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The Parasite

by Larkin

Chapter 2

The Escape:

The sun had become uncomfortably hot so I sat in the shade. The realization that Yolo was sucking my blood in exchange for the pleasure he was giving me had finally sunk in. How did he get this way? Where does he go in the day? I also knew that I would never be able to go home again. Without even realizing it I had become an outcast like the Evil One as they called him. I was becoming a shadow with no one in the world to turn to except him. I found myself praying that the sun would go down.

I thought about my family and the villagers. At first I was worried that they would come to bring me back. Now I knew that if they came it would be to kill us both. I began to think of a life of hiding from the rest of the world. If I could be with Yolo, I didn't care.

I took out my cock and handled it just to give me comfort. Yolo's image came to mind and my cock stiffened. I lay waiting and I watched the sun slowly go down. When it finally had gone down below the horizon, I saw the small figure coming towards me from out of the shadows. My pulse ran quickly. Yolo was dressed in his black patch work. He came up along side of me and we lay together. He stroked me while we talked. I was content and happy just to be in his company. I asked him a question that was contrary to my aroused mood. "Yolo, I know you are taking my blood."

He smiled and nodded yes. "Yolo, I love you and I give my blood to you as a gift."

He climbed on me and we kissed. I looked into his face and into his pale green eyes.

I said to him, "If you keep taking my blood will I die?"

Still smiling, he shook his head, yes. He started licking my neck where I had bled the night before. I wasn't afraid and I wanted to make him happy. My cock had become incredibly stiff. I felt the sting of his teeth again and for the first time I felt him sucking at my neck. I wrapped my arms around him and let him do whatever he wanted. I turned him over so that I could penetrate him as I had done before. He pulled himself up so that he could continue to feed. I don't care if I die so long as I am under his spell.

Yolo cocked his head. "Did you hear that?"

I sat up. "What?"

He was suddenly panicked. "They're coming! The villagers, I can hear them."

He grabbed at me, terrified. "They'll find me. They know where I sleep. They are still far off, but they will be here within the hour."

He ran up an embankment at the edge of the ruins and I followed.His fear shortened his breath and caused him to stop. "Yolo, climb up on me, I will take you."

I ran as fast as I could.

I felt his breath and voice at my ear. "You have to find somewhere to hide me before morning. Please help me."

We decided that we should flee far from the old relics. We ran most of the night and gradually the sky began to lighten.

"You have to find some place to hide me. If I am left out in the day, I become weak and I can fall prey to almost anything."

I vowed to myself to save him and protect him from anything even if it meant my life. We ran through an open field occupied by a small herd of sheep and a sleeping shepherd boy. By the time the sheep started a commotion we had passed. We went into some more woods that led up rocky hills. We were exposed and out in the open and the sun started to rise. I heard Yolo behind me, beginning to sob. I headed for rockier slopes knowing that it was less likely to see other people there. I had to rest if only for a moment. Yolo's face was a ghastly white that pinched his eyes into hopeless squints. When he stood up he reeled with dizziness. I pulled him up on my back and continued running. The cliffs and rocky crags that looked so far away got closer.

The sun was beginning to rise in the sky when I found it. It was under and out a crop of rock. A small opening that only led back ten paces, but that was enough. I lay Yolo down and tried to make him comfortable. He appeared to be unconscious but when I began to cry, he raised his hand and let it fall on my arm. I stood guard all day, ready to die, protecting him from harm.

How did all this happen to me? I knew my life would never be back the way it was.

I had a fitful sleep. By night fall, Yolo emerged from our hiding place to find me asleep.

He lay on me and we kissed and hugged. "You saved my life, I owe you a debt."

His body was warm again and the strange feelings I had for him hadn't changed.

I turned my head to expose the bite on my neck that he gave me. "See how much I like you. I offer you my blood."

He just kissed me again and got up to his feet. Yolo prepared to pee.

He said, "I've got a better idea."

His pee rose in a high arc and splashed down on the rocks, dark red.

I sat up and looked. "What's that, how come your pee is red? It looks like blood!"

He continued his lurid urination and then said, "When I feed, I use the blood until it dies, then I have to get it out of my body so that it doesn't poison me."

I had never heard anything that strange before but I guess it made sense.

He put his cock away and said, "Remember that shepherd we saw last night? I know he must sleep out there every night to protect the sheep. Will you help me?"

He didn't say exactly how, but I knew what he meant. We approached the edge of the field and then began to cross it heading for the shepherd. I carried Yolo in my arms as if he was injured. Yolo expected him to be wary and suspicious. He heard us and was up on his feet.

He called out, "Just where do you think you're going?"

I answered him, "I have an injured boy here. We need help."

He looked a bit older and bigger than me. His eyes were blue and soft peach fuzz covered his upper lip and chin. He did not sense the danger that was about to befall him. He came right up to us.

With Yolo still in my arms, I said, "Have you ever seen anything like this?"

The shepherd looked into Yolo's face. His mouth dropped open in disbelief.

He said, "Look how beautiful. I never seen anything like him before."

It was the same charm that Yolo had used on me the first time we met. He couldn't seem to stop looking at Yolo.

