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The Parasite

by Larkin

Chapter 3

The Hunters:

Yolo did feed on the boy he met on the path. The boy knew Yolo and he came out that night just to find him. They both knew that they would meet again then went their separate ways. Only then did it occur to him that he had not seen me for the longest time. Even though I had fallen into a pit, my mind could dream and see. From above the old ruins, I could see the little figure climbing over the fallen columns, making his way to the protective hideout beneath the great floor slabs of the relic. The little figure disappeared into the opening to the tunnels. Soon after, the sun came up.

In the darkness, Yolo made his way to his nest of furs. When he climbed in, he was alone.

He thought to himself. "It's hard enough for me to survive; I can't be worrying about everyone else."

Yolo's sleep was usually deep and profound. He rarely woke up and if he did he would be hazy and unable to focus. He must wonder where I am? He knows my scent. Why doesn't he look for me?


Slowly my thinking began to return after terrible dreams. When I opened my eyes I saw a golden glow. It was a fire. Yolo was sitting there quietly roasting a rabbit. I lifted my head and he looked towards me. I was in a nest of furs. Yolo came over to me and got me to drink some water.

I spoke to him as I was able."Who made the fire?"

Yolo looked at me and said with sarcasm, "I got your flint. It took me forever. You already know how much I hate fire."

My body ached. "Where am I?"

Yolo went on. "You're still down in the pit. I managed to get you up on this ledge away from the worms but there is no way I could drag you up out of the pit, I'm too little. You were covered with worms. It'll have to wait until you can get back up on your own. I got down here just in time. I figured, if you die, I don't want you to go to waste on worms. I moved the furs down here and I'll stay with you so you won't be lonely."

Then he laughed. He climbed on top of me and put his face up close to mine.

He kissed me and said, "Ain't that human of me?"

Then he laughed again. He fed me poorly cooked rabbit and I fell back to sleep. Yolo was used to being alone. He was alone before I came along and he could manage now just fine.

It was evening and he set out in hopes of finding easy prey. I thought maybe the boy might be out looking for him. It was foolish for me to think that I was so essential to him. He survived just fine before I came along. If the boy returns it means that he likes being fed upon as much as I did.

I had a vivid dream that was almost real and it filled me with dread. I saw Yolo hidden in the trees by the path. He might have been thinking of me. It was so unlike him to develop attachments but he had grown so used to my scent and he really did like my company.

It was as if I was floating in the air above the paths. A figure appeared in the distance. It was a man. The man carried an unsheathed short sword.

He said to Yolo, "Who might you be then?" Yolo suddenly knew he was in danger.

A voice from behind him said, "It's the parasite, that's the one we've been looking for."

Yolo turned to see an archer beginning to draw his bow. The swordsman moved closer. He turned and ran. Behind him he heard one of them yell, "Get him!" An arrow whizzed past him and hit the ground in front of him and then another.

He prayed, not to any god, but to himself, "Oh please, if they get me, let me be killed here and now. I don't want to be burned alive with people watching me."

He got far enough to hide off to the side. He did not want bring them into the ruins. Then he ran back in the opposite direction in hopes of losing them. He came down onto the path only to almost run into another hunter.

"It's because of the murder that they all want to kill me."

I awoke gasping. I heard him coming down into the pit.

When he got close, I said, "You got away, are you alright?".

Yolo told him the whole frightening tale about the hunters.

"I saw it all in my dream. Were you able to feed?"

Still sobbing Yolo said, "No."

I was silent for a moment and then said, "Take your off your patchwork so that you are naked and feed on me. You can hunt me a rabbit tomorrow."

Yolo cuddled up to him and began to suck his warm blood.

Brent's cock erected and came, his seed squirted and pooled in his belly. Yolo collected the gooey mass in his hand and licked it up.

Looking at Brent he said, "When you think about it, it's a lot like blood."

VIII. Beggar Boy

Because there was no sun, I lay on the ledge just above the bottom of the pit for what seemed like an age. Yolo was kind to me and devoted himself to my needs. He brought me rabbit, made a fire and cooked it. He gathered berries for me to eat and made sure I had plenty of water. He made me a collection of torches that I could make light if I needed them and then, he cuddled with me and gave me company.

