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The Parasite

by Larkin

Chapter 1

Uniquely absent from this story is any mention of the word vampire and most of the clichés like immortality, wooden stakes and religious phobia.

What remains is a parasitic blood drinking sub species distantly related to humans.

I. Brent's Journey

"You must not take pity, he has been cast out for what he is, a creature of evil influences. I would even go so far as to say that he is the spawn of the devil. Brent, you are a smart boy and I'm worried and your parents are worried. You cannot go out there again. There is nothing to be done and you can only put yourself in the greatest of all danger. You risk becoming an outcast like the evil one. All contact with him must stop now."

He had the ability of always looking like he was about to lose his temper but rarely did. Medlow was the Father of our village and I had to accord him respect but I knew inside that I was going to disobey him.

He went on. "Brent, I would prefer if you worked in the weapon shop here in the village instead outside in the harvest. It will help you resist temptation."

This last suggestion did not go over very well with me. My meeting with the Village Father was an effort to take me in hand. I and maybe everyone else had already considered me a lost cause and since I had already gained the reputation of being uncontrollable, I didn't see the point. This bit of trouble started after a journey to the foothills. It was there that I discovered the ruins.

Strange Creature:

It was evening and I bedded down for the night in the very center of the immense collapsed structure. It took the better part of the day to get there and it would take as long to get back. These ruins were from an empire long gone and no one really knew anything about it. They just carried tales about the existence of the ruins. I suppose it was a worship place but since I did no worshipping on my own, I couldn't tell you. I built a small fire and prepared to sleep in the very middle of the arcane structure.

Having just recently become a man, I considered myself brave until something happened to scare me and at that moment something did. A small figure approached the fire. His face was ghostly white and at first sight, very frightening. His hair was half black and half white and his eyes were large like a wildcat.

When I recoiled so did he. He withdrew from the flame as if he was going to run away. It was then that I realized that we were both afraid. When I relaxed, he slowly came back into view. It slowly sat down in front of the fire. I'd call him a boy only because he was half my size but I really had no idea what he was or even if he was a he. Gradually using small one word comments he introduced himself as Yolo. His voice was high and musical. I offered him some bread. He moved close to my side of the fire and took the bread.

He said, "Thank you. Not just anyone would do a nice thing like that."

Looking more closely at him, I noticed his hands were little and pale, delicate like a girl's. On his fingers were a few odd hand-wrought rings of different metals. One ring had a stone that glowed. His face was cute and mischievous. He was dressed head to toe in black patchwork suede. He smiled and continued to talk. The brightest thing in his dark composition were his eyes. They were a strange sort of light green and looked larger than a person's should be. When he smiled, I saw them for the first time. Two canine teeth were extended, pointed and sharp. When he spoke, occasionally his tongue stuck out between them. The impression was startling as if he was an animal from the Wildlands.

He must have no longer believed me to be a threat because he moved up and sat even closer to me. His talk sounded uncommon and poetic. I was both fascinated and put completely at ease.

He said, "Are you from the village?"

I nodded yes.

"I used to go near the village until they came after me. I don't go there anymore."

He moved so that we were touching. I had the urge to put my arm around him as if I wanted to protect him from harm. Before I could, he put his arm around me as if we had always been very close brothers. When he did, I was filled with a sensation of pure happiness. He pulled himself closer so that we were in each other's arms. I have no idea why this was all happening but it was as if I was under a magic spell. His body had the scent of sweet hashish. It made me want to kiss him and then we did.

My cock erected so stiffly that I had to take it out of my pants for I was that close to cuming in such a short time. He took hold of it and gently tugged. He was giggling as waves of pleasure continued through my body. We kissed and embraced. I pulled him under my blanket and began to take off his patch work. I pulled his dark vest off over his head revealing a few raw hide necklaces with charms and talismans hanging round his neck. His skin was featureless and pale white. Completely naked, we kissed again. Both his legs and arms clung to me in an exotic embrace.

Never having been in love before, I had nothing to gauge what love is supposed to be like but I was definitely under a changeling's spell. My hand traced his under arm, his smooth chest, warm belly down to his penis and scrotum. It was small and delicate. His scrotum was the only skin that appeared darker from the rest of him and it contained two robin's egg size balls. Climbing on me and taking hold of my cock, he encouraged me to push it up into him. I had never done anything like that before. Looking his smiling eyes the desire to do so became irresistible.

My eyes opened to bright sunlight. I sat up and accessed my surroundings. This strange place looked completely different in the daylight. Tall columns along with trees reached for the sky. As things got clearer, I remembered Yolo. He was gone.

For some reason the thought that he was gone, filled me with despair. Why did I feel such a sense of loss about the elf like creature I had just met? I prepared my kit for returning to the village. I must have cut myself in the night because there was dried blood that ran across my breast. I had run out of food and had to return but I vowed to myself to return. Yolo had already begun to haunt my thoughts.