"Oh, god, can I hold him, he can't be that heavy. Let me hold him. I just want to hold him for a minute."

Whatever pity I had for the shepherd boy had vanished. You might say I was jealous. I reluctantly gave him to the shepherd. I got angry watching Yolo work his evil charms. They both lay down on the grass together and feeling like a fool I sat and watched them. With no protest from the shepherd boy, Yolo prepared to feed.

Yolo turned to me and said, "Look how big his cock is."

Yolo had his small hand around a long red cock that looked like it was about to burst. Then he began feeding. My anger gave way to fascination seeing Yolo feed. I was grateful that he didn't offer the shepherd his behind. That would have made me see red. Yolo remarked that the shepherd sure had a lot of seed.

We decided to stay in the cave one more day and then start back to the ruins just to be sure that the villagers would be gone.

On the next night on our way back to the ruins, we paid the shepherd another little visit.

Yolo looked at me and said, "He tastes strange, I think he fucks sheep."

The Murder:

The Journey back to the ruins was easier. Finally a moon had appeared in the night sky. We talked along the way. Yolo would run along with me and every so often, he would jump and climb up on my back to rest. He was so light that it was no bother. I enjoyed the feeling of his soft breath in my ear.

Yolo talked about the shepherd boy. "The shepherd boy didn't mind. You saw it with your own eyes. His seed got all over the front of his clothes. I'm sure he won't tell a soul"

The idea of him making sex with him still made me angry and jealous.

He continued, "That's how I do it most of the time, I mean, I have to survive. I would never feed someone to death unless I had no other choice. I must make them love me to feed.If I can, then they are happy to let me feed on them. The danger is if they have heard of me or have been warned they will resist. If they look away and do not respond to me, I must run because they will try to kill me. I'm sure I could have fed on the shepherd boy on my own, but you helped by dividing his attention."

Even though I knew that I was still under Yolo's spell, I felt helpless. I knew that my feelings of love and devotion were probably an illusion but I didn't care. I looked at how delicate and beautiful he was, his glowing green eyes and ragged hair and pale warm body that always had the wicked scent of sex. I wanted to own him like a rare treasure but I knew that I was the owned one.

The only difference between me and the shepherd boy was that Yolo felt that he owed me a debt for saving his life from the villagers.

I spoke up. "Yolo, when we get back, I want to stay with you. I am outcast now, like you. I can't ever go back."

Yolo was silent.

Haltingly, I went on with my plea. "I want to stay with you and protect you. You can feed on my blood and I will even give you my life."

He came on to me in an embrace. We kissed and lay on the cool grass. Sliding his hand down my pants, he took hold of my cock. He licked the side of my neck and prepared the place where he had bitten me before. I felt his wet tongue tickling and the sting of his bite. The chills came in waves that stiffened my cock completely. I held him tight so nothing might interrupt him in drinking my own blood. I came and came again before he had finished. Then, as if nothing had happened, we were up and continuing our journey. We would arrive back at the ruins just in time because the sunrise was close.

Yolo was in a giggly mood. "I didn't take much. Remember I fed off of the shepherd boy when we started out. Just make sure you hunt some rabbit to replace the blood I took. I will not be hungry again until tomorrow night."

We both crept up to the edge of the embankment and looked down onto the ruins. There were traces of several large bonfires that weren't there before. They were cold and black.

Yolo, who could hear and see far better than I, said, "They're all gone."

He stood up and ran down the embankment onto the floor of the great Relic. I followed him. The villagers had knocked down numerous columns and overturned many ancient slabs of stone.Yolo stood silently at the edge of the black fire pit.

After a moment he looked up at me and said, "Here is where they would have burned me alive."

There was a charred stake in the center.

"They would have gotten pleasure doing it too. They would have done it for their god, thinking it was the right and proper thing to do. It's what they always do to the few of us that are still alive."

He came and buried his face in my breast. I held him in my arms. He looked up at me. His face had the solemn look of defeat.

I whispered in his ear, "I will protect you with my life."

Yolo's lair had been miraculously undiscovered. It was a small crack hidden by one of the massive floor slabs, once again, hidden under dead vegetation. Many, many men would not have been able to move it and as small as I was, I had difficulty getting in. I guess Yolo could see in total darkness because he had to lead me. It was a long scary walk for me until we found his hideaway. I could see nothing as we crawled into a pile of warm animal furs. Together, we undressed each other, played and then cuddled ourselves to sleep.

I don't know how long I slept other than to say that I must have what I needed. My sleep was filled with dreams. They were wonderful dreams of adventure and exploration. I awoke in the blackness to feel him stroking me. Then pulling on me and prompting me, he positioned himself so that I would enter him as deeply as I was able. When I accomplished this, I held him tight and we kissed. I rode on him fast and hard until my seed filled up his bottom. When I did, I heard him giggling.

We emerged from the darkness into evening that seemed almost as bright as day. The moon was almost full and lit up the whole countryside. I suddenly realized that I, like Yolo, had become a night creature.

