodded in the affirmative. "Kyle, I'm Fred Perkins. Please come in." As I entered the room I could hear Mr. Perkins tell my a dad "Thank you and we will take it from here."

Seated at a conference table were two other men. The man that let me in took his seat between the other two and indicated that I should sit across from them. We did small talk and I was getting butterflies in my stomach and felt very uncomfortable by the minute, finally Fred got down to business. "First, Kyle are you here of your own free will and choice?"

"Yes, sir", I replied. I felt like I was at a Gestapo inquisition.

"No 'sirs' are necessary. I'm Fred, and this is Brett and Tom", as he introduced me to the other two. "Now Kyle, what has your dad told you about The Assembly?"
"Only that this is where he met his boyfriend, Jim. Nothing else, other that I would feel better about myself if I was to become a member and that I would be initiated today. I am extremely nervous to say the least."

"I can fully understand your fears, but I assure you that you will feel better about yourself as the weeks go by. I understand that you recently lost your boyfriend." How did he know that, I wondered. Tears came to my eyes as I thought about Avery. I wiped at them with my hand and tried to focus on what I was I was being told. Fred continued "Do you fully understand that anything else that is connected with our society is to be kept to yourself and other members and absolutely no one else? Do you understand that all members of The Assembly are gay men? And finally do you agree with these conditions?

With grave fear I said "Yes! I agree; Yes! I agree; and Yes! I agree to all three of your questions." What mess was I agreeing to? Being the fidgeter that I am, the more nervous I became the more my frame began to shake.

"Kyle we understand that you are very nervous but we have had some others that actually bolted out the door before they could make the commitments that you just made. Please calm down. We are almost done here. Now, in the main room we have almost forty members of The Assembly attending today for their own reasons. But they are here also to look you over, also as a potential partner. Please be advised that after initiation no member is obligated to ever let any other member do anything to or with him that is not agreeable to both parties. Also, anything that brings harm to either party is prohibited. And that is in or out of our meetings. No force ever. Are we clear?" I nodded yes. Now I fretted about what I would do if part of the initiation involved me having sex with guys in the audience, or these men, let alone in the ceremony in front of the others. Now I was very, very, fidgety.

The three of them stood up and they indicated that they were finished with the interview. Tom opened the door and I followed Fred followed by Brett and Tom down the hall. We passed many, many doors
And some of them had 'OCCUPIED' signs in metal slots in them and on other doors there was only an empty slot. They opened the door and the male chatter immediately ceased as we entered. Fred ushered me to the front of the room and as we passed toward the front I surveyed the variety and age of the men in attendance. Only one of the men, aside from my dad, looked familiar but I couldn't place where I had seen him before. I wondered which of them might be the snitches that had outed me to my dad. I determined that if I ever met them I would … thank them for outing my father to me as well as me to him. I would be eternally grateful to them for doing that. It had been the key that brought our father-to-son bond to its current loving status. I was no longer afraid of my dad.

They placed me in front of the other men with my back to them and the three of them sat on the three chairs in front of me. Then the initiation ceremony began.

I can't reveal the ceremony to you because all my readers are not members of The Assembly.
And besides, I would be embarrassed to relate all of it.

But I can say that at one point Tom knelt at me feet and removed my shoes and socks and anointed my feet with kisses.

Later in the ceremony Brett stood in front of me and lifted my shirt over my head and kissed me on each nipple and belly button.

Now I was really concerned as to what Fred's part would be. In fact I was downright shaking in my boots. Yes, I realize my feet are bare.

The ceremony was almost over when Fred stood and walked over and stood in front of me … undid my belt … and … unzipped my pants. The fact that I was so afraid of what was about to transpire next that my pants literally shook themselves off my hips and they dropped to the floor. Fred ran his hands down my waist, took a good feel of my bulge, and continued down to my ankles. He lifted my feet, one at a time, and removed my pants. The only thing I was still wearing was my dad's old initiation cut offs. I could feel them starting to fall down and immediately clamped my hands onto the shorts to hold them in place. The two missing buttons left a rather wide gap in the front. Fred and I both had a very good view of my manhood. I stood there shaking, staring into my shorts when my dick started to swell and come to attention. My stare was fixed on my member. I didn't dare move my hands or my shorts would fall off and I would be completely naked. My aroused state would then be evident to the whole assembly of, I assumed, horny men. All I could think of was my undying love for Avery. He was the only one I ever wanted to have sex with. At this point it appeared that that was not going to be the case. God, if you are there, please come to my rescue.

Fred looked past me there and addressed the men in the audience. "As you know, at this point we select one of you go into the groom's chamber and by showing Kyle how gay guys express their love for their partner. After all it is all about love. As each of you came into this room all of you that were interested in demonstrating your love to Kyle put your name in a jar. I will draw the lucky guy's name out now."

I was really ready to drop through the floor and disappear forever. But I stood there glued to the floor afraid to move staring down at my dick trying to rear its head above the missing buttons. I could imagine a short, fat, dude with a twelve in dick that was as big around as a Coke can ramming in and out of me. I would literally be dead if that happened. Tears came to my eyes as I started to lose control. Only the fear of embarrassing my dad kept me rooted to the spot. I tried to look brave for him. But inside me all I could think of was my true love, Avery. I kept repeating his name in my mind over and over trying to blot out everything else. Avery I'm doing this against my will. Help me to be brave. I love only you.