II. The Quest for Yolo

The Village Father's attempts to reform me were in vain because I had already made up my mind to go back and find him. When I first returned from the foothills I told a few friends about the strange creature I had found.

Lothar's eyes got big and he blurted out, "The evil one! I hope you had the good sense to stay away from him? Stay as far away that creature as you can. He will steal your very eyes. I know someone he done it to."

They were talking about him like he was some sort of witch. After that, I wisely kept my mouth shut but as the tales of my journey spread around the village and people began to distance themselves from me. It was as if they assumed that I was tainted just from seeing him or worse. As I lay in my loft trying to sleep, I was conflicted about how afraid everyone seemed. It upset me to see friends and neighbors treating me with mistrust and suspicion.

I closed my eyes and imagined Yolo. In my mind, I saw him as I first saw him and I heard his voice. The same feeling swept over me and it caused me to cuddle in my blanket as it he was there with me. I fell asleep and in my dream I heard him calling me.

It was still dark when I woke up. I had made up my mind. I had to go back and find him. It was still dark when I snuck into the back of the weapon shop. I stole a small bow and some hunting arrows. I took a dagger in a sheath. I would have left Oden a note knowing that he would understand, but I was afraid that they would come looking for me. I picked up a pouch of flour and four small silver coins.

Feeling liberated, I headed down the valley path towards the foothills. Beyond the foothills lay the mountains and beyond lay the Wildlands. I had never seen the mountains or the Wildlands, I had just heard people talk. There were also rumors of a great sea that lay beyond the Wildlands. Maybe Yolo and I will go there together. I figured I get to the ruins by midday. I was excited and not at all afraid of traveling by night. The only place I might get lost was in the woods just before the ruins and it would be light by then.

Return to the Ruins:

The old ruins looked so different. I discovered a small stream that ran right through part of it. First thing I did was to call Yolo's name. There was no answer. I called again. It was the first time my heart sunk at the thought of never finding him. It was hot and I decided to bathe in the stream and then explore the ruins thoroughly. Maybe there is a little village around here where he lives with his parents? I criss-crossed the ruins that proved to be much bigger that I had imagined and found no signs of Yolo or anyone else. Are these ruins so haunted that no one ever comes here?

By the afternoon I was hunting rabbit. It was the distraction I needed to keep my mind away from the gnawing feeling in my belly. I couldn't help it, I thought, he's gone! The urge to cry fell upon me. He's dead! Or even worse, he's doing what we did with some terrible ogre! I was in despair.

I lay down in the center of the ruins and cried out loud. It came from the bottom of my soul and echoed through the relics of the lost empire. As the sun began to set, I considered ending my life. I would climb to the top of the arch and throw myself off. I would open my belly with the dagger.

For the moment, I put those thoughts out of my mind and gathered wood for the fire.

You can't kill a rabbit and not eat it, it's not right to do that.

I set tasks up to occupy me. In the morning, I will go home and try to get people to respect me again. I'm not really a bad person.

Into the evening, wrapped in my blanket, I stared into the fire until it went out. When I woke up I didn't know where I was. There were no stars and I heard rustling. Suddenly I was very afraid. I thought, Wolves! I jumped to my feet. I heard it again and I pulled my dagger from it sheath. It was circling me and I kept turning towards sound. A dark shadow came through the air and with it, I crashed to the ground. The shadow wrapped its arms around me and giggled. It was Yolo.

Even in the dark moonless night I was filled with joy. We kissed and I felt his hands go down into my pants. He pulled on my cock and brought it out into the open. We did everything we had done before again and then again. I was in a state of intoxicated bliss. He guided my cock up his behind and we kissed and embraced. He was licking my neck and it sent chills throughout my body. When I felt a sting, I came flooding his bottom with my first seed. Little by little it began to get light.It was sometime before the sun was to come up but gradually I began to see features in blacks and grays. In this light Yolo looked so fragile. I really wanted to protect him. I asked him, "Where are your parents?"

He shrugged his shoulders and said, "Dead. Dead even before I was born."

I couldn't imagine losing him again. I said, "I want to take you home with me so I can take care of you."

He smiled and cuddled up. "I can't go there."

The horizon was turning orange.

He stood up. "I have to go."

I was puzzled. "Where?"

He hugged again.

"I just have to go. If you stay, I will come to see you in the evening."

I watched as his small form ran off into the shadows. It was now my second night without sleep.I covered myself with my blanket and drifted off into a peaceful sleep. I dreamed about Yolo.I awoke feeling incredibly content. I looked around for traces of Yolo. There were none. Was this whole thing in my imagination? I lay out in the sun and dozed some more. It was late afternoon when I went to the stream that I noticed it. Dried blood all down my back and all over my neck. A terrible chill came over me. I looked off in the direction of the village and thought about the people there. Were they right? I thought about what Yolo and I did when we were naked. I felt my neck and looked at the traces of blood on my fingers. It was then that I decided that I just didn't care.

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