To put it in his words, "You know, I'm not used to thinking about anyone else except myself, so consider yourself lucky".

Then he would kiss me. I lay asleep. I awoke to hear bits of rock tumbling down into the pit. The sides of the pit were lit up with the golden glow of a torch. I thought that's strange, Yolo doesn't use a torch to get down here? It was then that I realized I saw two figures. I sat up. I had become like Yolo, afraid and suspicious of anyone. As they got closer I realized that one was Yolo and the other was the boy he met on the night I fell in to the pit. I was glad to see Yolo back safe and sound but I was apprehensive about seeing the boy. He was the one who fucked Yolo from behind and sent me into a jealous panic. I ran back here and tumbled into this terrible pit. They came up and sat down around my nest of furs. The boy was dressed in rags.I looked into his face. It was dirty and his hair was tangled and in his eyes. When he brushed it away I could see that he was sweet and defenseless.

Yolo spoke and introduced me to him. "This is Billy, he's a Beggar Boy. Me and him are gonna get you out of this pit."

I looked and saw that he had a warm smile. With that, Yolo crawled into the furs with me. He began taking off his patchwork and exposed his little boner to me. Billy followed and both of them embraced me. Soon we were all naked and playing with each other. When the beggar boy kissed me, my fear of him lifted and I realized that we could share each other. I watched him stroke me and then take my cock into his mouth. Yolo moved between us, first cuddling Billy and then cuddling and kissing me. Although I would guess that Billy was about my age, his cock was much bigger. He was up on his knees as I lay before him. I was fascinated and I handled his stiff cock. Yolo clung to his back and was preparing to feed. When Yolo bit him, Billy began to squirt his seed all over me. I didn't avoid it and I didn't find it at all unpleasant. I rubbed it all over me and tasted it. I got up and embraced him while Yolo fed at the wound on his neck.Yolo purred as he often did when he fed. We held each other close.

Billy whispered to me softly so that Yolo could hear. "Please fuck me. Fuck me like you fuck Yolo. He told me about it."

The boy lay on his belly and I got on top of him. I penetrated him while Yolo clung on him and continued to feed. He was breathless and moaning. I suspect, considering the commotion we made, that we all came together. Yolo doesn't cum. Well he does and he doesn't, he just doesn't make sex juice. Afterwards, we sat around the fire and talked. Billy and I shared the rabbit. Yolo would have none of it since he had just filled up on the Beggar Boy's blood.

Then Billy spoke up. "All three villages were out looking for you after they found the Messenger dead. They was out mostly in the daytime but they was out in the night too."

Yolo appeared unconcerned. He looked at me.

"They think you're one too, ya know. The Elders had a meet and they swear to rid the world of all demons."

I had a cold chill inside and I feared, not for myself but for Yolo. They helped me to my feet and slowly led me around the side of the pit and ever carefully, upward. It took almost two hours but we all made it back to our nest. I was still weak but at least now I could go outside if I had to. Yolo went back into the pit and got the torches and the rest of the furs.

All three of u played sex games until it got close to morning. Billy was so nice. He said he wanted to be brothers to us and hoped that we felt the same. I was glad I had met him and I felt the same. He kissed both of us and headed out into the dawn. Happy to be out of the pit, Yolo and I cuddled and soon fell asleep.

IX Yolo's Blood

As usual, by early evening we began to wake up. Wrapped in the nest of warm furs and cuddled up close, we kissed and stroked each other.

I love everything about Yolo.I love his spit and even his snot.I love his musical voice.I love how his scent. I love how he cuddles with me.

I got up and together, we crawled out into the evening. It was the first time since I had fallen into the pit. There was the brightest full moon and it was just like daylight. It lit up all the columns and broken arches into a ghostly white. The old ruins almost looked new again. I was still very weak and could not move without a limp. Yolo was energetic and impatient to get going. He came up to me and putting his arms around my neck, he kissed me.

Then he said, "See you later."