The two of us headed out to a junction between three villages. Off to the side of the path was a hill that commanded a moonlit view in all directions. We lay in wait because it was time for Yolo to feed. The paths were deserted because no sensible person would travel at night. Lying on the side of the hill, we talked quietly and waited. Yolo hopped up to a squatting position, "Someone's coming."

Off in the distance approaching us was what looked a village messenger. He was the sort that went from village to village carrying news. Yolo ran down onto the path. The messenger turned to see Yolo's stark black little figure in the center of the path. Very different from the other times, a climate of cold frightening fear filled the air. In perfect concert with Yolo, I ran down onto the path behind the messenger and got on my hands and knees. When he turned to run from Yolo, he tripped over me and fell to the ground. Yolo set upon him and the messenger howled with fear. Yolo looked frightful like a large black jumping spider. I moved in and defeated the messenger's attempts to get away. I held him in place while Yolo began to feed.

I was behaving like an evil partner in a terrible crime. The messenger's body quaked with terror and he seemed to be paralyzed. Yolo behaved like a vicious animal cutting several large wounds in his neck. He lapped loudly and bit again. The messenger's body went limp and then we ran.

What Yolo did was cruel and violent. I heard him laughing as he ran alongside of me. For the first time, I saw this dark demonic side of him. Blood had run from the sides of his mouth and his chin. He had what could only be called, an opened mouth grin. As horrible as it was, I found it preferable to the charm that he had shown the shepherd boy. I was glad that he had shown the messenger no mercy. I think, maybe, I could adjust to cruelty more easily than I could tolerate Jealousy.


The Darkness is so complete that Yolo must still lead me from where we sleep to the ruins above. Like a blind man, I hold onto his patchwork. I am learning to see better in the night, but down there it is impossible. On this night as we prepare to hunt for his prey, Yolo is full of self confidence. Even dressed in black his little image just seems to glow. His beautiful smile fills me with feelings of happiness. We kiss and then set out towards the isolated junction between the three villages.

I said, "Yolo, what about what we did the other night? Wouldn't they be out looking for who killed the messenger?"

Yolo was untroubled. "I'm not worried, you didn't see them, but I did."

I answered, "See what?"

Yolo was acting like he didn't want to talk about it. "The wolves! They moved in as soon as we left. They will cover my actions for sure."

I was still troubled by what had happened. "Are you going to murder someone tonight?"

Yolo stopped dead in his tracks. He turned and looked up at me. "I can't tell you because I don't know. I probably shouldn't have done what I did but I did it. If it wasn't for you I might not even be sorry. If I kill. If I do it, it's mostly in self defense and because I need to be able to protect myself, sometimes I have to practice."

He turned and continued not looking back to see if I was following. The fact that I had irritated him was unsettling to me. At the place where the paths converged, Yolo chose a hill above the path that had a small stand of trees suitable for hiding. It was an excuse for me to cuddle with Yolo but he was unresponsive and occupied in distant thought. I went to embrace him and he moved away. He scanned the paths that led to the villages. I began to fill with self-doubt and worry.

Yolo came back and whispered in my ear."Someone's coming."

Little by little the shape of a rag dressed figure came into view. Yolo was up on his haunches as if he was ready to spring. He could be very frightening when he wanted to.

Instead, he rose to his feet and said, "You stay here, I know him."

He walked down to the edge of the path. When the figure came up to him, they embraced and kissed. The sight filled me with fear and rage. All I could think of was that I was going to lose him. Yolo had taken the strangers cock out of his pants and was stroking it. Both turned and headed towards the small hill on the opposite side of the path. Together they climbed to the top and disappeared on the other side. What was happening panicked me and filled my body with an aching pain. I had to go and see what they were doing.

I ran around the other side of the hill and saw them lying out in the open. I was careful not to alert them to my present. They were both naked. Yolo was on his hands and knees and the boy was just beginning to entering him from behind. Once he got started, the boy fucked fiercely.

I thought to myself in horror, "Yolo's not even interested in feeding. He's getting fucked by someone else and it's not me!"

I got up and ran as fast as I could. Where was I going to go? I ran towards the ruins. I had already come to the conclusion that I had lost Yolo forever. The pain in my belly was intense. When I got half way between the ruins and the village paths, I sat down and cried. I stayed there for a very long time, longer that Yolo had ever spent with any of his victims. I continued to cry unable to stop. I closed my eyes and the image of him from when I first met him came into my mind.

Then it occurred to me. I'm supposed to be his guardian, his protector and I have ran away. Suppose something happens to him? There are many dangers out there and I let him down! I ran back as fast as I could. When I arrived, no one was in sight anywhere. I ran wildly back and forth across the hills. I knew it was going to get light soon. What if something has happened to him and he can't get home? This is all my fault. I ran back towards the ruins. I crept into the entrance of his hideaway.

It was only here that I could safely call his name. "Yolo, Yolo."

No answer. I started down the pitch black path towards where his nest should be. I felt my way along by touching the walls. I thought I was on a sure way when I suddenly fell. I dropped down maybe six feet but before I could get up, I fell again, this time much further. The last thing I remember before passing out was I was lying flat on my back on the rocky ground in total and complete darkness. I remember feeling millions of creepy crawlies moving around under me.

I thought to myself, "Now I've done it."

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