Fred called out " … and the lucky guy is Jared Pilsner. Jared, please go into the groom's chamber at this time." I heard a chair scrape in the floor a someone got up and walk over to one of the rooms. A door opened and closed and my heart died.

With my arms fixed firmly at my side Fred led me over to the room with a sign on the door that read 'GROOM'S CHAMBER and quietly said "Kyle, I know how hard this is on you. Don't let your dad down now. He and all the other guys out here are rooting for you. Be brave and it will be over soon. This is the only time your partner will be chosen for you. And most of all try to enjoy this union. "Now, knock three times on the door and say 'May I please enter the groom's chamber of bliss? 'after each knock. Then he added as he whispered in my ear "You really have a boner that would make any guy swoon over." His words helped relax me some.

I knocked and said the magic words "May I please enter the groom's chamber of bliss and receive joy and happiness?" which I repeated three times.

The voice inside the room said "You may enter and receive joy and happiness." I opened the door. The room was dimly lit by a series of candles around the room. In the center of the room was a round king size bed. The linens depicted a forest scene with a lakeside view printed on them the walls were decorated as to make any male happy. Painted on one wall was a scene of baseball, football and basketball. The players were all naked. Another wall depicted a curled wave with a naked man riding a surfboard within the curl. The third wall scented an old English fox hunt in progress. Again the men were naked. The fourth wall showed the finish of a horse race. The two leading jockeys were urging their mounts on to the finish line … guessed it right, the jockeys were both naked. A fire was lit in the fireplace and various lotions, oils, lubes and condoms adorned the nightstand.

Standing at the head of the bed was a young man who was completely naked. At first I didn't recognize him, naked and all. Then it dawned as I said "You're Jared, right? I remember you. You were the usher at the theater where Avery and I went for our first date. Did our dads hire you to keep an eye on us?"

"You guessed it right. But only to make sure the two of you didn't get into too much trouble. You know that they engineered you two getting together from the beginning. I only reported that you were both well behaved young men, which you are. I very glad that I was chosen tonight to be in this room with you. Someone must have emptied the bowl of names and put forty of my names in the bowl. Now who would do that do you suppose?"

I moved my hand to scratch my head and my dad's cut offs dropped to the floor. I made a grab for them but to no avail. I suppose it really didn't make much difference as I was doomed to be naked as Jared's play toy before long anyway. He wasn't bad looking. Still, it's just that he wasn't Avery. His dick was long and thin like Avery's but that is where the resemblance ended.

Jared continued, "Kyle, I know how much you love Avery. I wish that he was here right now instead of me. But he isn't in this room, I am. So, why don't we make the most of this situation and get our rocks off and get on with life. Maybe you might even like it so much we could get together as a couple."

I really didn't hate Jared; after all he was just a lonely and horny young stud doing his job. "Let's get this over with", l said, as I walked over to the bed. Tell me how you want me?"

"Just lie on your back on the bed and draw your legs up to your chest. No, I don't want you staring into my eyes while I do this. Turn on your stomach and draw your legs up under you with your assessment in the air. Yes, perfect."

I watched Jared open a condom and roll it onto his boner. Then he took some lube and smeared it on the condom. I couldn't watch any more. I pulled the pillow over my head till everything was black. He took another gob and rubbed in and around my rose bud, then poked one, then two and finally three fingers into my hole. Working his fingers in and out until I. was loosened up. Then he crawled between my legs and I felt his rod poke at the entrance of my hole. He pushed in and said 'Why don't you push like you are trying to poop.' I've heard it helps."

At that he pushed through and into my ass and began pumping. It began to feel so good and I felt guilty like I was betraying Avery. He reached around and stroked my cock as he pounded away. He made one final push and I could tell that he was filling his condom with jism. When he was done he pulled out with a pop. I had not spilled my seed and willed myself flaccid? Finally, I uncovered my face and said "I hope you really enjoyed raping me, Jared."

I turned onto my back and looked into his face. I was about to spit into his face when I noticed that it was not Jared kneeling on the bed. IT WAS MY AVERY!

"I did not rape you Kyle, and my name isn't Jared. My name is Avery." I reached up and plastered kisses all over his face and pulled him down on top of me. Then Jared entered the bedroom from the bathroom where he had been waiting all the while snapping picture after picture of us two naked boys wrapped up in each other. He even got a good one of Avery allowing me to remove his condom.

Jared said "I wonder how much I could get from Stag magazine for these pics?" He laughed and tossed the camera onto the bed. I called Jared over and planted a kiss on his cheek. "Watch all the pics on the drive as I was snapping pics the whole time since Avery took over from me and that will prove that I never entered anything in your ass. It was all Avery." He then excused himself, and still naked as a blue jay, exited the Groom's Chamber to a chorus of hoorays and other shouts of approval.

When we were alone I kissed Avery all over his body and asked "Where did you come from, my love? Why are you here? How did you get in here? When …
"Before, I answer those questions there is one piece of unfinished business. I tried to get your rocks off but you wouldn't cum."

"I thought I was being raped, which to me is any sex that doesn't involve you."

"Let's take care of that first." At that he bent down and sucked my cock clear down to my pubes. It was about fifteen seconds later that I gave him the biggest serving of white cream that he had had in his entire life. Then, quickly he explained that he was so down in the dumps about missing me that his dad in consultation with my dad and my misery, arranged to have his granddad moved to Texas from Ohio. I was so happy I began to cry and soon my dad's words came back to me "Trust me son, if you join The Assembly things will work out to your benefit."

The end – But not of my journal …


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