Well, he was right to run off since there would be no way for me to keep up. I stayed around the ruins and visited the stream to wash up in the cool water. Eventually I became exhausted and decided to go back to the nest. I wasn't worried because I knew I would soon be well. I wasn't worried because I knew Yolo really did love me.

When I woke up, I was still alone. I made my way towards the entrance and to my horror, I saw sunlight.

It flashed through my mind! "Where's Yolo!"

There is no way that he would be out in the daylight. My whole body filled with panic. I had been a night creature so long that the sunlight blinded me.I thought what it must be doing to Yolo. In spite of my limp, I hurried through the ruins to search for him. Something must have happened to him. As I approached the path between the three villages, I saw many huntsmen. They all looked and saw me. One came up alongside of me and took hold of my arm.

He said to the others, "This'll be the other one!"

It was then that I saw Yolo's body. People were standing around looking. Yolo's was laying face down, his black patchwork marked with red and pierced with many arrows. My legs gave out and I started to cry. Some guards came and dragged me away from the sight of Yolo's small body. I was so stunned that I stopped crying or even speaking but tears continued to fall from my eyes. They took me to the village to the north of my village and put me into a dark enclosure with a locked door. I lay motionless in a pile of hay. I could not get the sight of his body surrounded by people that didn't know him like I did. I kept remembering his last kiss and words before he left me. Finally I remembered the first time I saw him. But then I knew that he was gone forever. My soul had been ripped from my body and I was filled with a dreadful emptiness. I no longer cared for my own life. If I could have died by just wishing it, I would. Days past by and I didn't even count. A guard came in to take away my uneaten food.

He said, "You're the lucky one. Your Village Father is here and he wants you back. Imagine that? I think they should burn you. That's what we was planning. If he gets his way, there'll be a lot of disappointed people around here."

I didn't care. I just stared off into space.

The door opened and Medlow my Village Father walked in. "Come on boy, get up, you're goin home with me."

He pulled me to my feet and I followed him out into a courtyard. His horse was there and it was ready to go. He mounted and pulled me up with him and we quickly rode off. I put my arms around him and held on tight.

I lay my ear against his broad back and I could hear him talk to me as we rode. "Brent, you are very lucky. I had to do some serious negotiations to get you out of there.They was going to burn you alive for sure. They was actually looking forward to it like it was going to be a carnival. Can you imagine, a boy like you, what kind of people are they? Since our Village is four times the size as theirs, I threatened them with war. I told them we would kill every last one. Don't worry, everything's gonna be alright from here on out."

It was unlike him to try to comfort me like that and I did appreciate it but I didn't say a word. At first my parents were happy, but I had changed. I never spoke or laughed. I never looked directly at anyone and was locked in my own world. They were convinced that my mind had been stolen by demons or devils. My mother took me to the Forrest Priest who confirmed that my mind had been stolen. She said it was by water demons.

I didn't sleep very well at night and one night, I got up and prepared for a lonely trip to the ruins. It was a full moon when I arrived a day later. I felt at home and I sat and thought of Yolo.Sitting there in the ruins, the images in my mind were so vivid and my longing was so profound that I began to cry. It was the darkest despair.

I heard a soft voice but thinking it was my imagination, I continued to cry. Then I heard it again, I looked up and standing before me was the Beggar Boy. He was dressed in the same rags and his hair was longer. He came close and put his arms around me.

He smiled at me and said, "You're the same as me aren't you? I wander around here at night lookin and lookin and wishin and I know I'll never never will see him again and I miss him so much. Now I see you're doing the same thing."

He shook his hair and continued, "So you liked him as much as I did and you must feel as bad as I do."

We hugged each other and then I knew that Yolo had linked us together for life. He asked me to call him Billy. We couldn't bring ourselves to go down into the nest so we slept out in the open. The next morning we washed each other in the stream. Slowly, I began to come back to life and I was grateful to Billy. A lot of people wouldn't notice because of his rags, but he was pretty when he was naked. His cock got big when it was stiff. He was very gentle with me and when he fucked me and I was at ease with him.

I looked into his warm brown eyes and his sweet smile and said, "Maybe we could take care of each other?"

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